Giantess Stories: The Adventures of Tiny Tim

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The Adventures of Tiny Tim


Jason Reed



Im Timothy Andrews.  I have been divorced now for two years and with that I

am proud to be single.  I dont talk to anyone because I have bad luck with

women.  I guess that being I am a man with millions of wishes and ambitions. 

Unfortunately...I am a man that is not normal to this place we call earth...or

this country we call America.  I wont die. I bend like I am a rubber band and as

soft as a pillow but I can still feel pain.  Its weird but as it is recorded I

am dead.  Not just that but I died of mysterious circumstances.  I left my

original body in which I saw at to be monstrous.  It was a man at 6 ft tall.  I

now am only an inch tall...then again not that I can really tell.  Trapped in a

world of montrous people.  Animals, pets, the world is a

disgusting site to me.  Where am I now...funny you should ask!  I am trapped in

my ex wifes house.  Lanika Andrews.  She is an African American girl whom must I

say have an unbelievable shape but she pisses me off.  I have been hiding here

trying my best not to be seen and at that I try eagerly to get back to my body

to try and once again enter it and walk as a human being.  No, I am not dead.  I

just left my body but I heard a womans voice...a woman of pure evil who worked

only blocks from me that laughed and said something like this will happen to

me.  Thats it...she did this to me.  We all knew that she may have had some sort

of witchcraft background.  I went to her to find out what my financial future

would be like and for some reason this is the answer I got.  I was told not to

go there.  What should I ever do and how will I ever escape PAIN which is what I

can still feel in this world as TINY TIM!!!

Part I

            One day while I was walking on the floor of Lanika's bedroom I

overheard her talking to one of her co workers, Amanda, to be frank. " Yeah

Amanda", she went on. " I dont miss Timothy one bit.  He was a jerk and at that

I got news for you.  I dont think he is really dead.  I know this woman down the

street from me who works at this psyhcic reading building and rumor had it that

she cassed a spell on Timmy.  I heard that somehow she shrunk him down to size. 

She said to me that he wrote her a note with some sort of broken up crayon

stating his whereabouts and his new size.  Amanda, if I see him in this

house...well, I will just use him for my true disires.  I could use that little

asshole for all sorts of things."  How horrible.  She knows about me.  That

bitch.  I knew that she was just a spell cassting freak but I never thought for

once she would try to continue to put me in mysery.  As I went on I bumped into

something and Lanika's conversation stopped. " Wait a minute Amanda...I will

call you right back".  Oh no.  I have been spotted.  Lanika was looking down at

me in amazement.  She then, like a zombie, rolled her eyes back in the back of

her head and dropped.  She fainted.  Now was a chance for my escape.  I took off

as fast as I could and like that I ran into something soft but not soft enough

to stop me from knocking myself out.

        I believe 30 minutes had gone by.  I awoke and found myself looking

up.  I saw nothing but whatever I was laying on was moist.  There was a smell. 

A horrible smell like strong cheese and the more I thought about it it even

started to smell like shit.  As I set up quickly I looked around.  It was like

being on a football field of such with nothing but walls.  I looked behind me

and there was nothing but darkness.  It was then I realized that the flats that

Lanika was wearing must have came off her shoe when she passed out.  Then

suddenly there was this sound.  Like one explosion after another or if someone

was just throwing down hunks of granite.  Boom Boom!  Then suddenly I looked was Lanika.  This time she was not shocked.  She then spoke to me. "

Well, well little man.  Alive and well I can see.  You tried to run from me and

look where you ended up.  MMM....I just remembered that I have to go out on a

date and you know have chosen the right shoes, " Lanika said.  I

then screamed to the top of my lungs. " Lanika no! Please dont do thnnnrphhh...." 

With what I had to say it would appear that it was not heard.  She slammed her

left foot into the shoe I was in.  All I could feel was the imense pain and all

I can smell was the smell of yesterdays garbage so to speak.  Lanika gave me no

thought.  She just slipped her foot into her shoe and like that stepped on out

of the house to go on her date.  I on the other hand was nothing but and

insole.  She tormented me by putting her feet into the heat in the car so they

could sweat and make it all the more unbearable.  She also stamped her feet from

time to time and as she did this I would hear laughter outside of my new home. 

What I could tell was that she is wearing nylons...smelly ones at that.  I

always hated the smell of womens feet.  Then again I hate to smell horrible

smells.  I hate being dirty and I am not found pain.  I just want to be free.  I

kept begging Lanika to let me go but she could not hear me at all.  What must I

do.  Will I ever escape????

