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By Chelgi

Well it came this morning, the letter I knew was sure to be coming soon and that

I was dreading so. I have always loved tall women, the bigger, taller and

stronger the better I liked it. The only problem was that even though I was 5'

10" and a hundred eighty pounds. All of the tall beautiful women I met seemed to

want bigger taller men. I'd find a big tall beautiful woman and when I tried to

make a pass I'd be standing there looking up from down around her shoulders.

Every once in a while I would find a tall good looking woman that didn't mind

that I was half her height, or at least so it seemed, but if I got past the

laughing down at me stage, thinking someone was making a joke at her expense,

and I actually got a date with her, she'd show up in her flats and slump down so

she wouldn't seem so tall next to me..

Then, when I did get a date and we went out, is seemed like everyone was looking

at us and pointing at the "shrimp" with the tall good looking woman. Now at 5'

10" and a hundred eighty pounds I had never thought of myself as a "shrimp" but

when you're with a six foot three inch girl wearing four inch heels, she towers

over you like you're a little kid, and everyone seems to think you're a shrimp

even if you're not. Then, twenty three years ago, I found a tall beautiful woman

that not only enjoyed being with me, but actually went out with me on more than

a couple of dates, then finally succumbed to my charms and married me. The only

real problem was that after eighteen years of putting up with the tall jokes and

jibes at the "shrimp" she finally left me for a big tall gym operator with

muscles everywhere. I guess she liked being the smaller and "petite" partner for

a change. She had always been big and muscular, but when she started going to

the gym she put on muscles and really outdid me. In a few months she could pick

me up with one hand. If I said anything she didn't like, or she didn't agree

with she'd pick me up with one hand and threaten to "Beat the hell" out of me.

There was no question in my mind that she could whip me without even working up

a sweat.

But I was even more in love with her than ever, she was fantastically beautiful.

At six foot three and two hundred twenty five pounds of solid muscle, she was my

ideal, my dream girl, and my wife. I was ecstatic. Her thighs were big heavy

pillars of solid muscle and I'd get up in the morning and just stand there at

the foot of the bed staring at her. She was so beautiful! I'd stand there and

admire her; her thighs, her calves, even her big luscious feet, her big broad

hips, everything was wonderful, I absolutely loved her. Looking at the exquisite

way she filled that big king sized bed, I was as much or more in love with her

than I had ever been. She lay there with her head against the headboard and her

feet almost hanging off the foot. But it was becoming obvious that she was

becoming disenchanted with me. I'd hug her and she had other things she needed

to do. We almost never had sex anymore, but then that's what a lot of my married

friends said. They almost never had sex after fifteen or twenty years of

marriage. I longed for her, but she turned away from me. Finally when she joined

the gym and met Ralph it was all over for us, just a matter of time I figured,

and I was right. Three years ago she left me and went with Ralph. We had an

eighteen year old daughter at that time and Jenny left her with me. She was big

like her mother, but she was "Daddy's girl" so Jenny didn't make any attempt to

get custody. She said that since Kelly was eighteen and big enough to take care

of herself, actually at six feet four inches tall and two hundred twenty pounds

she was even taller than her mother, she could choose who ever she wanted to be

with. Although Jenny let her know that her door was always open for her, she

could stay with either of us and do as she wanted. So I ended up with Kelly.

Although Kelly lived with me, she spent a lot of time with her mother and Ralph

at the gym. I couldn't believe how she took to the gym and the exercises. Like

her mother she was a big girl, at eighteen she was six feet four, a little bit

taller than her amazon mother. But she was working out at the gym with Ralph and

her mother all the time. Soon she was gaining muscles like mad. She was growing

muscles I didn't know girls had. She soon grew even bigger than her mother. By

the time she turned twenty one last May, she was six feet five inches tall and

two hundred forty five pounds of solid muscle. If I had thought Jenny was a big

strong woman I hadn't seen anything.. In June I made the mistake of trying to

spank Kelly for staying out too late without my permission.

I told her to bend over my lap so I could spank her for going out and staying

out till 2am. She told me that I wasn't going to spank her, she was twenty one

and too big for that sort of thing. I grabbed her and pulled her down across my

lap. Suddenly she grabbed me around the waist. She squeezed me tighter than I

could believe, crushing the air from me, then leaning back, she stood up and

lifted me out of the chair. I was in her arms spinning around and when I

realized what was happening, she was in the chair and I was face down across her

big muscular thighs. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me, my own

little girl was no longer little, she was much bigger and stronger than I was.

She was manhandling me like I was a small child and there wasn't anything I

could do about it. I tried fighting her, but she simply pushed my hands together

and held both my wrist in one huge powerful hand and I was helpless. She turned

me over her lap and proceeded to administer the most embarrassing spanking I had

ever had to me. Her hands were big, her muscles were powerful, and she really

laid into me. I screamed as her first terrific blow slapped stingingly onto my

backside, in seconds she had me crying like a baby as her huge hand smashed down

like pistol shots on my backside.

"Daddy, I don't want to have to do this to you again, but you're not going to

spank me anymore. I'm bigger than you, and a lot stronger too, and if you ever

try to spank me again, I'll not only paddle you till you can't sit down for a

week, but I'll tell all your friends about how I paddled my daddy like he was a

little baby. And I know you wouldn't want your friends to know that I had

spanked you like you were a child? Now would you?"

I was gasping for breath as I choked out, "No, honey, please don't. Let me go, I

won't try to spank you again. Please, Kelly, please.."

She relaxed her grip and I started to get up, then she grabbed my hips and

lifted me again. She stood me on the floor next to her, clamped both my wrists

in one huge powerful hand and reaching out with the long strong fingers of her

free hand, undid my belt, and loosened my pants.

"Kelly, what are you doing?" I was struggling uselessly to get my hands loose

from her powerful grip, but I was helpless as she held my hands clamped in one

of her huge hands.

"Just to make sure you understand, daddy." and she pulled my pants and

underpants down.

"Kelly! Don't! What are you doing? Please, Kelly, don't!"

"Just making sure you understand, daddy."

She effortlessly picked me up in her hands, held me in the air for several

seconds, then easily turned me about like I was nothing more than a baby, and

lay me across her lap again with my now bare ass sticking up in the air.

"Kelly! What are...."

And her big strong hand came down with a terrible crack on my bare flesh.

I screamed and tried to escape. Her other hand clamped down on my back like a

hydraulic ram and she held me face down across her lap.

