Giantess Stories: The Deep Freeze     I thought I was so smart

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The Deep Freeze

I thought I was so smart, and in most ways I was. My name is Kevin I worked hard

all my life and had made my first million by the time I was 25. After that I

sunk all of my money into a cryogenic freezing lab. My scientists perfected the

process and before you could say Willy gates, I was the richest man on the

planet, everyone came to me to be frozen, and with a 4,000% profit on each one I

was set for life. Life unfortunately was not that long. I was diagnosed with a

rare bone disease when I was 30 and given two months to live. Now I must undergo

my own cryogenic process and hope in the near future I can be saved. At least I

can take my money with me so to speak. Kevin was frozen on March 15, 2004 at the

age of 31. He was interned at his faculty with the thousands of others he had

“saved” and many many more were added after him. Kevin was a shred businessman

but his replacements were not, and through a war depressions and recessions the

company went bankrupt. It was a lot more expensive to keep those people for so

long. On bankruptcy all assets were seized by the government. The only assets

worth anything were the people themselves, more than 100,000 of them.

In 2025 the world was at war, this war destroyed every country on the planet so

the United States no longer existed. The new county formed was the confederate

of the Americas encompassing both North and South America. Over the next seventy

five years they rebuilt there towns and cities, by the year 2100 it was like the

last century had not even happened the technology and fashions were almost the

exact same. Many inventions from before the war was lost including the secret to

Kevin's cryogenic success, everyone frozen was shrunken to 1 inches tall

reducing the expense of storage by about 99% So now the government had about

200,000 1 inch tall people to worry about. To recover there loses the government

decided to sell the mini-people, this required the government to change a few

laws and remove citizenship from them, not a problem as they were all born

before the country anyway. The poor people were all cured, (Medical knowledge

had flourished during the war and not been forgotten) and sold. Oddly enough it

seemed only young women were interested in buying this new product and mini

people now awoke to find themselves in a mostly undesirable situation.

Kevin awoke to find himself in a large silver cylinder, the roof was about 35

feet about him and had what looked like a hole in the middle to allow light to

enter. He looked around and noticed about 10 other people with him, none he

recognized. They were slowly waking up, one of them a man who introduced himself

as Robert recognized Kevin and asked him what was going on. Kevin wasn't sure

himself but he told everyone to remain calm it was probably part of the

un-freezing process. He asked each of the others why had been frozen, and the

answers shocked him each had been frozen for a different reason. Kevin found it

odd they were all being unfrozen together but didn't want to scare them. All of

a sudden the cylinder started to move fast. The people inside were thrown

against the wall. Now the cylinder was shaking and the people inside were being

thrown everywhere. Finally after 5 minutes it felt like they were being lowered

and it stopped, seconds later it began moving again only this time it was like

it had been put on a conveyer belt, it would speed up and slow down, even turn

corners but it was not as bad as before. The people demanded to know what was

going on but Kevin had no answers, they began banging on the walls and shouting,

but the only answer they got was a loud tapping on the roof that hurt their

ears. Finally after some more vertical movement it looked like they had finally

stopped. It also looked to Kevin like Robert and the others were about to kill

him. As he backed away from them the rood of the cylinder suddenly flew off and

it was tipped over. The people came rolling out.

Kevin shook his head to clear it. All around him people moaned and a woman was

screaming that she had broken here arm. Kevin slowly got up and looked around

wishing he hadn't. He was on a huge wooden platform as he did a slow circle he

saw a pair of knees, looking up past the mini skirt and blouse above them he saw

a huge girls face, she had to be like 400 feet tall. She was staring down at

Kevin smiling, and she was beautiful. With large round blue eyes and big pouting

lips, her skin was perfect and here hair was about shoulder length and blond.

She looked about 18 or 19 and Kevin had two simultaneous thoughts the first was

“This girl looks like a model” and the second was “they forgot to un-shrink us.”

Just then Robert who had not noticed the girl grabbed Kevin by the collar and

asked him what the hell was going on. A loud voice from behind Kevin boomed down

“Play nice guys” Robert looked up and his eyes went wide. Kevin turned around to

see another one sitting on a couch before him, she look about the same age as

the other. This one had on jeans and a t-shirt, and was though every bit as

beautiful as the first he had seen couldn't have been more different. She had

dark hair all the way down to below here chest (which looked like two huge

boulders to Kevin) she had brown eyes that shown with here perfect smile, her

skin was dark making her look Hispanic. She Spoke.

