Giantess Stories: The Experiment

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(***** POV – Jason Blair *****)

Hi, my name is Jason and I'm 22 years old.  I just

graduated from college with a degree in engineering, but due to the struggling

economy, I am currently without a job.  That's why when I read about a

possibility to get $100,000 in less than a year, I knew I had to apply.


It appeared that the University that I had just graduated

from needed some people for a top-secret experiment.  Requirements were fairly

easy to meet, you had to be male, physically fit, and have no one that you would

need to contact for a year.  Luckily, I fit all three easily.  So I was quite

excited when I received notice to come to the main Physics building of the

University at midnight next Sunday.  These people were definitely taking this

“top-secret” thing seriously.


I arrived at 11:55 and found the doors open.  I walked in

and saw a few other guys farther down the hallway.  I quickened my pace to

follow them, and before I knew it I was in a large auditorium with about 30

other guys.  I took a seat and back and remained quiet, wondering what all this

was going to be about.  It didn't take long for the instructor to get there, and

to my delight she turned out to be gorgeous.  Brown hair, about 5'9” tall, with

very long legs.  The glasses she wore only made me realize that this lady had

brains as well.


“Welcome, gentlemen,” the beautiful brunette started.  “My

name is Dr. Marlene Sanders, and I am in charge of this experiment.  Please fill

out the forms on the desk in front of you, and bring them to me when you are

done.”  I couldn't even begin to fill out the form right away.  I just stared at

her.  She was wearing a white blouse, tan dress pants, and tan leather low-heel

pumps.  I was guessing she was in her early thirties, but that was OK, since I

like older women.  This was going to be a great experiment!


While we filled out the forms, a few other woman came in. 

They were younger, around 26-28 years old, probably doing graduate level work. 

One, however, looked very young, maybe 18 or 19.  She had to have just started

college and happened to get into this job.

I filled out the forms, and watched as other men got up and

handed in them in.  She spoke something to them and then one of the assistance

led them out of the room.  I quickly finished filling out the form, not

bothering to read any details.  This was way too exciting.


“Please follow Debbie, here, and she will get the

experiment started for you,” Dr. Marlene said quietly.  I looked over to see

that Debbie was the young assistant which I had seen earlier.


“Follow me, please,” she said quietly.  She was very cute,

wearing similar attire to Dr. Marlene, but with sandals instead.  Debbie was

only 5' tall, with short blond hair.  I seemed a giant next to her, being 6'2”

tall myself.  I was guessing by her build that she had been a gymnast, since she

was very toned, and had muscles in just the right places.  She led me down the

hall and into a large locker room.


“You can remove your clothes here and put them in the

locker,” Debbie instructed.  “The put on the clothes in the locker and press

this button.”  She indicated a button on the top of the locker.  With a quick

smile, Debbie left the locker room.  I wasted no time in getting changed into my

new clothes.  Not much imagination, though, since everything was gray.  Gray

shirt, gray pants, gray undergarments, and gray shoes.  While I was getting

changed, I could hear other people in other parts of the locker room being

brought in as well.  When I was finished, I rang the buzzer and waited for

Debbie to return.  It didn't take long.


“Follow me, please,” she said again quietly.  I followed

her into another room with a medical table I've seen in a doctor's office



“Jump on up,” Debbie said, “I need to give you a shot, then

we'll almost be finished.”  Well, there wasn't much to do, so I jumped up on the

table and watched as she prepared a syringe for me.  I've never been a fan of

shots, but at least this one was being delivered by a cute blond instead of an

old doctor.  It didn't even really hurt, and before I knew it, everything went



(***** POV – Dr. Marlene Sanders *****)

I knew it was going to be a long night.  I had thirty

surgeries to do on these men, and even at only 10 minutes a piece, that still

makes for five long hours.  At least the experiment was underway.  I couldn't

wait to see how well our quantum field reduction worked in practice.  Not to

mention, what affects it would have on the human male.  The theory was sound,

though.  By combining a quantum energy field to alter the genetic sequence in a

person, the results should be almost instantaneous.  And as long as the field

remained intact, it would last indefinitely.  We could effectively miniaturize a

living person.  The only problem was that it was dependant on the ‘Y'

chromosome.  We had been prepared to do research to fix this anomaly, but the

government wasn't that concerned.  They said the primary users would be male



My only other concern was that it had only been tested on

mice before.  And while it worked as long as they remained inside the lab, we

couldn't do any experiments on them until we could make the field portable.  And

now the government decides that the portable devices would be made for humans

and that the test should begin immediately.  Who am I to question their

resolve.  At least I got to choose my own team.  Since women are unaffected, I

knew that they would be the only gender comprising my team.  I also figured the

trauma would be lessened for the test subjects if the women were at least

pleasing to look at.  I consider myself attractive, so I chose other assistants

who could keep a subject's mind off their predicament by simply being

attractive.  I was also hoping that seeing the assistants and myself would keep

the subjects from fully reading the contract.  I knew the government put an

“accidental death” clause in there in since some of the experiments would most

likely cause the untimely death of the subject (some were actually designed that

way).  And there was always the fact that the government wanted the entire

experiment (along with all subjects) to be “terminated” at the very end to save

on costs.


Oh, well, on with the surgeries.  Each one consists of

placing a titanium collar tightly around the subject's neck, securing it in

place, then putting two probes into the base of their brain.  It's actually not

that difficult, but it will prevent them from removing these collars themselves,

and it will allow the genetic connection needed to change their size.  The

specialized clothing will also be linked with wires to this collar so that the

subjects will remain clothed during the entire experiment.  Microphones in the

collars will also allow any assistant with the Sizing Controller to hear the

subject clearly.  In five hours, I'll be feeling much more relieved…


(***** Chapter 2 *****)


(***** POV – Harvey Johnson *****)

I woke up with an incredible headache.  Upon feeling the

back of my neck, I was very surprised to find a tight collar on me.  I was even

more surprised to feel that part of it was embedded in the back of my neck! 

