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The Explosion

by Shannon Sargent

Samantha gets bigger every time she absorbs energy

Update: 09/10/1997 to giantess

Chapter 1

Samantha stormed out of the high school gymnasium into the cool evening

air, her eyes misting over with the onset of a major crying session. She could

not believe that she had just been cut from the Lincoln High School cheerleading

squad, especially after she had been on the squad her freshman, sophomore, and

junior years. But that, she bitterly noted, was when Mrs. Wilson had been the

coach in charge of picking and training the squad. Walking aimlessly across the

campus she thought about the chain of events, all beyond her control, that had

brought this about. Mrs. Wilson had retired at the end of last year and then

Mr. Williams had been hired from some big city high school to run the team.

Coach Williams had a distinct style quite different from Mrs. Wilson's. Whereas

Mrs. Wilson had chosen the team based on athletic skills and inner spirit, Coach

Williams had shown a definite bias toward picking the team based on how the

girls looked. From the comments he made during tryouts, and the girls he picked

for the team, Samantha had easily seen his preference for tall blonde girls with

large chests and long legs. Jeez, she thought, some of the girls he picked had

never been on a cheerleading squad before and couldn't even do a simple

backflip! It galled her that Donna Jo Spencer had made the team, the only

possible reason he could have picked her was her 5' 10" height and 38 inch D cup

breasts. The leotard Donna wore with the plunging V cut down to her navel had

Coach Williams' eyes dancing like one of those sing-along balls in a karaoke

machine. "Hell, it's not exactly like I don't have a nice body!" she blurted

out, although no one was around to hear her or check her body out.

Exiting the school and walking along the now deserted main street of the

town, she stopped to look at her reflection in a darkened store window. Taking a

critical look at herself, she saw how three years on the cheerleading squad,

bicycling 5 miles each way, every day, to school, gymnastics training, and

working towards her black belt in karate had resulted in a well toned eighteen

year old body, free of a single ounce of fat, and quite shapely in all the

right places. She was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a diver's dream.

For her size, she had full firm breasts that, on her, appeared quite large.

They were C cups, but on her thin athletic body they stood out like D cups would

on a taller woman's body; the only problem was that they weren't D cups and her

body was a lot shorter than most other people's. Even now, as an 18 year old

senior in high school, she was only 5 feet tall. And that, she knew, beyond a

shadow of a doubt, was the reason Coach Williams had dropped her from the squad.

"It just isn't fair!" she sobbed, and with that admission, the tears began

flowing freely and uncontrollably.

Samantha had not been keeping track of where she was wandering. Her mind

was working overtime thinking about having been cut from the squad and feeling

sorry for herself. At first she blamed it all on herself for being short and

kept torturing herself thinking of things she could have done differently during

the tryouts. As she walked on and began working things out in her mind, she

realized that the problem wasn't with her, but with Coach Williams. Her self

confidence, which had suffered a major blow when told of being cut, began to

rally back. As she turned onto the main highway she thought back to when she

had been on the squad with Mrs. Wilson. She had always been good enough for

her. Their team had won more than its fair share of tournaments and awards and

none of the judges had thought she was too short when they gave her the Miss

Spirit award. No, she decided, the problem is with Coach Williams, he couldn't

recognize a good cheerleader even if she did a backflip and landed, doing the

splits, right in front of his face. The thought of a cheerleader doing the

splits in Coach Williams' surprised face made her smile for the first time in an

hour. In fact, the more she walked and worked things out the better she began

to feel. She was beginning to make the transition from the run-away victim to

the stand-up-and-do-something-about-it activist. As she walked she began to

consider her position and the options she had.

The small two-lane highway she walked along was the main thoroughfare

through Lincoln, Ohio, a small mid-western town hardly distinguishable from any

other. Samantha Jacobsen, or Sam as her closest friends called her, had lived

in Lincoln all her life. At this time of the evening there was scarcely any

traffic going in either direction to distract her from the plans that she was

beginning to form. She knew she had to do something. She thought that she

might be able to lodge a protest with the school board or the city council.

