Giantess Stories: The Difference Between Friends and Gods

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The Difference Between Friends and Gods

By:  KefkaR


Chapter 1:  Strange Friends


Linda Kellick and myself were

walking down the street together on a cloudy windy day.  I suppose I should

introduce myself, my name is Ian Terser, I was 17 years old when this whole

ordeal happened to me…

           As for Linda, she was a friend of mine who lived

in the same apartment as I did, she was 16, a year younger then me but she was

still in the same grade of me (she was quite smart and got bumped up).  For her

looks… well she was astonishing, luscious short red hair with a big blue eyes,

Linda was quite the bombshell but I had no physical interest in her, she wasn't

really my type.

           Now of course your probably wondering what my

type is, well the problem with Linda is that she's kind of a bitch, she yells

and complains whenever she doesn't get what she wants and she's a vengeful

person when someone does something bad to her.

           Getting back to the story that I have to tell, I

was walking down the street with Linda (we usually always walked home together,

considering we live in the same apartment) and as we walked down the street the

rain started to pour down on us.

           So almost immediately we bolted down the street

as fast as we could and we reached the apartment, completely drenched in rain. 

I smiled and looked over at the face of Linda that was hidden behind a string of

wet and dripping red hair, “gee don't you look beautiful today.”

           She returned my comment with a clenched smile

and a tight closing of her big blues, “thanks buddy, you also look like you're

quite a superstar as well.”

           We both chuckled and the comment and then headed

for the elevator, as we entered I looked at the small panel on the door and set

it for 15, my floor.  Immediately after Linda reached out and set it for her

floor number, 14.  A ding and the closing of the door signified the elevator


           As we stood in the elevator for a few seconds I

noticed we were making quite the pool of water on the reddish carpet of the

elevator.  Finally another ding and the elevator stopped and the door clanged

open.  Linda turned over and smiled at me as she put her hand on my right

shoulder, “later squirt!”

           With that she ran out the door and down the hall

to her apartment and quickly disappeared as the door of the elevator closed.  I

stood for only a couple seconds before the elevator stopped once again and the

door opened.

           Walking out I stepped down two doors until I

reached my house.  Feeling in my pockets for my key I didn't quite feel it. 

Finally after an extensive search I realized I was missing my keys!

           Pulling my right hand out of my pocket and

looking down at my watch I saw the time 3:52pm.  My parents weren't going to be

home until 10-11ish tonight because they had some work charity ball or something

(best timing of my life I suppose…).

           I paced in front of my room for a few minutes

thinking of where I left my keys until I realized I was quite cold; all that

rain from outside had really chilled me.  So I gave it some thought and I went

to the elevator and set in the number again, 14.

           My thought was I could ask Linda if she had any

towels I could borrow from her, because I was so cold, and maybe I could stay

with her for the evening until my parents got home.

           Getting off the elevator I stepped out on the

floor and headed towards Linda's apartment.  I had been there only once in my

entire life, almost two years ago when Linda had her fateful (or disastrous)

birthday party.

           Well I finally got to the door of her apartment

and I gave the door a knock and waited.  I knocked again and a minute later

there was still no response, so I turned around and was about to leave, but I

guess curiosity got the best (or the worse) of me and I turned around and turned

the doorknob.

           Amazingly enough the door wasn't locked!  Now

for a second I thought about the possibilities, Linda might have quickly run out

or maybe she forgot to lock the door and she was having a bath or something. 

Well I was never one for the privacy of others and I took a bold step in.

           The first thing I did was go straight to Linda's

washroom, and no I am NOT a pervert it's just that I was really cold and I

needed to dry off.  Thankfully the door to the washroom was open and I noticed

two small towels on a towel rack against the wall.

           As I stepped in the first thing I noticed was

that the bath was wet, which meant someone had been in here recently and since

Linda's parents were at the same dinner as mine I knew that meant Linda had used

it.  Then as I turned to grab one of the towels I noticed a small plastic device

on the sink counter.  The thing was small and looked like one of those plastic

phasers that you see Star Trek buffs carry around at conventions.

           I thought it was probably just a toy lying

around the house and turned to grab one of the towels.  Taking the blue towel in

my hand I started by drying my hair, and then my face, as I moved the towel down

to my face I took a step forward to close the door so if anyone came in while I

was drying off I wouldn't be caught naked.  That's where it started.

           As I took my step forward, the side of the towel

flew outwards and hit the small device on the sink counter sending it tumbling

to the ground.  It all happened so fast I couldn't clearly remember it all; a

flash of light filled the room and my vision became blurred.

           When my sight began to return I realized I was

covered by something, it was soft and encompassed my whole body.  The vision I

beheld was all black and I started to push my way around, finally I came to

light, and the sight I beheld shocks me to this day.

           It had to have been the phaser thing I saw on

the desk, only a thousand times larger then before, and this time I saw

something on the bottom of the strange item that I haven't noticed before, a red

text, like the ones you see on those old red colored digital alarm clocks.  In

massive text it said, “ -1”- ”.

           I was shocked and it all hit me at once, the

device must have reduced me to some smaller state, and by what it said on the

item and with my quick gazes around the now titan-home of Linda's bathroom I

could assume I was merely and inch tall!

