Giantess Stories: THE AUDITION

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           by Astrocarl


           Beth's office was less intimidating than most,

but any casting director is

still checking you out to see if you have what they need. 

I'd auditioned for her

on several occasions, but it had been a while since I'd

landed a part.  I was

nervous today, and that wasn't the best start.

           I heard my name, handed the girl at the desk my

headshots, and

walked around the corner into Beth's office.  I must've

walked in just as the last

guy was leaving through the back door to the hall.  I

didn't see who it was, but I

wasn't sure I needed the pressure of knowing it was someone

better than me. 

"Hey, Beth," I spurted, trying to seem confident.

           "Hey, Chad.  Been a while," she offered back.

           "Yeh... do you have the sides for me, or?"

           "No sides today," she said.  "This one is

improvised."  Words few actors

like to hear, especially just as you've walked in to read

for the camera.

           "Okay, what's the set up?"  I pretended to be


           "Your character is a two-inch tall man, and, in

this scene, you're trying to

get away from a woman who's trying to step on you."

           "Seriously?"  I asked.  This was too good to be

true.  She couldn't know,

but this was an image I'd fantasized about since I was six

years old.  It had

become an integral part of my adult sexuality, and I was

immediately aroused. 

Now all I had to do was NOT be nervous while I was being

filmed pretending

to live out my wildest sexual fantasy during a very

important audition.  Right.  I

would have peed if I didn't already have a raging boner. 

"Is that all?"

           "Pretty much.  Weird one, huh?  But I guess you

don't need any help

with your motivation!"  She laughed. 

           She was hot.  About thirty, but looking about

twenty-three.  Dark, wavy

hair down on her shoulders.  And always wearing something


Today she was wearing a tank-top, a thin sarong and cute

little thong sandals. 

I'd have asked her out in another life – one in which I

wasn't married, and

intimidated as hell by her stunning smile (not to mention

the rest of her).

           "Okay," she started, "just take a second to get

into it; I'm gonna start the

camera and (click)... I'll feed you some lines to start us


           Oh shit.  SHE has to play the woman!  It just

occurred to me!  I was so

shocked by the content of the audition that I'd forgotten

the protocol: the

casting director usually reads the lines opposite the actor

on camera.  I was

about to pass out.  I moved to my mark – an X on the floor

made of duct tape,

basically there so she wouldn't have to refocus the camera

before each guy's


           "Slate for me, please," she asked.

           "Hm?"  I couldn't focus on anything.  My mind

was racing.

           "Say your name for us," she added with that

calming smile.

           "Sorry... Chad Westin," I think.  Eeesh.  I was

just praying we could hurry

up and be done with it before I embarrassed myself somehow.

           "Okay, you ready?" she asked.  I nodded.  "Here

we go..."

           Her voice changed a little in inflection.  It

sounded a bit lower, sexier. 

And she sounded like she was into it.  "What do we have

here?"  she almost

purred.  This was stranger still because usually the person

reading off camera

just sort of spoke the lines, without emotion, to make it

easier for the actor to do

whatever they thought was most appropriate.  I was

obviously about to


           "Can you help me?  I don't know how I got

here!"  I whispered, more

unsure than ever that I could be an actor at all.

           "Are you talking to me, tiny man?  Because I

can't hear you."  She didn't

seem interested in what I had to say anyway.  This was

weird as hell. 

Shouldn't she be playing off of MY lines?  I was frozen

with confusion, and I

was about to ask if we could start again, when she added,

"I think you better


           As she spoke, I noticed that she was slipping

out of her sandals.  I

played back. "What are you going to do to me?"

           She grinned her perfect grin.  "I'm going to

step on you with my bare

foot, and there's nothing you can do about it."  She

reached over to the camera

and pressed a button on the side; thank god she hadn't been


           "I'm sorry, Beth, were we not recording?  'Cause

that's cool with me if we

take it from-"  I felt my mouth lock in place.  It was as

if I was having a seizure. 

The whole room seemed to shake violently for a split

second, and then it was

dark.  I could feel myself fall over, but the impact was so

slight, I was sure I'd

passed out and just not felt the ground.  I was wrong.

           I was dizzy, but my vision was quick to refocus

on Beth and the camera. 

I started to ask her what happened, but it was immediately

obvious.  As I lay

there on the wood floor of her office, I could feel the

duct tape under my

elbows, and I could see that it was stretching out far past

my shoes.  I was two

inches tall.

           Beth was still looking through the viewfinder

and adjusting the camera

to account for my new height, although I had a funny

feeling that I was no

longer auditioning.

           "Sarah, we're ready for you now," Beth shouted

toward the back door. 

Sarah was Beth's assistant and was wanting to break into

the business.  She

was always polite to me, but it always seemed a little

forced.  She often ran the

camera when Beth had to hold a script, and as she made her

way to the

camera, I realized what her role must be today.

           "Is that Chad?" she asked with a smile.  "This

is gonna be good; I'd

better zoom in tight for this one."   This one?  Oh.  It

dawned on me that

probably nobody who'd 'auditioned' today had walked out

that back door.  Just

then, Sarah took her purse off of her shoulder and set it

on the floor.  It fell

open a little and leaned to the side.  There, barely

visible over the near edge,

was an arm frantically searching for a grip.  I could

almost see his face, when...

           "Okie dokie, teeny Chaddy."  Beth was staring

straight into me from

about seven feet away.  "Are you ready to run?  'Cause my

bare feet are

coming to get you."  Beth started to her left in a

semicircular path toward me. 

