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The Binge or Think Mega

Name: LBP

Lucy watched as Alisha lifted the bar up and exhaled, then slowly set the bar

back down and repeated the move. She watched the sweat lightly form at Alisha's

brow and was captivated by Alisha's tighening muscles. Lucy counted at almost a

whisper. She found herself attracted to Alisha, but didn't think Alisha would

feel the same. She wondered if Alisha would be mad at her. Lucy realized she had

counted to the limit.

"That's ten," she said coming out of her day dream. Lucy took a drink from the

water bottle.

Alisha set the bar down with a groaning sigh. Alisha sat up from the bench and

reached out for the water bottle. Lucy handed it over. Alisha drank like she

hadn't tasted water before.

"You're looking good today," Lucy said.

"No, I'm not. Look at me, I'm fat," Alisha stood taking another drink. Alisha

was in no way fat. She was six foot six with shapely hips and large 38C breasts,

but not fat. She had toned muscle all up and down her body which looked really

good with her naturally tan skin. She pulled a bit of her auburn hair back and

looked at Lucy with round, hazel eyes.

Lucy watched as Alisha towered over her, "You're not fat. You're just big."

"Everyone's big to you," Alisha smiled. She was right. Lucy was four foot

eleven, if even that. She had a skinnier build than Alisha, with 34C's and a

tight little butt. She really didn't need to work out in Alisha's opinion.

Lucy tied her long brown hair back and set her hands on her hips, "Are we done?"

"No," Alisha answered.

"No?" Lucy asked surprised. "Aren't you tired?"

"Yes, but... Sitting around being tired isn't making me smaller."

"Alley, nothing's going to make you smaller," Lucy sighed. "I told you, you're

six and a half feet tall. You're just big. Brooke Sheilds is big, too."

"Is Brooke Sheilds six and a half feet tall?"

"I don't know. You're both just big," Lucy answered unsure who won the argument.

"Yeah and I hate being big," Alisha said looking into the mirror. Seeing herself

next to Lucy made her realize just how large she was.

"Look at me, I'm huge. Big arms, big legs, big ass."

"But it's a nice ass," Lucy answered without thinking. She quickly corrected

herself. "You don't have a flat bottom. It's very curvy. Like Jennifer Lopex.

Guys like that."

Alisha full lips formed a smile, "You think so?"

"Honey, I know. I am waaaay to little for some guy's tastes."

"Yeah well, I still hate being big."

"Come on, I'll take you to lunch."

"No, its all right. I'm not eating. Haven't eaten in two days."

Lucy folded her arms, "You're going to make yourself sick like that, its not

going to make you smaller."

Before Alisha could answer, Ted was walking over to Lucy and Alisha. He was

about six two and you'd never know he was a body builder just by looking at him

because he had a rather lean body type.

"Hey ladies," smiled to them.

"Hey," Alisha said quietly. She never knew what to say to him.

"Hello, Teddy Bear," Lucy grinned.

"Hey, ummm... Alisha," Ted ventured. He looked at Lucy quickly and Lucy

understood to walk away. "I was just wondering if you'd like to go out Saturday

night. Maybe just the usual dinner and a movie?"

"Ummm... yeah. That sounds good," Alisha nodded in a daze.

"Great," he grinned. "We'll talk some more tomorrow. I've got to go right now,

so I'll see you later. Bye."

"Bye," Alisha waved. Ted walked away and Lucy walked up again.

"See," Lucy said to Alisha. "There's nothing wrong with you."

"Yeah," Alisha answered. But in her head, she felt even bigger than before. Lucy

seemed to get smaller and smaller as she chattered on about how everything was


"Right?" Lucy finished.

"No," Alisha answered. Lucy became full size again. "Now I've got to look even


"Just stop think about it," Lucy sighed trying to be as positive as possible.

"Let's just get something to eat."

Lucy led Alisha to the gym's cafeteria. Alisha went along with her, she was

feeling a little hungry anyway.

Part 2

The two women were sitting down in the gym's cafeteria, eating a quick lunch.

Lucy's was quick, but Alisha was still eating.

"I've never seen you pack it in like that before," Lucy said watching as Alisha


"I haven't eaten for two days," she said. "And I just finished working out."

Lucy quickly decided to change the subject, "So what are you going to wear?"

"See, I don't know," Alisha answered between forkfuls. "Ted was in a hurry and

he didn't say where."

"Well, I think you should wear that white pant suit. It looks good on you," Lucy


"Yeah, thats what I'll wear," Alisha set down her fork.



