Giantess Stories: The Cheat

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The Cheat




I walked into my girlfriend's room and she greeted me with

a smile and a kiss. She pulled me over to her bed and whispered in my ear that

her parents weren't home. I smirked as she pushed me down on her princess style

bed. It was a king sized bed with a canopy on it. Everything on the bed was

pink. As she pushed me down onto the bed she began to climb on top of me. I

could smell her tommy girl perfume fill my lungs as she climbed over me.

 â€œAre you sure about this Tracy? I mean your dad”

 â€œIsn't here”

 â€œWont he”

 â€œDoesn't have to find out”

 â€œBut you said you wanted to slow down?'

 â€œI am going slow, fuck me Jack, kiss me, hold me, hug me,

show me why you're a man”

             Both of our eyes lit up as Tracy began to kiss

me passionately. Our lips met like and it was amazing, Her lips parted she

forced her tongue through my lips as she mashed her petite frame against mine. I

was already aroused as she continued to make out with me.

             Tracy finally broke the lip lock and smiled

looking down at me hungrily at me. Her eyes were looking at me like I was a

wounded gazelle and she was the lion on the prowl. I told her to take me now. I

went to flip her over and strip off her pants like I had done with so many other

girls so many other times but as I pushed with all my might I couldn't budge


 â€œTracy, Why are you so heavy?”


            I made my realization to late as Tracy had

already become a giant of monstrous proportions. Tracy lifted herself off of me

and I found myself wedged between her breasts with only shirt and bra separating

me from her now massive mounds. I was only wedged for an instant before I fell

down onto the bed. I bounced twice and began to crawl towards to pillow.

“Where is my precious littletoy going”

“What have you done woman? Have you gone mad?”

            I didn't get a reply as she crawled after me on

all fours. It was a slow methodical crawl as I ran like a bat out of hell.  I

kept looking back to check her progress and she was always right there. I don't

know why I suspected anything different as Tracy was huge.


Her arm started to close in on me. Her body causes the bed springs to bounce up

and down as she lays on her back and continues to reach after me. I gulp as her

hand finally manages to clasp onto apart of me. I  reach out aimlessly hoping

something happens but nothing does.

 Tracy's laughter fills the room and I find myself upside

down hanging over her grinning face. She blows on me causing me to swing like a

windsock,  I try to grab at her nose as I pass by but she merely blows on me

more and I swing past her nose with to much speed to grab onto her nose.


“Tracy why are you doing this to me”“Like you don't know toy”

“Fuck, just change me back NOW TRACY”

“Demanding aren't we. After what you did? I don't know if I

ever will”

“I didn't do anything”

“Oh does the name Tamika mean anything to you?”

“Wait, no im sorry”

“You're sorry huh, well tough luck buster”

“Listen here I”

”No, you listen! How could you do that to me? I thought we

were happy, I was happy and then you did this to me”

“You don't understand it was an accident”

“What you were both sleeping naked and then she rolled on

top of you?”

“Yeah exactly!”


I then bit Tracy's finger as hard as I could. She let out a loud yelp and I

jumped off the side of the bed. I was free falling for what seemed like an

eternity before I hit the ground. I took of sprinting across her room towards

the door. I Looked back to see Tracy Already recovering. She is already off of

her bed and tearing her shirt and skirt off as she chases after me. Seeing her

taking her skirt off gets my adrenaline going knowing that she can now run full

speed without being hampered by her skirt. Tracy's long strides have her caught

up to me in no time. She is almost on top of me as I reach the hallway. Her hand

down comes down grabbing at me as I dive into an air vent.

  â€œYou little shit! I will see you down stairs.”

 I slid down the vent and shot out into the family room. I

took off running once again as I heard Tracy bounding down the stairs. I looked

every which way but it was hopeless as I looked back to now see her behind me. I

ran aimlessly not knowing where to go.

 â€œYou can't escape”

 â€œSure as Hell can try”


I ran under the sofa and towards

the wall. Once I reached the wall I followed it out. The side, I could still see

Tracy looking for me under the Sofa. I knew this was going to be my only chance

but the front door was shut. I quickly looked about the room knowing that my

time was running out. I spotted Tracy's backpack leaning up against the wall by

the front door. I ran towards it. My heart burned, my muscles ached, I was

starting to see spots as I reached her black backpack. Finally something went

right as it was opened just enough for me to fit through the top but I still had

to get up there without her seeing me. Tracy now spun around starts to walk

about the room looking for me. I nervously duck behind her backpack. She bends

down looking at something and that is when I climb up the shoulder strap of the

backpack and slide into the bag. I breathe a sigh of relief as I am safely

tucked away.

