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The day started out like any other ordinary day

of my life, it was my last year of high school and all I needed to pass was to

pass Miss K's math class and come to find out there was a hole lot of us seniors

who needed to pass her class, but the only problem was there wasn't enough seats

in her class, over crowding this meant some of us would have to report to summer

school not cool.

When I entered the classroom it was standing room only, so I just made my way to

the back of the class and stood there.

Alright class you know there is a slight problem with class size, as you can all

see, Miss K joked as she sat on the front of her desk and faced us.

The school board and it's great wisdom has come up with a plan to place you

students in my class for the entire year, your hole school program will be

conducted from this classroom.

It is totally volunteer, but if you don't take the class some of you won't pass,

Miss K said as she crossed her right leg over her left leg.

I want the entire male student to stand and line up on the back wall, girls you

can take the seats please.

Here's the volunteered part boys, you will be given these watches, but these

watches contain a computer chip and devise that will be able to shrink you to

six inches in height.

If you look next to the girls desk you will see that there are small desk on the

inside front right leg of the desks those will be your desk.

Know in order for you to remain in my classroom you will have to put the watch

on and be shrunken or you will have to leave, so boys either leave or shrink,

Miss K said as she held her hand out with the watches.

All I could hear is my mothers words, you better pass this year or you'll loose

all your money for collage, so I walked to front of the class behind some other

boys but instead of heading for the door I took the watch from Miss K”s hand and

put it on my wrist.

A couple of other boys also put on watches there was a total of eight of us.

Now boys if you decide not to keep coming to class remember you will have to go

to summer school. As Miss K said those words to us she pressed a button on her

watch and we shrank.

Boy's I want you to take seats up front here so I can keep an eye on you.

I walked over to a desk that was under Mora Dolan's desk; she was hot when I was

normal size now she looked like a goddess. Mora was wearing a tight white mini

skirt, tan pantyhose and white open toed heels with a four-inch heel, that's all

I could see from my new size.

The day went on pretty normal until the afternoon that's when I started to

notice a strange smell in the air, it was a strong smell of leather and sweet,

Mora had placed her foot right next to me, I mean right up against me and my


As Miss K taught her lesson I was lost in a trance staring at Mora's toes, I

even found myself getting hard and I even touched myself when Mora flexed her

toes giving a good view and smell of her toes.

Around three p.m. Miss K handed out a test; she even had tiny test papers for us


I was about halfway through the test when all of the sudden I was hit from

behind and forced head first into my desk, it felt like a giant football player

was on my back, then I noticed the smell and the damp feeling on my back, it was

Mora's foot she had removed her foot from her shoe and was pinning me to my desk

with her foot. To make matters worse Mora was wrapping her big and second toe

around my head, god the smell, for some strange reason I liked it and wanted her

to keep it up.

I lay there pinned under her foot until three forty five when Miss K asked

everyone to pass there test forward, that's when Mora removed her foot from my


I watched as Mora's slid down into her shoe and push forward to make sure it was


All right everyone be safe and I'll see you all back here tomorrow, Miss K said

as she collected the test papers.

As I left the classroom I was returned to my normal height, Mora walked over to

me and smiled, did you like being under my foot Fran, I like the way you felt

under there, maybe tomorrow you can give my feet a little massage.

You'll do that for me won't you, Mora asked as she smiled at me and inhaled

through her noise?

You smell like my feet, I guess that makes you mine, Mora said as she turned and

walked away.

I just stood there like a lump on a log with my jaw hung open, I could not

believe what she just said and boy was she right all I could smell on my clothes

and in my hair and on my face was the smell of her feet.

I arrived back at school the next day a couple of minutes early were to my

surprise were four boys giving Miss K back the watches, they were dropping out.

I walked over to my new desk as I shrank, I don't think Miss K saw me come in

because all she did was take the watches the boys gave her and placed them in

her purse that was on her desk.

Miss K was standing right in front of me as she did this, she was a goddess also

Miss K was in her early thirties, blonde hair, she wore a short blue jean skirt,

suntan pantyhose and tan open toed slides with a six inch heel as I was to find

out as Miss K's foot came towards me.

Miss K was leaning over her desk and in the process brought her foot back right

next to me, I watched as her foot started to come out of her shoe and up and

then slam right on top of my desk was Miss K's foot, I could hear her talking to

someone, she was on her cell phone, Miss stood up and then sat on top of the

desk I was under.