She was taking very small, deliberate steps, and each one

made the most

terrifying, soft smack on the wood floor.  Sarah had her

face buried in the

viewfinder and didn't notice the guy climbing out of her

purse.  It was Michael

Smythe, a much better actor than me.  Maybe that's why he

was still alive.  I

didn't have time to wonder; Beth paused after her next step

slapped the

ground a little harder than the first two.  It definitely

caught my attention.  I

looked over just as her toes began to spread slightly from

the extra weight she

shifted to them.  Her beautiful foot began to twist a bit. 

Shit.  I was gonna be

under there in about twenty seconds.  I looked up at her

face.  She was still

staring right at me.  I couldn't move.

           Suddenly, something caught my eye down by her

hind foot.  Just

behind her heel, Michael had managed to run over to her

unnoticed.  I looked

back up to find Beth's eyes, but they were now on the floor

by her feet.

           "Hello, Michael.  Couldn't wait for your special

turn?"  He shrieked with

horror and continued in the same direction; he'd been

trying to sneak behind

her and, presumably, under the front door.  "No you don't,"

she chided as she

shifted her balance and turned toward him.  Her right foot,

the one she'd just

twisted on my imaginary corpse, lifted gently and lowered

directly on top of

Michael, pinning him down.  Her heel was still off the

ground and her leg was

outstretched.  Only her toes rested softly on his back. 

She looked back at me

instantly, as she brought her heel down for balance. 

"Maybe Michael should

go first."

           He tried to scream, but it was muffled.  She

lifted her foot from him and

spoke with more intensity than ever.  "Stand up!"  He

rolled over onto his back

and looked up at her.  "Stand up, or never stand up

again."  She lifted her foot

over him and pointed it slightly forward, aiming the ball

and toes at him like a

weapon.  Michael scrambled to his feet.  "Good," she said,

as she stomped her

foot on the floor inches from him, "next time I won't

repeat myself."

           Michael was crying.  I was too.  Sarah giggled

across the room.  Beth

gave her next command.

           "Mikey, here's what we're gonna do now.  You and

Chad are gonna

have a race, okay?"  Could this really be happening? 

"Chad!  I said I don't like

to repeat myself.  That will be your warning."  Shit!  I

hadn't heard her!  I was in

shock.  "Walk over here next to Michael."  Oh my god.  I

had to walk over to

those huge, beautiful, deadly feet, on purpose!  I new I

shouldn't but I didn't

pause to think about it.  I got there as fast as I could,

and awaited further


           "I'm going to chase you both to the tape mark. 

The winner WON'T get

eaten alive."  I think we both were running before the

words had actually

reached us; she was going to EAT one of us alive?!  Oh


           "Are you getting this, Sarah?"  Beth asked with

a giggle.

           "Every tiny terrified expression!" she

answered.  The room was a blur. 

Michael was a few steps ahead of me and the tape was only

another two feet

away.  All I could think about was survival.  All I could

hear was Beth's foot

slaps getting closer.  Michael was within inches of the

tape when–


           Beth's foot came down on his body.  There was

silence as I stopped in

my tracks and stared in disbelief.  Her foot began to lift

very gently.  I covered

my eyes for fear of catching sight of the carnage. 

           "Nnnnaagh!"  Michael grunted.  He was alive! 

Stunned and bruised, but

alive.  I looked up at Beth in hopes that this was all a

prank; she smiled at me

and her lips parted.

           "You better get to the tape while he's down, or

don't you WANT to win?" 

She licked her teeth as she grinned.  I walked hurriedly

over to the tape mark,

watching Michael writhe in pain under her raised toes.

           "You ready for your second place prize,

Michael?"  Beth laughed a little

when she said it, and lowered her toes onto him again to

pat his back.  Then,

she moved her foot aside and looked at him thoughtfully. 

She grinned again,

and then bent over.  Beth's hand seemed like a movie effect

as it carefully

reached for Michael and lifted him off the floor.  She had

him by the waist as

she stood back up to full height.  Sarah had taken the

camera off the tripod

and was right next to Beth now, focussing on her face. 

Beth did a take to the

lens: "Yummy," she whispered.  It sent chills down my

spine.  I could still hear

Michael groaning as she lifted him to her lips and kissed

his red, swollen face.

           Without another word, Beth opened her mouth wide

and slid him in, her

tongue helping him along.  I thought it was over.

           Beth looked into the camera again, and the

chewing started.  I couldn't

believe this was real.  I had to look away.  I watched her

soft, pink toes curl and

then lift off the floor and spread.  She was definitely

enjoying him, and I

realized that I was probably next.  Something made me look

back up to the

grizzly event as she was finishing.  I don't know why I

didn't run while they

were both distracted, but I didn't. 

           Beth swallowed the last clump of Michael and let

out an audible "ahh."

Then, she looked right back at me.  Sarah aimed the camera

straight down.

           "What do you have for our winner, Beth?" Sarah

asked mockingly in a

game show voice.

           "A nice, warm squish under my bare foot," Beth

answered, "followed by

my eating whatever's left of him." 

           Maybe this would be easier.  Maybe I wouldn't

feel too much pain this

way.  I had no idea.  I just wanted it to be over.

           Sarah got on her stomach and set the camera

about five inches from my

face, leaning her head to one side to ask, "Any last words,


           "Did I get the part?"  I asked with a numb

smirk.  Sarah laughed.  I

looked up at Beth.  She wasn't laughing.  She raised the

ball of her enormous

foot over me.  My knees buckled at the sight.  I fell onto

my back and looked up

at her.  I had my last orgasm as her warm, moist sole came

down slowly onto

my chest and pelvis.  My face fit perfectly into the arch

under her second and

third toes.  I felt their soft skin press against my

forehead and cheeks and I

savored the scent just before my last breath rushed out of

my lungs.


Giantess Stories: THE AUDITION

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