Giantess Stories: The Dearsly Dinner Party by Rally Championbr  Actress Verity

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The Dearsly Dinner Party


Rally Championbr

Actress Verity-Jane Dearsley organises a dinner party and after the meal in

which she hasn't eaten anything. She shrinks her guests and lays them naked on a

plate covered with salad, Verity covers the salad with salad cream and then

picks her victims up one by one and eats them alive one by one. She eats the

salad surrounding them first. Then when they are begging on their knees she eats

them one by one by. Some she chews to bits and others she swallows whole.


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On a Wednesday morning you receive a phone call from Verity Jane-Dearsley

inviting you and your friends to a dinner party on Friday night. She tells you

to bring your own beer ,food but most of it will be provided already.

Your name is Martin, you are 14 and have known Verity for some time. At the age

of 12 you met her at a disco organised by one of your friends who had since

committed suicide because of a dependence on drugs.

At the disco you got chatting with Verity and found her very attractive. She

began to like you and eventually after a few weeks rang you to ask you out . You

agreed and she offered to take you to the cinema. When you arrived to pick her

up she looked gorgeous, putting your arm around her she gave you a kiss and both

of you headed to the cinema. You noticed that Verity had a beautiful white smile

and a could open her mouth really wide.

The clock struck 5:00pm as you were getting ready to go to the dinner party at

Verity's house which started at 8:00pm. You had showered and combed your hair so

you looked presentable.

With 30 minutes to go you were ready. A knock came at the door, and you went

down to answer it. It was one of your friends who was also going to the dinner


"Evening Martin" said Mark as he stood on the doorstep

"Come in Mark" replied Martin "How many are coming to this party?"

"About 30 I think." he answered

By 7:50 all your friends have arrived and it is time to go to the party. Locking

the door of your house all of your friends walk down the street feeling very

happy. You follow a short distance behind chatting to a girl you haven't seen

for 3 years when you left primary school. Her name is Claire and she is 14 with

long dark hair and blue eyes.

You arrive at Verity's house and Mark rings the bell. A 'ding-dong' sounds from


Verity's brother opens the door. "Yes!" he says

"We're here for the party." replies Matt

"Yep come on in, Verity's just getting changed." he replied

You and your friends go inside and Verity's brother tells you to take a seat in

the lounge by the fire. Everone sits down and then Verity comes in. She looks

gorgeous. She is wearing a red top which sparkles in the light and finishes in a

V shape so her stomach is displayed. A short blue skirt covers her thighs and a

pair of green shoes are on her feet.

You and your friends whistle as she enters and walks over towards you. She

kisses you and then speaks in her soft gentle voice.

"Hello guys welcome to my house, I think it will be a good party tonight."

"What we got menu wise?" asked Tim

"Well it is a good one I think, here's the menu." said Verity

She hands you a menu. It reads:

Starters: Tomato Soup

Garlic Mushrooms

Main Course: Pork with Stuffing

Beef with roast potatoes

Sweets/Desert: Ice Cream



"What is meant by guests for dessert?" you ask

"That's a special dish I have made, it is really nice." said Verity

"Looking forward to it" replied Matt

Verity came out of the kitchen with plates of food and laid them on the table.

Everbody tucked in and soon everyone except Verity had mouthfuls of food.

"Are you not eating Verity?" you ask

"I'm not that hungry, I'm just going to have 'guests' as I had a big breakfast."

she replied

Soon everone had finished and Verity began to clear the plates away, she brought

in the desserts.

"Right what does everyone want for dessert?" Verity asked

"Ice-Cream" replied everyone

Verity dished out the ice cream to evryone and then sat down herself. Matt

noticed a smile ripple over Verity's face and sensed something was wrong. As he

was about to say something he felt dizzy and fell off his chair, Tim watched How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish Step By Step | Tips and tricks — Nailists

Matt land on the floor and laughed but then found himself feeling dizzy and fell

off his chair. One by one all the guests fell off their chairs and began

shrinking. Verity laughed as she looked down at the tiny boys huddled on the

floor in a big group. She knelt down and brought her face to within millimetres

of them.

"Well, well that worked better than expected" she said with a smile

"What the hell are you doing?" screamed Matt

"I've shrunk you, now you remember on the menu it said guests under dessert well


is what I am going to have." said Verity as she licked her lips

Verity scooped up all her tiny guests in her hands and took them into the

kitchen. She put them down in a tin box. Opening a cupboard she took out a dish

and filled it with tomatoes, lettuce and other salady things. Then she came back

to the box with the tiny guests in. Verity plucked one of the boys from the box

and lifted him up to her face.

The tiny boy screamed as he saw Verity's huge face infront of him. He struggled

but he was gripped too tightly between her fingers. Verity leaned back opening

her mouth wide. She held the boy above it and laughed. The boy screamed as he

saw Verity's huge open mouth below him. She put him in her mouth and crunched on

his arm. "AAAHHHHH!", he cried. She took him out of her mouth, and swallowed

just his arm.

The tiny people in the box watched as Verity ate the rest of the boy alive. She

swallowed and then rubbed her stomach. She licked her lips with a long slurp.


The occupants of the box saw Verity go to a drawer and take out a fork. She

picked up the box and the dish of salad, sat down at a table and tipped the

contents of the box into the dish of salad.

The tiny boys fell over and landed among the tomatoes and lettuce. They looked

at their surroundings and saw that they were in a glass bowl full of salad. A

white gooey liquid drenched them and knocked them to the ground.

Verity took her fork and began to eat the salad around her victims. The boys

watched as she dug he fork in and picked up a tomato, took it up to her mouth

and put it between her lips, she chewed and then swallowed. The boys knew that

if they didn't escape then they would experience the same fate. They tried to

climb out of the dish but the sides were to slippery.

The fork caught Matt's leg, he felt himself being lifted into the air, he knew

he had no escape but he stuggled trying to free himself. He saw Verity's face

and her soft lips. To his horror they opened displaying perfect straight white

teeth. He screamed as he landed with a quiet splash on Verity's tongue. He

starred at the pink gums and huge molars above him. The mouth began to close,

Matt felt himself being pinned down by the roof of Verity's mouth. Then he felt

his body being crushed. Verity sliced his body in half with one bite.

The boys in the salad dish were now on their knees begging Verity not to eat

them but she just continued eating. You were laid in a lettuce leaf and had been

knocked unconcious by a falling tomato. When you woke up you find yourself

looking at a set of huge white teeth and you know that you are no longer going

to live on this planet. The teeth part and you see a giant cave which is dark at

the back. You land in the mouth and know very soon you will be dead and probably

in millions of different pieces. But as you are waiting to be chewed to bits the

mouth opens. You jump for joy and run towards the opening, but alas you don't

escape, brown coloured liquid hits you and you loose your grip on the lower

teeth. The liquid forces you back towards the black hole. Powerful muscles grip

you and you are squeezed from all sides as the powerful throat muscles took

control propelling you down a slick chute.

The rest of the boys knowing they had no escape stood still as Verity brought

the fork down towards them. She stuck it into a lettuce leaf and brought it

towards her mouth. The boys in the lettuce leaf held on and then screamed as

Verity put it between her lips and chewed them up in seconds.

When she had eaten all the guests Verity licked her lips and rubbed her stomach.

"mmm delicious, I'll have to put guests on the menu for my next dinner party"

she laughed as she went upstairs to her room and laid down on her bed as her

body digested the tiny boys.


Giantess Stories: The Dearsly Dinner Party by Rally Championbr  Actress Verity

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