Giantess Stories: The Anniversary      That Sunday morning started like any other recent Sunday morning

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The Anniversary

That Sunday morning started like any other recent Sunday morning. My wife Susan

gently kissed me on the forehead then rose from the bed to get the paper and

make coffee. By the time I entered the kitchen, she had monopolized the front

page and was half way through her first cup.

"Morning, honey", I reached over and kissed her on the top of her head. I poured

myself a cup, and started reading the travel section. Our fifth anniversary was

coming up next month and it was my task to come up with a romantic getaway.

As my eyes scanned the pages, I was drawn to a beautiful photograph of an exotic

Pacific Island. Amazing rock formations rose high above translucent deep blue

waters. Below the photograph was a description of a brand new secluded resort

constructed in virgin uncharted territory. I sent for the color brochure which

arrived in several days.

According to the brochure, the resort consisted of 6 isolated luxury bungalows

nestled in the heart of a verdant tropical forest. Susan and I reviewed the

various packages, and decided to reserve a two week stint which started two days

before our actual anniversary.

Finally the day of our departure arrived. Waiting in line for boarding the

airplane, I took pleasurable notice of my wife. Standing 5'-6", she possessed a

nice compact body with nicely shaped legs, a tight waist, elegant shoulders and

neck, and a very cute face. A put my arm around her shoulder, squeezed her to

me, and kissed her on the forehead. The difference in our heights was such that

the top of her head fell just below my nose.

After a very long flight, we landed in Fiji; where a two engine propeller plane

was going to fly us to the remote island. Waiting in line were six other

couples, mostly young, who were destined to our resort. The plane took off, and

we flew over vast expanses of blue ocean. Suddenly, a string of small islands

appeared, and the plane began its descent. More beautiful than the brochure, the

main island appeared, a picturesque composition of green forests, lakes, and

mountains. Although I was awestruck by this island's magnificent splendor, I was

slightly saddened that this virgin island had fallen to exploitation by


The plane landed and manoeuvred down the runway. Though the window, we could see

about 40 natives dressed in light pastel uniforms. As we climbed down the stair,

an elegant looking western man stepped forward. In an Australian accent he

welcomed us, "Greetings ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Nick Poi. We have

prepared a little reception for all of you, and hope you will join us."

We followed him into a thatched roof wooden structure. Strewn across a long

table was a beautiful presentation of exotic tropical fruit. Some of the fruits,

I had never seen before. One fruit in particular resembling a large kiwi on the

outside, but with a moist sweet mango like interior, was absolutely delicious.

"Mmmmm, this stuff is delicious. I wonder if we could get this back home" said

Susan as she finished off her third piece.

The natives loaded our luggage unto a jeep for the eventual trip to our secluded

bungalow. One odd thing that struck me, was that the native men were

consistently smaller than the women. I roughly judged the women to be about

5'-9" to my 6'-1". The men, however were all much shorter than Susan's 5'-6".

Most barely seemed to pass the 5'-0" mark.

After about an hour, we boarded our jeep for the one hour drive to our bungalow.

We drove through some of the most beautiful exotic scenery that I have ever

seen. Suddenly, our bungalow appeared though a thicket. As our guide fumbled for

his keys, we noticed that we had a tree within a few feet of our bungalow,

filled with the exotic fruit that Susan liked so much. I pointed the tree out to

my wife, "Look sweetheart, looks like you're in luck!"

We entered the bungalow, and were impressed. Very nicely decorated in wicker and

white fabric. A VCR with a respectable collection of recent video releases, as

well as some adult movies. I tried to tip the guide, but he refused. He simple

bowed and said the only English, which I think he knew, which was, "Have a

wonderful time. I will be back in two weeks." And with that, he drove away.

"Come here, baby", my wife called to me. I embraced and kissed her. "God, I'm

thirsty." Susan pulled away and poured herself a large glass of water.

While drinking it she looked out the window at the mystery fruit. She went out

and brought in some of the fruit. It was then that I noticed that her breasts

seemed larger than usual. They seemed to pop out of the top of her sun dress. I

also noticed that the fruit must have some kind of aphrodisiac effect as Susan

seemed to grow hornier and hornier. She came up to me and grabbed my male

member, "I want some of this!" I had never seen her like this, but boy did I

like it!

We moved over into the bedroom, as she took off her dress over her head. God,

her breasts seemed a good size larger from their normal "C" cup. Her tongue

entered my mouth like a wild serpent. She then unsnapped her bra, and placed one

of her engorged nipples into my mouth. I sucked and sucked. A stream of

delicious milk started to trickle into my mouth, which I swallowed.

