Giantess Stories: The Crystal Talisman Volume I

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The Crystal Talisman

Volume I:


by Dr. Music


Part 1: the Talisman

Meredith tossed about on her bed, changing positions yet again in a vain attempt

to remain comfortable long enough to drift off to sleep. Cracking an eye open,

she looked over at the digital clock next to her bed. 3:22. It was no use. She'd

never get to sleep. Even if she did, there were only two and a half hours left

until she was supposed to get up. What was the point?

Throwing the covers back, Meredith climbed out of bed with and exasperated moan

and slid her feet into her slippers.

"Bastard," she mumbled as she grabbed her robe from off the floor.

For a week now, the nights had been the same for Meredith: rolling around in bed

trying to sleep while fighting back all the thoughts that kept her from it.

Usually, it was easy for her simply to push those thoughts away long enough to

rest, but this was different. A week ago, her fiancee David had broken off the

engagement for reasons that he thought were best left undisclosed, leaving

Meredith with several unanswered questions and frustration galore. It was

impossible to rest! What had happened? Her friends tried to reassure her that

there were other men, but she didn't listen. She was 23, dark-haired,

brown-eyed, and didn't have the best body in the world. Sure, she wasn't bad

looking by any means, but she wasn't exactly a voluptuous bouncing blond

(something she suspected David really left her for.) At best, she thought of

herself as average, no matter what people told her. 120 pounds of average.

Meredith trudged down the short hall and into the kitchen. Flipping the light

switch, she noticed an alien object in the corner of her eye. Alien because it

stood out alarmingly on her stark-white, spotless linoleum. A cockroach. It sat

there, staring back at her, unmoving. Courageous, but stupid.

"I dub thee 'David,'" Meredith said as she walked toward the roach.

The roach tried to scurry away, but Meredith brought her right slipper down on

it with a crunching impact before the roach had made it more than a couple of


Lifting her foot, she examined the crushed body with a slight smirk. "If only it

were that easy," she muttered. "Just like men: moving in on your nice clean life

only to scurry off leaving nothing but shit to remember them by."

Meredith took a paper towel and cleaned up the mess, wishing that was that easy,

also. Then she fixed her self a nice strong cup of tea and sat down at the TV.

"Infomercial . . . infomercial . . . infomercial . . . Absolutely nothing on.

I'm wasting my money on cable."

Switching the tv off, she decided to go to old reliable, her PC. At least there

was always something interesting on there.

As soon as she had logged on, however, the power to her apartment went out.

Meredith sat staring at the darkened computer screen, not believing her life.

Everything seemed to be going wrong. She closed her eyes just as the lights came

back on. Opening them again, she saw only darkness. "Huh? What, did the power

flicker?" Then the lights really did come back on, and stayed on.

Shrugging, Meredith decided to go take a nice relaxing bath. Standing up, she

noticed a small object lying beside the keyboard of her computer. She bent down

to examine it closer.

It was some sort of crystal, about the size of a marble. At least it wasn't a

roach this time.

Meredith picked the crystal up and turned it over in her hand. It was

transparent with a smoky hue. Its surface was smooth, flawless. She peered

inside it and realized that the smoke was moving. And in the center of the smoke

was a tiny white light. As she stared at the light, it seemed to grow, seemingly

coming out of the crystal toward her. And then she was surrounded by it,

enveloped in thousands of whirling white lights. They whistled as they spun

around her. In spite of her predicament, Meredith began to giggle. The tiny

lights actually sounded like they were singing. Strange, discordant tunes:

rhythm-less yet oddly meaningful. The songs became words that came to her ears

as if from a long distance. No, not words as such, but more like ideas and

thoughts. They were searching her soul, her innermost dreams and fears in order

to find what she wanted most. What she wanted, needed most of all even if she

herself did not know it.

The lights and songs began swirling faster and faster, making a wall which acted

like a second skin over Meredith's body. She felt her body become weightless and

her feet left the ground. Her mind reeled and she became aware that she could no

longer feel her body. Her thoughts and sensations merged with the lights and

then she was the light. She was searching her darkest secrets, her unconscious

wishes and dreams. She saw years of her life displayed before her as if she was

watching them on tv. She saw herself as a young girl, stomping over an ant hill,

marveling at the strange sensations it gave her. Sensations she had only begun

to understand. Looking down, she pictured all the scurrying ants as people, and

she was an angry goddess, crushing the fleeing humans beneath her mighty feet.

Meredith's mind spun away to other points in her life. Her various

relationships. Boyfriends had always dominated her, never letting her have any

control in the relationship. She wished there was some way to gain part of that

control. She wished that she had all the control. The relationships sped by her:

middle school, high school, college, and then finally David, whom she fell in

love with her senior year at the university. They were together two years and

had promised their lives to each other. Then David had become distant. He spent

less and less time with her, and refused her suggestion that they move in

together. When she had asked what was wrong, he said nothing, just that it was

wrong to live together before they were married. Two weeks later, he called her

and ended the engagement. The vision before her shattered then and was replaced

by her, standing in the kitchen over the crushed body of a cockroach. Only, as

Meredith stared down at the roach, its form changed into that of a tiny man. Not

just any man, but David. The smashed face gazed up at her with a frozen, if

somewhat distorted, look of disbelief. And then the sensations overtook her. The

same sensations she had first experienced on an ant hill as a young girl. The

sensations grew, became painful, blindingly painful. And then she passed out.

* * * *

Meredith opened her eyes and squinted into a bright blue morning sky. She sat up

and looked around her.

She was outside in the middle floating above a rocky desert. Meredith was

sitting on a soft mattress that was floating above the landscape. The mattress

stretched out for a few feet on all sides of her and had a lined, bowl-like

surface. Just as Meredith began to contemplate standing, the mattress turned

until she was facing away from the sun, and the sun was blocked off by something

behind her. Meredith found this odd considering she had just been facing the

opposite direction and there had been nothing in that direction to block the

sun. Turning where she sat, Meredith nearly lapsed back into unconsciousness.

Before her was an immense face, larger than any billboard she had ever seen,

except this face was three-dimensional. The face smiled down at her, showing

huge, gleaming white teeth as long as her forearm. Meredith gazed up into the

clearest blue eyes she had ever seen. The gigantic face before her frightened

her beyond belief, but she also found it overwhelmingly beautiful. That strange

sensation overtook her once again.

