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“come in?”

Samantha frowned, she liked to keep to her patient schedules and reception

insisted she could squeeze a Mr Smith in-between her appointments. She heard the

door of her office open and she looked up to see …


Her fiancée strolled across the room grinning from ear to ear having duped his

wife to be into letting her see him.

“darling you are terrible” she chuckled “but I love you”

“Afternoon Doctor I seem to be having some bother im very sick”

Paul walked up to her desk.


Its was great to see Paul the hassles of my hectic morning faded away as I

watched his hunky body stride through the surgery door. I hadn't seen him for 5

days due to work pressures and he looked tanned and very handsome in his khaki

shorts and white t-shirt. His muscular chest and shoulders evident in the close

fit of his top distracted me.

“sick you say ?” I played along.

“love sick” Paul smiled and I melted into his dark eyes.


Sam was looking very professional in her suit , I caught a glimpse of her

perfect legs under her table as I walked towards her I really wanted her , I

needed her.

“I have just the cure Mr Smith if you would like to take your clothes off and

lie back I know what to prescribe”

Sams voice was very arousing I watched her stand untying her long blonde hair

setting it free she looked gorgeous as normal.


Paul slipped down his shorts and removed his top , standing in just his boxer

shorts and sports sandals he stood waiting for Samantha. She walked around the

desk and then they passionately kissed , Samantha as normal was on her tiptoes

in her high heels reaching up to lock her lips with Pauls. She was a very pretty

25 year old around 5 foot 3 inches tall with a slim curvy figure . Paul had an

athletic build and stood 6 foot tall he was a good looking guy and they seemed

well suited as a couple.

Samantha in her sexiest voice offered

“I prescribe hot sex with a horny blonde doctor”

In moments they were almost naked and in the heat of passion as Samantha sat

on-top of Paul upon her examination couch , she began kissing his neck and

chest.Then she felt his throbbing eager manhood brush her stomach and she slowly

moved down her body angling his member into her bra and up between her breasts.


I knew what turned Paul on and it was feeling his dick between my breasts he

loved this part of our foreplay I liked it to but felt my breasts came up a

little on the small side for his full pleasure , he was well endowed perhaps 9

or 10 inches when excited and his penis broke the surface of my cleavage by a

good four inches. I teased him as normal bringing him close to climax.


Wow Sam was giving me a wonderful titty bonk. Her full d cups felt great around

my shaft but as usual I broke free before I came and turned her over it was my

turn to tease her. I had a little more than average length dick and Sam

struggled to take its full girth and volume as I pushed into her willing flesh.

As normal she was tight but very lubricated it was impossible for her to take

all of me but we both came rapidly as I tried.


As they dressed Paul had an announcement for Sam

“honey pack you bags tonight I have arranged for you to have a weeks break in

Florida we fly off at 9am sharp”


Sam was shocked he had arranged this all with her practice partner

“that's wonderful”

She urged him to lean over for a kiss , she had removed her heels and came

hardly up to his chest with their considerable size difference. Paul leaned down

and grabbed her thin waist

Raising her up she always loved it when he lifted her this way.

By 10am the next day they had boarded a flight to Florida , Sam was elated

”Well my husband to be if you carry on treating me like this Im gonna come to

expect it”

She then softly spoke in his ear

“and you are certainly going to see just how much I appreciate this every night

and day”

Her hand pinched his thigh in a cheeky gesture.

They checked into the hotel it was huge offering each guest an almost secluded

villa style dwelling with private pool in a fenced off section whilst linking

all the villa plots with a network of pathways to the main complex and

facilities. Paul hadn't spared expense this was serious luxury as they awaited

the keys for their room their bags had been taken. They sat in the plush

reception area and glanced at the on-site entertainment brochures. Apart from

the normal excursions and in-house entertainment from various “has been” singers

Paul noticed the reference to a televised beauty pageant.

“hey Sam looks like we picked a good week they have a big beauty contest going

on here for the new face of the millennium “

he read the last words.

“hey there's a quarter of a million prize I think I should enter my girlfriend I

bet you're prettier than the lot of them”


Samantha smiled

“but I think you'll find im not tall enough by far baby you need to be 5 foot 9

before they even notice you. In my biggest heels which are 5 inches tall I don't

measure up ”

“don't worry short cake you have a couple of impressive assets those tall skinny

stereo types would kill for” Paul glanced at Samantha's chest with her petite

frame her D cups stood out quite proud and she always dressed to show her figure

off knowing Paul appreciated her curves.

