Giantess Stories: The Crystal Talisman Volume II

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The Crystal Talisman

Volume II:


by Dr. Music


Prologue: Meredith meets Jesse

Meredith sighed, and decided to get acquainted with her new house mates. Looking

around, she could not believe how many people were in Naturally, she

was curious as to how all the people got to be where they were. Where were they?

Meredith decided to choose the loneliest person she could see and go and chat

with them. It didn't take her long to spot a young girl, perhaps no more than

seventeen, sitting on the...well...the white stuff with her arms wrapped around

her knees, rocking back and forth. The girl had a vacant look on her face, and

her eyes gazed off into nothing. She had short blond hair, about shoulder

length, and glassy blue eyes, though Meredith half suspected the glassiness was

due to that vacant look. As she approached and stood before the girl, the girl

made no sign that she had noticed her. Meredith bent down and looked into the

girl's eyes. This got her attention. The girl snapped her head up, almost

fearfully, Meredith thought, and looked at Meredith with a side-long gaze, as if

she were sizing her up.

"Hi," Meredith began with a sweet smile, "My name's Meredith, what's yours?"

The girl opened her mouth, closed it again, looked Meredith up and down, and

then opened it again. "Jesse."

Meredith never broke her smile. "You look like a Jesse."

Jesse squinted her eyes at her. "How so?"

Meredith was taken aback for a moment, and sat with her mouth gaping for the

right words.

"I-I don't know," she said uncomfortably. "I guess I just knew a Jesse in high

school that had blond hair and blue eyes, that's all." She paused for a

response, but found none. "She was a very sweet girl," Meredith said into the


Jesse shook her head. "Well, I'm not all that sweet." She began rocking again,

and Meredith feared that she may lose her to the vacancy again.

"Well, you look sweet enough to me," she tried.

Jesse stopped rocking, cocked her head again, and smiled.

The smile gave Meredith cause to pause again. It was almost, well, evil. Then,

as soon as it appeared, it was gone.

"You don't know me," Jesse said, rocking again.

Meredith brightened a little. "Well, why don't I get to know you? Why don't we

get to know each other." No response. Try again. "After all, it looks like we'll

be here for some time. I don't think Sheila's planning on letting us go too


Jesse stopped rocking, stretched out her legs (which were clad in blue jeans,

the feet in white sneakers) and balanced back on her hands. She tossed her short

hair then, and laughed whimsically.

"Sheila's never going to let us go," she said in a voice too cheerful to

compliment the sentence it spoke.

Meredith felt a chill climb her spine. "Oh, I think she will. She and I are

friends. She...."

"Ha!" Jesse interrupted sharply. "That's what she tells all of us. Oh yeah, she

pretends to be our best friends, and even grants us our fondest desires, but in

the end, only her desires matter." She smiled crookedly. "Actually, I can

respect that last part. I don't regret what I did."

Goose bumps rose on Meredith's arms at that ominous statement. "Wh-what did you

do?" She wasn't sure she wanted to know. She remembered all too well the

thousands of people she had crushed beneath her feet. She thought she'd be able

to undo it. But Jesse was right, in the end only Sheila's desires mattered.

Jesse looked into Meredith's eyes, and then over the woman's shoulder. That

vacant look returned, but Jesse began to talk.

"I was always into it. The pain. The death. I remember when I was really young,

I mean so young you usually can't remember anything, I was even in to it then."

She smirked and giggled a little. "Of course then it was just bugs, or maybe the

occasional small animal."

Meredith gulped, and considered leaving to find someone else. But she was

entranced with this girl. Her soft, breathy voice which belied her sweet, cutesy

looks, drew her in and somehow made her yearn for more words.

After a moment, Jesse continued.

"I remember one time I was playing in the yard, and I heard a soft chirping

noise. I guess I was about eight or nine or something. Anyway, I got up and

looked around to see if I could find what was making the noise. It was a bird, I

knew that. A baby. And it was hurt. I remember I got excited at the thought of a

hurt baby bird, completely at the mercy of my amusement." She looked at Meredith

and shrugged. "Well, maybe I didn't think of it exactly like that. I was only


"Anyway, I found it lying on the side walk in front of my house. It was lying on

it's side, chirping away in pain. I looked up and saw a nest in the tree beside

the sidewalk. I guess it fell out or something. But I looked down at it, smiled,

lifted my foot up, and stomped on it hard. When I moved my foot, I saw that it's

body was pretty flat, and its little beak was bent all crooked. I guess that

would make most people feel bad for what they did. I liked it. I liked the way I

could feel its small bones crack and its guts squish. Even then I began to wish

that the animals and bugs I squished were little men. Even then it got me hot.

But I still didn't understand the feelings. I didn't care. It felt good. And the

more sadistic it got, the better it felt."

While Jesse told her story, a slow, purely evil grin spread across her face.

Meredith shuddered, and shook her head as if to clear it. She tried to get up,

but Jesse reached out and grabbed her wrist.

"Wait," the girl said, "I want to talk to you. You see, I like to tell people

about my fantasies. It makes me hot, too."

Meredith didn't want to listen, but she decided that she had little choice.

Although the place they were in looked huge, she didn't see any immediate area

to run to for solitude. Reluctantly, she settled back down. Besides, something

inside her, the same thing that had allowed her to do the ghastly things she had

done, wanted her to stay and listen to everything this girl had to say.

Jesse smiled, big. "Good," she said with girlish delight. "Let me tell you about

the biggest thing that ever happened to me, and the reason I have for living


Her grin grew till Meredith thought it would spit her face in half. "Sheila,"

Jesse whispered.

Part 1: Jesse and her little brother

"As I said," Jesse began, "I've always had a mean streak." She giggled. "Whether

it was torturing small animals or my little brother, I was having fun!"

Meredith felt ill, but she settled back on some white nothing and decided to at

least try to relax.

* * * *

Now, my brother, Tommy, was a real pain in the ass. He was always hanging around

me asking questions and just generally bugging the shit out of me. I kept

saying, "Tommy, you little fuck, if you don't leave me alone, I'll hang you from

the doorknob by your underwear." He was a lot smaller than me. In fact, the

doctors said he probably wouldn't grow more than five feet tall. Can you believe

it? Anyway, he was twelve and was going through some sick phase of sneaking into

my room and playing with my underwear, or some sicko thing like that.

I begged my mom to let me put a lock on my bedroom door, but she wouldn't do it.

