Giantess Stories: The Belly Dancer by Redux    Rick

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The Belly Dancer

by Redux

Rick, a single man in his mid-thirties, was in New York on business, and as was

so often the case, he found himself longing for the more rural surroundings of

his home-state of Iowa. Nevertheless, he decided to make the best of his

situation, and after a long day of meetings and presentations, he decided to

search through mid-town Manhattan for something a little off the beaten path. As

his eyes glanced at different bistros and cafes, he happened upon on a rather

unassuming establishment called "Ali Baba" In the window, there was a sign that

said "authentic middle-eastern cuisine and entertainment." This piqued his

interest. He wanted to try something different, and he curious as to the


Rick entered the restaurant, and was greeted warmly by an arabic-looking

gentleman. Rick noticed the strong scent of the middle-eastern spice, cumin, in

the air. The restaurant looked as if it were a bedouin tent. There were long

flowing eggshell colored drapes on the walls, but the floor was covered with a

deep red plush carpet. There were no tables. Just an arrangement of circular

cushions, with a slightly elevated serving area in the middle of each cushion

encirclement. The lighting, which was already dim, was softened further by

cigarette and cigar smoke billowing around. Thee restaurant was not crowded,

just clusters of people in different corners of the tent-like structure. At the

front of the restaurant there was a clearing where, Rick assumed, the

entertainment would take place.

Rick was seated in the area closest to the clearing in the front, and was

offered an array of middle-eastern salads and breads. Rick ordered the

traditional couscous meal at the suggestion of the waiter. Rick thoroughly

enjoyed his meal and was starting to sip the tea that was poured for him when he

was somewhat startled--he heard music. It was a duet of middle-eastern

percussion and woodwind instruments that projected a rather melodic sound. It

was somewhat loud as Rick was seated rather close to where the two were playing.

However, the two were not in the center. Rick wondered why they were off to the

side, when suddenly one of the drapes parted behind the center of the stage.

There before Rick, stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His heart

almost stopped as he gazed upon this goddess before him. This was the

entertainment. This was Calena the Belly dancer.

Calena looked to be in her mid-twenties, with tawny skin, sultry olive eyes and

long dark brown hair. This gorgeous arabian dessert woman, with soft pouty,

crimson colored lips, had her magnificent tanned skin cover an equally

magnificent body. She had full voluptuous breasts that seemed to flow out of her

Belly dancer bikini top. Rick definitely noticed this. But not before, of all

things, he noticed her feet. She had the most spectacular dark brown feet,

adorned with ankle bracelets and toe-rings--oh, the toes. Long tanned appendages

that were almost like beautiful fingers. Not only did Rick like feet, but he

loved what he saw next--long toenails. Each toenail was long enough where one

could see it start to curve downwards, almost touching the floor. They were

glorious. Rick noticed that they were given a clear shiny polish, as he could

notice the whites of her toenails as they extended past the toes. Oh how Rick

wanted to be at her feet.

Of course her feet were underneath most spectacular and shapely legs. The tone

of her calves and thighs was accentuated by the scant bottom veil of her outfit

that teased Rick as he gazed upon this beauty.

Above the skirt was the most spectacular sight of all--her belly. Rick's eyes

were lost on her abdomen. So firm yet perfectly curved. Rick could not stop

looking at the navel into which her stomach so perfectly flowed. Her belly

button was a perfectly formed oval, with a small circular belly button ring at

the top. Rick was hypnotized by it as the music played and Calena started to

undulate her magnificent belly. He could only image her navel as a warm

comfortable cave into which he would like to crawl. Rick was feeling faint as

Calena progressed toward him swaying her body, almost looking at him which her

belly button, and slightly scraping the carpeted floor with her toenails as she

took each step in her routine. Calena noticed how Rick was looking at her and

she danced closer to him. She could sense his desire for her--she could sense

his deepest desires for her. She danced past him towards others in the

restaurant, but would always give intermittent soulful gazes at Rick. Rick's

excitement was uncontrollably heightened by the synergy that he experienced

between himself and Calena.

The music stopped. Calena was standing in the middle of the restaurant in an

almost statuesque manner. She then turned and proceeded towards Rick. She was

poetry in motion. Rick stared at navel, which moved in synchronicity to the

swaying of her hips as she walked. With each step, Rick noticed the tone of her

thighs and calves as she gracefully placed her shapely feet in front of the

other. Rick's mouth was almost agape as he saw the long toenails touching the

floor as she flexed her toes with her rhythmic saunter. The rings on her toes

sparkled as she approached. Particularly the ring on the big toe of her right

foot. The toe was glorious, with its shiny nail arching out and downward. The

golden toe ring had a small greenish stone in the middle. Very curious, thought


Calena displaced her splendor by lying on the cushions next to Rick. She was

lying on her back partially upright, facing Rick with her beautiful brown feet.

