Giantess Stories: THE CUNT By Scott Grildrig      Kathy had a hobby

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By Scott Grildrig

Kathy had a hobby.

She had discovered a marvelous potion in an old book.

A medicine to shrink men.

To make them as small as she wanted.

And she liked them very small.

Kathy placed a couple of drops of superglue on the edge of the bathtub, then she

pressed the naked body of the tiny man against the drops with her fingers, and

held him for a few seconds, till he was stuck. She had trapped and shrunk him

earlier in the day.

He was only two inches tall.

She didn't know who he was.

She didn't give a fuck.

He was here to satisfy her gigantic lust, and her desire to wield power over a

helpless miniature man. She did not expect him to survive the experience. She

did not want him to. That was part of the rush.

After a moment Kathy stood up, satisfied with the setting.

Her tiny victim screamed and writhed most delightfully, and she closed her eyes

and reveled for a moment in that shivery chill, that wonderful sense of

wickedness, that lusty sensation in her gut. That slow profound realization that

she had a puny lilliputian at her untender mercy, and her growing desire to play

with him.

Stepping back so her little playmate could see her better, and opening her robe,

Kathy revealed herself to her little man. Looking down disdainfully over the

awesome rondure of her mountainous breasts. Cupping their warm flesh in her

hands, as though measuring their weight against the fragile body of her two inch

tall victim. Her blue eyes told him he didn't stand a chance. When she reached

down between her thighs, her hand came away drenched with her fragrent juices.

She was ready.

Very ready.

She was horny.

It was time for the execution.

Kathy lifted her left leg, and stepped into the tub, positioning her mighty

crotch over her tiny man. His screams increased and she smiled with pleasure,

then squatted down a little. She peeled herself open for him, exposed to him her

fantastic cunt in all it's aweful glory. To show him how easily she could engulf

him she plunged two fingers into herself and lolled them about, moaning huskily.

Slowly pulling them out, she lightly dabbed him with her cream, then lifted her

fingers to her mouth and savored her own cum.

By now her tiny toy's screams had crested, filled with pleadings for mercy.

Pouting her lips Kathy shook head slowly, then smiled wickedly. Hands braced on

the tub she lowered her ass down, using his terrified shrieks as a guide.




Looking between her legs, Kathy observed that her vulva entirely covered her

little man. She lifted a little, and his screams resumed. So she sat back down Cabra Toggenburg

again. Up. Scream. Down. Silence.

She kissed his entire body with her hot moist nether lips. Up again, and his

screams were weaker, filled with choking, and Kathy noted with amusement that

his tiny body was completely covered with her love juices.

She watched more closely as she sat back down, to smother him again under her

hairy monster, and saw with delight that he was trying to ward her vulva off

with her puny arms. Laughing at his insignificant efforts she pressed down

slowly. No gentle love kiss this time, Kathy pressed down until her labia

splayed on the porcelain of the tub. Then she rose up again. He struggled in

vain to free himself, struggled to get air, wailing for mercy.

Kathy didn't care.

She pressed down upon him again, rubbing her clit over his body, using him to

masturbate herself like a tiny finger.

Her juices flowed over him, lathering him, drowning him. His cries grew weaker

as Kathy lost her retraint and began to rub harder and harder. Her hands gripped

her heavy breasts, she pinched and pulled at her nipples, shook her head from

side to side. She began to moan, experiencing her giant lust, her giant power in

every pore of her body. She pussy whipped her little victim, began to anticipate

the nearing proof of her female power.

Welling up in her loins.

She could feel her orgasm coming.

The little man wasn't screaming anymore.

With a liquid crunch, Kathy crushed the little man under her cunt. The sudden

warm rush of gore lubricated the tub and her vulva, instantly heightening the

sensations. Throwing her head back, Kathy screamed out her orgasm, while she

roughly smeared the remains of her little sex toy over the tub rim, ripping it

free of the glue. Reaching between her legs she found his burst, limp little

body with her fingers, and cruelly ground it into her clitoris. Squeezing him

till he squished and came apart in her fingers.

She loved it.

Her body sang with power.

She lolled him about the mouth of her vagina while she settled down from her

orgasm. Raising her hand she examined the result of her lust. His body was a

squashed and ruined piece of meat. Kathy dropped it into the tub and placing her

lovely barefoot on it crushed if further and ground it into paste. Then stepping

fully into the tub she squatted down. After a moment she grunted and a powerful

jet of golden piss crashed into the mess, washed the tub clean, floated the

crushed remains of her unfortunate little lover down the drain.

Kathy smiled.

And drew the shower curtain.

She wanted to clean off some, before doing it again...


Giantess Stories: THE CUNT By Scott Grildrig      Kathy had a hobby

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