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This is a story about an experiment. On the surface the story is about a science

experiment using the latest technology that our great society has developed.

But, if we probe deeper, there are several levels to this story.

This is also an experiment in human relations. Relations between an employer and

an employee, relations between a mentor and protege, and, ultimately, relations

between a man and a woman.

There are other experiments as well. Experiments of a man and a woman as they

try to redefine themselves. Experiments of two people as they try to deal with

new realities and fantasies that they have realized. Finally, there is the

experiment that is life itself. How we deal with what and who we are and all the

sudden changes that we encounter on a daily basis. Sit back and enjoy as we

begin "The Experiment."


Bruce Feld was having a good day. As executive assistant to Elliot Klein, the

president of Mininsynthesis Corporation, Bruce was mowing down his assignments

as was his wont. Klein placed a lot on Bruce's shoulders and it was a rare day

when he disappointed his boss. But that was the way Bruce was, always performing

above everyone's expectations.

As a shining star at Mininsynthesis, his future was limitless. As Mr. Klein's

protege Bruce was in a position to make all his dreams happen. His hard work

seemed to always pay off and both he and his boss had big plans for Bruce's

future. In many ways Bruce was the son that Mr. Klein had never had. Because of

this, his affection for Bruce was genuine which resulted in Bruce's rapid and

deserved advance in the company.

When Mr. Klein wasn't tinkering with ways to improve his company, much of his

time was devoted to his daughter, Ellen. Ellen was six when her mother, Nora

(the n in MiniNsynthesis) Klein, passed away. It was a blow from which the

little girl never fully recovered. Many years of therapy and home schooling

turned her into a functioning adult, but at 25 she seemed to have crested in

potential, and worked for her father in a variety of jobs at Minisynthesis.

Ellen problems seemed to run the gamut of the worst of an emotionally

underdeveloped person. Having grown up on a large estate with no playmates, she

was surrounded by adults and never developed the requisite social skills needed

to move about in society. A bright young woman, college was a disaster for her

as her lack of soial skills left her perplexed, depressed and friendless. Men

attracted to her beautiful face and the immense boobs hanging off her waiflike

4'10' 97 pound body, quickly realized that she was too much trouble emotionally

to deal with.

It was for all these reasons that she perferred to live in what her father

called her fantasy world. Her world was a world of dolls and dollhouses. Her

father, desperate to do anything bring her out of her shell, allowed her an

unlimited amount of funds to pursue her hobby. The result was, unfortunately, a

young woman totally detached from reality who filled several large rooms at the

Klein estate with some of the most beautiful and lifelike dolls and many

dollhouses (some with running water and electricity) in which to house them.

For Bruce, Ellen was a special challenge. Mr. Klein was always asking him to

find things for her to do. Ellen reported to Bruce (there was no one else in the

company that could deal with her or wanted to) and he did the best he could to

keep her busy. Given the high tech nature of Mininsynthesis's operation, it took

all of Bruce's skills to keep Ellen occupied.

Mininsynthesis produced many products but it's most successful product line was

the portasizer which was the first and only shrinking technology to be developed

anywhere. While the early models allowed only inanimate objects to be shrunk and

restored back to normal size, later models were developed that worked on animals

and ultimately human beings.

Because of the potentially extremely dangerous nature of the portasizer, the

persons who made them, tested them, shipped them and handled them in any way

were sent for a battery of psychological tests to ensure, to the maximum extent

possible, that they were fit to handle and could be trusted with such powerful


Most of the sales of the portasizer were to the military but the Federal

government, which strictly regulated the sales, was now allowing universities

and research facilities to buy them under strigent conditions.

It was, perhaps, the greatest of coincidences that Ellen' father helped to

invent the portasizer. It was as if he had subconsciously tried to fulfill his

daughter's fantasy of creating living dolls for her dollhouses. He repeatedly

reassured himself that it was, in fact, just a coincidence, something he mused

about with Bruce but few others.