Her feet were casually placed on a cushion directly next to Rick. Calena gave a

slyly seductive look at Rick. Rick was speechless, but he thought that Calena

knew something--something about him. Rick gazed at her perfect stomach and how

the combination of its contours and Calena's breathing made her fabulous navel

gently undulate, almost speaking to Rick. Then, Calena spoke. "I noticed you

liked my dance," she said in a deep, resonant, sexy voice. She was looking at

her beautifully manicured long nails (each nail must have been a bit more than

1" long), waving them slightly and then gently ran them over the cleavage of her

ample breasts and said, "you know, dancing like this really makes my feet

tired--would you rub them?" She got me, Rick thought. She knows about my thing

for feet. Rick looked around and noticed that the relatively small number of

people in the restaurant were not at all paying attention to Calena at his side.

It was rather dim, so Rick figured, what the heck.

He extended his had to receive her foot, and Calena extended her right foot

towards his had. Rick gasped with excitement as she gently flexed toes and

swayed her foot as it moved toward him. Rick started to rub the arch of her

beautiful foot and could feel her long toenails gently scrape against his

forearm and hand. The toe rings and ankle bracelets sparkled as he delighted in

rubbing her foot. Calena spoke again. "You know, if you wish, I can help you

fulfill your deepest desires." "How would you know that?" Rick responded. Calena

grinned slightly, and gave a knowing glance toward Rick and said affirmatively,

"I know."

Rick didn't know what to think. He was enraptured by the aura of her beauty, her

magnificent feet, and the navel situated on the plane of her fantastic belly. He

was dumbfounded and would do whatever she said. "Kiss the ring on my big toe,

and all of your longings will be unlocked." A bit bewildered, Rick moved her

foot toward his mouth and started to kiss the ring on her big toe. Before that,

he couldn't help but lick the toe, and feel her long toenail scrape against his

tongue. He looked up momentarily at Calena, who had her eyes partially closed,

and had a smile on her face that radiated utter contentment. Rick kissed the toe

ring with the small green stone.

Rick then felt as if he were coming out of a tunnel. It was almost as if he was

getting thrown down and backwards and the opening at the other end was getting

larger. He was feeling dizzy, but he realized that something was happening

around him. The cushion, upon which he was sitting was now expanding and he was

thrown off. Upward the the cushion moved. He looked up as at the ceiling and

walls and it appeared the restaurant was turning into a monstrous circus tent,

of epic proportions. Then it occurred to him. Everything wasn't getting bigger,

he was getting smaller. He was shrinking. And shrink he did. He continued to

shrink until the cushion next to him looked like an apartment building. He could

not have been more than 1/4" tall. "Oh my God" he thought what has happened.

"Where is Calen..." no sooner did Rick finish this thought, that he noticed the

bottoms of Calena's giant toenails descend upon him. He tried to run, but the

efforts at his puny size were fruitless. The ends of the colossal toenails

touched the ground before Rick, blocking any forward movement. Rick was in a

tunnel of the toenails of the Goddess Calena. Rick ran towards the pinky

toenail, to try to escape from the side but Rick was received with the great

thumbnail of her right hand and the felt the rumbling of a giggle from the

giantess Calena. "Why don't you try leaving under the toenail of my big toe,"

cooed Calena. This was thunder to Ricks minuscule body and senses. He tried to

run, but his tiny feet were slowed by the now large texture of the carpeted

floor. As Rick was under the toenail of her big toe, again his exit was blocked

with the massive nail of her forefinger. Another thunderous giggle. Then, Rick

looked up and noticed that her big and second toes were parting slightly. Rick

walked over and stretched his neck so he could look up. There, he could see

Calena's beautiful gigantic face peering at him from over her large chest. She

was still in the same lying down position, only she sat up a bit more so she

could gaze upon the tiny man. "Hello my tiny man. Welcome to your fantasy. This

is what you wanted, right?" In shock, Rick could only nod in agreement. Rick

then tried to speak, but to Calena, all he uttered were indiscernible high

pitched squeaks. "My tiny man, I cannot understand you from down there. Do not

worry, we will communicate just fine little one." Calena noticed Rick's

apprehension and said "do you not like what you see?" Realizing that he was in

no peril, Rick walked to the side of her big toe, which to him seem 30 feet long Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

and 15 feet high, and rubbed his entire body against what was a tiny portion of

the lower side of giant big toe. Calena smiled, "Oh, that does please me."