“My name is Tiffany, the girl behind you is Jenny, and we are your new owners.”

The little people on the table screamed and began running around looking for an

escape. Tiffany picked her foot up and with a bang brought it down on the table,

resting on her heel. The Mini people were thrown down. “Good now that I've got

your attention it would be wise for each of you to listen carefully” said

Tiffany The woman with the broken arm was still screaming although others were

trying to quiet her. “Jenny could you take care of that please” asked Tiffany,

“My pleasure Tiff” replied Jenny Who sat down next to Tiffany and picked the

woman up. As Tiffany went on to lay down the law Kevin didn't even pay attention

he was engrossed by Jenny's actions with the hurt woman, Jenny was teasing the

woman, throwing her in the air and catching her then Jenny put the little woman

in her mouth and began sucking on her. Tiffany noticing she didn't have the

little people's attention and reprimanded jenny, Jenny said she was sorry and

asked if they could kiss and make up, Tiffany smiled as Jenny pushed the tiny

woman into her mouth and passionately kissed Tiff. Kevin could see the little

woman going back and forth between the two giant girls, Finally they stopped and

jenny asked Tiff if she had the little woman, Tiff said “no, I think I swallowed

her” to which both girls laughed uncontrollably. Finally Tiff said “Now as I was

saying before, we own you people and we can do anything we want to you. If you

are good you will live a lot longer, and it won't be so bad, but if you disobey

either of us, you will regret it for the rest of your short little lives, does

everyone understand?” A small chorus of yeses came from the table. Except for

one man who yelled “go to hell you big bitch, my name is Ken Roberson and I can

buy and sell both you bitched” Tiff looked and Jenny who waved her to go ahead,

Tiff picked little ken up and asked him how he got so rich. “My company made

shoes and I'm sure we are still making them today! So back off!”. Tiff lowered

Ken to the side of Jenny's shoe, it was a flip-flop, “Is that one of yours?”

asked Tiff. “No you dumb bitch we made Roberson Pumps,” “Roberson Pumps, I got a

pair of those” laughed Tiff “Here Jenny hold little Kenny while I go get my

shoes.” When Tiff got up Jenny placed Ken on the ground between her feet, which

were effectively keeping him caged in, the sole was taller than he was “ are you

sure these aren't some of your shoes Kenny? She asked get a real good close

look” , and with that she began to slid here left shoe up, so that they would

get closer together. Ken was scared for the first time in his adult life, this

crazy bitch was going to squash him between her shoes. Just as the space left

between them was disappearing Tiffany returned, still barefoot but carrying a

pair of pumps. Jenny picked Ken up and handed him to Tiff, “ I love these shoes

Kenny I was wondering if you would autograph them for me” Ken who was feeling a

lot more cooperative since his brush with death said he would be happy to. Tiff

just smiled and dropped him in her shoe. Ken slide down to the toe section just

in time to see Tiffany's toes following him. Soon he was engulfed by them, the

smell made him sick and he felt like he was going to pop from the pressure.

Meanwhile outside the shoe jenny bet tiff a dollar that Ken would last less than

1 minute if they danced around. Tiffany took that bet and got up to turn on the

music. Jenny got up grabbed a woman and stuffed here down the front of her

panties, Saying “I get one too” with that they began grinding together to the

music, Kevin watched helplessly as tiffany was grinding her butt into Jenny's

pelvis, and he knew there was no way the poor woman in there had survived. Kevin

was right the poor woman (whose name was Alice) was in hell, Jennies short pubic

hair had ensnared her and by trying to get free she was only getting more

tangled, and getting jenny hotter. Jenny pushed herself into tiffs butt and

began to gyrate to the music, grinding little Alice to a pulp between them, but

pleasing both gigantic women.

Meanwhile it was even worse for Ken, because he was still alive, Tiffany's

dancing had broken both his arms and legs but the way his torso and head were

jammed between her toes he was still alive but wishing he were dead, he could

feel every move, every pivot or step tiffany made as shooting pains in his

broken useless limbs. He was praying for death. When Jenny answered his prayers.

Tiff has whispered she could still feel little Kenny's breathe and he was still

alive, Jenny said five minutes weren't up yet and brought her heel down on

Tiffany's toes hard enough to snap Kenny's neck. They stopped dancing and sat

down on the couch once again, both kicking off there shoes and resting there Dublin Zoo Orangutan Goes Viral After Ripping Childs Teddy

feet on the table next to Kevin and his 6 remaining customers.