           Gasping for air like a fish out of water I

assessed the situation I decided what I had to do, I had to get a hold of

Linda.  Now some of you might be wondering why would I get her help, after all I

said she was kind of a bitch, well there are two reasons; one, she was really my

only option and secondly she might be a bitch but me and her got along really


           Regaining myself I stepped forward and gave a

small hop to get over the large gray curb at the door of the bathroom.  Stepping

out I quickly set out for Linda's room.  It was a difficult trek to the room at

my new size, especially with the fact that Linda's floors were carpeted.

           It took almost fifteen minutes for me to reach

the room but I got there, sadly for me there was no Linda.  I decided in my

infinite wisdom to go in and take a rest.  Now the good thing about Linda's room

was the fact that it was a plastic coated wood floor, so I didn't have to trek

through any more carpet.       

           As I stepped into the giants quarters I took a

look around and gazed at all the stuff in the room, firstly I saw her massive

Gamecube sitting on the floor under her 24” TV with three controllers spread out

over the floor, her massive white sheeted bed in the entrance left corner of her

room and finally a massive desk that occupied the area opposite to her bed.

           Gazing around in a blind stupor at the sheer

size of everything I felt something at my feet.  It took me a while but I

finally realize what it was, shaking, massive shaking all around me!

           Fearing to turn around I forced my head back

first and gazed at the sight that would shatter my tiny world, the sight of a

friend turned goddess.  The shaking was only embellishment to the sight I

beheld, a massive teen titan taking long but confident strides forward.

           Linda had changed by now and was garbed in an

alluring tight gray sports bra and an extremely tight set of small black

skin-tight shorts.  I felt quite guilty just looking at her while she was

dressed like this.

           Then I started screaming madly up to the

gargantuan friend of mine, “Linda!  It's me down here!  Linda!  Please look


           It was all in vain however because as she took

another step forward I saw her face past her teen breasts and I saw she was

wearing headphones, which meant she was listening to music that would drown out

my squeaking voice.

           Then as I stood transfixed at the sight of my

massive friend I watched her turn around, revealing her exquisite rear for my

now intense gaze yet I noticed something interesting, the phaser-shrinking gun

was now placed in between her rear and her tight shorts.  It took me a few

minutes to realize why she had turned around, she was closing the door.

           For a few moments I was confused by this action

but then as she turned around and bent down to the floor I stopped thinking and

hoped that maybe she saw me, but fate didn't have that in store for me, instead

her hand went past me to pick up her Gamecube and place it under her bed.

           Then she pulled the phaser out of her butt and

gave her butt a little shake and smiled at the gun, “I'LL PLAY WITH MY LITTLE


           It took some time to understand the words she

said, and my ears hurt a bit from the loudness of what to her would have been a

soft statement.  I seemed adamant on thinking about her statement of having

“Little Toys”, and perhaps I was a bit ignorant not to think of her other

statement of “work”.

            Then it happened, the crashing of her right

foot knocked me down on my butt and I looked up as my godlike friend began to

shake her hips to her sides, and then I remembered a shocking realization, Linda

liked to dance as a hobby!

           As the ground began to quake I still maintained

my stupor of awe at the erotic motions of the goddess.  Finally I was awoken

from my gaze of awe as her mansion sized foot swung past me!

           The aroma from the uncovered foot gave very

little scent, the only traces of dirt or grime I could gather was from the walk

Linda must have taken from the bathroom to her room or wherever she had gone

when I had my accident.

           After the brief moment of in-taking the fumes

that came from her foot, the sheer weight behind the swing of Linda's foot

pushed the air in the area towards me and sent my now tiny body flying at least

a foot backwards (normal sized feet by the way).

           Landing on my back I hurriedly placed my two

arms behind me, palms on the ground.  Looking up at Linda's immense form I

realized I would have little time to get out of the way of her feet if she

started going to a fast dance like I know she liked to, so I bolted towards

under her bed as fast as I've ever ran in this life and the next!


Chapter 2:  Who is this girl!?


           I made it!  I don't know how but I knew

that I had made it under Linda's now gargantuan bed.  As I stood under looking

up at the completely oblivious god like form of Linda I felt slightly bad at

staring up at a friend who was quite literally dancing in her underwear!

           Making a quick decision I turned around and

started to look around the area I was in and quickly walked over to the nearest

form I saw, a large white box that was easily three times the height that I was.

           Taking calm and slow steps I looked back nearly

every second seeing the massive feet of Linda smashing against the floor and

causing my new tiny world to shake with them.

           Finally I reached the box and inspected it from

side to side.  Gazing at it I saw in massive letters “LINDOR CHOCLATES”.  I

immediately thought of how hungry I was after running such a distance and

attempted to claw at the side of the box and even tried jumping up to see if I

could hit the rim, sadly it was all to no avail.

           After pounding and clawing at the side of the

box for a few minutes I stopped and was replied to by knocking from within the

box, taking a quick and immediate step back I listened as more sounds came from

the box.  Taking a second I realized that opening the box and unleashing what

was inside could be a bad idea so I walked away from it.

           Waiting away from the box I sat on the floor for

more then ten minutes before the maddening smashing of Linda's feet began to

stop.  I waited a few more seconds of grace before I heard the massive feet of

Linda step out of the room.

