Giantess Stories: Terror in Twins

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Terror in Twins





           My name is David Peaso. I was your average

college student. I was a bit of a slacker, bit of a partier. I was a business

major who pretty much had his life set. Once I got my degree I was assured a job

in my dads company but that wasn't really what was on my mind right now. You

see, my dad has been pressuring me too get a wife, or at least a serious

girlfriend or I might not have my job. It's not that I am a loser or anything

it's just I usually just say the wrong thing, however that was all about to



           It all happened one night when I was surfing

through EBay and I saw this thing called a shrink belt or something like that.

It was going for 5 bucks and it did look like a nice belt so I placed my bid and

won. I had totally forgot about it until one day in my mail there it was. I

didn't believe it at first. It was incredible, nothing fucking happened. I

looked over at my clock and grabbed my backpack. I knew I was going to be late

for class.


           I ran as fast as I could across campus. I had

just entered the commons when I fell flat on my face. I quickly looked around

and luckily no one had noticed my fall. I stood up and had to blink as

everything was huge. There was a gargantuan sofa right in front of me. I

couldn't believe. I had shrunk. I spun around just in time to see a giant

sneaker crash into my chest. I skidded across the floor landing head first into

a shoe. My entire body feels like it got ran over by a bus.



know Lauren, We should get together tonight.”


“Okay, give me a ring later, I have to get to class.”


           I watched in horror as the gigantic monstrosity

known as Lauren stood up. It was like watching a skyscraper. I wanted to just

curl into a ball and hide. As she stood up her red shoes stare back at me. I

could see my diminutive body in her red shoes. Her white nylons stretched up her

legs into her short mini skirt. Her white dress shirt dangling down, her eyes

didn't even look at me. I was never a consideration on her part. She elegantly

stepped over me with her right foot however her left foot catches me sending me

tumbling end over end; before I can get up she is already gone.


           My sore body barely wants to move. I try to

stand up but I collapse. My body cries out after the damage Lauren, and the

mysterious first shoe did.


           I look to the side of me, and smile at my luck,

a brown leather purse is beside. Me. I look at the sea of passing feet and drag

myself into the purse. As I crawl in I feel the purse lifted up and I tumble to

the bottom of the purse. I stared up and out of  the purse and could hardly

believe my eyes. It, it was one of the Roger sisters.  I could feel my dick

stirring as her face loomed seemingly miles upon miles over head. Her hand began

to move towards me. My heart leapt as her hand lowered. I had wondered if she

saw me as  her hand came closer and closer. I held my breath and nervously

looked up as her hand got only closer and closer. Her hand was just above the

purse when I heard a zipping noise followed by a snap of a buckle.


           All I could think of was oh shit as I felt the

purse being picked up. Everything started to rock from side to side. I grabbed

at anything I could but it didn't matter, I was trapped in a purse of all

things.  As she walked object after object bombarded me. I finally came across a

rolled Kleenex that had lipstick on it. I wrapped the Kleenex around me and felt

the purse come to a crashing hault. The voices of people beyond me rang

throughout the room. I screamed for help but it was all for not as my voice

could not compete with there powerful voices.



The class went by painstakingly slow. Microbiology wasn't exactly my thing and

it was well beyond me. I began to crawl and scratch at the sides hoping for a

way out but the zipper was too heavy to move. It wasn't until I heard the zipper

being pulled that my heart leapt for joy. Her hand reached towards me. I cringed

as and stuck my arms up like I could ward off her descending hand. Her fingers

crashed right beside me and grasped a piece of gum. I sighed in relief as her

hand  left the bag. I looked up with excitement as she didn't zip up the bag but

just buckled it.  I began to climb.


“Hey Katie, can we hang at your place? Now that you and

your sister are Sorority sisters”


“Yeah don't remind me.”


“You should be happy”


“I am but I wanted this for me and then fucking Courtney”


“She is your sister”


“Fucking Wench”


“But yeah you can come over”


“Great, lets go”


“Now? What about class?”


