Giantess Stories: The Adventures Of The 1

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The Adventures Of The 1/8 Inch Man

It all started about a week ago. When I found out that there was a new type of

biological weapon when being developed. I had belonged to an anti-biological

weapon oganization named philanthropy. My partener code named liquid hacked into

the military files to find out about thus new type of weapon the only thing we

found out about it is that they workers involed were all women and the head of

this project were all women I found that strange but shrugged it off. So me and

my partener set off to go where the weapon is being devolped. To my suprised it

was in miami. I was happy to hear that because the last weapon we destroyed was

in greenland. Anyway when we got to miami it was great time of year in the

spring. So we scoped the place out and seruity was at a minium i told liquid

that this was going to be easy so we waited untill dark of my intrusion. When it

was about 10:00 P.M. i got my sneaking suit and my M92F tranquilizer gun that

looks like a berretta handgun. Then at 11:00 i had secefully infiltrated the

build with out shooting a single dart. when I got to the testing lab that's when

thing went bad for me i contacted liquid on codec that i had been found and

they're searching for me he lauging at me because they're just womrn but i never

under estimate them. Just as I finshes talking to him i was found by a beutiful

hispanic girl about 22 5'6 and about 12 pounds she had a HK MP5 PDW pointed at

me and i never saw the other woman that knocked me out with a blow to the head

when i came to i was on a rotating steel platform and i was surounded. The head

of the Female scintist was here because of the way she talked and the cleareance

card she had she told me the new biological when was called reduction 00 z when

she told me what it does i was going to be in a new world she said i was going

to be shrunk and transported to the beach to test the capiblty of the project

they were working on. when she injected me with it i got dizzy and passed out

when i came to me partner liquid was shrunked as well as me we only 1/8 of an

inch and we were in a box awaiting the new adventure we were going to be in to

my worst nightmare we were put into a womens shoe store and it was about 5:30

A.M. this is not going to be good liquid told me.


I don't think so ran though my head i ran out of

the way and dove then a roll to avoid the first stomp then got underneath a

wrack to hide oout untill see got bored looking and would quick after about 30

min of the store opening the smell of womens feet started to fill the air and it

stunk. When 10 mins passed i decided to go and try to get a womans atteion.

unfortunely there was now only a woman that was in her 20 wearing boot and a 18

year old wearing adidas superstar sneakers so i decided that she was the one to

go to she was about 5'5 100 pounds brunnette and green eyes so i ran to the

sneaker and when i got about 5 feet in my vantage the shoe came of and i was

about to be crushed by her barefoot so i dove out of the way a thought of my

training when i was in delta force go into the least likely part to be spotted

so i ran into her shoe.that was a huge mistake the smell was horrable like tear

gas almost but i braved my situation and went running for the safest place just

be hind the toe section. she nust have had these sneaker about 2 years i said to

myself. but when i got about 2/3's of the way the shoe started to rumble


i finlly got to the end of the toe section when i

saw the bare toes coming at me so i hit the dirt and hoped for the best. It

seemed like i was in there foreveer whe finlly she took off her sneakers and i

tried volted out of there.but when i got to the exit i had to climb out and i

estimated it would take about 1 hour to get out so i started my accend to the

top i found a small hole that was made for wear and tear for age so i stoped and

got in to hold up for a while thea't when it happed i heard a door open and

there was the sound of the same girl i had to hope she wasn't going to wear

these sneakers but to my dismay she was and i had no place to run. that is when

my opertionity happend she accidently knock over the shoe i was in and i saw

that there was a carpet so i jumped and hope for the best. when i landed i hurt

my leg but not to bad and took off like a bat out of hal that's when she started

to flip over her shoe. I had made it so far and when i heard an older woman her

mother yell you better clean up your room before you go out. oh shit went

through my mind and that is when the scarest noise to hear start up the vacum



Giantess Stories: The Adventures Of The 1

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