Giantess Stories: The Coeds

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The Coeds: Victoria's Secret Edition



Collage by LIttletoy


           I wandered through the mall looking for a gift

for my girlfriend. I was planning to surprise her with me getting leave and now

I just needed something nice that she could slip into. If you know what I mean

           Well anyway, I had pawed through a few different

racks at various stores when I saw the holy grail of stores. If there was

another store that solely shaped a boys journey into manhood then I knew not of

it. This store alone was the guiding light for lost boys all over the world.

When you didn't know what to do, or where your life was taking you, there was

always here, there was always there magazines, they were always just a trip down

the street.”

           Yes I know some of you are saying what about

history, history shapes our minds, school shapes are children's minds. Well you

can live in your lies no longer. It is here, here at Victoria's Secret where I

boy gets his first hard on, his first sense of stimulation that drives him madly

wild into the ultimate highs which he has never felt before. I knew I just knew

here the store which has given me so much, the store which has led me to be the

CIA's best undercover operative will find his mark, his target, his item of

ultimate pleasure for his woman here.

           I walked into the store darting my head from

left to right, trying to find the perfect little number that my girl could slip

into. I hadn't been in there for more then a minute when I was intercepted by

enemy operatives.

           “How I may help you sir?” the dazzling blonde

mark asked. I knew not what to say until I managed to sputter out that I was

shopping for my girlfriend and I wanted sometime to just look around. She rolled

her eyes but I knew I had won this exchange as she walked away. I had bought

myself sometime. Some all too precious time but I would need to move quickly.


a matter of moments had gone by when I heard my girlfriend Amber's voice. I then

saw her enter. I froze in place like a statue for a moment then I knew what I

had to do. There weren't any eyes on me so I had to use my training. I was

 Agent. Jeremy Watson, of the Miniature Recon Developemnt or MRD for short,

I dug into my pocket and pulled

out a cell phone like device and punched in 4 inches and hit dial. I dove onto a

black table. I gulped as Amber passed by. I could smell her perfume in the air.

It was heavenly. I longed to reach out and touch her, to hold her, to hug her,

but I knew that I needed to keep cool. She couldn't see me or it would ruin my


As she passed by I breathed a

sigh of relief which quickly turned into fear as a couple of coeds walked over

to the table I was at. I crawled under a couple pairs of panties as they

surrounded the table. The silk on either side of me felt heavenly as they

exchanged words. It was like I was in-between the most amazing sandwich in my

life. I couldn't depress my hard on any longer as it was out in full force. I

slid my hand into pants and began to whack it right there as I looked up from my

silk prison at these seemingly titanic girls.

I knew it was wrong but I

couldn't stop myself or hold back, I kept whacking it again and again when I

felt my entire world shimmy from side to side. I held onto to the crotch area of

the panties for dear life as it was elevated. I looked out at her green top as

she held me in the air for all to see.

I held my breath as I rocked back

and forth in these lacey red panties. I knew I had to make my move, I stood up

and was about to leap out from the panties when I fell flat on my face. I looked

down to see my foot caught in one of the holes. I began to panic as she walked.

I was pulling and yanking feverishly at my foot trying to get out when I felt

myself begin to freefall and then crash shortly onto a hard surface. The blow

from the fall seemingly knocked all the year out of me as I lay dazed in this

lacy prison. I cringe as a couple more garment items were tossed onto me.

My boyhood memories were about to

become all too real as I felt myself tumble into a box. I cringed as I heard

them tape the box and then toss another box on top of me and tape that one up. I

knew what I had to do. For the first time I had to break my cover. I knew that I

should have never done this in the first place but I no longer had a choice. I

reached for my pocket to get the phone but it wasn't there. It must have fallen

when my foot was caught. It could be anywhere in the store.  I only had once

choice left. I had to make contact with this girl so that she can get me too my

hotel room where I have the spare.

The time crawled by as the girls

took a seemingly endless tour of the mall and I remained shrouded in darkness

for sometime forced to listen to there mindless banter about things I never

cared about.

It wasn't until I felt a loud

shake and my entire would was lifted vertically that I realized she had arrived

at home.  I nervously looked for a place to hide as she peeled the tape away

from the box. I dove beneath her silk panty as light shone into the box.

