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The Bot

By Cookiman


Shelly had been waiting for this day for at least 3 months. Her friend, Karen

had promised back in March that the "business" had changed and that new bots

with brand new intelligent properties were coming. The only problem, Karen had

said, was that much of what was new in these bots were based on illegally

obtained "information".

Shelly was single, a professional, and quite beautiful. She had no time for men.

Except for the occasional male-friend, she had no need for them. Shelly had been

a buyer of a unique class of bots for two years now. Although Shelly hadn't

revealed to Karen exactly what she was using the bots for, Karen was certain she

knew. Woman have been buying bots for such purposes for years. Especially single

women. Shelly's tastes were odder than most, but Karen knew that odder uses for

bots have been around for a long long time. Even Karen had used bots in ways

that she daren't tell her husband. But to buy the inteligent kind of bot Shelly

desired, would require Karen to take steps that were... well, illegal. Shelly

would have to pay premium prices.

The Bot

He woke up with a start. He hadn't been dreaming anything memorable but, in his

groggy-eyed state he was keenly convinced that an earthquake had just announced

its presence.

Earthquakes have a strange introduction. First a sickening lateral melting

motion tells you that something is going on. You try to connect it to whatever

your last thoughts were; "How did that itch cause my feet to move?" "Is my alarm

clock set to the 'shake' position?". Then the earthquake slaps you on the side

of the head and tells you exactly how dumb you were to think anything else. The

slap is not a friendly slap of a guffawing neighbor. It is a whack of anger.

He felt the first; expected the second. It didn't come. Instead upon opening his

eyes he was greeted by the visual equivalent. He recalled that he found the

night fitful with the unfamiliar lumpiness of the bed. Well one look and he

could see why; he had been sleeping on a bed of odd criss-crossing ropes. The

ropes spread on into infinity from his feet and off to his left. The sky was

dark except for an odd sun. It was much bigger than the sun he remembered. He

felt he had mistakenly been left on another planet. On his right was a curved

cliff twisting away from him. He made out two nearly identical cliffs on top of

each other. Cliffs aren't supposed to be shaped that way. It was hard to keep in

focus. It appeared to be moving. Slightly.

He closed his eyes again. He took a deep breath and looked again. Now he noticed

that the movement seemed to be in sync with a low slowly pulsing sound. Like

breathing. He looked out again attempting to focus his mind on something.

Nothing, just the earthy ropes disappearing to an unseen horizon and a blackened


"Hi," said a pleasant feminine voice.

He spun around to the left; the voice was coming from behind his head. He stood

up. He was suddenly standing in front of a woman's face where no woman should

be. She seemed to be far away and close at the same time.

"Hello, little one, can you talk?"

He looked at her face. It was tilted to one side but it was unmistakably a face.

Very attractive. Brown hair and brown eyes. His eyes followed the smooth lines

of her chin down past her neck. Her neck seemed to be connected to something

quite large and rounded. He followed the lines of the roundness to his left. A

series of rounded boulders leading to a tan cliff that grew to thirty feet above

his head. The wall was attached to the same cliffs he had seen before.

"Legs!? Wha..?" he dizzily exclaimed.

He awoke for the second time on his chest. Something was massaging his back.

This time He didn't think about earthquakes, just his weird dream.

"Feeling better?" the voice said.

He was, but wasn't. He had no reason to be here. "Why was that woman-mountain

talking to me?" he thought. He turned and looked at her from the corner of his


"Get up! I'm tired of waiting for you!" the mountain said.

He got up. He could feel a breeze coming from her direction. Now the perspective

was clear. She was huge. She was lying on her side, her head propped up on her

left hand. Her vastness was stretched in a semicircle around him. Her right hand

was hanging on her bare hip high above him. She was naked.

"W..w..where am I? What ARE you??" he said, not certain that she could hear from

so far away.

"Who AM I, you mean," she said, and without skipping a beat, "I am Shelly. And I

know what YOU are!"

He thought Shelly seemed an inappropriate name for a mountain.

"You do?" he said with resigned confusion.

"You're a bot and I brought you here!"

"What, what, what... are you talking about?" he said averting his eyes downward

forcing the vision would to go away.

