Giantess Stories: The Curse   For some time Dan had been trying to breakup with his girl friend of 2 years

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The Curse

For some time Dan had been trying to breakup with his girl friend of 2 years,

Paula. He tried every kind way he could think of, but she just wouldn't or

couldn't get the picture. Enough was enough, Dan was through being Mr. Nice Guy.

He just wanted the relationship over and today would be the day.

Dan hadn't always felt this way, but he had changed from the time when they

first met. It was only two years ago, Dan Tanner was a freshman at State

University. He had been sitting in Calc. 101. It was only the third day of class

so many students were still in the process of adding and dropping classes. Just

as the class was to begin in she walked. Paula Jefferson, a petite 5'2" natural

blonde caught Dan's eye immediately. She was quite attractive and Dan wanted to

get to know her. He got his chance several days later when she again caught his

eye at a local bar. Paula thought that 5' 10" Dan was cute and had a nice butt

so she agreed to go out with him. That was two years ago and they have dated

steady ever since.

Dan's problem was that his taste in women changed. Dan was a avid internet

surfer. Some time ago he found a newsgroup entitled woman.admirers.

Dan was fascinated by these large, strong, powerful woman. He could feel himself

being drawn more and more to this type of woman. A year ago Dan did the internet

one better and became a member of the Amazons Arena BBS. More and more Dan

wanted a woman that was taller and stronger than himself. He wanted to know what

it would be like to date a woman who could beat him in a fair fight while not

breaking a sweat.

Unfortunately, Paula was just the opposite of Dan's new perfect woman. He

believed that it was time to move on. Paula couldn't have felt any different.

She was in love with Dan and was hoping that she and Dan could become more than

just friends.

Dan waited Paula's arrival with great anticipation. Today was the day that he

would tell her in no uncertain terms that their relationship was over. When

Paula arrived, Dan wasted no time. Paula could not believe what she was hearing.

The man that she thought loved her was dumping her because she was too petite,

too small. It was more than she could bare, she ran to his bedroom in tears,

swearing that she would make him see things in a different light. She vowed that

she would change his mind about her, and that they would indeed be married one

day soon. But before she left the room, Paula turned and looked directly into

his eyes. She raised her finger and chanted something in a foreign tongue. It

was a language that he had never heard before. She shouted, "curse you!" Then

the tears returned and she fled the room.

Dan felt bad that it had come to that, but he believed that there was no other

way. He thought about the whole cursing thing but shrugged it off. After all

what kind of curse could Paula give him? She was no Gypsy or anything. She was

from Salem, Mass. not Europe.

Dan had hoped that Paula won't have taken it so badly, but it had to be done. He

went to his room to explain to her. She was sitting on his bed, but that wasn't

all. Paula had removed all of her clothing, everything. She was completely

naked. She sat crying leaned over forward with her head in her hands. Her

breasts were hanging downward and Dan could see her ample cleavage. There was no

doubt in Dan's mind, she was a beautiful girl, even if she was too short. He

could feel an erection coming on as he gazed at her. However, that wasn't all he

felt. There was something else, but Dan couldn't put a finger on it.

"I can't believe that you are leaving me because you think I'm too small," said

Paula. "Well your the small one. I'm going teach you what small really is."

"What are you talking about Paula? I'm not small, I'm almost 6 feet tall. You

are lucky to be 5 feet tall. Your small," rebuked Dan.

"6 feet, haha, you might have been almost six feet tall," grinned Paula. She

picked up her head and glared at him. "Your a little tiny insignificant man, and

until your ready to marry me, that's all you'll ever be to any other woman."

Paula could see that Dan was becoming angry with her and the bulge in his pants

was decreasing, so she fell back on the bed, spread her legs and began to

message a breast with her left hand while she began to rub her pussy lips with

her right hand. As she did so she glanced back at Dan to see what effect it was

having on him.

Dan was mad and confused. His tiny x-girlfriend whom he just dumped, was lying

on his bed completely naked and masturbating. His sagging penis was now

stiffening again, in fact, it was now raging. "Paula what the hell are you

doing?" asked Dan. He raised his arm to point in her direction when he noticed

something strange. The sleeve of his arm now covered most of his hand except his

finger tips.

"What the...," thought Dan, and he glanced down at the rest of his body. At the

same time, Paula increased her effort as she could see that it was having its

desired results.

All of Dan's clothes seemed to have become several sizes too large for him. The

waste band of his pants seemed to be slipping down over his hips, the cuffs of

his pants were bunching up at his ankles. His shirt hung down like an oversized

night shirt. Dan couldn't understand what was occurring. He looked back up at

Paula who seemed to be in the midst of an orgasm. There was something strange

about her, and the bed as well. They both seemed larger. But this was all

impossible! What was going on? Dan took a few steps towards Paula. His shoes

felt like clowns shoes. He could tell that his feet did not extend into them the

full length of the shoe. With the next step his pants fell to the ground around

his ankles. His cotton brief underwear was still clinging to his frame but they

hung down well below his crotch. His arms were now lost in the sleeves of his

shirt. He had to fight to keep his sleeves up, but it was a losing battle. And

through it all his erection remained.