           I thought for a quick second that this would be

my chance to escape the prison that had become this room, so without any thought

I darted out from my well-protected enclave.

           Escaping the underside of Linda's bed was quite

easy, and the light that shone upon my face was extremely uplifting.  As I

entered the open floor of Linda's room a morbid stench hit my nostrils, a stench

of sweat and body odor!

           Taking a few more careful steps forward I

noticed something that I had not noticed before, small pools of liquid on the

ground.  It took a few seconds to click but the small puddles were that of sweat

from the amazing god-like friend of mine.

           As I began to step away from the pools of liquid

perspiration that the amazing Linda had formed from her workout, I heard the

thundering and felt the shaking of her footsteps and I quickly jolted my head up

to witness the sight of her colossal form come into my now pitiful plane of


           I took long deep strides backwards as the ground

shook at the beckoning of her massive feet touching the ground.  Suddenly the

stench hits me, it must have been the same stench that riddled the trenches of

world war I because I fell down as it came to me, a stench of a goddess who

hadn't showered after working out.

           The reek of Linda continued to seep into my nose

as I used what little strength I had to back away with my two hands pushing my

body weight.  My eyes move upwards, not stopping to admire her legs in the

slightest, but to look up at my godlike friend who in one hand it holding and

towel and the other on her hair.

           Suddenly the steady advances of the titan Linda

stopped and she squatted down to her knees, the wind of the movement sending

more of her putrid stench into my nostrils as I looked up in fear I saw her

massive eyes come down in my general vicinity.

           In one split second I froze and thought about my

life in a flash, I saw everything I had ever done and I pieced together what was

going to happen, Linda was going to wipe me away with the pool of her sweat, and

she would never know what happened, but I was too scared to move.

           Then it happened, her eyes stopped, those

massive orbs of white and blue came down on me and I felt for the first time

since I'd come to this place, I felt hope.  The form of Linda went from a

squatting position to a full stand, easily towering above my tiny form like a

skyscraper would to a car.


KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS DON'T YOU,” with that the towel that Linda held in her

right hand fell to the ground and with it my hopes went with it.  I begged

whatever divinity in the universe that my friend would see me, but instead I

felt more scared then I have ever been.

           Perhaps I should have run, it might have made a

difference but I really doubt it would have, no instead I just stood there like

and immovable statue as Linda reached her now free arm across her desk.

           As I saw what she was going to do I quickly

braced myself for it in a vain fashion by raising both my arms up by my face. 

As Linda held her newly retrieved shrink ray in her hand I gave one last prayer

to my god that I would be spared.  Sadly I would not.

           Another flash and my eyes went blank.  I felt a

slight tingle throughout the entirety of my body.  I knew that I would probable

wake up the size of a speck, or maybe she just shrank me out of existence, who



           It appears that I was not, my eyes slowly opened

as they had before when this whole fiasco began, and when they opened I saw

blackness around me, I could feel something soft and warm all around my tiny

form, I had no idea how small I was now or for that matter where I was.

           Then light started to appear and soon I was

blinded, it took my eyes a few seconds to adjust to my new state but by then I

felt myself falling, when I finally re-oriented everything about myself I took

stalk of where I was.

           There were people, small like me, all around.  I

counted at least ten of them, all faces that I easily recognized, all of them

were jocks or punks who used to attend our school who had supposedly switched at

the beginning of this year, ironically all of them were people who used to tease


           As I gazed at the lot of them who were all

wearing tattered pieces of old clothing I tried to find out where I was, then

sound flooded back into my ears and I could hear a distant sound like a water

chute mixed with the scattered incoherent discussions of my fellow shrinkees.

           Standing up I looked the floor of where I was,

it was a type of cube on its side, with an light coming from my rear and the

entirety of the enclosure was built of a cold white marble type substance.  As I

turned around I took a step forward before noticing the end of the ground and a

fall that would easily kill me.

           Gazing down the deep fall I saw a canyon made of

the same marble substance slowly filling with water.  Then across the marble

canyon, there was a massive sheet of mixed glass pieces that was probably the

size of the Empire States building.

           The glass suddenly moved without warning and

what I saw made me happy and scared all in equal measure.  It was Linda, now

twice the size I had seen her before, which meant I was now probably half and

inch tall!

           The teen titan was garbed only in her sports

dancing gear that she had been in before.  As I gazed at her I once again felt

slight guilt at seeing her in this state, a state that she certainly did not

want her friends to see!

            Taking a single step back I watched as Linda

bent down and smiled at us all, “HELLO LITTLE BUG BOYS!  I HOPE YOUR READY TO



           I took one more step back and then fell

backwards on my butt, I thought of how this had all happened and why it was

happening.  I felt so helpless and so alone.  I was in the soap container of a

bathtub and less then an inch tall!  I needed a friend now more then ever and I

couldn't talk to my closest one.

           Closing my eyes I just stepped back and after

what seemed like only a few steps I reached the back of what I now concluded was

the bathtub soap container.  I crunched into a ball and closed my eyes hoping

this was all a dream.


Chapter 3:  The Difference Between Friends and Gods


           Sadly of course it wasn't.  I finally had the

courage to open my eyes after what seemed like hours, but had merely been

minutes.  The water was now off and I heard the sound of something hitting the

water, I naturally assumed it was Linda taking her long overdue bath.