“What about it? You're getting an A, don't worry about us”


“OH fine, lets go girls”



I felt the purse being picked up as I reached the top. In a matter of moments

the seemingly not so far down turned into thousands of feet up.  As she raised

the purse higher and higher I grabbed the buckle for support.  I looked for any

hope of getting away but I saw none as three large bodies walk beside this

giantess I'm forced to duck back into the purse not wanting to reveal my



           The slam of the doors told me my fate was

sealed. I was in the clutches of one of the Roger Sisters. I stared up at her as

she sat in the back of one of her friends BMW. Beside her sat her tall blonde

friend who looked over in my direction. I ducked below her the line of the

purse. I began to sweat as I may have been spotted. I peeked my head above and

again. Luckily I saw her not looking at me but I couldn't help but feel that I

was discovered.


           Sometime later the car stopped and I saw the

delta theta delta sorority house getting closer and closer with every step they

took. As the door was opened up I nervously glanced around knowing that I had

entered the home of the hottest girls on campus.  As the group trotted up the

stairs I was shook from side to side in the purse that I had grown to regret

ever entering.


           The clack, clack, clack of the shoes down the

long hallway was nerve racking. Each step got me closer and closer to the

forbidden ground as guys were not permitted under any circumstance to enter the

house. Rumor has it that a man broke his leg and crawled to there doorstep but

they wouldn't let him in they made him lie in the snow until the ambulance came.


           As I entered the room she tossed her purse on

the bed. I grabbed for anything inside the purse but I tumbled out of the purse

and onto the bed. I let out and audibly Oh shit which caused all there heads to

turn around. I kicked myself for my instinctive yell of frustration.



I rolled over onto my back I saw three unfamiliar faces beaming down at me.  I

didn't know whether I should run or stand my ground. I started to get up but my

decision was already made.


“What is it?”


“It's a man, look he is moving”


“How adorable, he is so tiny and precious”


“Where did you get him Katie?”


“I don't know, I mean he's not mine”


“Oh, can I have him?”


“NO, he was in my purse”


“Please girls!  Just let me



“Aww how cute, his voice is so squeaky”


“I am not cute, let me up”


“How precious making demands”


           A short haired blonde wearing a yellow tank top

reaches towards me. I try to crawl away but the brunette with her hair pulled up

places her finger on my back pressing me down into the bed. I began to punch and

kick at the finger until I felt myself being lifted up.


“Awww, look at him, He is so tiny! Katie come look”




           Katie Rogers sat down on the bed as her friends

placed me in her lap. She stared down at me with loving eyes. She smiled and

began to ruffle my hair and pet me.


“How'd you get so small?”


           Thousands of thoughts ran through my mind. I was

staring up at one of the hottest if not the hottest girl in school and she was

talking to me, and looking down at me with loving caring eyes. I knew what I had

to do. If I played this right maybe I could get her to like me. I mean, she wont

like me how I normally am this is my only chance.


“I, I don't know, it just

happened. Please don't hurt me, Maybe I should just go, I mean I can run out to

the country and…”


“Oh, don't be silly, you sweet little thing. You are

staying right here with me and my sister Courtney. We will take care of you”


“I don't want to be too

much trouble. Just let me go outside”


“None sense, you're staying here at the delta theta delta

house as my little man”


           I looked up at her with a nervous and scared

look in my eyes while inside I was doing the superbowl shuffle. Her fingers

running down my back and continuing to mess up my hair, I tried to crawl out of

her grip but it was too overpowering. Her friends lowered there faces to get a

better look at me as Katie cuddled me against her.


“Can I hold him Katie?”


“Well I guess, but be careful”




“You promise? You squeezed my gerbil to death”


“Umm Katie, is this wise, I

mean I'm fine here.”



was seven! Don't worry lil thing, I will be gentle”


           Katie moved her hands off of me as her friends

came towards me. Her brown hair falling around me as she smiled down at me, her

fingers pressed me into Katie's lap as they passed under me. I could feel the

heat coming off of her fingers and onto my back. Soon her fingers came up and

curled around me pressing into my chest. I felt myself pull away from Katie as

her friend gently caresses me against the side of her cheek.


“So what's your name little thing”


“Dave, Dave Peaso”


“I'm Alex, and that is Kate who you were just with, and

those two over there are Stacie and Jamie”


           I gently am pulled away from her cheek and slid

down neck. I feel my feet hit the smooth skin of chest as I slip below her

shirt. My feet touch her bra covered breasts.