Having a living doll was Ellen's fantasy but every attempt to broach the subject

with her father was soundly and utterly rebuffed. The lines went something like

"I won't hear of this, I won't even consider it, no way no how," etc. Still

Ellen refused to give up on her dream and it was a long Friday afternoon when

her dad was racing to get out of town for a week that his judgement didn't just

get impaired, it collapsed. After hours of incessant whining, he finally agreed

to Ellen's demands. A weekend with a living doll. He did after all trust her

totally. This despite her state of emotional arrest. Because she had never once,

as a good little daddy's girl, violate his trust, he made a mistake that he was

to rue for a long time to come. He agreed to allow Ellen to shrink someone. That

was the difficult part. The easy part was picking the person to shrink.

Bruce was working in his office when Mr. Klein called him. He too was looking

forward to the weekend and the week ahead when Mr. Klein would not be around. He

was going over monday's schedule when his boss asked him to come to his office.

Just some last minute instructions thought Bruce as he made his way to Mr

Klein's office. Ellen was sitting outside when he arrived but he didn't give it

much thought. She was often there, worried about something or other. Upon

entering the office Mr. Klein motioned for the door to be closed and Bruce

dutifully did so.

"Bruce I need a favor" was how it began "Anything Mr. Klein, anything." That was

the winning attitude of Bruce and Mr. Klein smiled and told Bruce to sit down.

When he explained his proposal Bruce thought he was joking but it was quickly

clear to him that this crackpot scheme was, actually, something Mr. Klein hoped

to put in motion immediately. The perfect company man he didn't want to

disappoint his boss but on this one Bruce wondered abouthis judgement. Still, he

dared not speak against the idea out of his desire not to offend his boss.

Quickly thoughts raced through his head of how to wiggle out of this one. Still,

the thought of being alone with his boss's humongous breasted and beautiful

daughter was somewhat appealing to him, even at only a fraction of his normal

height. She was always gentle if sometimes emotionally shllow and despondent.

Maybe this would be the thing to cheer her up. Bruce used to lament "if only she

was somewhat normal" he would marry her and be set for life. Unable to talk or

think of a way way out of this one, unable even to try, Bruce soon found himself

and his clothes shrunken. Him to eight inches and his clothes to a proportional

fit. Mr. Klein then locked the portasizer back into his wall safe where it would

remain until Monday morning when his daughter, given the combination by Bruce,

would reopen it and return Bruce to normal size. It was done.


It would be difficult to totally capture Ellen's feelings when he set her eyes

on the newly tiny Bruce. Jumping up and down she kissed her father repeatedly

and shouted and screamed as if she had just won lotto. Just inches away her

fantasy awaited and he was to be hers for another 53 hours.

"Well you two, I have got to get out of here. Good luck, have fun and Bruce, try

not to take advantage of Ellen. She's so tender you know." Mr. Klein's last

comment was meant to bolster his daughter and it did. She kissed her father

good-bye, reassuring him that everything was going to be all right. "That's my

little girl" he said. An ironic statement considering that he had, by shrinking

Bruce, turned her into a giantess.

Mr. Klein left the office to catch his plane, leaving Ellen totally in charge of

her new doll.

With her father out of the room Ellen made her way slowly, and deliberately, to

her father's desk where Bruce had been placed by Mr. Klein. Her experiences with

other similarly shrunken persons had left he an expert in handling "living

dolls" but this was the first time she had ever been placed in charge of one.

Getting closer to the desk Ellen suddenly loomed over Bruce, blocking out the

light from the overhead bulbs as she looked down on the newest addition to her

collection. Because of the size of her breasts she was forced to thrust her head

forward in order to see Bruce. Looking down she beamed at her prize. Bruce

looked up to wonder just what had he gotten himself into.