Lucy and Alisha stood to empty their trays and return them to the cafeteria.

Lucy watched as Alisha walked away. Was there something different about her?

Lucy wasn't sure.

That night, Alisha got home from the gym feeling tired and just ready to chill

in front of the tube all night. She walked into her bedroom and stood in front

of the wall mirror. She WAS big. But she was muscular. She looked at her flat,

tight stomach. Her waist was rather narrow. She had big breasts and toned legs.

Alisha turned around and looked at her backside. Lucy was right, she did have a

big, tight, curvy butt. Alisha smiled to herself, "I am big, and whats wrong

with that?"

Just then, her tummy rumbled. She walked into the kitchen and fixed herself a

big dinner.

The next day at the gym, Lucy found Alisha taking a more relaxed

approach to her workout. Lucy looked Alisha, she was wearing a pink T-shirt that

more than accentuated her large breasts and she had on what looked like a pair

of black Capri pants. Alisha sat up from the curl-up bench to see Lucy.

"Hi," Lucy said.

"Hey," Alisha smiled wiping the sweat from her forehead.

"Want to get on the bench press yet?" Lucy asked.

"Nope. I'm taking it slow today," Alisha grinned, running her hands through her

shoulder length auburn hair.

"Well I'm glad to hear it," Lucy smiled.

"Yeah," Alisha said standing up. "I thought about what you said and you were

right. I'm just big."

Lucy was beginning to regret her words because Alisha towered over Lucy more

than ever.

Am I getting smaller, Lucy thought to herself.

"Hi, Lucy. Hi, Alley," Ted smiled walking over to them. "Hey Alley, I was

thinking we coudl go see that new Angelina Jolie movie tonight."

"Oh, I wanted to see that," she smiled to him. "You know, some people say I look

like her."

"You're much more gorgeous than she is," Ted grinned.

Lucy rolled her eyes but Alisha just laughed and tilted her head back to drink

from her water bottle. As the water emptied down her throat, Alisha's breasts

ballooned and her shirt seemed to become visibly tighter. Lucy watched in

amazement as her friends clothes became tighter. She looked to Ted who was

equally amazed. Alisha's stomach was now exposed and her pants gripped so tight

against her body you coudl clear see the muscle underneath.

"Can I alk to you for a sec?" Lucy asked.

"Sure," Alisha answered.

"No, not you," Lucy took Ted by the arm and walked away him.

"I guess," Ted said as he was led away. "What is it?"

Lucy only answered at a safe distance, "It's Alisha."


"Does she seem, I don't know... bigger to you?"

"Bigger?" Ted almost laughed. They stopped walking.

"Shhh!" Lucy ordered. "She is very sensitive about her size and I think she's

somehow... growing."

"I think," Ted said quietly, "that you're just hanging aroudn with too many tall


"What did you say?"

"You're only, what? Four foot en?"

"Four eleven," Lucy answered as if the other inch mattered.

"Everyone must look huge to you. Its all psychological," he continued a bit


Lucy was starting to get mad, "All right. Fine. I don't care."

"Hey, I've got to get going," Ted said. "Bye."

Ted walked away and Lucy stood there thinking, "Maybe I am getting smaller."

"What was that about?" Alisha asked, surprising Lucy from behind.

Lucy turned aroudn quickly finding Alisha's breast hanging over her head.

Lucy answered as fast she could, "I just told him if he's a jerk to you, he'll

have to answer to me."

"Awwww," Alisha laughed and hugged Lucy close. Lucy felt even smaller in

Alisha's giant arms. She could imagine herself shrinking, shrinking, shrinking

until she slipped through Alisha's arms. Alisha was a giantess and Lucy stood at

only 9 inches high at her feet. Alisha peered down at Lucy over her huge chest

with a big smile, "Oh look how cute."

She picked up th little Lucy and cradled her in her arms, next to her huge, firm


"Are you hungry?" Alisha said in a motherly tone and she lifted her shirt. Lucy

began breast feeding, sucking Alisha's milk. Lucy suckled and watched as her own

breasts swelled bigger and her clothes pulled tighter. Then Lucy felt a strange

but familiar sensation. She started shrinking more. Lucy spat out Alisha's

nipple and was now only three inches high with the body of goddess. Lucy's day

dream ended when the hug ended.

"I'm gonna get something to eat," Alisha pointed to the cafeteria.

"Want anything?"

"Oh, no, no, thanks," Lucy answered uneasily.

"Are you sure? You don't even want a little something?" Alisha said holding up

her thumb and forefinger.

