Giantess Stories: The Climber by Ann    Reaching for all the skill he could muster

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The Climber

by Ann

Reaching for all the skill he could muster, Todd Johnson expertly pulled himself

up onto the red leather ridge from which he'd fallen seconds ago. He loved

hanging on for dear life. He loved the challenge. That's why he started rock

climbing in the first place.

This was way more intense.

Fifty yards past the point where he almost fell, Todd stopped to rest. The

leather was thick enough here that Todd could rest without fear of falling. He

reflected on his near fall of moments ago. He could have died - if the whole

thing weren't rigged. Todd looked down at the button on his belt. If he pushed

that button, he would be safe from any fall. Of course, if he panicked and

failed to push the button? Then what? Todd chuckled at how embarrassing it would

have been to die in the 'Fetish Room.'

'What would Crystal say?' Todd thought about his wife. She had no idea what he

was doing right now. All she knew was that he spent his Sunday's at an expensive

Private Men's Club, she didn't even know which. Todd laughed at what Crystal

would say if she knew. What would she say?

Looking down, Todd judged himself to be two to three hundred feet above the

ground. He had progressed only to the mid-instep so far. He felt no need to

hurry though because he wasn't taking up anybody else's space. That was the best

thing about the new system - the club essentially had an infinite amount of


Todd lay still, breathing in the leathery, sweaty air. He knew the smell of

Crystal's feet well. He loved that smell. Once again, the urge to masturbate

overcame him. This urge usually hit him three times per climb, but this time was

different. This 'mountain' gave him special memories of passionate nights with

his wife - before she began to bore him. Way back when, she used to let him lick

her feet as part of foreplay. That's when she wore these red leather sandals

that he loved so much. She hadn't allowed that in many months now.

Todd finished masturbating, shooting his semen over the ledge, where it fell

directly onto the designer label below. 'Crystal would be pissed! It's a good

thing that nobody knows what I'm doing. Well, nobody who counts.'

Only three people in the world knew about Todd's hobby: Todd himself, the

technician who supervised the machine, and Laura who watched over him. The club

paid both the technician and Laura a $1000 for their efforts this afternoon to

guarantee that they wouldn't talk. Disaster would strike if they did. Not only

would such disclosures be damaging to the Club, they would be ruinous to the

corporations which men like Todd ran. Todd thought to himself, it would destroy

his business if the stockholders knew what he did for fun! 'Imagine what the

stockholders would say if they could see me shrunk down to 'rock climb' up my

wife's high heeled shoe!'

After catching his breath, Todd set out again. It took him four hours, but Todd

reached the highest point on the shoe - a single red ankle strap that hung

suspended a couple hundred feet over the shoe's heel. At one point he'd almost

fallen again, but he pulled himself up by a stitch in the leather that made up

part of the intricate designs on this shoe.

Todd looked down from the strap. At this size, the three inch heel on Crystal's

shoe seemed like a mile high tower of red glass. Todd jumped from the strap.

Falling past, Todd marveled at the size of the heel; it felt like falling next

to a building. Todd wanted to touch the heel, but it began to curve away - that

was his cue. Todd pushed the button on his belt and felt himself grow. By the

time Todd hit the ground, he'd grown from one millimeter to five inches tall. He

hit the ground with a minor thud, slightly bruised but not injured.

Todd leaned over and kissed the heel of the shoe he'd just scaled. This was the

last of Crystal's shoes to conquer. He'd enjoyed every single shoe. Now he would

need to find a new hobby. Maybe he could buy Laura's shoes? Laura was an

attractive girl.

Speaking of Laura, Todd wondered where Laura was. Usually by this point she

reached into the chamber and pulled him out. She had to carry him over to the

regrowth chamber before he could regain his full height. The button only

returned him to a size that was safe to transport him. The machine made him

normal again. After that he would shower while she packed the shoe into a box.

Then he would sneak it home and return it to Laura's closet without her knowing.

But where was Laura?

Todd was getting nervous. At this size, the chamber seemed like a small cage. He

wanted to get out. Gratefully, Todd looked up to see a large hand moving towards

him. Finally, Laura had come to get him. He was going to have words with her

about her tardiness. Todd noticed the large diamond ring on her hand. 'I didn't

know she was married.' Todd felt the warm, soft hand wrap around his body and

pull him from the chamber. Laura's hands were much nicer than Crystal's evil


Todd's eyes blinked as he reentered the well lit room with all the shrink

chambers. He didn't know what the other members did and he didn't care. Secrecy

was at a premium in this room. Todd looked up, he wanted to see Laura's soft

smiling face. Instead, he saw Crystal's face staring down at him from the end of

the arm holding his shrunken body. 'Oh God!' Todd exclaimed.

'No dear, but close enough as far as you're concerned. I think we need to talk

dear.' Todd knew that his life was about to take a serious change.

As Crystal stuffed him into her purse, Todd could see a large group of wives

gathering in the room. As each entered, she handed a wad of cash to Laura.

The End. . .

Giantess Stories: The Climber by Ann    Reaching for all the skill he could muster

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