Looking down at Bruce Ellen began to giggle. Slowly the giggles turned into

laughter and soon then into an outburst which shook Bruce's eardrums. "All

weekend" she shouted out to no one in particular. She repeated that phrase

several times as if to convince herself she really had Bruce all weekend.

Looking up at Ellen, as if waiting for a command, Bruce didn't notice Ellen's

left hand as she reached out to grab him. As she wrapped her fingers around him

he struggled, as newly shrunken people often do, to break free. It was a vain

and hopeless attempt as Ellen slowly tightened her grip until he was done


She said nothing as she placed Bruce into the carrying case that was already on

the desk. As she looked down on him firmly secured in the case, she smiled and

zipped it close and proceeded to walk out of the building to her car. The guards

at the front gate smiled as she drove past. It was off to the estate for some

fun with Bruce.

Ellen arrived at the big country estate on the North Shore of Long Island and

beep open the wrought iron gates. Normally a staff of five or six persons would

attend to the estate but they had all been given the weekend off by Ellen when

she found out that she would be having a special visitor. No need for any

intrusions she reckoned.

Parking her car out front, she picked up the carrying case holding Bruce and

raced inside the house. Breathless she raced up the stairs to her private wing

and the two large rooms that contained her doll and dollhouse collections. She

set the case down on a table in the room which contained the dollhouse which was

to be Bruce's home for the next two days. When she opened the case he was sound

asleep. She had worried about this, knowing well that he might be sound asleep.

Shrinking, especially to a very small size, tended to wipe out the person

physically. Mininsythesis was trying to beat this with a combination of vitamins

and exercise but so far their results were thin. Picking the roof off of the

dollhouse she had selected she placed it down on the floor next to the

dollhouse. Carefully, she took Bruce out of the case and placed him in bed on

the second floor of the house, tucking him in before she put the roof back on

the house. Satisfied with her work, she took one last look in the second floor

window and then activated the forcefield around the house. It was more of a

motion detector than forcefield but it would alert her when her charge awoke and

moved about the house.

Bruce slept until the next morning. He awoke wide awake, as he always did.

Getting out of bed he could not help but marvel at the incredible workmanship

that had gone into the house. He had often viewed, at Ellen's insistence, the

dolls and dollhouses when he visited the Kleins. However, this time his

viewpoint was unique. He was the first living being to view the houses from the

inside and at the right proportion. He was truly amazed at the level of detail

and lamented that he didn't have a home this nice when he was normal sized. Oh

how he was to rue that thought.

Within two minutes of Bruce getting out of bed Ellen was in the room. She had

been downstairs having breakfast when her beeper told her that Bruce was moving

about. As she ran down the hall Bruce began to faintly feel her footfalls. They

got heavier and heavier until she got to the room and then they stopped.

Bursting into the room like a child bursts into the living room on Christmas

morning, Ellen was soon down on all fours eyeballing Bruce. The sight of her

giant eye peering into the room was a bit unsettling for Bruce as was the loud

reverberation when she said good morning. The house actually shook a bit.

Bruce left the room and descended the stairs and exited the house from the front

door to more formally greet Ellen. He was shocked at how big she was, this

waiflike creature who could now crush him underfoot like a bug. She beamed at

him, content just to stare, as if Bruce's being with her was the culmination of

years and years of dreaming. Finally, she thought to herself, she had what she

had always wanted, a living doll.

"Good morning sleepyhead. I was worried you'd never get up" she said to him in a

soft voice. Extending a finger toward him, she handed Bruce the voice magnifier

which he slipped around his neck. This allowed him to talk at a normal volume

and be heard via the receiver which she had tucked inside her left ear.

Bruce was a bit lost for words as he stared up at Ellen's now giant face. For

some reason, a reason he could not yet fathom, his penis was becoming erect

inside his shorts. What was going on he wondered. She was certainly pretty but

that had never moved him before. Her boobs, gargantuan when he was normal sized,

were now immense beyond any reasonable description. Her size, he didn't realize

it but it was her size that was now making him twitch a bit as he stood

uncomfortably in front of her.