Once they saw who he picked for the squad and watched them go through a routine,

it would be obvious, even to them, that Coach Williams hadn't picked the squad

fairly. As she began to fantasize deliciously about how the school board might

even decide to punish Coach Williams, her thoughts were suddenly yanked back to

reality by the approaching sound of someone honking a car horn from behind her.

As she turned around she saw a darkened car shape looming behind two headlights

that were swinging back and forth from the shoulders to each of the lanes. She

figured that the driver had been celebrating a little too much that evening and

shouldn't have gotten behind the wheel of the car. As the convertible sports

car blew by her, she heard cat calls, wolf whistles, and a portion of a

proposition that inwardly caused her to shudder. Instinctively, she raised

her hand up, extending the one middle finger significantly farther out than the

other four. The effect of the hand gesture on the car was nearly immediate.

The brake lights flashed on and the car went into a rapid skid ending up

pointing roughly back up the road towards her. The back wheels started burning

rubber and throwing stones and the car began to slide forward. As a chill

traveled down her spine, settling with a sickening feeling in her stomach, she

felt very powerless; flipping them off had not been a very smart idea. She

also suddenly became aware that she was alone and dressed only in the workout

tights she had been wearing to the cheerleader try-outs.

Panic-stricken, she began looking around for someone or something that

could help her. Amazingly, another pair of headlights was coming up the

highway from the opposite direction of the sports car. Her head swiveled

repeatedly as she first looked in the direction of the sports car and then back

in the direction of her would-be, she hoped, rescuer. She could not tell who

would arrive first.

The sports car driver was in pretty bad shape, his execution of the skid

had been pretty sloppy and after flooring the accelerator he had shot onto the

shoulder of the road, only to slam on the brakes again to stop and reorient the

car back onto the road. As Samantha watched, she thought that the extra

maneuvering the sports car driver was performing might give her that little

extra bit of time she needed for the other lights to reach her first. She was

standing at a wide sweeping bend in the road about a mile outside of town.

Although she could see both drivers, they wouldn't be able to see each other

until they were nearly on top of one another. As the lights of her hopeful

rescuer got closer, she could see that they weren't car headlights, they were

higher up and wider spaced like those on a big semi truck. She even began to

think that she could hear the diesel roar of the truck's engine. As her hands

started to go up to wave the driver down, she could see, from the shape of the

truck, that it was a tanker truck like those used to haul milk or water.

Joe Robertson was having "one of those days" and was, at this moment,

driving his tanker truck on Highway 41, just past Lincoln, on his way to

Toledo. He had been up for nearly 20 straight hours and was pushing things,

just a little bit, to get his load of liquefied natural gas to the DOW chemical

plant in Toledo. If he could get it there this evening, he would collect a

pretty substantial bonus for early delivery. He was scheming about how he would

spend that bonus, without telling his wife, when he noticed a pair of erratic

headlights, directly in his lane and approaching him at high speed. Joe had

encountered events like this before, usually they happened because some idiot

couldn't take being behind some slower car and decided to pass on a blind turn.

Something was different here though, this car wasn't passing anyone, it was just

in his lane. Drunk driver, Joe thought, it all fit, wrong lane, erratic

driving - how the driver would react, when and if he saw him, would be very

unpredictable. He decided that he would head for the open left lane and pass

the drunk driver's car on his right. The distance between the car and truck was

rapidly diminishing. Shit!, Joe cursed, as the drunk driver now swerved back

into the left lane. The head-on crash was imminent as Joe yanked the truck back

towards the right hand lane. As the truck began to swerve back, Joe's

headlights lit up a girl dressed in leotards waving frantically at him. The

rapid side to side motion of the truck was too much for its suspension to absorb

and the truck started to tip over. The sports car passed along the left side of

the truck, narrowly avoiding the tires that were now rising into the air. Joe

later remembered that the last thoughts he had, as the truck tipped over and

began sliding along the highway, were that a girl dressed like that had to be

cold and that there was about to be one hell of an explosion.