“ You know Paul I would gladly down a cup size or two for 5 or 6 inches more on

my legs”

Paul could see Sam seemed sensitive to her stature he hadn't noticed this before

in the 2 years of their relationship.

Having been passed the room keys and instructed how to locate their villa they

walked down through the complex, Paul placed his arm down and around Sams waist.

When they reached the villa Paul lifted Sam up by cupping his hands under her

pert behind

until she was eye level and they kissed. Releasing her to her feet Sam kicked

off her shoes and as Paul came towards her she noted a look of mischief in his

eyes. He placed his hands above her and onto the wall of the living room aside

Samantha and he moved in close so her face brushed against his upper chest so he

could ensure she could feel his aroused manhood as he pressed her close to the

wall. In seconds they stripped each other like animals and made love on the

marble tiled floor.

They spent most of the day catching up with their jet-lag and sleeping the

following day they spent time around the private pool-side catching some rays

and relaxing. In the afternoon they went into the main complex to check out a

restaurant. Paul was dressed in his casual trousers and a v neck designer

t-shirt and Sam looked ravishing in a little blue summer dress with matching

designer hat. As they approached one of the open food bars that served sea food

there was a small group of very beautiful girls queuing and chatting as they

waiting to be served all of them in their skimpy bikini costumes.


I must try not to stare at that bevy of beautys so Sam doesn't notice. What a

sight though

atleast ten model looking girls before me , they must be contestants for the

pageant no doubt.

“shall we try the shrimp” I suggested to Sam.


Paul and Samantha decided to stop behind the growing queue to the sea food bar.

“grab a table Paul Ill get the food”

Sam offered and seemed to be eager to usher him away from the girls around them.

The girls were indeed from the beauty pageant. Aside them Samantha looked short

in comparison as they averaged between 5 foot 10 to 6 foot tall. Paul watched as

a very shapely and very tall looking girl joined the queue from a nearby table,

as she sauntered over towards Sam a man shouted hi to her and she spun around to

see who it was. Her long dark hair flew out like a whip as she turned her head

so rapidly causing her hair to swipe Samantha's hat clean off her head. Combined

with the slightest of breezes her lightweight hat flew up and came to rest

hanging from a small cctv camera on a nearby post.

“ooh im sorry “

The girl seemed to arch her back to talk down to Samantha as she was so much


Paul looked across at them both , Samantha looked like a little girl before an

older sister she barely came up to the breasts of this teenager! He found

himself wondering how tall she really was.


This clumsy amazon of a girl knocked my hat off and I went to retrieve it. I

wish I hadn't tried. As I walked up to the post my hat was far from my grasp

even on tip toes and I wasn't about to try jumping. To save my dignity I called

for Paul but noticed he was already on his way he would lift it down.


Seeing Sam attempt to grab her hat was a little comical she wasn't even close I

heard a girl at the bar snigger I have to admit it was funny to see her stretch

up like that to no avail.

I confidently strode up to her.

“no worries short cake Ill get it for you”

I reached up and it was beyond my reach , instinctively I raised on my toes and

again I was a few inches short of contact. Before I could think what to do next

( whilst I was still on my tip toe stance reaching up ) I saw an arm a young

slender arm reach over me and some long finger nails outstretch easily grasping

the hat and taking it down. I instantly turned to face the girl who knocked Sams

hat off in the first place she was extremely tall close up. Inches apart my head

came level to the tip of her nose! She was stunning and I felt very embarrassed

at what had just occurred and something else another sensation I felt excited in

her presence as she confronted me.

“sorry I guess Im a little clumsy sometimes here is your wife's hat”

“erm um thanks “

I stuttered


“Im sorry?”

This beautiful teenage girl looked down at me as if I was talking gibberish

infact I was a little flustered.

“shes my girlfriend” I repeated.

Sam came between us

“ Actually he is my fiancé and thank you miss….”