Whatever her state of mind, she could immediately tell that Bruce was unnerved,

or worse. Unconsciously he adjusted his shorts as his erection grew, then

stopped when he realized what he was doing. It was too late. Even this simply

minded girl of a woman knew what was happening.

"I see someone, or should I say something, is waking up. Is that Little Brucie

down there."

Bruce was mortified. He had made some really dumb mistakes before in his life

but this one got the blue ribbon. He was now trapped or worse, the guest of a

giant woman whose emotional balance left everything to be desired and she knew

he was turned on by her. He said nothing as his hard on raged into a solid shaft

of steel. Nervously he stood there hoping to think of a way out of this

embarrassment. She remained on all fours, content just to gaze at this man doll

who was totally under her control.

After a few minutes she picked Bruce up and took him downstairs for breakfast.

Everything, all the plates, silverware, napkins, etc. were in perfect proportion

for her tiny guest. As he ate his erection died down but that was to be only a

temporary measure. After breakfast she took Bruce back to the room he was

staying in and told him to enter a beautiful wooden house that was next to his

house. Entering, he saw an exquisitely beautiful female doll sitting on the sofa

in the front drawing room. She was so lifelike he wondered for a second whether

she might be a shrunken human, but he soon realized the folly of his thoughts.

Outside Ellen spoke

"Say hello to Jessica. Isn't she beautiful Bruce. She's going to be your

companion this weekend."

"My companion" Bruce thought. "What the hell is she talking about."

Before he could think anymore the front wall of the house abruptly disappeared

and Bruce was soon staring Ellen in the face again. "Kiss her" she commanded.

when Bruce didn't move she repeated her order, this time crashing down her fist

as she spoke much more forcefully and loudly.

Bruce was terror stricken but he slowly moved toward Jessica and kissed her on

the cheek.

"That's better" said Ellen as she continued to shout out orders.

"Now, sit down next to her, on the couch, and fondle her breasts" Ellen ordered.

"This is more than a little sick" Bruce thought as he moved his hand toward

Jessica's bosom. Suprisingly, her "breasts" were soft to the touch, almost

lifelike actually. "Good boy" Ellen said, approving of Bruce's actions. "Good,

keep doing it, good."

Bruce began to realize that this was like a game for Ellen. She was still

playing with her dolls, only that he was one that could actually take orders. It

appeared to him that Ellen had blurred the line between reality and what came

next. She was acting as if Bruce was a doll, a doll which took orders like a

human. Suddenly he turned and faced Ellen.

"This is a freak show" he shouted. "Ellen please, this isn't right. Please don't

mak me do this."

"Freak show" she screamed, her voice nearly knocking Bruce to the ground as he

cowered just inside the front room. "Freak show" she screamed again. "And just

who is the freak little dolly man. I'm looking around and I'm only seeing one

little freaky doll and that's you."

Quickly she seized him and carried him over the corner of the room where she

unceremoniously dumped him into a standing bird cage that was at her eye height.

He lay on the floor of the cage where she dumped him, too scared to do anything

but move.

"All right freaky boy on your feet." When he didn't moved she banged the side of

the cage and screamed at him until he finally got up. "Take off your clothes"

she commanded and he quickly complied, piling up his clothes in a bundle while

she watched. In 30 seconds he was naked and her hand quickly removed his

clothes, which she placed in a drawer in the desk which stood next to the cage.

As she stared down at him his erection grew again but this time there was no

hiding it. After studying him for a few more seconds, Ellen left him but quickly

returned with a now clothesless Jessica doll which she placed on the floor of

the cgae on its back. "Do her" she commanded.

