Giantess Stories: The Cold Realities of Life

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The Cold Realities of Life





           Jared and Emily were Junior High sweethearts.

Who thinks that they will end up marrying the girl they asked out in Junior

High? Especially Emily, the same girl who in grade school Jared took a bucket of

sand and dumped it on her head and said “eww girls are icky” The girl who Jared

cried to when his mom was killed in a tragic car accident. Emily was the girl

who Jared went drinking with throughout high school, the girl who helped him

cheat on his history tests. Emily was the only girl Jared had ever known and the

only girl he has loved for the last 12 years of his life.

           Emily felt the same way about Jared. Growing up

all her friends would tell her that she was crazy for sticking with Jared

because there were so many other “hot guys” as they put it. None of that ever

seemed to matter to Emily. She was happy with Jared because he made her happy.

There love was strong and she knew he would do anything for her and she would do

the same for him. That's what love is all about. There is nothing that could

break their strong bonds of love or so she thought.

           They knew everything about each other. The

deepest darkest secrets that the other didn't like to talk about. Jared knows

how Emily uses drugs on occasion, and she knows how Jared fantasizes about being

a giant walking about the city. The secrets that they know about each other only

strengthen the bonds of love that they share because they trust the other fully.

That is the magic of there relationship, complete trust.

           This is where our story begins. It begins on

Wednesday; Wednesday is that odd day in the middle of the work week. It's not

quite Thursday so it's not almost the weekend and its not quite Tuesday anymore

so it's not the beginning of the week. It's that limbo day when you are expected

to be perfect. It's not the start of the week so you can't be late and say I am

recovering from the weekend and it's not the end of the week so you can't say I

was thinking about the weekend, yes Wednesday the anomaly of days.

           Just like I was saying, it was Wednesday morning

in which this all begins. Emily was out in the kitchen frying some eggs while

Jared was just clambering out of bed. All 6'6” 280lbs of Jared wearing nothing

but dark blue boxers was walking down the hallway scratching himself with one

hand and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with the other. He shoved the

bathroom door open and let it slam shut as he was not quite aware of his senses

so it was easy to use too much or to little force. Jared grabbed his toothbrush

and turned on the water for a shower. While the water is getting warm he brushed

his teeth without really looking at anything in particular. In a daze Jared

climbed into the shower preparing for the days activities.

           Emily had gotten up much earlier then Jared did

but she always had done that. Emily had gotten up at 6am like she does every

morning jogged eaten cleaned up and was now making breakfast for Jared before

she left for class and work.

           Emily you see is a very hard working person. She

works part time and is going to college part time while Jared works fulltime.

This leaves very little time free time for Emily but she is fulfilling a dream.

No one in her family had ever been to college let alone graduate so she was

paving new ground and making family history. She was going to make her mother


           Emily picked up the cast iron skillet and dumped

the scrambled eggs onto the plate and set them down on the kitchen table next to

a glass of orange juice. Emily could hear Jared getting out of the bathroom as

she tossed the skillet into the sink hoping Jared would wash it up before he

left for work.

“Hey baby, have a good nights

sleep?” says Emily as Jared walks into the kitchen, her face still lights up as

she sees him, even now after all these years. Jared walks over to Emily and

wraps his arms around her and gives her a kiss.

“You know I did, I was sleeping

next to a queen.” Says Jared as he sits down at the table. Jared begins to eat

his eggs as Emily grabs her old scruffy green backpack. It had a leather bottom

with one main compartment and then a second smaller compartment. In the middle

of the second, much smaller compartment was Jansport stitched into the backpack.

Jared knew it was futile to even

try to argue with her about getting a new one. She was attached to that

backpack. She had it all through high school and now through the first 2 years

of college. Jared waved goodbye to his love as he shoved a forkful of egg into

his mouth. Emily smiled as she closed the door and headed off for the day.

That night after Emily had gotten

off work she remembered it was Jared's birthday. She couldn't believe that she

had forgotten such an important day in her life. Emily then remembered an old

antique store that Jared often visited looking at all the artifacts from era's

and ages long forgotten. It would be the perfect place to get a gift for him

even though she would have to dip into her own personal savings a bit; nothing

was too good for Jared.

Emily knew how much Jared was

sacrificing for her own sake. She knew he didn't like living in the small

apartment they had and working all the extra shifts so that they can make the

tuition payments without having to get a loan. Jared had his own dreams that she

knew about, he wanted to go to college and achieve something more then being

just an unskilled laborer. He had put his life on hold for her and this would be

the perfect chance to repay him for all his hard work thought Emily.

Emily easily found the old

antique store just off of Main Street. As she walked in it looked like she had

gone back in time. All the things that man had hidden away long ago in hopes of

forgetting about its own tattered past so it can focus on what is now and what

it views as the utopia of evolution. Emily walked up and down the isles glancing

at various items but nothing quite seemed right that is until she saw a small

pendant. It was a cross with a person tied to it. It didn't really look like

Jesus Emily thought.

“Ah, you have fine taste madam.

That is the Persian god of Desire.”

“Oh, how come he is on the cross?

I thought it might have been Jesus.”

“The Persians had many secrets in

their time and this was one of them. It is said to grant its wear his or her

desire.  It was crafted for a Kings Daughter. Her name was Persephone.

