Giantess Stories: The Doll House by Serene  The world works in mysterious ways

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The Doll House

by Serene

The world works in mysterious ways, who are we to judge the rights

or wrongs of this vast place we call existence. When love comes who

are we to say when, where or how.

(This story is dedicated to someone very special....Anthony my love

I hope you enjoy it.)

It had been another long day at the office, continuous phone calls

and what seemed like an endless stream of people talking at her

demanding answers and information. The stress knots building in her

neck and shoulders were becoming unbelievably painful and she

couldn't wait till it was time to leave. Her mind hadn't been on her

work that day which had made matters worse and the old clock that

hung on the wall above her desk, just didn't seem to tick as fast as

normal. The office was a dull place to work, the yellowing white

washed walls had been crying out for a lick of paint for years now

and the only window at the back of the room for some reason was

never opened. There were work related posters hanging on the

walls...lifeless faces staring out at the world promising "fast

cars" and "instant service". The carpeted floor was a matte wine

red, well walked on, thread bare in places and desperately needed fact everything needed replacing or at least

brightening up a little. She shared the room with three other girls

so there was normally plenty of gossip and chit chat during the days

to take her mind off things, but today had just been so busy even

the delivery guy had been and gone unnoticed by the office flirt.

She rested her head in the palm of her hand and stared blankly at

the computer screen examining the reflection that looked back at

her. She had always like her jade green eyes they were her best

feature so she had thought, that and her long red hair that was now

pulled back and clipped up. She absent mindedly ran her finger over

her full lips smiling to herself, she had done a good job with the

make-up this morning even if she said so herself. "Don't you have a

home to go to Wendi," a cheery male voice boomed from behind her

forcing her out of her contemplation. "Ermmm sorry, I was miles

away," she stammered, turning round to see who was speaking to her.

She was greeted by the smiling face of the always cheerful Contracts

Manager...Jeff. He was in his early forties, single, 5 ft 7 tall,

slightly graying (which Wendi had always liked ) he always had a

smile and a pleasant word and never ever let the stress of his job

get to him. Jeff had been with the company for years, long before

Wendi had ever joined the team. He had started off as a driver and

had climbed his way up into the office and was now, for his sins, in

charge of the regular big business accounts and spent most of his

time in meetings.

"Go home, it's past six" Jeff beamed at her.

"Thanks Jeff," She smiled back.

Wendi didn't need telling twice, she grabbed her bag, her coat and

headed for the door. She hadn't noticed the other girls leave and to

be honest with herself she didn't really care...she had to get home,

she had been away too long.

The door of the building slammed shut behind her and she was

outside, back in the real world and alone. The air was crisp and

cold, the last light of the day ebbing its way down behind the

building allowing the darkness to follow. Her high heels clicked

rapidly as she walked home, her head down, her mind racing....she

had to get back. Thirty minutes later she finally reached the safety

of her own front door, driving her hand into her bag Wendi searched

for her keys. "Why is it," she thought to herself, "when your in a

rush you can't find what your looking for." Suddenly she felt a

sharp pain in her hand and pulled it quickly from her bag, a tiny

dot of dark red appeared on her finger tip. "Oh hell," she mumbled

slipping her long finger into her mouth, tasting the bitter metallic

flavor of her own blood. "Where are my damn keys?" She peered back

into her open bag to see what it was that had stabbed her and was

relieved to see the shining silver bunch of keys laying at the

bottom. Forgetting the pain in her finger she reached for them,

pulling them out and fumbling to insert one into the lock. Her

fingers were becoming a little numb with the cold as she twisted the

key, but finally after a few seconds she heard the resounding click

of the barrel turning and the door fell open...

Once inside Wendi flicked on the lights, threw her bag to the

ground, slipped out of her jacket and kicked off her heels. The soft

carpet felt wonderful under her tired stocking clad feet and she

couldn't resist wriggling her toes, feeling the thickness of its

deep pile. She headed for the stairs pausing for a moment to adjust

her short skirt and blouse, checking and double checking her

appearance. She smiled to herself, took a deep breath and placed her

hand on the smooth wooden banister. With some new found energy Wendi

began to climb the staircase, her heavy full breasts bouncing

slightly in the confines of her tight bra. Reaching her bedroom door

she stopped again...she had been waiting for this moment all

day...longing to be back home, back with her sweet secret.