Bruce hesitated. It was only for a second or two but it was enough to turn Ellen

into a crazed lunatic, as she screamed a torrent of abuse at Bruce until he

finally mounted the doll and "did her." As he lay on top of "Jessica" sated he

heard Ellen say "you see Jessica, I told you he wanted you. He just needed a bit

of encouragement." As Bruce lay there on top of the doll, a cold sweat broke out

on his entire body.

It took some time before Bruce worked up the courage to speak to Ellen again.

She was clearly not rational about what was happening to her, Bruce or the

dolls. Still, he couldn't continue to perform this charade. No, he would talk

with her, calmly, gently, rationally.

"Ellen" he started as he got off of "Jessica." "Ellen, this is wrong. I'm a man

not a doll. This is wrong. This is all a game. I'll play with you if you like

but this is wrong." It was the next to last sentence that would tear things for

her as it forced her to realize that this was all a game. She could try to deny

it, perhaps, but Bruce was right, it was all a game. All her fantasies about

dolls, this whole lost world of hers was just a game. Nothing real, no great

discoveries, not a single redeeming thing except maybe to enable Ellen to hide

in her demented little world of dolls, dollhouses and no humans. But that could

be changed.

"You're right" she declared with a quickness that was astonishing. "You're

right" she repeated again. "This IS all a game but this isn't" as she moved her

hand into the cage and curled her fingers around Bruce. "You're not a game and

you're just the person to make everything real." Placing Bruce back in the cage

she closed and locked the door and left the room. Leaving him to ponder her

words, she went downstairs to hatch her plot.


It was some time, about five hours before Ellen returned to get Bruce. Quite

bored in the interim he had begun to talk to "Jessica."

"See what you did. Now she's mad at me and I'm stuck here in this cage with you.

This isn't as I planned it." He stopped talking, laughing at himself for his

foolishness. Perhaps he was a bit foolish but not crazy. Being stuck in a cage

with a lifelike doll while you're seven inches tall will have an effect on you.

Bruce wasn't exactly sure what it was. He still needed to figure it out.

Ellen returned and she was dressed to kill. Making the most of her quite ample

assets, she was dressed in a black bra and panties, matching garters and five

inch black heels. Over all this she had draped a sheer negligee which hid

nothing and served only to complete one of the sexiest packages that Bruce had

ever seen.

"Hi dolly man" she said as she approached the cage. Bruce was too flummoxed to

talk, let alone say anything intelligent. She was drop dead gorgeous and he knew

he was in trouble. He stared at Ellen, especially her cleavage which gave new

definition to the word vast. She looked like a woman out of a Russ Meyer flick.

Yes, she was the bosom vast. She began to talk.

"You know in all the years of therapy I've had, I don't think that anyone was

ever as direct as you. You're right, but I never saw it before. The dolls are

nothing. They're just show pieces, but you're real. As real as any other person

even if you're just a tiny little thing."

"Now listen to this" she continued "I figure that Monday rolls around and daddy

makes you big again. But what if we do something before he comes back. What if

we shrink a whole bunch of people. It'll be our little secret, so to speak. Just

you and me." As she talked she opened the cage and retrieved Bruce holding close

to her heaving bosom. Walking over to the couch she sat down and actually placed

Bruce in her cleavage. His reaction was nearly instantaneous as he began to make

love to her left orb, caressing it and swimming on it as she purred with


"Easy little fella" she said as she lifted him off her breast. "You haven't

heard my whole plan yet."

Bruce didn't particular care to hear her plan. All he wanted to do was to get

back to her humping her breast. She giggled as he reached out for her as she

held him with two fingers around his waist. "Do I have a partner" she asked.

Lost, hopelessly lost in his lust for his giant lover, Bruce would do anything,

anything to please and keep her. Her plot was fiendishly simple and would

require just a bit of derring do to pull off. "Yes" he screamed. "Yes, yes yes."

"That's a good little man" she said as she placed him back on her tit where he

quickly exhausted himself.