           I looked at the other inhabitants of this tiny

prison was all at the edge of the container, no doubt gazing down upon the

bathing form of Linda.  At this moment I had no intention of gawking at her in

this situation, mainly because I really wasn't too interested in Linda at this

moment, I was more interested in staying alive.

           Finally the exertion of all my running and

walking caught up to me and as I sat thinking my eyes began to feel heavy and I

let myself slip away into a sleepy gray area.  For the first time during this

whole ordeal I felt safe and comfortable, with no real worries.

           Comfort of course is a thing that in the real

world lasts for a very small amount of time, and even in my surreal universe

comfort lasted for a very small amount of time.  I felt a pinch at my side and

then I finally forced my eyes open and saw a face I thought I would never see.

           Andy Thorpe was Linda's boyfriend for almost the

entirety of last year until a point where Linda broke the relationship with

him.  Andy and I never really got along, but I had nothing against him, I had

often asked Linda what happened between them but she always smiled and said,

“it's nothing big…” that phrase had a whole new meaning to me now.

           “Ian Terser, is that you,” Andy asked as he

looked at me, his hand still poking me in the side.  Quickly I grabbed the hand,

as a signal of reveille and I just looked in his face, what I saw was the face

of a young man who had grown up very quickly.

           “Andy?  Is that really you?  What are you doing

here,” I asked looking at him still trying to analyze his facial expression.  In

doing so I noticed that his clothes like all the other people trapped in this

area were worn and tattered.

           A smile went across Andy's face, “yeah it's me

Terser.  So what did you do to piss Linda off?  I thought you to were pretty

good friends, I never thought she'd bring you here.”

           I closed my eyes and tried to remember

everything that had happened today and then I just shook my head and looked back

at Andy once more, “it was an accident, I came over because I was locked out of

my place and then I knocked some gun thing onto the floor, and poof I'm the

amazing bug-man!  Then Linda finds me and thinks I'm some sort of escapee and

makes me even smaller, she didn't even recognize me!”

           Andy took his right hand and put it on my

shoulder in what I think was a true motion of pity, “she doesn't recognize many

of us anymore Ian.  All we are to her are toys and playthings that made her mad

in the past.  You once told me that you thought Linda was kind of a bitch, well

here she's the god of bitches!”

           “What do you mean Andy?  What has she done to

all these people?  Why has she done it, how did you get here?  I'm so confused,

I don't know if anything is real anymore Andy…”

           The grip on my shoulder tightened and Andy just

nodded his head and spoke, “well for me it all started around the end of last

school year, you see me and Linda had an argument about my leaving… she said

that I shouldn't go and that I should convince my parents to stay.  Well I told

her that there was no way I could stop us from going, and then I told her that

her whining wouldn't make anything happen.”

           I listened with anticipation almost knowing what

Andy would say next.  I felt such pity for the guy as her continued to speak,

“well I left after that and that night I felt really bad.  So the next day I

came over here to say goodbye to Linda, she brought me into her room to talk and

then left for a few seconds, the next thing I know she comes back and zaps me

with her little gun and I'm the size of an ant….”

           Slowly Andy's arms slid down the side of my

shoulder and I looked into his eyes again and felt so much pity for the guy, I

mean he might not have talked to Linda in the right way, but no man deserved

what befell him.  As more pity came flowing into me, Andy began to continue his

tale once again.

           “I never felt anything like that before Terser,

I realized just how small one person could be when Linda shrunk me.  I mean I

couldn't even see her face she was so tall.  For a second I thought I had died

and Linda was god…  She picked me up and she gave me this look that made me

realize just how wrong I had been to piss her off…  since then I've been here,

and I've learned that Linda shrinks anyone who makes her mad.”

           Then it finally sank in, the gravity of the

situation I was in.  Linda Kellick, a decent friend of mine was towering above

me like some sort of ancient mythological god, thinking I'm a guy who pissed her

off somehow, and at this size she probably couldn't see who I really was unless

she really wanted to and in my current situation I doubt she really cared about


           “So Andy… what does she do with you people?”

           A deep pause and Andy took a few steps towards

the edge of the container we were in, though he was still easily ten feet (my

reckoning) from the edge itself, “well Ian, she's evil…  I thought I knew her

but she has this completely different side to her.  Like I said, you told me she

was a bitch, well in all honesty bitch is a word that doesn't even do her


           Just as Andy finished his sentence I felt a

slight shake in the solid flooring I was sitting on.  The shake was followed up

by the rustling of what I assumed was the water below, then a deep shadow fell

over the area I was trapped in.  Everyone stopped gawking and just went deadly

silent, the goddess had awoken.

           To this point I hadn't actually seen Linda

Kellick naked, and thankfully (to a degree I suppose) I still didn't, all I saw

was her massive rear end, hanging over all the tiny people like a new sky.

           Immediately I closed my eyes and gave one last

prayer to myself praying it was all a dream but it wasn't.

           I waited almost thirty seconds before a

bellowing voice that was like an amplified loudspeaker streaked across the air

and forced my tiny bead-like eyes open, “WELL LITTLE ONES I HOPE YOU ALL HAD A


           Staring at her immense form, I saw Linda now

garbed in a pair of fairly baggy blue jean shorts and an extremely tight red

shirt that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.  I felt like crying out

to her in another vain attempt to get help from her, but nothing came out, her

amazingly large body transfixed me.

