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The Diminutive Diary of David Riley

By: Rozman

Wednesday, November 5th, 2003

I decided to keep a diary of my medical abnormality at the advice

of my doctor. I should preface this entry by relating the facts.

This past Saturday while Amy, (my wife) was at work, I spent most of

the day just hanging around the house. I've found that I tend to not

have a whole lot of motivation on the weekends after a long work

week. Anyway, I was tooling around the house in a pair of sweats and

a sweatshirt. While sitting in front of the TV, I heard a crash

coming from the basement. I walked down the stairs and saw my cat had

just destroyed one of my wife's vases. She was just thrilled about

that. I cleaned up the mess and heard the phone ring upstairs. I was

running up the stairs when I tripped on my sweat pants which had just

fallen down to my knees. That hurt like hell by the way. When I

finally made it upstairs, I realized that my sweats were loose, and

so was my shirt. At the time I figured it had gotten stretched out

from lounging around all day. But as the !

hours went on I noticed other things, my wedding ring was looser than

normal and my socks kept slipping down. I felt like something wasn't

right, everything looked different somehow, even though I couldn't

put my finger on it. I let the dog out a little later and here is

where things started getting strange. When I went to let him back

into the house, he wasn't by the door. I called him, but he didn't

come. I put my shoes on to go see where he was sniffing around and I

noticed my shoes were a little too big. That was it. I knew something

was up. I finally got the dog in the house and I had a chance to


My clothes, ring and shoes were all too big for me. What the hell was

going on? It hit me like a fucking cannonball. I marked my height on

a wall in my home office. I grabbed my tape measure and measured the

mark, 5 ft 8 inches. Not possible, I thought. I have been 5 foot 11

and 1/2 since as long as I remember. Shit, even my wife is 5 ft 9 and

I know I'm taller than her.

At 5:25 that night, my wife freaked. I told her what I discovered.

She even insisted on measuring me herself even though I was clearly

an inch shorter than her. I even waited until she had taken off her

work outfit because I knew her heels would have made her at least 3

or 4 inches taller than me.

Emergency room. They had no freakin' clue what was going on. I saw my

doctor on Monday morning. He suggested I keep an eye on my size and

come back on Wednesday (today). As of this morning, I'm 5 foot 6

inches tall. Tests were run, x-rays were taken, and the usual

"we don't know what's causing this" tests were done. No

clue. So all I can do is wait and see what happens first, keep

getting smaller or figure out how to stop it.

He suggested I keep a journal of my progress. "Therapy" he

said. I think it's so if they never figure out how to stop it, they

have a good way to track its progress.

Friday, November 7th, 2003

I've skipped work all week. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm

bored out of my mind.

By the way, 5 foot 4 as of 15 minutes ago. I've started thinking

about any advantages to being a small guy. Truth be told, it's kind

of fun. I never gave much thought about height before. Tall or short,

I never cared. But I've noticed that people look at me differently

now. I drove to Target this morning to buy some new clothes,

something that actually fit, and I noticed that pretty much everyone

was bigger than me. The check-out girl was some punky looking 16 year

old girl. She must have been 5 ft 6 or so because she seemed about 2

inches taller than me. It was the weirdest thing to be smaller that a

girl! She could have kicked my ass if she wanted to. That was a

strange realization. I instantly thought of 2 things. First, be more

careful. If someone wanted to, they could take advantage of my new

smaller size. Second, I better not get pulled over because my

driver's license says I'm 5 ft 11. Doctor again tomorrow morning.

Amy's taking off work to take me because she says sh!

e wants to see what he says. I think it's because she thinks I might

be getting too small to drive.

Saturday, November 8th, 2003

This morning I was measured at 5 ft 3. The doctor still doesn't

know what is happening to me. He referred me to a development

specialist. If you don't know what that is, it's a doctor that tracks

the growth of children. Yeah, children. I guess my doc feels that if

this specialist can study growth, maybe he can study growth in

reverse. Whatever. I just hope this can be figured out, I mean, I'm

having fun at my new size but I don't want it to be permanent. Amy is

at a work party right now. I didn't feel like going. To be honest, I

almost went. I thought it might be fun to talk to some of her

co-workers who used to be shorter than me. There is this one goth

chick she works with, huge tits. She's like 5 ft 6 and I'm damn

curious as to how big her tits look now! How about in a week? This is

gonna be an interesting couple of months.

Monday, November 10th, 2003

I went to see the development specialist. He is actually a she.

Dr. Debra Lee, a 5 ft 2 in Asian woman. What are the odds? I would

have considered her a small woman a few weeks ago, but now that I'm

an even 5 feet; she's looking down at ME. It was interesting being in

her office, all of the furniture was designed for children. The nice

thing about that was that I am still big enough to look silly sitting

on a child's chair. So, even for a few hours, I felt tall again. That

is until Dr. Lee was in the room. She measured me, took blood, a few

x-rays and I got to pee in a cup, always a treat. She said she would

be getting to work right away to see if she could come up with

anything. So I guess we'll see what happens there. When I got home,

the dog was glad to see me, as usual, and jumped up on me, knocking

me down. That was a first. I'm starting to wonder how safe it will be

to keep him. I guess it depends how small I get.