Then, I felt an incredible rush, like an orgasm emanating from mouth and

stomach! She turned me on my back, and straddled me in the female superior

position. We rocked back and forth, until I passed out from an indescribable

orgasm. My sleep was so deep and peaceful. I felt like I was floating on a


We awoke the next morning at 11:00 AM. I looked over to my wife, "Susan....last

night, was the most incredible night, I have ever experienced."

"Mine too", she replied. She arose, put on a bathrobe, and went to the kitchen

to make some coffee.

With great difficulty, I sat up and started to get dressed. First, I put on a

pair of khaki shorts, which felt a bit loose. I was pleased that at last my diet

was starting to show results. However, then when I proceeded to put on my

loafers, I noticed that they too were loose. I pushed the shoe back towards my

heel, and observed that there was about a 1/4" play between my foot and the

shoe. Hmmmm.

Susan returned back to the room, and also started to get dressed. She put on a

similar pair of shorts and a white cotton shirt. Somehow, her breasts seemed to

have returned to normal. She sat down to put on a pair of walking shoes, and I

noticed that she was having difficulty placing them on her bare feet.

"What's wrong honey?"

"I don't know, theses shoes just seem tighter than normal."

She walked over to me, "Hey lover, are you ready for part two?"

Strange, I thought. For years I have been accustomed to looking over the top of

her head when we both wore similar shoes. I could swear her head and shoulders

felt a little higher than normal.

During the day, Susan must have eaten several pounds of the mystery fruit. And

as the day progressed, I could swear her breasts were slowly but surely

enlarging. She developed a great new habit of fondling my genitals whenever she

could. That afternoon, after my shower, I found her watching one of the adult

videotapes. Funny, she hates porno. As she rose her head up to look at me, I

caught a glimpse of her huge breasts. "I hope you don't mind me not wearing a

top sweetheart. It seems nothing I brought fits me."

I bored my head in her chest, and moved up to kiss her. We rolled on the carpet.

Almost like an addiction, I was transfixed on her breasts. "Come here, darling.

Please relieve the pressure." I was out of control, I sucked on the nipple

awaiting the heavenly nectar to flood my mouth. And flood it did. Unlike the

night before, mouthfuls of milk were being emptied into my mouth, and I

swallowed every precious drop. Again, the familiar orgasm raged through every

inch of my body. So powerful was it, that I passed out without entering Susan.

The next morning, we awoke in each others arms. "I love you so much my dear"

whispered Susan into my ears. I hugged her tightly, feeling her warm body

against mine. "How about a nice tropical fruit cocktail, this morning, my


"Hey, now that sounds like a great idea!"

And with that, Susan jumped out of bed. God she looked beautiful. She opened her

drawer and pulled out her khaki shorts. Struggling to get them over her hips,

she said, "Boy, that fruit must be fattening. I better start watching it, I must

have put on a few pounds." I actually found it very stimulating, to watch her

try to fit into her newly tight shorts.

I opted for a pair of old blue jeans I brought, and was surprised to find that

they fit kind of baggy. The hem also seemed too long. Sitting down, I reached

for my old comfortable top siders, and found them to be at least a size to

large. But the greatest shock came when my wife stood up after trying to put on

her sandals. For years, I grew very familiar with our relative sizes.

Undoubtedly, she must have stood at least two to three inches taller in her flat

sandals! Her forehead was now at my eye level. She also, noticed this strange

situation, as a look of puzzlement came across her face.

"Susan, something is wrong here. You look taller, bigger, and my clothes seem

too large."

"That's impossible, Jim. You just must be tired, " she replied.

I looked her over, her legs just seemed so long and massive. Her feet were

clearly jammed into the sandals, with the back of her heel jutting out by about

a half and inch. "Look, take off your shoes and stand up against the wall."

"What are you going to do?" she said as she complied. I made a light pencil mark

at the top of her head. I then asked Susan to do the same to me. I measured her

first at five foot-eight inches, a full two inches taller than before!

I then measured my line and was shocked to find that I now stood five

foot-eleven inches! "Honey, you've gotten bigger and I have gotten smaller since

we arrived here!"

"But how!" she exclaimed, "I don't understand how that is possible!"

"I don't know, but it's true. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to see a

doctor until next week. Look, let's just enjoy ourselves, then when we get back,

we can look into what has happened here."

Actually, I kind of liked Susan's new height. I always longed for a taller

woman, and now my wish has come through. We embraced and kissed, standing up. I

was greatly turned on by her ability to meet my lips without having to stretch..

Standing up, our pelvis's met for the first time. She put her hand on my

buttocks and pulled me in tight. Our thighs rubbed together. I pulled her to the Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

bed, "Not now. How about a bit latter." She pulled away and walked into the

kitchen. She seemed so much more massive.