"Daddy, lie still. I don't want to hurt you. I'm just going to spank your bare

bottom a bit to let you know how easily I can." I was completely helpless, as

she proceeded to spank me like a small child holding me down firmly across her

big strong thighs with one hand while she continued to rain powerful blows onto

my naked ass with her other hand. I couldn't believe how helpless I was as I lay

across my daughters legs, struggling uselessly, screaming and crying like a


"Kelly, let me go!"

"I want to make sure that you understand the new order here now." and her hand

came down with another sharp crack. "When I was little, you paddled me, 'for my

own good of course' and I did as you said. Now, I'm the bigger person, you're

the little one, and I can easily take your pants down and paddle your bare butt,

'for your own good, of course' but, from now on, I'll make the rules and you'll

obey me. Right!" and her hand came down with another stinging blow.

"Kelly, this isn't right, I'm your father, you have to do as I say."

"I don't think so! I'm bigger and stronger, and that makes me the one that says

what to do."

"Kelly, it doesn't work that way."

Another stinging blow crashed into my ass like a shot, bringing tears to my eyes

as I bit my lip to keep from screaming.

"Sure it does. When I was little and did something wrong, I got paddled. Now,

you're the little one, and when you do something wrong, I'm going to paddle

you." and she landed another powerful swat on my bare ass that made me scream.

"Kelly, please!" I choked out, "Stop, don't hit me anymore. Please, Kelly,


"Mmmmm, your butt is getting a little red." and she caressed my ass with her


"Kelly! What are you doing?"

"Well, I think I've got my point across. Now, I'm just having a bit of fun with

my daddy."

"Kelly! Don't" I screamed as her hand caressed and squeezed my stinging ass.

"Daddy, I don't believe you. You like getting spanked by a big girl like me?"

and her hand slid down between my legs and grasp my prick.

Again, I screamed, "Kelly! Don't!"

I couldn't believe that my prick was hard, but it was, and as her long powerful

fingers encircled it and squeezed, it got even harder.

"Ohoooo, Daddy.... you're getting turned on by your own daughter spanking you.

Did Momma used to spank you?"

"No, Kelly, Let me go, don't do that, it's not nice. You shouldn't do that to

your father."

"Oh, I'm twenty one now. I'm old enough to have sex with whoever I want to."

"Not with your father!" I screamed as she squeezed my prick in the crushing grip

of her big powerful hand.

"Why not? Is he any different from any other man? I mean other than being my

father. Which really only means that you fucked my mother and got her pregnant,

so I guess I can treat you like any other mother-fucker."

"Kelly, I'm your father!"

"You already said that, but your little prick still got hard when I spanked you.

Does that mean you like me in more ways than just as your daughter?"

"Kelly! You can't do this to me. It's not right, I'm not your boyfriend, I'm

your father."

Still holding my prick in her hand she squeezed my now throbbing prick in her

big powerful hand again and pulled gently on it with her long strong fingers.

"Yeah, I guess you can only fuck my mother, not me, right? It wouldn't be right

if you took advantage of your 'innocent little daughter', but is there any law

against me taking advantage of you?"

"Kelly, please...."

"Poor little daddy. I'm so big and you're so small, 'ha- ha - ha'. I remember

that line from that video of yours, what was the name, Boccacio 70, with Anita

Ekberg? You like big girls don't you, Daddy?"

"Kelly, please..."

"What's the matter, I'm not big enough? You want a real giantess to pick you up

and play with you? You had a hard on the entire time you watched, what's her

name, in the Attack of the fifty foot woman; didn't you? I'm big enough to pick

up a little man like you and play with you. And you know something else? There

isn't anything you can do about it; is there? If you tell anybody; you get in

more trouble than I do, don't you?"

She squeezed my prick and pulled on it again. I couldn't believe it, my prick

was hard and throbbing, her hands were not only strong, but they were sensuously

rough from her weight lifting, and the crushing grip of her big sensuously rough

hand on my prick felt fantastically erotic. She was treating me like I loved to

be treated by a big strong woman. I loved to be dominated by big strong women. I

loved feeling helpless in a big strong woman's hands while she overpowered me

and dominated me. I didn't like getting spanked, like Kelly had done to me, but

she was right, I had a hard on from it, or at least from her manhandling me. But

she was my daughter! My little girl! My mind told me I couldn't get excited by

my own daughter! But I sure as hell was! My body wasn't paying any attention to

my mind, only the way this great huge girl was treating me. She wasn't a little

girl anymore, she was twice my size and twenty one years old. I no longer had

any parental authority over her, or any other kind of authority for that matter!

She had shown me that, by picking me up, turning me across her lap and spanking

me like I was a small child. I felt her hands grip my hips, and picking me up

again, she turned me over on her legs so that I was now lying face up in her lap

with my big, stiff, throbbing prick sticking straight up.

She grasp it in her hand, squeezing and pulling erotically. "I think daddy likes

his little girl! At least this hard little prick says he does." and wiggling my

throbbing prick in her huge hand, she pulled and squeezed it again. Grinning

down at me, as I lay helpless in her lap, she asked, "Do you like my tits? You

have, of course, noticed how big they've gotten, haven't you?" and she thrust

her enormous breasts forward, inhaling deeply and expanding the already huge

tits to hover over me like twin beach- balls beneath her tight blouse. Then she

pulled the blouse open and undid her bra. I had of course, noticed that my

'little girl' had grown into a very voluptuously beautiful woman and I had

actually been proud that my daughter had such beautiful, magnificently huge

tits. But I had never seen them bare, nor had I wanted to, but there they were

in all of their magnificent glory, massively huge, fleshy globes, full and ripe,

hovering completely bare, right above my face.

"Kelly! Don't!"

"Don't what, daddy? Don't show off how magnificent my nice big luscious tits

are? Want to feel how nice and firm they are? Half the guys in school would kill

to get their hands on these big lovely monsters."

"Kelly, I'm you father, not some horny little kid in your school!"

"That's why you're getting to see them and feel them, and the 'horny little

kids' in school aren't" and she took one of my hands in hers and lifted my hand

to her huge tit.