Calena directed minuscule Rick to the end of the gigantic toenail of her big

toe. She told Rick to hold onto the end, which he did. Calena then flexed her

big toe upwards, elevating Rick what seemed to be 30 feet in the air. Puny Rick

was clinging to the end of her toenail. But Calena was gentle, and Rick was able

to get his balance on the arch of her nail. Calena instructed Rick to undress

and crawl over to the toe ring that he had kissed. Rick readily obliged, and his

tiny body crawled along the shiny surface of her toenail. Rick was in ecstasy.

The texture of her nail rubbed against his body as he crawled along and he must

have organsmed twice before making it half way across the nail. Calena was

pleased with her tiny man. Like a majestic Goddess she beamed a smile towards

him as he traversed across the toenail of her big toe, his puny body on all

fours. If one didn't know better, Rick could have been mistaken for a tiny gnat

landing on the toenail of a Goddess.

Rick made his way to the toe and revelled in the softness and smoothness of her

brown skin. Calena moaned with excitement as the tiny man rubbed his entire body

on top of her toe. Calena then looked down upon the puny Rick and said, "you

know my little man, my second toe could use a rub with by someone with your

delicate touch." Happy to oblige, Rick was waiting for Calena to place her

second toe next to the big toe so he could hop over. This did not happen. She

kept her second toe separated with created a cavern from Rick's perspective,Rick

looked up into the eyes of his giantess with puzzlement. "Use the toe rings my

tiny man, enjoy the splendor and detail of my giant toes." With that directive,

Rick made his way over to the toe ring on the big toe. To him it now seemed like

a curved pillar. He climbed upon it, barely reaching his arms around the ring

and started to slide down the side of her toe. As he did, Calena gently rocked

him with slow up and down movements of her toes. While her toes were massive,

they were shapely and beautiful. A soft delicate musky scent emanated from her

feet, further excited Rick.

Rick was once again between the gigantic toes of Goddess Calena. Rick looked up

at her face for a moment and noticed a somewhat devilish grin on her face. Rick

then notice her great toes rise far above him she rested her gorgeous foot on

its heel. Rick looked up at foot that appeared to be 100 feet long. He noticed

all the details and wrinkles on her giant sole. What happened next frightened

Rick. The foot started to descend. Closer and closer it came, Rick noticed that

spectacular details of the underside of her beautiful giant toes, and of course

the grainy looking texture of the underside of her fabulous long colossal

toenails. A Goddess to behold. He was as aroused as he was scared. He trusted

Calena, though, and was not overly worried.

Calena's giant foot continued it's descent until her big toe, and toenail,

hovered inches from the puny Rick. Rick breathed in the fantastic aroma, wishing

he could touch the vast and expansive bottom of her big toe. Just then, Calena

pulled a small threat of fabric from her outfit and dropped it towards Rick. To

Rick, this thread seemed like the heaviest of gauge mountain climbing rope.

Having gone mountain climbing, Rick was able to make a cradle for himself, so he

could hoist himself up. After a few tries, and a bit of Calena's assistance with

her giant fingernail, Rick got the rope over her toe, and pulled himself up

underneath her giant big toe. The combination of Calena gently lifting and

lowering her great toe, and Rick moving his puny body and rope under her toe,

both Rick and Calena were moaning with pleasure.

Calena then directed Rick to climb onto her toenail to she could let him down.

Rick obliged and Rick position his tiny speck of a body on the end of the

impossibly large toenail of Goddess Calena. As the toenail came close to the

ground, Rick started to slide off, as the toenail was arched. Rick fell a slight

distance but was unharmed. With his mountain climbing rope, Rick then proceeded

to her second toe to give it a massage with his puny body. Rick walked over to

the toe ring on this toe and noticed it had grooves. This would make it much

easier for climbing. Rick then heard the resonant voice of the giantess saying

"come my shrunken toe worshipper, climb onto by great second toe, as it is in

need of your touch." Rick eagerly began his ascent up the side of the toe. Even

at 1/4" , he was able to move rather swiftly. As Rick made his way up the toe

ring, and approached the top of her toe, he noticed the vast gloriousness of the

top of her foot. It was a plane of brown magnificence. The curves flowed

perfectly in the different areas of her foot, leading up to her shapely calves,

thighs...and then, her stomach. Oh how Rick longed to crawl all over the

magnificent slopes of her tight belly, only to plunge his tiny body into her

navel, and caress the inside of its magnificence. Calena noticed how her belly

button was placing Rick into a trance. Calena further aroused Rick by taking

deep breaths from her stomach, so the rising and falling of her giant navel made

it seem as if this colossal oval indentation of flesh was blowing him kisses.

