Giantess Stories: THE BIG CAMPING TRIP  by ljlenhart

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by ljlenhart

I was camping in the woods with my to friends Kelly and summer they both go

to school with me. my name is Tom we are all in the sixth grade there is one

week left of school. we have been friends for two years. the radio said that

there is a bug in the woods that black and green do not get choose to it changes

peoples height if you do get bite go srate to the doctor as soon as you get

bite. there is a lot of bugs outside where we all where. the two girls and I

where play cards. one of the bug that matched the bug that was on the radio then

it bite me it did not look like any other bug I have ever seen. I started to

fell funny the world was spinning and it was completely disorienting the world

was getting bigger the girls was look at me weird. I was at there shoulders they

were getting bigger it was scare there looked like they were 1000 feet tall to

me they both smiled at me. Kelly grabbed me and heeled me up to her face looked

like a BILL BOARD but that was a under statement. I was trying to get free i was

no match for her no matter how hard i tried the harder it got. she whispered in

my ear and told me to not fight I was her's and summer's toy then they both

smiled at me. she put me on the table. I asked them to let me go they said no so

they started to throw card at me they where the same side as me one card came I

just missed another same one card it was hard not to get hit by the cards and

the girls stopped play cards with me and then summer grabbed me kisses me all

over my body. she said Tim we were going to have some fun with you in the tent.

we got in the tent both of the girls took their shoes and socks. summer grabbed

her sock and put it over me it smelled good but I could not get out of there I

heared a lot of laughter . summer pulled the sock up to her face and smiled at

me she said are you having fun. then she grabbed me from in the sock and put me

on the floor. Kelly told to eat are toe jam so I ran as fast as I could she got

me and told me that if I did not then I be punished for not doing what she said.

Kelly put me back next to her feet and told me to do it again and I told her it

is me Tim please do not do this im your best friend im not your toy im your

friend. Kelly said you are a toy not person. then fine I will have to punish you

she grabbed me and she took her to two finger and hit and hit me I all most

cried . my body me hurt all over so summer grabbed me and held me in here hand

for a while until I felled better. after I fell better I told Kelly that I was

sorry about not doing what she said so she said that is ok just do not do in

again or easel it will be harder. she put me next to feet and said eat your

dinner toe jam so I did what she said and ate it the girls were laughing you ate

every bite. it is me Tom your best friend why are you doing this to me i'm a

person not a toy please take me to the doctor no you are a toy are we own you do

what we say or you will die like bug under are foot. it tasted good i all was

loved there feet now. I can have fun with there feet all the time. When done

from eating her toe jam Kelly tolled me to lice here toe clean when you are don

you have five other toes to clean so i did it taste so good but they told me to

go bed but what feet is going to be your bed do you like to sleep with summer or

me i will sleep with Kelly. summer said that we will have fun with me tomorrow.

good night tom thump both girls laughed. you will need it because you are going

to have a big day tomorrow . to be continue....

I woke up at Kelly's feet. I look up at Kelly with her smiling at me and she

told me good morning little man time to be or slave just then summer grad me put

me in her sock you need to worship me feet or you will die like a bug under me

feet I did what I was told and worshiped her feet like I never did it before. it

seemed like forever. tom we or going for a walk with you hope you do not made

that you came a long with us mini man hahahah!

after about a hour in to the walk summer's feet start to stunk and the pressure

was bad every time she stepped I fillet a lot. the smell was very bad I pass in

and out of conches the hour or two like that. we got back to the camp site she

pulled her shoes of for them to breath it was a changes for me to get some fresh

air I was still in summer sock. a minute later she tock me out of her sock.

Kelly and summer where both looking at us like they where planning on what to do

with me. Kelly said lets go fishing Tom you will be the bate both girls smiled.

they grad the fishing pull and me we all where going to the river they tied me

to the end of the line Kelly put me in the water and two sec later a fish the

size me I was scare I was coming right for me fast it was almost there and a

bigger fish came up be hide it and eat it up I a half sec it was gone it come

for me I bite me hole the fish inside was dark and cold. I now I was die then I

seen Kelly's hand grab me and safe me from death. that night me eat the fish.

after dinner the girl's had marsh mellows I sat on there lap and talked after a

well summer give me a pieces of marrow it was good I hate it up fast then I

fillet weird the world was spinning fast and things become bigger and bigger I

fell a sleep I woke up the next morning in Kelly's hand in the car I think we

were going home to here house. summer said sleep little man you going to meet

outer friends today so sleep there all coming over to meet you good night tom

thump you will woke with friends.



Giantess Stories: THE BIG CAMPING TRIP  by ljlenhart

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