I tried to draw my hand back, but once again I was no match for her huge

powerful muscles. She pressed my hand to her tit and rubbed it all over that

amazing mass of warm, soft, delightfully firm flesh. She took my hand and

carefully pressed my open palm directly on her hot soft nipple, I felt the big

nipple rise under my palm as she rubbed my hand on it. It swelled into massive

erection, a great huge nipple crowning that enormous bare breast, and I could

feel it was no longer soft, but swollen hugely, and hard as a rock. Even though

she was my daughter, that big soft tit felt fantastically sensuous, and my prick

swelled even harder. In spite of the fact that she was my daughter, and I was

ashamed of myself, I couldn't help myself. My body was responding to the soft,

firm, fleshy, warmth of that magnificently huge tit like any other man's would.

With my hand on her huge tit, and her big strong hand caressing, fondling and

stroking my prick, I knew that if I didn't stop her, I was going to explode and

spurt an absolute fountain of cum all over everything. I could feel it building

and knew that it was only going to take a few more strokes with that big erotic

hand of hers and I was going to spew cum all over both of us. I begged.

"Kelly, this isn't right, fathers and daughters don't do this! Please let me go.

I know you're bigger and stronger than I am, and I'll let you do whatever it is

that you want to, but please don't make me do any more sexual things with my own

daughter. Please, Kelly, please."

"Well, that's the first time I ever had a guy beg me not to let him play with my

tits. Most men would kill for the privilege of me letting them play with my

magnificent monsters."

"Kelly, there's no question, I would too, if you weren't my daughter, but it's

just not right for a father to have sex with his own daughter. Now, please let

me go, and no more playing with me like I'm one of your boyfriends, please."

"Oh, all right. If you really don't want me to. But this little prick doesn't

seem to know that I'm your daughter and off limits." and she squeezed my

pounding throbbing prick pulling it again before letting it go. I shivered and

tried as hard as I could to hold back, my prick was painfully swollen and I knew

if she pulled on it one more time I could never stop my pending orgasm. In fact

it felt so wonderful, I wasn't really sure that I wanted to stop her at this

point. Once again my mind and my body weren't in agreement. My mind said stop,

and my body said, go for it, please Kelly, pull it one more time so I can orgasm

and shoot cum all over that big magnificent body of yours. But she stopped just

in time. My prick ached and longed for just one more stroke, but Kelly had

fortunately stopped, even if my poor abused prick was painfully eager for that

last stroke.

"Maybe you'd like my teacher, she's even bigger and stronger than I am. Have you

ever seen Ms Wolfe? I bet she'd like to play with this nice little prick for a

while." and she wiggled my stiff swollen prick in her fingers as she pulled


"Kelly, don't!" I begged my daughter again, even as I exploded shooting up

fountains of cum.

Kelly laughed, "She blows.." she quoted from old whaling pictures, and laughed

as gobs of my hot thick landed on her massive tits. "That's neat Daddy, I didn't

know that you cared that much for your daughter.. She rubbed the hot thick

clumps of cum on my stomach under her huge hand like she was putting sun- tan

cream on my tummy. Looking down at the patches of thick white cream on her huge

tits, she cupped one huge hand under each massive tit, lifted them to her mouth

and began licking my cum from them.. "MMmm... you taste pretty good, Daddy, I'll

bet that Ms Wolfe will love that.." and she grinned down at me..

Finally she let go of my prick and let me get up off her legs and pull my pants

back up. My ass was still stinging and sore, from her paddling, but I tried not

to let her see me wince as my pants rubbed across my sore ass.

She saw! She giggled, "What's the matter daddy, ass a little sore? That's just

so you'll remember who's the boss now. And don't forget, I can do it again

anytime you get out of line. In fact if you're not a good little Daddy, I can

make it a lot sorer than that!"


She grinned at me, "Don't push your luck, mister." and she giggled..

I threw my arms around her neck and kissed the side of her cheek, "Oh, Kelly, I

love you, but as father and daughter, not as lovers, just remember that."

"OK, daddy, I'll try to remember, but you know not all guys like great big

amazons like me. It's kind of nice to know that someone likes me for my size,

instead of in spite of it." and as I turned she gave me a parting slap on the

ass that made me jump, and I almost screamed again at the pain from her playful

little slap.


I looked at the note from Ms Wolfe. I wondered what that big amazon of a

daughter had done now, that Ms Wolfe wanted to see me? Oh well, I'll find out

Friday after school when I go in for the appointment.

Friday afternoon, when I entered Ms Wolfe's room I stared in awe at the gigantic

amazon standing at the front of the room with Kelly. Kelly was six feet five

inches tall and this amazing amazon stood there towering over her like Kelly was

a little kid. She had to be a good six or eight inches taller than Kelly; and

she was beautiful too! I was standing there staring in shocked awe with my prick

surging up trying to rip the front of my pants out, when I realized that she was

wearing four or five inch high stiletto heels. But even without the tall heels,

she was awesome! Standing there towering over a big amazon like Kelly, she had

to be nearly seven feet tall. I had never seen such an enormous woman!

She turned and looked at me, we were far enough apart she didn't have to look

down at me, but I felt like I shrank two feet when she looked at me with those

big blue eyes and said, "You're, Kelly's father?"

The amazement in her voice shocked me. Then I realized that a number of people

had reacted that way when they realized that the huge six foot five inch amazon

Kelly's father was only five feet ten inches tall and slim, a midget, compared

to my giant, powerfully muscled, amazon daughter. Of course I was as amazed as

she was, Kelly had said Ms Wolfe was bigger than her, but I didn't know anyone

in town was this much bigger than Kelly. A massive, beautiful, seven foot tall

woman, and I hadn't known about her! I was in heaven as I walked over to her.

The closer I got, the taller she got, until she was standing there towering

tremendously over me while I stood gawking up at her beautiful face in stunned

awe. I extended my hand to her, and as she took my hand in hers my hand was

completely engulfed in her huge hand. I was staring up at the big blue orbs of

her smiling eyes, completely awestruck, and she was staring down at the top of

my head. Kelly giggled. I was in total shock, unable to say anything as I stared

up at this beautiful giantess in awe. Finally I grinned and blurted out, "You're


She giggled. "Well, thank you. Kelly has told me that you like tall women."

"Oh, God, yes..." I couldn't think of anything else to say, I was totally

mesmerized by this titanic amazon, and she was beautiful. Gorgeous twinkling

blue eyes, long blonde hair cascading down luxuriantly over her shoulders, and

breasts that would make even Kelly's "magnificent monsters" look small by

comparison, thrusting out enormously from her broad chest in complete defiance

of gravity.

"That's nice, I guess if you have a daughter as big as Kelly, you'd almost have

to like tall women."