For Samantha, the whole chain of events occurred like they were in slow

motion. She was gripped with fear as she saw the sports car heading up the

wrong side of the highway towards her and she realized that it would get to her

first. This turned to a wave of relief as the sports car driver passed her by

yelling some incomprehensible curse. No doubt he had seen her waving at the

truck and then seen the truck's headlights and decided on leaving her alone.

Then she watched in fascination as the truck and car did their high speed dance

down the highway. Fascination turned to horror as the truck slowly pitched over

onto its side and began sliding directly towards her, trailing a shower of

sparks. Transfixed, she watched as the tank of the truck broke open and liquid

began spilling out. There was a blinding flash, simultaneously accompanied by

searing heat, and then everything went black.

Samantha felt like she was surfacing from some deep underwater cave. In

time, she became aware that she was lying on her back, it was dark, and she was

a little cold. She was trying to place where she was, all she knew was that it

wasn't her bedroom. With a start, she recalled the horrible accident with the

truck and the explosion. She did a mental check on her limbs and body but did

not feel any pain; instead she felt some sort of residual tingling throughout

her whole body. It felt like that tingling you get when you hit your funny bone,

only instead of feeling it in her arm, she was feeling it in her whole body.

She suddenly had the horrible thought that maybe she was paralyzed from the

neck down and couldn't feel anything! A quick touch of her hands to her face

dispelled that fear. She started feeling the rest of her body to make sure that

it was all there and stopped when she got to her breasts. She was surprised to

find that where she should be feeling her spandex tights, she was feeling her

bare nipples and skin. Fearing that somehow she had been violated, she bolted

upright and looked down at the rest of her body. The moonlight provided enough

illumination for her to discover that she was totally naked, there was not a

stitch of clothing on her or anywhere else in sight around her. She began

thinking that her clothes must have burned off in the explosion. As she thought

a little more about it, though she reasoned that her clothes couldn't get burned

off without her skin getting burned too. She reached up to see if any of her

hair had burned off and was relieved to feel that her long brunette strands of

hair were still there. She pulled some strands over to her nose and was greeted

with the pleasant strawberry aroma of the shampoo she had used that afternoon

before the try-outs. As far as she could tell she was entirely unharmed and

everything was normal except for the fact that her clothes were missing. She

wondered if the jerks from the sports car had come back after the explosion and

pulled them off. Dismissing that as not very likely, the only explanation she

could come up with was that her clothes must have been blown off by the

explosion and had to be lying somewhere near by. If she didn't find her

clothes soon she wasn't sure what she would do. The whole situation would be

very embarrassing. Her mom had always cautioned her about the dangers of

accidents and dirty underwear, but she had never said anything about accidents

and being found naked. It seemed that even dirty underwear was preferable to


Samantha stood up and started searching for her clothing. The ground

seemed funny to her but she couldn't place what was different. As she expanded

her search, what she found really blew her away. There below here, just a few

more steps away, was a small ribbon of concrete, about two and one half feet

wide, lit up by evenly spaced miniature street lamps. On that ribbon, on its

side, lay a miniature tanker truck looking just like one of those Tonka trucks

she and her brothers had played with when they were younger. As she looked

further around she could see, off in the distance, about a couple hundred yards

away and below her, the lights and buildings of Lincoln. As a matter of fact,

everything she could see was below her, the highway, the truck, the street

lamps, the town, the buildings, even the trees - Samantha could not believe how

big she now was. It was like some sort of scene out of the Twilight Zone or

Alice in Wonderland, only she hadn't taken any drinks out of bottles labeled

"drink me". Out of curiosity, she stepped over to the tanker truck, squatted

down, and began examining it. It looked normal except it was so small and the

tank had split open. Although the explosion should have blown it up into a

million pieces, she could see no signs of any explosions or fires. Getting down

on her hands and knees, she peered into the cab. Inside she could see the tiny

body of the driver; he wasn't moving, but he looked like he was unharmed. She

thought that he must have been knocked unconscious in the crash. Comparing

what she could see of him to the crook of her thumb, she estimated that he was

about three inches tall. She quickly started doing some mental calculations;