Miss K placed her right foot on top of my desk the brought her left foot up and

behind her right as she did this her left foot caught me from behind and pushed

me forward, face first into the sole of my teachers foot, I was pinned in

between her feet as she talked on her phone.

The smell of her foot was all I was able to breath in and to make matters worse

she started to move her left foot rubbing my face and upper body into her foot.

Alright then I'll talk to you tomorrow and let you know how many are left until

then bye, was what I could hear from above.

Well Mr. Conner what are you doing under there and to my feet, Miss K asked as

she looked down at me from above her seated position?

I, I was all I could say.

I think me and you are going to have to have a little talk after class today

little man is that under stood, Miss K asked as she slipped her feet back into

her shoes and stood up.

I nodded my head yes and watched her walk over to her desk and sit down and from

my vantage site I could see right under her desk and right at her feet.

My trance was broken with the sounds of students entering the classroom, I

watched as Mora walked over to the desk stood high above me and smiled down at


Mora bent down to me, guess what Fran I didn't change my pantyhose or was my

feet, there going to smell great for you, hope you enjoy, Mora said as she stood

up and sat down behind her desk.

Mora placed her right foot next to me and brought her left foot over her ankle

placing part of her left foot on my desk and the heel of her shoe across my

chest and lap.

When Miss K got up to walk around the classroom Mora removed her feet from me,

witch was a good half hour before Miss K gave us a reading assignment to do

that's when Mora repeated what she had done earlier to me but this time she had

removed her shoe, before me was the sole of Mora's left foot.

Moras looked down at me and told me she wanted her foot massage and if I would

be a dear and clean the dirt from the bottom of her foot.

Mora wiggled her toes at me as she teased me from above with a slight laughter.

I looked at Mora's foot for a second and decided what the hell why not, so I

started to rub her foot and to my surprise I started to lick the dirt from her


Mora from above was surprised I was doing it she was only teasing me and thought

that I would never do it.

Mora thought she would push her luck a little further and removed her foot from

on top of my desk and placed it to the right of me she then proceeded to slide

my desk towards the center. Mora then removed the shoe from her right foot and

placed it on my desk and told me to enjoy.

Trish a girls sitting next to Mora saw what was going on and leaned over to Mora

and asked her if she could use me when she was done.

The two girls giggled causing Miss K to wonder what was up so she got up to walk

around the classroom. As Miss K got up Mora removed her foot and slid me back

over to my corner.

After Miss K sat back down Mora decided to try something even more different,

she removed her shoes and placed her feet on both sides of me she the pinched me

between he feet and raised me out of my desk and placed me on the ground in

front of her.

Mora to my surprise knocked me onto my back and placed her right foot on top of

me; she then started to move her foot side to side forcing my legs apart. Mora

then placed her foot in between my legs and rested her toes over my head; I was

trapped under her foot.

Trish saw what Mora was doing and told her it looks like he's having sex with

your foot, Mora smiled and then started to move her foot up and down very slowly

placing just enough pressure for my manhood to rub against my pants and her


Mora spread her toes so I could see through her big and second toe with her

pantyhose stretched across my face as she looked down at me and mouthed pull it


I looked at her with a stupid look on my face until she squeezed my head between

her toes and mouthed again, pull it out.

I moved my right arm under her foot and brought my hand to my zipper, Mora gave

my head another squeeze as she looked down from above. So I undid my zipper and

pulled my manhood out and place my arms around Mora's foot as much as I could. I

hugged and kissed Mora's foot while she grinded my manhood against the soil of

her foot until it happened, I shot my load, I shot like I had never shot before,

I thought it wouldn't stop at first.

Mora from above could tell that my manhood had gone limp so she stopped and

lifted her foot.

I watched as she slipped her feet back into her shoes then I zipped up and

looked up to Mora who looked down at me with a smile and mouthed, I own you


The bell rang and everyone was heading for lunch.

Mr. Connor I like to see you before you go to lunch Miss K said as she closed

the door blocking me from leaving.

Come over her Mr. Connor Miss K said as she walked back over to her desk and sat


I walked over to her desk and stood there for a second before Miss K said, not

there over here at my feet young man.

I ran as fast as I could I didn't want to get in any more trouble.

Miss K placed her feet on both sides of me and bent over to look down at me,

well they're Mr.; you think because you can shrink this gives you the right to

spy on your teacher.

No maam, I just got here early, I answered.

Well if you weren't spying what were you doing at my feet then, Miss K asked.

Your feet trapped me while you were on the phone, I answered.

