Giantess Stories: The Best Laid Plans

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The Best Laid Plans...

by Conrad

I sat at Heather's desk and looked at the device I had been working on for so

long. It was finally finished and just in time to surprise Heather for our

anniversary. I knew that it would be the best gift I had given her in the three

years that we had been dating. For her, there could be no better gift than a

tiny man of her very own.

I had learned of her fantasies by accident. I had needed to do some work on a

paper. She had a computer in her dorm room. I went there to do my work. When I

got there, neither Heather nor her roommate had been home so I let myself in.

I was sorry that Heather would not be there to keep me company, but I was

relieved that Lenee, her bitch of a roommate, was not going to be there to

harass me. Lenee was a typical spoiled rich girl. Her father had made an

arrangement with the school for her to have a suite to herself, but there had

been some sort of screw up by the administration. For this reason, and so many

others, she resented having to share a suite with Heather. She took every

opportunity to cause Heather grief. This included trying to make her jealous.

She relentlessly teased me with her incredible body. She had blonde hair that

she had let grow down to her perfectly shaped ass. Her breasts were 36 DD's and

seemed even larger protruding from her 22-inch waist. The fact that she was only

five feet tall also added to their incredible appearance. This body was always

concealed by the least amount of clothes allowed by law.

Whenever I was over, she pranced around in her skimpy lingerie. She would bend

over to pick something up, reach over me to get something that just happened to

be placed over my head, and she even did aerobics in her lingerie. Once when I

had come over to visit and Heather was not there, Lenee had invited me in to

watch TV until Heather came home. When I sat down in the chair in front of the

TV, she sat on my lap. She said it was because the chair was the only one with a

good view of the TV. I was wearing shorts and could feel her supple ass through

the sheer material of her lingerie. She wrapped her arms tightly around my head,

for support she said. I tried to push her off, but she pulled tighter forcing my

face into her breasts. I began to get hard and, since it was obvious to her, she

began to giggle. She began to bounce up and down on my lap and I knew that it

would only be a matter of time before I came. Just then, the door opened and

Heather walked in. Lenee looked at her, smiled an evil smile, got up, and went

to her room without a word. Heather and I had a big fight that night, but we got

over it.

Anyway, when I went onto Heather's computer, I opened the word processor program

and began typing. I was typing along for a little while and decided I had better

save my work. When I went to save the file, I saw a file named "Private

Journal." I had always wondered what Heather really thought of me, so I decided

to take a peek. It was password protected, but I used my computer skills and

backdoored it. When I opened it, I was in for the surprise of my life. It was

filled with stories about women who controlled and tortured tiny men. They had

been downloaded from some giantess site on the internet. The really strange part

was that Heather had typed in notes at the end of each story. These notes told

about ways the giantess could have been crueler or methods that could have been

used to tease the victim into insanity. If I didn't know Heather better I would

have said that they must have come from a deranged mind. On the other hand, I

was amazed that as I read my dick became harder than I could ever remember it

being. I became so horny that I had to run to the bathroom to jerk off.

On that day, I knew what I would do. I planned to use what I had learned in

engineering class to design a device that would shrink and enlarge a person. I

was not worried about her doing any of the sick things she had fantasized about

in her journal. I had a hard time believing anyone as sweet as Heather would

have such diabolical thoughts, let alone act them out on someone she loved. Now

if this was Lenee's computer I would take these ideas as serious threats to a

person because she would carry them out. I had no fears knowing that this was

not the case and I would never end up in Lenee's grasp.

I have completed the device today. It is comprised of two pieces. One piece is a

pellet-sized receiver that must be swallowed by the person being shrunk. The

other part looks like an ordinary watch and is to be worn on the wrist. The

difference is that the set feature is used to adjust you to the reduced size you

want to be. When you are done having fun, you simply change the setting to a

different size or you hit reset. Simple as that.

All that is left is to test it. I decided to surprise Heather for our

anniversary. She asked Lenee to find somewhere else to stay this evening and,

surprisingly, the bitch-on-wheels agreed. Lenee was going to stay at the

apartment of an out-of-town friend. Heather had to work today, so she gave me

her key. The plan is for me to pick up a nice Chinese dinner and set up the

apartment for a romantic evening. Secretly, I had altered the plan. I had bought

her an engagement ring. I intended to shrink myself and hide in the empty

jewelry box. Then I would put it on the kitchen counter. When she found me, I

would be her present. Then I would enlarge myself and give her the ring. It

would be the surprise of a lifetime.

I was glad to see that Lenee was not at the suite when I arrived to set up. I

had suspected that she had something up her sleeve when she agreed to stay away

so quickly. I locked the door behind me and put the Chinese food in the kitchen.

I looked at the clock on the wall and realized I was really early. Heather would

not be home for four hours. I decided to set up everything and test out my


I took the ring out of the box and put it in my pocket. I put the card I had

written on the counter and the empty box on top of it. I opened the box so that

it would be easy to climb in and shut.

The time had come to test out my invention and if it worked right this would be

great. I decided it would be best if I sat down on the counter so that I would

not have to climb or anything. Always thinking. That's what I love about myself.

I sat down and tried to think of anything I might have forgotten. I could not

think of anything. I set the watch for six inches and then realized I would have

to go smaller if I wanted to go in the box. So, even though this was only a

test, I set the numbers to one-half inch to be sure that I could go to that

small of a size. I closed my eyes and smiled.

"Well, here goes nothing."

It was amazing how quickly the transformation occurred. It was instantaneous. In

less than a second, I went from six feet to half of an inch. It had worked

better than I had anticipated. The only thing I had not thought of was that my

clothes did not shrink with me. They had fallen to the floor in a pile. That was

all right since I could enlarge myself and get them later. I walked over to the

box and climbed in, a perfect fit. I love it when a plan comes together. I got

out from the box and decided to enlarge myself and watch TV. I reached to my

wrist to press the reset button and pulled it back in shock. The watch was not

there. I looked down to be sure and my eyes confirmed it. The horror of the

situation filled my mind as I realized that, like my clothes, the watch had not


Hoping to see the watch, I ran to the edge of the counter and looked over the

side. It was not there. I would have to climb down and look for it in the pile

of clothes. I stood up and looked around for an electrical cord to climb down.