"Don't they tell you these things before you're sold? I swear, I should get my

money back," she said with a grin.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, so if you'll excuse me..."

He turned his eyes fixed at the ground ahead and started to walk quickly toward

the wide space between her elbow and her knee. He had no idea where he would go.

"Hey!! Not so fast! Where do you think you're going anyway?" she said as she

reached her hand down and clasped his waist.

Her hand completely surrounded him. Her palm extended from his just above his

knees to his chest. Her warm touch shocking him into a physical reaction. He

shivered. His eyes could not believe what he was seeing. He must have appeared

to be a 6 inch doll to her. Gently she put him down on the peak of her hip.

"There! Now try to leave!" she said with a triumphant smile. She gazed at him

with bedroom eyes. Her admiring eyes scanned his muscular frame that contrasted

so with her smooth skin. The incongruity of his masculinity in such a tiny

powerless form made her want to laugh. His paltry weight on her hip excited her

. Her loins shivered as she forced her knees close together. She knew he was

totally under her control and she could sense that he knew it as well. She felt

a thrilled as her heart began pounding in her ears.

He peered down. He could see the rounded form of her stomach protruding slightly

beyond the steep descent of her hips curving below out of sight past dark brown

curls into the intersection of her legs. Looking up, the bottom of her smooth

right breast was about eye level to him. Beyond, her chin delicately made

contact with her chest. She wasn't thin but her figure was full and feminine

while her waist was narrow, framing her slightly rounded tummy. Her lower chin

made a slight dip before making the round of her lower lip. She had large

protruding lips. Her sparkling eyes peered high from above her nose.

He scanned the horizon. He could see clearly now that what he first thought was

rope was actually bedding and that she was lying on a plateau. The plateau

itself was surrounded within an enormous cavern. "Wait!" he thought, "This

plateau is a..."

The room was dark. he could make out a chest of drawers looming in the darkness.

A door was opened just a crack and light from the outside drew a bright line on

the floor. A small lamp was lit off to his right; at this height it was

obviously no Sun.

His look seemed to confirm something in her mind.

"Well, I guess I'll have to explain. You aren't much fun this way." she said.

"What do you last remember?"

He remembered going to work, but he had stopped off somewhere. But where?

"I... I guess it was the last time I went in for a checkpoint," he stammered.

He wondered if he had died and had been reconstructed, but if so, he should be

somewhere else; somewhere he could recognize.

"Are you a giantess or have I been shrunk somehow?"

She heaved a sigh and rolled her eyes. It almost toppled him from his perch on

the crest of this living hill.

"Neither" she said. "I am a normal sized woman and YOU are a normal sized bot!"

"No, you are mistaken. I am NOT a... a... bot!" he yelled. "What the hell is

going ON here?!" Frustration was setting in.

Smiling, she thought to herself, "I really can't believe this! But... I guess

it's true. I didn't believe her! This is really AMAZING!!"

"Listen, you ARE a bot! Take a look at your hands and your body. Do your

remember looking like that?" she said.

He did as she told. Something was wrong. These hands were not his hands!! They

looked more like artificial hands. But he could feel them as if they were his

own. His legs and feet too had an odd look to them. A manufactured look. He was

wearing a pair of briefs. The cloth was thick and stiff like it was meant for

drapery. Not terribly comfortable. He was getting scared. She seemed to be


"OK Shelly, please... I ask again, WHAT is going on and why am I here?"

"OK, OK, don't get excited!" she said, "If you must know, you are among the

first of a series of bots that have been, well, shall we say... specially

programmed! You have been downloaded with the mental engrams of a real human

being! Isn't that wonderful?"

He stood there with his mouth open.

"Do you mean to tell me that someone swiped my checkpoint and downloaded it into

a BOT???? ! That's... that's ILLEGAL!" He nearly fell off his perch on her hip.

"No, no, no! I have it on good authority that your checkpoint is safe and sound.

It was just COPIED into a bot! You are a black-market bot! And.... this is the

best part... I had you made especially for ME!" she said with delight as she

poked his stomach with her meter long index finger.

The surreal thought that he was no longer a human being was buzzing in his head.

But he felt the same. Didn't he? He found that he didn't feel different. He

could feel to the touch, and there was no doubt that he could feel fear.