The lips came together and parted in a whisper, which to Meredith sounded like a

loudspeaker. "I bet you're wondering what the hell is going on."

Meredith could only nod in numb agreement.

There was a rumbling chuckle from the titaness.

"Well, let me explain it for you. My name is Sheila. You should have no fear of

me. In fact, I suspect that what fear you do have is changing itself into utter

lust. It should. After all, I am a product of your deepest rooted desires. The

crystal searched your inner being and discovered that you have a secret wish to

be dominant over every other human on earth. You want to be a goddess, bigger

than anything in the world, and to have mankind trembling beneath your feet. You

also have the desire to have someone bigger than you, to be on the opposite end

of the spectrum. That's where I come in. But don't worry, you still have utter

control over me. Think of me as sort of a genie, except that instead of only

three wishes, you have an infinite amount of wishes to make. Anything's

possible, as long as it's in your imagination. By the way, did you notice that

I'm female. What else does that tell you about your desires?"

A slow grin spread itself across Meredith's face. "So, I can have anything I

want? Anything that I can dream of?" Sheila grinned in turn, nodding her head.

Meredith was tingling all over.

"Well. Wow. Wow! This is great! Where do I start? Unlimited wishes! It makes my

head spin!"

"Um, there is one catch. Every power has its price. And one day you will have to

pay yours."

Meredith didn't like the sound of that.

"I knew it. What is it? I don't have the kind of money that this must cost. Is

this some sort of a money making scam or something?"

Sheila laughed, "No, no money. The price will be determined over time. And you

will be able to pay it. I guarantee you that. Now, shall we have some fun?"

The thought of payment slipped from Meredith's mind. "Yeah, and I think I know

where to start. Take me to Terre Noire, my city."

Sheila placed Meredith on her shoulder, snuggled into a lock of her blond curls.

"Okay, just leave the traveling to me."

Had anyone been in the desert, he would have seen a five-hundred foot tall

goddess, dressed in "tiny" denim cutoffs and a skin tight white midriff, slowly

fading from sight, the only mark of her passage a monstrous set of foot prints

left by her sandals.

Part 2: ...and the band played on

Terre Noire, Oklahoma was a large city nestled on I-44 between Oklahoma City and

Tulsa. Interestingly, it was larger than Oklahoma City, though it covered less

land area than the capitol. The streets were wide enough to accommodate up to

six lanes of traffic at once, and the majestic buildings rose hundreds of feet

into the air. The tallest building, dubbed Terre Haute because it was home of

one of the largest law firms in the middle part of the country, stood tall and

proud in the exact center of the city. For the time being, anyway.

Being the month of May, Terre Noire was celebrating Mayfest, which mostly

consisted of parades, money-making booths, and a lot of beer. Sort of like

Oktoberfest, except in the spring. An entire street for one square mile was

devoted to booths, while two blocks over, another had a long parade moving down

it. This was one of the few times of the year that citizens of the Black Earth

city put aside their mundane tasks and went out into the streets just to have

fun. Thousands thronged on the side walks and into the lanes. It was a wonder

the parade made it through the town at all.

Though the tall buildings blocked most of the sunlight from filtering down to

the streets throughout the day, there were times in the morning and the evening

when daylight actually reached the city dwellers below. Which was why it was

strange when sudden shadow fell upon the parade. Most assumed it was a passing

cloud. Several people curiously gazed up into the sky, wondering if the tornado

season was about to hurl another damaging storm down at them. They were right

about one thing, it was a bad storm. But it had nothing to do with the weather.

Gasps rose up from the crowds as more and more people turned to see what their

brethren were staring at. Soon all was silent save the beat of the high school

marching bands. All eyes that weren't intent on playing music stared into the

air above the roofs.

A monstrous figure hung suspended in midair, feet downward. It was that of a

beautiful woman. The crowds eyes in unison followed her tall, graceful (had she

been normal sized) body from her brown sandaled feet, on up to her skin-tight

denim cutoffs, and higher still to where her flat stomach showed between the

shorts and the white midriff she wore. Her breasts all but burst from the white

fabric and they could see them heave with her great breaths. Then, peering over

the swell of her bosom and down at the people, they saw a grin. A mischievous

grin. A sinister grin. That face struck fear into the people, yet they were

mesmerized to their spots. Even as the woman began to lower toward them, they

did not move a muscle. Except for a few men. Between their legs a muscle

suddenly sprang to life.

Slowly Sheila floated downward, all the while grinning down at the foolish

mortals. Her breath came faster as the anticipation of the fun to follow grew.

From the soft yet excited breathing coming from her right shoulder, she could

tell Meredith was excited, too.

Lightly, to her, Sheila's left foot sat down in the street. Amazingly, that

section was wide enough and long enough to admit the entire length of her foot

without crushing anyone. The parade had a break caused by some unruly people

deciding they needed to cross the street in the middle of it, causing the space

to open up.

The entire parade behind her stopped when they noticed the titaness standing

before them. Oblivious of the new developments, the parade before her kept its


As she applied more of her weight to the street, the asphalt began to groan, and

then to crack. Slowly, her left foot sank into the street and came to a halt.

All eyes (that had noticed her) stared up at the giantess who stood with one

foot in the street and the other drawn up her leg like a stork. Sheila's smile

broadened and she looked down at the marching band a few yards in front of her.

"That's Union High's marching band," Meredith said from her shoulder. "I was in

Broken Arrow's band. We were rivals." She said this last with a sneer.

Sheila turned her head as much as she could without knocking her little friend

off, and gave her a wink. Then, raising a finger to her plush lips, she said "Shhh."

Sheila slowly swung her right foot out and positioned it above the band, which

was still oompa-ing away. "I hate Sousa," was all she said, and stealthily

brought the sandaled foot down on the back half of the band.

Trombones and trumpets could be heard bleating in surprise as the sudden

pressure struck them from above. The entire brass section was immediately

knocked to the ground. With a great crunching thud, the band members were

squashed to a thin pulp along with their precious instruments.

All hell broke loose.

The crowd snapped from its trance at the sight of their beloved band being

flattened beneath the woman's foot and began screaming. The percussion section

of the band, who had been right in front of the brass, turned in unison to see

what the squelching sounds were. At once they stopped playing and their visions

traveled up the twin towers behind them. The sudden loss of rhythm caused the

woodwinds to falter, and they turned to see what had happened to the percussion.