“You're so mean Alex”


“Mean? He likes it don't you little guy”

”Not particularly, Can't I just sit on Katie's



“Aww, see Alex I told you he likes me better give him back”


“I want to hold him!”


“He doesn't even know Stacie!”


“He wants to get to know me though”


“Hey what am I? Chopped liver! I want a turn”


“Oh hush Jamie, He said he wants to be with me”


“He was just being nice. He meant to say, Alex take me home

didn't you”


“I certainly did no~”


“See he certainly did! Told you girls”


“You cut him off ALEX” shouts Stacie, Jamie and Katie in



           It was then the door opened up and I saw

Courtney Rogers enter the room. She set her backpack down on her bed and headed

over toward the four girls who were now all standing. Alex had set me down in

her shirt with me standing on her breasts and my head popping out of the collar

of her shirt. I grab the collar tightly as she argues her case.


“What's the deal girls? You guys never argue”


           Katie snatches me from Alex's shirt and presses

me against her chest. I can only see the blackness as my face is pressed against

her shirt so that I can't make out any of the colors. I snuggle gently against

her as my head rests against her breasts.


“Come on girls lets go! Katie isn't going to share.”


           I couldn't see them, but I heard the trio of

girls dejectedly walk out. As the door shut I was pulled away from Katie's



“Davy, I have to go to work, but Courtney here will take

good care of you, wont you Court?”


“What's with the doll? You get hit on the head today or



“No, he is real, he is so tiny and defenseless, he needs

our help”


“Not another one! We have so many damn animals at home

cause of you and your oh he needs our help”


“Well he really does”


“You mean, he is real? I mean alive, well a doll man?”


“I am a person!”


“Yeah and he has a name its David! Right little Davy?”


           I could only shake my head as Katie petted and

cuddled me.


“I wish I could take you to work with me, but you will be

safer here! And Courtney promise me you won't tell anyone?”


“You know me”


“I know I do so Promise me”


“Alright, alright, I promise”


           I watched a little nervously as Katie set me

down on her bed. I ran towards her pillow but stopped dead in my tracks as she

pulled off her shirt. She turned around and faced me as she tossed her clothes

in the hamper.  My jaw dropped as her breasts loomed unprotected and uncovered

facing me. I stared up at her like I had just witnessed the reincarnation of



“Katie! He is staring at you! You're topless! Atleast turn

around its not proper”


“So, My little pet Davy doesn't mind does he!”


           I was horrified by what she said and how she

said it. She talked down to me like I was but a baby and her little pet. I

wanted her to be my girlfriend not my owner or master. She grabbed a green polo

shirt that said subway on it and a fresh bra and put them on. They started to

talk about there day semi ignoring me. Katie moved to sit down and I was forced

to scurry out of the way or be sat on by her luscious bottom. She wiggled out of

her pants and put on a pair of khaki pants. She sighed as she grabbed a scrunchy

and pulled her hair back.  She turned her head and saw me staring at her. I was

marveling at her beauty and the stripping of this girl but it's not exactly how

I pictured it happening in my dreams. She always did it slow and seductively.

Katie just dressed and undressed like I wasn't even in the room. She grabbed me

with her left hand and gave me a kiss then set me back down on her pillow.


“See you tonight Court, be good Davy”


           As Katie left Courtney turned her attention to

me. She sat down on her bed and pulled her shoes off. She stretched and then

took her earrings out and smiled at me.


“We should have some fun, but I want to shower first so

just wait there and I will be back in a jiff okay?”


“Umm, alright”


           As Courtney left it was a different feel. She

kept peeking at me but didn't seem to have nearly the interest that Katie seemed

to have. Almost like she had seen a little man before, not that I minded it just

wasn't quite what I had expected. I watched Courtney walk out of the room. She

grabbed the handle of the door and pulled the door closed but not all the way. I

tried to yell to her but my voice is much too weak to carry that far.  I

nervously looked around as I stood on Katie's bed. I ran to the edge and looked

down. I cursed as it was much too high for me to leap down. I scanned for a

place to hide but there was none. I sat down against one of stuffed Animals on

Katie's bed figuring that I was just being overly concerned.


“Courtney, did you get a chance to wash my blouse?”