I took a cold shower. When finished, I found Susan watching anther one of the

adult tapes. To her left was an empty bowls that was previously filled with the

mystery fruit. When she heard me, she rose and turned around. Her breasts here

enormous! Easily a 44-E!

"Come here, lover" she called. Although, I had started to suspect that the fruit

was responsible for her breast growth and our strange happenings, I could not

resist! I grabbed her in my arms and passionately kissed her. Gently she moved

my head to her breasts, "You know what to do my love." Like an addict, I sucked

desperately. Susan looked up to the ceiling as she moaned. She started massaging

my crotch. As the milk started flowing into my mouth, I had never felt such

ecstasy! The room appeared to spin. We both became as one. I sucked and sucked,

as the warm milk filled my belly with heavenly pleasure. Susan, removed her left

breast from my mouth and inserted her other breast. I continued sucking like a


Again, we passed out in each others arms. A deep and restful sleep followed. It

was not until next afternoon that I slowly started to awake. I was in a daze.

Susan was still asleep as I hugged her body. I then noticed that my feet only

were reaching down to the bottom of her calves. Her hands seemed much larger

than mine. Oh my god, has the process continued? She turned. I could feel the

weight of her body affect the mattress. Slowly her bright blue eyes started to

open. She grasped my hands and brought them to her mouth to kiss. It was then

that she noticed how small my hands appeared. "How did you sleep honey."

"Great" I replied. I pulled my feet away from her body, being somewhat

embarrassed that evidently, I had shrunken smaller than her.

"You know, I feel like having one of those great omelettes you make. Why don't

you make one for us?"

"OK" I almost dreaded hopping out of bed, but what was I to do? I jumped out and

quickly reached for my bathrobe. My god, the hem almost touched the floor! Susan

rolled over to get a glimpse of me, but I had left the room quickly.

I heard her get up and make way for the kitchen as I started making the

omelettes. We were both not ready for what we first saw. Susan had grown and/or

I had shrunk significantly during the night. She was now clearly taller than I

by a good two to three inches. I was embarrassed, but also incredibly turned on

by my big wife. "My god, you're tiny!" my wife said in disbelief. "Come here, I

want to measure you." Now it was she that wanted to know how big she was. We

found that she was now five foot-eleven, whereas I now stood only five foot


"I can't believe it!" I cried.

"Oh its true alight" she said as she approached me. I felt a little intimidated

by her newly towering form. "You know, this could actually be a lot of fun." she

said as she draped her long arms over my shoulder and kissed me on my forehead.

"How about another round." she whispered into my ear, which was now just

slightly below her mouth.

"Look, I can't afford to shrink anymore. I'm now just a little under average

height. You are now a tall woman. This is OK. However, any more and I don't know

what will happen."

"Maybe, this is all we'll shrink and grow" she said.

"Maybe, but I think that fruit is affecting your breasts in such a way that the

milk shrinks me, while it seems to make you grow. All I'm saying is let's hold

off on the hanky-panky until we can see a doctor."

She embraced me, "You mean to tell me that you are going to resist making love

to your amazon wife?"

"Honey, I'm going to have to, unless we want to work for Barnum and Bailey!.

Also, I think it would be a good idea if you stop eating that fruit."

"What!, No, I love that stuff." she replied.

That day was very difficult. I was so turned on by her long shapely legs, which

now extended far out of my old shorts. Hers no longer being able to fit her. I

was watching some documentary on birds, when she brought in some coffee that

evening. "Oh, thanks sweetheart"

She served me a cup, "Cream and sugar?"

"Yeah." A raised the cup to my lips and took a sip. It was good. I had two cups.

Then I felt the familiar stirrings of the incredible orgasmic experience, as an

erection swelled in my pants. My wife straddled me as I sat on the sofa

dumfounded in a delirious haze.

"Come to Mama, baby" she said as she opened her bathrobe to reveal two greatly

engorged breasts. Pulling my head to her bosom, I could not resist. It was as if

her chest was a powerful magnet. "" I cried as I sucked and sucked.

My wife laughed and laughed. It was as if she went mad. This time the milk was

thicker, richer, and sweeter. A bolt of pleasure shot through my body as I felt

my wife getting heavier and heavier! I looked up and noticed my wife seemed even

larger than before. "My, God," I thought, I was actually shrinking before my


When I awoke the next evening, I found myself tied spread eagle on the bed.

Susan was watching me, waiting for me to awake. She climbed on the bed and sat

over me. God, she was huge. Her thighs were as big around as I was. "Jimmy, do

you know how tall I am now?"

"What are you doing?! Have you gone mad?!"

"I'm six foot four! That's taller than you even used to be!"

