Giantess Stories: The Druid Priestess Steve Crandall c

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The Druid Priestess

Steve Crandall c. 1993

23 SWF 5-8 Want a magical experience? Looking for a male who has a very open

mind and enjoys the company of a very powerful woman. I don't smoke, but I

guarantee that you will. Perhaps we can have a lifetime adventure together.


It wasn't your average want ad, but then again none of them are. Normally I

would consider looking through the classifieds as something that losers do, but

I haven't had many dates of late. In any event a strong woman would be a change

from the past few relationships...

I called her and we spent a half hour on the phone getting to know each other.

I was a bit worried when she said that she was heavily into Celtic mysticism,

but she since she seemed so smart and self assured I guessed that she was worth

seeing anyway. In any event it should be more fun than anything else I was


Krysti lived up behind the University in a low rent apartment. We had talked

about hiking over the hill she lived on to a small lake she liked. From there

we would have a picnic and would get to know each other.

I had forgotten how poor students were even though I was a newly minted

astronomer and had been though many of the same things. The neighborhood looked

rough and her apartment hadn't seen paint in the past decade.

I knocked at the door and couldn't believe my luck - not only was she smart, but

she was beautiful. Krysti was at least her advertised five foot eight and had

long brown hair that came down to her breasts. She was dressed in cutoffs and a

large scarf for a top showing off her sculpted midriff. I said something stupid

as I stared at her and she looked at her feet and giggled a bit. I knew that

this was going to be a great date.

We continued to hit it off as we hiked up the hill and started talking about

what we did. She had been through a few majors, but was now studying religions

and confessed that she considered herself a druid priestess. I was puzzled by

this but we soon went on to talk about campus politics and astronomy.

Fortunately she didn't seem to believe in astrology. She was somewhat

interested in astronomy, but only from the standpoint of looking at the stars at

night with a sense of wonder. I told her that I found beauty and wonder in the

study of how the heavens worked and she laughed saying that there were so many

things that I would never understand.

I reached over to kiss her and said "Do you mean this?" Krysti pulled close to

me holding my leg with hers and thrust her darting tongue into my mouth. We

slowly went to the ground oblivious to anything else that was happening and she

put a few drops of oil onto my ear lobes delicately working it in with her

fingers. As she approached I thought that she was going to lick and nibble my

ears, but she started singing softly in Gaelic. I felt an incredible weariness

fall over me and fell into the soundest sleep I can remember.

I don't know if it was minutes, hours or even days later, but I awoke to a soft

breeze with a trace of her perfume. I was too tired to open my eyes right away,

but could tell that my clothes were off. She must have pulled them off while I

was asleep. This was good as I felt extremely sexy and horny at once.

A open my eyes and started to sit up... The only feeling I had was one of

complete disorientation. Krysti was there but she was enormous - or was I

small. I sat up and looked around. The grass was about as tall as I was and

some of the wild flowers towered over me. My clothes were neatly piled some

fifty feet away (or what seemed to be fifty feet away). I stared at her with

amazement - I have never seen anything living that was so big. It was

impossible to estimate how big she really was. I was only a toy to her and a

very small one at that.

As I was assessing my situation she reached down and gently picked me up between

her two forefingers - her index finger was about as long as I was tall and her

scent was very strong. She held me before her face and started gently blowing

her hot breath on me licking her huge thick lips with her enormous wet tongue.

At first I was afraid that she would eat me, but she was smiling in a loving way

and humming the tune that I heard before all of this happened.

Her tongue darted out and painted my chest with its hot wetness. I responded by

reaching out to stroke her tongue with my arms - and she started licking up and

down my side and under my armpits and then across my chest and under the other

arm. Her strength was total and there was nothing I could do as she spread my

legs with her tongue. She started working up my calves and I cried out

"Krysti" out of anticipation when she brushed against my now rock-hard member.

Almost abruptly she pulled her tongue in and put her lips to me. I kissed them

and she whispered that we should go back to her place to talk.

She picked up my clothes and packed them in her picnic basket. Standing on the

ground looking up at her she was magnificent - I knew that we were going to make

love, but this was going to be far different from anything I had ever done.