"OK Shelly, I guess ... I ... am beginning to believe you." he slowly said, "But

WHY? Why did you do this to me? Isn't this a bit outrageous?"

"So you think it's outrageous to wake up as a tiny bot on top of a bed with a

naked woman a hundred times bigger than you? Well, obviously.... I'm an

outrageous kind'a gal!"

She laughed and reached her right hand around his waist and lifted him closer to

her face. Her bright brown eyes were sparkling.

"I bought you so that I... I mean WE, could have some fun!" she said as she

wetted her lips and stared sultry-eyed at his tiny body.

"What kind of fun?" he asked, fearing the answer.

"Can you guess?" She rolled onto her back and gently laid him down just below

her bare breasts. Her head was propped up on pillows and her chin rested on her

chest. Her hands were laid at the junction between her abdomen and her raised

legs. The low angled light played shadows across her breast revealing two

beautiful half moons framing her face.

"What kind of bot am I?" he asked.

"A friend of mine told me that they could now make the kind of bots I prefer but

with a BIG difference: It's now possible to get them with REAL human downloads!!

At first I didn't believe her - but I couldn't resist. I can tell you one thing,

you were NOT cheap!" She laughed again.

"It wasn't easy, my friend who sold me my previous bots knows that I have

unusual tastes. Your download was copied sometime ago and it is being used in

all SORTS of applications! I am sure the real you would be quite surprised at

where you've been! Isn't it just amazing what money can buy?!"

"And where are your previous bots now?" he asked.

"Oh..." she paused and smirked, "They are where they should be!" She giggled,

delighted with her obstruction. "I don't think I should say more just yet. Why

don't you just relax and enjoy the new sensation? I bet you never thought you'd

be able to lie between a beautiful woman's breasts, did you my little friend?

Feel free to explore them!"

"Don't you want to know who I am, or... who I was? he asked, hoping she had some

desire to get to know him personally. She was very cute and he really didn't

mind being this close to her.

"No, not really." Her tone was more subdued. "Actually... I just want you to

enjoy yourself! Please don't think about this so much! Just calm down and enjoy

it! I'm not going to hurt you," she said with a lilt.

He had to admit that he was calming down. The scenery was not unpleasant and her

body was warming him. Rational thoughts of what to do next and how to get back

to normal escaped him. "I WAS normal," he thought, "Somewhere out there in the

big world was the real me, totally oblivious of what had happened to his

checkpointed self. There was not much left TO do!". He felt himself beginning to

resign to his predicament.

"OK, OK." he said, "what is it you would like me to do?"

Her eyes lit up again. "I thought you'd never ask! I would like it if you

massaged me. I LOVE to be massaged!"

Her breasts were ample and seemed to be independently alive. The one on his

upper left was stretching upward and seemed to be getting firmer. He climbed up

the slope of her chest between her breasts and climbed horseback-style onto her

right breast. She was holding her breath. He reached out and gently massaged

around her erogenous zone. She was trembling slightly with excitement and began

to breath heavily. He turned to face her and saw that she had closed her eyes,

her lips pulled together into a kiss. Her back began to arch, thrusting her

smooth rounded belly upward. Her hands had approached her privates and she began

to massage herself in synchrony with his slow movements. He could feel her heavy

breath beginning to warm his back as she let out an enormous halting sigh.

Minutes of work brought her close to climax. One free hand gently lifted him to

her right breast apparently intent on a repeat performance. He began in earnest

and lasted until she let out another huge sigh. Then, without a word, she leaned

up onto her elbows. The tilt caused him to begin to slide backwards until he

fell a few feet onto her ribs and continued onto her belly. Her slightly

protruding stomach presented a gentle bed for his own. She laid her hands over

his prone body as she began to think about what she had in store for him. For a

brief moment she felt sorry for this little ignorant creature. He lifted his

head in time to see her with a serious expression as she again wet her lips. His

concerned look brought a reassuring smile to her face.

"That was a very nice massage, my little lover. Why don't you work your way down

a bit lower?" she said.

"You won't be needing this" she declared as her fingers tugged at his loincloth.

Soon it had been torn completely off.

One in each hand, she slowly began to drag his feet downward away from her chest

toward the space between her legs as she again lowered herself onto her pillow.