           Never had I ever been truly attracted to Linda

Kellick, but I just felt myself falling a bit for her as I gazed at her

seemingly sweet face looking down on us all.  I know it sounds kind of sick but

I liked seeing this bitchy side of her, even though it scared the living hell

out of me.

           Then without another motion the massive left

hand of Linda came upon us, it spared none, grouping us all together within her

now clean hand.  I felt other bodies pressed against me as well as the soft

flesh of Linda poking at me from the front of my body.  To a degree I felt safer

here then I did on the cold floor of the bathroom soap container, or even under

Linda's bed.


Chapter 4:  Escaping a Teen Titan


           Darkness engulfed me as I was being

pushed up against the bodies of countless other… victims.  Yes victims, because

that's what they were, victims of an angry girl who had somehow found a way to

get even.  At that moment I was more afraid then I had been before and my fear

only escalated.

           My stomach churned as I felt the motion of

Linda's hand swing about as she walked around.  I might have cared more about my

sickness had it not been for the amount of bodies pressed around me.

           Finally light engulfed my vision and for a

second I felt weightless, as the bodies around me seemed to move away.  As I

realized what happened I wasn't even able to scream as I fell towards the


           Landing with a slight thud, I shook my head and

cradled my side.  Realizing I had fallen onto carpet I simply looked around and

tried to once again get my bearings.  Linda towered over us still garbed in her

jeans and tight red shirt.

           I tried to look up and see her, but the form of

her breasts pushing against her tight red shirt blocked my view of her face,

instead I was left with only two protruding mounds from her shirt.

           It was the fact that I felt so small, that fact

was the only thing that made me really scared.  I had this feeling that I would

be alright because somewhere deep inside I knew that Linda would never really

hurt someone, but then again I was just starting to realize what kind of a

person Linda was.

           As I contemplated everything that had happened I

felt a touch on my shoulder, instinctively I twirled around in surprise only to

find Andy.  As I looked into his eyes I noticed that he seemed to be quite


           “What the hell is happening here Andy, please

try and tell me what the fuck is going on!”

I only had the opportunity to see

the look of horror in his eyes before I heard the sound.  It sounded the world

was falling apart, a massive displacement of wind that sounded in a big “whoosh”

followed by a massive crashing thud sound.

It was so close to me, the

massive foot of Linda was mere feet from myself, and by feet I am talking in my

scale.  There was no smell as she had just bathed but there was a rush of warm

air that hung over me for the next few seconds.

Then there was that voice again,

it was much more daunting then it had been before, because this time there was

no face to attach it with, all I could do was look up and see a small patch of

red fabric blocking out her face from my tiny vantage.



My eyes immediately went to Andy

for some sort of answer to the question that was deep in my mind, what was she

talking about?  Instead by the time my head turned Andy was long gone, running

across the carpeted floor along with all the other people who I was grouped


Of course I was quite oblivious

to what was going on now and stood around dumb founded for a few seconds.  Then

there was movement from the colossus, the leg further away from me twirled

slightly and as I looked up I saw Linda place her hands on her hips and let out

a bitchy sigh.

I kind of took the hint that was

being given and I bolted away, of course I went in the opposite direction of the

rest of the group and headed towards the nearby sofa that I saw.

It took literally a minute for me

to sprint across half of Linda's living room, as I ran I turned my head back to

see that Linda was simply looking around impatiently as she towered above us.

Reaching the massive sofa I

continued to run until I was sufficiently under it but still able to see what

was going on outside.  The pause was probably the worst moment so far, it

allowed me to once again think of the situation that I was in and realize how

small I was.

Finally there was movement from

the teen goddess above me, she turned away from me and started walking in the

opposite direction of the sofa, towards the TV cabinet, where all the others had


What happened next was a bit hard

for me to see just because of the distance (in my perspective) that it was

happening away from me.  I saw Linda walk over to the cabinet and simple pace

around it a few times, like a cat stalking a mouse before her hand darted into

one of the shelves.

From my perspective I couldn't

see if she had caught someone but I watched as the process continued and Linda

continued to pace and jab into the wooden cabinet, a silent huntress.

Eventually a low but resounding

snicker came out from Linda, the sound hovering over the carpeted ground and

echoing in the enclosed underside of the sofa I was currently under.

The sound pierced me and made me

shiver, even though there was no change in temperature, I was simply afraid. 

The situation I was in was becoming more and more bleak and I only hoped I would

be able to get Linda's attention.

My thoughts quickly turned from

that line of thought into something new; did I want Linda's attention?  I mean

it was obvious she didn't have the biggest conscious in the world especially

after seeing that look in Andy's eyes before he ran off.

As my head continued to spin its

web there was finally a break as a massive earthquake nearly knocked me to my


Instantly I froze, the expression

in Linda's voice was that of genuine rage, no playfulness or simple anger, it

was pure and complete rage and it seemed all to rotate towards me.

Right now I was unsure to what

game she had been playing, I had simply though she wanted to play hide and go

seek but all of the others had ran towards the cabinet, maybe I should have

joined them.