Why didn't you ask me to let you go then or do you like the way my feet smell

and decided to stay there?

No that's not it, I answered.

You think my feet stink, Miss K asked?


So they don't stink, you like the way they smell hum.

No they don't stink, they smell just fine mam.

I don't know if I should believe you or punish you for spying, Miss K said.

I'll do anything to prove to you I wasn't spying Miss K.

Well I think if you weren't spying on me then you must like my feet and if

that's so I think every day at lunch and after school you should spend it at my


What, I asked?

You heard me young man if you want to remain in this class for the rest of the

year you will spend your lunch time and time after school at my feet, I want you

to lick them, massage them for me and I think I'll even bring you in some nail

polish so you can give me a pedicure and paint and polish my nails.

You can't do this to me, it's not right, I yelled at her.

Don't raise your voice to me you little insect you're the one caught spying on

your teacher not me, Miss K said as she removed her foot from her shoe.

You can't make me, I replied.

There something else you forgot about little man I have had cameras installed at

floor level to keep an eye on you small boys and what to my surprise do I have

on tape but a Mr. Fran Connor having sex with a students foot, you are a dirty

little man aren't you, Miss K said as she placed her foot in front of me.

Know you can worship my feet like you do Mora's or do I call the police and have

you arrested for having sex in class with an innocent girl who didn't know you

were under her foot.

Fran dropped to his knees and lowered his head to his teachers' toes and started

to kiss and lick her toes.

You will pretend like this never happened and go about your day but for the rest

of the school year you will be hear two hours before class, during lunch and two

hours after class to serve my feet, Miss K said to me as I kissed her toes.

During class you will continue to serve Mora I don't want her to think something

is wrong, but for now why don't you remove your clothes and show your teacher

how much you love her feet.

Fran stood and removed his clothes and knelt down to except his fate as his

teacher's foot slave.


Part 2

Miss K looked down at Fran who was exhausted from humping his teachers' foot and Las Mejores Letras de Graffiti de «Feliz cumpleaños» del 2019

ordered him to get dress because lunch was almost over with and the other

students would be returning soon.

Fran did as he was told and got dressed and was about to return to his desk when

Miss K looked down at him and ordered him to put her shoes back on her feet, so

Fran walked over to his teachers high heel shoe and pushed it over to her foot

he watched with amassment as Miss K raised her nylon covered foot an slid it

into the shoe, Fran was kneeling in front of the shoe holding on to the shoe so

his teacher could slide her foot in.

Aren't you the little gentlemen Miss K said as she wiggled her toes up into

Fran's face?

Fran repeated the same thing with her other shoe and was about to get up when

Miss K told him to show her proper respect and thank her for his lunch time fun.

Fran was a little upset at the thought of telling the women that had shrunk him

and humiliated him thanks for shrinking him. But he swallowed his pride and

knelt down at her toes and thanked her for his treatment and kissed her toes of

both her feet.

You may return to your desk little man, Miss K said as she readjusted herself in

her chair.

The students pilled in, but the other remaining boys did not return, Trish

walked over to Miss K's desk and handed her the other three watches, they said

they rather go to summer than spend another day at the feet of giant girls,

Trish said as she walked over to her desk looking down at me.

Mora walked in a short time later and sat down above me.

It was about an hour into the class when the schools principle knocked on the

door and walked in and asked Miss K how many boys she still had in class and she

wanted the extra desks, she wanted to return them to there normal height and

place them in another classroom.

Miss K looked at Mrs. Waltz and told her she only had on boy left and she was

welcomed to the desk.

Miss Lopez collect all the tiny desk and bring them to my office Mrs. Waltz said

as she turned and exited the classroom.

Maria take all the desks including Mr. Connor's to the principles office he wont

be needing it, Miss K said as she walked towards me.

Miss K looked down at me and with a slight grin on her face asked, well Mr.

Connor do you plan on leaving us too or are you a man and plan to finish out the


I looked up at her and told her I was staying, she new she had me.

Miss K what will I use as a desk I asked.

Well let's see, I know Mora would you mind if Fran her used your shoe as his

desk, Miss K asked?

No mam, but don't you think he'll get a stiff neck and back bending over my shoe

all day, Mora replied.

I see your point Miss K said as she raised her arm up to adjust something on her


We'll just have to make Mr. Connor smaller, I think about three inches should

work and with that I started to shrink.

That should work Miss K said as she walked away and sat down behind her desk.