It was then that I saw it. For some reason the watch had remained on the

counter. With great relief and joy, I started walking over to it. What was in

reality only a foot seemed miles but I finally got there. It was then that I

realized my next problem. The reset button was at the top of the face of the

watch and I was far too small to reach it. Why hadn't I left the setting at six

inches for the test? Oh, well, I was a pretty good climber and knew I would have

no problem climbing up there.

I grabbed hold of the sides of the watch and started pulling myself up. It was a

lot harder that I had thought it would be. The smooth metal did not provide much

traction. It took me ten minutes to finally reach the top. I sat there for a few

seconds and caught my breath. This next part was going to tricky. I had to lean

over the watch face, looking down at what was to me a thirty-foot drop, and

press the button.

I lay my stomach on the rim of the watch with my legs dangling over the back of

the watch. Slowly I lowered my head over the watch face and reached out with my

right hand. I was able to just reach it with the tips of my fingers. In a

second, my troubles would be over. I pressed the button but it did not move. I

realized that I could not get enough leverage to move the button, which was

larger than my hand. With all the strength, I tried again with the same lack of

results. I could not believe my bad luck. Though I knew I would not be able to

do it, I had to keep trying.

I decided to lean over a little farther. I put my hands on the watch and pushed

myself as far forward as I thought I safely could. As I leaned forward, I lost

my balance and soon found myself sliding rapidly down the side of the watch. The

ride down was swift and I hit the floor with great force. I lay for a moment on

the counter, torn between laughing and crying at the absurdity of my situation.

I began to move slowly, fearing that I might have broken something. To my

surprise, everything seemed all right. I looked for bruises but found none. I

started to think that the situation was not that bad. All I had to do was go

back to the box and wait for Heather. I would carry out the plan and then she

could restore me. The only problem was that I would have to wait like this for

longer than I had planned. I looked at the clock. I had just less than three

hours and a half hours before she would be home. It would be boring but what the

hell. I started the long walk back to the box.

When I reached it, I climbed in and sat down. I shook my head and started to

laugh. "The best laid plans of mice and men." I wish I were at least the size of

a mouse.

I was startled out of my amusement by the sound of a key in the lock. Heather

must have gotten out of work early to surprise me I thought, but the way my day

was going I should have known better. I stared from the box as the doorknob

turned and the door opened. With terror, I watched as Lenee stepped into the


I stood in awe for a second. She looked hotter than usual. She was wearing a

skintight pair red leather shorts that barely made it to the top of her thighs.

A matching low cut midriff red leather top was doing its best to keep from

exposing her nipples. Her tight abdomen was tan and beautiful. Blonde hair

cascaded down past her shoulders. I could not let her find me like this. With

the greatest of care, I slowly closed the lid of the box.

From the confines of my darkened hiding spot I heard the 4" stiletto heels of

her red shoes tap their way into the suite. Even with the box closed, I could

hear her clearly as she began to speak.

"Hello, is anyone here?" she said in a playful tone.

I heard her walking around the den spinning the keys to the suite and Porsche

from her finger. The fear that gripped me was unbearable. I could not even

imagine what would happen if she found me.

"Hmm, a pile of men's clothes. Is Conrad waiting for his little Heather in the

bathtub? She won't be home for awhile, maybe I should go in and keep him


I heard her head off to the bathroom. The door opened and she yelled,

"Surprise!" to the empty room. There was a pause and then I listened to her

walking over to the counter on which I was. Panic over took me. I thought about

getting out and trying to run, but I knew that would be futile. I would never be

able to outrun her and she would definitely find me. My best bet would be to

hide here and pray for a miracle.

"This is really weird. His clothes are here and there is Chinese food. What the

hell is going on here. Maybe he is a transvestite and is wearing her clothes

out." She began to chuckle. "No, he is far too hot for that, though it might be

fun to see him like that."

I heard her put the keys down on the counter and begin to tap her long red nails

on the countertop. I was now totally paralyzed as I felt the box being moved off

the card.

"Well, well, what do we have here? To my dearest Heather. You are the only one I

have ever, or will ever love."

I sat in darkness as the evil bitch read the words I had written for Heather. A

few times, I heard her giggle.

"So, little Heather has finally trapped him. How unfortunate for him. We will

have to see what we can do about this. And this must be the ring I bet its real


The Box began to move again. This time it was rising up off the counter. When it

stopped there was a pause and then the sound of Lenee's nail tapping on the box

began. Dread overtook me as I realized that the bitch was debating whether to

look at the ring. I froze as a small beam of light entered my prison as a long

red nail began to pry open the box. I crawled to the point farthest back in the

box and curled up trying to make myself invisible. It didn't work.

When the box was fully opened, I turned to look. There I saw a perfectly made up

face the size of a building. Her dark, red lips curled into a smile so evil that

a chill actually ran up and down my spine. Lenee's pink tongue emerged, ever so

slightly, and licked her already glistening red lips making them wetter and more

inviting than before. Then she extended her long, red pinky nail and poked me.

To my chagrin, it was larger than I was. I jumped back with a start.

"Oh, my yes, it is real beautiful."

She poked me several more times and I thought that her nail would cut me in

half. As hard as I tried, I could not get away from it on this tiny jewelry box

in the sky.

"Hey, cut it out, you stupid bitch!" I shouted as it came at me again. "You're

going to hurt me!"

I was amazed when she actually stopped. She gave me a puzzled look and held her

hand to ear.

"I know you said something, but I can barely hear you. Wait, sit down I have to

bring you closer to my ear so that I can hear you."

I thought that she would just move the box closer to her ear, but she had

another idea. The bright red nail of her middle finger came near me and slid

between my ass and soft felt material of the box. She began to lift me up toward

her ear. I could not believe that I was actually sitting on the tip of a human

fingernail and what was worse was that my extended legs barely reached its end.

She brought my giant red seat and me up to her ear and I saw her other hand go

swiftly by me. She used it to pull back her flowing blonde hair. When the hair

was no longer an obstacle, she moved the nail I was on up to her ear and raised

her palm, dumping me off into her ear. The she pulled back her hair to cover her

ear. I was left in near darkness.