"No really," Lucy answered. "I'm fine."

"Not just a little, tiny bit?" Alisha sqweaked.

"No, you go ahead."

"OK," Alisha walked to the cafeteria. Lucy watched her walk away wondering if it

was just all in her mind.

Part 3

That night, Alisha started getting ready for her date with Ted. She practically

had to peel off her workout clothes. She opened up her closet and took out the

white pant suit. She put on the pants. They fit snugly, but she didn't let it

bother her, "They must have shrunk in the wash."

Alisha was about to put on a blouse but then thought, why bother? She simply put

on the jacket, letting the V-shape of the suit perfectly accentuate her

cleavage. Putting on shoes was another problem all together. None of her shoes

seemed to fit. Alisha refused to be bother by it and so she put on a pair of

sandals and was done with it. At the restaurant, Ted easily found Alisha. She

was a head taller than everyone else there. She didn't seem to notice but it

bothered Ted a little. No, he thought, its just what Lucy said, Alisha is just

probably wearing heels. But when Ted stood next to Alisha he foudn she wasn't

wearing heels and she was taller than usual. He was about to say something, but

then he remembered what Lucy told him about how sensitve Alisha was about her


"How are you?" he asked instead.

"Good. But starving," she smiled. The waiter took them to a table and they sat

down. Alisha ordered immediately while Ted decided to take a few minutes.

"You must be hungry," Ted said as he watched Alisha eat some appetizers.

"Oh, yeah," she said with a mouthful of food. Ted watched in amazement. Was she

getting bigger? No, thats impossible, he thought.

Alisha then took a big drink from her water glass. Sure enough, just like

before, her breasts pulled tighter and tighter against the suit jacket as they

ballooned. She seemed to be ballooning, and becoming taller, too. She didn't

seem to notice though and set the glass down. Ted had an uneasy expression on

his face.

"You must think I'm a pig," Alisha said to him.

"Oh, no," Ted didn't want to complicate the situation any more than it was.

"You're just hungry."

Alisha felt better and was still hungry, so she continued to eat. And eat. Her

body was becoming slightly bigger with every bite. Alisha felt her clothes

becoming tighter and realized how large her breasts were, squeezed into the

suit. She felt big again and all the self-concious feelings came back to haunt

her. The chair snapped with her weight, and broke, Alisha fell onto the floor.

Ted rushed to help her up, but Alisha was too embarassed and so the nine foot

giantess ran out into the night, crying to herself. She was headed for home, Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

until she became hungry again and walked to the nearest supermarket. Once

inside, she didn't bother taking a shopping cart. She began eating food right

off the shelves. Maybe she was hungry from all the running. Or maybe it was

something bigger. Shoppers watched, some in shock, some almost ready to laugh,

as Alisha ate and ate. She grew with every bite. Her clothes pulled tighter on

her, until they were skin tight. A manager walked over to the 12 foot woman who

was kneeling by the chips. He tapped her on the shoulder, "Miss, if you coudl


Alisha turned to him, chewing and stood to her new full height of 15 feet. The

manager foudn himself eye level with her thighs. Her belly overhead was

straining against the buttons of the pant suit and her breasts had scretched the

V-shape into a U-shape. She continued to eat and grew. The manager watched as

the buttons to her jacket blew off and her legs towered higher and higher. Her

pants ripped into a skirt. Alisha was now twenty-five feet tall and so she

stepped ove the aisles when she spotted the produce section and began gorging

herself there. A crowd of shoppers formed to watch her as she ate and grew. She

soon became fifty feet tall and finished the produce.

She had very little room left in the store and so she stood up, busting through

the roof. The people scattered, screaming, and Alisha grabbed more food. She

continued eating and eating and eating, her body growing larger and larger and

larger with every bite.

Ted got onto his cell phone and called Lucy, who was in the process of measuring

herself. She dropped the tape measure to answer the phone, "Hello?"

"Lucy, its Ted. I think you were right. She broke a chair."

"She threw it?"

"No sitting on it. I don't know, it looked like she was growing."

"Where is she now?"

Alisha was now a hundred feet tall in the wreckage of the supermarket. She was

scooping up food in packages and in cans and swallowing them. It didn't matter

what the food was, just so long as she put it in her huge, growing belly.

"More," she moaned. "I need more!"

Without even thinking she scooped up a handful of shoppers and tossed them in

her mouth. She grew and grew. Alisha's body was becoming firmer, tighter and


"MMmmmm, more...," she boomed at three hundred feet and tossed more people into

her mouth. "I'm so hungry."

