Giantess Stories: The Birth of Galaxa By ZZZ      The Cosmos erupted a single strand of pure energy

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The Birth of Galaxa


The Cosmos erupted a single strand of pure energy. The energy travelled galaxies

at several times the speed of light. Upon entering the milky way, the unknown

force began to loose it's tremendous momentum. The energy was soon many times

slower as it approached the only planet thriving with life in the vacinity.

Tearing through the atmosphere, the unknown force hit land with the strength of

an atomic bomb. All nearby houses were instantly pulverized, and anything living

wasn't any longer. Slowly the smoke from the core impact began to dissipate. A

quick flash of light burst from the ground, and then there was darkness. Seconds

passed and a single figure emerged from the chaos. It was beautiful young woman,

whose hair seemed to emmulate the fabric of the universe.

Years passed before anyone dared approach the radiation plagued land.

Fortunately it had been an island, and the radiation was mostly contained.

The first to arrive was the military. State of the art air strike forces were

sent in, followed by battleships containing ground troops.

The story given to the media was that of a nuclear accident. It was accepted by

the general public, but people were in great fear of a repeat mistake. The

military however, knew full well that the incident was far from accidental. It

was something they couldn't explain, and something they had only just begun to


'Base, this is Red Eagle...everything is clear on my sect...what the hell???'

Within the wasteland sat the figure of a young woman, seemingly meditating, and

completly unscarred by the radiation.

'Base, your not going to believe this one...'

The jet-fighters began to circle around the unknown woman's position, awaiting

the radiation teams helicopter.

Minutes later the radiation team arrived and began to deploy. They approached

the peaceful looking woman slowly to inspect her, only to find she was no longer

at her previous position.

A scream was heard from one of the radiaition team members, and everyone turned

to face him. There stood an incredibly gorgeous woman holding a man twice her

girth up off his feet. Her hand began to glow, and a strange energy left the

soldiers face, and entered the mysterious woman's. After a few seconds she set

him down gently on his feet. The woman looked towards the awestruck radiation


'My name is Galaxa, and I apologize, it really was an accident...'

The soldiers were incredibly confused and began to run towards their helicopter.

Galaxa reached for the one nearest to her. In fear the soldier reached towards

the backpack on his radiation suit and pulled out a blade. In a blink of an eye

the soldier's arm was ripped off.


The soldier fell to the ground, and was soon dead from the combination of blood

loss and radiation poisoning.

The helicopter was now lifting up off the ground as fast as they could get it to

go. But it wasn't fast enough.


The soldiers couldn't believe what they were seeing. Although they were rising

higher and higher in the helicopter, they were still able to see the mysterious

woman. No, she wasn't rising with them as far as flight, she was rising with

them in terms of growth. Galaxa's body began to swell in size and muscle as the

galaxies seemed to flow through her hair. Up and up her body lifted in size and

girth. In almost no time at all Galaxa was close to 70' tall. She reached for

the helicopter, but was greeted with a spray of missles. The missles exploded on

her body and to the soldier's shock caused her to grow even faster. Galaxa was

now 100' tall. Letting out an unmeasurably loud scream, Galaxa shattered the

glass of all the surrounding jet fighters, and killed the pilots instantly.

They're weak brain structure could not handle the tremendous sound wave Galaxa

had unleashed.



More fighters were approaching now, but Galaxa was more than ready. Closing her

eyes, Galaxa's hair flowed into the air, and began to spread. Again the cosmos

seemed to flow through it, except for one difference. Pieces of the cosmos

seemed to be flowing out of it. Meteors with a radius of 20' discharged from her

undescribable hair. The impact was sudden upon the approaching jet fighters, and

soon only debri was left. The ground troops were now ready to begin their

assault. Several tanks approached Galaxa and began to fire. Again the same

effect was had. Galaxa was now 500' tall. With one step she was above the tanks,

and brought down her foot instantly destroying several. The explosions underfoot

only added to her growth, expanding her to 1000'. Her size was incomprehinsible

to the soldiers. They no longer knew how to react, but Galaxa did. She leaped up

into the air and landed her full outlayed body atop the confused ground troops.

Every last one was wiped out, and Galaxa only became larger. Galaxa was now

close to a mile in height. She quickly strided towards the remaining troops, the

naval battalion. Galaxa stepped into the water, with tidal waves resulting from

her movements. She leaned down near the battle ships, and opened her mouth. In a

few gulps every single battle cruiser became her first meal.


Why was she here? What were her plans? No one knew, and no one wanted to find

out. The island of Galaxa was never visited again...except for one foolish young

writer whose name started with a Z.


Giantess Stories: The Birth of Galaxa By ZZZ      The Cosmos erupted a single strand of pure energy

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