Soon he was lying face down on her lower stomach with his chest and stomach

resting on her hair, his hips hugging the inside of her thighs. She spread her

legs slightly and reached down below him and began sliding his body up and down

at a slow tempo while pushing his lower body inward. First his right knee then

his left began working their way inside past her lips. Her wetness made the up

and down motion pleasent. He soon found his lower body sliding gently into her.

She felt his body tense as she pushed him in. Even his smallest motions sent

waves of excitement down her spine. Her legs involuntarily closing on him as her

privates throbbed.

In less than a minute he was inside her up to his chest facing her, sliding in

and out under the force of her fingers clutching his chest.. As she pulled him

out, he could just make out her chin in the distance over the hump of her

expansive belly.

The power that she felt over this tiny man, now completely enveloped within her,

washed over her like a dancing flame. She knew that she wanted him inside her

like she had never wanted anything before. Her body ached to consume all of him.

Her breathing had become intense and he could feel her body squeezing him on

each exhalation. Soon he too became aroused and began feeling the thrill of

being nearly completely inside a beautiful voluptuous woman.

Minutes later she again reached climax, squeezing him with all her might, his

organic-robot body easily resisting damage. Another minute and she had released

him from her orgasmic grasp, her arms and legs flattened against the bed with

the weight of exhaustion. He carefully extracted himself and crawled back up

onto her lower stomach. Exhausted and lulled by the gentle rise and fall of her

breath, he fell fast to sleep.

He slept there for about a half an hour before she awoke him with a gentle

stroking of his lower back. He looked up. She apparently had not slept much as

she was alert and carried a curious expression.

"How was that, Shelly? Did I do OK?" he asked.

"Oh yes, thank you very much! I really enjoyed it, but ..." she hesitated and

seemed to be watching him.

"But what?"

"But .... I'm not satisfied." she stated flatly. She felt a thrill building

inside her. She wanted him to know what she was thinking.

"Well you might want to use for a real man for that!" he said, feeling more than

a little offput. He thought he had done pretty well under the circumstances.

She laughed. "No... I don't think that would do it." her grin betraying odd


"Then what?"

She didn't answer, she just covered his body with her hands over her tummy and


"What?" he asked again.

"You know .... you will fit quite nicely in there!" she said as she patted his


Confused, he gave her a blank stare. "Wasn't I just IN there?" he asked?

"No, that's not what I meant! What I meant was .... that, I ... well .. I ... "

she groped.

"What?" he prodded.

"You know, ... how ... after sex, ... men get sleepy like you just did?"

"Yeah, what about it?, he asked.

"Then you also know how women get after sex too, right?"

He thought about it a moment. "Yeah, they want to smoke!"

"What else?" she asked.

"Ahh, they get hungry?" he offered.

"That's right." she said.

"Yeah. So?" he said, still confused.

"Well I'm hungry!" she said.

"I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do about that." he said with some


"Oh yes there is." she said, as she took a big breath, smiled an evil grin,

parted her big red lips and slowly wetted them again with her tongue.

"You aren't seriously thinking about ..." he stammered.

In a slow sultry whisper, "Yes" she said, "I am going to EAT you!".

"WHAT??!" he said. He couldn't believe his ears.

"Of course it's not like I'd bite into you, or cut you up, or anything! I'll

simply swallow you whole without hurting you a bit!" she said, her eyes ablaze

with excitement.

He laughed a nervous laugh. "That's very funny Shelly!!" he exlaimed. "Are you

trying to tell me that you're so hungry that you would EAT me? What do you think

I am, chocolate?" he chuckled.

She couldn't contain herself as the irony of his comment sunk in. "Well, yes as

a matter of fact, you are! You're a chocolate edibot!" she exclaimed with a


"Wait a minute, I'm an EDIBOT??! Why didn't you TELL me!!" he said.

"Well, I didn't want to spoil a perfectly good sexual relationship." she said

with a laugh, "I figured you would freak out if I told you that your organics

were made of chocolate and that I intended to devour you!"

He stared back at her. He could hear her stomach rumbling below him.

"YOU"RE RIGHT I WOULD FREAK OUT!!" he yelled as he began to tremble. "Why would

you want to do this?!"