I stared up at her from beneath

my silk prison as she admired her purchase. I prayed that she wouldn't pick it

up but my prayers fell on deaf ears as she pulled the red silk panties out from

the box but at least I didn't travel with them this time I thought to myself. As

she admired them I started making my way out of the box when I heard a scream

and the box flew up in the air. I crashed onto the floor and began to run out

from under the box. My eyes were flooded with the bright light from the outside

world. I ran nearly blind, when I heard a second scream, as my vision returned

and I look up to see the gargantuan coed. I gulp as her right foot smashed down

inches from me. I started to run away but the damage was already done, her feet

began to smash into the ground everywhere as she screamed. I dove to the left

and then the right as her foot crushed the ground beneath where I just stood.

           “Katie! What's wrong?” I heared a voice yell in

as I continued to run in fear of my life


           “B? B? B? What are you stammering about?”

           “NO Buuu, bUuu, BUuuuuu,”

           “Ohhh bug! There's a bug! Bug! Eww where kill

it! Kill it!!! How come you didn't say something! I am probably infected. These

are new shoes too!! You are such a baby though, where is it?”

           “Thanks Kell, it's behind my running shoes.”

           I felt the floor shake as a shadow fell over the

ground. I felt tremors course through the ground. I peek around the corner of

the shoe and only to see the blonde haired goddess standing on the bed. I

breathed a sigh of relief as I realized I had a chance to find a better hiding

spot. I took a look back behind me and froze as I saw a gargantuan face  amere

inch from me, her dark brown locks of hair falling all around me. She puckered

her lips and blews easily tumbling me over.

           I gulped as I stared up at her face. I slowly

backed away but her hand crashed into the ground just behind me. My eyes bulged

out as I stared up at her. She smirked at me as she pinched me between her

fingers and lifted me up into the air. I begin to flail my arms wildly hoping to

break free somehow.

           “I don't think it's a bug Katie! Well you aren't

going to believe this but, I think it's a tiny man. Where'd you say you found

him at?”

           “He was in with the panties I bought.”

           “Oh so he is a peeping perve”

The dark haired girls swooped

around me as she carried me over to the bed. I could hardly speak as she set me

down on the bed. I looked to the left and to the right seeing the two giantesses

on either side of the bed. I started to explain but Katie, the blonde haired

girl lifted me right up into the air by my left leg. I swung from side to side

in front of her face as she stared at me.

“It is a little man, look at him.

He is the tiniest thing I have ever seen. Look at him; do you think we could get

some money for him?”

“I'm sure we could get something,

I mean”

“You listen here; I am agent

Jeremy Watson of the CIA. You will be in deep trouble if you don't let me go. I

can have this, this place filled with agents in five minutes. You take me to

your phone this instant and I may not her”

Katie dropped me onto the bed and

took a step back but her brunette haired friend had spunk, she grabbed me and

started to head for the door.

“Kell! Where are you going with

him? Kell! Oh well, I have to get to work anyway.”

           I found myself traveling only across the hall,

and set down her bed. She then walked away and returned a moment later with some

masking tape. I backed away but it was useless, she was too quick and I was

taped against her bed.

           “There just perfect, see you after my date Mr.

Private Eye. We will just see how many friends you call after tonight.” She then

flicked the lights of leaving me in absolute darkness.

           It wasn't until much later that I heard a

rattling against the door and then two girls came almost falling into the room

laughing loudly. They both stumbled over; I recognized them both as Katie and

Kelly, and however they were drunk.

           “Lets use our new toy Katie” They both nodded

and wiggled out of there clothes revealing there most recent Victoria's Secret

purchases. They both then crawled onto the bed. I looked up at both of them as I

lie in between them as begin to kiss. The sound of there lips locking in place

was magic. I all the sudden didn't mind being taped here.

           I watched intimately as Katie crawled on top of

Kelly, there lips parted only long enough for me to see there tongues in the

others mouth, there lips then mashed against each others again only this time

Katie's hand lowered towards me. I tried to beg it off as I didn't want to miss

the greatest show on earth, but it was useless, her hand closed around me and I

was ripped from taped bonds, but I was being moved at breakneck speeds and

shuttered to a halt being held just above Kelly's mouth. Katie then extended her

tongue out towards me, her tongue slashed at my clothes sending me in a swinging

motion as Katie lowered me into Kelly's mouth.