What kind of experiment was this!


After sitting up and looking around, I saw that there were

about 30 of us in three different transparent rooms.  I immediately got up and

went to the door, but there was just a metal plate there, and even though I

pushed as hard as I could, I couldn't open the door.  I also noticed that some

of the other men were beginning to wake up.


“Guess what, guys!” I said to some of the newly awakened

men, “It seems that we've all had some major surgery done while we were

asleep.”  This brought various responses from the nine other guinea pigs in this

cell.  I could see some getting angry (like myself), but there were others that

just seemed to accept the situation.  How stupid!  I called some of the other

“like-minded” individuals over and sat them down. 


“Listen, we need to get out of here,” I began.  “If they

don't let us go right away, I say we break out and head for the nearest police

department.  We never signed up to have surgery!”  I was getting angrier by the

second.  It was then that I noticed that three women had entered the area of the

lab outside the transparent rooms.  One was the good Dr., one was a young blond,

and the other was a fiery redhead.  The red haired beauty took the room to my

right, and the young blond walked to the room on my left.  Dr. Sanders came up

to the door to the chamber I was in.  All three of them touched the metal plate

to the individual rooms, and the doors opened.  They then walked into their

respective rooms.


“I never signed up for this!” I yelled.  “Some of us want

out immediately!”  Her response was simply to smile.


“You signed a contract, so you'll have to stay for a

while,” the Dr. said comely.  I could feel every muscle in my body tense.  Out

of the corners of my eyes, I could see that there were other men in the other

rooms that were thinking like I was.  I figured all they needed was a catalyst. 

We were not going to let some cutesy babe rule over our lives!  I brought up my

left hand as fast as I could, and back-handed this little bitch as hard as I

could.  I didn't even bother to wait for her to hit the floor, as I dove for the

door before it finished closing.  I heard the other guys behind me subduing the

Dr., and I began to run towards the other rooms to help.  I gave one quick look

back to make sure that the Dr. was secured.  I watched her hand move towards her

belt and press a small button on a “pager.”  Everything slowed down, than faded

to black.  I felt myself falling, but in a “floating” type way.  Suddenly,

everything became clear again.


To my incredible surprise, everything had become gigantic. 

Lab tables became long bridges, and the massive computers became tall

buildings.  I quickly estimated that I must be about 4 inches tall.  The ground

began vibrating as I turned around to see Dr. Sanders had not been reduced like

all the men had.  I couldn't take my eyes off her as she began walking out of

the middle chamber and towards me.  My legs refused to move as my mind was

trying to figure out how this could actually be happening.  As she got closer,

my legs finally gave out and I collapsed, looking up at this beautiful giantess.


“Get back in your cell,” she hissed.  Without even waiting

for me to move, Dr. Sanders swung her tan leather pump into me, and I flew.  I

must have flown 100', sliding back into the transparent chamber.  The Dr. merely

took three steps, and was in there with the ten of us, before shutting the door

tight.  I didn't dare move as I curiously watched her remove her right worn

leather shoe, revealing a beautiful, glistening bare foot.  To my horror, she

lifted it over me, and then began to set it down.  Everything in my mind

screamed “RUN,” but my body was completely frozen in fear.  I saw every wrinkle

of her sweaty sole as it slowly lowered onto my body.


The first thing that hit me was the smell.  Seeing that she

was wearing the same clothes as when we first saw her, she probably had been

wearing these shoes for at least 18 hours in a row.  I immediately tried to

squirm out from under her gigantic foot, but the pressure just increased.  I was

now pinned, with my head just under her big and second toes, my chest under the

ball of her foot, and my legs extending partway along her arch.  Looking up

between her toes, I could see that she was seething with anger.  She stared down

at me, than moved her toes so that my head was gripped up between her big and

second toe.  The stench of her bare sweaty foot was so strong with my head

trapped between her toes that I nearly retched.


“To make sure all of you little ones know who is in charge

here,” Dr. Sanders began, “I will show you how punishment works around here.” 

All the while she was addressing the other guinea pigs, she was kneading my head

between her toes, squeezing it until I though my head would pop between this

bitch's toes.  When I realized she had stopped talking, I looked up to see her

staring at me.


“You are hereby released from this experiment,” Dr. Marlene

Sanders whispered.  She then relaxed her toe-hold on my head, and began to press

down with the ball of her sweat covered foot.  I struggled as hard as I could,

pushing up on her long giant toes, but my strength was beginning to ebb.  I

yelled out I was sorry, but it didn't seem to appease her any as I felt her soft

sole become more and more firm.  I couldn't see anything but the bottom of her

toes, and feel the stifling heat and pressure of this woman's foot.  I waited

for her to lift her foot off me, but instead she just pressed down harder.


I can't breathe any more, but my mind is still reeling from

the horrible stench that became my last breath.  My ribs are cracking... this

woman is actually going to squash me beneath her bare foot... I'm not a bug... 



(***** POV – Debbie Sillen *****)

I couldn't believed what I had just witnessed.  Admittedly,

I had a nasty bruise on my cheek from where one of these subjects hit me, but we

had neutralized the situation by shrinking them all down to 4 inches.  That

should have been the end of it.  Every man from every chamber just witnessed Dr.

Marlene squish a helpless subject beneath her bare foot.  I had to find out what

was going on, so I immediately left my chamber.


As Kay Johnson also came out of the far chamber, we both

went to the center chamber to talk to Dr. Marlene.  She was just finishing

wiping up the remains of Subject 17 as we got there.  She then turned around and

came out of the chamber, closing the door.


“I want each of you to take one of the attackers and punish

him in a similar fashion.” Dr. Marlene said.  I was stunned.  Could I actually

step on a man, crushing him out of existence?  I looked at Kay, and she was

smiling, already turning to go back to her chamber.  I obviously wasn't going to

get any help from her.