“Sarina , Im here for the beauty contest”

“I can tell”

Sam chipped in

“thanks Sarina”

I began as Sam tugged my arm as if she was pulling me clear of this tall



Sarina beamed a pearly white smile and a wink her words sounded very

flirtatious. I returned the smile and we began to walk away and Sam muttered

“put your tongue back in “

Sam bypassed the bar and led me towards a Chinese restaurant. We sat down and I

could tell Sam seemed preoccupied with something..


I was amazed this girl made Paul look average height she was quite simply a

towering teen and undeniably extremely pretty her long legs reached higher than

my waist! Paul reacted like he was in awe of her fumbling his words and was

mesmerised by her attractiveness I was so jealous of her long legs and body. Im

sure he fancied her I was positive , I think he liked the fact she was taller

than him.

“I cant believe that girl was taller than you Paul”

I started the conversation to gauge his response.

“yeh , me too Sam she was sure leggy”

“did you fancy her?”

Paul seemed to squirm in his seat a little at my question I wasn't normally the

jealous type but there seemed to be something in the way Paul acted before this


“she was very pretty Sam , I mean she is a contestant and all”

“would you have found her as attractive if she was my height?”

Paul seemed to pause to consider this I felt had I touched on something here.


Sam really seemed to be probing me on this girl but I must admit I felt weird I

was initially a touch shocked at how tall the girl was. I met very few taller

people and I had never been close to a taller woman who was bigger than myself

it felt nice I liked the feeling. For a few seconds this ravishing teenager

filled my view and dominated my attention commanded it with her sheer presence

in summary I was turned on by feeling short to a woman something I had never

really experienced. I looked at Sam her 5 foot 3 frame seemed unexciting in

comparison. Her question was difficult to answer if I was to be honest.

“there's nothing wrong with your height Sam your average for a girl.


Samantha seemed unimpressed with Pauls reply as they continued to discuss over

their dinner.

“would you fancy me more if I was taller Paul ?”

“Sam I fancy you period size is irrelevant”

“answer the question darling if I was 5 foot 10 would I be sexier?”

“You would look different”

“Different ? Good different ? Sexy Different ?”

“ok , ok yes, I think if you were taller it would be nice”

Samantha smiled as if she had achieved some sort of confession

“tell you what then big boy Ill wear my 5 inch heels when we go out tomorrow ,

how does a 5 foot 8 inch tall Samantha grab you?”


Paul smiled visualising Sam in her elevated platforms.

They walked back from the restaurant and one of the representatives of the hotel

complex was walking towards them.

“Dr Starlett ?”

“That's me “ Sam was surprised to be address by her formal title.

“great , look Dr Starlett one of the beauty contestants has fallen over , she

must have hurt her leg badly because she said that she couldn't stand , we

helped her back to her room and insisted we call a Dr. The receptionist who

booked you in said it might be faster to ask you nicely if you wouldn't mind

seeing her for a few minutes she's actually the favourite so its kinda


“Sure no problem show me the way, Paul honey Ill be back shortly”

The hotel representative let Samantha into an apartment door and left. Sam

called out.

“hello ? its the Doctor.”

“In here Doctor but you may as well leave Im fine”

Samantha turned the bedroom door corner to see it was Sarina laid stretched

across her bed.

“Oh its you ,im err sorry about earlier”

Sarina gave a genuine look

“oh that's ok I was a bit snappy with you so I apologise , I guess I was a bit

jealous of you because Paul found you so attractive”

“jealous of me ? why your much prettier than me”

Sarina complimented and looked sincere.

“well lets just say he was very taken with how tall you are”


Sarina seemed a little cagey

“yeh I am quite tall”

“you must be six foot 5 the way you towered over Paul idd say that's extremely

tall now let me have a look at you”

Samantha studied Sarinas legs and feet.

“you do have small feet for such a tall girl”

she held Sarinas foot studying it for damage and checking its flexibility.

“my heel snapped”

Sarina changed the subject

“ I tripped but Im fine honest”

“that's ok Ill check now stand up and put weight on your leg for a minute”

“oh no that's ok “

Sarina almost protested. Samantha pulled her arm and the reluctant Sarina stood

up and her summer dress hung on her like a sack bagging around her. Samantha

look at her confused and then found she was looking at her straight in the eyes!

“what the, but your ? I mean your over six foot tall at least this morning you

looked like that”

Samantha was baffled.

