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The Cheerleader's Cycle

Part One

This is a sequel to 'The Cheerleader's Town.' We'll see how it goes.

Mike and Kathleen sat peacefully, hand in hand. Their backs and necks rested on

something that was, at the same time, both soft and warm, firm and cool. It was

the bare flesh of the inside of the Cheerleader's left thigh.

It had been nearly two years since Mike had wandered into what he thought was


poisoned ghost town of Dupuy, only to find that it was really the tiny town of

Dupuy. Its

inhabitants were the descendants of people who had been reduced to doll size by

the toxic cloud that outsiders thought had killed them. They worshipped, in

almost every way imaginable, the one young woman unaffected by the cloud,

except, it seems, that her lifespan was increased dramatically. Soon he found

himself brought down into their scale and world by the cloud's aftereffects.

At first he tried to destroy this town's culture to rescue its people, but

seeing how the rescuers treated the rescued, he changed sides and helped throw

the invaders out.

Now, even if he still had doubts about what passed for spirituality in this


he was as much a part of it as anyone. His marriage to Kathleen, the high


had seen to that. Not to mention that the benefits of having a giantess, a

giantess of

timeless beauty and almost bottomless sexual appetite, as a mistress, with his


express permission, consent, and support, made it a much more appealing choice.

Still, it was hard to find much of a higher nature in the weekend 'services' in


the giantess was worshipped. One of course, was the 'football' game. He was in

his third season as the quarterback. The other, more suitable for the whole

family, took place the following morning. The ceremonies and sermons delivered

by Kathleen seemed more a cross between century-old feelgoodism and paganism,


bits and pieces culled, perhaps unconsciously, from centuries of female-centered

religions. But with the center of their culture looming just above them, perhaps

the Dupuyans felt no need for their higher power to be omnipotent and invisible.

The appeal of the proceedings seemed less intellectual and felt more like a


reunion. The Cheerleader would gush over the Dupuyans as if they were all her

little bow-wearing Yorkies, talk about who was dating whom, keeping everyone's

marriage together, reminding all her girls that they were to be miniatures

of herself, telling stories about their ancestors, all of whom she knew

personally, and

reminding everyone how very, very much she loved all of them from birth, her

breast milk having been in their kitchens during their childhood, and how she

personally had blessed their later introductions into the world of grownup love.

The proceedings would end with the Cheerleader standing to her full height and

leading her flock in cheers of 'WE ARE DUPUY' and accepting their cheers as they

shouted at the top of

their tiny lungs, 'WE LOVE OUR CHEERLEADER!'

While every adult had the equal right to intimacy with the Cheerleader at least

once a

year, some were more equal than others. Mike and Kathleen were among the 'more

equals', as linchpins of Saturday and Sunday in Dupuy. They cherished that

right, and exercised it often. Even spending as much time as he did inside

Stephanie Searfass' body, he couldn't get enough of it. Relaxing along her

thigh, the warmth of her womanly within so close, was something that he enjoyed

greatly. It was strange at first

to realize that his wife enjoyed it too, until he stopped to think that, for

her, this was a

way of getting closer to the divine.

Knowing that the Cheerleader wouldn't ask them to leave, Kathleen motioned to

Mike, and together they got up. 'Oh, please, stay another minute', the

Cheerleader begged, as she stroked their faces with her index fingers. Their

goodbyes stretched out with soft conversation, ending when the Cheerleader bent

her head down and kissed each of them on their tiny heads.

Walking out of the former dorm room designated for the past century as 'The

Cheerleader's Palace', Kathleen turned to Mike. 'Good thing we're enjoying her

now. Her period is coming up, and it's going to be a rough year for all of us.'

Yes, a rough year. Whatever had reduced the people of Dupuy and the students of

Dupuy College a hundred years ago to six inches or less in height had also

extended the Cheerleader's life and slowed down many of her bodily functions.

That meant, for example, that she experienced her menstrual cycle only once

every four years. But instead of three days or so of pre-menstrual distress and

three days of a period, the pre-menstrual period was four months long, as was

the period itself.

'I'm not looking forward to that', Mike groaned. 'Four months with the potential

of a

giantess having PMS! Not to mention that she'll be sexually unavailable for

eight months!'

'...AND not to mention what happens to us women!'

'What do you mean, Kathleen, to us women?'

'Well, you know how when a group of women work or live together, their periods

get synchronized?'

'Yeah, but how do a bunch of women having periods once a month get synchronized

with a giantess who has one once every four years?'

'They don't. But what happens is, during the months when she's on her period, or

getting close, our periods get deeper and longer and our PMS gets nastier.'

'So nobody gets any from nobody.'

'I wish you wouldn't talk about it that way. The 'red times' are a very

important period

in our calendar. They are a period of fasting and reflection.'

'No sex, no food... damn, it's all misery all around! I knew there was a down

side to

this nonstop fantasy world.'

Kathleen just glowered at her husband. From anyone else, Mike's words would have

been sacrilege, but she still cut him a lot of slack for not being raised in

Dupuy. 'Mike

... that's not the reason I'm telling you this. It's the Cheerleader's first

period since you

came here and since the outside world made contact with us, and I was

thinking... I'm

sure that out in the world, they have made a lot of progress in the last hundred


They have got to have something better to use when you're on your period than


we have.'

'I told you about what they have, but you still insist on using those herbs.'

'That's because the doses of your giant medicine aren't right for our body size

and it

would probably not work for us. But the medicine from the outside world is the

right size for the Cheerleader.'

'So what are you proposing?'

'I think we should go through the gateway to the outside world, and get some of

the giant pills and give them to the Cheerleader.'

'Okay, Kathleen. We step through the enlarger that the outsiders use to return

to normal size. That makes us big enough to get around beyond the valley. But

what happens then? We don't have money, and it's five miles to the nearest


'We have things in Dupuy that are a hundred years old. Perhaps we could sell


as what you call 'antiques.''

'Yeah', Mike laughed. 'Antique Barbie's Supermarket....' Then he paused. 'Hey


maybe that's not a bad idea. There are people on the outside who collect old


But we'd need to find a collector. That person could be in a city twenty or

thirty miles

away, maybe even as far away as Pittsburgh. We've got time. We can research


Just then, a loud crash came from down the hall of the top floor of the old

Dupuy women's dorm, now the floor of the Cheerleader's Palace. 'YOOOUUU! GET

OUUUUUT!' came a huge, bellowing scream that could only belong to the titanic

Stephanie Searfass herself. Gigantic vases flew through the air and crashed so

close to Mike and Kathleen that pieces of glass skittered to within an arm's


The target of her wrath appeared to be the Dupuy Fire Department. Living up to

the wish she had expressed when she saw her first naked, six-inch-tall fireman a

century or so before, the Cheerleader had indeed 'taken' the fire department. It

spent little time fighting actual fires, which didn't happen for years on end,

despite the clutter caused by all those little people in a building built for

big people. Instead, the fire crews (all male and on the hunky side) served as

the Cheerleader's personal courtiers and bidet service. Several firemen were

running for their lives. One yelled at Mike

and Kathleen, 'Get out of the way, O High Priestess! You too, quarterback! The

'red year' has started already!'

'Correction Katie... we don't have time!' Mike grabbed Kathleen by the wrist as

the pair dashed out of the way of a stomping, screaming Cheerleader.

Giantess Stories: The Cheerleader

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