Tiny Tim Part II: The Date

         Ahh this was horrible.  All I could hear on the way to wherever the

hell I am now was horrible.  I stink and I am sticky.  I can hear muffled

sounds.  Music to be exact.  The stench...and at that there is no way to escape

this.  I believe that at one time in my life you could have called me full

figured but now of course I as thick as a sheet of paper...and as smelly as

swiss cheese!  I think an hour has passed.  The pressure is now off me in which

now I believe that Lanika is sitting down.  All of a sudden she slipped her shoe

off.  I could now see clearly and hear clearly but I feel as if though I may be

in the middle of the Pontiac Silverdome!!!  I could see the dumpy looking feet

of my ex wife Lanika.  They are monstrous and one is hovering over me now as I

speak.  As I looked up, Lanika payed her " sentient " insole no mind.  I would

see many women walk by.  I would not see any men though!  I begin to wonder what

kind of club this is.  Not that it matters to me.  Everyone started to leave the

area Lanika sat in.  I remember people saying that the area smelled like a dog

pound.  Its funny, but I always said Lanika's feet smelled like that aswell...what

the hell am I laughing it.  I never thought for once that she could smell up an

entire club let alone  her intial surroundings.  Damn, I must have bad taste. 

Lanika then with an instant stared down at me.  She then spoke to me and also

tried not to be obvious...who the hell would talk to an insole. " Listen, my

little smelly insole.  I am going over to the bar.  Since you are still trying

to recoop from the blows of my heel, arch and toes, you will remain in my shoe

while I walk over to the bar to get me a drink.  I dont think your broken...flat

ass will be going anywhere since your somewhat....stuck to my made insole." 

Having said this she walked away laughing. 

      She obviously belived me to be like a regular human being but it never

dawned on her that I can flex and bend like a rubber band.  The only thing is

that I can still feel pain and pressure and of course smell!!!  Somethings

happening.  I was begginning to inflate like I was a tire and someone was

pumping air into me.  I could breathe.  Yes!!!  Nows my chance.  I have to

figure out how to get out of this smelly ass, rancid and damp prison I am in. 

Suddenly, my prison was knocked over.  I could see now and most importantly,

since the shoe was now sitting up on a side I could easily walk out of it...and

so I did. " IM FREE ", I said to myself.  I then talk off running looking for

the safest place I can hide.  I found a place nearest to the exit.  I was not

going to take the risk of trying to get out into the town.  I had to think of

something else.  I then looked at this purse sitting next to the DJ's stand.  It

was not far away either.  Well, then again at my height it would take me about

an hour and a half to get to it.  And so off I went. 

   Twenty minutes had past and I finally made it to the purse.  I then

climbed inside.  I did not like the idea of this but I just was just hopping

that who ever this purse belonged to, if I should be spotted, would be alot

nicer.  Hours went by.  I looked up and its funny, I saw Lanika walk by looking

around for me.  She then stopped and started talking to someone.  Probably

another female because I have yet to have seen any men in this club.  MMM...I

wonder!  Even the DJ was a female.  The music stopped and I overheard Lanika's

closing of her conversation..." Yeah.  I know.  I had the little bastard in my

shoe but he got away.  Oh well, he is probably squashed by now and if not who

needs him anyway.  I had my fun and I was going to flush him down the toliet

anyway the minute I got home.  Well, mistress got to run! "  Then having said

that she kissed the woman in the mouth.  So thats it.  My ex is gay and this is

a lesbo joint.  Not that it matters to me.  Cool I guess. " There's my purse ",

the mistress said.  Wait!!!  Oh my it cant be.  The mistress.  This is not the

mistress.  Its the bitch that shrunk me.  Oh no!!!

  This woman...whatever her name is, started to walk with my ex somewhere.  I

could not see where but with the way that I was bouncing around in the purse I

knew there was movement.  Once I looked up again there was a bright light as if

I was in some sort of hospital.  I then heard the voice of my ex. " Listen

Mistress!  I have been waiting for this all day.  I want you to just ram that

dick of yours deep in my ass and dont stop."  I then heard a toliet flush.  I

was in the ladies room...of course there is no mens room.  Then all of a sudden

I saw this evil mistress take her clothes off.  I assume that my ex took hers

off aswell.  I then started hoping around the purse to get a closer look...I

love to watch.  I then climbed this pole of sorts that was kind of wide...Had a

clear shape but the shape itself I could not make out at all.  Then before I can

say, ouch, this mistress grabbed a long like structure.  The same structure that

I was holding on to.  This is not a pole or anything of that sorts. Its no

pencil, lip liner or anything like that that women carry.  It was a dildo.  I

was on a dildo and now I am in the air.  Oh no. 

    It happen so fast.  I saw my ex bending over and I was hanging on to the

tip of the dildo that this mistress had strapped on her!!  " NOOOOOOOOO!!!, " I

screamed.  I was not heard and like that fresh air turned to shit and ass air! 