Mora placed her feet down in front of me, I sat down in front of Mora's shoe and

giant foot and placed my head down on the sole of her shoe, why is this

happening to me, I asked myself.

Miss K gave us a reading assignment to do and walked out the classroom.

Mora how's it feel to have him even smaller, Trish asked as she wetted her lips.

I don't know yet, but it's going to be fun finding out, Mora answered as she

moved her foot back away from me and slip her foot out of her shoe and brought

her foot down in front of me.

Mora slowly descended her toes down placing her big toe into my lap; you don't

mind rubbing my toe for me do you, Mora said as she looked over at Trish who was

watching everything.

If I thought her foot was huge before when I was six inches, know I sit here on

the ground with a girls toe on me, what a day.

Mora saw how Trish was excited at my predicament and decided to take it further;

Mora pushed me onto my back and placed her toe in between my thighs.

You want to see me make him squirt with my toe Trish, Mora asked as she pressed

down into my groin.

Yes I want to see that, but how will I know if he's squatted, Trish asked Mora.

Mora looked down at me and told me to remove my pants and underwear.

I looked up at her and just told her NO WAY.

Mora then applied more pressure to my groin with her toe, know this could be

pleasant or painful, how do you want to do this you little worm.

As I tried to catch my breath I screamed I'd do it!

Mora raised her toe and I removed my pants and underwear.

If I get this little #@#@ to squirt you have to do my home work this weekend,

Mora said to Trish as she placed her toe back into my groin.

I'll do your homework only if you let me lick his mess off your toe, Trish


I don't care, I was only going to rub off onto the ground anyway, and Mora

answered her friend and started to slide her toe up and down.

Look Mora I think he's enjoying it, I swear I heard him moan, Trish said as she

placed her head down on her desk to get a closer look at me under her friends


It didn't take long for me to cum, the girls watching me and the strong smell of

Mora's foot sent me over the edge.

He's done Mora told her friend as she raised her toe and showed Trish the tiny

white mess on the under side of her toe.

Trish pretended to drop her pen and stuck her head under Mora's desk.

I watched as Trish stuck out her tongue and licked my cum off Mora's toe with

one swipe.

Awe looks like you're a little messy also, Trish said as she brought her tongue

down to my groin and licked me clean.

Trish was what I heard Mora say as she pulled her friend back.

What, I couldn't help it he looked so cute down their and his tiny weenie needed

to be cleaned up anyway, Trish said as she sat back down at her desk.

I hurried to but my pants back on, Miss K soon returned.

The rest of the day went by without much incident.

When the final bell rang I thought I was home free until I saw Miss K close the

door to the classroom after the last girl left.

Wear do you think your going young man, you have a job to do or me before you go

home, Miss K said as she walked back over to her desk.

Do you like your new height, because I do she said as she removed her foot from

her shoe and dropped it in front of me.

I will be grading some papers up here in the real world and you in your new

world will be cleaning my shoes, Miss K said as she dropped her other shoe in

front of me.

I think at your new height you'll do a good job on them wont you, Miss K said as

she tapped me on the head with her toes.

Miss K how do you expect me to clean your shoes I have nothing down here, I


Well silly with that built in cleaner of yours, she said as she placed a bottle

cap of water next to her shoe.

I looked up at her with a dump look on my face and when she saw this she started

to laugh at me and say, with your tongue stupid.

I looked up at her with horror as she also instructed me to clean the inside of

her shoe, but I did not have to clean the sole, but if I did not do as told she

would have me clean the dirt of the sole of her shoes.

Miss K looked down at me and told me to get started or did I want her to turn

the tape over to the police and spend a couple of years in jail.

An hour and a half went by but I did it, I had Miss K's cleaned she even smiled

at me and told me good job as I watch her slide her feet into her shoes.

You did a good job Fran, I see that you finished all your drink would you like

some more, Miss K asked me.

I thought this is strange she's being nice, but I was thirsty and told her yes


I'll have to get you some so wait right there, it might be a little warm have

time to refrigerate it yet, Miss K said as she stood up.

That'll be fine as long as its wet, I'm really thirsty, I answered.

I watched as Miss K reached for a cup on her desk and then proceed to pull her

pantyhose and panties down just enough to expose her well-trimmed bush.

Miss K the placed the cup under her slit and started to pee into the cup, when

she was done she pulled up her pantyhose and panties and sat back down.

Miss K then reached down and picked up the bottle cap and filled it with her

urine, she then placed the cap back down on to the ground and looked at me and

told me to drink up while its fresh.