           The voice was booming and I heard the already

ajar door being pressed open more. I looked frantically around for anywhere to

hide. I began to run around on the bed in a panic as the blonde haired vixen

entered the room, her khaki shorts, her long legs, her halter top all completely

daunting to me now. I looked around for anywhere to hide. As she walked into the

room I saw her start to turn in my direction. I saw but one place. I dove off of

Katie's bed and into her hamper. I landed softly on the clothes and crawled into

the pocket of whatever I was on.


“Hmm I wonder if it's in her closet”


           I nervously waited for this girl to leave. It

sounded like she was going to walk out until I heard her booming voice say

something about a closet. Doors rattled and hangers scraped against the pole as

she slid the hangers down the rack. I could hardly believe I was hiding from

this sorority sister. I had always wanted to be on this side of the delta theta

delta's girl's house just like every other guy has and now here I am in there

stronghold hiding a laundry hamper from a titanic hottie.


“Hmm where else could it be, oh I know”


           Her footsteps crashed into the floor and I could

hear the wood creak under her weight. She must weigh tons I thought to myself. I

prayed she was leaving even though her foot steps got louder and louder with

every step. They stopped finally and I breathed a relief. It was quiet for a

long time and I began to relax. I was about ready to start to crawl out and find

a way out of this laundry hamper when her voice echoed from above. My ears

almost bled as she spoke she had to be close.


“Oh there it is”


           Her voice rolled through the room like the wind

over the open valley.  All the sudden I felt everything compressing against me.

I tried to move but she has me unknowingly pinned. As she walks I can feel her

body moving from left to right and finally the closing of the door to Katie and

Courtney's room. I can feel her bounce up two more flights of stairs and finally

open a door and close it tightly.


“I will just wash you myself.”


           Everything dropped, seemingly hundreds of feet

and I crashed into something hard. I was sweating heavily now as I knew I had

come too close to death for comfort. I began to crawl out of the pocket and saw

whicker walls rising up all around me like I was in a deep gorge. The ceiling

then got lower and lower, I realized much too late that it was a sweater. The

heavy sweater landed on top of me. Before I could even try to muscle out from

under it another article of clothing landed on top, I found the load getting

continually heavier and heavier as each moment passed by.


“Hey Marsha, what you up too, oh not much”


“Can I get you to burn me a copy of that new party CD you

had at Karen's last week”


“Sure, let me toss this stuff in the laundry quick, make

yourself at home I will be right back”


           I could feel the gentle rocking of laundry

basket being carried to the laundry room knowing that I had no way to stop it,

with a heavy thud then quickly everything getting lighter and lighter and

finally my entire world being turned upside down as thousands of pounds of

clothes came crashing down into the washer. I struggled to tread the water as I

saw this monstrous girl above me hardly paying attention. I screamed to her for

help but she only dumped gallons upon gallons tide on top of me without even

looking down she shuts the lid sealing my fate.


           I treaded water as it got higher and higher

raising me towards the top. I stretched out for the lid but it was much too high

and the spinner kicked on. I was thrown into a purple mass. My foot caught in

one of the tiny holes of the sweater. I tried to yank it out but I found myself

being drug under the water. I frantically tried to kick my foot out but I kept

descending lower and lower into the washer. I tried calming myself and grabbed

at my foot trying to pull it out from her sweater. I slowly pulled my foot out

from her sweater and started to swim for the top when a shirt was pushed above

me. I tried to push up on the shirt but the water had made it too heavy for me

to budge. I could feel my air starting to dissipate in my lungs and they burned.

I started to swim looking for the end of the shirt when I saw a small ridge that

went upward creating an air pocket. I swam up and into the pocket. As my head

poked above the water I gasped in the air taking in as much as I could. All at

once the shirt was shoved the other way ruining the pocket. I quickly ducked my

head back under the water so as too not get stuck and suffocate. As I dove under

the water once again, the largest bra I had ever seen in my life flashed in

front of me. I tried to avoid it but I slammed head first into the black bra. I

tried to turn around but the washer stopped at that moment and water began to

drain out in a downward motion. I was pulled to the floor of washer. The bra cam

down on top of me, It seemed to take forever the water to drain out.