See, she's one of those moms that thinks you'd be doing "un-Christian" things in

there like smokin' pot or masturbating. Ha! She used to think that I had some

sort of demons inside of me because I kept stomping on anything that moved. I

even stomped our cat's tail, when I didn't get my way.

Anyway, one day I was in my room doing nothing, when my brat brother came in and

started harassing me. I yelled at him to get out, but he wouldn't. Finally I had

to twist his arm behind his back and push him out of the room. He went crying to

mom and she yelled something at me. I don't know what she said, I didn't listen.

I remember that I was cussing up a storm to myself when I turned around and saw

this necklace laying on my dresser. I'd never seen it before. I picked it up and

it was this really cool looking crystal, all smoky and shiny. I thought I saw

some light in it, I thought it was some sort of cheap costume thing with

batteries and a light bulb that flashed whenever you bumped it or something, and

I looked closer at it. The next thing I know, I'm surrounded by all these

little, whistling lights. Well, I must have passed out, because I woke up on

some strange bed.

Only, and get this, it wasn't a bed. It was a giant hand!

You're nodding your head. I guess this happened to you, huh? Anyway, that was


I was excited! I had always had this thing for giant women. See, I'm sort of a

lesbian, but don't tell my mom that. She'd have me in to see an exorcist, or


Anyway, Sheila says that she's a product of my innermost desires, or something

like that, and goes on to say all this stuff about "infinite wishes," and,

"anything I want." I was like, "Cool!" you know? I told her that I really wanted

to get back at my brother for being such an asshole. She said that I would be

able to do that and so much more.

The next thing I know is I'm on my bed, and Sheila's gone. I figure that I had

fallen asleep and had the coolest ass dream ever! But I felt something around my

neck and found out it was the crystal!

Just then, my brother runs in, and he starts shouting something about mom was

going to ground me or some shit, and I yelled back at him that if he didn't get

out, I was going to stomp him like a bug! He just jumped around and called me

names, and then Flash! he was gone!

I didn't know what happened! I looked around, but he wasn't there anymore! The

door was closed, so he didn't leave. So I got out of bed and started looking


After a minute, I hear this squeaking noise. I got excited because I thought we

had mice again, and I like stomping on mice. They squish loud and their guts

shoot out their mouths and.... Well, anyway, I looked down and nearly jumped out

of my clothes! There was my brother on the floor, but he was barely big enough

to be a mouse! I mean, he had shrunk down to a couple of inches or

something like that! Can you believe it? I had nearly stepped on him!

At that thought, I began to get hot. I mean real hot! This was amazing! Sheila

was real, and she had told the truth! It wasn't a dream! My heart was beating so

fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack!

So I tried to calm myself down, and I just smiled down at him. My little

brother. My little brother. He was looking up at me, and I think he was scared,

and he was squeaking away, but I didn't understand him. I bent down and grabbed

him in my fist. I nearly crushed him, I was so excited. When I picked him up and

looked at him, I could tell that he was turning blue, so I loosened my grip on

him. He immediately began squeaking at me again, so I squeezed him again. That

shut him right up! I heard a pop, and he kinda jerked.

For a second, I got scared that I had squashed him, so I opened my hand. Well, I

think I just popped his hip out of socket, because there was another pop, and

his leg moved up a little. He squeaked again, and was crying. I started getting

hot again. I mean, I had real power over him! Well, I had always been bigger

than him, but now I was bigger than him! A lot bigger!

I started trying to think of ways I could get back at him for being such a jerk.

I thought that since he had some perverted thing for my underwear, that I'd drop

him in them while I was wearing them. But he was my brother! That's just sick!

Then I thought that I'd just step on him, just like I told him I would if he

didn't leave! I didn't care if that meant I'd kill him. I wouldn't miss him. And

if things got too bad with mom.... Well, I didn't care. So I put him back on the

floor and stood up.

I was wearing my Reeboks, the ones I'm wearing now, and I lifted my right foot

over him. "Tommy," I said, and giggled. "Can you read what my shoe says?" The

bottoms of my shoes say "Reebok" on them.

I nearly burst out laughing because Tommy started limping away, I guess his leg

was hurting, and he was leaving a wet trail behind him. I made him wet himself!

It was hard keeping my balance, but I just kept following him around with my

foot. He wasn't moving too fast because he was so small and his leg was hurt.

Every now and then I'd slam my foot on the ground behind him or in front of him

and make him fall down. I was having so much fun! I was so hot!

Then I lifted my foot high, and was just about to stomp him real good, when I

thought of a better idea. I stopped and picked him up again. It was kind of sick

because his pants were all wet with pee. I gave him a couple of squeezes for

good measure, and then decided to tell him what I was going to do with him.

"Hey Tommy," I said, "you know how mom hates spiders?"

He knew right away what I was going to do. He turned even paler than he already

was! But I wanted to tell him anyway.

"Well, I'm going to make mom think you're a spider so she'll step on you!"

The little bastard peed on me! So I flicked him in the balls. After he looked

like he was paying attention again, I started describing what it would be like.

"I'm going to put you in the kitchen floor, and when she sees you, she's going

to stomp your ass!" He squeaked. "You'll look up at her towering over you, and

hope that she recognizes you, but she won't. You'll look just like a big, hairy

spider to her. And then she'll lift up her foot, and maybe you'll see another

spider all squashed and flattened on the bottom of her shoe, and you'll scream

at her, but she won't hear you, and then she'll STOMP!! and flatten you real


I think he passed out, because he stopped shaking and stuff. So I spit on him,

and he squeaked again, and then he started shaking again. Then I closed my fist

around him so mom wouldn't see what I was carrying, and took him into the


Just to let you know what she looks like, my mom's real pretty. I got my looks

from her. She's got long blond hair that she keeps kinda pulled back with the

bangs pulled up out of her face. She always wears those frumpy dresses that hang

down past her ankles and go all the way up to her chin. You may have guessed by

now that she's a real "God-fearing" Christian. By that I mean that she's really

religious! I mean so much that if you even think a bad word, she'll say you're

going to burn in hell! And she hates spiders! She calls them "Godless creatures"

and stomps any one that dares to enter her house. I think she likes it, like me,

but would rather take the Lord's name in vain than admit it. She also wears

those black, button up, Little House on the Prairie type shoes. You know, the

ones with the pointy toes and slender heels?