"O.K. little one, I can see where you want to go. But first, we'll have to

adjust your size a bit." With that, Calena extended her giant hand, and

minuscule Rick was enveloped in the talons of the giantess's thumb and

forefinger. Rick was mesmerized not only by their awesome size, but grace and

delicateness. Calena placed Rick on the toe ring of her big toe, and instructed

him to kiss it again. Rick obliged, and then he suddenly felt his world expand

again. Rick was now 1/8" tall. Calena was now impossibly large to Rick. Yet,

Calena's keen senses were able to make out the incredibly tiny presence of Rick.

Calena slowly lowered the underside of her thumbnail to the toe ring of her

big-toe. She placed it at the exact level of the intensely shrunken Rick. "Climb

aboard tiny one." Rick stepped onto the textured vastness of her underside of

her long thumbnail. He lost his foot and slid down about 40 feet to the middle

of the arch of her nail. Calena looked down and had a smile glowing from her


Calena then raised the incredibly tiny man to the middle strap of her bikini

top. "Off we go tiny one." With that, Calena gently raised her thumbnail to

delicately slide Rick onto the sequined material of her bikini top. Rick was

looking directly into her unfathomably large cleavage. Breasts the size of

apartment buildings surrounded his tiny, minuscule body. He felt incredibly

small, as he was, but just as equally aroused. Calena looked down at him and

smiled, "enjoying the view my shrunken, tiny man?" "Now I want you to use that

rope and tie the end around a sequin in my bikini top and let the other end fall

towards my belly, " said Calena. Calena's upper body was still lying down at a

slight angle so the descent for the tiny Rick would not be that bad. "Now, to

entice you, I've got a little treat waiting for you at the end," cooed Calena.

With that Calena reached over to the serving area and with her finger she

scooped up a small amount of honey. She then deposited the dab of honey into her

navel. "I'm waiting for you little one."

Rick tied the knot around her bikini top and then started to repel down the

slight angle of her toned, darkly tanned stomach. He proceeded cautiously down

her abdomen, and noticed the outline of her giant ribs as she inhaled. He

continued down the gently sloping firmness of her belly until he felt a metallic

object. "Almost there little one," exhaled Calena. Rick was now standing onto

top of her belly button ring. It was twice as wide as he was tall, and sloped

down into the gigantic gorgeous cavity in mid-section--her perfect navel. Rick

let go of the rope and wrapped himself around the belly button ring as best he

could to slide into her glorious colossal navel. Rick know Calena was getting

excited as well as the rhythm of the up and down motion of the belly button ring

increased as the puny Rick got closer to her vast navel. The difficult task of

an 1/8" man climbing down a thread from a giant woman's cleavage pouring out of

her bikini top, to the same Goddess's golden band above her spectacular navel,

exhausted the puny Rick. He couldn't hold on to the belly button ring any longer

and lost his grip. Calena saw this but wasn't alarmed--he would fall right into

her navel.

The next thing Rick knew he lying on his back. He felt his body covered with

something sticky. Of course--it was the honey that the giantess put in her

navel. Rick looked around the oval wall of flesh and immediately began licking

the honey with abandon. His task was made difficult as he was being bounced

around from Calena's undulating abdomen. Calena herself was in ecstasy. The puny

Rick covered every area of her amazing giant belly button with his body. At

times he stood up and was able to hop onto the bottom of her belly button ring.

He hoisted himself up just so he could see the vastness of the Goddess's

sculptured stomach, and then to look at the look of pleasure and satisfaction on

the face of his giantess. Her navel was spectacular. It was three times as deep

as he was tall, and at its narrowest point was twice as tall as him, and at its

widest point it was six times as tall as him. 1/8" was the perfect size to revel

in this most amazing cavern of sensual flesh.

He then heard Calena's voice say, "Hold on tiny man, I have to go back to work."

With that warning, the minuscule Rick crawled to the top most portion of her

navel and held on to her belly button ring as tight as he could. He could then

feel the giantess Calena rise from the cushions and stand to her full height.

From Calena's giant belly button, Rick then looked out into the vastness of the

restaurant and felt himself sway in all directions as Calena resumed her belly

dance. Rick then saw her giant fingernails and fingers gently brush by him as he

clung inside her navel. "Just checking on my tiny man. I want to make sure you

are safe to enjoy this as much as possible." Rick responded by licking the

remaining honey in the wall of navel, to let her know he was O.K.

Giantess Stories: The Belly Dancer by Redux    Rick

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