Giantess Stories: The Beam That Shrank Me  by Littletoy    It was a cold night in December when it happened

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The Beam That Shrank Me

by Littletoy

It was a cold night in December when it happened. I was just leaving Richwood

Place shopping mall after a late trip to the book store It was a Saturday Night,

and the mall was still crowded with people doing last minute holiday shopping.

As I left the mall through the back entrance, by the beauty salon, I noticed an

unusual glow in the still darkening December sky as I walked to my car, which

was parked far out in the lot. Suddenly, the clouds parted, and a strange ball

of light descended. It hovered directly over my car, which, in a state of fear I

had hidden behind. Then a beam began to shine down. Something strange was

happening. The surroundings about my car seemed to distort and grow tall. The

beam! I had to get out of the beam!

But it was too late. I leaped out of the beam's range and scurried away, but

even as I did so, the beam was turned off. Still running, I looked back at my

car to see it slowly rise in the air, up, up, till an opening in the ball of

light swallowed the object whole. Then the ball of light disappeared as quickly

as it appeared. Instantly, I realized my incredible situation before the UFO

took my car it had shrunk it down to the size of a toy, and me too. Shocked, I

looked around. The parking lot had been devoid of people, so no one else had

seen it. I was standing in the middle of a giant parking lot, no bigger-than a

doll.. The nearest car that I could run to for cover was a good distance away. I

would have to try and make it there. There were some people leaving the mall,

giants to me now, and I hoped that their car was not parked this way. I turned

and began to run to the safety of a group of cars-far out in the parking lot.

I was about halfway there when I became aware of a loud pounding that shook the

ground behind me. The rhythm of the pounding quickened and a lend shadow

stretched out in front of me. I turned around. It was a young woman, about

seventeen or eighteen, and she was staring down at me. She must have been about

seventy feet tall. She was very cute, with curly brown hair that fell shoulder

length and framed a sweet young face. Her shapely legs were wrapped in a pair of

tight jeans. She wore a tight black T-shirt, and, over that, a short brown

fringed suede jacket. A young giantess. Shit.

We must have stared at each other for five minutes or so it seemed. I suppose I

could have tried to scamper away, but there was nothing but flat black top for

what seemed like miles. I craned my neck so I could see her face, but it was

only because she was bent slightly over that I could do so. She was kind of

giggling to herself, as if she was a child on Christmas with a new toy. I

suppose that was what I was from her perspective. She finally spoke, and her

voice was soft and musical. "Oh how sweet! A living doll!" She bent down lower,

getting on her knees. I started to tremble violently, and she noticed. Without

saying a word, she reached out a giant hand and scooped me up in her fist. My

tiny legs churned up the air as she slowly lifted me up to her face. "Don't be

frightened, I'm not going to hurt you, little doll." She was smiling, and her

huge lips were level with my body.

"Put me down!" I screamed, "I'm not a doll, I'm a man! Put me down and let me


The smile on her lips turned into a fetching pout. I wondered what it would be

like to be kissed by those big, soft lips.

"No way." She cooed. "I found you and I'm keeping you. You're going to be the

talk of the Senior girls at school. I can't wait for Monday,"

Against my squeaking protests she stood up to her full height. She had no purse

or packages, so I was tucked in between her jacket and her body. I felt shaking

thuds and knew I was being carried to her car. Inside her car, she brought me

out from under her jacket and held me up to her face.

"You're the most incredible thing I've ever seen. A tiny man! I wonder if you're

real all over. Huh?"

She winked, and pushed me up against her full lips for a kiss.

"I can't wait to get you home!"

She then slipped me back inside her jacket. I could see nothing but I felt the

dull rumble of the car as she began driving. I could smell her perfume and feel

the nubile softness of her chest as she crushed me against her. A few minutes

later the engine stopped, and a tremendous lurch told me that she was getting

out of the car and walking into her house. I was shaken badly by the pounding of

her footsteps ,but was trapped like an insect. A loud slam. A door. More

footsteps. Another loud slam. Another door. Her fingers curled about my body as

she brought me out. I was in a giant bedroom. The walls had been white but were

now almost completely covered with Heavy Metal rock band posters. There were

clothes all over the floor. The room was a mess. She put me in the center of her

bed, walked over to the door and locked it. She turned on the radio, which

blared some hard rock she obviously liked. Throwing her jacket to the floor, she

began to dance and laugh to the music. She sauntered over to the bed and danced

over me. Her titanic body was like that of a goddess, huge but so perfect. When

the song ended she knelt by the side of the bed and stared down at me.

"You can't do this!" I screamed up at her. "This is kidnapping! You've got to

let me go!"