I was knocked off my feet by a sudden jolt and I realized she was walking

around. I was terrified that I would fall out, but she only took a few steps and

then sat down. I took a deep breath to try to calm my self and I noticed how

beautiful her hair smelt. The aroma was intoxicating. It was a mix of

strawberries and kiwis. It must have been her shampoo. To my chagrin, I felt

dick begin to stir. How could this be happening? Here I was sitting in the ear

of a woman who I believed to be evil personified, and I was becoming aroused. I

brought my right hand to my penis and began to stroke, hoping to relieve the

tension. I was jarred from these thoughts by a booming feminine voice.

"I asked you a question, little man. I suggest you do not anger me by ignoring


I began to think of what she had asked but I had been too lost in my thoughts to

have heard her. I had to handle this situation delicately if I wanted to


"I am sorry. I am a little confused right now and I was thinking about something

else and did not hear you. What did you ask?'

"I suggest that you give me your full attention from now on. You do not want to

make me repeat myself. It makes me angry. I asked you what you were trying to

tell me before."

"Oh, yes, I am sorry. I was asking you to please stop poking me. I thought you

might not realize how delicate I am at this size."

"I thought that is what you were trying to say, but I thought you had used

different words. Did you call me something other than Lenee?

Uh-oh. Maybe she had been able to hear me before or maybe it was a bluff. To lie

or not lie that is the question. I decided to be diplomatic and play both sides.

"No, I did not use any name at all and if I did, it was out of panic. You must

admit this is not an ordinary position to find yourself in."

"Yes, I guess your right. Speaking of this situation, how did you get so small?"

I did not want to tell Lenee about the journal because it would embarrass

Heather. But I figured there was no harm in telling the rest of it. My hand

started stroking harder as I began to tell my story. I was close and hoped to

have my relief by the story's end.

"Well, you see..."

"Wait a second. What are you doing in there? It feels like you are moving your

feet. It is very uncomfortable sitting here like this. I am afraid that you will

fall out, so I am tilting my head to the side. Now there is this vibrating that

is tickling me. I am afraid for you. I think if I put you on the counter and

keep my face close to you, I will be able to hear you all right."

I guess I had been moving my feet around in my attempt for release. I was

impressed that she was concerned with my safety. Maybe I had misjudged her. Then

it hit me. I had a raging hard-on and could not let her see me like this.

"No! I think it will probably work better like this. You might not be able to

hear me and I don't feel safe traveling on your nail."

"Come on, Conrad. I will be able to hear you just fine. Besides, you don't want

my neck to get all stiff. There is nothing worse than having stiff joint that

feels so hard you can barely manipulate it. And you are too small to massage and

relieve the tension. You know how that feels. You don't want that, do you,


These words could be taken as an attempt at teasing. Could she possibly know

what was going on in her ear? I listened to my breathing and thought that it was

definitely heavy and irregular. So close to her eardrum, she would have to hear

this. And it was possible that she felt me moving my legs. No, I was just

reading into things, but I still could not get out like this.

Slowly light entered her ear as I saw four perfectly manicured nails push the

hair behind her ear. When that hand had left, the inverted middle finger pushed

its nail into the ear.

"Ok, little fella, climb on."

I did not move.

"Ok, if that's the way you want it. I am going to tilt my head the other way,

any useless earwax that is not on my nail is going to plummet to the floor."

I felt her head begin to turn. Quickly I climbed on her nail and covered my

penis with my hands. When the head had turned fully over, I felt the nail begin

to move down toward her face. Again, I was staring at the perfect woman's face

with the perfect evil smile.

"Good, you made it."

She lowered her hand to the counter and laid it flat. I took a deep breath to

relieve my panic. I needed to figure out how I was going to get off of here

without taking my hands away from my hard-on. Lenee looked at me for a moment

and then raised her palm and slid me off.

"All off the Lenelevator for the third floor. Giant woman, appliances, and

kitchen wares," She said with giggle. I sat there and smiled back at her. It was

kind of a cute thing to say. She got up off the chair and got down on her knees.

She put her chin down on the counter and looked at me.

"You know how many guys have tried to get me to kneel down for them," She smiled

and this time it seemed almost sweet. "Ok, tell your story. But wait, I thought

you were a gentlemen."

I looked at her a little puzzled.

"Don't you know that a gentleman always stands in the presence of a lady."

"He does?" I answered.

"Yes, he does."

I smiled and began the slow process of trying to stand without exposing hard-on.

First, I rolled over onto my stomach with my back to her. "OOH, what a tiny

tushie," She whispered loud enough for me to hear. I removed my hands and pushed

myself up to a kneeling position. I raised my torso and replaced my hands on my

hard-on. Then I just stepped up and turned around. It was a lot simpler than I

had thought it would be.

Lenee was pouting when I turned around. Her turned up lips were full and

sensuous. I felt myself becoming hard again. I gave her a puzzled look.

"Oh darn! Aren't you the shy one. I was only kidding about that gentleman shit.

I was just hoping to see your dick. It must be such a cute little thing. Come

on, take your hands away."

I felt her eyes glaring at my crotch and I became even harder. I smiled at her

and shook my head. I wasn't sure if she was serious or just playing with me, but

I had to handle this right or I might be in trouble.

"Come on, Lenee, quit it. Let me tell you what happened, so that you can help me

out of this jam."

"No, if you want me to listen you have to take your hands away," she said as she

put her hands over her ears.

"Come on, cut it out."

She pouted and made a face that showed she could not hear me. All right, I know

when I am beaten. I pulled my hands away and held them over my head and made a "tada"

gesture. My dick sprang up to full attention.

Lenee pulled her hands from her ears and smiled. Slowly her tongue appeared and

wet her lips. I thought that the hungry look on her face would be enough to make

me cum.

"Yummy! You are very well endowed for someone of your size. Can I touch it?"

I began to become angry. "No, you cannot touch it. Please let me just tell you

what I have to tell you."

She pouted again. "Ok, but if I can't touch it neither can you. If you do, I

will have to punish you. Fair enough?"

"Yeah, fine whatever."



She was pleased with herself and she smiled that evil smile.