She reached down to pick me up and thanked me for not running out on her while

she packed. She carefully placed me between her breasts under the loose fitting

scarf she was wearing for a top. She warned me that I shouldn't play with her

nipples just yet and that I would have to be patient as we had to travel.

The walk home was quite an experience. Her huge firm breasts bounced nicely,

but I had to get a good grip of the scarf so that I wouldn't be thrown away from

her. She sang quietly and I could feel the vibrations of her singing through

her enormous tits. I started to stroke their smoothness and rubbed against

them. She giggled and whispered that I should be careful. I could hear other

people now and realized we must be walking near the campus. I must have become

very small if people are not noticing me under her already provocative top.

We finally arrived at her apartment and she knelt down next to a table she had

gingerly placed me on. She gave me a handkerchief if I wanted to cover myself.

Krysti explained that she was indeed a druid priestess and that she knew the

spells of shrinking things. She stood up and walked to a bookcase and returned

with a what looked to be a toy car. She put the car next to me and I looked at

her with awe after having studied it. Sitting before me was an almost perfect

Honda Civic - complete down to the dirt on the wheels. The only thing that was

wrong was the scale - this really looked like the real thing. She asked me to

get in and start it up. Everything seems perfect but the scale - normally a

Civic would be a tight fit, but on this one was like a monster truck with the

door handle well over my head.

Again Krysti laughed as she noticed the scale was wrong "you'll stand a better

chance getting in than I will..." I stood on my toes to open the door - it was

like opening a truck door, and climbed up onto the edge biggest seat I've ever

been in. An oversized key was in the ignition and I stretched to turn it. The

car started on the second try. She had made her point, it was a real car that

she had reduced. I shut it down and got out staring up at my new young


She told me the car belonged to a landlord who caused her problems last year.

She had been working on the spells and decided to try them on his car. She

explained the number six is important to the incantations and all size changes

need to be multiples of six. The car was a simple six times reduction. She

slammed the door with a finger and lifted the giant/toy car effortlessly ,

returning it to the bookcase.

She came back with several other items. Books that were three times too big for

me, an old refrigerator that was so small that even I towered over it, a

vibrator as long as my leg at what must have been one sixth scale ("they never

seem to get these right " she laughed), and a Macintosh that matched my size


Krysti explained that centurys ago a priestess would have to move many holy

things to protect them from outsiders. It became important to learn how to

shrink them for easy transport. She then brought out a matchbox and slid back

the cover for me to look inside. Inside was a boat not much larger than I now

was. She told me it had belonged to a local bad politician and she was so fed

up with him that she shrank it one hundred and forty four times - the maximum

amount the spell allows. She had a fifty foot boat in the matchbox. It is clear

that you don't want to upset this giantess. I began to wonder about

Stonehenge... could she return things to their original size?

Krysti paused and told me that she would have to be using the spell for my size

to furnish a room for me. She promised to build me a house in her bedroom. It

seems the spell for returning objects to their size had been lost, which is why

there are so many legends of fairies and leprechauns in the British Isles.

She gently picked me up and stroked my hair and chest with her finger tips. She

was so lovely and gentle that I didn't feel badly for either of us. It looked

as though I was going to have a very different life from now.

I was her first human experiment. She had been waiting for this for months and

I seemed like the right person. I had been reduced by three times six -

eighteen times. I quickly did the mental math - she would be just over one

hundred feet tall compared to me. She laughed when I told her she had edged out

a five foot ten woman as the tallest woman I've dated. She then asked with a

grin "how tall was the tallest woman you've ever made love to?" The grin changed

to a giggle when I told her that her finger was taller than the tallest woman

I've been in bed with and her hand was larger than the bed.

I dropped the handkerchief that I had been using to cover myself as it was

really too large to carry easily and suggested that I would be more at ease if

she uncovered herself. Again the giggle, although it was somewhat nervous this

time. She untied a knot behind her back and I watched with wonder as the scarf

slipped silently to the floor. Her nipples were hard and erect and the shape of

her firm breasts seemed even more erotic than when I was riding to her home - to

our home - with them.