She tossed another handful of a hundred or so people and expanded to 500 feet in

height. Finding that the supermarket had no more food, and the people were all

running away, Alisha began walking into the city.

"I'm going to go look for her," Ted said quickly into the phone. "Before she

gets too big."

Alisha's huge feet thundered down the street as she grazed for more food. She

spotted a crowd of people waiting in line at the movie theatre and before they

could run, grabbed them up. She poured them down her throat, growing larger with

every body. Some people bounced around her huge face, falling like crumbs to the

ground. Alisha easily picked up the tasty crippled morsels and popped them in

her mouth.

"Mmmmm...," she thundered. "More!"

But as she had become bigger, the people were too small for her to grab easily.

Alisha had to find new sustanance.

"Uhhhh, Ted," Lucy said slowly.


"How big is too big?"

"I think anything over ten feet is pretty big."

"Well, Alley is waaaay over too big," Lucy said as she watched Alisha pass by

her apartment on the twenty-third floor.

"How big are we talking?"

"Ted, I'm surprised you don't see her from where you are."

Ted looked up and across the street. Alisha's head was moving through the

skyline of the city, "Oh my god! Lucy? Lucy?!"

But Lucy didn't answer. The phone then hung up.


"Sir," an officer said to Ted. "We need you to evacuate."


"Are you kidding me?" the office pointed to the giantess in the distance.

"Hey, Alisha wouldn't hurt a fly," Ted said defensively.

"No, but she'd apparently eat a thousand people," the cop answered.

"Hey, you know her?"


"Come with me."

Part 4

Alisha was becomgin hungrier by the moment, whats more, she hadn't eaten in over

two minutes. The unbearable urge rose and in a fit of frustration she took a

massive, lashing bite out of a building. She crunched on it, finding that her

teeth could withstand chewing the metal, glass, and cement. She even got a

little taste of people in it. She began snacking on the building, growing

firmer, tighter and larger with every bite. After devouring all seventy feet of

the tower, Alisha stood at 2000 feet.

Lucy was on the roof of her apartment building watching as Alisha's giant body


"Alisha!" Lucy screamed. "Aleeee-shaaaa!"

She somehow managed to get the attention of the behemouth and the colossal woman

looked down at the roof.

"Aleeesha!" Lucy shouted. "It's me! It's Lucy!"

Alisha knelt down besdie the building, Lucy could only watch as her enormous

friend crushed buildings with her butt. Alisha sat so that the apartment

building rested in her cleavage. Lucy looked on either side of the buidling at

the huge, tan orbs that were Alisha's breasts. Lucy looked up at Alisha's huge


"Lucy?" the giantess seemed to have a hard time remembering. "Lucy, YOU'RE SO


"I know Alley!" Lucy was becoming tired of shouting. "You have to stop eating!"

"BUT I'M SO HUNGRY," Alisha said going back into her trance-like state of

eating. She ripped the top fifty stories off the nearest building and started

eatin it. Lucy watched as Alisha's body grew and grew. Alisha's breasts were

becoming so big that the apartment building was cracking at the sides.

Lucy began to panic, "Alisha! Alisha, stop! Alisha!"

But Alisha didn't hear her, she just kept eating and growing. Her breasts

overpowered the apartment building and clapped together. The building was

crushed and Lucy was shot into the air, screaming, past Alisha's giant growing

face. Alisha didn't hear her mite-sized friend. Lucy screamed as she fell

forever into Alisha's abyssal cleavage. Alisha rose to her new full height of

3000 feet and held her belly, "I NEED MORE."

She swept up some more buidlings and ate and ate. She grew and grew.

By now her body had taken on fantastic proportions. Her breasts were,

proportionately, E-cups and almost completely spherical. Her hips were also

totally semicircular and muscular. They flowed into muscular thighs and legs.

Her waist was still narrow and her belly had the hint a rippling muscle. Her

butt was round, firm and tight. She was also now 4000 feet tall.

"I'M SO THIRSTY," she boomed. Alisha walked to the nearest lake and knelt down

by it. Lucy screamed as she fell out of Alisha's cleavage and into some bushes.

Alisha put her huge lips to the pool and drank. She swelled larger and larger.

Lucy could hear the sound of hr friend growing and watched as Alisha's breasts

once again threatened her life. They would have crushed Lucy for sure had Alisha

not stood suddenly. Lucy felt infintisimally small next to the mile high woman,

like she could fit on the head of a pin. Lucy suddenly had an idea. But she had

to hurry. She took out her cell phone and dialed Ted's cell phone. She watched

as Alisha headed toward the city again.