Paula began to giggle. She stopped masturbating and sat up on the edge of the

end of the bed. "Paula what did you do?" asked Dan almost in a panic.

"Now who is too short? I told you that you were a little man," said Paula. She

stood up, and as she did so, Dan became panicked. He had to look up at her.

Paula's head towered above him. His head was level with her breasts. It was

impossible he thought. How could she be so tall? He looked back down at his own

body. The answer was starting to become clear, but he was unwilling to accept

it. Still at the same time his stiffy raged even more.

"So you dumped me because I'm too small. Well what do you say now little Dan?

Look at me!" shouted Paula. Dan looked back up at her. But when he did his fears

were confirmed. Her breasts were now above the level of his head. But it wasn't

just a height thing. Everything about Paula was somehow enlarging. She was

becoming taller, thicker, wider, and probably stronger and heavier. He looked at

her thighs. They were now almost twice as thick as they started out to be. He

compared them to his own, it was like comparing a small child to its mother. Dan

now knew he was indeed shrinking.

He was now no more than half his original size. The amazing thing was that Paula

now appeared to be over 10 feet tall. He told her he wanted to date larger

women, but Dan never imagined a woman as tall as Paula appeared. Dan now stood

in the middle of his clothes piled around him. As the growing Paula stepped

towards him, he backed up. He was now looking up at her waist. As she continued

towards him, her dripping pussy moved over his head. He just couldn't believe

that he was shrinking and that his x-girlfriend Paula, who was barely five feet

tall was straddling him with her now gigantic legs. He could see his watch lying

on the floor near his feet. It had slipped off his arm earlier, and was now big

enough to wear on his thigh. It had been 30 minutes since he had first stepped

into his bedroom. The time seemed to fly as he continued to diminish.

Paula kneeled down in front of him. Even kneeling, Dan wasn't even shoulder high

to Paula. He had no idea how tall he was, but Paula soon helped him with that

question. "Look at you Dan. You are a tiny pint-sized little shrimp. Let's see

just how tall you are," mocked Paula. She held a ruler out next to his body. It

was a typical 12" ruler and it came up to his belly button. Paula raised the end

up and took the measurement, he was 16" tall. When she finished, Paula grabbed

him with one hand around his waist and raised him up to her face as she stood

up. Dan tried to fight her hand off, but she was incredibly strong. There was no

way he could fight her. He used both hands and concentrated on bending just one

of her fingers, but it was impossible.

Paula turned him upside down. She began to lick Dan's raging dick and balls. His

head hung down between her enormous breasts. He tried to grab on of her nipples,

but his arms were too short to reach either of them. Paula could see his

encouragement and moved him closer. The nipple was erect and the size of his

hand. He pulled on it to bring himself closer to it. "Suck it my little man,"

commanded Paula. She moved him over top of her breast and Dan placed the

enormous nipple in his mouth. He had to open his mouth as wide as he could to

get it in. He circled the top of it with his tiny tongue as he sucked. She

circled his entire crotch with her monstrous tongue. He was near exploding. "If

you haven't figured it out yet little man. You are shrinking, and you will

continue to shrink as long as you have this little hardon," spoke Paula. She

opened her mouth and placed his testicles and dick into her giant mouth. She

sucked strongly on him, while moaning loudly. Dan couldn't hold out any longer

and he began to rock violently as he exploded in Paula's mouth. Paula could

taste his tiny load and she removed his now flaccid dick. As she did so, she

licked her lips with her large tongue. Dan hung limply in her hand. He had giant

lipstick marks covering most of his body.

"I think that this size thing you fantasize about is sick, Dan. I have cursed

you until the day you marry me. You want to be with women taller than you, so I

have given you your wish. Every time you have an erection, your body will slowly

shrink just as it has done now. As long as your dick is hard you will continue

to shrink. There is no limit. When it returns to its limp state as it is now,

your body will begin to return to its normal size. It will take twice as long to

grow as it does to shrink. In an hour or so you will have returned to normal.

But as soon as you become aroused, you will begin to shrink again. So...from now

on... any woman that you desire will become a giantess to you. You will never

again tell another women that she is too small or short." With that, Paula

dropped Dan onto the bed. She gathered her clothes and left.

Dan lied exhausted on his bed, almost unable to move. His entire body was sore

and tired. He knew that the bed was much to big for him to climb down from so he

fell asleep.