Another earthquake shook the

ground I was trying to stand on and my thoughts were just as easily knocked back

into place.  Even if I had been playing some different game then the one Linda

wanted me to I still had one real choice left, to run.

If I kept running through the

couch the way I had come in I would end up in a large open area of carpet, under

a large wooden table where Linda's computer resided.  If I ran out but then

turned left I could head straight into the small kitchen that stretched to the

entrance of Linda's apartment.

I had to make sure that I was in

a place Linda could see me, but she would have to recognize me at the same

time.  If I went into the open she might see me but with the anger that her

voice resounded with I thought she might have crushed me right there so I opted

for plan B, the kitchen run.

Moving my legs as quickly as they

would allow me to go I bolted from under the darkness of the sofa and towards

the kitchen.  Linda's kitchen was that of a standard apartment kitchen with a

single aisle length of cupboards, a stove and a refrigerator with no room for

even a chair to be placed without blocking the majority of the aisle.

As I headed off the carpet

towards the linoleum-covered floor of the kitchen I allowed my head a quick peak

as to the status of Linda.  I saw that she was over by the other sofa that was

in her living room, she had gotten to her hands and knees and was now looking

under the sofa and stretching her right arm under it trying to undoubtedly look

for yours truly.

Once I had reached the floor of

Linda's kitchen I considered my next actions, however my thoughts were once

again interrupted by the massive shaking of what had to be Linda getting up from

her search of the first sofa.  The shaking jolted me into action and I made a

quick sprint towards one of the floor level cupboards.

My legs gave enough energy to

jump me up into the slightly ajar cupboard and as soon as I entered I gave the

cupboard a slight push outwards so it would swing back in and close.

Darkness covered over me as I

took a couple steps backwards while letting out massive gasps for air.  I fell

up against what I was sure was a tin of some kind of soup, before the light left

the cupboard I think I saw a Campbell's sign.

For the next few minutes all I

could hear were my own pants of exhaustion and the movements of Linda outside. 

I made sure to move myself so I was behind the can of soup, just in case she

opened up the cupboard.

As I waited for what seemed like

hours, I began to think of my situation and what I should do.  Never coming to a

conclusion I only touched on various ideas, each time nearing their completion I

found some massive hole in my thinking.

During one of those thought

process I was shocked by a massive wave of light that could only be the door

opening.  I felt the can of soup I was leaning up against move upwards, and for

some stupid reason I'll never comprehend I held onto the bottom as it moved.



Chapter 5:  Punishments From Above


           As the ground slipped away from me I thought

about everything that had happened.  It was one of those pristine moments where

one can think of everything that has happened in one's life as though time

itself didn't exist in a way that our human minds could comprehend.  Of course

those moments are fleeting and my case was no exception…

           My grasp weakened and I felt myself falling,

eventually I hit my rear on what seemed to be hardened plastic.  The light still

blinded my eyes, however I could hear the swooshing of wind around me, and as

everything returned to my line of sight I could see the perfect vision of a

goddess above me.  Linda stood above me straight and tall, her tight red shirt

still hugging her breasts protectively and thus blocking her face from my eyes.

           Then within a single moment of time Linda

decided to turn around and my universe changed once more.  Instead of the

attractiveness of her front I was allowed to grace my eyes upon her magnificent

rear covered by her tight jeans.  I use the term “allowed” because it seemed to

be a privilege to gaze upon such beauty.

           In my continued stupidity I tried to walk away

and hide myself by a nearby saltshaker.  I made it no less then a foot away

before I heard the massive voice of my newfound Goddess come down from above,


           Before I could even think to move I was encased

in the warm flesh wall that could have only been the magnificent hand of Linda. 

For the next while all I heard was thumping and movement from outside of my dark


           Eventually the movement stopped and I was

dropped.  I fell for an amount of time before I landed on the softness of the

ground below.  I looked around to see other people, the same people I had seen

before, including Andy who was off in the corner of the crowd that circled

around me.

           Looking up from the couch pillow I was now on I

could see Linda looking down all of us with a mixed look of pity and sadism. 



           None of us had time to move before Linda reached

into the back pocket of her jeans and removed the dreaded “Shrink Ray” I had

seen before.  Suddenly I felt the blast come over me and when I regained vision

it was clear, I was even smaller now!

           The crowd around me and myself were all shocked,

but suddenly it got worse.  Looking up at Linda I truly realized that she was

now my complete Goddess.  At such a height it would be nearly impossible for her

to recognize any of us, let alone without her cooperation.  Then turned around

and spoke, her voice echoing off the wall she spoke to, “BETTER RUN LITTLE



           Sometimes reality takes more than a minute to

set in, for myself it took approximately three seconds, the same amount of time

it gave Linda to give her butt a cute little shake before beginning to descend

it towards us.  Immediately I bolted as quickly as I could, feeling the vortice

of wind behind me as air pushed at my back from the force of Linda's weight

coming down.

           As the shadow which should have been my death

descended I jumped immediately out of the way and watched as the massive jean

clad piece of flesh contacted the pillow and whatever poor souls had not mad it

off it in time.