"Well, Kelly's mother was six feet one, so she's not a total surprise, and I've

loved tall women all my life. But I'm sorry, I don't mean to embarrass you."

"Oh, you don't embarrass me, I love it when I find a man who likes tall women.

Not all men do, most are too shocked by my size to even talk to me sensibly. "

"Well, on that point, I'm not sure I can either. I came in to find out what

Kelly's in trouble for."

She smiled down at me and said in a quiet, low, very sexy voice, "Especially

when he's not married. You are single, aren't you?"

It took me a second to realize that she was referring back to loving it when she

'finds a man who likes tall women.' I looked at her big beautiful body, and up

at her gorgeous smiling face and my prick leaped in my pants as her low sexy

voice grabbed it and pulled it to attention. I also realized that she was still

holding my hand and caressing it lovingly, as she spoke softly in her low sexy


"Oh, she's not in trouble. At least not with me, a couple of parents of some of

the boys have called in about Kelly beating their sons up, but we always blame

the boys for starting something they couldn't finish.. Kelly's my favorite

student, she's bright and quick and I guess you can see why I like her. Even

though I teach high school, most of the time I'm staring down at the kids and I

feel like I'm teaching a room full of kinder Gartners. Kelly's a great relief, I

don't have to strain my neck looking down at her, and I really don't care if the

little guys have to strain theirs looking up at us." and she grinned down at me

as I stood there with my head tilted far back to look up at her. There was no

question in my mind that she was making a 'not so subtle' jibe at my height, or

lack thereof.

"Well, I'm glad to hear she's not in trouble, we had a little confrontation last

month and I was afraid she had gotten out of hand."

"Oh, no! She's fine, an excellent student, and never any problem. Some of the

guys have made the mistake of challenging her, but they quickly found out that

it was a major mistake and none of them ever tried more than once. Kelly and I

have become great friends," and she laughed, "Great friends! That's almost a pun

isn't it! We spend a lot of time together and talk a lot. Tall girls tend to do

that, they sort of like the reinforcement of feeling that they're not the only

tall people in the world, and aren't freaks, especially at Kelly's age. She sort

of feels left out, too tall for any of the guys and jealous of the other girls

and their boyfriends. She told me about your little confrontation, when she

spanked you last month. I explained to her that she shouldn't get sexual with

you, even if she is bigger and can handle you so easily."

"My God, what did she tell you?"

" I guess just about everything, including the fact that you really get turned

on by big tall girls, or women if you will.... Even your daughter; under certain

circumstances!" And she grinned down at me, making me feel like a mouse about to

be pounced on by a cat. "I think we should go into my office before we discuss

any of the details of what she told me. I wouldn't want to embarrass you if

someone else should come in and overhear our discussion." She let go of my hand

which she had been holding since I offered it to her. I realized that she had

been holding it and stroking it all during the time we had been talking. I

missed her big hands holding mine when she released it, even though I had barely

been aware of her holding it while we talked. "Come on, let's go into my


I tried not to stare at her beautiful, fantastically tall body as she turned and

lead me into an office at one end of the classroom, but it was totally

impossible for me not to stare. She was even more powerfully built than Kelly,

and absolutely gorgeous. Her thighs were like oak trees, her arms rippled with

muscle even though they were relaxed and hanging by her sides, beautifully

curvaceous soft feminine muscle that brought my member to attention every time

she moved. As I followed her, my eyes followed every motion of her huge muscular

ass and the huge luscious rippling muscles of her enormous long thighs under her

short tight skirt. She had to bend over to clear the door as we entered the

little office and I thought I was going to have a heart attack on the spot as

her skirt tightened across her fantastically gorgeous derriere squeezing the

huge powerful muscles of her gorgeously rounded rear, making it even more

awesomely beautiful. I gasp as the hem of her short skirt slid up to reveal an

enormous amount of her big powerful thighs. She motioned me to a chair by her

desk as she turned and closed the door behind us.

"I don't want to be interrupted during this interview." And she emphasized

'this' as though our interview were special, and not like every other parent

interview she conducted. I thought it was a nice touch on her part to make each

parent feel special, that is until she turned as I seated myself in the chair

she had pointed out.

"Do you really like big strong women as much as Kelly says you do?" she asked.

The exquisite, lusciously big, muscular ass I had been admiring was almost in my

face. I stared in awe at the hard beautifully rounded muscles of her huge

splendid rear, barely able to keep my mind on the conversation.

"What in the world did she tell you?" I questioned.

"She said she's always known that you liked big, tall, strong women, but she

didn't realize until she picked you up and turned you over he knees to spank

you, how much you were turned on by them. She says that she hadn't any more than

picked you up and started to turn you over her lap than you had a hard on. Is

that right? A hard on for you own daughter?"

"Well... it wasn't really like that.... I mean... " I mumbled.

"What you mean is, she gave you a hard on just by picking you up! Right?" she

asked pointedly.

"Well...." I murmured, looking at the floor.

That tremendous amazon was towering massively over me, looking almost straight

down at me as she embarrassed the hell out of me with such pointed questions.

"I mean, what if I were to pick you up," she said, "and turn you over my knee.

Would you get a hard on?"

"What?" I exclaimed in shock.

Suddenly she bent down over me like a falling building, one hand went under my

thighs and her other behind my back. I couldn't believe how strong she was; she

picked me up out of the chair as though I weighed nothing, lifting me easily in

her hands. She held me in her hands, put one huge foot up on the seat of the

chair where I had been sitting and turned me over. Handling me as effortlessly

as though I was nothing more than a big stuffed toy. She lay me across her

thigh, then laughed.

"Kelly was right! You've got a hard on, I can feel it on my thigh. You really do

like having big strong girls pick you up." I couldn't believe this was happening

to me. Kelly's teacher picking me up and turning me over her knee like she was

going to spank me as though I was one of her classroom students. I was staring

down along her long powerfully muscled leg to her big shapely foot in the big,

shiny black, high heeled pump. As I lay there across her massive, beautifully

muscled thigh, staring at her big gorgeous leg, I could feel my prick, trapped

between my belly and her huge muscular thigh, swelling and throbbing, getting

harder by the second.

"Ma'am, please, what are you doing?" I asked in embarrassment.

"I'm conducting an investigation." she answered sternly, "One of my students

told me her father had gotten sexually aroused while she was with him, and so

far, I think she was right."