“I don't remember which ones attacked me,” I said to Dr.

Marlene.  I really didn't remember who was who, so this wasn't really a lie.


“Then just pick one,” she said back to me, then walked away

to one of the computers.  I knew I couldn't just step on someone, so I tried to

think as quickly as I could.  Then the idea hit me.  It would be risky, but it

just might work…


(***** POV – Jason Blair *****)

I think all of us were stunned by watching a grown man (or

rather a miniaturized grown man) be crushed beneath a beautiful woman's foot.  I

watched as the Dr. and two assistants had a small conference.  Then Debbie went

to her purse, grabbed some tissues, then came towards our chamber.  When we

heard the door to our chamber open, we were afraid that something was going to

happen to the people here.  I had stayed out of everything, but I wasn't sure

what Debbie's response would be. 


By this time, all of the guys in this chamber had backed

all the way up to the far wall.  We watched as Debbie closed the door behind her

and walked towards us, stalking us like a lioness hunts her prey.  In one hand

she held some tissues, obviously to clean up after what was to come next.  I

glanced in her other hand, and noticed that she was making symbols with it. 

Since I had had a class in sign language years before, I began to pay attention

to what she was signing.  It turned out, she wanted to know if anyone else knew

sign language.  Without thinking, I raised my hand.  That drew this giantess's

attention directly to me.  I just about collapsed in fear.


Debbie's giant hand reached out to me and picked me up.  It

was incredibly soft and warm.  However, all to soon, this 18 year old set me

down in front of her black leather flat.  It was at this time that I noticed

that she had changed clothes, even though Dr. Sanders hadn't.  There must have

been significant time that had passed while we were all asleep.


As soon as I was set down, I looked up to see her hand

signing again.  It seemed she was spelling out a plan.  To my partial relief,

she was going to try to save me.  However, if her plan didn't work, I would most

likely become a stain on the sole of a pretty young girl.  This thought was

brought home as she removed her leather shoe and placed her cute giant bare foot

right on top of me.  Even though my trust in Debbie was improving, I was

thinking that she could have come up with a better plan.  Her rubbery, moist

sole was very soft, but it smelled of sweat and leather like she had still spent

days wearing these shoes.


She reached down as if to position me beneath her bare foot

better, but then pushed a packet of Ketchup that she had hidden in the tissues

right next to me.  Then, she quickly reached for her belt and hit some buttons

on a “pager” she was wearing.  Everything went black for a moment, then suddenly

I could see.  The view wasn't improved.  I had been reduced significantly

further, and now was only a half-inch tall, under the arch of Debbie's titanic

toes.  As per her plan, I began to wedge my way between her third and fourth

toes.  The smell increased horribly, and I was becoming covered in the sweat and

grime that had already accumulated here.  After a little while, everything went

black a second time, and the accommodations got more roomy, but the stench

didn't improve.  I positioned myself even further into the crevice between this

young woman's toes.  I had to be only one-quarter to one-eighth of an inch

tall.  The enormity of this situation was just stunning as I contemplated that

fact that I was actually wedged between the sweaty toes of a young girl.  At

least some light filtered down so that I wasn't completely claustrophobic.


After a little time, I could feel the giant toes move and

wedge me even further between them.  Debbie was doing something but I had no

idea what it was.  Then suddenly, her toes relaxed, but only for a moment.  Then

the light went out and the air got much stuffier.  It appeared I was now trapped

inside Debbie's black leather pump, between two of her toes.  I couldn't help

but cry at my predicament.  I used to be over six feet tall, and now I was

inside the shoe of a five-foot tall teenager, wedged into the sweaty, grimy

crevice between two of her toes.  However, it still beat the alternative that

the other poor guy experienced beneath Dr. Sander's bare foot…


(***** Chapter 3 *****)


(***** POV – Kay Johnson *****)

Man, what luck.  I was so turned on by what Marlene did to

that cocky little prick.  I couldn't have asked for a better job than the one I

had today.  My nyloned feet were beginning to sweat inside my boots as I

anticipated feeling a tiny little man struggling for his life inside there

within the next couple of minutes.  I walked into my chamber and watched the

little bastards run for their lives.  Looking around, I was easily able to pick

out which subjects in my group were part of the revolt.  However, this was my

chance to see how an innocent person would respond to punishment for something

he didn't do. 


I quickly spotted Subject 3 who was the least aggressive of

the bunch.  I could tell he figured he was safe.  I walked over to him and

picked him up, much to his surprise.  I liked the sensation I was getting by

feeling him shaking in fear in my hand.


“I didn't do anything!” he yelled up to me, “I tried to

talk them out of it!”  How cute.  He actually thinks I care.  To see just how

far I could go, I set him down next to my right boot


“Sit down on my boot and don't move,” I told him.  To my

surprise (and enjoyment), he sat right down on the toe of my leather boot.  I

then lifted my left boot and pulled it off, revealing my nylon-covered foot.  I

knew this wasn't going to be good for him, since it was almost 5:00 in the

evening, and I had been wearing my black dress boots for the entire day.


“Climb in,” I said to him as I laid my boot on its side. 

He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and walked towards my boot.  He lifted

up the opening, and almost fell over.  I knew it was pretty hot and humid in

there, and I knew it probably didn't smell that good.  It was a credit to this

4-inch man's willpower that he actually stepped in and began crawling down the

shaft.  When I could see that the small bump in the leather shaft had reached

the sole of my boot, I picked it up and looked down.  I could see that he had

slipped on the moist leather surface of the insole and slid face down towards

the toe of my boot. 


“Lay on your back,” I instructed him.  Without any

complaints, he rolled over onto his back.


“Please don't step on me,” I heard him finally beg.  It was

a nice thought, but I was way too excited to let this opportunity go by. 

