Giantess Stories: The Chamber

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The Chamber





I awoke in a tan prison. The entire room had an all too

familiar look to it. Clothes of all types were strewn about the room leaving it

smelling stuffy and of old sweat mixed with perfume.

           Everything I looked at had a tan tint to it so

it made looking out at any one object a bit of a struggle. As I looked out at

the room it self I found it was rather weird. It didn't have a bedroom feel to

it. It felt more like…

           It was at that moment I saw the door open up.

Standing in the door was Larisa from work. I couldn't believe how huge she

looked. I tried to stand up but it was like trying to stand up on a hammock. As

soon as I stood I tumbled back down onto my ass. As I swung helplessly in here

as a wave of air wafted over me causing the prison I was in the sway back and

forth against the wall. I continued to look out of my tan colored prison at the

gigantic Larisa. I couldn't believe this had happened, in fact I couldn't even

remember how this happened.

           The last thing I remember was that I was on

duty, I own a Mc Donald's you see. I am more of a hands on owner so I usually

manage a couple of shifts a week. I had sent Larisa home and that was last thing

I remember. I know there should be more but it's all so fuzzy.

           It was at that moment I saw Larisa's stare meet

my own. Her lips turned up smirking happily as she looked down at me. She began

to head towards me, her foot steps causing the tan prison to swing back and

forth more feverishly. It began to scrap against the wall, the grinding noise

was grating at my ears as she neared.

           Larisa's blonde locks of hair spilled down over

her hazel eyes as she crouched down transfixed onto me. She blew her hair out of

her face. I nervously looked out at her knowing there was no where for me to go.

           I kept asking what was going on but she acted as

if I wasn't saying anything, maybe it was just that she couldn't hear me.

Whatever it was I was left looking up at her as she stood back up continuing to

smile at me.

           I watched her walk over to her dresser and pull

out a small jar. It looked to be a baby food jar. Larisa's eyes lit up with the

glee of a little girl getting a Barbie doll that she has always wanted, or a

teenager getting there first car. She knelt down and spilled the contents of the

jar out onto the floor.

           I watched her eyes lock onto the small man who

was running across her floor. Larisa was just watching him run across one of her

sweaters, however as soon as he cleared her sweater and touched the floor she

lifted her foot up and lowered it down on top of the helpless man. I listened

and watched him cry out in agony as her bare foot was smothering him into the

ground. His arms came up through the gap between her toes. His arms were waving

and pounding against the toe roughly as he tried to beat her toe off of him. I

could hear his hopeless gasps for air, in fact I could hear then a little to

clearly for my liking, but it was the silent diabolical laughing in Larisa's

eyes that scared me most. She curled her foot around the tiny man sealing him in

her fleshy prison. His futile attempts to break her foots mighty hold on him

made me feel his pain. As she uncurled her foot I saw him stuck to the bottom of

her foot. He was glued via her sweat, struggling like a fly trapped in honey.

She then slid her foot into a pair of white slippers. His struggles and cries

vanished as she walked out of the room.

           I didn't find out till much later that he was

crushed to death. I could see the blood stained into her slippers but there were

no remains of him. I couldn't believe this girl had done this. This nice sweet

girl who I hired had murdered this poor man without thought, without conscience.

           I struggled with thought for some time, it

haunted me in my dreams. I would be lying flat in her slipper and then I would

see her foot coming down towards me. The bottom of her foot would land on top of

me, my face would be shoved against her the tender underside of her foot. My

lips would be stuck no matter how hard I tried to pull them away there was no

where for them to go they were stuck pressed up against the underside of her

foot. I would prey for her step down all the way on me just to get out of this

hellish nightmare. Just so I wouldn't have to smell the putrid air but it was

then she did what I had asked she pressed all her weight down on me for her

first step. This was going to be it I thought to myself but no, even with all

her weight on me it wasn't enough to crush me. I would have the unfortunate

misery of living through her first step, her second, her third, and the number

climbing with her every step. I would spend my time praying that this step would

be the one that would do me in but it never happens. The time in which I have no

conscience of just ticks by ever so slowly with me aware of every second, every


           It is usually at that moment I wake up from my

dreams. I say wake up from my dreams because I no longer need sleep. It was one

of the many pleasures which she robbed from me. My body no longer requires the

drug that all of you can so fruitfully enjoy. I can sleep, but I don't need too.

In fact getting into a state where I can allow myself to dream is a struggle in

itself but that is a story for another time. Please excuse me, sometimes I get

off on these little side tangents so I apologize.

           Like I was saying I was looking out through this

tan prison which I have come to find out is an old nylon. An old ratty pair to

make matters worse, they smell like they had been worn a couple of times and

never washed. The smell of her sweat is engrained into the fibers of the nylon.

One would think that they would get use to the smell of these sweaty nylons but

you never do. The smell is just unique enough that you never quite learn to get

use to it and the worst part of all is knowing that each day the smell will only

get worse.

           The smell is not the worst torture though. The

worst part is watching her live her life while I am here. I watch her friends

come and go; her boyfriends come and go none of them so much as caring that I am

here. It's almost like I am just an accepted part of the environment. Some of

them laugh, some of them point, but none of them think of me as human or equal.

I think that is how they can do what they do. To them I am not like them and

this is easiest to tell in Larisa. I know that she thinks that I am not human

and I don't know if I even am anymore. All I know is that I am Larisa's and here

is why. This is where everything starts.

Giantess Stories: The Chamber

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