"You're just like my other edibots I have already eaten! The Edibots I ate

didn't seem to mind, but, of course that made eating them a LOT less exciting!"

she paused, "But you, you're different .... you're far smarter; you KNOW that

you're in trouble!!" she exclaimed with glee. "See? You're starting to shake

with .... antici .... pation!! Now you're getting ME excited! I can hardly WAIT

to gobble you up and feel you squirm inside my tummy!"

"Shelly, I can't believe that you would even joke about such a thing! A real

Edibot, maybe, but I've got the brains and the emotional makeup of a real human

being! Eating me would be cannibalism! Right?" he argued.

"Eating a chocolate man makes me a cannibal? THAT's a good one! .. Nope. Sorry!

I am not going to pass on this wonderful opportunity just because some engram

pattern inside a tiny bot doesn't approve! Besides, I WANT you to disapprove, I

want you to fight back as I swallow you alive!" she exclaimed.

"Shelly, this is nothing more than a power trip you are on. You don't want to

eat me. You simply want to have power over me. Besides, swallowing me could be

dangerous for you, I'm way too big to swallow, you'd could choke and suffocate

for sure!" he said.

"Hah! Is that right my little man? Why don't you tell THAT to the bots I already

swallowed! And I've swallowed LOTS of them! .... You know what they say, ...

practice makes perfect! ...... and I have been practicing just ... for ....

YOU!" she said pausing for maximum affect.

She reached behind to turn on some music. The music had a deep richly rhythmic

chant. She lifted him with her trembling hand and sat herself upright steadying

herself with the other. Her face grew larger as she drew him up. Hunger-lust

began to sweep her face, her wild beautiful hair amplified her expression. Her

free hand reached down between her legs and began the dance again as her whole

body undulated to the rhythms.

She smiled a wicked smile, her eyes wide with excitement. She licked her lips

again in anticipation. With her hand squeezing his chest; she could sense his

fear as the musical tempo slowly but gradully began to quicken. With the rise in

tempo she slowly brought him closer to her face, arching her back so that her

mouth could be positioned directly below his kicking feet.

"Shelly! Please! Don't do this! I am not just ANY edibot, I am a REAL person

with REAL feelings!! You can't treat me like you did THEM! I am DIFFERENT!"

"Oh yes. You ARE different. And I bet you'll taste GREAT!" she said.

His pleading merely fueled her hunger. The closer he got to her lips, the more

she approached a state where he no longer existed as a real human being.

"Hmmmm... down the hatch my little lover!!!" she moaned.

She smiled, licked her lips and rubbed her belly in anticipation. She could feel

her own pulse quicken as her thoughts vanished into a twirl of powerful emotion,

hunger, and lust.

Slowly, so slowly, she opened her mouth, her red lips contrasting with the white

enamel of her teeth. Her perfumed breath washing over him, he began to struggle.

His feet approaching first, her huge tongue sampled his soles.

Closer she drew him. Her lips closed around his calves and she produced a slight

sucking sound while she orbited his feet with her tongue. The difference in air

pressure was striking and he felt himself being pulled inward. Soon, his waist

was completely surrounded by those beautiful lips.

The flavor of his body struck her mouth like a bolt of lightning. Instantly she

could feel her saliva glands go into overdrive sending a chill down her spine

meeting the rising orgasm halfway. At once she released her hand from his waist

and fell backwards onto the bed .

The impact of her head against the pillows jerked his feet sharply toward the

back of her throat. His heart was pounding! He could feel the shape of her

throat with his kicking legs. He could also make out her expression; it was one

of orgasmic ecstasy. Her hand working at a fever, she started to moan ... almost

a hum.

He turned and looked out across the body before him. It was a terrible and

gorgeous sight. Both of her hands were free, one caressing her breasts the other

rubbing her belly and beyond. He could see the shape of it clearly. The thought

that soon he would be on the inside made him panic and he began flailing his

arms, beating her cheeks and chin with his fists.