"Am I in trouble? I tried to get away from her, but I couldn't, she's too much

bigger and stronger than I am. I tried to make her put me down and told her it

wasn't right for a father and daughter to have any sexual relations, but here

again she was just too big and strong for me to have any control over. She was

handling me as easily as though I was a little kid, and paying no attention to

anything I said."

"Well, that was the right thing to do, but I wonder about you getting sexually

excited over your own daughter? She said you had a really big boner on."

"It wasn't as though it was my daughter I was excited over, I think of my

daughter as my little girl, but the woman holding me so easily in her lap, and

dominating me so completely, sure as hell wasn't 'a little girl'! Even though my

mind told me it was the wrong reaction, my body reacted to that great big

powerful girl picking me up and holding me helpless in her lap."

"You mean like this?" and grabbing my hips in her huge hands she lifted me

easily and turned to sit in the chair with me still held helpless in her hands,

then lay me face down across her lap as she sat down. Suddenly I felt one huge

hand begin caressing my ass.

"Kelly didn't play with my ass like you're doing." I commented.

"She just spanked you like this?" and her huge hand slapped stingingly down on

my butt.

"Eeooww...! Don't, please don't."

"What's the matter, hasn't healed up from Kelly's paddling?" She giggled.

"It's just that, that hurts."

Her hand reached down to my crotch and engulfed my hardened prick. "Mmmm, I

guess Kelly was right, you've got a real nice hard on now."

"Please, don't! What are you doing? Please, let me go."

"Did you beg Kelly like you're begging me?"

"Yes, I pleaded with her to let me go, the entire time she was holding me and

spanking me."

"Even though you had a hard on?"

"Yes, she's my daughter. I don't have any sexual feelings toward her. Please,

let me go."

"Do you have any sexual feelings toward me?"

"Ms Wolfe, please..."

"Please what? Do you have any sexual feeling toward me?"

"I don't even know you."

"But you have a hard on from my picking you up and turning you over my knee?"

"Please, let me go.." I begged again.

"After I'm finished with my investigation!" she said sternly..

"What investigation?"

"My investigation into your reactions to a big strong girl picking you up and

spanking you."

"Spanking me? Noooo...."

Her huge hand came down on my raised ass like a sledgehammer. If I thought Kelly

had spanked me hard, I hadn't experienced anything. This giant amazon's hand

stung like fire, and my entire ass burned in pain from her first terrific slap.

I writhed and squirmed on her thighs trying to escape. Suddenly I felt her hand

push between my thighs and turn to grip my prick, just like Kelly had.

"Kelly was right! Apparently having a big woman spank you turns you on!" Her

huge hand squeezed tightly around my now aroused prick, squeezing and massaging

it in her powerful grip.

"Ms Wolfe!"

"Call me Helen."

"Please, let me go. I didn't come here for this."

"What did you come here for?"

"I came in response to your letter. To talk about Kelly."

"If you came in response to my letter, you came for this. It didn't say anything

about Kelly, now did it?"

I thought about the letter, she was right, it only said for me to come in and

see her Friday at four p.m.. It hadn't even mentioned Kelly.

"But Ms Wolfe!"

"Helen!" she corrected

"OK, Helen...."

"What?" She was almost giggling as she held me helpless on her huge thighs.

I didn't have any idea what to say, I was lying face down across the lap of the

biggest, most gorgeous amazon I had ever met and she was about to spank me like

a little child.

"Let me go... Please... let me go!" I pleaded.

"Why? I'm enjoying myself." and she did giggle.

"I'm not! Let me go, please, please, please." I begged again.

"You know, there's something that really turns me on too. You know what that


"I don't have any idea. Please let me go."

"It's having a little man completely under my control and hearing him beg for

his life. That really turns me on. I love it when a 'big strong man' begs me for

mercy. I love to hear a man beg me to let him go, and not to hurt him!"

"Helen, please!" I plead.

"Oh, yesss... that's it, beg me. Plead with me for mercy. I'm getting so hot I

can barely stand it."

"Oh, God, please, let me go."

"Don't you mean Goddess?" she laughed.

"What ever you want, Goddess, please." I continued begging.

"That's better, Oh... God, I love to hear a helpless little man beg me to let

him go, I'm getting all wet, my pussy's so hot I can barely stand it."

"Ms Wolfe!" I was in shock again.

Another stinging slap from her great powerful hand, "I told you, call me Helen!

KELLY! Come in here!"

"Yes, ma'am." the door opened and Kelly walked into the room.

"Kelly, please tell her to let me go, please, please, please." I begged Kelly.

"I'm sorry daddy, I can't. I told her that she could have you for the weekend."

Kelly said casually.

"You, what?" I screamed, "What do you mean, 'have me for the weekend'?" I was

almost crying.

"Well, she told me that she liked what I had told her about you and she said she

wanted to play with you over the weekend, and I told her I thought that it would

be all right. I thought you'd love to spend the weekend with a woman as big and

strong as Helen, after the way you reacted when I picked you up and spanked


"Kellliiieee.... Please, help me..." I begged.

Helen said, "Kelly, it's all right, if he really doesn't want to go with me, I

can always report how he sexually assaulted you."

I screamed, "I didn't assault her! She assaulted me! She's so damn big she just

picked me up, turned me over her knees, and spanked me like I was a little kid,

then while she held me helpless across her lap, she grabbed my prick and played

with it."

"Now how many people would believe that a "CHILD" would sexually assault her

father?" Helen giggled.

"But, that's what happened!" I protested.

"Maybe you know that, and I know that, but how many people would believe that a

father sexually assaulted his helpless little daughter, rather than the other

way around?"

"Noooo...! You wouldn't....! Please... Don't even say that! Please..." I was

back to begging again.

"Well, how about spending the weekend with me?" she asked calmly.

Suddenly I regained my senses, "What in hell's wrong with me? There isn't

anything I'd rather do than spend the weekend with you. You're absolutely

gorgeous, my dream woman, and here I am fighting against you and trying to get

away from you. What's wrong with me. Kelly, please, can I spend the weekend with


Kelly laughed, "Daddy, why are you asking me? You're my father, you can do

anything you want to."

"MMmm... that's better." Helen purred "You like big tall strong women? I think

you'll like me."

"OH, God, yes... I think you're terrific! Fantastic! You're fabulous, I can't

think of anything I'd rather do than spend a weekend, or maybe even a lifetime

with you..."

She lifted me off her lap and stood me on the floor by her knees.