           I breathed a sigh of relief as the last bit of

water drained but I was still trapped under now tons upon tons of heavy wet

clothes. I sat in the small room the bra had created. Time passed by slow and it

seemed to take forever for her to come back.


“Damn, who didn't take there clothes out of here”


“I hate when that happens”


“I still don't think I need to wash these but Amanda is

being a Bitch”


“Your uniforms do stink Andrea”


“Well I just play hard is all.'

”A little too hard by the way things smell”

           I was once again trapped in the washer they had

pulled out all the clothes and managed to not to pull me out. Not that I wanted

to go into the dryer but I wanted to get out of here. I could only watch as the

water rose. A sports bra landed on top of me. I coughed at the putrid smell of

her work out clothes as she dropped them in.




“Did hear something Sam?”


“I thought so but we are the only ones in here.”





I watched in horror as it was about to happen again,

thousands of tons of this time, smelly practice and game uniforms drop into the

water. I scream at the top of my lungs and fight my way out from under the

uniforms to wave my hands like a maniac while treading water.


“Hey look a little man in the water”


“Sam, how much have you drank?”


“umm only a bottle”


“A bottle? Of my vodka? That big one, shit, no wonder you

are seeing men'


“Hi there little man, it must be pretty stinky in there



“Come on lets get you back to my room”


“No wait the little man”


           I watched as the drunk girl reached and grabbed

me out from the washer. She smiled as she held me in her hand as her friend

Andrea helped her down the hall to he room.


“I got the little Man Andrea”


“Well good, here lie down on my bed”


“But I'm not tired”


so tiny little guy. How come you're so short? I thought all people were tall

like me and Andy”


“Please, you have to help

me! I got taken from Katie's room and I am sure she is going to be worried about



“Oh, we don't like Katie and Courtney! Do you want

something to drink?”


           I began to back away from this girl who was

clearly too drunk to be of any use when she latched onto me with a strength I

hadn't yet felt before. I tried to push against her fingers but it was no use as

I was much too weak and the other girl is across the room, shit I am seeing



“Are you thirsty little man? Have some of my beer!”


           A gigantic can was shoved against me. I tried to

push it away but she only tilted it. I was cascaded with tons upon tons of beer.

I tried to spit it up much of it went down my throat and ran down my body and

onto the floor.


“SAM! What are you doing! Beer is everywhere”


“He was thirsty so I gave him some”


“Ugh Amanda get a towel or something”


“HELP! I am in her drunken

grasp! Not a toy!! Help”


“Ugh put the stupid doll away Andy” bellows Amanda


           Andrea's hand comes down on me and rips me from

Sam's drunken grasp. In one motion she opens up her drawer and drops me in.

Before I even land the drawer is slammed shut and I am sealed in darkness.

 part 2         


Twin Terror




           I could hear the voices of the Krause sisters on

the other side of drawer.  The sounds of laughter rang through my ears. I

nervously sat on some rolled up socks awaiting the inevitable.


“What was Sam talking about last night? A doll?”


“Yeah, she was wasted”


“It was something she found in the laundry room”


“I think I stuck it in the drawer.”


           My time was near as the scraping of the wood on

wood signaled that I was up to bat. I looked for a place, any place to hide but

there is none. I dove behind a bunch of balled up socks. Brown locks of hair

fell into the drawer like vines hanging in the jungle. Her eyes scanned the

drawer with amazing precision.


“Hey did you hear that new Holly Valance CD”


“Yeah I picked it up last night, that song down boy is



“Can I borrow it?”


“No, cause I don't ever get anything back!”


           Her hand latched onto me squeezing the air out

my lungs. As I was lifted out of the drawer she slammed it shut almost crushing

my feet which were barely above the drawer. She laid down on her bed with her

eyes staring at me.


“Come on, please”


“No, I will probably get it back in two pieces”


“You can borrow some of my stuff”




“We share a room, you put it in then. I won't even have to

touch it”


           I was twirled around, and around in one of the

Krause sisters hands. Her grip was warm and strong. She then held me upside down

directly in front of her eyes.


“Wow what cute little doll. It's so real looking”


“I have had it up to here

with you handling me like this. Take me back to Katie right now.”


“Whoa, he spoke! That's incredible, what are you?”