Tiffany gave jenny a dollar under protest and both girls laughed. Kevin could

still see little Kenny's body between Tiffany's enormous toes. Tiffany still

giggling ordered the other little people to clean this mess up and they all

moved at once to follow her orders. Jenny brought her foot down in front of

Kevin, “Not you” she said “I need a foot massage, but don't worry I'll do all

the work.” With that she picked up her foot and brought it down on poor Kevin

rolling him around beneath her foot. Kevin was in hell and it seemed to go on

forever. Jenny just kept rolling him around telling Tiffany it was the best she

had ever used. Tiff said “oh really? Let me try” Jenny said go ahead and lifted

her foot off of Kevin, Kevin got to his knees thinking it was over when

Tiffany's huge foot came down on him and began rolling him around, Tiffany was

much less gentle that Jenny and before long Kevin had a broken nose and a lot of

other bruises. After about 15 minutes Tiffany let him up agreeing with Jenny,

“You have your new job worm,” she told Kevin “but what about the rest of you.”

“I think we should have a contest for the best way to dispose of them, keeping

the new foot worm of course” Jenny piped in “We can have our little foot worm be

the judge and the winner gets to wear him in her shoes tomorrow” “Great Idea”

Tiff agreed and I know how I'm going to get rid of the first one.” With that the

girls put 5 of the remaining people in the cylinder and with jenny carrying

Kevin Tiff took the last remaining woman and headed for the bathroom.

Kevin watched in horror as Tiffany dropped the girl into the toilet, then pulled

down her pants and sat down, Jenny let go of a laugh remarking about the Mexican

food they had eaten earlier, Tiffany with a broad smile on her face commenced to

do her business. Kevin couldn't believe that such a horrible smell could come

from such a beautiful woman. And the sounds of it made him want to gag. Tiffany

and Jenny spent the entire time chatting about things like the weather and their

classes at the university, as if they had forgotten about the poor woman in the

toilet. Finally Tiff wiped herself off, and got up looking satisfied, give the

judge a good look, she said. Jenny lowered Kevin into the bowl, just above the

water. It looked like a brown soup, the woman was choking and crying in the

middle and Kevin could barely keep his eyes open from the smell. Tiff went to

leave and jenny asked her if she was going to flush, “Naw I'll let her stew for

a while first” was the reply. Both girls looked down at the little woman who was

having trouble staying afloat, and laughed till they cried. “Wow that is going

to be hard to top said jenny, but I think I can do it, here take the judge. And

she handed Kevin to Tiffany. They returned to the living room and Jenny grabbed

a little man lying down on the couch and taking off her shirt. She placed the

little man between her huge tits and asked him if he had ever seen tits like

these before. He was too busy crying for his life to answer. She began to knead

her breast together slowly at first then quickening. The whole time Tiffany held

Kevin right above Jenny so he could get a good view. The man was turning beet

red and his screams had been cut off to low sobs. Jenny kept going, and was

bucking up and down as she did. The poor little man gave a final gasp and died,

but jenny kept going for another few minutes, “just to make sure. She got up and

put her shirt back on smiling at tiffany as she accepted Kevin. Tiffany without

sating a word picked another man from the cylinder and lied down on the couch,

taking off her pants. Holding the man by the ankles she inserted him into her

pussy, slowly and pulled him out, she continued to plunge him in and out, Kevin

couldn't stand the mans screams any longer and turned away he looked at jenny

and could see she was really turned on. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and

when the little man was inside of Tiffany, Jenny went down on her. The little

man inside was trying to get out when a giant tongue invaded, he tried to get to

it but it kept pushing him in further and further. Kevin could see none of this

as the hand he was in was squeezing one of tiffany's breasts. He was getting

pushed far into the skin and was having trouble breathing, He could hear Tiffany

moaning above him and Jenny moaning below him but was just concentrating on

staying alive. Suddenly it was over, Tiffany got up smiling and thanked Jenny

for the assist, Kevin didn't even see if she had pulled the little mans body out

of her.

Jenny reached in and selected another little man. “That Mexican may have

satisfied you but I'm still hungry. And this looks like a good snack. She took

him into the kitchen with Tiffany right behind. Jenny went into the fridge and

pulled out a piece of dough. Turning to Kevin she explained her plans. This is

Entro-bread. After you cook it, it takes about 10 seconds to harden so you can

mold it around anything you want. And I want this little man. She put the bread

in the microwave, and sat chatting with tiffany about there Civics test. The

entire time the little man in her hand was trying to escape, Jenny just broke

his legs with a snap of her fingers without missing a beat in the conversation.