I began to back away towards the opposite side of the bed from her. I was all

the way on the other side when she laughed loudly, stretched an enormous arm

across the entire width of the bed, and snatched me up. She held me next to her

face and with a playful look on her face, replied

"You're not going anywhere, my little toy. I'm never going to give you up.

You're mine. Forever."

Setting me before her once again, she stood up and began taking off her pants.

When they were off, she got down on her knees again. Still smiling, she raised

her arms up and pulled off her shirt. Her breasts were perfect, and firm. She

laughed again. Her hand shot out to pick me up. Holding me up to her beautiful

face, her free hand came up to fondle me. Her fingers grabbed my shirt and she

ripped it off.

"Oooo! Look at those tiny chest muscles ! And that chest hair. You're so sexy!"

She laughed and brushed a finger across my chest. She tossed her head back and

then, leaning forward, kissed my chest. Her other hand came up again and in one

motion plucked off the bottom half of my clothing. I lay naked and helpless in

her hand, her fingers playfully squeezing me about the middle.

"Oooo! you are a man! I think it's time we got better aquatinted, my toy."

She gently set me at the top of the bed. Standing up, I got a great view of her

fantastic body. Her. skin was dark and smooth, perfectly matching the features

of her face. She was a young woman at the peak of her beauty, all seventy feet

of her. Climbing on to the bed, she deftly picked me up in her fist and,

stretching out on her back, set me on her enormous chest. She placed me in

between her breasts and squealed with delight. Her chest shook violently as she

laughed at me. A hand came down and scooped me up. Her thumb pressed me against

her palm as I lay in her hand in front of her face.

"What a man you are!" she sighed. "By the way, I'm Melissa, your new owner."

"But you can't own me! I'm a man! Please let me go!"

I was dangling in front of her face. Her lips parted slightly and pressed

against my body. She covered me with kisses.

"Not for all the money in the world, my pet. Don't be upset, just relax and

enjoy my great body--while I enjoy YOURS!!!"

She placed me over her right breast. Lowering me gently on top of it, she moved

me so that my head was crushed against her nipple, she pressed me deep into her

softness. She moaned with pleasure.

"Wheee!" she cried, picking me up off her breast and setting me directly in the

center of her tummy. Looking downward, her legs spread out like two golden

rivers of flesh. Glancing upward, her breasts rose in the distance like two

small hills of creamy peach. her face beamed down at me like the sun. The whole

flat plain of her tummy was rippling up and down as she giggled with delight. A

hearty burst of laughter sent me flying off her body to the surface of the bed.

Rather than placing me back on her body, she rose up, and turned over on her

stomach. She lowered her chest right over me, and I was gasping for air as her

breast engulfed me. Her hand came down and lifted me out from under her breast.

She shifted me to between her breasts, in her cleavage, as she moaned and

laughed, drunk with pleasure.

There was a banging on the door.

"Melissa, open up, its me, Jennifer. I need to use your shampoo to take a


Melissa put me on the bed and got up. She put on a bathrobe and opened the door.

In walked Jennifer. She was roughly the same age as Melissa was. She was a

bleach blonde, with long straight hair that cascaded across her shoulders. She

wore just a nightshirt with pair of red panties. Melissa pointed at the bed ,

and Jennifer stared down at me in amazement.

"Melissa what Is it? It looks like a tiny man!"

"It is a tiny man, Jennifer. I found him in the parking lot of the mall today. I

don't know how he got there, but he's mine now. I'm keeping him. Isn't he


Jennifer moved closer to the bed.

"Can I touch him?" she asked. she sat down on the side of the bed.

"Of course, sisters share...everything!, "Melissa laughed . "Besides , I've been

playing with him for a while."

Jennifer reached for me. I ran across the bed to avoid her clutching fingers,

but it was no use. I tripped over a fold in the bedspread and fell on my face.

Jennifer reached across and gently seized my foot between her thumb and

forefinger. She dragged me back across the bed by my foot, then, when I was next

to where she sat, she lifted me up before her calm, beautiful face. She smiled,

first at Melissa, the at me.

"Oh Melissa, he's absolutely adorable. He's the most unique thing in the world!"

Her dark eyes studied me hungrily.

Wordlessly, with her free hand Jennifer pulled off her nightshirt, exposing her

firm, hard little body to me. She was smaller than Melissa, but not younger, her

body was tanned and slender. Cooing to me, she lifted me close to her mouth and

kissed me. Her lips covered my torso, and more. Chuckling softly, she slid me

slowly down her neck, lower, lower, till I was snuggled against her breast. Her

hand clutching me up against the supple flesh. She picked me up again and

throwing herself back against the pillows, stretched out on the bed. I was place

on her smooth cool tummy. I tried to get up, but her hand swooped down to hold

me firm against her flat, fantastic bodyscape.