Sheila had already lifted her left foot over the rest of the band. Several

members screamed and broke from he ranks. They didn't have time to get far

enough away, however, for just then, Sheila slammed her foot down with a huge


Instruments and gore alike sprayed out from beneath her sandal and rained down

upon the panicking crowd-turned-mob as she stomped the puny people with all her

might. The road bucked and asphalt erupted into the air, the tremors knocking

most of the crowd to their knees.

Sheila was stunned to hear cheering behind her, and she turned to see another

band jumping up and down and waving their hands at her.

"That's Broken Arrow," Meredith laughed. "The sickos! I have another wish,


Sheila listened as Meredith explained what she wanted, and with a grin, she

plucked the tiny woman from her shoulder and lowered her to the street in front

of the BA band. Meredith noticed that only a few members, those of the tuba

section, were cheering at the demise of their rival band. It seems nothing's

changed about this band, she thought.

Meredith recognized no one since she had graduated nearly eight years before,

but she soon saw two familiar, flustered faces appear from the side of the

street and rush toward her.

"Meredith Danforth, what the hell is going on here?" shouted a red faced Tom

Stark. His partner, the co-director of bands at Broken Arrow, Phil Brown stood

along side him, looking like a grizzled and deranged John Denver.

Meredith smiled and visibly shuddered with anticipation. "Why Tom, it's so good

to see you again after all these years. Mad Dog." She nodded at Brown, who's

face grew even redder with anger at the nickname.

Stark stuttered and his veins began to pop out from his neck. His mustache

plumed outward with angered puffs of air. "Who is that?!?" he screamed with a

motion up at Sheila. "You can't just go around stepping on bands, even if it is


Meredith laughed. This is strange, she thought. He really must be

crazy. We always thought so.

"Sure we can," Meredith said out loud. She looked up at Sheila who was watching

the three with interest. The giantess winked down at her. Turning back to Tom,

Meredith said, "For two years I was your drum-major. I directed this band and

took all your shit when they screwed up. It didn't matter if they were wrong, I

was the one getting yelled at." Tom was fuming at this point. Meredith ignored

him and turned to Mad Dog.

"And you, you hick, pompous piece of shit." Phil's eyes bugged behind his

glasses, nearly popping out of his head. "You egged him on. You laughed at me

when I cried. Now it's time for me to get even."

Meredith closed her eyes and concentrated. When she opened them again, the two

directors were gone. She smiled and looked down at her feet. There stood the two

men, barely an inch tall each, staring dumbly at her loafers. With sudden

awareness, they both followed her legs up into her grinning face. Meredith

looked closer and saw that Tom had wet himself. She thought he was crying, also.

"I'm no longer under you, Tom. You're under me, now." She lifted up her foot and

slowly brought it down on the stunned man.

Tom threw his arms up in a last ditch effort to protect himself. He felt the

unyielding leather of her sole touch his hands, and then it was forcing him to

the ground. Despite his best efforts, his strength did nothing at all to stave

off the increasing weight of Meredith's foot. Tom soon found himself lying on

his back with his head turned to the side as her sole pressed into his cheek.

The pressure intensified, and pain flared through is body as his legs cracked.

He tried to scream, but the air had already been forced from his lungs. Stars

formed in front of Tom's vision, and soon thereafter, his sight became

completely dark.

Meredith's foot met the pavement with a crunch and a gush of blood from beneath

the ball of her foot. She stood there for a moment, shaking in her sexual

excitement and leaving her foot resting upon the crushed remains of the former

director of bands. With a sigh of contentment, she lifted her shoe and looked

down at the squashed form beneath it.

He wasn't there.

Meredith was puzzled for a moment, then she smiled and turned her shoe over.

The flattened corpse of Tom Stark was stuck to the sole of her shoe. Meredith

giggled and, sliding her shoe on the street to scrape off the remains, she

looked around for Phil. He was gone, too.

Movement caught her eye, and she soon saw the tiny man running away from her and

into the forest of legs that belonged to the band members. Before he had made it

too far, though, a white marching shoe slammed down on him with a wet crunch.

The poor man's insides splattered a girl's leg and she screamed.

Meredith looked up with astonishment and into the pale blue eyes of one of the

flute players. The girl was smiling. She was pretty, in a plain sort of way,

with sandy-blond hair that was pulled back, because that was the dress code

while marching. The girl blinked and shrugged.

"I've been wanting to do that since summer practice began." She said with a


Meredith smiled elatedly at her. "I've wanted to do it for ten years."

The girl smiled back, and look down at Phil's crushed remains, which were stuck

on her own sole. She sat her foot back down and looked back to Meredith. "I

think I'll leave him there," she said. "I like the feeling of knowing I have

Phil Brown stuck on the bottom of my shoe whenever I step down."

Meredith laughed at that, then she grew serious as she leaned close to the girl.

"I'm letting you go," she whispered. "My friend and I are about to have...a

smashing good time." She looked around, then pointed to a nearby building. "Go

in there and don't come out. I promise we'll leave the building alone and you'll

be safe." With a thought, she said, "Is your family nearby?"

The girl shook her head. "My parents are out of town."

"Good," Meredith said, then pointed to the building again. "Now run!"

She watched as the girl took off, stepping gingerly whenever the foot Phil was

stuck to came down so as not to dislodge him too soon.

Meredith looked around at all the stunned faces staring at her. The band seemed

to be the only group that had hung around. It seemed that they were interested

in what happened to their directors. Too bad for them, Meredith thought, almost

sadly. She looked down at herself to examine her clothes. She wore brown

loafers, blue jeans, and a white tee shirt. She had wished herself into more

public-worthy clothes before they had entered the city. Now she thought that

they were too drab for a night out "on" the town.

She closed her eyes again, and thought hard. When she opened them again, she

looked appraisingly down at herself.

Her loafers had changed into black sandals with boot-like tread and two-inch

heels. Her jeans had become a black skirt that came down to mid-thigh. Her white

tee-shirt, a blue silk, sleeveless blouse.

Meredith reached up and gently touched her hair to find that the

shoulder-length, dark tresses had curled into a fashionable hairdo. She smiled

then, and closed her eyes once more.