When Dan awoke he sat up with a jolt and looked around. Everything looked

normal, and it was the middle of the night. He thought about what had taken

place earlier, he still didn't believe it, he couldn't believe it. It must have

been some sort of dream. There was no way that Paula cursed him and shrank him

to doll size. He laughed it off and went back to sleep.

Dan woke up and got dressed, he still couldn't believe the strange dream he had

the night before. Maybe he felt sorry for dumping Paula. He put on his gym

shorts and a T-shirt. He put on a pair of sweats and grabbed his basketball. He

felt like he need to let off some nervous energy. What better way to do so then

playing some basketball.

When he entered the Psychical Education Building he made his way to the gym. His

path took him past the free weight room. As he passed the room, someone caught

his eye. She was a hard body. She was incredible, a 6'2" amazon. Her name was

Shelby. Dan had seen her once before, it was her desire to become a professional

body builder.

As Dan stared at her through the doorway, he could feel himself becoming excited

and his prick stiffing. He began to imagine what it would be like to have Shelby

make love to him. As his fantasy began to race through his head something felt

different to him.

Dan stood where he was, trying to discover what the strange feelings where that

he felt. He thought about the feelings. They were very strange. It felt like he

was literally deflating ever so slightly. His body felt as though it was

contracting, falling inward on itself. Dan examined himself. He couldn't be

sure, but it seemed like his body was shrinking? But that was impossible. He

couldn't be shrinking. He seemed to be the same height. He looked at his

clothes, they might have been slightly loose, but he was wearing sweats and they

are supposed to be loose.

The he remembered his weird dream. Paula cursing him so that he shrank and grew

as his dick hardened and deflated. But that was just a dream wasn't it? Dan

looked towards the wall. It was a cinder block wall. Made up of row after row of

cement blocks. He stared at the line right in front of his eyes for several

minutes. His hardon raged on. Then suddenly the truth dawned on Dan. He was

indeed shrinking. The line at which he stared had moved up, ever so slightly,

perhaps an inch, but it had moved. This couldn't be! Maybe he was sleeping. He

thought to himself that if he was dreaming he should wake up now., but that

didn't happen. He pinched himself, no luck, this was no dream.

Dan looked down at his clothes again, and now they seemed looser than they had

been. How was this possible? A thousand questions raced through Dan's mind. It

was hard to tell just how much time had passed, but Dan was still standing in

front of the weight room, his hardon still ever present. Shelby had continued

her workout, and for some reason, even with his own crisis, Dan would

occasionally glance over and take in her hard body pressing rep after rep of

cold steel over her head.

Dan wasn't sure, but he thought he could actually feel the clothes on his body

move as he shrank. The line that Dan had stared at earlier was now well over his

head. The material from his pants began to bunch up around his ankles. He was

holding his pants up so that they would not slip down, but he had to pull his

sleeves up over his hands which seemed to have become lost in the material. It

was happening just like it did in his dream with Paula.

As this continued, many people walked by Dan. They really didn't pay any

attention to him, after all it was not out of the ordinary to see a man who was

4 1/2 feet tall. Dan thought to himself that there were quite a number of

extremely tall people going by. One or two people that tall wouldn't be strange,

but everyone couldn't be over 7 feet tall. Even the females that passed by were

nearly seven feet tall.

The entire situation was becoming more then Dan could handle. Shelby was now

nearly eight feet tall. Dan's prick strained with blood. Dan ran to the locker

room and immediately went into one of the toilet stalls. He locked the door

behind him. He sat down on the toilet. His legs dangled in the air. The entire

thing was impossible. He was shrinking! He thought more about his dream last

night. It was becoming clearer to him that it was not a dream. Paula did put a

curse on him. He remembered what she said to him about what made him shrink and

why. He had to distract his mind from thoughts of Shelby and shrinking. He

decided to think about baseball. He replayed game 6 of the Braves/ Indians world

series in his mind. Nothing could be as depressing as that.

Nearly 45 minutes had passed. Dan looked himself over and stood up, the toilet

seemed normal enough. He checked his clothes and they looked normal too. Dan

wasted no time and ran home as quickly as possible. What Dan didn't know, was

that Shelby had seen him watching her workout, and she saw the result. Shelby

has spent a large part of her life trying to become bigger, and now she knew of

one man that was going to help her feel that way even more. Dan hadn't noticed

the rather large figure follow him home.

Dan was relieved to make it home without incident. He needed time to think about

what his next step would be. He went to the kitchen to make lunch. Just as he

was sitting down to a tuna sandwich there was a knock on the door. Dan opened

the door and his chin practically hit the floor. It was Shelby. The amazonian

goddess was standing in his doorway. At first Dan was actually scared. Maybe she

was angry at Dan for his staring at her during her workout. Maybe she was going

to kick his ass, and she could too.