"Kelly, you understand that once you get a man this far gone on you, you can do

anything you want to with him, and he'll still love it? If I wanted to spank

him, I'd simply tell him to drop his pants so I can spank him better, and he'd

drop them in a second. Right, Daddy?"

"Oh, yes, whatever you want."

"OK, drop your pants."

"With Kelly here?"

"Drop 'em"

"Yes, ma'am!" and I reached down, undid my belt and opening my pants let them

fall to the floor.

"Under pants too!"

"Yes, ma'am!" and I slid my underwear down to my ankles. My prick stood out like

an iron bar. I looked at Kelly for a second and turned red.

"Kelly, you want to play with him?" Helen asked.

"Kelly's my daughter, she can't play with me, like some guy from the school,

she's my daughter." I protested.

"I don't remember asking you anything, my little man. I asked Kelly if she

wanted to play with you, and if she wants to; she can. I'll give her my

permission, and since you're mine, yours is automatic."

"But...." I stuttered.

"I'll whip your butt, if I hear you try to stop her again. Remember you're

nothing but my little 'teacher's pet' this weekend."

I didn't know what to do, but simply stood there and watched in helpless

humiliation as Kelly reached out and touched my stiff cock. She stroked it

gently once or twice with her fingertips, then wrapped those long powerful

fingers around it, like she had last month, and squeezed... hard!

I yelped, and tried to move away, but her grip was like a steel vice, I'd have

ripped my prick off before I escaped the crushing grip of her huge powerful

hand. She grinned and pulled it. I was in total humiliation standing there with

my pants down before Kelly's teacher with Kelly holding my prick in her big

powerful hand.

"Ms Wolfe, can I play with him?"

"Sure Kelly, you're twenty one now, and you can play with any man you want to,

including your puny little father here."

Holding my prick in her long strong fingers Kelly stroked it up and down a few

times, squeezing and pulling it. In spite of my humiliation, my prick responded

to my daughters ministrations, swelled even harder and started pounding as I

shuddered, half in embarrassment and half in lust, for even though she was my

daughter she was an enormous and beautiful woman, and her big strong hand

holding my cock felt absolutely fantastic. She pulled on it a few more times,

stroking it until I was about ready to burst, once again she had me on the verge

of orgasm in seconds with those big erotic hands of hers, then she turned and

holding my prick in her hand pulled me toward Helen using my prick like it was a

leash. As she pulled my prick I couldn't do anything but dance on my toes

wherever she lead me, as she pulled me around like a puppy on a leash.

"Ms Wolfe, you take him. I'm his daughter and probably shouldn't do this to him,

but I want to see him cum. Why don't you go ahead and finish jerking him off,

while I just watch. You can get me another man to play with sometime, if you

want to, but he is my daddy, and I shouldn't do this to him."

"My, you really are a remarkably nice girl, that's very nice of you. Sure I'll

get you another man, and I'll take care of daddy, while you watch. Yessss, I'll

take care of him all right."

With my stiff throbbing prick still gripped in Kelly's big powerful hand she

pulled me around by my prick and lead me to Helen like my prick was a leash,

Helen reached out and took my cock from Kelly's hand engulfing it in the

powerful grip of her own huge hand.

"See, I told you that you had a remarkable little girl there. See how nice she

is, she let her daddy go, she won't do anything that's wrong to him. You have

her trained very nicely in proper manners. She knows right from wrong and won't

do wrong even when her every instinct, and even her teacher tells her it's all

right. Shame on you coming here thinking that she had done something wrong."

I was actually proud of Kelly, she had done the right thing, even though I was

ready to let her do wrong. Not that there was much that I could have done with

these two giant amazons pulling me around using my prick for a leash. Suddenly

Helen squeezed her enormous, powerful hand on my cock. I almost screamed at the

painful, crushing pressure, then she pulled, and not very gently. I cried out in


"Wimp! I'm not being too rough on you, am I? But, if it hurts your poor little

dick, I guess I better be more gentle, or the poor little thing'll shrink up and

disappear on me." She relaxed the pressure and pulled more gently. The soft

warmth of her huge hand engulfed my entire cock in the erotic heat of her hand

as she started pulling it again and again, erotically stroking the flesh along

my throbbing shaft in her huge sensuously rough hand.

I looked up at Kelly, and she was standing there grinning down at me. I felt

like a midget as I looked up at these two tremendous women. I didn't know what

to do as Helen stroked my prick back and forth with her big powerful fingers.

She was jerking me off, just like Kelly had said. Even though I was embarrassed

to have my daughter watching as Helen jerked me off, I was lost. I couldn't hold

out against Helen's fantastically erotic play, and in seconds I felt it coming.

I shuddered and my knees went weak as I exploded again and again in her big

luscious hand. I spurted huge masses of cum on her hand, and half way across the

room. Then Helen leaned over and pulled my prick to her mouth. Right there in

front of my little girl, Helen opened her cavernous mouth and completely

engulfed my cock in the big sexy lips of her cavernous mouth, sucking as her big

delightfully sensuous tongue swirled and writhed over my cock. My knees went

weak and she threw her arm around my ass to keep me from collapsing on the

floor. She lifted me and set me down on the lounge in the office.

"See that, Kelly, that's how you make a man surrender to you completely, he'll

do anything I say from now on. Now aren't you sorry you didn't do it yourself?"

"No, it looks great, but he's still my father and I shouldn't have sex with him,

but I'll tell you what, is that English teacher, Mr. Kissick still here? I'd

sure like to take him and make him mine like you did daddy."

"Mr. Kissick? Oh, God, I'd love to see you do that to him, he'd die right there

in your hands if you tried something like that with him. He's yours, Monday,

right after school. I'll get him in here and make him submit to you like your

dad did to me. That's going to be so much fun I may even bring a video camera."

and she started laughing.

Suddenly Helen stood up and walked over to a wall cabinet, opened it and

reaching to the back of the top shelf took out a small brown bottle that looked

to be about half full of some kind of liquid. She took the top off and walking

over to stand towering above me held it out to me.

"Here, drink this!"

"Thanks, I'm not thirsty."

"I didn't ask if you were thirsty, I said, DRINK!"


"Don't you understand yet? When I tell you to do something; you do it!

Understand!" and she poked the bottle at me.

"What is it?"

She turned to Kelly and asked, "You did say I could have him for the entire

weekend didn't you?"

"Sure, you don't even have to worry about just the weekend, he's yours for as

long as you want him. He's retired and we live off stocks and bonds he bought

years ago, so you can have him as long as you want him."

