Giantess Stories: Teacher Quake by Rally Championbr  Rachel Wilson lives in Hampshire

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Teacher Quake


Rally Championbr

Rachel Wilson lives in Hampshire. She goes to an all girls school.

She lives with her mother, father and two brothers Tom & Benjamin

Rachel finds maths difficult so twice a week she has extra tuition to help her

outside of her lessons.

Rachel was walking home from school when she met a friend.

"Hi Rachel" said her friend whose name was Jessica

"Hello Jess. How are you?" said Rachel

"Fine. Listen do you want to come to Wrangler's tonight, it's my boyfriends 17th

birthday?" asked Jessica

"Sorry I can't it's my maths lesson tonight. What time are you there till?"

asked Rachel

"OK, I'll see you tomorrow then." said Jessica as she walked down the road

towards her house.

Rachel walked down the lane that led to her house. She lived in quite a big

house as her parents both had well paid jobs.

She pushed the door and went inside and put her school bag on the stairs. She

went to feed all her pets. First was her parrot George. He was yellow & green

and Rachel loved him. She opened the cage and let him out. George flew around

the room and landed on Rachel's shoulder. He rubbed his head on her neck and

nibbled her ear. Rachel stroked his neck and whistled. George turned his head to

the side and then whistled back. It was a song he knew so he joined in until

Rachel had finished.

Rachel spoke "OK George I'll go and see Patch and Rosie. Do you want to go back

in the cage or stay on my shoulder."

George replied back "On your shoulder, on your shoulder." and rubbed his head

against his owners neck.

Rachel went into the garage and opened the cage. She took out one of her guinea

pigs and cuddled her. Rachel fed the guinea pigs and then closed the cage.

George flew off her shoulder back to his cage. He flew in and sat on his perch.

"Shut the door, shut the door." he said

Rachel closed the door and slid the catch through. She went into the kitchen and

made herself a sandwich. She poured a glass of lemonade and carried them both

into the living room.

Her mother was working all night and her brothers were at a school meeting.

Rachel turned on the telly and munched her sandwich and sipped her drink.

As she finished her sandwich there was a knock at the door. Rachel got her

school bag down and then answered the door.

Her extra maths tutor was stood on the doorstep. "Hello Rachel" he said

"Come on in." said Rachel

Rachel took the maths tutor into the living room and offered him a seat.

Rachel finds some bits of maths incredibly difficult so she has a personal tutor

to help her outside of school hours.

The maths tutor got out his worksheets and Rachel went into the kitchen.

"Do you want a drink?" asked Rachel

"Yes please. A coffee please Rachel. Thanks." said the maths tutor

"Milk or sugar?" asked Rachel

"No milk 1 sugar thanks." replied the maths tutor

Rachel took a tiny capsule from her pocket, she poured 3 drops into her maths

tutors coffee, then put the capsule back into her pocket. Rachel took the coffee

to her tutor and sat down again.

Rachel's tutor got out some algebra worksheets and began to work through the Remedios caseros para los cálculos renales

examples with her. When he had done the examples he gave Rachel a question sheet

to do while he drank his coffee.

Rachel worked through the sheet and after finishing handed it to her tutor. Her

tutor marked it and then began to feel dizzy. He began to be short of breath and

then collapsed onto the floor.

When he woke up he found himself on a white surface which was slippery. He could

see huge numbers and calculations infront of him. A shadow fell over him and he

turned round to see a huge teenage girls face millimetres from him.

He heard laughter and felt very sacred. Rachel picked him up and held him in her

huge hand. "What have you done with me, turn me back to normal size." said her


Rachel smiled evilly " No way, in my opinion maths tutors are so dull but they

look gorgeous." Rachel slowly stripped her maths tutor of his clothes and then

held him by his head. She brought a pen up to her hand and put her tiny maths

tutors body over it. She brought the pen to her lips and giggled.

The maths tutor saw a set of glossy lips that were moist. He was now terrified

Rachel opened her mouth and put the pen with the maths tutor on between her

lips. She sucked the maths tutor from the pen and then rolled him around her


The maths tutor felt cold and scared as he was tossed about by Rachel's tongue.

Rachel was enjoying his taste and giggled again. She brought her maths tutor out

of her mouth .

Her maths tutor was dripping in saliva. Rachel brought him to eye level and

studied him.

"Don't eat me please Rachel, I don't want to die." he blubbered

Rachel laughed at him evilly

"No matter how much you plead, it won't help you one little bit. Well time for

this extra maths lesson to end for you. You can enjoy a biology lesson with me."

said Rachel as she giggled again.

She brought the tiny maths tutor to her lips again and dropped him into her open


Her maths tutor landed with a wet thud on her tongue. Rachel pushed him to the

back of her mouth and then began to tip her head back slowly.

"Rachel please spare my life." he screamed

Rachel didn't answer. Her head was nearly tipped fully back. She felt the little

man in her mouth enter her throat. She swallowed and felt him struggling down

her throat. She felt him land in her stomach and rubbed her stomach.

"mmm" said Rachel as she felt the maths tutor in her stomach. "Maths tutors are

dull as hell but taste great." said Rachel as she started her German homework

Meanwhile in her stomach her maths tutor lay on the chewed remains of the

sandwich Rachel had eaten earlier. He couldn't believe that he had ended up in

the stomach of one of his pupils.

Eventually Rachel could no longer feel the maths tutor in her stomach squirming

around. She rubbed her stomach again and smiled.

"Well another maths tutor needed now. They really are very nice." said Rachel as

she got into bed and went to sleep dreaming of her next meal.

A week later another maths tutor came and recived the same fate, except Rachel

ate her wrapped in cheese.

Giantess Stories: Teacher Quake by Rally Championbr  Rachel Wilson lives in Hampshire

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