"Ok, go ahead."

Thank God. I thought she was going to pull that "I won't listen to @!#$" again.

I mean this would be easy. Now that she had seen my dick, why would I touch it

again? I smiled back at her.

"I wanted to surprise Heather for our third anniversary. I am going to propose

to her. I have been working on this device that will shrink a person. I thought

it would be really cool."

"Wait a second. My knees are starting to hurt. I guess I am out of shape when it

comes to my blowjob position. Also, this top is killing me. Since I can hear you

fine, do you think it would be all right if I made myself more comfortable?"

"Cut it out, Lenee. Let me finish this."

Once again, she pouted. God she was a creature of awesome beauty and this pouty

face was hypnotic.

"Pretty please," she said.

"All right, hurry up back."

"Oh, to save time I'm not even going to leave the room," she replied.

She stood up and, with her hand above her head, she arched her back. Her breasts

pushed forward and nearly popped out of her top. They were amazing. I felt my

dick stretch to its limited. She straightened up and her gaze went directly to

hard-on. Her smile widened. She pulled up one of the tall stools to the counter

and sat down.

"Now, just one more minute.'

She began to hum the stripping theme and I knew I was in trouble. Her fingers

slowly clasped around the zipper that held her red leather top on. Ever so

slowly, she pulled the zipper down until it was completely undone. Sensually she

pulled the top off her shoulders. Out of their confines came the most perfect

breasts I have ever seen. They were round, full and even without a bra they

seemed to defy gravity. They were more impressive than any I had seen in

pictures or my wildest fantasies. What surprised me most was that a small golden

ring hung from each nipple. I never would have guessed. At the last minute, I

caught myself as I realized that my hand was gravitating toward my penis.

Quickly I pulled it back to my side.

"Just one more second. I need to rest these things. You would not believe how

heavy they are. I will have to show you sometime."

She pulled the chair closer to the counter and laid her breasts right on the

counter. I new that if I did not cum soon I would go insane, but, as physically

obvious as it must have been to her, I didn't want her to know she was getting

to me mentally. She reached out both of her hands and placed one on each side of

me. She began to slowly drum her nails on the counter. I had always had a

strange fetish for women's nails and Lenee's were always perfect. She had caught

me several times staring at them and I could not help but think that she was

trying to use them to make me crazy now.

"Ok, go on finish."

With the drumming of her nails echoing in my head, I tried to concentrate so

that I could continue.

"All right. Where was I? Oh, yeah, I thought it would be cool if I shrunk myself

and hid in the box. You know how a ring is the symbol of unending love, well I

thought I could be her ring, so to speak."

"So you wanted to be a piece of jewelry. That's interesting," she said with an

expression I could not read. I did not know if she was making a joke or was

somehow serious. "Go on, finish up."

She increased the pace of finger drumming and I found it hard to concentrate. I

kept looking to my sides. The glossy red tips moved by rapidly and I was

starting to lose it. I had to start talking to keep my mind busy.

"So, I came here and started to set up. Then I decided to test it out. It worked

great with just one problem. The device is made up of two parts. One is a

transmitter pellet that you have to swallow and the other is the controller. It

is that thing that looks like a watch over there."

I pointed across the counter. She looked very serious for a second and then

picked it up. She held it closer to her face and studied it. When she looked

back at me, she gave me the "cat that ate the canary" look, as if she had just

won something. She set it down in front of her and then the nail drumming began.

Now it had increased to a deafening sound.

"And let me guess the rest. You shrank fine, but your clothes and the controller

remained the same."

"That's it. Then you came in and I thought you were Heather so I hid in the


"Oh, you thought I was Heather, huh.'

I shook my head in agreement even though I did not like the tone she had used.

"So, can you help me out?'

"Yes, I can help you out. But we have one small problem, no pun intended."

"What's that?" I asked as the drumming stopped.

Her right hand raised up and a long red nail pointed to my crotch. With dread, I

understood. In my state of delirium, my hand had encircled my dick and was

gently massaging it. I pulled it back in fear.

"And what is worse is that you were stroking. Do you know how rude it is to do

that in the presence of a lady?" Quickly I looked at the clock, hoping that it

was time for Heather to come home. No such luck. There was still two hours left.

I was in real trouble. "And now you turn away from me when I am talking to you.

Don't you have any respect for me at all?"

She actually looked upset. I wasn't sure what to do. I decided on diplomacy was

needed here.

"Please, I am so sorry. I have a great deal of respect for you. It is just this

whole situation has got me a little bit nuts." Then I appealed to her vanity. "

And you are just so damn hot."

"Apology accepted. But don't let Heather hear you say that last part. I think

she is the jealous type."

Good. Another narrow escape. Now I just needed to get her to push the...

"Oh, one thing though. We did make a deal and now I have to punish you."


"What? Oh, that, your not serious are you?"

She smile and shook her head. She got up and walked over to the desk. "I'll be

right back. Don't run off."

As she walked away, I watched her ass cheeks sway in her skintight shorts. When

Lenee reached the desk, she turned and gave me sideways glance. Then she turned

back to the desk and took a few things from the organizer. She turned around and

walked slowly back. I was amazed by her breasts. They were so firm that they

barely moved when she walked. When she reached the counter, she sat back down

gave me that smile.

"Come on, Lenee, you are just kidding right? Let me show you how to restore me

and you can punish me later."

She shook her head in an exaggerated side-to-side motion.

"Look, I just want to make sure that you don't do anything like that again.

That's all."

"I won't do it again. I can explain how to restore me in a second and then I

will get dressed and then you won't have to worry about it. All you."

I was stopped by another exaggerated headshake and the sight of the object in

her hands. From the tips of her nails, she was stretching a small rubber band

and a roll of Scotch tape on the counter. I was totally puzzled.

"What are you going to do with that?"

"I am going to make sure you do not do anything again. Then I will let tell me

how to restore you. Agreed?"

I started to say no, but realized that it would be a waste of time. She would

pull that hands-over-the-ears-spoiled-rich-bitch crap that she had been probably

using on daddy for years. I nodded in agreement.

"Goody. Hold out your hands with your wrists together. I am just going to tie

them together." ¿Cómo rellenar el Modelo 600?