She was wearing a loose T-shirt over her workout clothes. Shelby spoke first,

"I'm sorry to bother you, my name is Shelby. I noticed you staring at me during

my workout and I followed you home."

"Oh my god.... I'm really sorry for doing that," blabbered Dan.

"Oh don't worry about that, I quite used to guys staring at me, that's not the

reason I'm here."

"Oh?...," Dan felt relieved.

"Yes you see, I noticed something about you while you were staring at me......

You shrank, didn't you? But you grew back... I saw the whole thing," said


Dan didn't know what to say, he tried to play stupid. "I what? ... shrank...haha....I

think that's a little ridicules. I mean come on....How small did I shrink?"

Shelby didn't buy into his half hearted attempt at playing along, "Look I know

what I saw, and I saw you shrink from your present wimpy size to an even

shrimpier size of about 4 feet tall. You looked surprised. Why did it happen and

can it happen again?"

Dan couldn't believe what he was hearing. This goddess wanted to know how to

shrink him. She wanted him to shrink, but why? The possible answers began to run

through his mind and as they did, Dan began to feel the excitement building in

his groin. The whole time Shelby was observing what was occurring. She could see

his dick pushing against the material covering it, and she noticed that he had

already shrunk a slight bit, maybe a quarter of an inch.

Shelby was a smart girl. She figured that Dan shrunk when he was excited. That

would account for why he had started to shrink now and why he shrunk before. She

decided to test her theory. She pushed her way into his apartment. Dan was about

to say something. She quickly cut him off by removing her T- shirt. She was

still wearing her lycra body suit which she wore when she worked out. Shelby was

getting a little warm herself. She had always dreamed about being able to make

men tiny. To be able to control a tiny man. To have her way with a man powerless

to stop her.

Shelby pulled the straps of her body suit off of her shoulders. Dan couldn't

believe what she was doing. He was about to protest, but then asked himself why?

If she wanted his body, who was he to say no to such a goddess. For the moment

he had forgotten the real reason she was here and the effect her enthusiasm

would have on his now cursed body. He was no longer thinking of his hardon, but

only her incredible body.

Slowly Shelby began to remove her body suit. Her body was incredible. She had

the fullest breasts he had ever seen. Her tits were round and firm. They seemed

to defy gravity. Her nipples were large, long and erect. They just begged for

lips to suck them. Her stomach as ripped. It was incredibly slim, even more so,

when compared with her breasts. Her ass was perfect. It was firm and incredible

in its shape. It led down into two of the most incredible legs Dan had ever

seen. Her thighs were muscular and her calves shaped like diamonds. Dan looked

back at her entire body, he could not believe how lucky he was to have this 7

foot amazon stripping for him. He wanted to experience every inch, ever nook and

cranny of her large body.

Wait, wait,..........7 feet......she's not 7 feet tall. Dan's mind lapsed back

into reality. He looked around him. The entire room had enlarged. In became

apparent immediately to him that he was shrinking again. He did not even notice

that his pants had already fallen to the ground. His prick was exposed to Shelby

in full view. He knew that he had to think about something else so that his

prick would go down. He closed his eyes and began to think about something

benign. Shelby could see what he was trying to do.

"Oh no you don't my little man. I want to see just how small I can make you,"

said Shelby. She grabbed him by the arms and pulled his small body towards her.

He was no more than 5 feet tall at the moment. Her fabulous breasts were right

in his face. She pressed her tense nipple to his mouth. Dan immediately

recognized what was hitting him in the face, even with his eyes closed. Shelby

began to lick Dan's ear. It was sending tingles down his entire body. Shelby was

more than successful, there was no way that Dan could ignore what she wanted and

what she was doing to him. He didn't want to shrink, but his own body was

betraying him. Shelby was an amazonian goddess and his dick knew it.

Shelby pushed Dan away from her. She wanted to be able to see his whole body

shrinking. She stood several feet in front of him, massaging her breasts and

fingering herself. Dan could not take his eyes off of her. By this time Dan was

4 feet tall. He could sense that he was passing the point of powerlessness, the

point where he would be unable to resist anything Shelby had in mind. He told

himself that it was worth it to be with such a goddess. He knew that he would do

anything to be with her. Shelby picked him up in a bear hug and lifted him so

that their faces could meet. She put her oversized lips against his neck and

began to nibble and suck. She could almost get a quarter of his neck in her

lips. In minutes he had the largest hickey ever received, at least on his

current scale, which was now around 42 inches. She was grasping the back of his

head with her hand. It seemed to encompass his whole head.