Tuesday, November 11th, 2003

I sent in all the paperwork today for medical leave from work.

One less thing to worry about. I am officially short. 4 ft 11 inches.

Amy was off from work today, we went to the mall to get some more

clothes and to just get out of the house. It's kind of funny being

almost a foot shorter than my wife. People look at me like I'm her

kid. I'm smaller than almost everybody, even some kids. We bought

some clothes that were too small for me figuring that I'll fit into

them soon enough. After a less than impressive late lunch at the food

court, Amy had to use the restroom. While waiting for her in the

hall, a group of 4 twelve year old girls were staring at me. I guess

they thought I was their age although I was at least 4 inches shorter

than them. I was hoping they wouldn't approach me, it would be

embarrassing to reveal to them that I was 20 years older then them.

One of them walked over to me and said hi, told me her name (I forgot

what she said it was) and tried to strike u!

p a conversation. Amy walked out of the restroom and I quickly

followed her back into the mall. I don't know what the hell that kid

was trying to do but I should probably get used to being mistaken for

a child.

Saturday, November 15th, 2003

It's been a busy week. More doctor appointments with Dr. Lee. I'm

now 4 ft 3 inches tall. Yesterday, Dr. Lee commented that I was

smaller than her daughter. Thanks a lot.

Amy's working today so I'm just hanging out. I went outside to clean

up our yard and get some air. I ran into our neighbor Kelly. She

divorced her husband 2 years ago and got the house. I used to call

her shorty because she's only 4 ft 10. She about fell over when she

saw me! She couldn't believe it, here was a guy who used to be over a

foot taller than her, now looking up at her. I couldn't believe it

either. She asked if there was anything she could do to help us out

and I just told her to keep quiet about what was happening to me. She

then gave me a hug and LIFTED ME OFF THE GROUND. That messed me up. I

was picked up by a 4 ft 10 inch woman. What's really got to me was

that I liked it. It felt good to be in someone's arms, it felt safe.

Monday, November 17th, 2003

4 feet tall this morning. Amy told me that we have to have a talk

when she gets home from work tonight. She doesn't seem to want to

leave me alone anymore. She's afraid I won't be able to reach

something or I would need her to lift something I couldn't handle. I Información y comentarios del número de teléfono 946135874 - ¿Quién es?

don't know. On the flip side, she has to put in more hours because we

don't have my income anymore. Kelly from next door stopped by, she

smiled when she saw how small I have gotten. She said we should

compare our heights and I only came up to her chest. She hugged me

and reminded me that if we needed anything, she would be happy to

help. By the way she now has to bend down to hug me. Some girl came

by the house at 3:30 today selling magazine subscriptions; she asked

me if my mom or dad was home. Not my proudest moment.

Thursday, November 20th, 2003

What a fun couple of days. The thing that Amy wanted to talk to

me about was that she was going take a second part-time job as a

waitress to help get the bills paid. Her concern, however, was for my

safety since I'm now down to 3 ft 6 inches. She talked to Kelly next

door and I'll be spending my days over there so she can assist me

with whatever. Now I've been reduced to having a babysitter. (I won't

mind getting those hugs though). I don't blame Amy, after all, the

bills do need to get paid and I'm certainly no help. The shrinking is

steady and I'm starting to become curious as to how little I will


Last night, Amy and I had sex for the first time since this

ordeal started. I think she really liked the idea of being more

powerful than me. It started out with me sitting next to her on the

couch watching television. Then she asked me if I wanted to sit on

her lap. What?!? Was my first reaction. Then I thought what the hell?

I eased on to her lap and placed my head against her breasts. It was

actually quite relaxing. After about a half hour, she asked if I

wanted to go lay down. I knew where this was going, but I wasn't sure

how, or if, we could. She lifted me up and carried me like a kid into

the bedroom. But I'm not a kid. I got needs too!!!! Ok, sorry, back

to the story. I ended lying on top of her and we started to make out.

It was weird to kiss lips so much bigger than mine. I found I had to

bend my body to kiss her because her breasts were pushing me away

from her lips. I don't think it was as exciting for her, I'm pretty

sure she faked an orgasm because I'm not !

sure at my new "size" that I could truly pleasure her. I

came pretty quickly, unfortunately, and I lay back on top of her. It

was one of the most interesting sexual experiences of my life.

Tomorrow will be interesting; it's my first day being

"babysat". How did I become so helpless so fast?