"And then you will help me?"

"Yes, then I will help you."

I held out my wrists and gently she wrapped the band around them. I was happy

that she made it just tight enough to hold them together. There was actually

some play, but not enough to free myself.

"Good, now can I tell you how to use the devise?"

"Not quite yet. You can still reach little dickie there."

The red nail of her index finger reached out and went between my wrists. With

great ease, she raised my arms over my head. To my surprise, she did not stop

when my arms were fully extended. Instead, she lifted me several inches off the

counter. My fully erect penis swayed in the air.

"Ok. Can I continue now?" the discomfort and frustration apparent in my voice.

"Yes, please proceed," she said as she put the controller face up in front of

her. With her free hand, she began that infernal drumming.

"Good. All you need to do is push that button that says reset. It will restore

me to the size it was set for before, in this case, my normally height."

"Wait a minute, so if it was set at six-inches and I set it for nine and kept

hitting reset, you would bounce back and forth between those two sizes?"

What was this all about?

"I guess so, I never really thought about it. Anyway, all you have to do is hit


"I know. I am just curious. How would you change your size to a different one?"

"Look, just hit reset."

"Not until you tell me how to change you to a different size," she said as she

began to jiggle my tiny body up and down.

"No, come on already."

"Tell me and then I promise that I will hit reset."

"All right, you just turn that dial until the size you want appears in the

display. Then you press the activate button. Ok, now use the controller."

"Ok, what ever you want. You don't have to be so nasty about it."

I was surprised when her free hand went to the dial and not the reset button.

She looked at me for a second and giggled.

"Ok, here goes."

She pressed a button on the watch and instantly my size changed. Unfortunately,

the change was to 4 inches not my normally height. The bitch had tricked me. I

looked at her with hatred in my eyes.

"You lied to me."

"I have never lied to you. It is you that lied to me.'


"Will get to that in a minute. I like you much better like this. I think this

size is much more efficient than the other one, but I am sure that we will find

some uses at that other size."

"What are you talking about 'we will find some uses at that size'? Are you a nut

or something?"

"Hey now that is not nice. We need to talk but first, since you touched, I can."

I tried to break free of my bonds but it was useless. She had left the rubber

band loose to accommodate this size and now it was good and tight. She reached

out with her pinky nail and began to stroke its underside. She giggled like a

little schoolgirl in the backseat of her boyfriends car.

"STOP!" I yelled.

"If you interrupt me again, I will stick something in your mouth to keep you

quiet. Do not speak unless I ask you to," she said as she glared at me for a


Then went back to work. This time she turned her finger so that the shiny red

side rubbed against my hard-on. The feeling of the cool, smooth surface of the

nail was exquisite torture. It provided maddening friction without giving enough

to make me cum. I began to wiggle around in my passion. This made her angry. A

few times, she pulled back her finger with her and snapped me in the balls.

Though this caused excruciating pain, it did not stop me. I was too horny.

"Ok, this is not working. You are moving around too much and I need to

concentrate so that I can talk to you. We will have to try something else."

"How about you cut this @!#$ out and restore my size you stupid bitch."

Fury flashed across her face. She put me down on the counter and held me down

with one hand. With her other hand, she broke off small pieces of tape. When she

had enough tape, she

proceeded to tape me to the counter. My legs were taped as wide apart as

possible and my arms were stretched out above my head. Finally, she secured my

chest and waist in place. I could not move the slightest bit either way.

"There, that is much better. You might lose a little hair when I pull of the

tape, but we have a lot to do and talk about before Heather gets home. There was

one other thing I needed to do. Oh, well, it will come to me."

That was right there was only one-hour and forty-five minutes until Heather gets

home and saves me from this crazy bitch. Just then, I felt that familiar

sensation running across my dick. This time it was far worse. Instead of just

one nail, she was slowly running all four across my suffering dick. I was also

now unable to move away to relief the friction.

"Please stop," was all I could manage when I opened my mouth.

"Oh, yes, that was it. I wanted to stuff up your mouth because you can't follow

the simplest of rules. Now I could just tape it shut, but that would not much

fun. What should I do?" She put her hand on her chin as if thinking, all the

while torturing my helpless hard-on. Then she raised a finger to her lips as if

this would increase her brainpower. This seemed to give her an idea. "Fffff.

It's funny how we give ourselves ideas sometimes. Here I am trying to decide

what to put in your mouth and I put a finger to my lips and whammo. Don't you

get it, I am going to stick my pinky in your mouth."

She put the pinky of her freehand over my mouth but I bit down hard. She gave me

a "foolish little man" look. She put the tip of the nail between my lips and

prepared to push.

"Now little man we have a few choices. You can be smart and open your mouth or I

can push down and A) possibly break your jaw, B) push to hard and go through the

back of your throat or worst of all for you C) I could break a nail and then you

would really suffer. What's it going to be?"

Knowing she was right, I opened my mouth and her fingernail came in. It pressed

against the back of my tongue and caused a bit of discomfort. It also aroused me

beyond description to have one of the nails I had admired so long, which was now

almost the size of my jaw, inside my mouth. It tasted like nectar from the gods.

For some reason unknown to me, I began to suck on it as her other nails glided

across my hard-on. If I did not feel the terror of the rest of my situation, I

would have thought I was in heaven.

"Ooooh, I like that. You keep sucking. If you stop or try to talk I will stick

my finger in farther. Now I have a few things to tell you and then we have some

things to take care of before little Heather, I guess she is not little to you,

gets home."

I could not believe the sensation that was occurring in my body. At the same

time, it was ecstasy and it was agony. I now know that if you want to torture

someone, you should torment him or her with pleasure rather than pain. It is

more affective. I assure you that if I had any secrets to spill, I would have

spewed them out like a geyser. One good thing was that all though my mouth had

no secrets to explode, my dick sure did and was about to. My tiny body began to

spasm as I approached orgasm, but unfortunately, Lenee sensed this and suddenly

stopped her stroking.

"I'm sorry I have to use the little, sorry to you it is the giant girls room,"

she said as she stood up and pulled her pinky out of my mouth. She quickly

turned and started walking away.

"Wait, please don't stop!"

