Giantess Stories: The Conspiracy

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 The Conspiracy


Kyle Cadwallader

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The bell rang to end the school day. Steve walked out to his 1987 4x4 Ford

Ranger. His best friend, Bob, came out and threw his bag into the

bed of the truck. It was a nice spring day. Steve and Bob got into

the truck, Steve started it up and shifted it into gear and took

off. Bob, when are you getting your car back? It's been two weeks

since the crash; Steve said. I should have it back by the end of

the week. Bob said. Steve pulled into the gas station to fill his

truck up. While he was doing that, he saw his girlfriend's car go by

towards Newtown. Steve paid for the gas and pulled back onto the

road. The car in front of them pulled to a stop. What the hell is

going on? Steve said. He could see cars lined up around the curve.

Steve reached down and popped the tape out of the radio. He tuned in

the AM all news station. This is Bill Brooks on 1425 KWZT all news

radio. Routes 311, 255, 12 are closed down into Newtown. Please find

an alternate route around the jam-up. We now go to Alan Black just

outside of Newtown. This is Alan Black outside of Newtown. The

Police have closed the town off to all people . They are not saying

why, just to stay away. Back to you. Steve turned the radio off.

What do you think of that? Steve said. I don't know. Want to go

see? Bob said. Yeah, lock the hubs on your side. The two boys

jumped out and locked the hubs of the truck. Steve got back in and

pulled his truck out of line and when into a corn field. He put it

into 4x4 and headed to Newtown. Steve drove his truck parallel to

the road they just left. Steve looked in his rear view mirror and

saw that a Jeep was following them. The Ranger burst out of the

cornfield into Newtown. The town was a ghost town. The pick-up

pulled onto Main St. and the two boys saw what looked as though a

bomb went off. There was glass everywhere. All of the windows were

broken on the stores. One store was not there. The boys got out of

the truck. What the hell happened here? Bob said. I don't know.

But I'm heading that way Steve said, pointing down the street. They

got back into the truck, pulled onto the sidewalk and drove for a

bit. Steve put the Ranger back on the road. All of a sudden, he hit

the brakes. Why did you do that? Bob said. Steve got out of the

truck and stood in front of an indentation in the road. It was about

as long as the Ranger, and about 3'' deep. It was in the shape of a

foot. What the hell? Bob said. It looks like a big foot. Steve

said. Let's follow it. Bob said. They got back into the truck and

went in the direction it pointed. They passed several more

footprints before they went into a corn field. There were several

car or truck tracks that went into the field. Steve pulled the

Ranger into the path of the other cars and followed them. It took

them though a very large field and they ended up at an old barn.

There were trucks and cars parked there, with people going in and

out of the barn. Steve pulled the truck back into the field and

drove to the back of the barn. They got out and walked out of the

field. there was a small, dirty window. Steve wiped a look-hole. He

looked in and saw the back of a huge leg. He couldn't look any

higher because of the size of the window. He let Bob look in. I'm

heading back to the truck. This is too weird for me. Fine. I want

to look and see some more. I'll be there shortly. Steve said. Steve

walked around the barn and he saw a small door. The door was not

locked down. He slid it up carefully and went in. He was walking for

a few moments when he heard a gun cock behind him -- the barrel went

against the back of his head. Don't move. a male voice said. Steve

heard the man take out his radio. This is unit 12. I got a perp. I

need back up. Out. Several men came running up with army clothing

on. Put your hands on your head. Move! Steve walked with the men.

Doctor, we found this person snooping around. What do you want we

should do to him? Handcuff him and make sure he can't leave. I

think he'll make a perfect test subject for project 4. the doctor

said. Let me go! Steve said. They handcuffed Steve and threw him

in a chair. He looked around the place. Apparently this barn was

just a front for some sort of secret testing facility. There was an

elevator with people entering and exiting. There must be more under

this thing, he thought. He finally looked at the thing that got him

into this mess. It was a 15-FOOT WOMAN!!! AND IT WAS HIS GIRLFRIEND,

STACY!!! Stacy looked out of it. These people must have drugged her

to make her docile and cooperative, he thought.Come on, kid. a

man with a big gun said. Steve got up and went into the elevator.

The elevator came to a halt. The doors opened and there was a

state-of-the-art research facility hidden there! There were people

with labcoats, and people with big guns. And in the corner, there

was a guy mopping the floor. This room was immense. It looked bigger

than 3 football fields!! They led Steve into a small room, uncuffed

him and threw him in, then shut the door with a dreadful thud. The

room was gray, with no windows or furniture. There was a bright

flash of light and an intense pain, and Steve passed out. Steve

awoke in the same room. Let me out!!!!he yelled. No answer. He

slumped against the wall. Steve. Who said that?he said. I am

Dr. Spangler. Welcome to Area 41. You are part of a secret

experiment. You will be with us for a long time. Please feel free to

leave this room by opening the door by pushing on it. I'm sure

you'll like what's on the other side. Steve walked over to the door

and pushed on it; it opened and he walked out. The door shut behind

him. STEVE! That sounded like Stacy speaking through a megaphone.

He looked around, but didn't see her.LOOK UP, SILLY. He looked

up, and up and up and up. Stacy was huge!!! She looked like a

35-story building!!! But last time she was only 15' tall. "Stacy,

you've grown! Steve said, bigger than before!No, she said as

she reached down and picked him up. Well, if she didn't grow,

then... I SHRUNK!! Steve said. Yep.Stacy said holding her hand

out flat so Steve could stand up on it. He stood up and passed out.

Poor little guy.... To be continued..........In Conspiracy

Giantess Stories: The Conspiracy

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