Without saying a word, I began putting my foot back into my boot.  As my sweaty

nyloned toes touched his legs, I could feel him begin to shake in fear again.  I

quickly moved my foot in a little farther, until my toes were on his chest. 

This was where it was beginning to get difficult.  These leather boots were

meant to be tight on me, but add a 4-inch tall man, and there wasn't really

enough room.  The subject could feel this too, as he began pounding on my toes

to get out.  I arched my foot and gave a good shove, which resulted in my foot

going the rest of the way in.  I could feel his tiny body crack slightly beneath

my sensitive sole.  Actually, the nylons I was wearing made it easier for me to

glide over the little slug.  It was exhilarating to feel his tiny, struggling

breath through the nylon mesh that encased my foot.


“Please, I don't want to die in here,” he whispered.  I

didn't blame him, since it had to be worse than hell in there.  The smell, heat,

and humidity probably combined to make him nearly go insane.  My excitement,

along with his own body heat, caused my foot to begin sweating even more.  Poor

guy, he really did absolutely nothing to deserve this.  That's probably why I'm

enjoying this so much.


“Let this punishment be a lesson to all of you,” I said as

I began to step down on the boot containing my little victim.  I could feel the

sole of my foot mold itself over the subject's tiny struggling body.  It was

amazing it could even offer a little resistance.  I heard him exhale heavily as

I forced the little bit of air he was able to get from under my toes out of his

lungs.  Then, finally, I felt a tiny crackling of bones against my sensitive

nyloned sole before a “popping” sensation.  There was now more room in my boot,

and I could feel a liquid substance oozing through my nylons, up between my

toes, and along the entire length of my insole.  Subject 3 had become a squishy

liquid that was mixing with the sweat from my foot to produce a slightly

lubricating substance.  I'd definitely have to put this in my notes. 


Looking around, all the tiny men were completely stunned. 

I thought that that was a good way to end out first day.  With a smile and a

wave, I walked out of the chamber and left them to themselves.  Poor bastards,

they had no idea what was in store for them…


(***** POV – Billy Orion *****)

What a first day…  I saw three guys get killed beneath the

feet of three beautiful women.  I wondered if I would ever get the money that

was owed to me, but more important, I wondered if I would get out alive.  The

red-headed woman that was in charge of my chamber had enjoyed crushing a man

inside her boot way too much.  We were all frightened of her, and part of me

never wanted to see her again.  The other part couldn't get past how beautiful

she was.


About 8:00 in the morning, we were awakened by this goddess

to go to breakfast.  She was wearing a red shirt, black pants, and black ankle

boots.  Upon opening up our chamber, she set down a box with a tiny door in it.


“I believe I forgot to tell you how to address me

yesterday,” the giantess began.  “You may call me Ms. Johnson, and I assume you

will now do whatever I tell you without hesitation.  Since this is your first

full day, we'll begin by having you climb inside this box to go to breakfast.” 

None of us wasted any time in getting into the box.  When we were all in, she

lifted it up and brought us to another room.  There on a large table, Ms.

Johnson set us down, and we could see tiny little tables set up for us.  At the

far end of the table, there was another box, labeled “bathroom.”


“You may now get out of the transport box,” Ms. Johnson

instructed.  Most of us went straight for the bathroom, since it had been quite

a while since we were able to relieve ourselves.  Inside, there were buckets

with toilet seats on them, and a second bucket to wash up with.  Towels were

also included.  There were 10 stations, but only nine would be used now, since

one of our number had been crushed inside Ms. Johnson's boot.  At least she

seemed nicer today.


After going to the bathroom, I ate as much as I could. 

Everything was delicious, including pieces of eggs, fruit, and toast.  Water was

pretty much what we drank, and before we knew it, we were all feeling much

better.  We were then taken back to the main chamber and left there for some

time.  I got to know some of the other participants in this experiment, and we

seemed to have some stuff in common.  After about 4 hours, Ms. Johnson came back

into the chamber.


“One of you will now be needed for the first experiment,”

she informed us.  “Do I have any volunteers?”  I figured that I might as well

get this over with, so I raised my hand and stepped forward.  Ms. Johnson then

took a few steps towards me, until I couldn't even look up into her beautiful

face.  I looked at her black leather ankle boots on either side of me and waited

for her to do something.


“Thank you for volunteering, Subject 1,” she said to me. 

“Climb onto my boot and hang on.”  I hesitantly walked over to her right boot

and climbed onto the smooth leather surface.  There really wasn't anything to

hang onto, so I spread myself out and tried to hug the top of her boot as best I

could.  She wasted no time in turning around and began walking out of the room. 

It was a roller-coaster ride without any safety precautions.  As she stepped

forward, the toe of her boot would crease and I could get a slight handhold, but

then once her foot was in the air, there was nothing left, and I just tried to

balance.  Luckily for me, it wasn't long before we got to our destination and

stopped.  I was exhausted, but was glad that I could prove that I had what it

took to be in this experiment.  Suddenly, I felt her soft fingers wrap around me

and lift me onto the table.


“Are you ready?” Ms. Johnson asked.  She seemed so nice

today that I felt I would do anything for her.  I looked into her deep green

eyes and nodded.  The first thing she did was to tap some numbers on her control

that she had on her belt.  I was suddenly one-fourth the size I had been, making

me about an inch tall.  Then, she pushed me gently backwards until I was laying

down in front of her.  She took a plastic syringe that was next to some

chemicals and placed it in a vial of bluish liquid. 


“Hold your breath,” Ms. Johnson whispered as she moved the

syringe over me and pressed out a few drops.  I held my breath as the drops

impacted my body.  Immediately, there was a stinging sensation all over my

body.  Then, my body went completely rigid, and I couldn't move.


“How do you feel?” Ms. Johnson asked me.  Not only couldn't

I move, I also couldn't speak.  All I could do is stare up into her gigantic

beautiful face.  She then picked me up in her soft hand and set me on the

floor.  I was surprised by this, but I was also surprised by the amount of extra

sensitivity my body had.  Ms. Johnson looked like a skyscraper as she stared at

me lying between her black leather boots.