"A few minutes ago you asked me to stop. I wish you would make up your mind."

She turned back around and started on her way again.

"Wait, you can't leave me like this."

"Like what?" she asked coyly.

"You know," I said.

"Don't worry I will only be gone a second, and by the way you broke the rules by

talking again. Guess I have to punish you some more." she said as she

disappeared into the bathroom.

Good more punishment. While she was gone, I began to think about what I had

gotten myself into. I was in trouble, that was for sure, but so far, it had been

almost pleasurable. When she came back, she would probably continue with her

"nail job" and I would get to cum. Besides, Heather would be home in an hour and

a half. Overall, it had been kind of fun. Thankfully, Lenee was just teasing my

cock a little and did not think as Heather had in those journal entries. If she

had thought up those things, unlike sweet Heather, she would do them to me. That

would be a nightmare. No this was all right and though technically it might be

cheating, I might get to cum at the hands of the most physically beautiful woman

I had ever seen. Besides, it wasn't cheating if I had no choice.

Just then, I heard the click of Lenee's shoes. She walked over to the counter

and sat down.

"Ok, where were we?" she asked. "Oh, yeah."

Her hand moved back and she began slowly rub her nails across my now semi-hard

dick. It immediately responded to the stimulation. My breathing became heavy and

rapid. Regrettably, she did not gag me. I guess she forgot about that part of my


"Man, you are excited, little man. Anyway, we need to talk. First, I am very

disappointed that you lied to me. You called me a bitch and then said that you

didn't. Then you said you thought I was Heather when I came in, but if that is

what you thought why didn't you jump out and yell surprise when I opened it. You

were cowering in fear. That is not how a man in love acts. And your third lie,

well, I don't have to remind about your embarrassing masturbation display after

your promise, do I? You just don't respect me."

"No, .I didn't.lie," I said as I gasped for breath. I was so close I could taste

the relief. But then, once again she stopped again.

"All right if your going to lie about lying, all this stops now." She glared

down at me with an angry look on her face. I could not let her stop now, I was

too far gone.

"Ok, I lied but so did you. You said you could help me and that you would press

the reset button."

She smiled and began her stroking again, but this time with less pressure and

speed. "I never lied to you. Yes, I said I could help you and I can, meaning

having the ability, but I choose not to. And about pressing the reset button, in

a little while I will press it so many times that you will beg me to stop. I

also want you to know that you have hurt my feelings this year. I have tried

everything to entice you away from your Heather and you have not been

interested. That made me feel so small. Oops, sorry," she said with a pout. "Ok,

it is getting late and I have a few things to do before Heather gets here. So,

you stay here and no talking please. I will be right back.'

And so it was that when I needed just one more stroke, she stopped. It was like

she had a sixth sense about this. In reality, it was probably that after years

of teasing men, she knew the tell tale signs. She stood up and started to turn.

"No, please don't go."

She shook her head and smiled. "Now, I knew you would come to like having me

around if you gave me a chance. However, again you disobeyed me. I guess I will

have to take you with me, but the problem is I need both my hands. Let me


I was still extremely excited. I needed to cum but she was letting me cool off

so that she could build me up again. I had figured out the game. I watched as

she drummed a nail on her front teeth and thought. She was, or was coyly

pretending to be, perplexed. Then her face lit up and she smiled.

"Got it. I'll be right back."

She turned and walked over to the desk again. As soon as her back was turned, I

closed my eyes and tried to pull my right arm free. I had no thoughts of escape,

I knew there would be nowhere to run; I just wanted to jerk myself off to

ejaculation while she was gone. I was concentrating so hard, I did not realize

that she had returned until I heard the drumming of an index finger next to my


I opened my eyes and looked to the side. I saw several rubber bands, a piece of

string, and an assortment of beads. The beads belonged to Heather. She liked to

make her own jewelry.

"See, you want me to stay, but the minute I turn my back you try to escape. How

do you think that makes me feel?"

"No, I wasn't trying to escape. I was."

She put a finger over my mouth and made a sshhing sound. She took her hand away

and looked through the different sized beads. When she found one, that was the

size she was looking for, she picked it up and put the string through the hole

in it.

"There. This ought to keep you quiet for a while. Now open wide and say aah."

She slid two nails of her right hand under my head and lifted it. With her other

hand, she picked up the bead and put it over my mouth. I held my mouth closed as

tight as I could.

"Do we have to go through your option again," she said as she started to press

the bead down against my lips. I immediately opened wide before she broke my

teeth. The bead was a tight fit, but it made it in. She then made a knot at the

back of my head. There was no way I could talk and I could tell that I would

probably be drooling since it was hard to swallow.

"There. Now I think you are going to enjoy this next part. I have to remove the

tape. Sorry this is probably going to hurt."

She looked at me with mock pity. Then she gripped the tap around my wrist and

pulled. It hurt, but not as bad as I thought it would. Probably because there

wasn't too much hair on them. Then she removed the tape around my hair ankles.

It ripped out every hair and I screamed into the bead. There was no sound but

she could tell how much it had hurt. As she carried the tape from my left ankle

over my body, she accidentally dropped it and it landed on my cock. Pretending

to grab it, she pressed it down on my dick. The tape covered a good deal of it

since it had become semi flaccid.

'Oh my God. I am so sorry. I am afraid to pull that on off. Let's leave it on

for awhile. Maybe it will fall off on its own. We just need to clean it up a

little and wet the glue."

To my amazement, she leaned her head forward and put her mouth down on my cock.

She was biting the tape that hung over the sides. Her lips brushed against my

cock and the feel of her warm breath so close to my manhood caused it to stir.

She kept her head down there far longer than it took and I could feel the loose

skin on my penis being pulled by the tape as it hardened.

I craned my head to look at what she was doing. Once she had made a slit on each

side of the tape, she raised her head a little and stuck out her tongue as far

as it would go. She lowered her head until the tip of her tongue was on the tape

that was on my cock. I lay my head back and saw that she was staring right into

my eyes. Her eyes smiled as her hands grabbed the slit side of tape and slowly

started to pull it away from my tongue-braced cock. It must have taken her

twenty seconds to pull the tape ends off. When she finished, she licked my balls

and cock several times. Then she pulled her head back about five inches and to

my amazement, spit a huge amount of spittle on me. It began to run down the

sides of my stomach, inner thigh, and of course my cock and balls. The tape

pulled and was causing excruciating pain.