So anyway, I take Tommy into the kitchen where mom's cooking dinner. She's

standing at the sink peeling potatoes with her back to me, but she hears me come

in the room. I don't know how she knows which of us it is, but she always knows.

"Jessica Loraine Black," she says. I hate that name. Don't ever call me even

Jessica unless you want me to punch you. "You're grounded for two weeks for

picking on your brother." She was always matter-of-fact like that. Saying

anything else was just useless babble to her.

I didn't say anything. I just kind of stood there looking at those black shoes.

I was getting real hot by this time.

She turned and looked at me, and I quickly put my hand with Tommy inside it

behind my back. She looked me up and down with that school-marm look she gets,

and turned back to her potatoes.

"Did you hear me, Jessica?" she said.

"Yeah mom," I said, and just so she didn't think anything was strange, I added,

"It isn't fair," in a whiny voice.

"Life isn't fair, Jessica, and God has no time for mean big sisters. They go to

hell." I knew why dad left her.

Quietly, I snuck up behind her and bent down. Quickly I dropped Tommy on the

floor just a couple of feet behind mom, and backed up.

Mom turned around and looked at me suspiciously. I put on my best pouty face and

said, "But mom!"

"No buts, young lady. I mean it. Leave your brother alone."

I guess Tommy started crawling around or something, because she looked down all

of the sudden. I got scared, and quickly wished her to see him as a spider. I

looked at him and he didn't look any different to me, so I thought for sure she

would get curious and look closer.

"Ooh!" she shouted, "A spider!" and she lifted up her foot over Tommy. Tommy

squeaked and looked up at her, his mom. His mom was about to squash him like a


CRUNCH!! she slammed her black shoe down on him. "Godless creatures," she said

as she twisted her foot back and forth. I think I had an orgasm right there.

There was a lot of blood, but I don't think she could see it. When she lifted

her foot, there was nothing left of Tommy but a bloody splotch on the floor.

"Jessica, get something to clean mommy's shoe, will you? I have to finish

peeling these potatoes," mom said.

I smiled and grabbed some paper towels. She bent her knee and showed me the

bottom of her shoe, setting her foot on its toe, all the while still peeling

potatoes. I looked at it, and couldn't even tell it had ever been Tommy. All

there was was a lot of blood and some clumps of skin and clothes. I wondered

what mom would think if she knew that she had just mistaken her only son for a

spider and stepped on him. I nearly had another orgasm just cleaning my little

brother off the bottom of her shoe.

That was just the first thing I did with my wishes.

Part 2: And now for the neighbors' kids

I was so worked up over the thing with my brother that I wanted more! I couldn't

stand it! The possibilities were...well, to get a chance to live out,

I don't know what you call it, well, that was too good to pass up! I mean, would

you? Anyway, I decided to pay my neighbors a visit.

I used to hang out with the neighbors' kids down the street. Well, I would hang

out with one at a time, anyway. They couldn't get along, and they didn't like to

share me. So I bounced back and forth being the brother's friend and then the

sister's friend.

The brother, Michael, was about the same age as me, 17. His sister, Jennifer,

was a couple of years younger. They were both brats, and I didn't like them all

that much, but my neighborhood was scarce on kids around my age. Michael and I

had the same thing about bugs, though, so we got along fairly well. All three of

us liked to fantasize about magical things, so I thought they'd get a kick out

of my new powers. I knew I would.

First I wished that mom wouldn't be able to hear me leave the house. After all,

I was grounded. Ha! As if that had any meaning anymore! Then I left and walked

down the street.

Michael was in their garage messing with a go-cart, and Jennifer was watching

nearby. Michael was obviously ignoring her, but she didn't seem to care. The

door was open, so I just walked in.

"Hey, guys," I said innocently.

Michael looked up. "Hey, Jesse, what's up?"

Jennifer: "Hey Jesse."

I jumped right in. "You guys want to see the best thing that you'll ever witness

in your entire lives?"

That did it. They were both instantly interested.

"What?" they chorused.

"Well," I didn't want to get too far ahead of myself, "what would you say if I

told you I had the power to do anything I wanted?"

I almost lost them.

"Yeah, okay," Michael sneered, but he was still interested.

Jennifer just looked from one of us to the other. "What do you mean, Jesse?"

I smiled and almost shook in anticipation. "Jennifer, you know how you're always

getting mad because Michael keeps killing those bugs?"

Jennifer scowled. "It's cruel! I hate him for it!" Then she shot back at me,

"But you do it, too!"

I just shrugged. "But what if you could get back at him for it?"

Jennifer's face brightened. "That'd be great! He should be squashed, too!"

Michael just waved a hand at her. "What are you talking about, Jesse? You don't

have any powers."

I looked at him and smirked. "Oh no?"

With a blink, Michael was gone.

Jennifer stared at the place her brother had been. "What...? How...?"

I pointed to a moving spot on the floor where Michael had been. "He's right

there, Jen."

Jennifer looked at me and then slowly walked over to look closer at the

squirming thing on the floor. She bent down on her hands and knees, squinted at

it, and then clapped her hands and laughed with glee.

"It's Michael!" she squealed. "He's the size of a bug!"

I could see Michael clasping his arms around his ears and looking up at his

towering sister in fear.

"Can I step on him?"

I was surprised! I didn't think she would be so eager to squash her brother, but

then, Jennifer had never really been all there.

She stood up and raised one white Adidas over her insect-sized brother. I heard

a squeak and he began to scurry under the go-cart. She started to bring her foot


"No, wait, Jennifer!" I said quickly.

She stopped and looked at me a bit sadly. "Why? It would serve him right for

killing all those bugs. Let him know how it feels."

"Maybe later," I consoled her, "but first I wanted to play some games with you


Jennifer looked back down at her brother, who was struggling in a before unseen

spot of motor oil. She stuck out her bottom lip for a moment, but then lowered

her foot, leaving her brother unharmed. He seemed to slow his struggles for a


In an instant, Michael was back to his normal size, though breathing heavily and

covered in black oil. He looked at his sister, then me, then back to his sister,

and balled up his fists.

"You little bitch!" he shouted, and started toward her.

"Michael, if you don't stop, I'll shrink you again!" I warned.

He stopped moving and looked over at me, thinking it over. Slowly he lowered his


"How did you do that?" he asked once he had calmed down somewhat.

"That's not important," I said. "The important thing is, I can do it, and I can

do anything I want. And, consequently, so can you guys."