"Kelly, what are you doing, you can't give me away like I'm a little pet or toy.

What are you saying?"

"Daddy, I said she could have you for as long as she wants you. I can take care

of myself and you'll love it too. Why are you objecting when I tell the woman of

your dreams that she can have you?"

"Woman of my dreams?"

"Daddy, if that drink she's offering you is what I think it is, you're going to

have the most fantastically enjoyable giantess lover's dream weekend you could

ever imagine. You remember how many times you watched "The attack of the fifty

foot woman"? Well if that's what I think it is, the stuff she told me about

once, you're going to have the time of your life. That is what I think it is,

isn't it, Helen?"

"Yes, but you're not supposed to tell anybody about this stuff."

"Well, he's sure as hell going to find out about it if you use it on him, won't


"I guess he would. Why not? Little man, it's a magic shrinking potion, made so

women like me, that like to play with little men, can have real little men to

play with. I'm going to shrink you down to about ten inches tall and play with

you all weekend. If The Attack of the fifty foot woman turned you on, like Kelly

tells me it did, you're going to have the most glorious weekend of your life. In

fact if you like giant women as much as Kelly says that you do, you may not want

me to use the antidote on you."

"What? Don't come near me with that stuff! Get away!" but she had my arm in the

grip of her long powerful fingers. She laughed, "you've heard of 'teacher's

pet?' Well with this you're really going to be "teacher's pet!" My own personal

little ten inch tall "teacher's pet" given to me by your daughter. In fact if

she wants too, I may even let her play with you. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

I screamed and tried to get away from her, but her fingers tightened on my arm

and it was like a steel vice clamped down on my arm. I was trying to pull my arm

away from her and it felt like she was going to crush my arm completely.

"Here, Daddy, drink it. It won't hurt you, you'll like it. And if you don't like

being little and having us play with you, I promise she'll give you the

antidote, and make you big again."

"Us? Big again?" I was screaming, I looked up at these two towering amazons and

wondered what they were doing to me. I was already the smallest person here and

they were talking about shrinking me down even more. This was ridiculous.

"How small will it make me?"

"Don't worry, Daddy, you'll love the effect. You're going to be the neatest

little "teacher's pet" ever. Don't worry daddy, I won't let anything happen to

you. I promise."

I reached out very hesitantly for the bottle Helen was still offering me. "How

small?" I asked.

"Drink it! Drink it all! It won't hurt you; really it won't. It's premeasured

for you." Helen said.

"Pre-measured for me? Why me?"

"From what Kelly told me about you, you'll love it! And I knew you were coming

today so I prepared it ahead of time for you."

"Kelly, are you sure it won't hurt me?"

"I promise Daddy, it won't hurt you a bit." and she giggled as I turned the

bottle up and chugged the whole thing down.

"What are you laughing about, when you said it won't hurt me a bit? What's so

funny? Were you lying to me?"

" No, Daddy, I wasn't lying to you, the potion won't hurt you, but Helen and I

might." she giggled.

Suddenly I felt light headed, my head was spinning and I seemed to loose my

balance. The floor seemed to be moving under me. I looked up at Kelly, I looked

and then looked again. She was bigger than ever! She was towering over me like I

was sitting down and she was standing over me, only I was standing. As I stared,

I realized that she was getting bigger by the second. I turned and stared at

Helen, she was getting bigger too, in fact everything in sight was getting

bigger. I stared at Helen, she was growing rapidly, her legs were getting

longer, her fabulous ass was getting bigger and wider, her already colossal tits

were getting bigger too. Then I looked up at Kelly, she was growing just as fast

as Helen, she had to be nearly twelve feet tall as I stared up at her

monstrously huge body.

Kelly laughed and pointed at me, "Look, Helen, it really works! Just like you

said it would! He's getting littler and littler."

"Sure he is. He's going to shrink down till he's only ten inches tall, then we

can play with him all we want to. He's really going to be my little pet!"

Kelly laughed, "Teacher's Pet, Teacher's Pet! Daddy's going to be Teacher's

Pet!" then she started that silly refrain from childhood that kids use to taunt

someone in good favor with the teacher. "Daddy's Teacher's Pet, Daddy's

Teacher's Pet, Daddy's Teacher's Pet!"

She danced over toward me and as she got close I realized that she was gigantic.

The top of my head didn't even come as high as her massive ass, I was looking up

to her waistline. I was looking up at her crotch, her legs were longer than I

was tall. She was growing into a fantastically colossal giantess. My little

daughter was as big as a horse, bigger. As she danced nearer to me I could feel

her footfalls, every time she stepped down I could feel the entire floor shake.

She was a towering giantess. I wasn't as tall as her legs, I could barely have

reached up and touched her enormous butt in that tight fitting dress. And Helen

was even bigger, in fact everything around me was growing. Not only were the

girls growing, but the entire room was growing, then I realized that they

weren't growing, I was shrinking. I was shrinking down, smaller and smaller. I

looked up at Helen, she was standing there grinning down at me, and I wasn't

even as tall as her knees! Her knees were higher than my head! It was like I was

one of Kelly's dolls. I was terrified. I screamed!

"Kelly, please, you said it wasn't going to hurt me, look at me I'm shrinking

away to nothing. Help me, help me! Oh, please, help me!"

"Oh, daddy, you're not shrinking away to nothing. She only gave you enough to

shrink you down to about ten inches. She said that'd be the best size for you.

We'll be fifty foot giantess and we can play with you like a little doll. You're

going to be just the same size as my Barbie doll! I can dress you up in her

things if you want."

"Barbie doll? I'm going to be the size of a Barbie doll? What are you doing,

shrinking me down to the size of a Barbie doll?"

Helen's voice was a rumbling bass as she replied, "Well she's not quite right. A

Barbie doll is about eleven inches tall, and you're going to be a little

smaller. You're going to be just under ten inches tall. Barbie'd be a little

bigger to you than I was when you met me. She'll look about seven feet tall to

you. But that's all right, I promise I won't let her hurt you." and she laughed

a booming rumbling laugh down at my shrinking little body. I was so small I'd

have had to reach up to touch her knees now. Both giant girls were standing

right in front of me and I only came half way to their knees. Their calves were

so big I couldn't have reached all the way around any one of them to hug them.

And there were four lusciously muscled, exquisitely curvaceous giant calves

right there in front of me.