"Oh Melissa I'm in love! I can't wait to take him to school Monday. The girls

will love him!"

"I know, neither can I", she said reaching for me. Her fingers closed around my

body as she lifted me up off Jennifer's tummy.

"Put me down!", I screamed.

Melissa laughed loudly as she sat down on the big bed across from Jennifer. My

tiny legs kicked helplessly as she held me up to her beaming face. The giant

sisters looked at each other and giggled.

"What a prize you are!", cooed Melissa, holding me next to her giant, pouty,

lips. Then to Jennifer:

"Will you take the little man with you tonight? I have a date."

"But I'm going to Chrissy's overnight", replied Jennifer, I won't be able to

keep the little man a secret". She looked down at me lovingly.

"That's quite alright" , Melissa said, "she'll find out about him sooner or

later, after all, since we're keeping him". She fondled me playfully, then set

me on the bed between her and Jennifer.

"Just be sure he's safe. I don't want to lose him. Ever."

"I promise. Can I take the little man into the bath? " She snatched me up in her

fist. I tried to struggle, but Jennifer only smiled. "Since when do you take

baths? What happened to the shower?"

Jennifer didn't answer, just flashed a grin at Melissa and carried me off to

another part of the house, clutched tightly against her firm breast.

I heard the slam of a door, and the next thing I knew, I was standing on a giant

vanity. Jennifer towered over me, smiling Then she bent down and turned on the

water in the bath tub and let it fill up with hot soapy water. When this was

done, she picked me up, clutched me against her chest and eased herself into the

water. I was placed high on her breast as she soaked, clutched tightly around

the middle to protect me from drowning in the water. For the next half hour the

bathroom was filled with her laughter as she toyed with me, lathering up my body

and slipping me up and down hers. Finally, she rinsed me off and got out. Towel

drying her and myself. Then I was buried in the soft folds of her towel as she ⏫ ¿Cuál Son Los Mejores sujetadores hipoalergénico? [te lo contamos En Nuestra Tienda ] 【Actualizado 2021 】

carried me into her room. She put me on the bed. Then walked over to her dresser

and put on a pair of panties and dried her long blond hair.

"Let me go!", I shouted up at her. She sauntered over to the bed and looked down

at me.

"Did my little man say something?" she cooed, "You're not going anywhere, doll,

except with me to Chrissy's house, and is she ever going to love you!" She

picked me up. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she held me up to her face,

studying me, then planting her soft lips on me. Finally she said: "Into the

purse with you, my friend, or I'11 never finish dressing."

She smiled, and against my tiny screams placed me in her purse. There followed a

long period of darkness, than of tossing she was carrying me somewhere.

Suddenly, I heard her voice, along with another that was high and feminine, but

unfamiliar to me.

"Jennifer what's in the bag?"

"I thought you'd never ask"

The purse was shook, and by the rush of light I could tell it was open. Someone

was peering in. It wasn't Jennifer

"Eeeeee...what is it? It looks like..."

"I know, I know. It's a little man. My sister found him at the mall today and

we're keeping him. Melissa's on a date tonight so she gave him to me for the

night. Isn't he cute?"

"Ooooh! Can I touch him?"

"Of course Chrissy, I brought him over to play with him."

Chrissy was a slender girl with short brown hair and stark blue eyes. Her body

was cheerleader toned, with pert, firm breasts that jutted up against her skimpy

white T-shirt. Her tummy was tanned and smooth, and she wore skinny pink

panties. Her hand reached in for me, then drew back at the ring of the

telephone. I heard her answer

"Jennifer, it's your boyfriend." Some more talking then, abruptly a giant hand

closed about me and I was lifted up and out. Chrissy held me close. She giggled

to herself, then turned to Jennifer, who surprisingly had snatched up her purse

and was headed for the door.

"So he doesn't have to work tonight after all?" asked Chrissy, fondling me.

"No. So we're going out with my sister. We'll be back for the little mar

tomorrow. Thanks for watching him tonight."

"The pleasures all mine!" squealed Chrissy. Jennifer left, and I was alone with

the brown haired giantess who sat on the edge of her bed, holding me out in

front of her, tiny legs churning air. With a swift motion, she set me on her

bed. Rising up, she lifted her shirt over her head, exposing her round, firm

medium-sized breasts, tanned sultry brown. Letting her arms fall to her sides,

and the shirt to the floor, she folded one sumptious leg under her and perched

on the edge of the bed smiling down at me.