Dan pressed his lips against hers. It was unlike anything he had every

experienced. Their embrace lasted an eternity. Dan knew that he was continuing

to shrink, but he didn't care. At this point he had accepted it. He could feel

her hand behind his head growing larger. Her lips took more and more of his face

into their coverage. Dan was in ecstasy. By the time their kiss was complete Dan Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

was less than 1 foot tall.

Shelby dropped Dan to the ground. To Dan it was quite a shock as he seemed to

fall several stories. However, the fall did not hurt him. As he began to pick

himself up off the ground, Dan noticed that he was flanked by a pair of

gargantuan feet. They were as long as his body was tall. He followed the legs

connected to those feet up and up. The sight was indescribable. It was as though

he were standing at the base of the statute of liberty. Only this was no

statute, it was a living female. A woman who at this moment was about to have

her way with him, and he could do nothing but allow her.

Shelby looked down at the little dollman between her feet. She could not believe

it herself. She bent down and picked him back up with one hand. He was

incredibly light, he felt like a toy. Without even thinking about it she began

to toss Dan into the air and catching him. Dan was her own personal boy toy. Dan

tried to hang onto her fingers each time she caught him, trying desperately to

stop from becoming airborne once more, but the forces at play were much more

than a 10 inch man could handle. She carried him into the living room and spread

out on the couch. She examined the little doll she held in her hands. On his

neck was a teeny tiny hickey, Shelby laughed. Everything about Dan was teeny

tiny. His feet were small enough to such on a whole foot at a time, and she did

just that. Then she looked at his little hands and tiny fingers. As Dan moved

his fingers she thought it was amazing hands that little could actually exist.

She wanted him now. She spread her legs wide and placed him down between her

awesome thighs. It was as though he were in some sort of canyon. A canyon made

up of two mighty skin walls. The walls were muscular yet very feminine. Dan

turned and looked towards Shelby. Well maybe box canyon would be a better

description for in front of him was her forest of hair. The top of the forest

met an incredible wall of ripped muscle that made up her stomach well above his

head. Farther up Dan could she Shelby smiling down at him. Her face was visible

between her two overhanging blimp sized tits.

Dan knew what was coming next, but he wasn't completely sure he could do it, he

was scared, scared of the unknown, and scared of what this amazonian goddess'

pussy would do to a man who now stood a mere 8 inches. Shelby reached down

between her legs and pulled apart her lips. Dan just stood there watching, but

not moving. Shelby proceeded to nudge him closer with her other hand, pushing

him closer and closer. Shelby's aroma filled Dan's head. It was almost over


Dan still seemed unsure, but no matter, because Shelby was quite sure. She

grabbed his entire body and plunged him feet first into her. He was in up to his

knees when she let go of him with her hand. His feet were quite stuck. Dan could

feel the muscles of her vagina. They were exercising just as Shelby does

everyday, only this time he was the barbell. The muscle tightened around him,

his body seemed to rise momentarily and then he sunk, or was pulled in deeper up

to his thighs. She was literally eating him with her pussy. She was indeed a man

eater. Dan fought Shelby with all of his strength, but it was not even a

fraction of the strength he would need to stop her man eating pussy. Again he

lifted and then was pulled deeper, now up to his waist. He could feel the fluids

flow from Shelby as they oozed around his body. It was almost as if he were

swimming there was so much. He continued to struggle and wiggle, but he was

sucked in deeper. He was up to his chest.

Dan continued to shrink. He couldn't have been more than 6 inches tall now.

Shelby took her time pulling his body deeper into her vagina. Dan tried to grab

at the rope like hair which surrounded him. He fought with all his might, but it

was not enough to get free. It was, however, more than enough to excite Shelby.

Dan soon gave up, it was a losing battle, Shelby gave off a satisfying moan and

Dan was pulled in up to the top of his head. His arms were extended above his

head, as he was unable to lower them. Dan thought about his current situation.

Here he was, shrunken to the size of a small doll and still shrinking, wedged in

the pussy of a seventy two foot amazonian goddess. His half inch dick was

swimming around inside the depth of a gigantic vagina. It was overwhelming and

Dan could hold out no longer. He shook violently and blew his load.

Shelby could feel Dan ejaculate inside her. She felt a sense of satisfaction

knowing that a tiny little man got off while he was stuffed in her. But she

wanted more. She could feel Dan growing in size, although it was extremely slow,

much slower than the speed at which he had shrunk. She decided that she wanted

to orgasm as well and that Dan would make the perfect dildo with which to

achieve it. She did not ask him because his answer was irrelevant. She reached

down and grabbed his mini hands and pulled him back out partially. Faster and

faster, Shelby pulled and pushed Dan's body into her. When she was finished she

pulled him out completely and dropped him, sticky, wet, hot and tired onto the

floor. Shelby got dressed and left. She had just realized one of the greatest

sexual fantasies of her life. What was left?