if he was average, say 6 feet tall, and now he's 3 inches tall, that would make

him twenty-four times smaller than he used to be. If she had been five feet

tall before, she would be twenty-four times bigger, making her nearly 120 feet

tall! She was glad that the driver was still unconscious, if he woke up and

saw a naked 120 foot tall giantess peeking in at him she thought it might cause

him a heart attack.

Then another thought occurred to her, if she was that tall, she ought to

be pretty strong as well. To see if that was true, she reached over and picked

the entire truck up with her right hand. As she weighed it in her hand, she

thought it must have weighed about ten or fifteen pounds, maybe a little bit

more than her workout dumbbells. The idea of using semi trucks in place of her

aerobic workout weights made her laugh. The remarkable ability to lift an

entire truck with one hand was somehow both exhilarating and sexy for her. If

she could pick up a truck with one hand, what other feats of strength could she

now perform? She imagined the awestruck looks on the townspeople's faces as she

lifted and moved whole buildings around like they were a child's wooden playing

blocks. She thought about going to Coach Williams' house, pulling off the roof,

and asking him if she was tall enough and if her tits were big enough for him

now. She imagined the look he would have on his face, as first he stared in

open jawed amazement at the 120 foot tall giantess towering over him and his

house, and then in shock as he realized just who this giantess was. The thought

of being so powerful and towering over Coach Williams was really getting

Samantha excited and, as she unconsciously began playing with her nipples, a

warm tingling was beginning to spread from her pussy. While continuing to

fantasize about getting even with Coach Williams, she lowered her hand and had

just begun stroking herself when she was snapped back to reality by the sound of

approaching sirens. She looked over towards town and saw a police car and

ambulance with flashing lights heading towards the crash scene. She wasn't

ready to be seen just yet and figured she had to go someplace and think about

how to deal with her new size before she started scaring everyone like some sort

of Godzilla monster. She decided to head off cross-country away from the

highway, but first, she delicately placed the semi truck perfectly upright back

in the right-hand lane, careful not to disturb the driver. Except for the

ruptured tank, it looked as if the driver had fallen asleep and stopped his

truck in the middle of the highway. That'll give them something to wonder

about, she giggled, as she headed off directly away from the highway towards the

dark countryside.

Samantha located a deserted farmhouse with a ramshackle barn and unplowed

fields, that she remembered as the old deserted Larson farm. She guessed that

she was five or ten miles, as the giantess walks, from the main highway. With

her new size, moving cross-country had been fairly easy and she had easily

avoided the risk of running into someone while traveling on paved roads, before

she had a chance to think things through. She sat down cross-legged in the

middle of the field. Although she was naked and alone, she had no fear that

anything coming out of the shadows would be able to harm her. She began to

logically consider her position deciding to begin with the basics, water, food,

shelter, and clothing. She did not think that water would be any type of

problem. There were plenty of lakes around and she shouldn't have any problem

grabbing some drinking water any time she needed some. Food was going to be a

problem and she decided to put that one off while she considered shelter and

clothing. Seasonally speaking, it was near the end of summer. That meant that

it really didn't get that cold during night and the days were temperate as well.

It wasn't going to be a hardship to go without clothes for a while, until winter

started coming. As for shelter, she looked over at the barn. If she removed

the two end walls she thought it would cover most of her body from her breasts

to her knees. It didn't look like it would be very comfortable, but it would

work for the time being. A rumbling noise from her stomach reminded her that

she had postponed the food issue. As she thought long and hard about it, she

realized that the only way she was going to get enough food was if she got help

from the townspeople. Those people were also probably her only hope for getting

some clothes made and getting some proper shelter made. If she was going to

survive, she needed the people of Lincoln.