She approached slowly swaying her hips and placed her breasts close to me and

asked me to play with her nipples. I ran my fingertips along her light brown

aureole, which were over two and a half feet in diameter. They became even

darker as she quickened to the excitement and her nipples started expanding

under my palms until they were nearly a foot above her aureole. As I started to

lick and knead her nipple I felt two of her fingers come up against my ass and

she slowly stood up with me pressed to her. She started some Gaelic music and

we danced together like that for some time. Both of us were quivering with

excitement when she completely filled my mouth what must have been a tiny bit

of milk for her. A huge quiver went through her body and she fell to her knees

clasping me with the palm of her right hand.

She placed me on the hardwood floor and started to dance for me. Her legs were

like twin trees rising up into her Levis. I had to bend back to look past her

waist. Doing so I saw her breasts and then her head at what seemed to be an

impossible height. She was cupping her breasts in her hands and would slowly

gyrate down towards me until I could touch the back side of her hands and then

she would tease me by gyrating back up to her full height. After a few times of

this I climbed onto her big feet and started playing with the soft top skin.

Her left hand came down and transported me back up to her face. We kissed softly

again and she returned me to the table and asked me to watch as she shed her


The cutoffs were tight against her ass and had a hard time coming off with

nothing but the motion of her hips. Her grindingly seductive motions and the

sounds of the cloth against her skin drove me crazy. Every now and again she

would return to the table and tease me with her big tits. I have always been a

leg man and Krysti's were amazing. Her ass was also beautiful - one would

normally call it a tight little ass, but she could easily hide me back there if

she wanted. I managed to get lost in a daydream fantasy thinking about the

various places she would hid me in her clothing while she was in public. It

would be possible for me to make love with her in public without anyone knowing

if she could remain composed. Games to try in the future.. I returned to

reality as the denim finally slid to the floor and noticed that she was wearing

some frilly little (at least to her) red underwear that clung to her fifty two

foot hips. She must have been extremely horny by this time as they were heavily

stained with her juices.

She approached cupping her breasts to accent their size. Soon her frilly

underwear was rubbing against me and and I could smell her sex scent as she

performed a very lurid grinding dance right on top of me. She had worked up a

huge sweat and a few big salty drops fell on me. She seductively licked her

fingers slowly flicking her tongue on the sides and then gulping them in with a

quick darting motion. The whole time she was watching me for my reaction. She

told me that it was my responsibility to figure out how to do things from here

on out. Had I been closer to her size I would have ripped off the panties so I

could start licking her immediately. As it was she was far too big for that. I

tried my best to pull her panties down, but the elastic was stronger than I was

and her hips were so big. I pull ed the panties a bit at the edge and climbed

under the elastic to crawl in with her. She picked me out with two fingers and

promised to help me with my predicament. She placed me on the table again and I

watched her tight ass as she walked from me.

She went over to the bookcase and returned with a very small dagger that fit my

hands perfectly. The smirk on her face indicated that she probably had been

thinking about the size she would make me for some time and had prepared a few


Once again I was scooped up and deposited on her belly as she laid down on the

floor. She said that if I wanted her underwear off I would have to hack it off

with the knife.

I walked down her sweat-covered belly feeling her hot breathing and muscle

twitches. She had a wonderfully powerful sexy odor coming from her private area

that was intoxicating me. She propped her stomach up to make it more difficult

for me to climb to her crotch and would flex her stomach muscles to bounce me

off when I got close.

After having slid away from my goal three times I turned around and climbed

onto her breast to ask her for some assistance. I stood on her right aureole

astride her nipple to plead my case. She seemed to get the point when I started

stroking her nipple with my left foot. She was so excited that it became so

hard that it would almost support my full weight. She picked me up and slowly

blew hot air on my crotch as she sang. She then placed me on her just under her

left breast and tilted so I slid down her sweaty skin to her crotch.

She laughed when I asked her if she had any condoms in her purse. I knelt down

and started cutting the elastic with my little dagger when the door slammed open

and a female voice exclaimed "Krysti!"