Dan remained on the floor exhausted, his body had been beaten and used by a

woman that was 12 times normal size. It took a great deal out of him. As he

rested on the floor an hour passed quickly. By this time Dan was nearly four

feet tall. He got up and made his way to the kitchen. Dan opened the

refrigerator and without thinking tried to grab the bottle of cola off the top

shelf. The problem was that now he could not reach the top shelf. Dan laughed at

how ridicules that was. He had to pull on of the kitchen chairs over to achieve

his objective. He began to think about other things his shrunken body would not

allow him to do, and how even a child could kill him when he's really small. At

first, those ideas made him feel powerless. But he didn't stop thinking there,

he thought about things he could do when he was reduced. It did give him certain

advantages in many other respects. Dan began to think of his curse as a super

power. He was now Dan the Atom, or Ant Dan. Well he could work on the name. He

wanted to experiment and see just how small he could really become. Dan walked

back to his bedroom.

Dan pulled out the latest issue of Playboy. He got into bed and open the

magazine to that month's centerfold. He flipped through the pages and began to

lightly massage his cock. He began to imagine himself with the woman in the

pictures. Except he imagined himself as a tiny voyeur no bigger than a mouse.

Slowly Dan's body shrunk. The bed and the room expanded before his eyes. Over

time, the magazine became enormous. Soon it was too big for him to hold open, so

he left it open to his favorite page on the bed and he sat down on the page.

Even the woman in the picture was now a giantess to Dan. But he didn't stop. He

wanted to push the limits of his shrinking. This was the best time to do it as

no one else was around and there were no real giantesses that could hurt him or


The page of the magazine soon became a plain the size of a football field. Dan

couldn't have been more than a half inch tall. Even the staples that sat in the

great valley between the pages were bigger than him. It was becoming difficult

for him to see the pictures of the woman he was using to fuel his desire. Her

appearance was becoming grainy. Sort of like looking at a billboard from only a

foot away. It was hard to get a sense of the overall picture. Dan walked over to

what he thought was the centerfolds breasts and lied down. He stroked himself

faster and faster until he came. Then he balled up in what appeared to be her

cleavage and went to sleep. Just before drifting off Dan approximated that he

was 1/8 of an inch tall.

Dan awoke with a start. He sat up quickly and looked around. It was still dark

outside and very early in the morning. His normal size had returned. He breathed

a small sigh of relief and went back to sleep. His thoughts seemed to center

around little Paula, but in his dream little Paula was now giant Paula.

Something interrupted his dream. Something was blowing in his ear. But it wasn't

just in his ear that he felt it. As his senses began to report in, it felt more

and more like a wind tunnel, a hot, damp, and minty wind tunnel. Dan sat up

again and looked at himself. His penis was doing a morning salute. But if it was

doing that then he must be shrinking again, thought Dan. It didn't take him long

to confirm that fear. Dan stood up and tried to look out the window on the left

side of the bed, it was morning and his alarm clock agreed. The building sized

LED read 8:40 am. Luckily he didn't have class for six hours.

However, there was one thing that Dan didn't notice. It was Paula standing next

to the other side of the bed, just sitting and watching her shrinking boy

friend. Dan's nose began to fill with the scents of breakfast. It was scrambled

eggs and toast. But who was in his apartment? Paula's giggle answered that

question almost before he finished it. Dan was startled and he felt a little

scared. Paula towered above him. It was as if she could blot out the sun if she

wanted to try. At his present size, Paula seemed to be 24 or 25 times normal


"Hungry?" asked Paula, and before he could answer, her giant thumb and

forefinger grabbed him around the waist and lifted him high into the air. The

nails of her fingers were half the size of his body. "I'm hungry," said Paula.

"I think you'd make a fine breakfast." She dangled him over her head and opened

her cavernous mouth below him. Then she began to slowly lower him into her

mouth. Her teeth were each as big as his forearm. Dan struggled and begged her

to stopped, but his struggles were useless. She had lowered him completely into

her mouth. He could feel her rough tongue below him. He looked down the tunnel

of her throat and shuttered at the thought of being digested in her stomach. But

Paula began to giggle again and pulled him out. "'d probably taste

like chicken... and you know I hate chicken," mocked Paula.

She carried him into the kitchen. Needless to say, Dan's prick was quite flaccid

at this point, He was scared shitless. He was slowly returning to normal, but

that would still be a long while. There was a small glass of milk on the table.

Small to anyone but Dan. Without hesitating, Paula dropped Dan into the glass.

The milk was just over his head so he had to tread to stay afloat. The milk was

not as he expected. Dan thought it would be very cold, but instead the milk

seemed to be quite warm, and it had a very peculiar taste.

"Do you like my milk?" asked Paula.

At this point Dan was suspicious. Who knows what Paula might do to him next.