Her teeth began bearing down across his lower chest as he again pleaded with her

to stop. With each plea, she felt a wave of power roar over her, intensifying

the experience multifold. He flailed at her cheeks with both fists. Just as her

teeth seemed to nearly pinch him in two, her jaw began to relax. But the moaning

continued. As his legs wedged into the tight space behind her tongue and the

back of her throat, the volume seemed to expand. At that moment, he slipped

further inside. Now only his head and neck were exposed, his arms being slurped

inside by her massive tongue, like so much spaghetti.

She could feel his ministrations as she sucked him into her mouth. Her

excitement grow to monumental proportions as she slowed the pace, feeling his

body writhe inside. She could still see his panicked-stricken face as the

strength of her lips took control of his upper body. She rolled her tongue

around him. This bot tasted like Belgian chocolate. Only much, much better. This

one fought back!

She was now at the height of an incredible orgasm brought on by her hand, his

struggles, an intense burst of flavor and an awesome feeling of power. She

tilted her head back. Her hunger could not be assuaged until she fulfilled her

intense urge to completely devour this living man.

One moment later, his legs and waist were being squeezed by her throat muscles

and all he could see were the ridges of her mouth, the bed of her tongue

caressing and massaging his back. Another moment later, his chest reached the

back of her throat. He felt her esophagus squeezing and pulling his legs

downward. He reached out, vainly grasping for a handhold on her backmost teeth.

He was in the midst of a total panic sensing that there was now no escape.

In fact he was the largest thing by far she had ever attempted to swallow, but

she knew how to relax her throat and avoid her gag reflexes; how to let the

intense flavor of his body heighten the lubricating action of her saliva to ease

the journey.

Her hands caressed her body as she headed toward supreme orgasm. She could feel

him slipping, closer, closer, to her awaiting stomach.

In a flash, her orgasm arrived and she threw her head even further back in a

final hard swallow. She could feel the distention of her throat as he inched

downward, the narrow passage of her throat squeezed and pulled him from top to

bottom, its slippery slope providing little to hang on to. In an instant he

found himself sliding at full speed down below her throat.

His motion paused for an instant at the tight entrance to her stomach. In

another instant, he was inside her belly.

She arched her back to expand the volume inside her as she gave out a yell

announcing the peak of her orgasm. As his body settled deep within her, she

could see and feel her distended belly stretch to its limit. Her hands massaged

her abdomen to confirm the reality and finality of her deed. The feeling of

domination and power was total.

"What an experience!" she thought, "I have eaten a living man! And he is still

alive inside my stomach!" She could feel him struggling about inside her; the

feeling prolonging the most intense orgasm of her life.

The pressure of her stomach walls had forced him into a ball. He struggled to

straighten himself and stand but her muscles forced him back. He reached up and

found that the entrance he had just passed through had closed up tight. The air

was heavy and he found his breathing constricted. Her stomach began a pulsation

that he recognized as peristalsis. His body was being massaged as her digestion

juices began flowing around him.

Panicked and out of air, he let out a yell, "SSHEEELLLYY, PLEEESE ..... let me


She could make out his sharp motions within her high up inside her abdomen. She

thought she could hear his voice coming from deep within her. These added

another new touch and her orgasm returned with higher intensity. She screamed

then let out a long breath.

"Ooohh! You were DELICIOUS!" she sighed.

He could just make out her scream and her muffled words echoing in his ears as

mental darkness overcame him.

Soon the activity in her belly faded as a fulfilling sensation descended on her.

She could feel her own body begin making work of him.

She smiled, licked her lips and rubbed her belly in testimony to a satisfying

experience. Soon her relaxed state brought sleep. She couldn't wait to tell her

friend about how she had finally gotten her money's worth. She was content. For



Hours later Shelly awoke. The sleepy memory of the night's events took on a

stark reality as she noticed the remains of a tiny loincloth on the bed beside

her. She instantly placed her hand on her still full belly to confirm her

memory. She had done it. She had become a man-eater with total and absolute

power over a living man. At first the thought brought back feelings of power,

but only for a minute. She began to wonder how the little man felt as he was

digested inside her. A feeling of remorse tickled her conscious. She wondered if

the little man perished quickly. She suspected otherwise as she tried to shrug

off the thought. But a curiosity to meet the man whose consciousness animated

her last meal overtook her. She had to meet him and somehow make up to him.

Giantess Stories: The Bot By Cookiman      PROLOG

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