Persephone wasn't an attractive girl but she was a nice girl, however the fact

that she was ugly was strange because she came from such a beautiful family. 

Persephone wanted to be beautiful more than anything so she could be like the

rest of her family but she knew it was impossible. That is until one day a man

came to meet her father but by fate alone he met her and was swept away in her

beauty. Persephone unable to understand how someone could think she was

beautiful rejected him of course but he longed to be with her so she told him

that if he could find away to make her as beautiful as the rest of her family

that she would marry him. So this man started searching for a way to make her as

beautiful as her family so he could marry her.

Twenty years went by, the rivers

ran, the stars danced, the wind sang until a day when older gentleman walked

into the castle and gave Persephone this pendant. She stared at him blankly

confused on why such a man would give her such a beautiful pendent until the man

re told her about the promise. She then smiled and hugged him. Persephone could

hardly believe that her dream was about to come true so she put the pendent on

and the entire palace was engulfed in a blue light. As the blue light faded the

man looked long and hard at Persephone, smiled and told her that she was the

most beautiful woman he had ever seen. So Persephone ran to the mirror wanting

to see how gorgeous she was and was shocked when she came to find that she

looked just the same. She turned to the man and asked him why he had lied to her

but it was at that moment her sister came running in, her sister who had always

had the men chasing after her came running in with tears welling in her eyes.

Persephone looked upon her sisters face which was now horribly deformed.

So you see she got her wish, she

looked just as pretty as her family.”

“That is such a sad story but the

pendant is so beautiful. I would love to give this to my husband.”

“You need not worry mam, it is

just a story and this pendent has had many wearers and none such magic has ever

happened. Give this to your husband he will adore it.”

Emily wasn't sure if she should

buy this or get something else. It was such a beautiful piece of jewelry and

like he said it was just a story. The gold was a bit tarnished but that's what

caught her eye the most. It had a certain rustic look to it like it had been

loved not like most jewelry you see now. That is all polished and shiny with no

history. This piece was different it had been around the block a few times. It

had stories, it had life to it. Emily smiled down at the piece of Jewelry

knowing that it had to be this piece. “I will take it. This is what I want”

Emily walked out to her car

clutching the piece of jewelry tightly. It felt warm to the touch like it was

alive. There was definitely heat coming off of the small pendant but Emily

didn't pay it a lot of attention. She set it down on the passenger seat of the

car and drove home anxiously waiting to hear what her love would think of the


           Jared was watching some hockey when he heard the

keys rustling at the doorway. He knew who it was right away. Who else could it

be? Jared turned off the television and headed for the door. As the door swung

open Jared gave Emily a kiss on the cheek.

           “Hey baby, did you miss me?” Jared smiled down

at Emily as he ran his fingers threw her brown hair, it felt smooth like silk

ropes as he tilted her head back and kissed her lovingly on the lips while

wrapping his arms around her. Jared couldn't help but notice the smell of

cucumber melon on her.

           “I missed you today. It was what got me through

the work day” Jared released Emily from his grip and she guided him over to the

sofa. As they both sat down she rested her head on his shoulder.

           “So how is my birthday boy doing?” Emily beamed

as she ruffled up Jared's hair. As she wrapped her arms around him hugging him

tightly she couldn't help but feel like everything in the world was okay. It was

like a feeling of harmony and bliss all at the same time. It was a space that

nothing and no one could penetrate. It was home, her home.

           “I got you something. I hope you like it” Emily

dug into her pocket and pulled out the pendant she had bought earlier. She

watched Jared's eyes lock onto the pendant. He reached towards the tarnished

gold pendant with his shaking hands he wrapped his fingers around it.

           “It's perfect” Jared replied as he put it on and

then Emily started to tell Jared the story of the pendant. As Jared listened to

the story he noticed the pendant began to feel warmer and warmer. Jared began to

fidget with his hands which were now sweaty. He started to feel the weight of

Emily leaning on him which was odd because she only weighed 110lbs. Jared stood

up nervously as he was now starting to sweat profusely, his sweat was

unnaturally salty and he began to itch all over.

           “Are you okay honey?” Asks Emily in a concerned

voice, as she looks at Jared immediately seeing that he looks different but she

can't quite place how.

           That is when it all happened. This is where the

worlds of both Jared and Emily change forever, it was a truly amazing event that

happened before Emily's eyes. Jared began to lose weight rapidly. The fat and

muscle in his body began to boil and liquefy. Jared ran to the bathroom with

Emily's help. He began to spew the liquefied fat from his body. It came pouring

out uncontrollably it tasted a lot like puke as he Jared heaved the fat out of

his system. Emily watched first hand as his skin began droop off of his body

slightly at first then more and more. Soon the fat was only dribbling out of

Jared's mouth when his skin began to contract. Jared screamed and hollered like

he had just been kicked in the balls and pulled his groin all at the same time.

As the skin contracted more and more it began squishing his insides together.

Emily could only watch paralyzed in fear. She stood there with an emotionless

expression on her face. She was near hysteria inside but outside it was almost

as if she had no face at all.

           All the while Jared continued to dwindle in size

as his skin squished and pushed his body closer and closer together creating a

more compact version of itself. The whole process itself only lasted about 3

minutes but it seemed like an eternity to both.

Giantess Stories: The Cold Realities of Life

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