Jennifer was already smiling, lost in thought, but at my words, she looked up

and literally beamed.

"You mean I can get back at all those jerks who turned me down at school?" She

looked at Michael and smiled evilly. "I could shrink them like you were and

squash them like insects."

Michael scowled at her. "Shut up!" He made a move toward her, but stopped and

looked at me, thinking better of it.

"Yeah, Jen, you could do that," I agreed. "But first, I wanted to get to those

games." I looked at the pathetic state Michael was in and wished him clean. He


He looked at himself and then back at me wide-eyed. "Thanks," he whispered.

Jennifer was literally jumping with excitement. "Oh, Jesse, what are we going to

play? Are we going to go to another planet and find some aliens, or time travel,

or turn into giants and stomp around New York, or...."

"I have a better idea." Sometimes she could act like such a little girl and not

at all like a fifteen year old one. I worded my words carefully. "Why don't we

shrink ourselves down to the size Michael was, and go around your house."

I had worded my words wrongly.

Jennifer started pouting again, and Michael exclaimed, "No way!"

"Oh, think about it, guys!" I interjected. "It would be just like our fantasies.

We'd be in this alien world fighting monsters and traveling where no one has."

They were confused.

"Monsters?" Jennifer asked.

"Going where no one has?" Michael asked.

"Yeah," I said. "Michael, you know how you like to study bugs and think they're

real neat. Well, those are our monsters. We'll be able to get real close to them

and see them at their size. And we could even ride them! Think of it! It would

be just like having your own horse, except it would be a grasshopper the

size of a horse!"

This got Michael thinking.

"And Jennifer," I turned to his sister. "Screw alien worlds. You have an alien

world right here in your house. Have you ever been in the walls or under the

refrigerator? Or how about exploring the vast caverns of pipes in the floor?"

I had appealed to Jennifer's adventurous side, and she started to think of the

possibilities. I let them to their thinking, and slowly smiles grew across their


"Okay," they said at once.

I started to get hot, again.

* * * *

We decided to start our journey in Michael's bedroom. Their mom was in the

kitchen making dinner, so they thought it would be safer to be in the farthest

room from her. I didn't like that, but I tried not to let it show. It didn't

matter, I could eventually get anything I wanted. We stood by Michael's bed amid

all the crap lying on the floor.

"How small do you want to be?" I asked.

They thought about it a moment, and then Michael spoke up. "How about a quarter

inch, like the kids in that movie? That looked really cool!"

Jennifer agreed, and I nodded my head. "Here we go," I said, and concentrated on

the three of us being 1/4 of an inch tall.

We didn't even notice any change. One second we were looking at the walls of the

room, the next, we were surrounded by gigantic socks and books and things.

Jennifer jumped up and down and squealed with delight. Then she noticed a nearby

sock and wrinkled her nose. "Ew, Michael! That's gross!"

Michael smiled and stuck out his tongue. "Dig in, sis!."

I felt tingly all over. I was finally living out one of my deepest desires! This

was almost better than seeing my brother squashed by my mom. Almost, but not


I looked around me at the towering objects. I almost couldn't recognize them,

they were so huge. After a moment of concentrating, I could finally read the

spine of one of the books. "Gulliver's Travels." I laughed.

For a while, we chased each other around, zig-zagging around and under oversized

clothing and toys, playing tag and hide and seek. But I was getting very bored.

These were kids games that we could play anytime, and besides, the carpet was a

bit hard to move around in since it came up to our knees. I wanted to see their

mother. That was one of my fondest dreams. Sometimes at night I would imagine

their mother towering over at me. She would see me and scowl down at me,

thinking I was a bug. Then she'd lift up her foot and....

A roar brought me out of my daydream and we all looked up. Far in the distance

rose the impossible height of the bedroom door. As we watched, the door swung

open and the titanic form of their mother appeared in the doorway.

Michael and Jennifer screamed, and I nearly fainted. There she was, my dream

walking the earth! She was beautiful. Well, not in the classical sense.

Physically she was pretty, slim, a bit busty, in her early forties. But as I

gazed upon her at that moment, hundreds of feet tall and dressed in khaki pants,

a floral, short-sleeve blouse, and brown flats, she was the most beautiful thing

I had ever laid eyes on. Her chin length brown hair was curled under and it

swayed slowly as she turned her head looking around the room.

Even hundreds of feet away (in reality about four feet, but it was hundreds to

us) she seemed unbelievably tall. Her gaze swept the floor and fell upon us. We

froze, Michael and Jennifer in terror, and me in lust, but her vision simply

brushed us and looked on. She wore a look of disgust.

"Look at this pit!" she muttered, but to us it was a loud speaker blasting away.

And then she did something to make me convulse with anticipation. She stepped

into the room.

Michael and Jennifer screamed again, but they didn't move. They just stood

there, staring up at their gigantic mother as she thundered toward us, their

mouths hanging open and terror etched on their faces.

My own mouth watered as I watched to giantess move forward. Though she was

gigantic, she moved with the grace of a cat. Her mighty feet lifted from the

carpet, swung through the air with the force of a jet liner, and landed with a

bone-rattling thud back to earth. I watched in awe as a used Kleenex disappeared

beneath her left foot with a raspy crunch. I nearly wished that Kleenex was me.

I say nearly, because I had enough sense to know that if I did wish it, that

Kleenex would be me!

And then she was upon us! Her legs stretched overhead and her face peered over

the tops of her breasts down in our direction. But she was still walking! Her

left foot lifted in the air over Michael and Jennifer.

I couldn't believe it! This was great! I saw the two immersed int he shadow of

their mother's foot as it descended slowly upon them! They screamed, but they

still didn't move! I saw pee run down their legs and into the carpet! They threw

up their hands and screamed some more, and the shadow grew darker!

THUD!! Her foot connected with the floor, but to the left of the two siblings.

It sank into the carpet, causing them to fall and tumble down into the

indentation it made. I let my breath out in ragged heaves. I thought for sure

they'd be crushed! For a moment, I was disappointed, but I quickly calmed


I looked back up at their mother and gasped when I saw her staring at me. For a

few seconds that seemed like an eternity, we stared into each other's eyes. And

then she began to bend down! She was stretching out her arm and reaching for me!