As the dizziness faded and my head cleared, I half way expected to open my eyes

and see the girls standing before me like they had before I got dizzy, big but

certainly not fifty foot giantesses. I was wrong! When I opened my eyes, I was

looking at their calves. I was barely taller than their ankles. They really were

fifty foot giantesses, towering over me like huge statues come to life. Gigantic

buildings shaped in the exquisite shapes of beautiful women.

I looked up their towering legs. I could see their enormous thighs up under the

tight skirts. Their thighs were the size of sequoia trees, twice as thick as I

was tall. I looked up at their lower legs, massive tree trunk sized calves,

beautifully curvaceous, but enormous! And their feet! Gigantic luscious feet far

longer than I was tall. I liked women's feet, not a complete fetish, but close.

I could be happy rubbing a good looking woman's feet for hours, kissing and

nuzzling my face against them, and here were four giant feet, each one bigger

than my entire body. Giant feet in giant shoes, I stared in fascinated awe at

those gigantic feet. Helen's giant foot was encased in those huge tall stiletto

heels I had noticed before, the heels were higher than my chest and her enormous

ankle was nearly eight feet in the air, well above the top of my head. I stared

at Kelly's feet and realized that she too was wearing high heeled pumps, not as

tall a heel as those of Helen, but at my present size, her heels were more than

waist high to me, and I could have just leaned forward and planted a kiss right

on her ankle. As I stared at those huge, lovely, giant feet, I thought of one of

my giantess fantasies.

I remembered a giantess story I had once read where a prisoner was chained in

the town square and he was going to be executed by having a hundred foot tall

giantess step on him. I looked at Helen and Kelly's tremendous feet and thought,

'those feet could execute a man all right, they'd squash a man just like the

giantess in the story had. These giant girls could turn a man, my size, into

mush in seconds, grind his bones under their titanic weight until there was

nothing left but a bloody pulp. I remembered the description in the story as the

prisoner lay chained to the ground in the town square. The terrifying scene from

Kathy Castro's Island story came flashing into my mind as I stood and looked at

these giant women's huge luscious feet. And I recalled the scene from that

wonderful horror story in vivid detail.

The poor helpless little man was chained to the cobblestones in the town square

with the giantess standing directly over him as he stared up at her in terror.

Then he watched as she shifted her weight and lifted her foot directly over him,

and the foot was bigger by far than he was.

(I stared in horror at Helen's giant foot as I remembered the details of Kathy's

great story, and could just imagine Helen stepping on me with the giant foot I

was staring at. The main difference was that Helen and Kelly's feet were in

those great sexy high heels. I didn't know whether the high heels or their bare

feet would be sexier. The giantess in the story had bare feet and I remembered

how much the descriptions of her crushing the prisoner turned me on. But just

looking at Helen and Kelly's great lovely feet encased in those tall high heeled

shoes turned me on too.)

The poor terrified little guy had screamed and fought against his chains as her

gigantic foot blocked out his view of everything else. Then grew even larger as

it descended on him. He was pleading for her not to crush him as her giant foot

came slowly down on him. But, "The giantess's foot continued it's merciless


As her giant foot came nearer he couldn't see anything but the "massive wrinkled

sole that was about to cover his entire body" He plead for her not to crush him.



He could hear the crowd chanting for her to "Crush him!" and the "Powerful voice

of the Giantess from far above as she spoke to him. "NOW LITTLE MAN, I'M GOING


(I could easily imagine Kelly saying this, since I had heard her use almost

those exact words while teasing some of her boyfriends. Then flopping heavily

down on top of them.)

"Then he felt the bottom of the giantess's immense foot touch him ever so

slowly." Kathy gave a fantastic description of the "warm, padded and immensely

massive" foot, "covering all of him and everything around him." Then the

terrifying scene as the giant foot slowly comes down getting heavier and

heavier, until he can't believe anything so heavy could get any heavier, then

just as he knows he's going to die from her crushing him, she rumbles in her

enormous voice.



I could imagine his terror with the giantess' tremendous weight bearing down so

heavily on him, only to find out that she could just barely "feel" him under her

foot, and she hadn't even started to press down to squash him... yet! Then the

story goes on to tell how she teases him as she slowly presses her foot down

harder and harder until his insides all come spurting out and she steps down and

puts her full weight on him, and.....

"The people gasp as the massive foot of the Giantess appears to step down as

though there were nothing at all under it."

I was still staring at Helen's great huge foot, a giant foot as far as I was

concerned, as I remembered Kathy Castro's exciting story, and wondered what

Helen's giant foot would feel like pressing down on my tiny body.

I remembered how one of the witnesses, in Kathy's story, had been amazed as he

stared at the squished remains of the helpless little man, "There was nothing

left but shreds of burst clothing and human grease. A mashed clump of bloody

hair marked where the spy's head had been." And the witness pointed out in awe,

"that the chains that had held the spy were crushed into the stone!"

There was no question, at my present size, Helen or Kelly, either one, could

crush me as easily as the giantess in the story had crushed the little spy, and

there probably wouldn't be much more left of me than there had been of him. I

looked up Kelly's giant leg, from just above her ankle and realized that she was

no longer "my little girl" but a giantess from Gulliver's Brobdingnag. A

giantess so huge that she could pick me up and play with me in her giant hands

like I was no more than one of her toys. I had no sooner thought about that when

I saw her bending forward and a hand as big as a steam shovel bucket reached out

for me.

I watched in terror as Kelly bent toward me and reached out one hand. Her hand

was the size of the bucket on a crane. Her long powerful fingers were like tree

trunks, her beautiful shiny red nails were the size of shovels. I screamed in

horror as she reached for me, and tried to dodge her gargantuan hand. I was like

a tiny kitten trying to dodge a woman's hand, I was totally helpless as her

giant fingers closed around my body. I felt the warmth of her huge hand, and

then the erotic roughness of her palms crushed in against my body. She squeezed

as she closed her hand around me and I screamed. Then I really screamed as she

picked me up like a toy. I was snatched from the floor and lifted swiftly to

Kelly's billboard sized face. She whirled me aloft faster than an express

elevator. She was grinning at me with lips a yard wide, and teeth like gleaming

white boulders in her cavernous mouth. A mouth that could swallow me whole

without a second thought. She flicked out a tongue as big as my entire body and

licked those enormous gleaming red lips. As I stared at the saliva glistening on

her massive lips I realized once again how tiny I was in comparison to my giant

daughter. Her titanic fingers, pi

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