I could not take it.  In  and out in and out but I stayed in and fresh air

stayed out.  This went on for an hour.  I wished I had passed out.  All I saw

was something sliding back and when it was gone I saw light.  Then, I saw the

appeture, the whole, closing and as it continued to close it put me in

darkness.  I then felt alot of moving but there was nothing I could do about

it.  The smell was horrible.  I believe she is walking.  Oh no am I really that

" sack of shit " my ex use to call me.  As it would appear, I am now nothing but

probably a human ass plug.  How horrible.  Then as I thought this I heard

something like a rumble.  All of a sudden then I heard it...." SPRAFFFFEDDTTT

".  No!!!  This bitch just farted.  Help me someone please help me.  I then

passed out!!!!

Not understanding why but I kind of felt some relief to go along with the

pain here in Amanda's shoe.  She is right.  I will not be spotted by my ex

wife.  I wont be spotted by the mistress and most importantly to a point, I am

out of harms way.  However, I am not out of the way of Amanda's smelly nyloned

feet.  Ahhh...the repeated pounding..I cant take anymore of this.  This womans

feet stink.  I dont think the word " stink " fully describes her feet.  While

she was driving she slid her foot out of her shoe I guess for it to air a little

bit.  I then heard her speak to herself.  " feet dont smell very

well...damn! " With that I quickly yelled up to her but it did not seem as if

she heard me or rather she just may have been ingnoring me.  " Amanda please

leave your shoe off.  Let me get some air, " I dare to ask. Amanda then went on.

" Oh well!  I guess I have to slid my smelly foot back in my shoe!"  What was

the use?  I am quite the competition for Dr. Scholls!

          The car was beginning to get even hotter and Amandas shoe was

drenched with foot sweat and smell.  Tim was unable to breathe, think, or even

open his eyes and for what.  Tim blacked out and with that one thought did cross

his mind before passing out!  Will he ever be seen again and would he ever be

human!  He guessed only time would tell but in the meantime he was being smashed

in a scorching, smelly and unbearable hell.  Amanda's car stopped.  She had

reached her destination.  Tim awoke to all the sudden movements.  He heard

muffled sounds of laughter.  Tim was exhausted, hungry and thirsty.  However he

was in no position to move and at that he had no use of his hands or legs.  He

was nothing but a well shaped ( a shape that Amanda pounded into him ) insole. 

Tim thought to himself that the only thing that will ever quench his thirst at

this moment would be for Amanda's foot to sweat or for him to even lick the

bottom of her foot.  He had no choice in the matter.  So he did.  He did not

dislike vinegar but its funny, the thought that crossed his mind was that it

would have to taste like rotten vinegar!!! 

          As Amanda walked around it did take long for Tim to realize where

they were.  As it had turned out Amanda must have been at some sort of club. 

Tim was hopping that he was not at the same club he was at with his ex wife. 

Amanda finally took her shoes off and to Tim's sight it looked as if she was

running.  He saw her face then a nyloned foot go rushing over him like a bowing

747 getting ready to land.  Tim then thought that alot of women do take there

shoes off to dance.  " What is that sound ", Tim asked himself.  He then heard

lyrics.  " I am going to teach you the electric slide ".  Tim thought what

luck.  The song had just started and it gave him a chance to recooperate.  Tim

just looked up trying to get air into his flattened body.  He then looked up and

noticed something funny.  Like a familiar feeling.  His legs.  Tim was starting

to inflate and at that, an accelerating rate.  A minute went by and Tim was back

to normal but still a little woosy.  Tim looked behind him and found a drain

behind the hill of Amanda's shoe on the floor.  He new that it must have ran

down to some sort of sewer system of such. 

       Tim started to climb.  He finally made it to the top of the pump.  It

was easy for him because with all the walking that Amanda did she actually made

him stretch.  But even his new height was going back to what it was before he

became an insole.  He turned around in was in shock.  Amanda was running towards

her shoes.  Tim figured that he must have been spotted.  He tried to think of

what to do.  Amanda made it to her shoes when at the same time Tim dived down

into the drain.  Amanda then looked all around her shoes to see where Tim could

be and then she finally realized that he must have jumped down the drain.  "

Well Tim!" She said.  " I guess you would be more happy in a rats belly then you

would in my shoe ".  She then slid her shoe back on and walked away.  As for Tim

he tried to think of whats next.  Amanda was only half right.  He would have

much rather stayed in his ex wifes ass than Amanda's shoe because he believed

that it was the most terrifying place to be for any human being.  Tim however,

felt free at last but nothing but terror for what the future may hold.  His

first order of business is to find his way out of the sewer.  How would he ever

do that!!!

To Be Continued

Giantess Stories: The Adventures of Tiny Tim

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