“It doesn't matter just put

me down! Let me go! I don't like this”


“You're real, incredible”


“What do you got there Andrea?”


“A little man, he is real”


“Let me see Andrea”


“No, its mine”


“I am not yours! Let me go,

I don't like this”


“See, he doesn't like you!”


“He does too, don't you little man!”




“I don't think I like your tone”


“I want to hold him Andrea!”


“What was it you said, I don't have anything you want”


“You can have my CD Just let me hold him”


“Nope he is mine! Come little doll man, I have basketball

practice. The girls are just going to love you”


I was tossed onto Andrea's bed as she sat up. As I stared

up at her I couldn't help but notice the difference in treatment. I was like

some toy to this girl not a person at all. A sub human probably, however as she

pulled off her top I couldn't help but notice her breasts. They were huge mounds

that I just wanted to touch yet they were so far away.


“Aww, you like my breasts doll?”


“Can't you just let me go”


           I was so busy staring I hadn't noticed Amanda

get up, I saw her much too late as her hand latch onto me. I was plucked off of

the bed and held in front of her face. She smiled at me as she held me.


“I got him now Andy!”

”Manda! He is mine, give him back!”


“No way”


           Amanda ran over to her bed giggling in glee as

she jumped atop of it and held me up as high as she could. My heart leapt into

my throat however as she had me by the shirt dangling down so I could see the

floor seemingly an entire planet way.


“HELP!! She's going to drop



“You're so cute! I can't wait to show you to my friends”


“Give him back Manda! You boy stealer!”


“If you would just let me see him!”


“Well you have all the good stuff he is mine”


“Let's trade, what do you want of mine?”


“Put me down! I refuse to

be bartered”


           I felt Andrea's fingers grab onto my legs and

pull me down as Amanda now held onto my chest. As they tugged me back and forth

the door swung opened. I recognized the girl from last night.


“Sam help! Manda is stealing our man”


“Our? I found him!”


           The blonde vixen dove at the girls tackling them

and me to the bed. Six hands all reached for me as I scurried under a blanket. I

waited seemingly forever for a set of hands to reach in and pull me out. I could

hear them laughing at fighting above me. I peeked my head out to see them

playfully trying to wrestle there way too me.


“He is mine! I found him fair and square”


“I just want to see him Sam! I don't want to steal him”


“Yeah right Manda you steal everything”



I made my way to the edge of the bed and slid down using a power cord to the

floor.  I looked up at the gigantic girls and started running for the door left

open by Sam. I had made it half across the floor when I looked up seeing a

shadow form all around me. Amanda's hand reached down and grabbed me. In one

motion I was pressed firmly against her breast as she hugged me.


“Lemme go! Lemme go!”


“Trying to escape huh? Well you are ours now”


“I am a person you can't do



“Hush toy, the big girls have to decide what to do with



“I am taking him to practice, You are not Andrea”


           Amanda set me down on top of Andrea's dresser as

the three girls once again argued over what to do with me as Andrea changed. I

looked down over the edge of the dresser. I couldn't believe how far down it is.




           Sam lightly shoved Amanda but it was enough to

send her into the dresser. As she hit it I found myself falling. I tried

reaching for any part of Amanda but I was an Inch too short. I fell into the

dark recesses of Andrea's bag. A pair of basketball shoes, and a change of

clothes sat in here. I tried to yell for help but my voice was too weak to be

heard over there booming voices.


“Why don't we just agree to share him. Andrea and I have a

cage we can keep him in Sam so he can't get away and you're here all the time



“I guess so”


           I felt like I had just been shot when I heard

the word caged. They were going to keep my like an Animal, locked away from the

world. It was then I saw Andrea's hand. I nervously looked up expecting to be

grabbed and thrown into the cage but she didn't see me. I was sealed inside her

bag once again.


“Well see you girls tomorrow, we got an Away game in

Dawsonville tonight”


“We will try not to play with the little man too much”


           As she lifted the bag I was thrown around like

rag doll. As she walked by person after person I could hear them chit chat

momentarily as she walked to god knows where. I could only sit and wait as there

was no way out.


