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The Avril Expedition




“Hi I am your host Tom Baker bringing you coverage of my

expedition! Also I must give props to my camera man Mike Tack. We are going to

be exploring the dark depths of a cave, climbing thousands of feet up. So let's

get this started.”

            Both men dash through a series of hallways.

Finally they reach a door that says Avril Lavigne on it. They knock on the door

and when there is no answer the open the door. Sitting in the middle of the room

is a pair of skater shoes.

“This is it Mike. Let's do it.”

            Both men press there belt buckles and find

themselves shrinking smaller and smaller. By the time they stop they find

themselves no bigger then a dust mite. Both men look around.

            They stare at the once diminutive shoe that now

takes up there entire field of vision. The sneaker now may as well be Mount


“Hello people around the world I am your host and

exhibitioner Tom Baker. As you can see I am the summit of this sneaker. We are

about to climb to the death defying heights of this well worn shoe of Avril

Lavigne as she performs her concert. While we wont actually see Avril, this

promises to be a exciting broadcast nonetheless."

            Tom grabs onto the ridge of the shoe. He begins

to climb up the sneaker. Dirt flakes off the shoe as he grabs onto one of the

miniscule ridges of the shoe. Continuing to pull himself up higher and higher

till reaching the fat, thick lace of the shoe. He looks up at the lace and grabs a

hold of it. tom reaches his hand down to help Mike up onto the lace. We begin to

shimmy up the lace when  a loud rumbling rolls across the room.

“Quick mike get the batteries we better enlarge get out of

here. It sounds like Avril is coming.”

“I thought you grabbed the batteries out of the van before

we went in.”

“Umm no, I said Mike make sure to grab the batteries. Don't

tell me you forgot the batteries.”


“MIKE GOD DAMN IT! We aren't even fucking visible to the

naked eye here.”

“Calm down! Let's just go on with the plan. We get the

footage for the new giantess series so lets just do that. Then all we have to do

is just climb into an ear or something and yell to them. They hear us and then

get us to the facility no biggie.”

“Yeah, your right.”

            Both men continued climbing up the shoe lace. The duo watches Avril come into view. Her leg

extends farther up then they can see.

“My god! We can't even see past her knee!”

“Past her knee? Who can see her knee!”

“Make sure you get a shot of that”

            As both men continue to climb up the constant

pounding of Avril's footsteps causes the shoelace to swing. As she walks by both

them are almost ripped off the shoe lace by her air current.

“HOLD ON! As you can see folks when Giantess's are around

the wind gusts can get very powerful. Sometimes reaching in access of 120 miles

per hour.”

           As Avril walks out of view both men continue to

climb at more hurried pace knowing that if Avril walks by again they may not


            Each man is covered in grime from the dirty

laces. There hands burn and scream for relief as they continue to climb higher

and higher into the air. However, they don't climb fast enough as Avril walks

back into view wearing green cargo pants and pulling red hooded sweatshirt over

her white t-shirt.  Both men stare up at Avril with there mouths wide open. Her

stocking clad foot stomps down beside the shoe.

            The air grows in temperature from Avril's hot

sweaty foot.  As the men climb sweat starts to pour off of them. The air is

filled with strong smell of her feet. Mike looks up at Tom with a look of

disgust and Tom nods his head in agreement. The air begins to smell more and

more like dirty laundry. The kind of smell you get when you forget a sock or, a sweaty

t-shirt and it ends up shoved in some dark corner, then one day you find it and

there's that ripe smell emitting from it.

“We are here next to Avril's foot. The expedition has grown

more and more dangerous as time has gone by. The air around here is horrid. It's

thick and nasty a lot like spoiled milk only but a different kind of smell but a

powerful nastiness in the same respect. Your mouth begins to taste like an old

sweaty gym sock. As you can see in the background that her foot has now moved

away but the smell is still in the air, just as powerful as ever.”

            Tom and Mike continue climbing higher and

higher up and soon can see the top of the shoe. As they get closer and closer to

the top the foul smelling air gets more and more powerful as the mouth of the

shoe is now visible. Both men climb onto the edge of the shoe and look down into

her shoe. The drop appears to be unimaginable. Neither man can see the bottom of

the shoe. They look at each other slightly nervous but know they must go on with

the show.

            Mike starts to pan the camera around the area.

The camera zooms in onto the tongue of the shoe which is discolored from years

of wear and tear. Some spots or faintly a brownish white while other spots have

no visible area of whiteness left in them on the tongue. The camera then turns

to the ridge of the shoe that they are standing on. Mike squeezes the soft

material of the ridge and the sweat puddles up and runs down the side of the


“Hold up, I will ride back to the hotel with you.” Como Curar Pie De Atleta 15 Efectivos Y Novedosos Remedios

            Mike turns

off the camera and looks nervously at

Tom. They both have panic written all over there faces. The heavy footfalls have

turned into monstrous incomprehensible poundings. As Avril nears the shoes both

men pray that she passes them by but she stops directly in front of them. She

drops down to the floor and sits Indian style with her shoes in between her

legs. The men now stare up at Avril in awe of her size. There eyes can no longer make out Avril herself but just the shapes of her. Her

green cargo pants look just a massive green walls rising up everywhere that turn

to red color the higher you go which is her sweatshirt.