Pushing the door open Wendi slipped inside. The room was warm and

the sent of vanilla filled the air, her bedside lamp filled the room

with soft golden light which kissed and caressed everything in

sight. She had always loved this room, it was without doubt her

favorite room in the house and she spent a lot of time there. The

walls were painted a shade of smoky blue/gray, pictures hung

everywhere depicting beautiful relaxing since for years gone by. The

curtains, closed now......hung from a shiny brass rail and were made

from a delicate floral material that complement her choice of

bedding....and as for the bed itself, well that was an wooden four

poster with yard after yard of the same delicate fabric hanging from

every inch. There was at least six plush pillows at the head of the

bed and the mattress was so soft that it would envelope her when she

lay on it. At the foot of the bed was a solid pine chest, across

from that was her dresser with a huge mirror. The top of the dresser

was home for all her stuff from make-up to perfume and hair clips.

Every morning she would sit at that mirror twisting and teasing her

hair, applying make-up which had to be flawless and if it wasn't she

would start from scratch until it was. Next to her dresser was her

closet and next to that on a low table was her dolls house...and her


Wendi took a few steps across the room towards the little painted

house, admiring its old world beauty. Although it was very old and

its hand painted front was a little scratched and peeling in places

she loved that doll house .It had been a present from her parents on

her 8th birthday and she had spent many a happy hour as a child

playing with it. She knelt down in front of it, checked her hair

once more and carefully lifted its old wooden roof.

Wendi peered inside, her eyes searching for her secret, there in the

corner curled up on a ball of cool wool lay her perfect adorable

pet...asleep. She dusted off her hands on her skirt and gently

reached inside, cupping her hands lovingly around her sleeping angel

and his make-shift bed as if she was lifting a tiny injured baby

bird. She held her breath as she brought the tiny sleeping body

tenderly up to her face, watching him for a moment her eyes

transfixed on his tiny chest raising and falling with every rhythmic

breath he took. She lowered her head hating to wake this angelic

creature but she couldn't resist giving him a kiss. Just as in the

fairy-tales she remembered from her childhood she pressed her soft

warm lips against his head and body, feeling his sleepy movements.

As she slowly pulled her head away Wendi was delighted to see the

tiny body begin to stir, his eyes still closed. Her heart began to

pound in her chest...god she loved him so much, he was just perfect.

She pursed her lips and blew a gentle stream of warm air across his

body and he woke up, opened his sleepy eyes and stretched.

"Hello Goddess."

Those two words meant so much to her, they melted her every time she

heard them coming for his sweet lips. She loved the way he spoke to

her how he always called her goddess.

"Hello Anthony" Wendi giggled, noticing her lipstick marks she had

left on his face and his clothing. Anthony smiled back at her,

kicking the cotton wool aside he stood up and placed one sweet kiss

on the palm of her hand. She stepped backwards and sat down on the

bed, pulling him close to her she held him, she had missed him so

much that day.

They spent the next few hours chatting about the events of each

others day. How Wendi had been so busy in the office and how Anthony

had spent his time drawing, cleaning up the doll house and had

fallen asleep waiting for Wendi to return. She tenderly caressed his

hair and face with her finger tip and kissed him again. "Goddess

would you like this tiny guy to rub your tired feet for you?"

Anthony asked, smiling up into her face. Wendi nodded and placed him

softly onto the bed. Raising one long leg and pulling up the hem of

her skirt she slowly began to unclip her black silk stockings. She

glanced side ways at Anthony, his innocent eyes wide, watching her

fingers gliding over the silk and onto her milky white thigh. She

smiled to herself and giggled Wendi loved the look on Anthony's

face. Slowly she rolled down one stocking and then repeated the

process on her other leg. This time slower...emphasizing her

movements...tracing the line of her stocking top with her fingers.