"So, a little man? How sweet! C'mere you little doll! You're Chrissy's tonight.

She reached out and snatched me up.

"Put me down! Put me down! This is humiliating! Put me down and let me go!"

She drew me close. Her warm breath drenched me as she pressed my tiny body

against her sweet lips.

"Mmmmmmm...." she moaned, then held me a little higher, up to her eye level. Her

short brown hair fell loosely, framing her fetching face.

"I'm going to have fun with you tonight, little man!" she whispered softly. I

was swung down, and felt the bed beneath me. Chrissy towered over me as she

swung her other leg up on the bed so she was sitting up, knees folded arms at

her sides staring down at me. Her pinkie came up to her lips, where she chewed

it playfully.

"I'm so hot just looking at you that i just can't help myself, I've got got to

make love to you. She leaned forward, taking her pinkie out of her mouth and

reaching for me, growling like a tiger. Her hand seized me around the middle as

she leaned close swinging me up against her nubile left breast. I started


"Help! Help! Please let me go! Stop it!" Despite my complaints, I had to admit I

was getting turned on by the luscious play from these giant young women. I was

trapped between her lush bosom and the bed. Upon hearing my complaints her whole

body shook with her merry laughter, she reached down, and brought me out. Now

laying on her side, she lifted me up to her mouth again, lips parted in an easy

smile as she watched me squirm in her grip, a tiny doll, helpless in her

giantess hand.

" poor little toy. You're clothes are filthy, here let me..." She

swung me through the air again. This time her other hand came up to support me

as she shifted to her back, her head against the pillow, I was dangling just

above her chest, clutched at the waist.

Her hand caught hold of my pants, ripped them off. My shirt followed.

I was buck naked in seconds. And helpless as a doll, which I guess I was!

"Stop it! Please, give me my clothes back! Put me down!"

"I'm never going to put you down, doll. You belong to me tonight, and I intend

to play with you, little man!" She brought me close to her lips again, puckered,

and pressed. Her soft tongue brushed between her lips. She laughed, then held he

up at arms length, high overhead, laughing at her tiny prisoner. Dangling high

in the air, I twisted and turned in her gigantic grip, which broke, sending me

plummeting onto her smooth tummy unharmed.

"Oooohhh!" she exclaimed, seeing me fall. She reached out and picked me up

holding me up to her face for inspection. She scrutinized me for some time

before deciding I was not harmed, her expression changing from concerned to one

of pure self indulgence.

"Poor little doll could have been broken by the fall. Lucky Chrissy's tummy

broke it for you. You like my body, don't you, little man? Its much more slim

and taut than either Melissa or Jennifer's, don't you agree?"

As she spoke, she gently lowered me over her right breast. I was helpless as she

positioned me over her nipple and crushed me into its soft browness. Glancing

upward, I could see her giant face peering down at me and smiling. Her hand was

removed, and all at once, as she ran her slender fingers through her hair, her

whole body shook with laughter.

Seeing my chance, I leaped down off her chest and on to the bed then took off

for the opposite end of the giant bed. I was almost at the end of the bed and

its forty foot drop when she spotted me. She sat up on her knees, smiling.

"And just where do you think you're going, little man, huh?" chuckling to

herself, she reached down across the bed ·and snatched me up.

"Why are you running away, little toy? Don't you like Chrissy? I just love you!

Sweet thing, come here...mmmmmmmm..."

I was caught. Still erect, she swept me up against her smooth wall of stomach. I

was overwhelmed at how much more fragrant her skin had become. It was warm and

soft, too. She released the pressure, and I slipped gently to the bed, between

her legs folded at the knees. Staring down contemplatively she stifled another

giggle with her hand, than reached down her hand again and picked me up, rather

matter of factly

"I can pick you up whenever I want, play with you whenever i feel like it,

understand, little man?" I was clutched high in the air in front of her face,

which changed expressions from one of mischief to playfulness.

"Please! Please! I beg you! I'm not a toy, I'm a man! Please put me down before

you hurt me! Put me down and let me go!"

Chrissy cooed to me gently. Drawing me close to her, she settled me in the space

between her breasts, clutching me tightly against her. Her pinkie came down to

smooth my hair.

"Don't worry, doll man, you're safe with me. I'11 never let you get hurt. you'll

always be safe in my arms." Leaning back, she stretched out full length on her

back and picked me up. I squirmed in her grip for a few seconds then she drew me

in for a kiss. Tired of fondling me, she settled me in high on her chest, smiled

down at me and laughed.