The band stared at the woman in awe as she grew before their eyes. Their necks

craned back as she grew taller and taller, till she seemed to stand

shoulder-to-shoulder with the other giantess. They stared in awe, the tuba

section loving the view up her skirt, as the woman hugged the other with

affection, and the band shuddered as one as the two titanesses turned their

gazes down upon them.

Sheila giggled with excitement. There was no need to ask Meredith if she

intended on letting the rest of the band go, she could read her mind. As she

watched, Meredith spread her arms and lifted her right foot.

The band screamed as they stared up at the sole of the woman's shoe. Before many

of them had a chance to react, though, she brought it down into their midst.

Half of the band, including the tuba section, was crushed mercilessly with

terrifying swiftness. The remaining broke in all directions.

Sheila was ready for them. With pummeling feet, she began to crush the fleeing

insects one at a time. Actually, sometimes she got five at a time, but who was

counting. Tiny screams rose to her ears, serving only to drive her excitement

further. Raising her knee to her chest, she brought her now bloody sandal down

on a shrieking clarinet player. Her other foot found a trombonist.

Meredith lifted her left foot, keeping her right firmly planted on her squashed

victims, and stomped down hard on two fleeing flutists. But, before she lifted

her right foot for the next squish, she noticed a small trombone player approach

her sandal. This intrigued her and she bent down to get a closer look at him.

The boy had red curly hair that hung down to the middle of his back. What

intrigued Meredith the most about him was that he was smiling up at her. In

fact, he was literally red with excitement. Closer inspection revealed a

considerably bump in his pants.

"Ha!" Meredith laughed. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

The boy nodded vigorously, and began shouting.

Meredith wished for herself to be able to hear him, and suddenly his voice was

clear in her ears.

"...the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I love this!"

Meredith smiled and picked the boy up. "What's your name?"

"Sean!" he said excitedly. "Yours is Meredith?"

"Yes." She looked at him quizzically. "Are you some sort of pervert?"

Sean shook his head, although he looked embarrassed. "No. It's just the thought

of a giant woman stepping on people has always...excited me." He looked down in


Meredith felt sorry for him. "Oh, don't feel bad," she said, lifting a finger to

stroke his red head. "Why do you think I'm doing this? It excites me, too."

Sean looked up and brightened. Then he looked at her arm. "Do you mind if I,

uh...that is...uh...."

Meredith was puzzled again. She didn't know why he was looking at her arm that

way. But then she got an idea. Grasping Sean around his waist, she placed him on

her exposed arm and began to rub him back and forth.

Sean shook in ecstasy as Meredith ran his body across her flesh. She smelled so

good, and the hair of her arm tickled his face in the most exquisite way. With a

little effort, he managed to work himself out of his uniform coat and then out

of his tee-shirt.

Meredith saw what he was doing and decided to help him. With her other hand, she

grabbed the pants of his uniform, and with only a slight tug, ripped them off.

Then she did the same with his underwear, exposing his throbbing penis.

"Aww, how cute," Meredith cooed. Then she began to rub Sean along her arm again.

The feeling of her skin and hair on his naked body elated Sean. His breath began

to come in shuddering heaves, and soon he felt his manhood leap in response to

the constant treatment.

Meredith slowed her pace and looked down at Sean as she let him go. He lay

breathless, lying limply on her forearm. After a moment, he turned over and

looked up at her.

"I have one more request," he said to her. "If you will, please step on me."

Meredith recoiled in momentary horror. Then, seeing Sean's hurt look, she smiled

again. "Well, if that's what you really want."

Sean brightened and nodded his head with more vigor than before. His arousal was

apparent, even though he should have been worn out.

Meredith shrugged. "Okay, then, but I sort of liked you. Can I ask you why?"

Sean thought for a moment. "My life's not going too well right now, and the only

way I would want to die is beneath the foot of a beautiful woman. I'd never be

able to commit suicide, but I don't' really want to live."

A tear came to Meredith's eye. "That's so sad. But if that's what you want, then

I'll do it."

Meredith found a spot on the street that wasn't embedded with squashed bodies

and laid Sean down on his back. Rising up to her full height, she looked down on

the tiny boy. She thought she saw him smiling up at her, then he made a motion

with his hands.

"Do you want it fast and painless?" she asked him.

"Yes, but hold your foot over me for a few seconds first. Then stomp down hard."

Meredith raised her foot into the air, some how keeping her balance, and held it

over the boy. She counted to ten, then brought her foot up till her knee brushed

her breast, and slammed it back down on the minuscule form.

The streets echoed with the thunder of her stomp, and the street lurched and


After the echoes had faded, Meredith lifted her foot.

In the center of a perfect footprint lay the crushed remains of Sean. His body

was flattened and his fluids rayed out around him in all directions. He wasn't

recognizable as the boy he was before, but Meredith thought she could see a

smile frozen on his squashed face. With a sad sigh, she turned her eyes away

from the sight and looked over at Sheila.

Sheila was standing a few feet away (by their standards) and was examining

something in her hand intently. Meredith came closer and saw that it was a tiny

band member, a girl.

The girl was screaming and hitting at Sheila's fingers as she poked at her.

Sheila was laughing wickedly.

The sinister lust Meredith had lost when killing Sean returned to her now in

force. "Are you ready to go find the little people?"

Sheila looked up and a new grin spread itself across her face. "Sure!" With one

quick motion, she clenched her hand into a fist and cut the girl's shrill scream

off with a squelch. She didn't even look as she opened her hand and let the

crushed body slide from it onto the pavement below. The girl's body had taken on

the form of Sheila's palm, but splattered into a shapeless mass when it hit the


With no more thought for the band, the two giantesses strode off down the street

in search of more tiny victims.

Part 3: More tiny victims

The crowd had made it a surprising distance in the time it took the two giantess

to squash the bands. Sheila and Meredith found them three blocks away. The tiny

people had begun to slow down, but they still moved en masse away from the

direction the women had been in. When they heard the titanic footfalls, and saw

the giantesses closing on them, smiles beaming, however, they screamed in unison

and resumed their stampede.

Meredith looked at Sheila and said, "Ewe, Sheila, would you look at all those


Sheila laughed. "Yeah, aren't they disgusting? What do you do when you see bugs,


Meredith winked at the other woman. "I step on them and squish their little guts


"Me too," said Sheila, and they turned back to the fleeing denizens. "Ladies

first." She made a slight bow and motioned to the people with her hands. Galletas sin gluten y sin lactosa: la receta

"Oh, I couldn't," Meredith joked. "After you, my dear."