My heart beat faster as I watched her massive palm moving toward me! Her hand

grew larger and larger still as it filled my vision and I briefly wondered if I

would be crushed when she picked me up. I also wondered if this was what I

looked like to my brother. I figured that she was even bigger than I had


Her hand started to close, but it was not on me. She had reached for a dirty

plate that I was standing near. I looked up the length of her arm, admiring the

hairs on it, breathing in the smell of it. I noticed for the first time the

imperfections in her skin. She had a small, flat mole just above her wedding Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

band and a tiny scar above the top knuckle of her index finger. The hair on her

hand and forearm was fine, hardly even noticeable at my normal size, but it was

like a forest to me then. The tracks and wrinkles of her skin were etched out in

exquisite detail, and I could even see every single swirl of her fingerprints.

The scent of her assaulted me with such force that I grew dizzy inhaling it. I

could smell her perfume mixed with the sweet smell of her perspiration, as well

as a hint of dish soap and frying pork chops. God, she was so huge! My body

convulsed once more at the mere sight of her! I couldn't believe that I could

orgasm just by looking at her! It was wonderful!

And then she began to straighten, taking her wonderful arm and the plate with

her. After she had stood up, she lifted her left foot, briefly sending Michael

and Jennifer flailing into the air, and swung it over me.

I instinctively ducked as her huge sole flew over me. I saw with great detail

the rubber, no-skid sole of her shoe with it's tiny indentations and imbedded

granules of fine pebbles of gravel. There was even a wet spot just under where

her toes would be, and I hoped that it had been a bug at one point. No tell-tale

crushed legs or pieces of carapace gave it away, though. The smell of worn

leather and soft yet pungent foot odor swirled around me and I again felt faint.

Her foot passed above me and landed a few feet away, shaking the ground with its

thunderous clap and taking the remaining strength from my legs. I sat down

quickly but softly in the carpet and watched the woman do her work.

She reached out again and took a dirty cup from Michael's bedside table. That

done, she turned once more and strode out of the room, her footfalls echoing

around me and amazingly fading into the distance.

I sat for a long time in awe of the spectacle I had just witnessed. It struck me

as funny that something so mundane and everyday as a mother taking some dirty

dishes out of her son's bedroom could be so breathtaking, as well as utterly

dangerous, if not deadly, to three tiny, shrunken humans that happen to be on

the floor of that bedroom. I felt another tingling at that thought.

A groan caught my attention and I looked over to my left. Michael and Jennifer

were lying in a heap on top of each other some feet away. I laughed at the

comical way their arms and legs flailed in the air. They looked just like a

couple of beetles turned over on their backs.

I laughed and stood up, going over to help them to their feet. To my surprise,

they both were smiling. They looked up at me with huge grins on their faces and

began to laugh.

"Did you see that?" Michael shouted. "Mom nearly stepped on us! That was cool!"

Jennifer nodded her head in agreement. "What a rush! I thought we were squashed

for sure!"

I laughed with them, helping them to their feet. "So did I! I think your size

helped you."

"What do you mean?" Jennifer asked me.

"Well," I decided to make something up. "I think that because you're so small,

that gives you less chance to be stepped on." It sounded stupid, but I hope it

worked for what I wanted to do next.

Michael frowned in consternation. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess you're right. Sometimes I

go to the mall and watch something on the floor, like a piece of a straw wrapper

or popcorn, and I wait for someone to step on it. But sometimes it takes a

really long time. Mostly people just step right next to it or kick it."

I was delighted that Michael had just proven something I made up off the top of

my head. "Yeah, like that. See, we could probably spend days at this size around

your mom and she'd never step on us." I was pushing the envelope a little, but

who cares?

Jennifer said, "Yeah, I bet we could. We could even be right in front of her and

she'd never see us."

That gave me a window of opportunity.

"Hey," I began, " you know what would be cool?"

They both looked at me expectantly.

"If we went into the kitchen and scared your mom."

Michael cocked his head at me. "Huh?"

"I mean," I continued, "if we ran in there and got her attention, that'd scare

the shit out of her, to see her kids the size of bugs on the floor."

"But," I could hear the worry in Jennifer's voice, "what if she thought we were

bugs? What if she stepped on us?"

I acted quickly. "No way, she'd see it was us. Besides, you're mom doesn't like

to step on bugs, remember? She hates the feeling and sound of their crackling

shells. The worst that would happen is she'd get something to pick us up with

and put us outside. And then she'd get close enough to see it was us for sure."

I hoped that would do the trick.

It did.

They thought about it, and that same, slow smile came across their faces.

"Yeah, let's do it!" Michael said. "That'd scare mom to death! It'll be great!"

"Yeah!" Jennifer shrilly agreed.

I began to get tingly again. This was the best day of my life!

* * * *

It was taking too long to even get out of the bedroom, so I gave us wings. At

first, they were hard to control and we didn't fly well, so I gave us the

knowledge of years of practice. Hey, you gotta think on your feet.

So there we were, flying through the house like three mosquitoes. We had a

couple of close run-ins with their mom before we got to the kitchen. Once, she

walked right into us and we were nearly knocked out of the air. Luckily the air

being pushed in front of her blew us away before we collided with her. And when

she came back, she swatted at us. That time she hit Michael and he was sent

spiraling down toward the floor. One wish from me, and he was okay again. He was

a bit shaken and it took me a few minutes to try and convince them to do it

again. I don't know why I didn't just use my powers to convince them. I guess

hindsight is 20/20, and all that.

So we finally made it to the kitchen. Michael and Jennifer went over and landed

on the table, but I wanted to see more of their mom, so I went to the counter

top. She was standing at the stove frying some pork chops (let me tell you, at

that size, the smell was extremely powerful!) and I landed right next to the

stove. The heat was pretty bad, but I didn't mind. I was staring up at Her.

From higher up than the floor, I could notice more details about her face and

stuff. She had the occasional tiny scar from earlier-days acne, but she still

looked gorgeous to me. Her nose was small (would have been had I not been 1/4 of

an inch tall) and softly rounded. Her mouth was smaller than most with thinnish

lips that were naturally pink and desirable. After entertaining the thought for

a minute, I flew up to those lips and lightly touched them.

They were soft and warm, smooth and inviting. Her breath blew from her nostrils

and enveloped me in its moist warmth. There was some hair on her upper lip, but

there was so little that it was probably unnoticeable at my normal size. For a

moment, I just hung there, breathing in her breath, and then her lips parted and

I decided to take another chance. Acting like a fly, I landed on her lower lip

and looked inside her mouth.