"What do you mean your milk?" replied Dan.

"That's just it little man. Its my breast milk," said Paula. "So drink

up. Your not leaving the table till you drink all of my milk." There was no way

that Dan could drink the quantity of milk that was in the glass at his size. But

he was growing, and as he grew the amount diminished in direct proportion. He

took a few swallows and waited to see what she would do next. With that Paula

went about having breakfast herself. She ate the eggs and toast. Dan watch,

stunned at the size of each of the sunny side eggs. Each yolk was as big as him.

Each slice of bread could have passed for a large raft. The most amazing part

was the size of each bite that Paula took. There was no doubt that she could

swallow him whole. By the time she was finished, Dan had grown to almost 18

inches. The glass of milk was now the size of a large bucket to Dan. He could

see the look on her as she pushed the glass towards him. Dan tried hard and was

able to finish off almost half of the milk. But the taste was almost sour to him

which made it difficult.

Dan soon began to feel strange. He wasn't sure why or what it was, but the milk

began to taste sweeter and sweeter, like the finest nectar The milk had the same

effect as most milk does, it made Dan sleepy. He awoke sometime later, he was

back to normal and Paula could not be found. He still had a few hours before

class and he didn't want to wait around for Paula to return so he showered and

ran to class.

On his way to class, Dan passed by one of the freshman girl's dorm buildings.

There were a large number of freshman just hanging out, enjoying the weather.

One girl in particular caught his eye. She was 5'10" and a knockout. Her cotton

tank top was stretched almost beyond its capacity, which left little to the

imagination for anyone looking her way. Her legs were incredibly long. Dan began

to imagine what it would be like for him to climb those legs as a doll sized

man. He wanted to have her stand over him so that her face was blocked out by

the underside of her monstrous tits. He imagined how he would have to climb up

her stomach to get to her fabulous nipple capped breast mountains. Dan's prick

was at full attention the moment he spotted her. He didn't even give a thought

to the consequences of that occurrence. His mind was on her and her alone.

Dan kept fidgeting with his bookbag. What did he have in there rocks? Then it

dawned on him, he was shrinking again and the bookbag was getting heavier as a

result of his smaller size and relative weaker muscles. He couldn't shrink in

public! He ran to the class room before it would be too late and his clothes

fell off. He needed a place to concentrate on something other than women and the

class room seemed like as good as a place as any.

When Dan arrived the room was empty. It was still more than an hour before

class. Dan thought that it would safe to just sit down and wait for class to

start. He closed his eyes and thought about a men's locker room, anything that

would make his dick retreat. It seemed to work as he felt his dick becoming soft

and contracted. He knew he would grow back to normal by class time.

Dan hadn't learned his lesson yet, but sleep, dreams, and his unconscious urges

would become his enemy. Dan's dreams turned to the freshman knockout he had seen

earlier. It was his desire to become her sex toy, her play object. His mind was

fast at work writing the plot for his imagination. For some reason the giantess

in his dream carried him outside and he felt cold. Instinctively he reached to

pull his blanket over him, but there was no blanket and he wasn't in his bed. As

he reached farther, Dan fell out of the desk chair he was in, crashing to the

floor. The floor was one of those cold institutional vinyl floors, and Dan could

feel it against his bare skin. He looked next to him at his shoes and pants

lying on the floor. They were twice the size that they should have been. His

head only reached to the top of the desk. Sitting in the chair were his shirt

and his watch. He picked up the watch to check the time. He had 25 minutes

before class would start. Panic began to set in. What was he going to do. He was

a 3 foot dwarf with no clothes. There was no way he could run out of the room in

his current state. He searched the room for a place he could hide, then he

spotted it. The space under the teachers desk in the front of the room was his

best bet. The cover on the front of the desk went almost to the floor. No one in

the class would be able to see him and if he climb under far enough neither

would his teacher.

Dan would have to hurry as students would begin filing in soon. Dan quickly

gathered his clothes and placed them in his now suitcase sized bookbag. He

dragged the bookbag to the back of the class room and left it in a corner. He

hoped no one would notice it there and if they did, ignore it anyway. Then he

ran to the front of the class room and hid under the teacher's desk. Just as he

slid under, he could her several coeds enter the room. They were chatting, but

Dan couldn't tell who they were. He imagined that one of them was the knockout

freshman while he encouraged his dick back to life with his hand. His plan was

to shrink small enough so he could not to be seen by anyone, at least as long as

they weren't actually looking for him. He would was his super power to become


His plan was working well, but the class was about to begin and he was still 7

inches tall. He needed to be smaller and continued. It was a strange feeling to

be sitting in front of a class of students completely naked, jacking off. Even

if they couldn't see him and they didn't know he was there, it was still a

strange feeling. The teacher came in and sat down at the desk. Her boat sized

sandals nearly stepped on Dan. He never noticed what sexy feet she had. Dan

worked to reduce his size farther. In another 20 minutes Dan reached his goal

and stopped. He stood up and compared himself with the sandal nearest him. Her

foot was now several city blocks long. The lip of the sole of her sandal was

twice as tall as Dan. He felt safe from detection now. But being the size of an

ant could present its own problems.