Both girls ignoring the little man's pathetic screams. Finally the bread was

done and she molded it around his body with just his head sticking out. With

tiffany holding Kevin right in front of the little mans face, Jenny bit his legs

off. He screamed and both women laughed and laughed, jenny saying he tasted like

chicken. She took another bite and the little man was gone. Rubbing her stomach

Jenny said “that sure hit the spot” and both girls erupted with laughter again.

Heading back to the living room where the last two captives awaited there fate.

Tiffany grabbed one and got some tape, the then walked into the bathroom and

looking at the little woman in the toilet, still fighting for life gave a

contented sigh. She put the lid down and looked at her feet, then moving the

left one taped the little man down where it was. Jenny barked out a laugh, Our

roommate, Beth who hates these games is a stripper, she works late and sleeps

in, she will be getting up in a few minutes and the first thing she does is go

to the bathroom, here worm let me tape you up here so you have a good view of

the action. With that jenny taped Kevin to the ceiling right above the toilet,

Kevin prayed the tape held. The girls left the room and went back to the couch

giggling. Just like they said Beth came in 3 minutes later, Kevin was stunned.

This woman was gorgeous she had green eyes and long curly (but not frizzy) red

hair. She was wearing a bra and panties and looked half asleep; Kevin noticed

she had some hard soled slippers on though. She pulled down her panties and

Kevin cheered when he noticed she hadn't stepped on the little man. He was

yelling at the top of his lungs to get her attention but she didn't notice her.

She must have had that Mexican too because her stench was just as ripe. She got

up and Kevin cheered out loud the fact that the little man on the floor was

still alive, then he cried when Beth flushed the toilet, he knew he would never

forget the look in the little woman's eyes as she spun around to her doom. Beth

meanwhile oblivious had began brushing her teeth as she did she kicked off her

slippers. After she was done she stripped naked and turned on the shower.

Humming to herself she backed away from the water and put her heel down right on

top of the little man. His death beneath her foot unnoticed. She showered

removing all traces of him and got out fried off and left. Tiffany and Jenny

came right in and seeing the red stain on the floor hi-fived each other. Tiffany

took Kevin down and said wait till you see what jenny did to the last one.

They walked to the living room where Kevin looked where Jenny put her foot up on

the table, there around her big toe was the last man. A rope connecting his feet

to his neck. Kevin couldn't believe it, even after all he has seen, that these

girls could get so excited about turning another human being into a piece of

foot jewelry blew his mind. “At least he is still alive” Kevin thought. Now

watch carefully, Jenny said. With Tiffany putting him right next to Jennies

toes, He could tell it had been a while since Jennie's last shower. Jenny flexed

her toes, and Kevin could see the rope straining, and pulling on the little mans

neck. His face grew red, and then she relaxed her toes, and he began coughing

she did it again and the same thing happened, then she kept on flexing her toes.

“Its great exercise” Jenny confided. Finally with an audible snap the little

mans neck broke and Jenny looked disappointed. “Aww I thought his head would

come off” she began flexing harder and finally a minute later his head did come

off. She got up and began jumping up and down like she had won a million

dollars, grounding his little body to paste in the process. Finally she stopped

and after tiffany set Kevin on the table (between there feet of course) the

girls looked at him expectantly. Kevin Finally said. “Your sick, sick

individuals, and I couldn't even begin to figure out which of you is worse, I

started my cryogenic company to give people hope for the future and you girls

have perverted that. I hope you both rot in hell” Both girls bust out laughing,

Jenny pounding her foot on the table till Kevin thought he would be squashed.

After the girls wiped the tears away Jenny said, “So it's like a tie right? I

guess we will have to flip him to find the winner. Heads I win tails you win ok

Tiff?” Tiff agreed and Jenny threw Kevin high into the air flipping him he

landed on his face on the back of her hand, “Damn you won” Jenny said, “Don't

worry Jen” Tiffany replied “You'll get your chance I think our little foot worm

here is going to be with us a long, long time. The last thing Kevin heard as

tiffany slipped him into her sneaker was both girls giggling again.



Giantess Stories: The Deep Freeze     I thought I was so smart

all my life and had made my first million by the time I was 25. After that I I thought I was so smart, and in most ways I was. My name is Kevin I worked hard



Giantess Stories: The Deep Freeze     I thought I was so smart

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Giantess Stories: The Deep Freeze     I thought I was so smart

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