It was too dark to see much, just the tops of her front teeth and a glimpse or

two of her giant tongue within. I sat there and felt the softness of her lips

beneath me and over me. I was in heaven once again, and I convulsed


And suddenly her hand flew up from below and swiped at me. I was knocked off her

lip and sent plummeting to the counter top below. Luckily, my wings kicked in

just in time and I landed softer than I would have, though I still hurt my arm

and rolled a little. I looked up at her and caught my breath when I saw her

staring down at me and raising her hand. She was going to swat me like a


Quickly, I jumped out of the way just as her hand slammed down on the counter.

Unfortunately, it was over the edge of the counter and I was falling again. But,

the wished for instinct showed up instantly and I flew away to safety.

I landed on the table and Michael and Jennifer asked me where I had gone. I told

them I had to go to the bathroom. They believed me and didn't ask any more


"You ready?" I said, anticipating with dread their denial to go through with our


"Yes," they both said eagerly, and I was happy again.

"Okay, follow me." I jumped into the air and swooped down toward the floor. When

we landed, it was about a hundred yards away from their mom's feet. I wished the

wings away. At first they complained, but I said that if their mom saw that we

had wings, she'd think we were bugs for sure. They agreed after that.

"Okay," I said, "here's what we're going to do. You guys go up beside your mom

and start jumping up and down screaming."

"What about you?" Michael asked.

"Well," what about me, I thought. "I'm going to hang back and when she sees you

and gets all scared, I'm going to come up from behind her and give her another

scare. Besides, it's scarier if she sees her kids all shrunken than it is if she

sees the neighbors' kid." They seemed to accept that explanation.

Michael looked at his sister who looked back at him. Taking a deep breath, he

said, "Let's do it."

Jennifer smiled and began to shake with anticipation. "Yeah!"

And then they took off running. They got about twenty feet away from her right

foot and started waving their arms and screaming. When they were about ten feet

away, they stopped running and started jumping up and down. I was getting very

excited, and I started rubbing myself.

They screamed and jumped and waved, but their mom just rocked her weight back

and forth from one foot to the other. She didn't even turn her head. Jennifer

and Michael stopped and looked back at me.

"Don't stop!" I shouted, and they started jumping and shouting again.

I began to wonder if she would hear them, and had almost decided to boost the

sound they made a little, when she began to turn around. This is it! I

thought excitedly, and rubbed faster. And then it happened.

The two were still jumping, and there was a loud squeaking sound of rubber on

linoleum, and their mom's right foot twisted on its heel. Michael screamed in

fear and let out a big "Oof!" when the side of her foot hit him in the chest. He

was knocked down, but her foot kept twisting and went right over him. She

stopped turning then and put her weight down on that foot. We heard Michael let

out a shrill, quick scream, but he was cut off by a wet crunching sound. Blood

squirted out from under their mom's foot as she rested the rest of her weight on

him, and then her foot was still.

Jennifer screamed, "Michael!" but she didn't move. Instead she looked up at her

mother, towering hundreds of feet above her. I looked up, too, rubbing even

faster and harder. This was great!

Her mom hadn't even noticed. She hadn't heard the shouting and she didn't hear

or feel the crunch Michael made when she stepped on him. She was looking

straight ahead of herself at something behind us. And then she took a step with

her left foot.

Jennifer screamed again as the shadow of her mother's foot covered her. She

didn't have time to move and the foot fell down on her, knocking her onto her

back. As soon as the shoe had covered her, her mom put her weight into the step

and there was a muffled crunch like the one before, and Jennifer stopped

screaming as some blood shot out from under her mom's toe. I orgasmed at the

same instant she had crunched.

Their mom started to lift her right foot for the next step, but apparently she

had noticed Jennifer crunching under her left foot and stopped moving.

"What the...." she muttered and looked down at her foot. She put the weight back

onto her right foot and lifted the left, revealing the unrecognizable remains of

her daughter. "Dammit!" she said in disgust. "Bugs again!"

She gingerly set her foot back down on its heel and stepped forward with her

right foot. There was another crunch since Michael had stuck to her sole and she

stepped on him again.

She was nearly thrown off balance as she lifted that foot to look at the sole.

"Shit! What's going on here?" she said.

I was rubbing myself again.

Reaching over to the counter top, their mom tore some paper towels off the role

and began to wipe her kids off the floor and the bottoms of her shoes. I

couldn't have been happier had it been me she was wiping up. When she was

finished, she started to walk to the trash can, which happened to be behind me,

all the while scanning the floor for more "bugs." And she saw me.

I tell you, if I had a penis, it would have sprung to life right then, at the

moment her eyes fell on me. The look she had on her face was utter disgust and

anger that we "bugs" had invaded her kitchen. I knew right then that she was

throwing away her inhibitions about stepping on insects. She came right at me at

top speed.

I made a couple of quick wishes and rubbed myself as hard and fast as I could.

In a split second, she was upon me, towering over me like a female skyscraper,

and looking down at me over her breasts with anger and resentment. She meant

business. Quickly she lifted up her foot and swung it over me, lifting it nearly

to her knee. I convulsed once, and then again, and watched in ecstacy as she

pushed her foot down on top of me. In one second I was looking up her long leg

to her face high above me, in the next I was staring at her worn shoe sole, and

in the next, I was gasping for air as the weight of her stomp slammed into me

and spread my body out in circle around me. The pain was exquisite, and it

pounded through my entire body. I felt myself orgasm in the same instant that I

felt my sides split and my guts squirt out in all directions. I felt my body

flattening and my head burst. My limbs were crushed, the bones ground to powder.

I tasted the rubber of her sole, the dirt ground into it, my blood, Jennifer's

blood, smelled the hard leather and the heat of their mother's anger, the sweat

of her foot and body. And then I felt her begin to twist her foot back and forth

on top of me. It prolonged my orgasm and even pushed me into several more. She

must have stood there for several seconds, grinding away at me, shoving me over

wave after wave of orgasms, and then she stopped and let her foot stay on top of

me, like an exhausted lover who was too tired to move from my body. I rode the

last climax to its sweet finish, and as if she new I was finally done, she

lifted her foot from my remains.