I started to through up and get angry at the same time how much more does she

think I can take, I looked up at her and told her that she was sick and there

was no way in hell I was going to drink her piss.

Miss K looked down at me and started to laugh at me, you stupid boy it's not

like you haven't drank piss before.

I would never do something like that, I yelled up to her.

o.k. then, how do think I can control your size little man, I'll tell you, the

devise works with a chemical reaction with a mails body and female waste, it's a

by product of a women's chemical breakdown of her bodies food and drink.

Why do you think that the school set up different lunch areas for the boys and


We had to get the waste into boys somehow and what better way than your lunch.

No way, your sick, I replied.

Let me finish, with a little flavoring you boys gulped it right down, hell do

you think those were real hamburgers you ate at lunch and how about those candy

bars I watched you eat, hell didn't you think they were a little to mushy at

times stupid.

It's true buddy you've been eating and drinking my waste and the waste of

several other teachers and female students here, the company that developed the

devises is financing the school that's why we are building new classroom's and a

library with the little help of or male population all they wanted was one male

subject for a years testing and guess what your it, Miss K said as he told me to

drink up.

If you don't drink it stupid you'll be stuck at that size, do you want to spend

the rest of your life in a land full of giants?

I knelt down and lowered my head to the bottle cap and started to drink, that's

a good boy Miss K said from above.

Miss K told me I could leave but to remember not a word or I'll go to jail.

I thought to myself, I'm not the one going to jail bitch your going as soon as I

gat my mother here.

It was a long weekend and I had told my mother everything what Miss K said and

she didn't believe but Monday she would go to school with me to straighten

everything out.

When Monday came I was never so happy to get to school, my mother and I were

waiting in the parent teacher conference area when Miss K walked in.

Good morning Miss Connor what did you want to talk to me about Miss K asked as

she sat down in front of us?

In for it now lady I told my mom everything and your going to jail, this will

teach you to do things to people without there permission, I blurted out.

Well Mr.Conor aren't you a cocky one this morning, Miss K said as she looked at


Fran stand up for me will you my mom asked.

So I stood up and all of the sudden I shrank, but how Miss K didn't move.

You've been a very bad boy Fran you were told not to tell anyone and what do you

do you go running home to your mother and cause her to miss a day of work, Miss

K said as she bent over to look down at me.

Mom help me, I begged.

My mom looked down at me and shook her head, you stupid little boy why do you

think we moved to this town, I had to have somewhere to test my experiment in a

controlled environment.

Mom was all I could get out.

Cathy here was kind enough to agree to be your controller with the experiment,

and you try to have this good woman arrested.

Miss K looked down at me.

Lisa I think it can still work but, I think we'll have to keep him small so he

can't cause anymore harm, Miss K said to my mother.

All I could do was stand there with my jaw hanging open, I couldn't believe what

I was hearing my own mother was in on the whole thing, hell it was her


My mother looked down at me and said, don't look so surprised honey you know, I

felt after your father beat me and ran of on us, what better place for a man

than at a controllable height and if he misbehaves all you do is shrink him


Since you've been a bad boy I think your going to have to be punished, my mom

said as she pulled her sleeve up exposing her watch.

I think we'll shrink you to a half an inch and let you earn the right to get

taller my said as she pushed some buttons on the watch and I started to shrink.

What are we going to do with toy my mom asked as she watched me shrink to a half

a inch?

Miss K said I know and bent forward and removed my moms two inch closed toe pump

and picked me up and dangled me over the shoe.

I don't know about this my mom said as she looked down at me squirming in Miss

K's fingertips.

You'll have to do it someday and besides it's your project he almost ruined, who

better to punish him than his own mother, Miss K said as she let me fall into my

mothers pump.

He'll be in there a long time, I have to go to the city and meet with my

investors, I guess it would be alright my mom said as she took her shoe back

from Miss K and slipped it on pushing me under her toes as her foot settled into

her shoe.

Your right Cathy I better get used to it he'll be spending his time away from

school at my feet, we can't have him ruining the project.

My mom stood with me trapped under her toes and headed out of the school with me

trapped under her toes in her shoe, boy was it getting hot in here.



Giantess Stories: The day started out like any other ordinary day of my life

of my life, it was my last year of high school and all I needed to pass was to The day started out like any other ordinary day The day started out like any o



Giantess Stories: The day started out like any other ordinary day of my life

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Giantess Stories: The day started out like any other ordinary day of my life


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