The plot was clever yet simple. First Ellen and Bruce would drive back to

Mininsynthesis and get the portasizer from her father's office. Because of the

stringent security needed to keep a portasizer from falling into the wrong

hands, microchips were built into each device which caused an alarm to sound

when the portasizer passed through security checkpoints. Of course Bruce knew

how to neutralize the security chips and instructed Ellen on how to do just

that. In her father's desk was a metallic bag which shielded the chips fom the

security probe. Within 15 minutes they were in and out of the office and on

their way to Freeport, on the south shore of Long Island, where she docked her


Once on the boat she used the portasizer to bring Bruce back to his normal size.

Her boat was quite large, over 30 foot, and she felt it best to have two normal

sized people on board to handle the boat. Besides, she would need a full sized

Bruce in order to carry out her plan.

Pulling out of dock Ellen steered the boat toward Jones Inlet where she and

Bruce would wait for one of the gambling cruises which left Freeport every

evening to come through the inlet. The plan was to trail the boat and then, when

no other boats were in view, shrink the boat and its crew and passengers,

transfer the boat to Ellen's boat and bring the entire boat back home with her.

Once home she would make the gambling boat and its passengers and crew one-tenth

their normal size The plan was simple, daring and it worked like a charm. The

gamblers and crew on the Good Lady II never knew what hit them. After two hits

from the portasizer the gambling ship was a foot long toy bobbing in the

Atlantic until Bruce reached over the side of Ellen's boat and plucked it out of

the water. Placing the shrunken boat in a piece of luggage, they sailed back to

port and placed the luggage on the back seat of Ellen's car and drove back to

the Klein estate. No one had seen a thing. The next day the newspapers would

report that the Good Lady II had vanished without a trace.

Back at the Klein estate the tiny Good Lady II was placed on a rug in the larger

of the two rooms which held Ellen's doll and doll house collections. Fortunately

it was a large room and was able to hold the resized 10 foot long boat. With

Bruce's help Ellen clambered on board the boat and pulled the still sleeping

passengers off the deck. With crow bars Ellen and Bruce pried apart the ship

until it lay in pieces of the floor of the room. When they were convinced they

had retrieved every last person from the ship, they again shrank the pieces of

the Good Lady II into scrap metal. Those pieces she locked in her safe, along

with the now tiny rug, for disposal at sea once the invesitgation into the

disappearance of the Good Lady II calmed down.

Ellen and Bruce plucked 97 people off the ship and placed them all into a

hastily built plywood fence enclosure in the corner of the room. With walls

equivalent to 40 feet high, there would be no escape for her living dolls. Once

they completed the transfer they retired to Ellen's room where they made love

before they fell alseep in each other's arms.

Bruce awoke early the next morning and lay in the bed looking at Ellen. If she

was a head case she sure was a beautiful one with an absolutely killer body.

Their love making last night had been incredible. She was like a crazed beast.

There was no other way to describe it. And while he wasn't the first to claim

her, he wondered where she had learned how to act like she had in bed. "I

guess", he figured to himself, "that it just came naturally."

Whatever it was, natural, self-taught or from a correspondence school, Bruce

knew that he could not live without it. Ellen was the flame and he was the moth

and he didn't care anymore how much pain the burn might cause. All he knew was

that he had to have it. He couldn't even decide whether he liked it more humping

a full size Ellen or just curling up on her breast and going to work there.

Whatever, it promised to be a hell of a ride.

When he stopped thinking about screwing her, he started thinking about shrinking

97 people and what in the hell were they going to do with them. Ellen had

obviously not thought out ther logistics of taking care of 97 little people.

Sure she had plenty of doll houses, 22 in all, but there was an awful lot of

things needed to keep those people clothed and fed. Ellen, however, had other


At 7:15, Ellen awoke and turned to face Bruce who was lying next to her. "Let's

go" she said and he knew exactly what she meant. Next door were the caged in

survivors of the shrunken ship. The little people were huddled together in the

plywood enclosure, not even having a clue what had become of them. From their

vantage point all they could see were high walls made of cheap wood and a

ceiling that seemed to reach for the sky.