           There I stood looking at Linda as she gave her

butt another slight wiggle before turning over and picking up the nearby

remote.  With sheer ease Linda turned on the TV and lay back slightly, as though

proud of some marvelous accomplishment.  It was opposition, on one side there

was me who had been stripped of everything, even dignity, meanwhile on the other

side there was Linda Kellick, who was having to what to her seemed like a

“normal” day.

           Suddenly something clicked, like a miracle bulb

appearing in the back of my head and illuminating the rest of my mind, the

realization set in.  It was like a flood of emotions that could not be held

back, a sea of regrets, dreams, hopes, plans and thoughts, all shattered by the

simplicity of the situation.  I was going to die here.  That was all I needed to

know, how entirely screwed I had become. There was no running, no getting away,

no begging, no envy, no regrets, nothing.  Now there was just acceptance,

acceptance of what had happened to me, and acceptance of what was probably going

to become of me.

           As this epiphany continued through my mind I

only store up at the amazing figure of Linda, a figure that only moments ago I

had nothing but contempt and hatred for, now it was all gone.  It was funny, but

in a sense I could accept what she was doing, it was simple really, something

that had eluded me throughout this whole experience.  Linda did all of these

things, playing, torturing, chasing, teasing, and even killing for one

straightforward reason, because she could, because she was a goddess and it was

her right to do as she pleased.

           Linda would have no clue of this, she would only

continue to do this because she thought of it as being fun, but in reality it

was the nature of humans, the strong surviving and such.  Had I not been subject

to her I would have believed her to be a spoiled brat, a child who had gone too

far, but now that I was on the other side of the proverbial looking glass, I


           The survivors turned to run, some going as far

as to jump off the side of the couch and to whatever fate awaited them below, I

however was compelled to walk towards Linda, and I did so.  Step by step I

climbed up the side of the pillow Linda was sitting on, as I continued up I

witnessed several others hopping down the side, running to what they perceived

as safety.

           As I climbed over the side of the pillow I

noticed there were others, who simply stood beside Linda, who simply watched as

she did something as menial as watch TV.  However, we were safe.  Close to the

goddess, where she knew we would loyally stay, where she knew we should be,

perhaps she would be merciful and not punish us for the actions of those who

fled, as she had punished us for my previous actions.

           Suddenly a massive mass of flesh descended upon

us all, an open palm lay in front of us only to be followed by the booming voice

of my newly accepted goddess that came down upon us, “COME ON MY LITTLE LOYAL


           Not knowing, or at this point caring what to

expect I hopped up the side of Linda's open fingers and fell onto her palm like

many others were quickly doing.  As the arm raised I smiled and awaited my next

test of endurance.


Chapter 6:  Acceptance and Hope


           To a degree it was kind of fun, the whole not

knowing what was going to happen to me next.  I mean here I was in the palm of

Linda without any clue about what she was going to do to me, well actually

that's a lie, I did have a clue and it was obviously something demeaning.

It didn't take long for the motions of Linda

walking to stop; her massive palm was placed up against a desk in her room.  I

knew by the motions of the others that we were expected to get off and onto the

desk.  As I walked I saw my old friend Andy and tried to get as close to him as


I simply looked into Andy's eyes and asked with as

little emotion as I could let out, “what now?”

Andy looked over and whispered into my ear quite

slowly, “Now we eat.  Don't worry its not that bad.”

I stood on the massive wooden frame as the dozens

of others just wandered aimlessly around their heads in the air.  This was truly

an awe-inspiring experience, I had no idea how many people Linda could hold in

the palm of her hand, but now I did.

The shadow of Linda passed over us and I stood

beside Andy who seemed to know the routine of what was going to happen next. 

Suddenly the shadow returned and something fell making a quick cut in the air. 

There was a ringing bounce sound before I turned over to see what had happened.

A slice of orange had fallen right beside the

assembled crowd who immediately sped towards it and began gorging on the sweet

nectar that gushed forth from the exposed skin.  I myself felt famished and ran

forward indulging myself and having some much needed food.

As I ate the massive orange I saw Andy walk close

to me.  We talked for a small bit, about things that had happened.  All the

while we talked I looked over and saw the magnificent body of Linda lying on her

bed playing some game on her Gamecube.  The sound was obnoxiously loud and made

talking to Andy a small hassle, but we still could carry on conversations.

Time passed slowly and it seemed Linda would never

recognize us again, then there was a slight movement from her as she lay

watching her TV.  Turning over to us the goddess looked at the assembled crowd

with a smile, “WELL I'M A TAD BIT HUNGRY…”

There was a group shudder as she spoke those words

and stood, a gust of wind following her movement.  As she looked upon all of us

I realized that she could very well eat one of us if she wanted to thankfully my

horrific thoughts were broken as Linda spoke to us once more.



With those words, Linda left the room and the crow

of people let out small sighs of relief.  I myself stood transfixed on what to

do next.  Suddenly energy filled my body once more, I was no longer a slave to

the will of that goddess, no… that girl.

All I needed to do was get Linda's attention. 

Looking over the room I noticed there was a small piece of cloth hanging off the

side of Linda's bed, and that the desk I was now on had a few smaller desks with

conveniently placed boxes that would allow me access to the bed.

I took no thought on my part I immediately began to

climb down, as I did so I felt a hand go over my shoulder.  Looking back I saw

the face of Andy looking at me with general concern, ”what are you doing?”