Light returned to my eyes and I watched her sole rise from me. I could see a

large red stain on the bottom of her foot along with some torn pieces of skin

and clothes. Her face reappeared and she wore a satisfied smile on her beautiful

lips. She set her foot down and simply stood there, looking down at my crushed

body on the floor below her. I wondered what I looked like, and decided that it

was probably much like what my brother had looked like when my mom had ground

him into the floor beneath her foot.

With a smirk, she said, "Damn, that felt good." and then turned on her heels and

went back to the counter to get a paper towel.

Of course I couldn't move, I was smashed to death. I could only look up at the

ceiling until she returned, stooping over me. Her hand appeared with the paper

towel and my vision was once again cut off. I felt her rubbing my body with the

towel, soaking it up and her fingers pinching it to pick up my remains. And then

I saw the floor pull away and I was lifted into the air. My climb stopped and I

could see her feet far below me. She lifted her left foot and turned its sole

upwards. I was lowered once again to the bloody stain on her shoe, and it went

dark when she wiped at the stain with the towel. Then I was carried away. Things

swirled around me as I fell through the air and landed with a soft thud. I was

looking up, out of the trash can, at the mom's indifferent face high above its

rim. And then she reached out and closed the lid, and I was left in darkness.

I opened my eyes some time later and I was lying in my bed back in my room. I

smiled and thought about what had happened. I was lucky that I was smart enough

to wish to live after I was stepped on, though I was squashed into a bloody

pulp. I started to rub myself again thinking about it, but mom called me to

dinner. Oh well. I had all the time in the world.

Next I'll tell you about my trip to the mall.

Part 3: A funny thing happened on the way to the mall

Well, after dinner, and having fun making up excuses for why my brother wasn't

there, I decided "Enough of this shit," and just wished for my mom to shut up,

and for me not to be grounded. I got sick of wishing for my mom not to hear me

and crap like that.

I was trying to think of what to do with my new powers. I mean, realizing that

you could live out any fantasy you've ever had, get anything you've ever wanted,

that kinda weighs on you pretty heavy. And what does every girl my age want? You

got it. I wished for a hot car. A 1997, cherry-red Mustang. Oh, don't give me

that oldies crap, I like my cars new. So I went outside and there it was, just

sitting in the driveway like it belonged there or something. I jumped into that

plush leather interior and started her up (the keys were already in the

ignition, of course.) It was sweet! But, the car's not the point of my story, so

let's move on.

So I was on my way to the mall, and suddenly this asshole in an '81 Ford pickup

cuts in front of me! Nearly ran me off the road! So, of course, I shrink him.

Him and his truck.

He was already a ways ahead of me, in some sort of huge hurry or something, so I

got to watch as his truck got smaller and smaller until it was this little toy

truck about a foot long. I don't know what was going through his head at the

time, but he started swerving all over the place. I guess he was freaking out.

It was so funny to watch the little toy weaving all over the road. He swerved

across the center line and a Taurus whipped around him blaring its horn. I guess

the driver thought some stupid kid was playing with his remote control car in

traffic or something. I slowed down to watch it, but this bitch behind me

blasted her horn at me, so I sped up. He had already come back over in my lane

and had stopped. I was getting real close to him, going about thirty, and I took

aim. I could see him just starting to climb out of his truck as he disappeared

beneath my car. There was a soft bump and a loud pop when my front right tire

hit his truck. It was hardly noticeable when my back tire went over it, and I

looked in my rearview mirror.

I had missed him! I saw his truck smashed flatter than a beer can in the road,

but he was lying about a foot away from it. I saw him start to get up, but just

then the bitch who had honked at me ran over him! Her tire hit him and he just

disappeared! I kept watching her tire and saw a red stain appear and disappear

every split-second or so. I looked up at the driver and she looked like she

hadn't even noticed! She was just staring ahead, completely unaware that she had

just run over a little man.

I was so engrossed in what had happened behind me that I nearly hit a guy

jogging across the street in front of me. He screamed at me and flipped me off

once he'd gotten across, but I didn't care. I whipped onto a side street, cut a

U-ey, and doubled back to get a look at what happened to the guy in the truck.

I got to the point where I could see his truck smashed in the road and I pulled

of to the side and got out. There was a red stain on the road about eight inches

in diameter with what looked like a smashed mouse in the middle of it. I started

laughing, especially when another car rolled over him, smashing him even

flatter! It was hilarious, and it really turned me on!

Just then there was this guy in my face yelling at me. It was the jogger. "You

stupid bitch!" he shouted, "You nearly ran me over! What's wrong with you?"

I just looked at him and said something like, "Why don't you look before you

cross the street?" and I started to get back in my car.

He actually had the nerve to grab my arm! So I shrunk him on the spot! He was

about an inch tall and I just smiled down at him. I looked up and saw a small

group of women, college girls, jogging along the sidewalk, and he was in the

middle of the sidewalk! This was too much! I couldn't believe my good luck! I

don't know why, anything was possible. So I just looked back down at him, gave

him a smile and a little wave, and stepped back off the sidewalk and leaned

against my car.

He was just standing there, looking around and shaking his head. I don't think

he knew where he was, or what he was. The girls were coming closer and I was

getting really turned on! I remember this short I saw on the Disney channel when

I was a kid about that "Why'd the chicken cross the road" joke, except this was

"Why'd the beetle cross the road?" It did camera shots from the bug's point of

view, and it looked up and saw these joggers coming right at him. I remember the

first jogger was a woman wearing red Nikes, and the show really turned me on. Of

course, when they got to the beetle, they didn't step on him, but he had a

couple of close calls, and it even did some under-the-floor shots of the

joggers' feet nearly stepping on him. Seeing the man on the ground with those

girls jogging toward him reminded me of that show and I wondered what Disney

would have thought about it.

He finally came to his senses after a few seconds, maybe because of the thunder

of all those giant feet pounding towards him. But he turned around all of a

sudden and I heard the cutest little squeal. I guess he was screaming. Hey, I

would too if I saw about twenty feet the size of buses stomping at me. Except

I'd like it...but anyway.

At first it was just like in the Disney show. They stepped all around him,

millimeters away, but didn't hit him. Then I saw him jumping up and down holding

his foot. I guess one of them stepped on it. Bet that hurt! One of the girls

said "Nice car" to me, and she was the one that got him. Her foot hit him dead

on, and there was a soft crunch.

She didn't even miss a beat. I looked up at her and she smiled at me, but didn't

stop moving. I looked back down in time to see her lift her foot off him, and

some sick stuff half stuck to her sole but snapped back to the ground.