“I'm going to begin the second part of this experiment,”

she began.  I then watched as she crossed her giant legs and pulled off her left

leather boot, revealing her beautiful bare foot.  She then put the boot on the

table and lowered her bare foot right towards me.  I observed the wrinkles in

her sole, and couldn't help but wonder if this is what the last guy saw before

he was crushed in her boot.  Luckily, she didn't put her foot on top of me, but

rather just next to me.  I could still smell the sweat and leather mixture of

her foot having been encased in that boot for half a day.


“I want you to try as hard as you can to move,” Ms. Johnson

explained.  “I will place my big toe over you and slowly lower it.  Your job is

to get out from under it before it crushes you.”  She stated the rules like she

was reading instructions for a game of monopoly.  There was nothing I could do,

since I couldn't even protest.  But then I heard movement and into my field of

vision came her giant sweaty bare foot, again.  She set it below me, with her

big toe extended up and out over my paralyzed body.  I could just see Ms.

Johnson's stunning smile before everything was eclipsed by the underside of her

big toe.  Being only an inch tall, I was actually smaller than her giant toe,

and it would cover me completely if I wasn't able to get out.


“Come on, get moving!” Ms. Johnson encouraged.  She sounded

like she was trying to be so helpful, but her sweaty toe just kept lowering down

towards me.  I kept trying and trying, but I was completely paralyzed.  I could

see the ridges of her toe print, but also the dirt that had stuck to her moist

skin from inside her boot.  The smell kept getting worse, and finally, I felt

the wet rubbery surface of her big toe touch my body.  I couldn't even turn my

head as the soft skin became more and more firm.  I took one more deep breath,

which was filled with the stench of this woman's toes. 


“I guess I'll have to record that this substance causes

total paralysis,” the giantess stated in a scientific tone.  I kept preparing

myself for her to lift her toe off of me, but it just stayed resting there.  The

heightened sensitivity of my body allowed me to feel pressure all over.


“Well, I guess it's on to the next experiment,” she said in

an almost happy tone.  “It's a shame that you had to lose at your first game.” 

With a giggle, the pressure began to increase again, and I still couldn't move. 

I couldn't believe I was being crushed by a woman's big toe.  The strength and

power she had over me was complete.  I felt my face and body pressed deeply into

the underside of this bitch's reeking toe.  The pain seems to be amplified from

the substance, but then again, I can't imagine being squished beneath a toe

non-painful.  I can't breathe, and my body is being compressed.  The air is

forced from my lungs, and all I can think of is that there is nothing I can do. 

I am nothing more that a bug to be squished beneath the big toe of this woman.


“Now I want to feel a good ‘POP' beneath my toe, OK?” was

the last thing I heard.  The pain is becoming so intense that I don't think I

can take anymore.  And there is no place to get oxygen.  I am completely

engulfed by the soft, firm flesh of her big toe.  The pressure continues…

Everything is going black… POP…


(***** Chapter 4 *****)


(***** POV – Jason Blair *****)

When I awoke, I couldn't figure out where I was or what was

going on.  I was on a soft surface, and everything was pretty dark.  I rolled

over to try to get up, and fell immediately back down.  Every muscle in my body

hurt.  I decided to lay here a little while longer, when I began to remember

everything that happened.  I had been reduced to an extremely tiny size, and

trapped between a teenager's toes.  I think her name was Debbie.  And then she

had put her shoe back on and everything got worse.


I remember the squeezing and pressure of the sweaty walls

of flesh on either side of me, and the heat became unbearable.  I also remember

that Debbie's foot became more and more sweaty, and eventually, I slipped down

from between her toes and onto the leather surface of the insole of her shoe. 

From there, I was tossed around quite a bit, until I made it past her toes and

into the “unoccupied” section of the very tip of her shoe.  I had hooked one leg

under the edge of the insole, which seemed to be turning up slightly since

Debbie had probably worn these shoes for quite a while, no doubt.  However, the

movement and the banging around didn't stop, and I finally passed out.  Now I'm

here, wherever here is.


Suddenly, there was a light all around me, and I could see

what was going on.  However, I also heard voices nearby, and I wasn't sure I

wanted to know who they belonged to.  It appeared that I was in a glass jar of

some sort that was covered with a towel.  Inside, I was laying on some folded

toilet paper. 


“Come on, Caitlan,” I heard one voice say, “I know my

sister has some money stashed in here somewhere.”  I completely froze.  There

was nowhere to hide, except under the toilet paper, so I quickly covered up with



“All right, Jenna,” I assumed it was Caitlan talking this

time, “but let's hurry up so we can get to the mall, OK?  It's already 1:00, and

I'm not wasting a great summer day like this.  Hey, maybe it's in that jar.”  My

heart froze as I watched through the thin tissue paper as the towel was removed

from the jar.  I could make out the fuzzy images of two giant young girls.  They

looked to be around 13 years old, with very searching eyes.


“What's this all about?” Jenna asked as she picked up the

jar.  She gave it a good shake, and I just about passed out from the pain. 

Unfortunately, I gave a good scream and rolled out from under the toilet paper. 

Both girls just stared at me with their mouth's open.


“My God!” Jenna said.  “That looks like a 4-inch tall man,

and it just screamed!”


“Get him out of there!” Caitlan added excitedly, “And let's

get a closer look!”  My body hurt so much that I just laid there as the top of

the jar was screwed off and a giant teenage hand reached in and picked me up.  I

was immediately set on the floor, between two pairs of bare feet wearing rubber

flip-flops.  I looked up to see these two young giantesses immediately sit down

and start prodding me.  Jenna looked a lot like her sister Debbie, being blond,

cute, rather short (if I were my normal height), and rather thin.  She was

wearing a simple white T-Shirt and tan shorts.  Caitlin was pretty as well, but

she was taller, had brown hair, and had more of an athletic build.