"But I insist," Sheila said with mock seriousness. "Besides, if you go first,

you can lay out the red carpet for me."

Meredith laughed. "Oh, sure. You get a red carpet and I get a carpet of insects.

Oh well, mine will make neat crunchy sounds when I walk on it."

The crowd being so large hadn't been able to move much because they were even

more frantic to get away from the women than before, therefore tripping and

falling over each other. Meredith looked down and saw a man fall to his knees to

be knocked down by a woman and stampeded by several more. She watched this

crushing go on for a moment, then decided that she wanted to go see where all

the people were running to, so she tried to follow them.

She didn't succeed in her endeavor, but did succeed in using them as the carpet

she had mentioned. She looked down and around her feet as she stepped into the

shrieking crowd. People fell in the shadows of her feet and were instantly

squashed beneath her soles. She continued deeper into the crowd, laughing

because as she passed through the people, the ones she didn't step on kept

running in the same direction, which ended up being toward Meredith.

Meredith decided to have a little fun, then. She stood in place and looked down

at the tiny things running between her feet. She made up a game where she

decided to stomp only on people who had black hair. There wasn't much to the

game since black seemed to be a popular color with this crowd. Closing her eyes

for an instant, she opened them and concentrated on the first person she saw

with black hair.

The man struggled to remain upright in the wave of bodies that surged with him

and around him. Running was difficult in such a tightly packed mob, and he had

already seen several people go down to be crushed beneath the feet of their

fleeing comrades. There was a great wind when a large, heeled sandal came down

only a couple of feet to his right, squelching several bodies beneath it in

screaming crunches. One man was trapped beneath the tall heel and didn't have

time to scream before his upper torso was crushed, leaving his legs kicking in

spasms from beneath it. The foot lifted again before he had a chance to run past

it, and he saw the flattened remains of a dozen or so people become unstuck from

the sole to fall limply back into the footprint created by the monstrous woman's

step. Despite his best efforts at changing direction, the man was forced by the

crowd to follow the giantess, even though he knew that it was the wrong

direction to be going.

When the woman had stopped moving, the man tried to stop as well, but again the

people forced him onward. Was he the only intelligent person there? He watched

in horror as he was pushed between her feet and on past her. Once he was

through, however, he redoubled his efforts at running forward, praying for good


But only bad fortune was in store for the citizens of Terre Noire that day. The

man began to cry when he heard the wet sucking sound of the woman's foot rising

into the air. And he began to outright weep as the shadow passed over him and he

felt the warm drippings of blood rain down from above. His tears did not last

long, however, as the ponderous weight crashed down on his head, driving him to

the ground and breaking both his legs when they weren't fast enough to bend in

the right direction. It hardly mattered, though, because his neck was instantly

broken when the sole contacted his crown, paralyzing his body. The man was

hardly aware of the lights going out of his life forever as the woman put the

full force of her weight into the step, squishing all those unfortunate enough

to be near the man with black hair she had been aiming for.

Meredith shrugged when she realized how many people she had to squash just to

step on one guy with black hair. With hardly another thought, she raised her

other foot and tracked another person with black hair. This was a woman.

Meredith noticed with delight that two other people near the woman had black

hair. Or was it brown? Meredith didn't care. She was going for three points in


Her foot came down with a crash and drove fifteen people into the pavement. Five

others were pinned by their legs or other limbs, screaming and flailing in pain.

A man lay shrieking in agony with his legs crushed beneath the sandal, but his

scream was cut off abruptly as a woman's Reebok landed on his face with enough

force to squash his head like a melon. The woman hardly noticed in her panic to

escape the rampaging titaness.

Meredith was having the time of her life, and began to dance in a small circle,

pulverizing many small people as she did. She stopped after a minute and turned

to see Sheila smiling at her.

"Your turn," Meredith said. She motioned to the bloody footprints strewn with

flattened corpses. "I've laid out the red carpet for you, Madame."

Sheila shook her head. "I plan on making a larger, redder on." She pointed to an

area in front of the mob, and Meredith turned to see what she was pointing at.

In an instant, a building appeared ahead in the street, blocking all passage out

of the newly created blind ally. The crowd surged to a stop and slowly turned to

face the titanesses.

Sheila smiled at her artwork and then strode forward and caught up with the mob.

Wading into it with crunching steps, she suddenly fell to her knees. Many people

were caught beneath her descending knees and splattered in all directions.

Sheila then put her weight on her hands, squashing even more people beneath her

palms. Stretching out and letting her toes slide through the crowd, she laid her

great body down.

Citizens looked up in terror as Sheila's flat stomach came crashing down upon

them. A woman was miraculously spared for an instant as Sheila's navel engulfed

her and plunged her into darkness. The woman's ears popped at the sudden change

in air pressure, and she soon felt the end of the navel pressing down upon her

head. As Sheila let more and more weight rest on the underside of her body, the

woman was slowly crushed in the collapsing belly button.

Other people had a momentary vision of the giantess's breasts falling upon them.

A man was caught beneath the hard nipple of Sheila's left breast and squished

instantly as the areola was driven into the ground. Several other people felt

the smothering, pliable weight of her mamaries and thought that they would be

spared. They underestimated the force behind that weight, however, and soon met

the same fates as the hundreds who came before them.

Sheila reveled in the feel of so many tiny bodies flattening beneath her. She

luxuriated in the ecstasy that the man brought to her nipple, and even felt and

shuddered at the unfortunate woman trapped in her navel. Thanks to her

heightened senses, Sheila was acutely aware of every person lying under her trim


She bent her elbows and rested her chin on her hands, sweeping and crushing

several more under her arms. Then she focused on the crowd immediately before

her face. The insects screamed and fought against one another in the packed mob,

but between the lying Sheila and Meredith standing behind her, they were

trapped. Meredith made this point by stomping on any who tried to flee the area.

Sheila grinned seductively at the people before her. Then, pursing her lips, she

blew them a kiss.

Ten people were caught by the gale force of Sheila's breath and lifted into the

air, only to fall to the ground with the breaking of several limbs on both them

and the people they landed on.