Monday, November 24th, 2003

I've neglected this journal for a few days; I got that flu that's

been going around. Dr. Lee freaked when she found out I was sick and

insisted I come in right away. I later found out that she thought

something like the flu could really screw up my system since I was

constantly getting weaker as my size diminished. Anyway, I went in to

see her this past Friday, I was 3 ft 5 in at the time. She looked

friggin' huge. She lifted me onto the examination table like I was a

baby. I also noticed that when she and I were both standing on the

floor, I was looking directly at her crotch. This kind of hit me

because I'm still not used to looking up to a fairly short woman. She

wrote a prescription for some children's medicine and sent us on our

way. I'm now an even 3 feet tall. I am dwarfed even by children. On

the plus side, it is actually easier for me to get out of the house,

as long as I'm accompanied by someone. At this size, I can pass for a

kid. Karen, that goth chick, Amy w!

orks with stopped by the house this morning to give Amy a ride to

work. She had heard from my wife what was happening to me. She has

got to have the biggest tits I've ever seen, especially at my new

vantage point. She came into the house, saw me and immediately knelt

down to get a better look at me. Even kneeling down, I was still


directly at her chest. She talked with me for about 5 minutes until

Amy was ready to go. Amy then called Kelly to tell her that I was

coming over for the day. While my wife was on the phone, Karen

wrapped her arms around me and lifted me up, holding me against those

gigantic breasts. She liked it, and I think she thought I liked it

too. She slightly pushed me up and down against her and said,

"You're fun at this size!". I hate to admit it, but I did

kind of like it. Amy and I haven't been intimate in a few days since

I shrank down to about her waist. I'm beginning to think she thinks

of me more as a baby than a man.

Wednesday, November 26th, 2003

I'm now below three feet. Two foot, nine inches to be exact. Amy

hardly even looks at me anymore. Although it's hard to tell since I

spend most of my time looking up at her. Even sitting, she is way

taller than me. Kelly started taking me to my appointments with Dr.

Lee. Because of my small size, a child safety seat is the only way I

can safely travel in a car. The doctor still has no idea what is

causing my condition. I also noticed that she is starting to talk to

me more like a child than an adult. I'm finding that people are just

used to treating certain people certain ways. For example, if you are

smaller than a little kid, you are treated accordingly. I don't think

people are doing it intentionally, it's just human nature. I deducted

that brilliant thought after seeing that almost everyone talks down

to me instead of to me. Amy is now working two jobs, so she is out of

the house seven days a week. I feel really guilty about that, but I

don't think there's much a per!

son of my size can do.

Sunday, November 30th, 2003

I spent Thanksgiving alone. Amy had to work. I didn't even know

restaurants were open on Thanksgiving, but apparently they are. We

are still always strapped for cash. As the days go on I feel less and

less like writing this journal, not to mention it gets more and more

difficult to use the keyboard and mouse. We had to get rid of the

dog, he was just too big. Or should I say I am now too small. I now

stand a whopping 2 ft 1, or as Dr. Lee says, 25 inches. No clothes

fit; even baby clothes are too big because babies are much wider than

I. I also found out this morning that I weigh 12.7 pounds. That's

pretty light.

Kelly has started coming over here during the day, so I can be in my

own surroundings. Amy has stopped sleeping in the same bed as I

because she's afraid she'll roll on top of me and smother me.

Now here is a scary truth, I think something's going on with Amy.

She's always working, yet we're still always broke. I suspect she's

not being honest with me. I plan on confronting her when she comes

home tonight.

Tomorrow will be interesting; Kelly won't be able to come over, so

Karen from Amy's work will be here tomorrow. I still remember how she

rubbed me against her tits and said she liked my little size. I was

almost a foot taller when she said that. She should really like me


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003

I confronted Amy on Sunday night. I told her that I was concerned

about our money situation. This is a hard one. She never got that

second job. She's been having an affair for over a month now, my

shrinking gave her an excuse to spend more time with the prick who

stole her from me. I wanted to kill him, but at my size, what can I


I'm not totally innocent in all of this though. Karen came over the

following morning to spend the day with me, by that morning I was 23

inches tall. After Amy left, I asked Karen if she had any idea that

my wife was cheating on me. Karen was honestly surprised to hear that

Amy wasn't being faithful. I was obviously upset, and Karen picked me

up and held me in her arms. I could feel her warm, soft, giant

breasts against me. Then, I lost control. I don't know what it was.

Maybe the stress of getting smaller everyday, maybe the anger of

being cheated on or hating the fact that everyone has reduced me to a

baby, whatever it was, I snapped.

In Karen's arms, I turned my body towards her; I reached my hands to

her giant tits and started rubbing her right breast. She sat on the

couch and shifted me so I was now standing on her lap. We started to

kiss, but my mouth was so much smaller than hers that it was more of

her licking my face. She then pulled me into her. I was still rubbing

that enormous tit through her tight top. She rubbed my body up and

down against her and I became rock hard.

…To be continued.

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Giantess Stories: The Diminutive Diary of David Riley By

I decided to keep a diary of my medical abnormality at the advice Wednesday, November 5th, 2003 Wednesday, November 5th, 2003 By: Rozman By: Rozman The Diminut



Giantess Stories: The Diminutive Diary of David Riley By

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