Giantess Stories: The Bagel

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The Bagel




Kim had spent the night at my place in order to get to work on time.

Her car was in the shop again due to late payments by her ass of a

boyfriend Jason. What a jerk he was and it still surprises me that

she even went out with him. But all that was about to change for the

better. By the end of this day I had hoped to give her a little

surprise that would perk her life up, and make Jasons all that more


It was 4am... time to put my plan into action as I softly made my way

down stairs in a pair of jeans and a sweater. I could hardly keep the

smile off my face as my head ran through what I was going to do

tonight. I even felt myself getting a bit excited, the though of

shrinking a man down to only a few inches tall always excited me, it

had for years. Well ever since I was 12. but now to be able to

actually do it was a thrill each and every time. The only difference

this time was I would not get to play with him.

It was close to 5am by the time I got to Jason's house I had to move

fast if I was going to be able to go through with this in time. I

went to the front door and relaxed getting myself ready for what I

had to do next. I raised my finger to the doorbell, needle ready but

hidden out of view and waited... 3 minutes later Jason appeared at

the door clad only in boxers and looking very tired. "yeah? what

do you..." he was cut short as I pushed my body into his kissing

him firmly. Needless to say, he was surprised but welcomed the kiss

as I pushed him back into the door and out of view. Closing the door

I stuck his arm with the needed. "What the hell... was....

tha....." was all he was able to say.

"There there Jason" grinning as the fast acting sedative

took over sending his body to the floor in a heap. "It will all

be clear soon enough." Standing over him I took out the second

needle with the shrinking solution. 10cc's would keep him at 1 inch

tall for 48 hours. But by then I wouldn't need to worry about giving

him a second shot. As I injected him with the solution I stood back

and after a few short minutes his body was reduced to only 1 inch

tall. Grinning as I carefully picked him up I couldn't help it... I

slowly undid my jeans and tugged them open. Running my other hand

along the front of my panties I tugged them back and moved my hand

with Jason in it down into them. Moving him with a finger I placed

him between my lips which were already dripping wet. Slowly I tugged

my jeans back up, wanting to just get off right there I controlled

myself and walked back to my place.

It was 6:23 when I walked in the door Kim would be getting up any

minute now and taking her shower. I headed right for the kitchen and

started to get her lunch ready for her. Working at home has its

advantages, the main one being that I can relax and work in my PJ's

if I want. Or, on that rare occasion nothing. Reaching into my jeans

and panties I tugged poor Jason out. looking him over he was in good

condition, a bit wet from where he had been but still unharmed, for

now. I resisted the urge to pop him into my mouth as I set about

putting Kim's bagel into the container. Along with it I dropped in

little Jason, and a tub of cream cheese and snapped the lid on tight

and pushed the whole lot into her brown paper bag.

Not being able to control myself any longer I leaned over the counter

and pushed my hand down into my jeans and between my legs and started

to rub myself. I am not sure how long Kim watched me, as my back was

turned to her but a few minutes later I felt another hand run down my

left arse cheek and squeeze softly. Kim and I had been lovers ever

since her and Jason broke up. "Good morning to you hun" Kim

said grinning as I turned and she kissed me. Blushing "Sorry...

but I was out and got really worked up over your ummmm


Kim giggling as she gave me another long kiss "That's ok! I will

see you later tonight and maybe we can pick up where you left

off." She said winking as she took her lunch bag and headed for

the door. "Mmmm sure, just don't be tooo late" I winked and

headed for the shower. Kim was going to have a very interesting day

at work.

12... Thank Go Kim though as she reached for her lunch bag and took

out the bagel. "Awwww she even wrote me a note!" giggled

Kim as she opened it up and read it "Hey Hunny! I hope your day

is going well. Remember how you said you would love to shit out your

Ex in the toilet? well I gave you a little something with your bagel.

Just add him to the cream cheese! Love yah, Haley" Kim's eyes

grew big and she snapped off the top of her container only to find

Jason screaming at the top of his lungs at her. She could hardly hear

what he was saying but the grin on her face told what she was


Kim grinned as she dropped Jason into the cream cheese. "Mmmmm

don't we look tasty" she said grinning down and parting her lips

so her teeth were showing. Kim could feel a tingle between her legs

that she always got when she tormented her little guys, but Jason was

different and now he was going to be lunch. As he struggled to get a

footing in the soft cream cheese, off in the distance he herd the

toaster 'pop' letting Kim know that her Bagel was ready. Humming to

her self she plucked the two halves from the toaster and set them on

her plate, picking the butter knife up.

Looking into the tub of cream cheese as she picked it up, Kim smiled

sweetly. "Now Jason... if I don't get you on my Bagel I am sure

one of the other girls here will... wouldn't you rather end up in my

tummy then one of there's?" holding back a giggle she smiled as

she lowered the knife into tub. She trailed the knife around for a

bit, just missing you each time ending up with a big glob of cream

cheese on the knife she lifted it out and set to work at spreading it

over one half of her bagel.

As she worked, Kim looked over seeing your helpless body trying to

swim in the cream cheese, a rumble from her tummy letting her know

that she's a tad hungry and that something smells good. As if

concerned for him Kim said "one last chance to end up on my

bagel and in my tummy hun... or I will snap the lid and toss you in

the fridge... and what if no one uses you... you might get tossed

out!" The look on Jason's face was not pleasant. If she could

hear what he was mouthing off at her he would not need to be on that

bagel he would already be dead.

Reaching back for the cream cheese Kim twirled the knife in it again,

this time with her eyes closed as she grinned. "Am I going to

get you? hmmmm hunny?" she tormented, as the knife passed over

Jason scooping him up and planting him on the underside of it. After

another two minutes of torture Kim paused and removed the knife with

another glob setting it on the bagel as she snapped the lid onto the

tub. "Lets hope your in this mess some place..." She said

as she started to spread the thick cream cheese over the bagel.

Jason's helpless body was pushed around as she sets to work covering

the top of the bagel. When it was all over Jason was stuck to the

knife spread eagle with a little left over cream cheese holding him


Looking over the bagel Kim says softly "Jason I hope you are in

there!" holding back a giggle she raises the knife to her lips

spotting his body stuck there. "Well well... there's my little

guy." Kim smiled "what are you doing there? Don't you know

you should be on my bagel? and here I was going to lick my knife

clean before washing it... I just don't know... should I just leave

you there and wash you off... or lick my knife clean... hmmm"

Kim paused as she puts a finger to her mouth to think. "ah hell

with it... bye bye" Kim says as she raises the knife to her

lips. Jason screamed out in horror as he saw her red shinny lips come

into view. He had always loved kissing her but now he was in for the

biggest kiss of his life. Kim's giant pink tongue started at the

bottom of the knife and lick upwards. Closer and closer it got until

Jason's body was licked off. Putting the knife down Kim licked her

lips and swallowed feeling Jason tumble down her throat and into her

waiting tumm!

y. "Mmmmm my bagel is going to be good!" she mumbled

setting the knife aside as she picks up the first half and bit in.


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Giantess Stories: The Bagel

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