"There now let that sit for a while. Now this will be real fun. I knew these

nipple rings would come in handy other than just arousing me."

I watched as she began to work the ring out of her right nipple. When she had

gotten it out, she brought it to my wrists. I tried to pull them away, but I was

no match for her. She put loop around the rubber band on my wrists. She pulled

the ring and my arms over my head. She pulled the tape off my waist and chest. I

tried to get up and run, but found that without my hands it was useless. She

shook her head in disbelief that I would be so foolish as to think I could get

away. She let out a chuckle and turned her gaze to my cock. It was hard and

twisted in a curve because the tape would not give.

"Well, sorry, I guess it didn't loosen that much. Let me clean you up a little

and then I am going to have to pull it off." I shook my head violently from side

to side. "Oh, poor baby."

She leaned her head down and began lick the lower half of my body. Her tongue

was able to cover most of my lower half. Though she had probably cleaned the

spit off me in three licks, she continued to lap at me for two minutes. I could

feel pre cum on the tip of my dick as she pulled her tongue away. I looked at

her face and wanted to kill her.

She slid her pinky nail under the tape at the top of my cock. She started to

pick away at the tape. My body started to rock up and down on the counter. Each

small scrape was a combination of heaven and hell. I was so consumed that I did

not notice that she had let of the ring until her hand was holding me down on

the counter. She continued to peel the tape away until I finally felt it come

loose and my cock sprang forward. When I opened my eyes, I saw that she was

dangling a small piece of tape from her nail over my face.

"There now that was not that bad. Now for the fun part. I really think your

going to like this. Now, my tits a strong, but I am afraid they are not strong

enough to support you at you present size. I think I can handle an inch and a

half, how about you?"

I had no idea what she was talking about. I was still in a great deal of pain.

The first I realized something was going on was when my body shrank. As I shook

the cobwebs from my head, I felt my body being lifted off the counter. She held

the earring and me up to her breast. At first, I was facing away from her tit so

she turned me around. I found myself face to face with the largest breast in the

world. Slowly, she started to manipulate the earring into the hole in her

nipple. As she did, my body began to sway from side to side. My extending cock

rubbed against the smooth skin of her breast and I began to understand what this

was all about. When she finish putting the earring back on, she pulled her hands

away. Her nipple stretched and leaned slightly forward. Though she was standing

still, I was swaying from her breathing and my cock was already straining to

burst. A part of me could not wait for her to move so that I swing more rapidly

on my ride.

"Oh my, you are heavier than I thought you would be. I can tell you are going to

get me really horny you dirty little man. I hope you are not a tease. I hate a

tease, don't you? You better be able to deliver later or I will be upset."

What was she talking about later. I looked at the clock and saw that Heather

would be home in about an hour and fifteen minutes. She started to walk and I

started to wobble. Earlier, I had thought her breasts did not move, now I knew I

had been wrong. I was moving up, down and sideways with no clue as to what

direction was coming next. All the while, my cock brushed the velvet skin of her

tit. First the right side rubbed, then the left, top, bottom, and straight on

with its head. This was amazing and worth the ordeal with the tape.

First, I bounced with her into the kitchenette where she got a trash bag. Then

my cock rubbed against her as she walked back to the counter. She bent down and

picked up my clothes. She rose quickly, and this motion set me into a

forward/backward rocking motion. This movement, sent my cock into a stabbing

action. I bounced back and forth like I was trying to puncture one of her

balloon-sized breasts.

She pulled my wallet and the ring out of my pockets. She put the ring that I had

bought for my beautiful Heather, who would not be the first to wear it now, onto

her ring finger. I began to kick at her tits.

"Hey, take it easy. My nipples are a very powerful erogenous zone for me. You

can't imagine how horny you are making me, and I can't stop to get satisfied

now. That's not very nice of you. I never thought you were the kind to get some

horny when you knew they could not get any relief. By the way, the ring is

beautiful. You have great taste, except for the fact that you chose Heather over

a couple of nights of ecstasy with me."

She took the ring off and her movements started me swinging again. She put the

ring and my wallet into her purse. What the @!#$ was she up to. Then, with an

exaggerated movement, she shook air into the bag until it was open wide. This

sent me shaking in all directions. At all times, my dick was assaulted by the

giant breast. However, I was not sure whether I could cum this way since the

contact was still not constant enough..

She picked up my clothes and put them in the bag. Then she grabbed the Chinese

food, ring box, and card, and put them in the bag as well. She tied up the top

of the bag and started walking to the door. I could not believe it when she

opened the door and walked out. It is one thing to walk out into the hallway of

a coed dorm with no top on. It is another thing to do with a tiny man hanging

form your nipple ring. As big as an exhibitionist as she must have been, I found

this very exciting. She dropped the bag into the garbage shoot in the hallway.

What was with this girl?

She walked back into the suite and shut the door. Lenee walked over to the

radio, and reached out her hand. She flipped a switch and the room was filled

with music.

"I thought you might like a little music. I love music and dancing."

She walked over to her bedroom and got the suite case she had packed the night

before. She shut out the light and walked into the den-kitchenette. As we

reached the center of the room, the song changed to a hot dance song.

"God, I love this song. What did you say? Oh yes, I would love to dance. Thank

you for asking."

She began to undulate and dance in a wild fashion. My body wobbled in all

different direction. My cock was hitting her tit so often there was no doubt

that I was going to cum his time. She began to sway rapidly from side to side

and so did I. I knew that I was just seconds away from release. I guessed that

now that she was ready to go, this was how she was going to end it before

Heather came home.

Suddenly, she began to wobble her tits so that I began to move in a rotating

fashion like the tassels on a stripper. The rapid circular motion kept me away

from making any contact with her breasts and was making me extremely dizzy. This

continued until God had mercy on me and ended the song. I was so disorientated I

could not see straight and I began to fear that I would puke and choke on it. At

this point, I passed out from all that I had been put through.