Ellen and Bruce entered the room quietly, making only the smallest of sounds.

The little ones heard or saw nothing until Ellen peered over the top of the wall

shocking all of her tiny guests, causing several to faint. She opened the door

to the enclosure and stepped forward into it to make her speech to the little

people. As she took her first step into the wooden holiding area, there was a

stampede to the back of the place. With all 97 milling about as far away from

her as they could get, Ellen put her foot down, literally.

Her right foot came crashing down like a building, causing more than half of the

little people to bounce off the bottom of the enclosure. Her act not only got

their attention but also brought total silence from the milling throng. Then she


"There are very few rules here but they must be obeyed without compromise. One,

any attempt to escape will be met with death. Not a quick death, but a slow and

agonizing and very painful death. Two, you are to quickly carry out any orders I

or my friend give you (Bruce could be seen standing in the background naked like

Ellen) or the punishment will be swift and severe. Three, any one caught having

sex will be severely punished. You may only have sex with our approval. Those

are all the rules for now. Are there any objections?"

None were heard at first but them a rather burly man (relatively speaking of

course) stepped forward to complain and demand that they all be "returned to our

proper height." Ellen looked down with a bemused look on her face as he

approached her. With her hands on her hips she continued to look at him as her

bemused look turned into a glare which became increasingly harsh.

"I forgot to tell you. There are to be no questions or requests for freedom. You

shall never see it. I shall forgive it this once if this trifle of a man steps

forward to kiss my big toe." The man didn't move and it wasn't long before

Ellen's foot came crashing down beside him. At this point, this burly man begged

mercy and could be seen practically making love to Ellen's big toe. As she

looked down from on high a smile creased her face. She was going to enjoy being

a goddess.


Ellen hadn't really thought out all the consequences of housing all these little

people. Bruce, much smarter than she, was too concerned at first with his oiling

his tool to worry about such things, but increasingly he realized that they had

just shrunken a lot of responsibility.

Something had to be done.

There was also the question of Elliott, Ellen's father. He would rightly blow

his stack when, not if, he found out. Ellen hadn't thought any of this through

and Bruce's sobering realization led to a sobering reality. In order to make

this work they would have to eliminate many of the little people. That was all

there was to it. Eliminate them. It was easy to rationalize. They were insects

and vermin now, hardly worthy of any consideration. Ellen wouldn't care. After

what the world had done to her, all the cruelties she suffered, she wouldn't

care at all. He broke it to her gently over breakfast.

Ellen and Bruce were just finishing breakfast when he brought up the problem of

"all these little people." "I know Bruce" she replied, "I know. When daddy comes

home... well we'll just have to hide them. That's all. We'll hide them." "Hide

all of them. I don't think we can" Bruce replied. "Maybe there are some other

things we can do, you know." Bruce didn't have to draw a road map. Ellen looked

at him and smiled. "You know, if we got rid of some of them, maybe we could hide

the rest." She understood.

Back at the plywood enclosure the little people were fomenting rebellion. One of

the people who had been shrunk was actually an employee of the Mininsynthesis

Corp. and knew exactly what had happened. He knew Bruce and knew Mr. Klein's

crazy daughter. Escape was not only imperative it was essential.

A plan was hatched whereby the next time the gate of the enclosure opened they

would all charge out and take their chances. What they didn't know, what they

couldn't possible know, was that there was no way out and their charge would end

up a disaster.

Bruce and Ellen returned to the enclosure right after breakfast. Looking down on

tiny throng, she contemplated their next action as if it were a chore to be

done, rather than an act of mass murder. While she had not yet selected the

method it was a decision to make not unlike deciding what to have for dinner

from a large menu of choices. In the end the choice was made for her and Bruce

because when she opened the gate to the enclosure everyone inside attempted to

run out. Of those who made it out, 85 in all, not one survived.