As Samantha thought more about how the town could help her, she decided

that the best way would be to form work parties. She remembered a movie called

Village of the Giants where a bunch of teenagers had eaten some magic food and

grown real big and taken over a small town. She couldn't remember it exactly,

but she thought that the little people had formed work parties to take care of

the giants' needs. Those little people had at first rebelled and the trickiest

part of this whole situation would be getting the townspeople to willingly agree

to supporting her. She knew that with her newly acquired size and strength that

she could force the people of the town to feed her, just by threatening to step

on some buildings or people, but that was strongly against her nature and

upbringing. After thinking about the problem of gaining the town's support she

decided that the best approach might be to propose some type of "you scratch my

back, I'll scratch your back" relationship. As the world's tallest person, she

certainly would become some type of tourist attraction, this in turn would

generate additional income for the town which could be used to offset the cost

for caring and feeding the world's tallest person. Add a few other exhibits,

museums, and specialty product lines and it could work out very well for

everyone. She was so excited about having come up with a solution to her dilemma

that she temporarily forgot about her hunger and decided that she could wait no

longer, she would walk to town, make her grand debut, and share her proposal

with the town that evening.

She reasoned that the best way to get things out into the open was to call

a town meeting at the high school stadium, it was probably the only place in

town that could hold everyone and her. She walked around the outskirts of town

announcing, in her most official sounding voice, that there would be a 10:00

town meeting in the stadium with mandatory attendance. She didn't know what

time it was but she thought it was still before ten o'clock. After completing

her circuit around the town, she headed off to some fields behind the stadium

where she could watch the people arrive for the meeting and they would not be

able to see her. She didn't have any way to tell the time and waited several

anxious minutes watching to see if anyone would show up. Exhaling with relief,

she saw the headlights of car after car heading for the school parking lot and

then groups of people filing into the stadium. After what she guessed was about

fifteen more minutes she saw that there were no more cars arriving or traveling

on the streets. As was the case in situations like this before, an old poem ran

through her head, "The time has come the Walrus said, to speak of many things."

The time had come and she couldn't see any point in postponing it any further.

Bolstering up her courage, the naked giantess began walking towards the stadium.

She decided she would crouch down low as she approached the stadium and give the

people a view of just her head first. She thought this might be less shocking

than towering naked over them in her "full glory". As she reached the stadium

and carefully peeked over the top she could see all the people of town, some

were seated, others were milling around, there looked to be general confusion.

Clearing her throat slightly she addressed the assembled throng.

"Please don't be alarmed, I'm Samantha Jacobsen and I'm the one who called

the town meeting." Giving what she thought to be her most disarming smile she

chuckled, " I guess by now most of you have already figured out why!".

Her words had an instantaneous effect on the crowd of people, almost in

unison they all began backing away towards the far end of the stadium away from

the giantess. Some people began screaming, and others began to panic and run

for their cars in the parking lot.

"No please, don't run away!" she begged. " I need your help! I am not

here to harm you." "Please Mayor Anderson, hear me out, I have a proposition

for the town that could help all of us."

Mayor Anderson had not been expecting anything like this when he heard

that an unofficial town meeting was being held. Now he could hardly believe his

eyes, here was little Samantha Jacobsen, for that's how everyone in the town

thought of her, who had somehow grown so big that now she could look over

stadium walls. He decided that this had to be some elaborate hoax or practical

joke being played on the town. He was going to call these tricksters bluff!

"All right Samantha, we'll hear you out, but first I want to see the rest

of you. I'm not in any mood for any practical jokes. Come over here onto the

field and we'll talk."

As Samantha attempted to make excuses as to why she didn't want to show

the rest of her body, without letting everyone know she was naked, the mayor

became even more convinced that it was all a colossal hoax.