"Sweetheart, untie me please!"

"No. I'm afraid you'll run away." I quickly deduced that the fruit had affected

her sanity as well as her size. She ran her long finger up my chest, "I want to

see how small I can make you!" She then began to untie me, grabbing my wrists

and forcing them behind my back. I resisted, but it was obvious there was no

contest. As I stood up from the bed, I was startled to see that my eye level was

only as high as her nipples. "Up against the wall, you cute little guy" she

commanded. She made a mark at my head level. I was amazed that she actually had

to stoop down to make the mark. "Oh my, my love. You better eat your Wheatees!

You're barely five feet tall!"

"Oh, God" I stammered. I'm a freaking midget!

"How's the weather down there, " laughed my wife. And with that she pressed me

against the wall with her body. All I could see was a mass of womanly flesh.

"Suck! Suck! Suck! she commanded.

"Honey, please, no! This is insane!"

"Just shut up and suck, you little twerp!" She pressed harder. I found it hard

to breath! "If you don't suck my tits, I'm gonna smash you!" She then held my

nostrils together, which forced my mouth to open. At my first gasp she inserted

her immense tit into my mouth. "If you bite, I swear I'll kill you! Now

suck!!!!" Again, I tried to resist, but it was all so incredible erotic. I

sucked and sucked, again. "Good, my little one" responded my wife in


This time the milk was almost pasty. I felt the amazing rush, this time even

stronger. To my amazement, I visible started getting smaller. My wife, kept me

pressed against the wall, but was forced to squat down as I shrunk further and


By the time my wife had to switch tits, she had to knell on her knees to keep

her breasts at my mouth level. With her left hand, she held my head to her

bosom. By this time, I had thrown caution to the wind. I knew I was beyond any

semblance of normality. More milk, flowed through her breasts, as I continued to

dwindle before her eyes. Eventually, I collapsed.

When I awoke, I looked around and noticed the bed seemed enormous. I slid out of

bed slowly. As I walked across the wooden floor, I came across my old shoes and

was amused by their immense size. I could scarcely believe that just five days

ago, I wore them.

Susan popped out of the bathroom. I could scarcely believe it. She had to duck

to get through the seven foot door jamb. Seeing her, I was both fearful and

turned on. I was no taller than her navel. Her legs seemed as big as all of me.

"Sleep well, Hon?" She smiled. I could not speak. "Come here baby, I want to see

how small you are." I just stood there. "Come on, don't be shy." How

humiliating, to have your wife measure you as you dwindled down in size. "Wow, a

full four feet tall. What a big boy you are!"

She removed her bedsheet, that she tied around herself as a makeshift dress.

Standing on her tip toes, she brought her crotch to my mouth level. "Come on

baby, please Mama!" What could I do? I licked and licked. She writhed in

pleasure, smashing her left fist against the wall, while her right hand held my

hand fast against her pelvis. As I looked up, I could see that her breasts had

started to grow. "I like you at this size!" She giggled. "Maybe I'll keep you

this way. Naw, you need to shrink some more!!"

She stooped down and picked me up by the armpits. My feet dangled a couple of

feet in the air. I couldn't believe it. She carried me to the living room and

sat on the sofa. Placing me on her thigh, she proceeding to place her tit in my

mouth. I looked down, my thigh compared to hers was like that of a small child.

Looking straight ahead, my field of vision was almost completely covered by her

gigantic tit. Slowly the milk started flowing again. We still had a few days

left before they came to pick us up. How small will I get?

This time, the amount of milk was more than I could drink. I felt my self

shrinking. Sitting on Susan's lap, I saw her nipples rise higher and higher. She

brought her hand down to steady me. My God, she could wrap her fingers around my

waist! She rose her hand and me with it. Raising it up to her face. I pulled at

her fingers with all my might. She squeezed harder, making it hard to breathe. "Koooshi,

Kooooosshi, Gooooo" she laughed. I also noticed that she was quickly out growing

the sofa. Her butt covering all the seating area. Sitting down, her head almost

hit the roof.

The next morning I awoke, and found my self back in Seattle. I was normal sized.

I could hear my wife in the kitchen making coffee. I put on a bathrobe, I slowly

walked to the kitchen. She was also normal sized, "Oh good, you're up. Honey,

could you get the sugar down for me? I don't know why you put things up on the

top shelf, you know I can't reach them."

"Oh, I'm sorry sweetheart." I was confused.

"Hey, there's a neat ad in the paper about some new resort in an uncharted

island. How about going there for our anniversary getaway." I looked at the ad

and it was Nicki Noi, "Honey, I'm not one for tropical paradises. Why not



Giantess Stories: The Anniversary      That Sunday morning started like any other recent Sunday morning

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