Dan walked out from under the desk toward the class. He wanted to see what was

out there. It took him several minutes to walk the 2 tiles distance, one black

tile and one white tile. What he saw was incredible. In all the times he had

shrunk already, he was either by himself or under the control of a single

giantess, but this was much different. Before him were a room full of mountain

sized people. Dan felt helpless. What was he doing? These people could step on

him and never even know it. To them he was an insect, a bug, and nothing more.

The ground seemed to shake whenever one of them shifted in their chair. The

female in the first seat was wearing a short skirt and Dan could see her skimpy

bikini bottom underneath. This was more than Dan ever wanted or fantasized

about. At his current size he could no longer relate to normal people. They were

much too large to interact with. Dan felt cold and alone. He was losing his

attraction for taller women quickly. He cursed himself for breaking up with

Paula, and he longed for the days when he could look down at a female smaller

than himself. Perhaps Paula was right all along. Dan sat down and waited to

return to normal. It would take several hours.

when he was around 5 feet tall Dan began to get dressed.. At that size he could

wear his clothes, although they looked comical. As soon as he was dressed he ran

to Paula's as fast as he could. He knew that he had to ask for her forgiveness.

He knew that he was wrong. He could no longer live like this and wanted to take

Paula back.

When he arrived he ran in, almost tripping on his pants, and called her name. As

soon as she came into the room, Dan ran to her. They were both exactly the same

height. He wrapped both arms around her in a big bear hug. He begged her to

forgive him. He explained that size was not important. He didn't care if she was

taller or smaller, or even the same height. They both laughed.

"I'm glad you feel this way Dan. You see, you had the power to break the curse

all along. You have broken it with your apology," said Paula. Dan looked

saddened. Paula could tell that he really did enjoy some of the things that

shrinking brought him and allowed him to do. She knew that her news would cheer

him up and also act as the final knockout punch in getting him back.

"However Dan, I have taken a small precaution to insure your undying devotion

and love. Do you recall the glass of milk I encouraged you to drink?" asked


"Oh you mean the milk pool. Of course I do. How could I forget it," replied Dan.

"Well honey, that wasn't just ordinary breast milk. It was very special. It was

magical. It contained a spell that would allow the donor to mentally control the

power of any curse that was in place over the one who consumed it. In other

words, I was given mental control over your shrinking and growing," explained


"But you said that the curse was now broken.....," said Dan

Paula answered, "the curse is broken. You will no longer shrink anytime you get

excited. But the spell is still in place. I still control you and can shrink or

grow you at will just with a thought, and I can do it instantly, no long drawn

out periods of transformation as the curse required." Dan was looking deep into

her eyes and could tell she was completely serious. But he still had doubts.

"I can see that you doubt me, allow me to demonstrate. I think that you would be

quite convinced from a 4 inch point of view," said Paula.

As soon as the words left her lips the world exploded around Dan. Everything in

his view blew up and out becoming enormous. He could see Paula looking down at

him through the neck of his shirt, which he was standing inside of. His clothes

had become some sort of giant tent around him. Dan couldn't believe what she had

just done. The woman who he loved, and almost left because of a misguided

fantasy, now had the power to play out the fantasy at the slightest thought.

Paula placed her hand near him and he climbed onto her open palm. It was the

size of a king sized mattress. He held onto her thumb for support. She lifted

him to her face and kissed his entire body with one single kiss from her titanic


"Maybe that's a little too small," said Paula. "How about 8 inches." Dan felt

his body expand immediately and could feel Paula's hand reduce in size. He was

now bigger than her hand, but she still held him easily. Dan knew that he could

not live without her. He asked her to bring him closer to her face. He got down

on one knee. He had to ask her an important question.

Dan looked into her eyes and asked, "Paula, will you marry me?"

Paula smiled and said, "I thought you'd never ask little man. Lets go to my room

and consummate the engagement." Dan wasn't sure what she meant, but he had a few

good ideas.

"The guys on the newsgroup are never going to believe this,"

said Dan. He was happy and proud of his new fiancee.

In the years to come, Dan and Paula lived happily ever after. What man wouldn't?

Dan would experience things that other men could only dream about. Sex would

never become routine for him. Each time was a new experience from a new point of

view. He had found his amazon and she was his much too short Paula. Did I say



Giantess Stories: The Curse   For some time Dan had been trying to breakup with his girl friend of 2 years

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