“So what's up with you?” Jenna said down to me.  I began

explaining what had happened, but I don't think she could hear me.  She reached

down and roughly picked me up.


“You'll have to talk louder, I can't hear a word you're

saying,” she said as she brought me up to her ear.  I again recounted all that

had happened in the last few days, until finally I was done.


“What did he say?” Caitlan asked.  I got to hear an

abridged version of my brief adventure, than both girls fell quiet and just

looked at me.  It was very unnerving as I wondered what was going through their



“He'd make a great pet,” Caitlan said finally.  “I wonder

what your sister has planned for him?”  I didn't like the sound of being a pet,

but perhaps I could learn something of what Debbie was planning for me.


“She probably is going to bring him back to where she got

him and get him back to normal,” Jenna guessed.  “But if we make it looked like

he escaped, we might be able to keep him longer!”  At this, Jenna and Caitlan

stood up and started to arrange the jar to make it look like it fell over, and

that I was “somehow” able to get the lid off.  I decided that it might be in my

best interest to actually escape, so I decided to use the time to make a run for

the bed.


“No you don't!” I heard Caitlan say.  I felt a shove from

the side as she swept her foot into me.  I flew several feet through the air and

landed hard.  I then watched as Caitlan removed her bare foot from her rubber

flip-flop and lifted it over me.  I could see the dark pattern of sweat and dirt

that had accumulated from wearing the rubber sandals, and every wrinkle of her

bare foot stood out as I could do nothing but watch.  Finally, Caitlan's foot

made contact with me, and I cringed.  The smell of rubber and sweat, combined

with the soft, moist, rubbery feeling of her sole made me want to fight to

escape even more.  However, no matter how hard I struggled, I couldn't move her

foot off of me.  I was stuck with the ball of her foot on my chest, looking up

at the underside of her dirty toes.


“Hey, Jenna!” Caitlan called.  “What's the penalty for

trying to escape?”  While we awaited the answer, Caitlan pressed her toes down

around my head, trying to pinch it between them.  Luckily, the sweat from

between her toes made it difficult to get a grip.  Unfortunately, I was getting

the sweat and dirt from between her toes plastered to the side of my head.  The

smell was getting to me.


“Now that I'm done with showing my sister that he

‘escaped',” Jenna said.  “I think we take him into my room and have him clean

our feet for us.  After all, he's about the size of a worm, worms like dirt, and

our feet are pretty dirty!”  This was not going to be fun.  Caitlan removed her

bare foot from me and picked me up.  She then put her flip-flop back on and

walked out of Debbie's room, followed by Jenna.  I was now at the mercy of two

eighth grade girls' dirty feet. 


I was set down on the floor of another bedroom, which I

assumed to be Jenna's.  Caitlan sat on the bed looking at me while Jenna seemed

to be searching for a CD to put into the stereo.  Slowly, Caitlan slipped off

her flip-flops and smiled.


“Why don't you climb onto my sandal and make yourself

useful,” she said.  I knew it wasn't really a question, so I walked over and sat

down on the giant rubber sandal.  She gently pushed me onto my back and placed

her dirty bare foot on top of me.


“You best get started, since Jenna's going to want her feet

cleaned as well, worm!” Caitlan giggled.  I decided to start licking, and

realized that this was not going to be easy.  My first lick was filled with

sweat and dirt, and I had a hard time swallowing.  It also had a partial taste

of rubber.  I continued licking the ball of Caitlan's foot, when she pulled it

back slightly and pushed her toes around my head.


“You have to get in between, too!”  This brought laughter

from both young girls, since Jenna had finished getting the music ready and was

now intently watching me lick in between her friend's toes.  The smell was as

bad as I thought it would be, but not as bad as when I was stuck between

Debbie's toes.  However, having to lick the grime from between Caitlan's toes

made me extremely sick.  I knew this was going to take a while.  Before too

long, however, the girls were simply talking to each other, and I was left to

perform my humiliating job of licking the bare feet of two 13-year-old girls…


(***** POV – Debbie Sillen *****)

The day was going pretty well, with the morning taken up by

feeding the subjects in my chamber.  They all seemed fairly happy with being in

my chamber, since they must have realized I saved the life of Subject 24.  To my

astonishment, they were all learning to follow my hand signals, so we could

communicate secret messages that weren't recorded by the computers.  They had

asked me what happened to number 24, and I responded that he was alive and safe,

and that I would try to help them all out.  They seemed very relieved by this.


I looked at the afternoon schedule and saw that Kay was

supposed to do a paralyzation experiment, while I was assigned to do a reflex

experiment.  Dr. Sanders was to perform a pain-threshold experiment on one of

her subjects.  I went to my computer and did some quick research into the

nervous systems of my subjects in order to pick out two that were pretty close

in reflexes.  It turned out Subjects 27 and 23 would do perfectly, with Subject

27 being the primary one.  With a little luck both of these men would be safe

with me tonight.


I went to my chamber and announced that Subjects 23 and 27

were to be part of the next experiment.  They both happily stepped forward, and

I gently picked them up.  I walked to the lab that I would be using and sat down

in my chair.  I set the subjects down at my feet and explained the experiment.


“This experiment is set to test your reflexes.  I am going

to try to place my foot on top of you, while you are to dodge it.  The test will

run for two minutes, and then be repeated, but at the reduced height of one

inch.”  Both subjects looked fairly determined at this point, since they knew

they had to be ready for their chance to escape with me.