Looking at him I smiled and then turned around

continuing to climb down, “I'm getting out of here.  I'm getting back to normal.

I continued climbing as Andy pulled back, I could

not believe how much of a mess Linda's room was.  When I had come in here before

I had not noticed the sheet volume of items that littered the area.  A large

sports bra blocked my path and I had to push my way through it as I continued

onto a second smaller desk.

Reaching the floor was no small task but I did it

in a decent amount of time.  I immediately raced along the carpet and came to

the bed where I began my climb up, hopefully to freedom.


Chapter 7:  Final Surprise


I reached the top of the bed and surveyed my

surroundings; sheets spread all around me with wrinkles in them the size of

trucks.  Then I noticed one item in particular that would hopefully be my

salvation, the Gamecube controller.

Racing towards the controller I

stopped in front of it and there I would wait, when Linda came in she would have

to see me, she would have to recognize me.

I fell right up against the

plastic side of the massive controller and gave myself a slight bit of time to

rest as I looked around and took time to absorb the size of everything around


Thoughts of how I would explain

everything to Linda flowed into my head as I lay there against the controller,

hopefully she would not get the wrong idea if she saw me.  Hopefully she would

restore me to my original size, and hopefully she would trust me with this dark

secret of hers.

Light began to fade as I almost

fell asleep in my thoughts, then all was broken by the now all to horrifyingly

familiar sound… BOOM… BOOM.  I heard the door open and I realized my chance was

coming.  As I stood something came at me from behind and sent me sprawling


I looked back to see Andy looking

at me.  Simply staring in wonder as he charged towards me again I sidestepped

him, “Andy what the hell are you doing!?”

He turned around to meet me with

a few pants then spoke, “I won't let you!  I won't let you get out of this

hellhole and leave me here.  Your either going to stay here with me or die right

here right now!”

Another charge came at me and I

immediately hoped to the side again and looked at Andy, the booms still in the

background of our scuffle, “You think I'm just gonna stay here like this?  At

least I'm going to try to get away from this!”

Andy came at me again and this

time hit me in the side and knocked me back and I simply looked at him as his

eyes grew grave and determined, “you think we deserve this?  To be treated like

little playthings?  Like little bugs for HER amusement?  If I have to live this


This time Andy came at me and let

loose a punch sending me back onto the surface of the mattress.  I quickly hoped

back up and gave him a fist to the face sending him off balance.

Our fight continued on the bed as

the massive movements of Linda echoed in the distance.  I was determined to win,

I had come all this way to win and by God I sure as hell was not going to be

stopped by this lunatic.

Fists continued to fly as Linda

entered the room like a towering goddess.  As the fight continued Linda walked

over to the small community on her desk and leaned over to probably mock them

some more, I was too busy defending myself from Andy's flurries of blows.

Physically I was weaker then Andy

and I knew I could not win in such a contest and I tried and tried to keep on

the defensive.  For once in this whole ordeal I hoped I could have Linda

attracted to my small little body and notice me, even if she didn't recognize


Another punch to my face, this

one sending out a small amount of blood and knocking me back down.  I looked up

to see Andy standing triumphantly over me, with a maniacal smile, meanwhile in

the background I saw Linda turn.

Having one chance I mustered all

my energy and got up and bull rushed Andy sending him backwards.  I kept running

until my legs lost all power and I dropped him, some ways from the massive

landmark controller.

As Andy fell down and cradled his

ribs I stepped back sluggishly panting and then fell on my butt.  Before I lost

consciousness I heard the loudest scream I had ever heard in my life and a

blackness cover the front of my vision.

I noticed the light fading and as

I looked up to what light remained my view was block by a wall of encroaching



Chapter 8:  All Things Meant to Be


I awoke with light flooding my vision.  I was on a

padded surface, rough yet light.  I looked around and realized I was on a

pillow, one of those small couch pills that some people use as leg rests. 

Looking up I saw the most heavenly face looking down at me.

Until now I had always considered

Linda Kellick quite the devil and bitch, but the look on her face was unlike any

others she had ever given to me, it was honest and full of happiness, it was not

scary or fear inspiring, just a warm look.


A smile filled my face as the

pillow was lifted up to Linda's amazing face.  Looking at her I tried to contain

my joy but I couldn't, instead I simply laughed.

From there I told Linda about my

entire journey, about how I came to her place and was accidentally shrunk.  How

she found me in the cupboard and how I was forced to fight with Andy, to which

she replied, “Serves that asshole right, he always looked at my ass!”

Then came the moment I feared,

what was Linda going to do with me.  I asked her and she simply didn't reply

instead asking more about my tiny little adventure in what she had called,

“Linda's World”.

Eventually we moved into her room

where she moved all the tiny people I had once been with into one of her many

drawers, then she proceeded to close them in it and then sat down on her bed.

Looking at me with a mixed look

she gave me a wry smile, “NOW WHAT DO I DO WITH YOU SQUIRT?”  It seemed like a

genuine enough question and I was almot poised to respond but instead she




I almost cracked a laugh as she

said it very sarcastically.  Then Goddess Linda brought me closer to her face



It was hard for Linda to tell but

I had made my choice.  As Linda looked down at me she saw my tiny hand with

three fingers up and a great smile on my tiny face.

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