“whats going on Sarina , your almost my height now and the dress you've got on

is obviously for someone a lot bigger?”

Sarina gave a defeated look.

“I was taller than you this morning a lot taller and this dress did fit me

snugly an hour ago”

Sarina went on to open up to Samantha she explained how she was only naturally 5

foot 4 inches tall and how she really was desperate to secure the prize money of

over a hundred thousand pounds. Her grandmother let her into a secret a small

natural well that was located in her garden. Sarina now owned that house after

her grandmother passed away and discovered that the unique liquid when drunk

would enable a woman to gain height in a painless but temporary fashion. Sarina

took a vial every night to sustain her six foot five stature but having gone out

on the town she hadn't remembered last night and found herself beginning to


“I tripped up on my own shoes “

she laughed

“when you're a size five shoe a nine is very loose on you”

“and so here you are back down to average height”

Samantha concluded.

“Please Dr ,Please don't let anyone know. I didn't stand up and began feigning a

damaged ankle so they didn't notice a thing , Im desperate for the prize money


“Its fine , its not my business anyway Im here on holiday”

“thank you , listen your short like me and you said your man liked the look of

my height earlier today why don't you take a few of these vials and try it out?”

Samantha smiled at the prospect

“ why not , thank you, I will. It could be fun”

Sarina went to her closet and pulled out a small box inside there looked like 30

small test tubes each an inch or so long with a tiny corked top containing a

clear liquid. She grabbed ten or so and placed them in Samantha's hand.

“When you wish to be tall take one the night before and it lasts until midnight

the next day a bit longer if you take them for days oh and don't let your man

drink it”

“I think he's tall enough Sarina I don't want him any bigger”

“No you don't understand , Grandma said it works in reverse for men and lasts a

lot longer”


Samantha giggled

“that might be fun as well”


Part 2

Narrator :

Samantha thanked Sarina and popped the vials into her purse and began to walk

off when Sarina caught up with her at the villa door

“here take these you will need them, don't worry I have plenty “

Sarina had handed Samantha a small bag with clothes and a pair of high heels

size nine inside.

“are you sure?”

“no problem , take them I owe you one for not exposing my little fraud here”


I walked down towards our villa in disbelief that within my purse was a such a

magical substance , never in my years as a Dr had I ever heard of such a thing

and yet it had to be true Sarina was living proof . Wouldn't it be amazing to

walk up to Paul and look him in the eyes and I can only imagine what confidence

this will give me but I must surprise Paul to see his true reaction.


Samantha reached the villa , Paul had left a note that he had popped out to the

bar for a quick drink and would be back soon. Samantha took out a vial and

without pausing swiftly downed it in one with a big smile on her face , out of

curiosity she looked at the clothes in the bag.

Reaching in she grabbed first a skirt it was red and looked knee length it was

plain and simple , next she withdrew a halter top it was white and made of a

ribbed cotton. She had no knickers but there was a large bra in the bag.

Samantha pulled it out , it was slightly padded and like the sort she tended to

wear that enhanced the cleavage. She then read the label

“36 double F” she laughed knowing it would drown her pert 34 D cups.

Samantha felt tired all of a sudden , the drug she wondered? She washed herself

and went to bed. The next thing Samantha knew it was morning 7am to be precise.

Her eyes blearily opened and she cast to her side seeing Paul fast asleep. She

then felt her cold feet and realised that the cover had come off them she looked

forward and down at her toes but she couldn't see them because the bedcover on

top of her chest was to high obscuring her feet.


I instinctively went to pat down the covers to see my feet when I discovered I

was actually trying to pat my chest down. Confused I pulled the cover up to look

under the sheets and wow!!

I saw a pair of huge tanned breasts blocking my view , pert full firm breasts

that formed a sizable cleavage line . My mouth dropped open my tits looked huge!

Bigger fuller more voluptuous than ever I could only grin like an insane woman

as I leaned up to look over them.

My feet hadn't exactly slipped out of the covers and become cold the bed simply

couldn't contain my long legs, I was fascinated wiggling my feet testing if they

really were attached to me way down there.


Samantha slowly climbed out of the bed trying not to awake Paul as she stood up.

She eagerly moved to the full length mirror attached to the wardrobe door and

she was impressed by what she saw. An Amazon of a blonde faced her , her hair

and face seemed normal but her magnificent new breasts and long legs looked so

sexy. She found herself having to bend down to see her full face in the mirror

and realised she was seriously tall.