When I came to, I found that Lenee had removed me from her tit. As my eyes began

to focus, I noticed that she had put her suite case and pocketbook by the door.

I realized that I was back on the counter again. I was in a strange position. My

legs had rubber bands holding them together. The rubber band around my ankles

was joined to the rubber band on my wrists. I was hogtied so that my body formed

a sort of circle. I turned my head to the side and looked at Lenee.

"Oh, good, your awake. Thank you for the dance, sorry if I got a little rowdy.

It is your fault for getting me so excited. I can't control my actions when I

get that way. Well, it is time for us to go."

Go? What was she talking about? Heather will be home in a little while. She

wasn't really going to take me out of here. Oh God, no! I could not handle this.

I began to weep.

"What's the matter? On no, did you think that this was your punishment. Oh no,

this is a treat that you will hope for in the future. Your punishment is to

never be with your precious Heather. Your punishment is to be my slave and

plaything. You should have accepted my advances when you had a chance of

surviving them."

She smiled that smile and took a second to wallow in my agony. I began to sob


"There, there. Now if I remember correctly you wanted to be a ring. Since you

can never be Heather's, will you be mine?" she said with fake sweet smile. I

shook my head violently. "I'm hurt. Unfortunately for you what you want doesn't

matter anymore."

A giant hand came down and I was grabbed between the index finger and thumb. She

lifted me up and slipped her ring finger between my back and my tied hands and

legs. She pushed me down her finger until I was against her knuckle. Slowly,

Lenee rotated my body until my cock stood straight up like a diamond. It was as

simple as putting on a real ring. She raised her hand up to the light like she

was admiring a valuable stone.

"What a beautiful ring," She said as she turned her wrist admiring me from all

angles. "Actually, with your cock sticking up like that you look like one of

those lollipop rings we used to get when we were kids. I wonder if you taste

like one."

With that, she stuck my cock in her lips and started sucking ever so slightly.

It quickly sprang to attention. I was so horny now that this wind of a gnats

wings would get me stiff. Then her talented tongue pressed its way to the inside

of her lips. She kept her lips around my poor hard-on, while her huge tongue ran

delicately from side to side between her lips. This produced a feeling of

unequaled pleasure. After only a minute of this I was ready to spew. Then, of

course, she stopped.

"Mmmm, tastes like a lollipop too. Ok, I guess we're out of here." She walked

toward her suitcases but suddenly stopped. "Damn, I almost left without my

journal. See I have been fantasizing about having a tiny slave for a long time

now. I have been doing research on the Internet and improving on it. I might

want to make notes later or get some ideas, so I am going to burn a copy of my

"Private Journal."

Oh, dear God, no, I thought.

"Damn, I almost left without my journal. See I have been fantasizing about

having a tiny slave for a long time now. I have been doing research on the

Internet and improving on it. I might want to make notes later or get some

ideas, so I am going to burn a copy of my "Private Journal. I kept it on here

because my computer has been broken and I wanted to keep up on it."

Oh, dear God, no, I thought. I could not believe this. I had worked so hard to

created this not for Heather, but for this evil bitch. Now I was trapped, tiny

and helpless, with a woman who thought like a demon from hell. I wished I were

dead. That would be better than the torture and teasing she would put me


She walked over to the computer and turned it on. As she moved the mouse around,

she brought me back to her lips and began the tongue torture again. My bonds

held me so tightly I could not move a muscle. I could do nothing but pray that

she would make a mistake and let me cum. She did not. Just as I neared climax,

she pulled me out.

'There all set now. I just need to put my shirt on and we are out of here."

Was she really going to wear me outside like this? Perhaps someone might see me

and save me. I began to have hope as she walked over, picked up her shirt, and

put it on. She put the strap of her purse over her shoulder and lifted the bag

with the hand I was not on. She walked out the door and I walked into hope.

She started down the stairs. She brought me to her lips and started humming a

happy little tune as she went along. The vibrations were intense against my

already overexcited cock. Then suddenly she stopped and brought the hand I was

on quickly down to her side.

"Heather, hi. What are you doing home already?"

"I was able to get them to let me out early. I figured I would surprise Conrad

and help him set up. What are you doing here still?" She asked in a jealous and

suspicious tone.

"I was just hanging around. I figured I would leave as soon as Conrad got here.

I really did not want to stay away from my usual bed tonight. Figured I would

get as much time as I could here."

Great. Heather was here. My hopes floated to the surface now. Honey, I sent

telepathically to her, look down at her hand.

"Did Conrad just get here?"

"No, actually, he hasn't shown up yet. I was just getting thirsty so I figured I

would leave and get a shake from Basken Robins. I am very hot for some reason."

"Conrad is not here yet?" Heather asked with disappointment in her voice. "He

said he was going to come real early."

"Don't worry. I am sure he is close to the suite right now," she said as she

curled up the hand I was on. Then to my utter astonishment, she raised her hand

and began gently caressing Heather's cheek with it and with my penis. Her skin

was smooth and warm. I could not believe that she did not notice me here. I

hoped that perhaps some pre cum would leak out and alert her. As she continued

to tenderly stroke he cheek she said, "You have a good guy there. Have a great

night, Sweety."

"Thank you, Darling," Heather said as she walked past us toward the suite. My

heart sank. That might have been my last hope. I was distraught and a bit

confused by the affection that had occurred between them. Lenee brought me back

to her lips and started to hum her song again.

"Ummm, you taste like Heather now," she said and then put me back in her mouth.

What did that mean I wondered as she continued to hum her song as we walked out

to the parking lot. She varied the tune so that the vibrations were

unpredictable, violent and hard one second, soft and sweet the next. It would be

a very long walk to the car.

When she got to her Porsche, she used my hand, to get the keys. I was inserted

into her leather purse, and wiggled around until she found them in the clutter

of makeup and perfumes. She then pulled me out, opened the lock and climbed in.

she turned the key and the engine began to hum. She put the automatic

transmission into gear and we started move, carrying me away from any hope of

rescue and toward a night of the devil knows what.

"I don't know about you, but I am so horny right now I could scream. It's all

entirely your fault you know. Now that we are on out way, I need to take of

Giantess Stories: The Best Laid Plans

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