Suddenly and enormous blonde was looming over me - "Oh my god Krysti -- you did

it! He's so cute, can I have him?!"

Her face came down close to me for a better look. She was drop-dead beautiful

with long blond hair that she ran over my whole body. She stood up again to

straddle Krysti and I while her tied t-shirt fell to the ground to reveal two

small (proportionally) firm breasts. I really wanted to play in her hip huggers

as she had a dramatic waist and hips (I have subsequently learned that the

difference in the hip and waist measurements is slightly over 21 of my feet)

leaving a very wide sexy gap between the jeans and her waist.

She told me her name was Geri and that she was twenty two, Krysti's lover and

student in the priestesshood. She told both of us that she was very horny and

that she could get worked up over a little man and a woman. Krysti moaned

softly and said that it had probably been a thousand years since two priestesses

and a male fairy had made love. I yelled "its about time -- let's go!" to them,

as if I had any control of the situation.

Geri was licking her lips as she knelt closer to me. She took my dagger between

her thumb and index finger where it snapped. Her long smooth neck came down

over me as she seized Krysti's panties in her teeth and ripped them off with a

single fierce motion. Krysti moaned as she started to gyrate her hips in a

rhythmic motion tracing out any number of erotic patterns in the air..

As Geri picked me up under my arms I noticed that her crotch was over Krysti's

face and her pants were coming off with Krysti's help. Geri had a very

different style with her tongue and I soon found myself in her mouth up to her

fingers which supported my armpits with her tongue flying over my legs and ass.

She would go at me for a half minute and then open her mouth wide to gulp in air

around me. Her lips would then seal around my thighs and then slide up around

my hips, waist and finally my chest.

When I complained that she had covered me with her lipstick with all of this

oral work she took me out and very carefully cleaned me off with her fingernail

and tongue. She then hoisted me up to her mouth to clean the lipstick between

my ass cleavage with one of her teeth, snarling as she did the act.

She slid me out of her mouth when Krysti started laughing again - this time

Krysti covered me with blueberry jam by dipping me in a jar of the sweet sticky

stuff and I went directly back into Geri's mouth to get cleaned off - Geri does

love her sweets as well as clean little men.

It turns out that Krysti liked lemon curd and Geri took me out of her mouth to

stuff the space between my thighs and the crack of my ass with what must have

been a gallon of the stuff. Geri asked for a taste and Krysti passed me from

her mouth to Geri's mouth with her tongue. The three of us kissed like that

passionately while I could only imagine what they were doing to each other.

We started moving again and this time it was towards Krysti's wet throbbing

crotch. Geri let me take my arms from her mouth and positioned me by Krysti's

clit while she used her fingers to toy with that enormous vagina that smelled

and sounded so sweat and moist.

Geri was having a good time playing with me and it was clear that Krysti was

playing with Geri. I lightly touched Krysti's throbbing foot long clit. It was

rapidly changing colors as she came and came again and again. Geri pushed me

out onto Krysti's crotch with her tongue so she could watch. Things were

awfully slippery and Geri had to help me by holding me in place with her index

finger. Of course the fingertip was against my bum and she had amazing control

lightly stroking my erect butt fur as I licked Krysti's slippery red lollipop.

Krysti started crying for mercy and Geri took me away from my new toy totally

covered with her own saliva and Krysti's juices. I was placed next to Krysti's

left nipple, which was as hard as I've seen a nipple. Geri ordered me to made

love with it and I complied by laying down over it grasping it between my spread

legs. I then felt Geri's presence again and felt myself being stoked by her

hard little ten inch long nipple.

That was a very sexy position with Krysti's nipple between my thighs and against

my penis and Geri's nipple alternately touching my ass and Krysti's nipple.

Geri pumped her breast for milk and managed to completely cover my ass thighs

and back with a small amount of her warm white stuff.

The sensations were too great to stand and I ended up mixing my white stuff with

Geri's. Krysti complained that I was too quick and that I would just have to

get hard again in her while she and Geri continued to make love.