“oh Paul you are in for one big surprise honey”

she muttered to herself as she twisted and posed infront of the mirror. She

stepped in the shower and even that was an experience the fixed shower head was

chin level so her face and hair remained dry. After drying she instinctively

grabbed her bra and panties from a drawer. She pulled the bra up to her breasts

and struggled with it. Looking again in the mirror she almost laughed at herself

trying to capture her new form into such a small bra , her 34d cup bra looked

like it would just cover her areolas if it stretched that far apart. She

recalled the clothes Sarina had donated to her and she slipped them on , what

seemed like a knee length skirt last night was actually way up her thighs now

and really short and the bra was small if anything.

“36 double f and im bursting out of it”

she said to herself smiling as she pulled on the tight halter which even more

emphasised her new curves. She heard Paul stirring and quickly hid crouching

behind the open bathroom door which opened outwards so she was still in the

living area. She listened as Paul groggily walked into the shower and began to



I had never been so anxious before I couldn't wait for Paul to come out of the

shower I was atleast as tall as him from what I could tell and it would be such

a rush to surprise him with my new stature and vital statistics.

Narrator :

Paul got out of the shower and dried himself off wrapping a towel around his

middle he stepped out into the main room.

“Sam, baby where are you ?”

Paul then felt two hands cover his eyes from behind as Samantha stepped up

behind him.


Sam was playing games first I smelt her perfume and her hands covered my eyes

from behind

“stay still darling Ive a big surprise for you”

Her voice was very seductive I knew she was in a playful mood so I played along

then I felt something soft and heavy brush the back of my neck and hair.

“you can turn around now big boy” she began.

I spun around and my eyes met with a huge white cloth , no not a cloth . I

stepped back to focus and set eyes on a huge woman's top her large chest almost

in my face I looked up shocked to see

“Sam , its you!”


Paul was startled to see my chest so large and at eye level with him and even

more surprised to see me so towering over him in size. I was taller than Paul I

couldn't believe it! The top of his head was just level with the tip of my chest

it was so amazing seeing him so short and looking down on him in this way I felt

a rush I was turned on by being taller than him.


“Hi shortcake” Samantha teased as Paul looked on gob smacked he stepped back to

take in fully his partners new proportions. His eyes travelled up her smooth

shapely legs exposed in the short skirt she wore, he recognised their shape but

not their length he noticed her waist was above his by several inches and he

couldn't help but notice her prominent bosom as it pushed out her tight fitting

top before him. She looked fantastic a buxom blonde with long legs to die for.

“Sam it is you I cant believe it you must be six foot six inches tall , wow”

He also found himself very aroused by her height the same sensations he had

stirring in the presence of his brief encounter with Sarina before only this

time he felt more stimulated as this was his girl Samantha he was looking up to.

“six foot six”

she giggled

“now that's what I call leggy, so how do I look shorty?”

“wonderful , gorgeous you're an amazon Sam”

“I am arent I. Look I tower over you in my bare feet! I bet this is how you used

to look down on me like this , I like it”

She smiled and pouted her full lips.

“How is this possible darling what have you done am I dreaming?”

Paul was totally bemused.

“lets just say its temporary so we need to make the most of it baby”

It wasn't the answer Paul wanted but his senses didn't really register that she

had evaded the how but he did pick up the making most of it part and he found

himself desiring Samantha like never before.

“Come here shorty let me prove that your not dreaming although I am probably

your dream girl now”

Paul stepped forward and Samantha pulled his face and body firmly into hers.

With his face helplessly pressed into her chest he felt a lovely smothering


The embrace lasted for a few seconds before Samantha leaned down to kiss him.

“This is so funny Paul I have to lean down to meet your lips just like you used

to for me. Then again I suppose you should go on tiptoes to kiss your big woman”

Her head pulled up before their lips connected and she smiled in a teasing

fashion. Paul raised on his tip toes and found her lips way above and they

kissed with a fire unknown to them before. This kiss made their hands roam each

others body, Paul taking stock of her new longer thighs and reaching up to her

sensational chest.