“Subject 27 will be the primary, and in case of injury,

will be replaced by Subject 23.  Let's begin.”  I picked up Subject 23 and

placed him on the table next to me.  I then removed my right shoe and lifted my

bare foot up high so that the subject had a chance to prepare to dodge.  It was

also to show him that I had taped a small balloon of fake blood to the bottom of

my foot.  With the right timing, it could look like he didn't make it.  I began

the game by slowly trying to pin the little guy beneath my foot.  However, he

did show that he had very quick reactions.  I began to move my foot faster and

faster, and finally, I trapped him.  However, I must have come down too hard

with my heel, because I felt a light crunch as I stepped on his legs.  I moved

my foot and found that I had broken his left leg.  At least it hadn't broken

through the skin, but it would definitely need some medical attention.  But

there was no time for that now.


“Well, I guess I'll have to retire you from the

experiment,” I said looking down at the four inch man.  I gave him a quick wink

as I moved my hand to the size controller on my belt.  I then placed my bare

foot over him, but with the balloon next to him.  I hit the control to change

his size, and I felt him disappear beneath my foot.  All I could feel now was

the balloon, but I knew I had to wait until I felt him by my toes.  Luckily, he

must have hobbled pretty fast with that broken leg, because I suddenly felt a

tiny tickle between my last two toes.  I reduced the subject further from a half

inch to a quarter inch, which allowed him to climb up between my toes.  I knew

it probably wasn't pleasant for him, but it was the only way.  When I felt he

was secure, I reduced him down to an eighth of an inch tall to give him a little

extra room, while stepping down on the balloon.  It looked great as blood and

some solid material (I used some tiny strips of bacon) came out from under my

sole.  I wasted no time in wiping up the mess, since I couldn't afford any of it

to go between my toes and possibly drown the little guy I had there.  I only

hoped he would survive the rest of the day in my shoe until I got home.


“OK, I guess it's time for the backup,” I said as I lifted

Subject 23 from the table and placed him on the floor.  I moved my chair a

little bit, so that we wouldn't have to conduct the experiment on the bloody

spot from before.  I hit the size controller and reduced the subject down to an

inch tall.  He looked a little worried, but at least he was determined.  He

probably didn't know how I had pulled off the last trick, and thought I might

have crushed his friend.  But he really had nothing to worry about…


(***** POV – Larry Peters *****)

I waited for the experiment to begin, having just been

reduced to an inch tall.  I was just staring at Debbie's well-worn left leather

pump, waiting for that giant bare foot to come out.  I was pretty sure

everything worked well with Dave Smith who looked like he just got squashed

beneath her foot, but I wasn't entirely sure.  Even if everything went right, he

was now trapped inside that leather prison with Debbie's right sweaty bare

foot.  It was hard to imagine that I would soon be inside this teenager's shoe,

probably stuck between her sweaty toes.  However, I guess it's better than the



“Let's begin the second part of this experiment,” I heard

her say.  I watched in anticipation as her giant bare foot began to slide out. 

Then suddenly there was a noise behind me of a door opening.  I turned around to

see Dr. Sanders.


“How's everything going?” she asked Debbie in a casual

tone.  I watched Debbie put her foot back into her shoe.


“I'm just about to start the second phase of the

experiment,” Debbie answered.  “There was a small accident with the subject in

the first phase, but that is bound to happen.”  Debbie sounded calm, but I could

tell she was nervous.


“I know what you mean, I'm just about to start my

experiment for today,” Dr. Sanders continued conversationally.  “However, I

thought I would check in to see how you are doing.  After all, it can't be easy

being in a graduate level study as an intern fresh out of high school.  I hope

that you won't hesitate to ask any questions if you have any.”


“Don't worry, I won't,” Debbie answered.


“Well, don't let me stop your experiment, I just wanted to

watch for a little while,” Dr. Sanders replied as she sat down in a nearby

chair.  This made me a little more nervous, but I've seen Debbie pull off some

amazing slight-of-hand tricks so far.  Debbie then looked down at me, and I

could tell she was unsure what to do.  She reached down and removed her shoe,

and it looked like she used her finger to remove something from the bottom of

her foot and shove back into the toe of her leather pump.


“Let's begin,” she said again, but this time, her voice was

a little shaky.  I watched as she lifted her gigantic bare foot high above me,

than brought it down towards me.  I could see the sweat glisten on the ball of

her bare foot, along with the wrinkles on her arch.  I dove out of the way, and

turned to prepare for more.  Debbie just kept on lifting her foot, and bringing

it back down, but it was becoming faster and faster.  I knew I only had to go

for two minutes, and I was guessing that Debbie was hoping Dr. Sanders would

leave.  However, Dr. Sanders stayed seated, observing the rest of the

experiment.  Finally, after I rolled out from just barely being pinned under the

sweaty foot, I turned to see it already heading back down towards me.  There was

nothing I could do as I reflexively put up my arms to ward off Debbie's bare



Everything slowed down as she made contact with me, and I

was immediately struck by how soft the underside of her bare foot was.  It felt

like soft wet rubber, but smelled a whole lot worse.  I was completely immobile,

even though she was hardly putting any pressure on me at all.


“Well, you didn't do as well as I'd hoped,” I heard Debbie

say.  “Perhaps the next experiment will prove more worthwhile.”  I felt that she

was stalling, and I even heard Dr. Sanders get up to leave.  All I could see

were her dark blue high-heeled pumps from my position beneath Debbie's foot.


“Don't worry if something happens to that subject, he's

probably not fit enough to continue in this experiment,” I heard Dr. Sanders

say.  “Why don't you dispose of him.”  This got me extremely nervous.  I didn't

want to die, crushed beneath a teenager's bare foot.  Especially, since I was

enduring the horrible smell from my head being stuck slightly under her toes.  I

could feel the pressure increase slightly, but I could also feel the heat and

sweat increase as this giantess became more and more nervous.