Ted was on the roof a buidling waiting as a helicopter landed. There was the cop

who brought him there, a SWAT team and a few reporters,

"Lucy? This is a bad time! I'm about to get on a helicopter and try and talk to


"Well, come pick me up!" Lucy said watching as Alisha started taking mouthfuls

of the city again. "I think I can shrink her down!"

"Are you sure?"

"Alisha didn't eat for two days cause she thought it would make her smaller,"

Lucy explained. "If she's thinking about her size, then she thinks eating will

make her grow."

"So how do we get her to stop eating?"

"You don't have to. As long as she stops thinking about how big she is, she'll

lose her appetite."

Part 5

Alisha had become bored with her diet of buildings and so she turned her

attention to forests outside the city. At two miles high, it was easy for her to

grab a few handfuls and still be nearby the city. She ate as many as she could

fit into her mouth and put more in as she chewed. She grew past two and half

miles tall, becoming tighter and firmer than ever.

"I don't even know if we can make it that high!"The pilot shouted as they flew

near Alisha's huge growing thigh. "If we get up there, and it doesn't work,

there's no guarentee we can get you down!"

"We have to try," Lucy pleaded.

The pilot took the helicopter higher and higher climbing against the intense

wind blowing around Alisha's body. Alisha didn't hear or see the flea-sized

helicopter buzz up to her ear.

"I can't take it any closer," the pilot shouted as the helicopter rattled

around. "You have to jump it!"

Lucy closed her eyes and jumped, landing in Alisha's enormous ear. She climbed

as far as she could into the ear canal, holding on to one of the now giant sized

hairs in Alisha's ear. Lucy watched as the helicopter flew away.

"Alisha!" Lucy shouted. "Alisha!"

The giantess stopped dead in her tracks, "Lucy?"

"Alisha, can you hear me?!" Lucy screamed.

"YES, I CAN. Lucy WHERE ARE YOU?" Alisha looked for her tiny friend. "THE LAST


"I'm in your ear!" Lucy explained. A giant finger passed by the ear, causing a

wind storm in it. "Don't do that, Alley! I'll fly right out!"

"SORRY," Alisha answered.

"Alley, listen to me! You have to think about being small! Its the only way

you'll shrink!"

"BUT HOW? LOOK AT ME," she thundered. "I'M TITANIC!"

"You have to think small!"


Alisha ripped up a forestful of trees right from the ground and tossed them in

her mouth. She grew. Lucy watched as the whole cave-like ear around her became

bigger and bigger.

"Alisha stop!" Lucy begged. "You'll get too big to hear me!"


"Think small! Here, think about how small I am compared to you."


"Now, imagine being normal sized. But I'm still small enough to fit in your


"I'M TRYING," Alisha said holdin gher belly as it rumbled for more.

"Now imagine that you're small enough to fit in my ear. Think how small you'd


"OK," Alisha closed her eyes. Her body began to shrink and shrink and shrink and

shrink. Lucy climbed down from Alisha when Alisha became twenty feet tall. Lucy

watched as her friend returned to six foot six.

Alisha looked at the destroyed city, "And this is all because of me."

"I don't think they can sue you, Alley," Lucy smiled. "How do you feel?"

"Full," Alisha grinned.

They backed away as the helicopter landed. Ted ran out to her,


"Ted," she said, remembering the whole ordeal. "I'm sorry."

"You don't have to be sorry, you didn't know what was happening. No one knows

what happened. But it's over."

"Well, not all of it," Alisha said looking at her body. She had kept the

incredible proportions; the breasts, the hips, the butt, toned legs. They were

all impressive and all still there. Lucy watched the two kiss, and couldn't help

but feel jealous. She sighed, and thought about how she made Alisha small, "What

if I was big enough to have her in my ear..."

Alisha and Ted broke from the kiss, and Alisha remembered Lucy,

"Lucy, I wanted to--" turned around and saw Lucy's hips level with her face.

Lucy's jeans had ripped to shorts and her black vest was open as the buttons on

her white blouse strained to stay on. Her belt pulled tighter and tighter as it

rose over Alisha's head. Lucy smiled down at the amazed Ted and Alisha.

"Lucy!" Alisha shouted. "What are you thinking?!"

"Isn't it obvious?" Lucy laughed as her clothing tore apart. She grew and grew,

"Don't worry, I'll stop whenever I feel I'm big enough."

She laughed out loud, "Whenever that is!"

the end (does it ever end?)

Giantess Stories: The Binge or Think Mega  Name

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