Giantess Stories: The Bus Trip by Dr Nick      The beautiful Thai lady smiled as her maid placed a bowl of curry before her

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The Bus Trip

by Dr Nick

The beautiful Thai lady smiled as her maid placed a bowl of curry before her.

The maid then produced a covered tray. She lifted the lid, displaying a tiny

tour bus, less than four inches long, perhaps an inch and a half high. Faint,

tiny screams could be heard from inside the bus, and inside it, little people

began to run about in panic. They were tourists whom the maid had shrunk while

they were visiting the city. They were all less than half an inch tall.


The bus had made a wrong turn into an alley, and was stuck. The maid, in a

nearby shop, knew spells, and cast one quickly over the bus. It dwindled

rapidly. As she walked over to the spot where it stood, the shopkeepers around

her closed up quickly, as they knew what would happen next, and did not want to

be called as witnesses, because witnesses the size of gnats are very hard to

hear and don't live very long.

The bus driver leaped from his window and ran. The maid arrived just as he

jumped over a quarter inch crack in the pavement. "Very agile!" she laughed at

the terrified escapee. "Now watch out for my little toe!" Her delicate foot

descended over him slowly as he tried to run further, engulfing him in shadow.

He made a gallant run for it, but in the end it was like trying to run out from

under a falling skyscraper. When she raised her sandal, there was a gooey red

spot like chewing gum stuck to her sole.

She plucked the bus up between thumb and forefinger, and peered inside. The

ant-sized men and women, some on the best vacation of their lives, screamed in

terror when they saw her gigantic eyes. She smiled, placed the bus in her purse,

and went to her mistress's home.


Now the maid placed the bus in the palm of her left hand and gripped its roof

with her right. One little man escaped through an emergency exit and ran down

the crease in her palm, past her pinkie, and leaped to an uncertain freedom,

only to land with a tiny plop in the wine goblet that sat before the mistress.

The mistress laughed, and took a sip of wine. When she placed the glass back,

the little man was no longer in it. She let him lay on her tongue for a mere

moment, savoring her power, and then swallowed him effortlessly.

The maid had by this time removed the roof of the bus. The remaining tourists

were dumped rather ceremoniously into the curry as she turned the bus upside

down over the bowl. There were perhaps fifty of them, swimming in a red inch of

spice and coconut.

The mistress placed her face close to the bowl, blocking out the sky for the

doomed little people. Her smile was to them a cavern, thirty feet wide and

terrifying... She spooned up five of them, blew on them (a small act to her, but

one that pushed around them like motes of dust), and placed the spoon and them

in her mouth.

She did not chew them. She instead enjoyed the way they ran and crawled

frantically over her tongue, spreading the spices with tiny little feet. She

considered how it must be scaring the poor little things, to be trapped inside a

gigantic woman's mouth with no hope for escape. "At least they are so small,

they have much room," she thought. At their size, her mouth, even closed, was


She swallowed the little men and women whole. And then did the same with several

more spoonfuls of people, until only two in the bowl had yet to course down her

terrible throat. She spooned out one itty bitty man and placed him in her maid's

hand, as a small tip.

The maid smiled, and closed her fingers around the helpless little creature. The

last man in the soup was lifted out carefully and licked clean by a tongue that

would have been twenty feet wide to him. His fate was cold, but quick. He was

dropped atop the ice cream dessert nearby, and disappeared into her great maw

with one vast lick. He slid down the back of her enormous tongue and into her



The maid placed her little toy man inside her own mouth for a moment, to make it

easier to clean the dishes. She was careful to allow him air, and if he wandered

too close to her throat, she would roll him on her tongue toward the front of

her mouth. She assumed he must be confused and afraid, as he seemed to wind up

near the back of her tongue fairly often. She finally spit him out into her

hand, and then directed him into a matchbox by pushing him gently with her

forefinger. (He probably found it none to gentle, as the tip of her finger alone

would have seemed almost ten feet long, and her strength knocked him off his

feet several times.) She placed the box in her breast pocket while cleaning, and

then went to her quarters.

She played with her toy well into the night. She stripped naked, and, dropping

him from his box into the monstrous valley of her cleavage, ordered him in what

must have been a voice like thunder to please her. He probably did not

understand Thai, but he knew what she wanted, and literally ran south to obey

her order.

He did his best to prove himself, but the scale of her womanhood was too vast

for him. Her clitoris was almost the size of his body, and, try as he might, he

couldn't seem to move the right way to keep her excited. He was terrified of her

pussy, which to him was a twenty-foot cavern that he couldn't even begin to

fill. He even tried running to her left breast, but could barely climb it, much

less wrap his arms around the nipple. He gave up, exhausted, after several

two-hundred-foot treks from her mons to her tits and back, through the deep

undergrowth of her pubic hair.

She finally lifted him into the air above her face. She tried imagine what he

saw--a vast goddess, almost a thousand feet tall, with breasts like mountains,

hair like forests, feet than could crush a city flat, hands that could hold a

hundred men. To him, her eyes were bigger than his entire body; her nose was a

ski slope; her mouth was a deep, dangerous cave, with teeth like boulders, a

throat fifteen feet high, with a huge stalactite that hung from her palate.

She could wait no more. She had vast power over this tiny man, and exercised it.

Back into her mouth he was dropped. She stood and went to the mirror, where she

parted her lips and gazed at him. He was incredibly small. He was trying to

stand, but seemed to be having trouble as her tongue moved about. He looked

toward her lips, then back at the tunnel of her throat, where her uvula towered

over him. He looked like a little bit of candy, dwarfed by her tonsils.

She flexed her throat muscles, and let him see her huge, black gullet. She could

barely sense him in her mouth, he was so miniscule. She had one last vision of

what he saw: a gargantuan chasm, twenty feet wide, that pulsed and slurped like

a wet hell. He knew he was in the mouth of a gargantuan woman, who could and

would easily swallow him whole.

And she did.

She felt him slide down the back of her tongue, at last trying to struggle

somewhat. She chased him down with a sip of red wine.

Giantess Stories: The Bus Trip by Dr Nick      The beautiful Thai lady smiled as her maid placed a bowl of curry before her

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