 I can hear her calling me and

trying to flee bargain but I am not that dumb. That is when I hear her foot

steps near me. I crouch in the corner. The bag is unzipped all the way. I crawl

beneath a t-shirt. Something is set down in the bag and I hear it zip up. I peek

out from under the shirt to find that is now pitch black in hear and then it is

picked up.

 For a good 20 or 30 minutes

straight I am bounced up and down in this bag as Tracy walks somewhere. I start

to feel sick from the constant bouncing.

“Hey Cindy, are you ready?”

 â€œYeah of course, its playoffs”

 I wanted to kick myself at my

stupidity. This wasn't Tracy's backpack but her Sister Cindy's. I had no more

time to think as I felt the bag drop to the ground and a chatter of girls

seemingly everywhere outside the bag. She opened  the bag just enough to for her

to reach in a grab out a bottle of water.

 â€œlet's go girls”

             As they leave I crawl out of Cindy's bag and

slide down to the floor of the girls locker room. I look around with a smile on

face as I think about all the times that I wanted to get in here and never could

now here I am in here and wanting to get out. The main door is closed tight but

I smile as I see the door to gym open. I dash out the door and just about dash

back in when I see giant basketball players running up and down the court.

             I just about head back into the locker room

when I see titanic cheerleaders. Before I know it I find myself walking towards

them. How can I not, I need help and they are closest people excluding the fans

in the stand, the basketball team, the refs, vendors, etc. I can hardly believe

my luck they are amazing as they dance


As they continue there routine I draw nearer and nearer. I know should stop and

watch from a safe distance but you only get chances like this once in a lifetime

opportunity. I walk under nearest one and stare up at her smiley face panties.

            As I stare up at her I totally forget where I

am. I never see her white shoes slam into my chest. I only feel the force of

thousands upon thousands of pounds slam into my ribcage. I double over with

tears in my eyes. She doesn't even realize anything happen I think to myself and

then her foot comes back in for the kill. This time sending me skidding on my

ass backwards.

“Hey watch it! People are trying to walk”


            My voice is nothing to her over the heavy beats

of the music and the roar of the crowd. Thinking better of it I decide to leave

the cheerleaders alone but they start walking towards me as the men start to run

back onto the court.

 â€œHey Miranda what is that?”

 â€œWhat is what?”

             As the titaness points me out I freeze like

her point is magic and I can no longer move a muscle.  The group of Cheerleaders

surrounds me on the sidelines. There white scuffed up shoes all facing me. There

skirts hovering miles upon miles up in the air. There faces all smiling down at

me as they see me cowering.

 â€œIt looks like a tiny man”

 â€œI wonder if it takes double or triple A batteries”

 â€œhmmm I bet triple he is so puny”

 â€œI resent that. I am not going to sit here and let me you

belittle me”

 â€œYou are already little, we are just encouraging you”

 â€œYou are not”

 â€œOkay whats your name little fella”

 â€œjack why?”

 â€œOkay come on girls”


girls all make a weird motion as a time out is called. A loud whistle is blown

by one of the girls and an endless line of cheerleaders line up in front of me.

 They toss there pom poms to the ground and several of them

toss them on me on purpose. A heavy bass beat starts.


 â€œS-S-S-M-A  A-A-A –LL!!! SMA- A-LL!! SMALL JACK!!!!”

             The entire line of cheerleaders jumps and

down. The thuds of there feet crashing into the floor causes me to cover my ears

as they go about there routine. One a brunette girl who I hadn't seen until she

started doing cartwheels down the side line places her hand on me and grasps me

in mid cartwheel. I start to get sick from up and down motion. In mid cartwheel

she tosses me up in the air. I scream at the top of my lungs as I thrown

hundreds of thousands of feet up into the air but I am caught by a girl doing a

back flip over the girl doing a cartwheel. The crowd cheers as I scream for



back flip girl throws me onto the court and into the hands of a blonde who is in

the middle of a pile of girls.

 â€œWhoa, whoa, whoa You better not be doing what I think

your doing? I didn't sign up for this. PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN!! PUT THE MAN


             They start to lift her up into the air not

even paying my cries for help a bit of concern.

 â€œPlease, girls, GIRLS!! I am not liking this.”

 â€œHush Jackie doll”

 â€œI am not a doll”

 â€œOoo we will discuss this later. I don't like your tone”

 â€œWhat tone? There is no tone”

 â€œI will not be talked too like that”

             As the music cuts off the girls head to

sideline holding me tightly in there grasp. It is then I see Tracy walk in. She

turns her head like she is looking for something.