Geri picked me up between her forefingers and carefully placed me feet first

into Krysti's vagina. Krysti was so big that the fit was anything but tight.

It was incredibly wet and slippery smooth, and the smells bordered on being

intoxicating. I could feel the two of them moan and groan with Krysti throbbing

all around me. Her heartbeat was getting quicker and her breathing more

frantic. I tried to climb out, but she was too slippery - I was worried about

slipping in too deeply. Krysti joked about some men being too small to satisfy

her and moved me around with her strong inner muscles.

Finally I managed to get out to my armpits. I called for Geri to come down and

Krysti spread her legs to allow Geri's crotch to come down to my level. Watching

her firm tight ass slowly grind away got me hard again and soon I could nearly

reach out and touch Geri.

My two giantesses were slowly changing position so I could reach both of them.

Krysti had moved on her side and had her left leg soaring high into the air.

Geri was lying down on her back with her crotch facing and almost touching


Both of them were sitting and watching with anticipation as Geri's clit came

within my reach. As I grabbed it Geri yelped and Krysti turned me with just her

vaginal muscles so my ass was pointed towards the ground. They were pulled

apart enough that I was just sitting on the edge of Krysti's vagina. I was

joined by Geri's little finger which was delicately stroking the tip of my

penis. There was a lot of laughing and giggling going on at this point and

Krysti suddenly move Geri's fingers away taking my side between her forefingers.

I then found myself thrust headfirst into Geri. She was also very large (even

larger than Krysti) and I found myself spielunking a wet sexy tunnel between

two horny giantesses. For their part they tried to move me from one to another

laughing wildly the whole time.

After a few seconds they separated and Geri dried me off on her right breast

while all of us laughed. Krysti rolled on her stomach and I was placed at the

highest point of her buttocks. Geri teased me with a feather and commanded me

to give her friend a massage. I grabbed as much of Krysti as I could and

started kneading her quivering flesh. She asked for me to pay careful attention

to the small of her back near her tail bone as well as her ass cleavage. Her

tailbone was very sensitive and she actually came repeatedly as I played with

her. I looked up at Geri and saw her standing to her full hundred plus foot

height with one finger on her great clit and the feather playing with her

nipples. Krysti has me to describe what was going on and Geri was started

joking with us by changing whatever she was doing as soon as I would announce

it. I joined her game by describing things she wasn't doing, which would only

cause her to try them out. I finally said that Geri is letting me lick the

inside of her ear. To my surprise she bent down and put her ear close to me. I

started lightly licking and nibbling her only to have her come like a machine

gun. She moaned as asked if I would be her earring in public some day.

My penis suddenly became very hard again as Krysti rolled over and seized me by

the hips. She asked if I had ever had sex in the back of a car and I noticed

Geri returning with the Honda that was three times too big for me. Krysti

ripped off the top saying that she would need the headroom and I was laid on my

back on the enormous rear seat. Geri got on her back and rested the car on her

stomach and I could feel everything rock as she breathed, Krysti's right tit

loomed over me and I was forced to play with her nipple to get it erect. She

got so excited that she sprayed milk all over my face and chest. She stood

towering over us and lowered her crotch close to me. I climbed over the front

seats and onto the hood where she had positioned herself. Her clit was exposed

and deep red. She whimpered when I touched it and her hand picked me up and

started rubbing my ass against it. I felt a shadow move as Geri moved out from

under us. Soon she returned and I felt her fingertip against my penis. She

tried to pin me on Krysti's clit, but that organ was too big. I came all over

her finger tip and all of us moaned in unison. Krysti took me out and cradled

me in her breast cleavage while Geri carefully licked my tiny whiteness from

her fingertip with great sexuality.

Finally we were all exhausted - somehow they staggered into the bedroom with me

stilled cradled in Krysti's cleavage. They curled up facing and holding each

other Geri's right breast against me and Krysti's left breast. We all then

drifted off to sleep each of us slowly rubbing against the others. It looks

like I'll be studying heavenly bodies for some time.


Giantess Stories: The Druid Priestess Steve Crandall c

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