She was becoming excited, this was a great turn on...Wendi loved to

be watched by Anthony he was so attentive to her and she was sure

that he loved it too. The sight of his beautiful goddess touching

her thigh and removing her stockings did excite him...seeing those

two huge silky thighs and her long finger nails caressing her soft

skin was just to much for him, but he couldn't take his eyes from


Wendi reached out her hand for him to climb into and set him down on

one smooth thigh and giggled. Anthony couldn't help but swoon at the

sight, there he was, this tiny little guy, stood upon the thigh of a

giantess--his giantess. He gazed down her leg and in the distance he

could see her foot. He turned round with every intention of looking

up into her adoring eyes that he felt upon him, but as he did his

own eyes fell onto something just as inviting if not more so than

the foot rub he had offered.

"Oh wow!" Anthony stammered.

Wendi giggled again, her skirt was now pulled up around her waist

and she had sneakily discarded her suspender belt. Anthony could see

the dampness showing through her panties and smell the heady sent of

her lust, making his own mind run wild with thoughts of pleasuring

his goddess he could feel himself becoming hard and the last thing

on his mind at that moment in time was a mere foot rub. Wendi smiled

at her stunned pet a wicked lustful look in her eyes, she wanted him

so badly and she was going to make him hers that she was sure of.

She could see his excitement beginning to show through his clothes

and was secretly pleased that what she was doing and was about to do

was arousing him. Wendi slowly opened her legs making sure not to

dislodge her tiny voyeur and ran one finger lightly over her crotch,

feeling her own wetness. Carefully she slipped her finger under the

damp fabric of her panties and began to softly tease

herself...gentle moans escaping from her lips as she touched her

already throbbing clit. Her head was tilted backwards, her eyes

closed but she could feel that her lover was watching her every

move. It wasn't long before she felt her orgasm building, her

panties now soaking wet and pulled to one side...Anthony was seeing

everything, every stroke of her finger on her hot little bud.

Suddenly she stopped, opened her eyes and looked straight at him.

Smiling she offered her glistening finger to him so he could feed on

her juices. Anthony lapped at it...hungry to taste her sweetness.

"Does that taste good my darling"? Wendi whispered softly

Anthony nodded.

"Would you like to be where my finger just was"? she asked, knowing

what the answer would be. Anthony nodded again as he licked the last

of her juices from her finger. She tenderly removed his clothing and

closed her hand around him then lowered him between her open pussy

lips. The aroma was overwhelming and Anthony came instantly. With a

gentle touch Wendi began to rub herself with his tiny body, she

could feel him squirming around and trying to find some way to grip

onto her. She wriggled herself, grinding her hips against her tiny

lover's body....god she was so one had made her

feel like this for a long time. Her muscles began to tighten and

Wendi knew she was on the brink of the most amazing orgasm ever.

Without thinking, she pushed her lovers lower body inside her tight

aching hole, her muscles gripped him.. holding him there.. rippling

over his body. She pushed him in a little further and started to

pump him in and out of her. That was it, she couldn't take any

more....Wendi threw back her head and screaming his name she came so


Pulling her tiny soaked lover from her hole she brought him up to

her face...Anthony was covered in her juices and panting. Wendi

licked her lips and began to lick him clean...sucking his divine

body into her mouth, snaking her warm slippery tongue around him.

Anthony squirmed and moaned loudly as she flicked the tip of her

tongue across his groin, her full lips holding him...cushioning him

against her teeth. Wendi tasted something salty and she smiled

inwardly to herself.

Anthony's body became limp and Wendi knew that she had pleased him

as much as he had pleased her. She pulled him gently from her mouth

and looked at him laying breathless in her hand. She grabbed some

soft cotton fabric, wrapped him up and held him close to her

breasts...cradling him to her. Wendi looked down at her pet and

smiled sweetly at him...he beamed back as she lowered her head to

kiss him. Anthony lay breathless in her arms and they both fell

asleep...The alarm clock rang, breaking the silence of her room.

Waking her to a new day. Wendi sat up in bed and looked around for

her pet...but he was no where to be seen. She checked the bed, the

floor and even the doll house but couldn't find a trace of him

anywhere. She scratched her head confused...maybe it had all been a

dream, she thought to herself, if that was the case then she wanted

to sleep forever. Wendi took the phone off the hook and climbed back

into bed...maybe, just maybe...

THE END (for now)


Giantess Stories: The Doll House by Serene  The world works in mysterious ways

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