Her hand held me trapped there for what seemed like hours. I was held firmly

against the soft, smooth, flesh by her giant fingers, tipped with long, pink

nails. I looked up at Chrissy. Her eyes were closed, and her chest heaved up and

down regularly. She was asleep. I tried to struggle free of her grip, but it was

no use. I was clutched too tight. I lay there trapped, between her breasts, for

some time. Eventually, I fell asleep. I was awakened by her laughter. Somehow, I

had been transferred to her soft stomach during sleep her hand, which had me

trapped, was now hovering over me, ready to swoop down and snatch me up. She was

sitting up in bed, propped up by her pillow, staring down at me, a pouty look on

her face.

"Are you awake, little man?" she asked. "Are you ready to play some more? I

think it's time we really made love." She reached down and picked me up, her

fingers gently squeezing me about the middle. I tried to struggle, but the Sugar Baby girl

only laughed again.

"Help! Help! Put me down! Put me down!"

"You can shout all you want, little man, but it won't do you any good. I've got

you now".

She was holding me at eye level, her lips still pursed in a soft pout. Her great

head lowered slightly, and I was thrust against her smooth forehead, than slid

down over her pert, snub nose, and finally I was drawn down to her firm lips for

a long, deep kiss.

"Mmmmmm...I'm in love, doll". She smiled, still holding me faceward, in her

fist. With her other hand she reached over the side and brought up a ten foot

tall bottle of baby oil. Giggling like a little girl, she took a deep breath and

held it in. Her expanded chest drew closer. Gently, she lowered me over her left

breast and tilted the bottle directly over my position, lying back down as she

did so. Slippery liquid quickly engulfed me as i lay clutched to her supple

bosom. With her other hand, she put the bottle aside and rubbed her fingers over

and around my tiny body, spreading oil all over her own body, which began to

glisten with the combination of oil and sweat. Giant fingers, also slippery,

gently curled around my body. I was slowly pulled down off the mound that was

the front of her breast. I clung desperately to her nipple, but she only giggled

playfully, tugging me harder until I slid down to her lower chest, over her left

ribcage. The skin beneath me was quite elastic, due to her youth, and gave way

in all directions as she massaged me up and down her torso, starting up at the

base of her breasts, then down her middle, across the thin skinned ribcage and

onto the quivering plain of her flat stomach.

"Isn't my tummy smooth and warm, little doll?" Her fingers loosened, and I was

left free to move around on her stomach, which spread out for many yards on all

sides, a golden field. I stood up and looked up at my captress who was beaming

down at me with delight. She stretched her hand toward me slowly, speaking to me

in a cooing voice, low and musical.

"Poor little man. Come to me..."

I backed away from her advancing fingers, not realizing her belly button, almost

eight inches deep was directly behind me. My foot caught in it, and I fell on my

back. Her stomach shook with her laughter. A hand closed over me. Once again her

lips were against my body, then her soft breast. She snatched me up off her

stomach and slowly lowered me to her crotch. I was confronted with the largest

female genitalia I'd ever seen. I began to struggle violently as she moved me

closer, brushing me against her pubic hair. Then I was upended and thrust head

first into her awesome vagina. Inside her I could hear her heart raceing with

excitement. What little air there was in there quickly became stale. I squirmed

with all my might, but I think that only encouraged her further, as I could

start to feel the velvet pink walls pressing me all over. I felt her fingers

grab my tiny feet as she eased me out of her vagina...and then back in. She

repeated this over and over the next few minutes and I felt the crushing

pressure of her pussy become greater as she neared her climax. She left me in at

the peak and I thought I was going to be crushed to death inside of her as her

walls closed in on me like a vise. What air there was was choked off by a flood

of her thick juices as she came. I came, too, but I'm not sure if it was out of

sexual stimulation or just plain fear. Just as I was going to pass out from lack

of air and exhaustion her fingers closed on me and lifted me out. Holding me up

to her smiling face she reached over to her nightstand for a kleenex and

carefully cleaned me up. When this was finished I was lifted up to her plush

lips for a long kiss to my midsection, then she lowered me down between her

breasts and gently closed them together over my tiny body, trapping me in soft

fragrant, smooth flesh.

"It's only 11:00, little man. I'm going to play with you all night....



Giantess Stories: The Beam That Shrank Me  by Littletoy    It was a cold night in December when it happened

It was a cold night in December when it happened. I was just leaving Richwood by Littletoy by Littletoy The Beam That Shrank Me The Beam That Shrank Me



Giantess Stories: The Beam That Shrank Me  by Littletoy    It was a cold night in December when it happened

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Giantess Stories: The Beam That Shrank Me  by Littletoy    It was a cold night in December when it happened


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