Giantess Stories: TANYA IN CONTROL     Tanya bent down and picked up her shoes standing them neatly on the table in front of her

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Tanya bent down and picked up her shoes standing them neatly on the table in

front of her. The chunky heels were four inches long, and square in shape. With

downward pressure from her thumbs she slid aside a panel which covered the top

of one heel, revealing a hollow interior.

Smiling and humming happily she unfastened a catch on a small cage on the same

table, reached in and lifted up a mini-man. He was naked, struggling desperately

futilely against her. She dropped him into the heel then replaced the covering

panel. Inside, the little man had to curl his body awkwardly to fit in.

His head, neck and spine were painfully bent. It was dark, musty, sweat-smelly

and warm.

Meanwhile, Tanya had removed a similar panel on the undersideof her shoe. This

one was directly beneath the pad of her foot, extending under her toes. The

exposed space was divided in two, like the battery compartment of a remote

control. Again she reached into the cage, but this time she picked two little

men. She lay the men face down in the spaces available, so their backs would be

to the floor when she had the shoe on.

One disobedient mini-man would not lie still. With a little sigh and a wry grin

of amusement she lifted him toward her face. As he came nearer and nearer she

licked her red painted lips, slowly opening her mouth as if she were about to

eat. She laughed at the sounds of his tiny pleading shouts and screams.

Changing her grip to both hands she pinched his waist between fingers and thumbs

then twisted his body sharply, snapping his spine and paralysing him.

"Now you'll lie still won't you little one ?" she laughed. She put him back

inside the sole of her shoe and clicked the rubber sole back into place. The

inner sole of her shoe was perforated allowing the men to breathe, although

every breath was suffused with the smell of her feet. When her full weight was

on the shoe, then the sole of her foot closed off the breathing holes and the

mini-men came close to suffocation.

She repeated this process with the other shoe, then slipped them on. Standing

slowly she let her full weight bear down on her little captives. She walked

around the room, swaggering letting her full hips sway and undulate admiring

herself in the full length mirror she had hung on the wall. She looked

magnificently sexy in a tight white top, semi-transparent and decorated in

flower patterns, black lycra micro-mini-skirt, black stockings and her special

high heeled shoes.

As she walked, the mini-men suffered immediate pains, being crushed, smothered

and violently shaken in their shoe prison. Even standing still she was causing

immense crushing pain but if she ran or stamped her feet then the mini-men faced

oblivion. But, to Tanya, the benefits were obvious. The little panting breaths

from under her feet drew air in and out, cooling and comforting her hot,sweaty

feet. Their constant struggles under the pad of her foot gave her a delicious

massage, and the feeling of crushing and abusing these helpless little men,

feeling them squirm under her feet for her pleasure, was an immense turn on.

That she was turned on, could be testified to by a mini-man in the crotch of her

panties. He was sewn in, using loops to hold wrists, ankles and waist. He was

muscular and resilient and needed to be. He could hold his breath for over a

minute and often needed to as she walked or sat. All day her juices flowed over

him, they soaked his skin, and went up his nose as well as into his helpless

mouth. She loved the idea of using these little creatures as panty liners what

better use for them could there be. Sometimes she would press his body to her

slit for greater stimulation and pleasure.

She sat down to finish her cup of tea before she went to work, smoothing her

mini-skirt with the palms of her hands. She grimaced and spat her tea back into

the cup, it had gone cold. She picked up the smoked glass cup, swirling the tea

and watching as the cloudy liquid moved. She was about to take it and the

tea-pot to the sink when she noticed a mini-man glaring at her from the cage.

She put her cup down again smiling in surprise at this mini-man's gall. She

plucked him from the cage, holding him upside down by the ankles. He struggled

and tried to kick free as she moved him over the table and toward her cup.

With a wicked grin and a laughing "Bye-Bye", she ducked his little head and body

into the cold tea.

After a few seconds of frenzied kicking came an almost imperceptible stream of

bubbles. She paused then pulled him out, just enough for his head to clear the

surface. It amused her to see him gulping air into his tiny lungs, even as he

was coughing and spluttering from being submerged. Just as his breathing

returned to normal, she ducked him again. This time he stayed strangely still

for a while, but eventually as she looked idly through the glass sides of the

cup, she saw his eyes open wide and he struggled again.

Once more, she lifted him out of the tea. Holding him firmly in her left hand,

she lifted up the tea-pot and refilled her cup to the top. Some tea spilled over

into the saucer so she lifted the cup from it and poured a little back into the

cup. With slow cruelty she dislocated his arms at each shoulder and his legs at

the hips. He passed out momentarily until she began snapping the tiny fragile

bones of his arms and legs. The adrenalin overdose was enough to shock him back

to consciousness. With a chuckle she dropped him into the full cup, headfirst.

To ensure his doom, she sat the saucer on top of the cup, sealing him in.

Through the glass she saw his fruitless struggles to survive. Tanya suddenly

felt very hot and flustered. Her fingers caressed her aroused crotch steadily

then with increasing vigour until she orgasmed. As she slowly came back to

normal she let her mind play back over the mornings experiences. She smiled

contentedly and thanked the mini-man in her cup. With a whimsical, self

satisfied smile she walked outside to her car. The sound of her shoes on the

gravel reminded her of the mini-men inside them and she stamped her foot

mischievously. As she climbed in and sat down, every mini-man about her body was

crushed, shaken and pummelled, overwhelmed by her heavenly scent. She clicked on

her safety belt and shuffled about in her chair getting comfortable for the long

journey ahead. She started the engine and turned on the stereo, this ride would

be a pleasure for her and a torment for her miniature slaves.

Giantess Stories: TANYA IN CONTROL     Tanya bent down and picked up her shoes standing them neatly on the table in front of her

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