“help hide me! I am gonna be in so much trouble”

“Hide you? From who? Why? I want the whole world to see


“Please, that girl over there, the blonde by the door, she

is the one who did this to me.”

“She might try to steal you from us. We better hide you”

            I thrusted in between this girls breasts as she

walks to the sidelines and sits down. The girls bombard me with question after

question on how I got this way and what I did to deserve this.

             As the third quarter starts I hate to do it

but I slip out from between this girls breasts and drop to the floor. As fun as

it would have been I need to find someone who will help me, someone like Emily.

I run towards and out the door. The hallways are just as crowded as the gym.

That is when I spot Tracy. I quickly turn and run, I can't even see what is

going on, I am just dodging feet and don't know whose they are.



finally runs out and I crash into a foot. I look up at the sea of girls gabbing

away. I try to sneak out from the group  before I am noticed but I have no such

luck as I crash into one of there feet and am sent backwards onto my ass.

             I take off running and the commotion draws two

of the cheerleaders who had walked out looking for me. The group of girls is on

my left and the cheerleaders on my right. Not having any other choice I run

praying none of them can get to me. Ahead of me is Tracy but I have no choice.

As I head towards Tracy I have this bad feeling that I am being set up or

something. Just as I reach her foot  and am about to go right under her she

grabs me and I am lifted up to her face.


“well, well, well, I think its time we go home.”

             As Tracy stares down at me smiling down the

hallway she has no idea what is going on in front of her and runs into someone.

I don't even look to see if she is okay. All I do is run as fast as I can down

the hallway towards the main doors. The next quarter must have started because

the hallways are fairly cleared out. I run out the door and am snatched the

second I make it outside. I kick and scream but I am shoved into a jacket

pocket. I pound against the zipped up pocket but it is futile. I slouch down to

the floor of the pocket listening to the rhythmic footsteps of my captor.

             From inside the pocket I can hear the clack,

clack, clack of her shoes going up the stairs. The wind cries likes a man at a

funeral. I can hear it rustling things she takes her jacket it off. I nervously

wait for the moment of truth.


wait at the opening of her pocket to be let out but she doesn't come. Hours pass

as I stare at my watch waiting for to be let out. It is not until 1:23am that I

hear the sound of the pocket being unzipped. Her hand reaches in and pulls me


 â€œYou're all mine now!”

 â€œB,B,B, BETH?”

 â€œJackie, you remembered me!”

 â€œHi, long time no see. I hope there's no hard feelings, I

was young and stupid.”

 â€œIt was 2 months ago jack.”

 â€œI didn't mean to cheat on you.”

 â€œI am sure you didn't and now I am going to make sure of

it. You are going to spend a lifetime making it up to me.”

             I am slid into Beth's bathrobe pocket as she

walks down the hall towards the bathroom. I can hear the water already running

as she pushes the door opened and closes it tightly behind her. She grabs me

from her pink bathrobe pocket and drops it to the floor. My nude ex girlfriend

steps into the shower. I hear her yawn as the hot water pelts her body. A bar of

soap is lifted towards me and I am mashed up against it. My body cries out in

pain as she presses me harder and harder against the soap. The lather is all

around me as she pulls me away from her cucumber watermelon scented soap.  I am

ran over her body cleaning ever square inch of her. I wish I could say it was

erotic but she just used me like a normal washcloth. It was quick and I wasn't

even acknowledged.

             As she washed the soap off of her I was

dropped into her soap dish and forced to watch her clean herself off. I would

like to add that I use the term forced lightly. As I continue to watch I find my

skin wrinkled like a prune. I smell like her cucumber watermelon soap. My body

begins to ache and as I sit here relaxing I find joints getting stiffer and

stiffer. Beth then turns off the water and I jump for joy inside as I will be

able to get the fuck out of here. I watch Beth step out of the shower and dry

herself off. I could wish that I was that towel running over her ass as she runs

it over her body and finally wraps it around her hair. Not even paying me a

smile she grabs her bathrobe and head out.

 â€œAre you done in there Beth?”

 â€œYeah I am Ami, Just makes sure you put everything back

where you find it, if you use my stuff.”

             I watch in horror as Beth walks out of the

bathroom and her younger sister walks in. Following much of the same routine I

can only cry as she turns on the water and enters the shower. Her hand reaches

for me and the soap. My body weeps like a mother over her dead child as Ami

grabs me and lathers me up.

             The shower passes by much the same as Beths

did and ends with me lying in a puddle of soapy water, however just before Ami

walks out she puts the cover over the soap dish sealing me in darkness, and I

can only cry as I know this is where I am destined to spend the rest of my life.

As a washcloth for Beth and her sister Ami.













Giantess Stories: The Cheat

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