           It was sometime later when the bag was knocked

over. I leapt for joy as I made way out. I had expected a gym, or a locker but

the first thing I saw was an isle and across the isle a gigantic set of Nikes. I

made my way into the isle and looked around. All I could see was girls sitting,

row after row in seats. I knew I was in trouble as it was starting to get dark.

I started to head back into the bag, so I could at least try to make it back to

Katie somehow when the bus came to hault and I slid down the isle towards the

back of the bus.

”You girls have 5 minutes to stretch, and then we are back on the road”


           My eyes are like a deer in headlights as I see

the girls starting to move around and stand up. Andrea now looks to be hundreds

of miles away.


“Hey what's that?”


My heart leaps out my body as I

now know they have spotted me.


“OOOO what's that! Look Katie! That might cheer you up?”


“Hey Sondra, what's that dolly thing by your shoe?”


“I'm not sure, it was probably just some junk left by

whoever used this bus before.”


           My jaw dropped as her foot went back. I tried to

move but there was no way to move. It all happened so quick, her foot hit me

right in the stomach and skidded down row after row as everyone in front had

already stood up and was in the isle. Row after row whizzed by until there were

no more rows and I fell onto the stair. I looked up to see a slew of girls

pounding down the steps there feet were landing everywhere. I dove to the right

and then ran to the left and back to the right, then back against the wall until

finally I was kicked off the steps and landed in the gravel below as girl after

girl nearly crushed me until they were all gone.


           I looked down at my body and was astonished to

find that I was still quite alive and kicking. I stood up and started heading

towards the gas station. I knew Andrea or someone had to be in there and get me

back on the bus.


           I was walking by the pumps when a Pontiac Grand

AM GT pulls up.  I tried to keep my mind on the task at hand as 2 minutes had

already gone by. I merely ran under the car and started heading towards the door

to the gas station. I heard the door to the car open but I didn't think anything

of it. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw Katie standing in

front of the door talking with another girl. I was now inspired to run and I

could no longer feel the tiredness of my body. I was half way there when I was

lifted up off the ground.



turned around to see the face of a dazzling young girl, Blonde locks of hair

flowing down around her shoulders, blue eyes staring down at me. She smiled down

at me pressed me into her blue top as she walked into the gas station. I

screamed for Katie but my voice was muffled by her breasts as she walked in and

paid for something left. In a matter of a minute I had gone for absolute highs

to an absolute low. The sound of her car door closing signaled the end of

happiness as I knew it.


           She pulled me away from her top revealing the

inside of a car. As I heard the crunching of gravel below it echoed in my mind

as she stared down at me with delight


“Wow, you're so small”


“Please, I need to get on

that bus or I won't ever be able to get home again”


“Aww, that's such a shame. I guess that means you will have

to live with me.”


“What? No I can't”


“Sure you can what other choice do you have. It won't be

all that bad. I am going to University of Southern California this fall after I

graduate so you can come too and live with me in my dorm. You would of course

have to do things for me to earn your keep. This is going to be so great”


“Tiffany, honey just who are you talking too? This little

doll thing I found dad”


“Can I keep him dad? Please! Please”


“Mister, I am not yours to

give! I am a person and”


“Well I guess as long as it keeps you out of my hair”

”It will daddy! It will”


           She beamed down at me in a triumphant joy as she

set me down on her lap. There was absolutely no where to go as I looked up at

her from her skirt and she knew it. She didn't even try to catch me or grab me

as I walked around on her skirt.


“Well let's have a little fun with you”


           Her hand grasped onto me tightly. I could feel

wind gushing out of my lungs as she held me in front of her face. She turned me

towards her sister. I hadn't noticed her before, but I didn't really care either

I just wanted to get out of this car. I kicked at her fist and bit down on her

finger. She depressed a yelp but dropped me down onto her lap. I crawled off of

her lap and looked for any place to go. I jumped off the seat and started

heading for the floor the car when I felt an already familiar hand around me.


“No, no, no little pet!”


“I am not your fucking pet!

Put me down!”


“Such Language”


“I am an adult I will speak

however I damn well choose”


“You are my little pet and you will speak however I let

you! In fact I think its time for a TIME OUT you naughty little pet!”


“I refuse to be treated in

such a manner! Put me down! Let me GO! Dave Peaso is not to be treated like

this! I am a man! I am grown man! I will not be put in time out!”