I simply had to touch Sams breasts with one hand resting on top her long thigh

my right hand reached up to the welcoming swell of her top and cupped the firm

curve of her left breast. It felt very large and very firm and the increased

weight was evident as my fingers circled her top.

“You are a big girl”

Sam looked down at my hand and grinned

“your dying to know arent you just how big they are”

She gently removed my hand and stepped back and in an enticing move she pulled

or almost peeled her tight top off over her head to reveal her half naked

breasts. Her bra was big and she seemed to be spilling out over its capacity I

was enraptured by her.

“hows that ? It's a 36 double f cup bra but I think Im a touch bigger” she


Unexpectedly she took charge of the situation and ushered me to the bed , I laid

down and Sam opened up the towel I was wearing to find my manhood saluting her


Slowly she rubbed her breasts along my legs and tested the resistance of my

manhood with them and passed that until she pushed my face deep in her cleavage.

“Lets see how these measure up now eh big boy”

she softly uttered as she guided my penis into her enlarged cleavage it almost

disappeared and just sat proud of her cleavage line as she squeezed and kneaded

her breasts around it. She began to titty bonk me.


I felt like a real seductress Paul was weak in my presence feeling dominant I

knew what he enjoyed and I wanted to see how my new breasts managed his dick. He

looked pleasantly surprised when I almost covered his shaft and he softly

groaned with pleasure as I masturbated him between my impressive boobs. I sensed

he was on the verge of coming and very quickly. I really did have a new effect

on him so I withdrew and backed away slowly undressing myself. I had no knickers

underneath the skirt which again heightened Pauls lust for me. Our foreplay

continued in an almost animalistic fashion as he kissed and caressed me entire

body he deftly removed my bra with precision and he motioned to turn me on to my

back. I was wild with lust his smaller frame beneath me my new found strength I

held him there and brought myself down on his erect member and began to make

love. Paul submitted to me readily with the new contact and I felt more of him

inside me than ever before it wasn't long before we came simultaneously.


The two of them took a shower together and then ate breakfast Paul couldn't keep

his eyes off Samantha's body he found himself staring at her curves and legs at

every move she made.

“Do you like the new me then”

“what do you think Im fighting to keep this guy down your so horny Sam”

“good because he's gonna get a lot of exercise today I feel like I have extra

energy being this tall and I want to use it”

Samantha was dressed once more in her borrowed outfit and Paul wore some khaki

shorts and a sports vest they decided they would have a walk down the local

shops and buy Samantha some new clothes befitting her new size. Paul watched Sam

sat on a chair pulling a pair of shiny new black high heels on.

“man where did you get those have they got heels on them?”

Samantha smiled across at him

“lets just say one of the models loaned me them and yes they have heels “ she


“ very big ones.” She looked for his reaction

“am I making you feel small baby?”

she giggled this sensation was so new to her but so nice.

Samantha walked across to Paul she seemed to be getting taller and taller with

each step she took. She stopped inches before him and she towered over him in

her heels his head now level beneath her chest facing the underside of her ample

assets her waist now higher than his lower stomach region kissing her now was

out of the question without a box or small steps.

“now I really feel short” he said in awe of her towering size.

Samantha's hand came around his lower back

“but you like it don't you baby” she remarked “ I know I do. Now are you

prepared to be seen with a near 7ft babe?”

They left the accommodation and hit the shopping centre Samantha bought some

sexy underwear that fitted her new size and wherever they walked guys heads

swung around as she passed she loved the attention. After an evening meal they

returned to the villa and relaxed on the sofa. Sam paraded in her new sheer

black body stocking and her heels “I love the attention these long legs of mine

create Paul did you see all the men staring at me “

“Its not only the legs Sam believe me you're a lot bigger all over”

His eyes latched on to her large nipples pressing against the sheer fabric of

her top. Samatha cupped her own breasts together

“they do stick out a lot more don't they and I can feel them jiggling as I walk

a lot more

and I noticed all the short guys desperately trying to peek at my cleavage up

here as I walked past”

“Sam you're a sex goddess believe me”

In seconds again they made love and it was even better than before. Later they

sat drinking on the villas patio and Paul dozed off in the evening sunshine. Sam

pondered the days events she thoroughly enjoyed this new injection of lustful

passion she had sparked between them with her new height and she remembered to

sustain her new body she had to take another vial or did she?

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