           I felt myself begin to slide down Kelly's tongue

and towards her throat, and then all the sudden there was a powerful force

pulling at me and I felt Katie's tongue pass over me as Kelly shoved her tongue

beneath me. There tongues pressed against my body as I feel Kelly's teeth press

against my stomach and back as Katie breaks the lip lock.

           “Kelly hurry, put him inside of me. I can't wait

any longer, I need him now” pleaded Katie as Kelly sucked me fully into her

mouth for only but a moment and then I was shot out of mouth and thrusted

between Katie's monstrous tits, Kelly's saliva provided all the lubrication I

needed to slip against her massive tits, Kelly then began to suck me back in as

Katie started to massage her tits. My world was rocked as her tits pounded

against my body, my only saving grace was Kelly kept sucking me into her mouth

until I thought she was going to choke then all at once I shoved back in between

Katie's breasts as she massaged them. This went on several minutes getting

continually faster, until Katie grabbed me and pushed Kelly to the floor.

           “Like this bitch” screamed Katie a she stood up

on the bed and Kelly laid on the floor in shock. Katie lifted me up into the air

and plunged me feet first inside of her.

           “You are going to kill him Katie, take him out.”

She screamed as I felt Katie's sopping wet clit engulf me. Her inner muscles

began to squeeze at my body as Katie lowered herself to the floor. I found

myself staring at Kelly's monstrous pussy. I pleaded with them to stop but Katie

was in complete ecstasy.

           “No, Katie you will kill him, no don't” begged

Kelly as Katie slid the top half of my body inside her. Kelly moaned fiercely as

her entire body shuddered as Katie began to pump me in and out of her as her

muscles began clamp tighter and tighter around me. I felt the bones in my legs

starting to crack as Kelly's muscles slammed against my chest locking into

place, both girl starting to pump there bodies instead of me, I could hear the

slap, slap, slap of there naked bodies reverberate throughout my entire world.

           I flailed my body, hoping to get out but it only

made for further stimulation in there lesbian affair, I then felt Kelly explode

as seemingly gallons of her white sticky cum blasted me in the face and forced

its way down my throat, I began to choke and spit the cum back up only to have

it force its way back into my mouth but neither girls realized as there bodies

continued to slap against one another. Katie finally came for the first time as

they continued to kiss with me inside both of them.

           As Kelly came a second time Katie stood up

forcing her muscles to lock around me firmly. I was pulled out of Kelly sopping

wet with both there cum. Katie then took a few steps forward and lowered my body

into Kelly's mouth.

           Kelly had her tongue fully extended and her

mouth wide open inviting me in, As Katie pressed her clit against Kelly's face I

was fully inserted into Kelly's mouth. Kelly worked her tongue around me as

licking the cum off of me like a lollipop, Kelly's tongue slapped me in the face

again and again as he worked around my body until her lips clenched around me

and Katie stood up pulling me from her clit and leaving my legs dangling in the

air but I soon felt Katie's tongue work over the lower half of my body as she

cleaned the cum off of me, her tongue worked up and down my legs several times

before I felt there lips mash back against each others and they kissed for

several more minutes until they finally parted and I fell onto the bed spitting

up there saliva and cum. I gasped for air as I continued to spurt up cum and

saliva, Kelly grabbed me and carried me across her room, she slid open her

underwear drawer and dropped me in.

           “You did well little man, I hope you are as good

when Amber comes over tomorrow. I think she is going to love having a little man

inside her, especially since her boyfriend is on some undercover mission, but

don't you worry about that stuff, you just worry about keeping us pleasured.”

           I gulped as looked up at her in shock. She then

shoved a couple of her panties to the side and dropped a few bits of cookie into

the dresser.

           “I better not find cookie crumbs in my panties.”

She bellowed down to me as she slid the door shut. I then heard her crawl into

bed with Katie. I heard them both giggle as they kissed each other goodnight.


The End.



Giantess Stories: The Coeds

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