Sheila playfully reached out a hand and began pinching the tiny people between

her fingers. She felt like a school girl squashing ants on the playground. She

loved to watch the minuscule faces of her victims turn first red, then purple,

then nearly black before they burst like grapes, sending forth a plume of blood

and entrails forced up through their necks. A thought occurred to her then, and

she looked over her shoulder at her new friend.

"Hey Meredith, why don't you find a way to keep these ants from escaping and

come over here a minute."

Meredith nodded and looked around her. Deciding what to do, she reached out and

pulled on a building that was about as tall as she was.

The building creaked and groaned. Meredith dug her fingers into the walls,

noticing quite a few scared faces peering at her in terror from the windows

level with her eyes. She smiled and winked at them, and doubled her efforts.

With a mighty ripping, the building began to lean toward Meredith. Unable to

withstand the pressure she was exerting on it any longer, the structure finally

gave and began to tumble forward. Meredith was amused to see the people withing

scramble in the opposite direction in a vain attempt to escape the oncoming


Meredith sidestepped and let the building topple over. It crashed to the ground,

shaking the surrounding buildings and sending up a great plume of dust and

debris. Dusting her hands together, she smiled innocently at Sheila. "How was


Sheila smiled back. "Perfect, my love. Now, come over here."

Again Meredith obeyed. Crunching through the screaming people, she moved to

stand in front of Sheila. "Yes, dear?"

Sheila looked up at her. "So this is what you look like to them," she said


Meredith giggled and raised her foot into the air, holding the sole over

Sheila's face. "Watch out, or I'll step on you and squash you like a bug."

Sheila grinned devilishly and pursed her lips in a kiss for Meredith. Then she

said, "would you be a dear squash these insects for me? They're annoying me with

their high pitched squeaks."

Meredith was enraptured. "But of course, my dear." With that, she began stomping

her feet all around like a girl throwing a tantrum.

Sheila peered under Meredith's pounding feet and saw countless bodies being

flattened beyond recognition in quick succession. Blood sprayed into the air and

into her face. Sheila's tongue snaked out and licked the residue from her lips,

smacking them as if she had eaten something extremely yummy.

Meredith stopped for a moment and looked down at her friend. She covered her

mouth in embarrassment when she saw the red stains on Sheila's face. Sheila wore

a mock expression of disgust.

"I'm sorry," Meredith said.

"Not a problem," Sheila replied and then got another idea. "Hey, come down here.

I want you to taste something."

Meredith hesitated at the ominous phrase. But, deciding that nothing could phase

her at this point, she consented.

Hundreds of miraculously un-squashed people screamed in unison as Meredith's

firm buttocks lowered quickly upon them. They were crushed instantly beneath her

ass as she sat down, paying them no mind. Shifting to get a better position, she

grimaced and reached under her right cheek. Pulling out a flattened car, she

shrugged and tossed it over her shoulder where it landed on more screaming


"Alright," Sheila said. "Now, this may sound disgusting, but these guys are

actually quite tasty." She ran her finger through the blood on her face and held

it out to Meredith. "Here, try it."

Meredith scowled and blanched a little.

"Don't worry," Sheila said, "Have I ever led you astray."

Meredith thought for a moment, then shrugged. Leaning forward, she made an "o"

with her lips and encircled Sheila's finger with it.

She had tasted blood before. Anyone who has ever accidentally bit their tongue

or lip too hard has. But this was somehow different. This blood tasted salty,

and yet sweet. Almost like candy. Idly she wondered if Sheila had done something

to make it taste that way. She didn't care. Removing her lips from Sheila's

finger, she looked between her crossed legs.

There was a sizable crowd trapped there, all cringing in terror. Some had even

gotten up the nerve to scale her shoes and skirt in an effort to escape.

Smiling, Meredith reached down and seized two men between her fingers.

Raising her hand above her upturned face, she smiled briefly at the screaming

men before opening her lips and dropping them inside. With no more thought than

she'd give to popcorn, she began to chew.

Surprisingly, they were better tasting than the simple blood. And they crunched

and crackled more than popcorn. She made a slight "ooh" sound as a trickle of

blood escaped her lips, then she simply slid her tongue out and lapped it up.

Her mind finally made up, Meredith eagerly reached between her legs and scooped

up ten or so people. They all went shrieking into her mouth and she began


Inside her mouth, people screamed and beat against her teeth. Then the teeth

parted and her tongue began pushing them between her molars. Heads and limbs

cracked and were pulverized between her grinding teeth. Arms and legs were

ferociously ripped off, and some people were lifted by Meredith's tongue to be

squashed against the roof of her mouth. Those still alive felt the horror of her

great tongue lifting and pushing them into her throat. They clawed with their

remaining limbs in an effort to keep from sliding down that dark, dank tunnel at

the back of her throat, but it was to no avail. Soon they were plunged into

darkness, the strong muscles of Meredith's throat pushing them down her


Meredith burped and lifted three more to her lips. When she popped them into her

mouth this time, she noticed their clothing dissolving like cotton candy.

Another trick by Sheila, she thought.

Sheila herself watched Meredith closely, enjoying every moment of the people's

terror. Then she began a feast of her own. Putting her hand in the crowd before

her, and squashing several people in the process, she lifted the tiny morsels to

her own mouth. She didn't bother chewing, but swallowed five people whole,

relishing the feelings of their weak struggles all the way into her stomach.

It went on this way for several minutes. Soon, however, all the prisoners in

their little arena appeared to be gone. Sighing, the two giantesses stood up,

brushing the flattened corpses from their bodies.

Looking behind her, Meredith saw that some of the people she had sat on weren't

entirely dead. They writhed like half crushed insects, gazing up at her with

hurt, terrified eyes. Meredith raised her foot over them, then shook her head.

Dropping her foot back to its place, she said, "Nope. I'll just leave you there.

I used to love doing that to bugs when I was a kid.

She looked at her bloody clothes and concentrated on them becoming clean. With a

flash, the stains were gone and she looked as pristine as ever. Sheila did the

same for her clothes.

"What now?" Sheila asked.

Meredith thought for a moment, and then a slow, mischievous smile spread across

her lips.

"Let's go find my ex-fiancé."

Part 4: the Ex

Meredith and Sheila picked their way through the rubble of the collapsed

building at first, then they shrugged and together pushed the other buildings in

their "arena" over. The once majestic structures collapsed with greater noise

and smoke than the first. Looking at each other, they both said "Oops" and then

began their search.