He was flattened! There was surprisingly little blood, and his body was

completely flat, but it looked just like a little man! I mean, he was a little

fatter since his body was spread out around him, but otherwise, he looked just

like a flat man. There were little hex-shaped lumps all over him from the girl's

tennis shoe-sole. It was cool! I decided to leave him there for people to wonder

about, if they even noticed him and didn't just step on him. I wondered if they

would recognize the truck for what it was, see the red splotch beside it, and

see the jogger smashed into the sidewalk, and begin to wonder if there were

little people driving around or getting stepped on, but then I thought, nah. Who

would think? Anyway, I just got in my car and headed for the mall again,

thinking about the wonderful things I'd do once I got there.

Part 4: the Mall (a)

So I get to the mall, and there are no parking spaces open. The place is packed.

Well, you know that car commercial where everyone's driving around in the

parking lot and no one can find a space and they're all getting all pissed and

everything? But there's this one lady who's nice and calm and she pulls up to

the front spaces and pushes this button in her car and the car in one of the

spaces sinks into the ground so she can park there? Well, that's what I did.

Just for a laugh, I pulled down my visor, found a flashing yellow button (hmm,

wonder how that got there), and I pushed it. And the ground under one of the

cars starts sinking until the car's underground in some subterranean space that

wasn't there before, and these doors slide shut over it. I laughed. If only my

driver's ed teacher could see me then!

So then I start to pull in, but this bitch in a Mercedes shot past me and stole

it! Where the hell did she come from? I mean, if she was waiting there, then she

would have seen the other car disappear. Didn't that phase her in the least?

Well, anyway, that really pissed me off. So you know what I did? You guessed it.

When I was done with her, her car was the size of my shoe. I laughed again. I

could just see her starting to climb out. I guess she didn't even know what had

happened. I saw the tiny door open, a minuscule leg followed by the rest of her

twiggy body appeared, and then she turned around and stuck her butt in the air.

She was actually getting something out of the car! She had no clue!

So I straddled her car with my own and pulled into the space. That had to get

her attention!

I opened the door and looked down at the ground. At first, there was nothing.

But after a few seconds, I saw the woman wandering out from under my car. She

was dazed, alright! I guess seeing my massive tires must've jarred what was

happening in the world into her.

She was staggering around because she kept looking up at everything. I wonder if

she knew what she was looking at. She did in another second. I started laughing

and she jumped and looked up at me. Then I swung my leg out of the car and

brought my foot down on top of her. She squeaked, disappeared under my shoe, and

squelched. I didn't even bother to lift my foot. I just twisted it to get better

balance and stood up out of my car. Not even looking down, I started to go

inside, but it felt like there was gum on my shoe, so I scraped it along the

ground as I walked. Finally, curiosity took over and I looked behind me. There

was a trail of blood and guts where I had slid my sole on the ground, and before

that was a little red splotch every couple of feet. That was me stepping on her

when I walked, before I scraped my shoe. I just laughed, suppressed a sudden

thrill through my body, and went into the mall.

As soon as I got in there, my heart began racing! There were people everywhere!

I could probably shrink about ten people right there and no one would notice. My

mind swam with what I should do first. There were so many things I wanted to try

out! I began to feel dizzy, so I found the nearest bench and sat down. All my

wildest dreams, the things I daydreamed about every time I went to the mall,

they were all about to come true.

I couldn't decide what to do first, but then I saw what I hate most. This couple

was making out right there in the middle of the mall. I hate that! It's so rude

and disgusting! So I waited until they were done, looking them over.

The guy was cute, okay, if you like that sort of thing. I didn't pay that much

attention to him. He looked like every other yuppy you see at a mall: suede

shoes, expensive blue jeans, button-up shirt, perfect hair. The girl was pretty

much the same story. She was wearing suede, hiking boot-type shoes, blue jeans,

short-sleeve blue blouse. Her hair, brown, was cut just below her chin, and her

eyes (they were actually open when she was kissing him!) were green. She was

pretty damn good-lookin', if I do say so myself. Slim, trim, prim, you know the


So I just waited for them to finish. And waited. And waited. God, how long can

someone do that? And waited.

Finally, after about five minutes, they were done. They wiped their mouths,

smiled cutesy at each other, and she turned around to look at a free-standing

jewelry display while he looked bored. I jumped on my chance.

In less than a second, Mr. Yuppy disappeared and was replaced by a speck on the

floor. I didn't like his size (about 1/4 of an inch) because I couldn't tell

what he was, so I enlarged him to about an inch. Then I could see him looking

around dazed and confused. First, he was facing away from his girlfriend, but

then he turned to try and find her. He froze suddenly when he saw her heel.

Then, slowly, like in one of those movies, he looked up her leg, and up, and up.

Then he did something that made me nearly laugh out loud. You know that Tom and

Jerry cartoon when Tom drinks this potion that's supposed to make him big and

strong, but instead he shrinks to way smaller than Jerry? Well, Mr. Yuppy did

just what Tom did in that cartoon when he found himself staring up at Jerry. He

started running around in circles squeaking his little head off. I couldn't

believe it! He must have gone crazy or something!

Then Miss Yuppy turned around and couldn't find him. She looked around, trying

to see where he went, and all the while he was jumping around by her feet.

"Jacob?" I heard her say. She still didn't notice the bug at her feet. Why

should she? She was looking for big strong Jacob. Then she took a step forward

and stepped right on him! There was a soft pop, and then she just stood there!

She didn't even notice him! I did start laughing out loud, then! A guy sitting

on the bench next to me gave me a strange look. I just said, "Shut up," and

shrunk him down to 1/8 of an inch, and gave him a flick with my finger that sent

him sailing into a potted plant next to the bush. He left a stain on my


I looked back at Miss Yuppy, and she was still looking around for her sweety.

She had started to turn in circles, grinding her love beneath her suede shoe.

I couldn't stop laughing! Tears were streaming out of my eyes, and people were

really starting to look at me weird. I didn't care. Miss Yuppy didn't notice me,

though, and she walked off in search of Mr. Yuppy, trailing his blood with every

right step. What she left behind wasn't even recognizable as little Jakey-wakey,

anymore. Finally, after a couple of minutes, I got hold of myself and decided to

walk around the mall.

I hadn't gotten twenty feet when this guy, about sixteen, ran up to me.

"I saw what you did," he said quickly.

At first I got scared. But then I remembered th

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