“LITTLE MAN!! I will not be squeaked at!”


“I am not squeaking”


“That's it TIME OUT IS NOW!”


I felt myself fly through the air

and smack into a white wall. I instinctively grabbed onto one of the ropes on

the side of her shirt, her arm swung over and came on top of me. I struggled

mightily as she continued sleeping.


“Help me! I am stuck”


“Nope, when I think you have learned your lesson, you can

come out of time out.”


“This is ridiculous! I am

not a child”


“Of course you're not silly, you are my pet!”


           Her sister started to wake and her eyes opened.

She rolled over and I fell onto the back of the seat and slid down. I could hear

Tiffany laughing as her sister slowly woke up from her nap, as she started to

sit up when her eyes caught me.


“What the hell?”


           It was quick like a snake strike. The hand of

Tiffany's sister wrapped around me while she sat up at the same time, I could

have been crushed if she hadn't seen me was all I could think about.


“Hi there little man”


“Hey how'd you know he was a real little man Terri?”


“Well any idiot can tell that. He feels real.”

”I guess she told you!”


“If you keep that up I might let her keep you.”


“Oh can I? I know just where I could put him in my room. I

have this awesome doll shelf I could display him on! All my friends would be so



           I was flipped upside down and then turned back

around and she held me by my arms in front of her face and smiled.


“You are so awesome”


           I was thrusted against her shirt as she gave me

hug and then she held me back out in front of her in the same manner and gave me

a kiss. I tried to find her off but it was like trying to stop herd of wild

elephants with a feather.


“You are so cute”


“I don't want to be cute. I

want to be put down!”


“Where'd you get him Tiffany? He is adorable”


“I got him at the gas stop”


“Oh, cool! How come you didn't buy me one?”


“No, I mean I found him outside at the gas stop”


“Girls do you want to stop at this hotel or keep going?”


“STOP!” They both yelled in unison


           As they pulled up to the hotel, Tiffany snatched

me back from her sister. The two girls argued there way into the hotel pulling

at me the entire way up to there room, which were separate from there parents.

They set me down on one of the beds and continued to argue over who got to

shower with me. As they continued to yell I made my way to the floor and began

to head towards the open door when I saw a leg fall in front of me. I looked up

to see grey sweat pants loosely clinging to the leg. I knew right away it was

Terri. She bent down and picked me up grinning from ear to ear.


“Good job Terri”


“Thanks Tiff”


“Well, what should we do with him?”


           It was then that there parents walked in telling

them that they had to eat. It was thing of splendor as there parents forced them

to leave me in the room and come and eat. As they left I waved goodbye. I knew

my only chance was now. I slid down the phone cord as I was quickly becoming a

professional at getting off of beds. I ran towards the door. I shimmied my way

under the door and into the main hall. I wasn't sure which way the elevator was

so I took off to the right running down the hall. I could see a staircase that I

figured I could traverse if worse came to worse. As I reached the end of the

hallway I had two choices. The stairs or down another hall, I could hear some

yelling down the hall and started to make my way down the hall when I heard a

there he is! I looked back to see Tiffany sprinting after me. I ran as fast as I

could. As I neared I could see Andrea and Katie arguing with each other and a

older looking person. I didn't care how they got here but I ran as fast as I

could as Tiffany drew near and nearer. I looked back to see Tiffany only a

quarter of the way down the hall now. I wanted to contact Katie or even Andrea

at this point but I needed to get away from Tiffany and saw the open door next

to them. I ran into the open door.


“I don't see why we have to share a room! Can't we switch?

I refuse to sleep with her”


“Sorry, it's like this or you can sleep in the lobby.”


“Well I am not sleeping with a Roger Sister”


“I didn't realize I would be required to sleep with the

whores when I joined the team.


           As I ran into the room both there eyes lit up.


“I want that room” they both yelled in unison running after



“girls” says the coach shaking his head.


           They let the door slam as Tiffany pounds on the

door demanding to be let in. A few moments later I can hear Terri out there.


“DAVY!!! You have a lot of splanin to do.” Says Katie in an

irritated voice.


“Well thank you Ricky



“Let them in Andrea, I got My Little Davy”


“I will let them in but David is mine”

Giantess Stories: Terror in Twins

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