“You're right,” I heard Debbie say.  “You've pretty much

wasted my time, you little slug!  Let's make this a slow one.”  I shuttered as

she moved her foot back and gripped me with her giant toes.  My arm was caught

between two of them, and my face was pressed between two more.  The smell was

extremely bad, but I knew it was about to get much worse as she set me down

inside her shoe.  As soon as she let go, I ran towards the toe section.  The air

in here just about knocked me out cold, but I knew I had only one shot at

staying alive.  I ran past a giant balloon filled with red liquid, and got the

idea to push it out of the indentation made by her big toe.  I waited a little

bit longer as Debbie began to put her bare foot into her shoe.  As soon as the

light dimmed, I pushed hard on the balloon, and it rolled into the indentation

made by the ball of her bare foot.  There was nothing more I could do except

dive for the farthest reaches of the toe section.  Unfortunately, it wasn't far



The light went completely out as Debbie finished pushing

her foot completely into the worn leather shoe.  I felt Debbie's toes directly

above me, and knew that if she pressed down, I would be nothing but a stain. 

Luckily, she felt me there and decided to keep her toes raised as she pressed

the ball of her foot down on the balloon.  I could hear her say something

muffled to Dr. Sanders, but couldn't make out what it was.  I felt liquid ooze

in around me, but I quickly took a deep breath before I was completely

submerged.  The air I got almost burst right back out of my chest.  It reeked of

Debbie's foot sweat and leather.  Luckily, she pulled her foot out quickly, and

I climbed a little farther in the toe of the shoe.  I then watched a giant paper

towel come into the shoe and wipe out the fake blood that had been spilled by

the balloon.  The blood that could have easily been me.  I heard Debbie say

good-bye to Dr. Sanders, than a door closed.  Debbie didn't say a word, as

suddenly, everything went dark.  When I could see again, everything was

gigantic.  The once crowded shoe looked like a stadium.  It must have been over

a hundred yards from the toe of the shoe to the heel.  However, I realized it

was still going to be crowded as a shadow fell over the old leather insole, and

Debbie began to insert her bare foot.  I crawled all the way to the toe of the

shoe and found that there were places to hang on to here.  The sweat from her

foot, and the fact that she had probably worn these shoes for years had caused

the insole to peel away slightly.  I found that I could easily crawl just

slightly beneath the leather insole and be fairly comfortable.  That was, at

least, until Debbie's barefoot began to sweat again, and the air became filled

with the stench.  Ah, well, at least I'm alive…


(***** Chapter 5 *****)


(***** POV – Dr. Marlene Sanders *****)

I was very excited after leaving Debbie's experiment,

knowing that it was my turn to conduct one.  I quickly made my way to my chamber

and looked at all the tiny, 4 inch men below me.  They had been slightly

frightened of me this morning, but after breakfast, they seemed to loosen up a

bit.  The next subject was going to find out how nice I could actually be.


“It's time for the next experiment, and I need a

volunteer,” I said down to them.  I watched a few men step forward, and I bent

down to look at them closer.  I loved to see them try to control their “flight

responses” when they are near me.  After looking them over, I decided that

Subject 11 would help me today.  I reached down and wrapped my fingers around

his frail body and left the chamber.  I immediately went to the chemistry lab to

get the experiment underway.  The excitement was killing me!


I sat down at a table and set my little volunteer on the

floor between my feet.  I had to fight back the overwhelming urge to just squish

him beneath my leather high-heeled pump.  That was OK, though, since this

experiment should offer me a release soon enough.


“This experiment will test your pain threshold,” I

explained to Subject 11.  “When you can't take the pain any more, tap your hand

on the toe of my shoe, and I will instruct you further.  Also, for this

experiment, you will be reduced to an inch tall.”  He looked a little nervous,

but said that he understood.  With that, I touched the controls on the size

controller and reduced him to an inch tall.  I than took a plastic syringe and

filled it with the appropriate liquid.  Bending down, I hovered it over his head

and squeezed the liquid out of the syringe, covering the subject from head to

toe.  The reaction was almost immediate.


He began screaming uncontrollably while trying to control

the shooting pain that was going through every nerve fiber in his body.  I

adjusted the speaker on my control unit so that his screaming wasn't too loud,

but loud enough that I could hear if he said anything important.  He withstood

the pain for four minutes before running over to my right pump and tapping on

the dark blue leather surface.


“Are you sure you want the experiment to end?” I inquired.


“YES!  YES!  Stop the pain!” the little guy yelled up.  I

just smiled and removed my right bare foot from my shoe.


“In order for me to stop it, you will have to climb in my

shoe,” I told him.


“What?!  Why do I have to do that?!” he questioned.


“There is no room for negotiation,” I told him.  “If you

want the pain to stop, you must go into my shoe.”  He hesitated for a moment,

then climbed up onto the leather surface and jumped in.  He immediately started

screaming more.  I happened to know that the chemical I gave him amplifies the

senses astronomically.  I had a feeling he wouldn't like the smell that was in

there, but I knew that there was more to come.  It was also amusing to watch him

try to jump back out, but unable to make his muscles move like they used to.


“I now want you to ask me nicely to put my shoe back on,” I

calmly told him.


“You've got to be crazy!” Subject 11 shouted.  “I want to

get out of here!”


“The only way to stop the pain is to follow instructions,

so the sooner that you do what I say, the sooner the pain will stop,”  I knew

that he had to think about this for a little while, but that it wouldn't be too



“OK!  OK!  Please put your shoe back on!” he screamed.  It

was my pleasure as I put my bare foot back into my shoe.  I was so excited by

what was happening that I was beginning to break out in a sweat.  I knew that

was probably the last thing that he wanted, my sweaty bare foot sealing him into

the dank recesses of my leather pump.  As I finished shoving my sweating bare

foot in, he began screaming in a brand new frenzy.  This was expected, since the

acid from my foot sweat probably felt like it was eating into his skin.  Plus, I

could feel his breath right beneath my toes, so I'm sure his sense of smell was

also overloading and setting off more pain receptors in his brain.


“The next step is to lick between my toes,” I told him. 

This was my favorite

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