            Avril then grabs the shoe Tom and mike are on.

She tilt the shoe which makes both men fly up into the air. They reach at what

seems like thousands of feet in the air and watch helplessly as Avril's foot

rises above them. Both men flail there arms and flap them hoping to stop there

momentum but they crash into the underside of Avril's foot. The men immediately

stick to the underside of her foot as they both realize that this is the same sock she

must have worn during her concert.

            Tom tries to pull himself off of the sock but


is stuck like a fly to fly paper as her foot lowers towards the skater styled

shoe. As the foot slides in Tom and Mike are sealed in the bowels of Avril's

shoe. As her foot settles into the shoe. The impact of her foot landing on the

insole sends Tom and Mike falling from her foot and onto the insole.

“Mike? Mike! Are you around?”

            Not hearing a response from his long time

companion Tom decides to head deeper into the bowels of shoe to look for him. He

mounts a portable camera on this shoulder and links his headset into the sound

system of the camera.

“As you can see we are inside Avril's shoe. These white

tree like things all around me are the fibers which make up her insole. Above me

which you may have thought of as the sky is in reality the underside of her

foot.  The ground here is damp and the smell is many times worse then before

when we were outside the shoe. The floor feels like you are walking on a sponge

almost but let's continue deeper into the shoe as we search for my comrade.”

            Meanwhile, Mike is clinging to sock of Ms.

Lavigne. As she begins to walk Mike is nearly jarred loose but he begins to pull

himself up across the length of the stocking. The crisscross pattern of the

woven cotton provides hand and footholds. As he reaches for each one his hands

sink into the damp cotton of her sock. His nose is almost buried into the sock

for fear of falling the great distance to the floor of her shoe. As she starts

to walk he can feel her foot muscles flex with her every step. Mike is sucked up

against Avril's foot as she lifts it up and then as she slams it into the

ground. Mike is almost sent tumbling to floor of the shoe. The process repeats

itself over and over again for Mike who can merely just hold on. As she

continues to walk more sweat starts to drip off of her foot and assault Mike.

His body is soon covered in her sticky salty sweat. He finds himself no longer

having to hold onto the sock as Avril's sweat has him firmly plastered to the

underside of her foot.

            As Tom walks deeper into the shoe he finds that

it is starting to rain. At first he doesn't think much of it till he starts to

put two and two together. It can't rain inside a shoe. A little slow up on the

uptake Tom finally realizes that it is her sweat that is assaulting him and the

ground. Then Tom feels the floor start to shake and everything gets a feeling of

motion but nothing appears to be moving at all. As Avril's foot is lifted up Tom

flies up into the air. He grabs a hold of one of the fibers of the insole. His

hands slide up the damp tree like fiber but it slows him enough to come crashing

to the ground as Avril plants her foot. As she takes another step all Tom can do

is the exact same thing he did before. As he rises up into the air he grabs the

fiber once again while being barraged with sweat droplets off of Avril's foot.

At some point in the journey Tom misses his grab for the fiber and slams into

the underside of Avril's foot. As he hits her wet sock he hears Mike yell his

name. Tom yells back that he is okay accept that he is stuck to the underside of

her foot.

            Avril continues to just walk down the hallway

unknowingly encrusting to men into her socks on the way to the hotel.

            Both men can feel the fresh air on the backs as

Avril must have lifted her foot up and out of the shoe. They fight relentlessly

in hope of breaking away from her sock but her sweat is much to strong for them

at there minute size. They watch in a helpless terror as Avril pulls the sock

off of her foot. While doing so she rolls the sock into a ball. Both men scream

in panic at what is happening. Almost faster then they can blink they find it

all over.

            They can no longer see Avril's foot but instead

the sock. the sock looks to be rolling itself up.

“Tom what just happened?”

“I think we are balled up in her sock.”

“You mean were trapped in the teen singers sock?”


            They feel themselves and the sock drop and then

a click of a suitcase closing.. Both men remain stuck and bonded to her sock

hoping an opportunity arises for there escape but halfway expecting to spend the

rest of there life stuck to the sock of Avril Lavigne.




Giantess Stories: The Expedition

“Hi I am your host Tom Baker bringing you coverage of my     AsukaFan AsukaFan By By The Avril Expedition The Avril Expedition



Giantess Stories: The Expedition

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Giantess Stories: The Expedition

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