Giantess Stories: The Experiment      My incredible story begins on the day my partner Ann and I had finally finished testing of our new invention

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The Experiment

My incredible story begins on the day my partner Ann and I had finally finished

testing of our new invention. We had developed a device that could transport

matter from one location to another in a matter of seconds. Everything was going

better than planned, and we both realized that we would make millions from this


Ann had just finished running some lab rats through the process, and the came

out none the worse for wear. She was a beautiful brunette with brown eyes who

stood about 6'1", making her an inch taller than myself. Ann was the driving

force behind the computer control software that governed the quantum field. I

stayed strictly to the hardware end of things.

A few more days of intensive testing went on until I couldn't control myself any

longer, I had to go through the process myself. To my surprise when I proposed

this idea to Ann she seem eager and agreeable, not her usual overly cautious


My heart raced with excitement as I made my way to the platform. I made my way

onto the white ceramic circle of the platform as Ann lowered the leaded glass

field barrier around me. There was no going back now. I looked over at Ann and

saw her grinning at me. There wasn't time to consider this for long though

because soon I felt a tingling run throughout my entire body. The sensation grew

and grew until there was a blinding flash of light which signaled the start of


Quickly things started to come back into focus for me. I was lying on the floor

face down, I figured I had passed out during transport. While still trying to

regain my composure I heard the familiar whine of the field barrier being

lifted. The next thing I heard were tremendous rhythmical crashes which seemed

to make the entire building shake. The appeared to be getting more intense. I

thought to my self "what a time for an earthquake". Then as suddenly as it had

started the noise stopped.

It took a few more seconds for my vision to clear, but when did I nearly passed

out again. Flanking me on either side were two enormous stocking clad feet. I

quickly estimated that I wasn't as tall as the big toes of these massive feet.

It didn't take me long to figure out who they belonged to. As I strained my neck

back to look up at this titanic body, I began to shake, I thought "My god I must

be the size of an insect". When I finally made eye contact with the incredible

creature, I was greeted by Ann's face in a sneering smile.

I felt a cold wave of fear run up my spine as I realized my situation. In a

thunderous voice Ann announced that she had altered the control program so it

reduced me by 110 times. Laughing she said "At first I had planned it as a bit

of a joke, but now I realize other possibilities......Like the fact that now I

don't have to split the profit from the sale of the device with you. I'll tell

the police how you had just disappeared. Also I have just realized this

incredible urge to play with you, then kill you. So little man how do you want

to die? Should I step on you and watch you ooze out from under my foot, or

should I swallow you whole and living and let my stomach juices slowly dissolve

you. Hmmmm no ideas well I suppose I can let you think about it for a little

while, I have a safe place to store you".

With that she grabbed me gently with her two forefingers being careful not to

squeeze too hard and place me in a long slender test tube. Ann then placed the

test tube in the rack and began to strip down to her bra and panties. I couldn't

help but notice the splendor of her 40DD breasts which her bra could barely hold

in place. Without a word she slid her panties to one side and grabbed the test

tube with me in it. Slowly I saw the giant gaping maw of her cunt approaching,

shit it must have been 10 ft across. Slowly she inserted the tube deep into

herself, I could see her pink flesh sliding along on all sides of me. Soon the

leading edge of the test tube came up against the muscular disc that must have

been her cervix. Somehow she managed to relax her cervix enough to allow the

tube to slide into the vast cavity of her womb. At this point she must have done

a cartwheel because I tumbled uncontrollably into the depths of her womb. The

next thing I knew she removed the test tube and I was encased in total darkness.

I still had my pen light which gave me enough light to look around. I decided to

try escape the way I had come in, so I made my way back to her cervix. It was a

huge muscular aperture approximately 14ft in diameter. I tried to pry it open

with all my strength but that was futile. I soon heard Ann talking to the police

telling them how I had just disappeared and how upset she was. Every so often

she would give her belly a quick tap just to goad me. I don't know how long I

stayed in her, but it was at least a week. My clothing quickly became to soiled

to comfortably wear, so decided naked would be the way to go, besides it was

extremely hot and humid in there.

The only time I really could sleep was when she did, all other times I was

tossed about inside her like a rag doll. One of the most terrifying sounds came

when she ate. When she ate she made tremendous gulping and crunching noises

which echoed in her vast womb. With each gulp I knew she was consuming a

quantity of food three to four times my size. I could only sit and wonder what

my future would hold.

To be Continued.....

Giantess Stories: The Experiment      My incredible story begins on the day my partner Ann and I had finally finished testing of our new invention

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