After they had cleared the debris, Meredith asked Sheila to stop for a moment

and bent down to unstrap her sandals. Setting first one long, graceful foot on

the street and feeling its cool texture slowly give under her weight, and then

the other, Meredith looked briefly at the mangled and crushed corpses on the

shoes' soles. Shrugging, she set the sandals down on the roof of a nearby

building, never noticing the small crowd of screaming people who had been

watching the giantesses from their imagined safety. They too caught a brief

glimpse of the flattened bodies before the dark soles crushed them down through

the roof and into the top floor of the building. Several people were pushed

screaming over the side where they plunged to their deaths ten stories below.

Sighing, Meredith nodded to Sheila and they proceeded onward.

Sheila looked over at her friend as the two strode down the streets, barely

aware of the tiny cars and people they crushed beneath her feet. "So," she said,

"your ex...David? Where can we find him?" Of course she already knew the answer.

Come on, she was somewhat of a genie. Like she couldn't read minds.

Meredith was extremely aware of the objects which found their way beneath her

bare soles. She was in a heightened state of enrapture, in fact, and her

breathing was quite erratic. She hoped that she would have the pleasure of

crushing whole crowds beneath her feet as before, except barefoot. The tiny

beatings of minuscule hands and the feel of crumpling metal from scale model

cars was exquisite and quite stimulating to say the least. She barely heard

Sheila, and the other woman had to ask a second time before she looked up from

the screaming face she had been concentrating on. Consequently, her latest

victim went unnoticed as he crunched beneath her heel.

"Huh?" Meredith said, licking perspiration from her upper lip.

Sheila giggled. "David works in that law firm, right? Over in that tall building

that they call Terre Haute?"

Meredith nodded, suddenly excited in a new way. A vengeful way. "Yes. I bet he's

in his office right now screwing some blond bimbo." A car full of a screaming

family of four visiting from Oregon was flattened beneath her foot as she

accented the last word.

* * * *

David was in his office on the 100th floor of Terre Haute screwing some blond

bimbo. Actually, it was the office of the founder of the Parker and Parker law

firm, Louis Parker, who was out of town at the funeral of his brother, Rich

Parker, but that scarcely mattered. David was a young, still fairly

wet-behind-the-ears lawyer, but Patricia didn't need to know that. As far as she

was concerned, he was the founder. It didn't matter that he was just in

his mid-twenties and the firm was founded in the fifties, Patricia wasn't very

good with math, even if she had known when it was founded, which she

didn't. How did David get access to this prestigious office? Who cares. Let's

get back to the story.

Neither of the two lovers knew what was going on just ten blocks east of the

building. At that moment, neither of them even knew Meredith existed, let alone

Sheila. David's mind wasn't on his ex-fiancée, but rather the blond bimbo he had

left her for. And the blond bim...uh...Patricia didn't know who Meredith was,

even if she had known that David had been engaged, which she didn't. But

anyway, the two were whooping it up on the expensive suede couch of Louis

Parker's office, which hadn't even been Scotch-Guarded.

As the two heaved to a sweaty finish, David weakly pushed himself up into a

push-up position over Patricia and smiled down at her. "What'd I tell ya? Suede

does feel better than leather."

Partricia smiled back. "You were right. But what animal does suede come from? I

bet they have fun having sex." She giggled her bubbly giggle and squinted her

cutesy squint, and David very nearly sprang to life once again. Had he

remembered who Meredith was at the moment, he would remember that he hated that

about her. Her intelligence. He liked Patricia much more.

Suddenly he remembered who Meredith was. And suddenly Patricia felt a warmth

spread across her tummy which tickled her and made her giggle again.

"Davy," she bubbled, "Did you just have an itsy moment on my tum-tum without

me?" She looked down at her "tum-tum" and chirped in disgust. "Davy! You peed on

my tum-tum! Is this some kind of sick fetish?!?"

Davy didn't respond.


She looked up, and saw David staring in shock out the window.

Patricia struggled to sit up and look too, but he wouldn't move.

", you sicko!" With a mighty heave, she managed to shove the

frozen man over to the side where he collapsed to the floor and immediately

sprang to his feet, grabbing his trousers and pulling them on, frantically and


"What's going on?" Patricia sat up, spilling the urine onto the

non-Scotch-Guarded couch. "Ewe!" She grabbed David's shirt and began to wipe off

her stomach. David quickly snatched it away and tried to put it on.

"What the fuck's wrong with you?" Patricia squeaked.

"We...we have to get out of here!" David stammered. "She's after me!"

Patricia placed her fists on her curvaceous hips and put on a scolding

expression. "Who's after you? Are you married?"

David was trying his best to put on his shoes, wrong feet of course. "No! It's

her! My fiancé! Ex...ex-fiancé!"

"Oh shit!" Patricia rolled her eyes. "Is she stalking you? Those exes can really

be psychos!"

David shot his terrified eyes out the window and stared. "You might say that,"

he whispered.

Patricia looked out the window, and screamed.

There, two buildings away, standing taller than either of the two, but still

shorter than Terre Haute, stood the biggest pissed off bitch she had ever seen.

Patricia made boom-boom in her undies. Except she had no undies on. Shoulda

Scotch-Guarded the couch.

Breaking his horrified frozen state, David picked up Patricia's skirt and blouse

and threw them at her. "Get dressed! She's coming for US!"

"Why me?!?" Patricia shrilly queried.

"Because I left you for her and she probably knows it, you stupid bimbo!"

"Oh." And then, "Hey! I'm not a bim...Hey!! You were enga...."

"Shut up and come on!" David shouted as he shot from the room.

Patricia snatched at her clothes and began to pull them on as she ran after him.

"Wait, Davy!"

* * * *

One foot resting on three parked cars, and the other on a once shrieking and

squirming crowd of innocent pedestrians, Meredith stared with smoldering eyes at

the top floor of Terre Haute. With enhanced vision courtesy of another wish, she

watched as the blond bimbo screamed and soiled herself and her surroundings.

After the two lovers fled the room, Meredith took a step toward the building.

Beneath her flaming anger, she felt things crunch beneath her bare sole. It

soothed her somewhat, and she imagined what it would feel like to have that

bitch beneath the same soles. She would wait for them to reach the ground floor

and then have some fun. First, she would have other fun.

"Sheila," she said.