The first to die died under her shoes. Some were flattened by the front of her

shoes and others pieced by the stilleto like heels. The crunching of the tiny

bodies made for a sickening sound but it got worse. Once they realized there was

no way out of the room, the tiny people attempted to hide, as if hat would cure

their problems. The first one Ellen spotted was climbing the curtains to try to

get to the window. Walking over she casually plucked him off the curtain and

squeezed him until his ribs began to crack. Easing off the pressure she opened

her hand and looked down at her pathetic victim who had only moments left to

live. For good measure she squeezed his balls between her thumb and forefinger

until they were crushed. This unnamed victim passed out from the pain and was

then crushed to death in her hand and dropped to the floor.

Bruce showed little mercy on his victims. The first five he dispatched fell like

bugs underneath his shoe, crushed out of existence in an instant. He was less

subjective about it than Ellen, eliminating his victims until they were nearly

all gone.

After about 15 minutes the towering delivers of death counted their victims and

those still inside the enclosure and counted 93 persons. Tiring of their game

they offered an amnesty to the four still loose but got no comers. An hour later

they were found to have squeezed themselves into a crack in the wall. Faced with

a horrible death they surrendered only to be ripped apart, limb by limb, by

Ellen. It was this last act of cruelty that was especially profound. She tore

into the last of her victims as if they somehow were deserved of death. Bruce

watched the killings enraptured, slowly masturbating as this giantess deliverer

of death performed with vicious cunning.

Bruce was enthralled. Suddenly this young man who had always done the right

thing was a murderer. Yes he had rationalized the killings as the elimination of

vermin or insects but this was not a judgement any court was likely to agree

with. It was as if all those years of goodness had suddenly crystalized into an

enormous ball of evil. There was no remorse, no guilt as he stood masturbating

as his lover pulled human beings apart with her hands. It was a gruesome site to

behold and yet all he could do was whack off to it. When Ellen was done

dismembering her victims she came over to Bruce and finished him off. It was an

exquisite orgasm for him. A few minutes later he and Ellen set about collecting

the tiny bodies that lay strewn about the room. Carefully they set them in rows

of 10 to make doubly sure that they had gotten them all. Once this proces was

complete the tiny cadavers were shrunk with the portasizer and burned to ash in

a roaring fire. The giant couple then turned their attention to the survivors.

"There are new rules now" she told the six men and six women who survived. "You

will each be paired off to live together in a house we give you. You will be

treated well and we expect you to perform certain duties. As long as you comply

you will be well taken care of. If not, you will be punished severely." With

that the remaing dozen were led to their new homes. Before she assigned a man

and a woman to each house, she separated the men and women and adjusted the

portasizer so that when she shot the women it would make them all nine inches

tall. The men were left six inches tall. When this was completed they were

paired off with a final set of instructions. They were to have sex at least five

times a day.


Their cleanup was quite thorough and body disposal a snap. Ellen admitted to

Bruce that they had goofed by shrinking so many people at once. She didn't feel

bad about those she labeled "extras." No she only lamented the time it took to

dispatch and dispose of them. That's all.

It wa Sunday night when everyone had settled into their new digs. Tiny women and

even tinier men. That's the way Ellen wanted it and that's what she got. Instead

of names the tiny people would know be known as 1A and 1B, 2A and 2B and so on.

Each of the dollhouses were tagged with a number so Ellen and Bruce could

address the inhabitants thereof by their number.

It soon became obvious to Bruce (actually even more obvious) that Ellen had

certain fetishes. From the beginning of the pairing off of the couples she

ordered them to have sex with her watching. Not just any old sex, but all kinds

of kinky sex with the women taking the lead. For example couple one was ordered

out of their clothes and ordered to perform in front of Ellen just in front of

their house. Women 1 was ordered to sit on man 1's face and basically smother



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