"I'm on it." Sheila thundered around to the other side of the building to wait

at the other doors and catch the man if he decided the back was the best way to


Meanwhile, Meredith crunched over to the front door and amused herself with the

screaming mob in front of the building. Slowly and carefully, she swung her foot

from left to right, lightly touching it on the heads of the tiny people. It felt

just like soft grass. People screamed and fell, some losing their heads,

literally. Sighing, she put her weight into a step, and reveled in the feel of

their tiny forms squishing beneath her foot. She did this over and over again,

each time imagining that it was the blond bimbo.

On the other side of the building, Sheila lay down in the street, head to the

back door. Her legs stretched out and toppled the building directly opposite the

law firm, but she paid it no mind. Dozens of people fell to her mighty body as

it collapsed upon them, but she paid them no mind, either. Her attention was

concentrated on the doorway and soon she saw what she was waiting for.

David and a half dressed Patricia came screeching to a halt as they burst

through the door and were confronted by the immense façade of the giantess.

"Hello, lovers," Sheila whispered and blew them a kiss.

David shrieked.

Patricia squeaked.

They both turned around and ran back into the building, making their way to the

other doors, not realizing in their blind fear that Meredith was probably on the

other side waiting for them.

Sheila waited a moment, then, holding the doors open with two fingers, she blew

hard into the building.

Patricia and David had just opened the other doors when they saw the massive

feet standing on either side of the building's awning. They stopped and tried to

go back in, but just then a strong wind blew from inside the building and lifted

them into the air. They landed with a thud beneath the canopy, knocking the air

from both of them and stunning them.

Meredith was ready for them. With her right hand, she ripped the awning away to

reveal the two lovers. With her left, she swept the stunned blond out into the

street, directly between her bare feet. Meredith had taken great care to remove

all pedestrians and cars from the street. She wanted this bimbo to be the only

one in the area, with the exception of David, whom she wanted to watch what she

was about to do.

Patricia rolled over onto her back and stared up at the form looming above her.

Shock took the new air from her lungs and her eyes grew wide with terror. She

was huge! Her shapely legs rose like thick columns on either side of Patricia

until they met the hem of the woman's black skirt. Higher up there ballooned a

blue silk blouse, and higher still was the frightening face of a pissed-off


Meredith stared angrily down at the insect between her feet. Then she looked

over at David, who was trying to regain his feet, but apparently had hurt his

leg badly when he had landed.

"So, David. Is this the blond bimbo you left me for?"

David didn't answer, he just kept trying to climb to his feet, but kept falling


Meredith laughed. "Why David, you look just like a half squashed bug trying to

crawl away." Then she looked back down at the blond, who still hadn't moved. She

just lay there staring up at her like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming


"This one looks just like a bug, too," Meredith said with a sneer. "I don't like

pests. Especially ones who still my fiancé. Why don't I just squash it." She

raised her right foot into the air over Patricia.

Patricia could do nothing but stare up at the huge, dirty sole that hung above

her. Her voice wouldn't work.

"No, wait!" David tried. "Don't hurt Patricia!"

Meredith smiled. "Patty, huh?" She lifted her foot higher, and then brought it

down with sickening speed.

Patricia found her voice at the last moment, but only had time to let out a

partial scream before the giant sole slammed into her body and flattened her

into the ground with and earth-shattering boom. It was a surprisingly dry stomp.

Meredith stood on the remains of her ex-fiancé's lover for a moment, admiring

the way her foot looked pressing into the asphalt of the road. When she finally

decided to lift her foot, she revealed the completely flattened yet miraculously

preserved body of Patricia, still staring up at her in terror. Well, flattened


"Patty-cake," Meredith whispered with a pleased smile.

David threw-up.

Meredith looked over at him. "Now, what was I saying you looked like?"

David suddenly found himself lying spread eagle in the middle of the road. His

wrists and ankles were pinned to the ground by some unseen force and he was

completely naked. Looking up into the air, he saw Meredith towering over him.

"You know," she began, "I stepped on a roach last night, and I wished it was

you. Looks like I will get that wish."

David swallowed and began pleading.

With a snap from Meredith's fingers in the air, David's words were cut off and

replaced by guttural grunts and howls. Needless to say he was surprised, but he

could only express that surprise in an animal like wheeze.

"I mentioned that you looked like a half-squashed bug earlier. Let's see if my

description was accurate." Meredith thought for a moment, and on her feet

appeared the heeled sandals she had been wearing.

"Now," she said, "what should I start with first." She examined her tiny

captive. "How about..." she lifted her shoe over him, "...this arm." Her foot

came down on his left arm, crushing it but not sinking into the street.

David howled in pain and looked through teary eyes at the giant sandal where his

arm used to be. The sandal lifted, revealing his pulverized arm squashed as flat

as his late lover.

"And now," Meredith said as she swung her shoe over his body, "this arm."

The foot came down with equal ferocity. David screamed again. This time when her

foot lifted, he watched dumbly as his arm stuck to her sole and ripped away from

his shoulder.

"Now the legs," Meredith said as if showing a student how to dissect a frog.

Crunch! went the left leg. Excruciating pain and screaming! Crunch! went the

right leg. Blinding pain and howling!

David wondered why he hadn't passed out yet. The pain was maddening, yet he

remained clear headed. He thought that once one limb had been crushed, the

other's having the same done to them would hardly be noticeable. Yet amazingly

each limb had brought forth new and wider pain.

Meredith was using her new powers to keep David conscious. She wanted him to

feel every bone in his body crushed to powder beneath her feet. Every howl of

pain, every scream of anguish was fuel for her lust. Her breathing was deeper

and heavier than ever before as she stared down at the crushed and bleeding form

of her ex-fiancé. His head lolled back and forth and his eyes rolled like those

of a terrified horse. She saw him look up at her, and she smiled.

Lifting her foot, Meredith wondered aloud, "What's left?" She looked upon the

broken body of David, her eyes wandering over what was left of his naked form.

They wandered down his torso, and lit upon the one extremity not yet crushed.

Through the pain-ridden haze that covered his vision David watched Meredith's

eyes move over him, and his gorge rose as he saw what she was looking at. "No,

Meredith, not that," he tried to say, but all that rose from his throat was a

hoarse groan.

"Well," Meredith said with a teasing lilt, "what have we here?" She looked down

at his limp, flaccid o

Giantess Stories: The Crystal Talisman Volume I

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