"OK Samantha, this is it, either you come on out and show yourself

completely or there's no discussion!"

"All right mayor, I'll do it, but I think your in for one hell of a big

surprise and I'm not sure you're going to like it! Now, please everyone, don't

be afraid, after all, I'm not!", she added lamely.

With that, Samantha stood up and stepped over the stadium wall onto the

center of the football playing field. She couldn't cover everything as she

stepped over the wall but quickly placed one arm over her chest and the other

over her pussy as she stood on the fifty yard line. As she looked down at the

townspeople she could see reactions in the crowd ranging from complete fear to

outright lusting. The mayor could not believe his eyes, this was obviously no

hoax. There standing over him, wearing nothing more than her birthday suit, was

the tallest woman Mayor Anderson had ever seen. She was taller than a ten story

building and her breasts were large enough to satisfy a small platoon. As his

eyes moved down towards the poorly concealed mound between her legs he began to

feel the straining of his dick against his pants. From his vantage point he

could see nearly everything, she was both gorgeous and sexy. The urge to begin

stroking his dick was overwhelming. Other less restrained people in the crowd

had noticed the same features as the mayor and began shouting cat calls and

making wolf whistles. For Samantha, it was like a repeat of the incident with

the sports car except, rather than feeling powerless and helpless as before, she

began to get angry, very angry. Whereas before, as a tiny 5 foot girl, she

would have responded by covering up and running away, as a 120 foot giantess she

placed her hands squarely on her hips and leaned dramatically over the crowd.

"Knock it off with the whistles and cat calls!" she roared and the crowd

immediately fell silent.

Samantha was amazed at the response of the crowd, but then, putting

herself in their shoes, she thought that if a 120 foot giantess told her to quit

doing something, she sure as hell would stop. She felt a little bit guilty that

she had so quickly used the advantage her height and strength gave her to order

the crowd around. On the other hand, she found her new power very exhilarating

and somehow quite sexy to wield. She could feel the growing tingling and

moistness in her pussy and her nipples began to harden. She hoped that the

crowd wouldn't be able to notice. Giving in to the guiltier of the two

feelings, Samantha decided that she owed the crowd an apology.

"I'm sorry I yelled, it's just that I've had a very long day, I got cut

from the cheerleading squad, thought I was going to get raped, nearly got blown

up in a car accident, and turned into a 120 foot tall giantess. I'm hungry, my

nerves are shot, and I guess I just lost it a little, I'm sorry. Look, I grew

up in this town, I know most of you, I baby-sat many of your children! I'm not

here to harm you, if fact, I desperately need your help, so please, I'd really

like for you to listen to my proposal, I think it would be a wonderful

opportunity for the entire town."

Seeing that Samantha was still human and needed their help had a soothing

effect on the crowd. She even sat down on the field to appear less big to them

and hopefully less menacing. She was feeling a little embarrassed about having

all those people staring up at her pussy and sitting down also provided a

natural way to cover up some of her nudity. Her breasts were still exposed but

she wasn't as concerned about them. As the crowd began moving back closer to

her again she began detailing her plans to the mayor and the townspeople.

Amazingly, the people of the town seemed to be buying into the idea.

Those who ran shops and hotels which would cater to the tourists were especially

keen on the idea. Work parties and assignments were set up and everything

seemed to be falling in place. Finally, Samantha had only one remaining issue.

As long as she was naked, she wanted the work parties and everyone in the town

to be naked as well. She wanted to feel more comfortable around everyone and if

everyone was also naked that would go a long ways towards making here feel less

conspicuous. The mayor thought it over for a while; it did seem fair, and,

seeing how he too stood to make a lot of money, he decided to agree with her

request. Besides, he thought, how do you say "no" to a one hundred and twenty

foot giantess, if she wanted to, she could pillage and destroy the whole town in

a manner of minutes. It would take an entire army to stop her. As he stared up

at the massively large breasts suspended four or five stories above him, he was

grateful that she was a sexy looking giantess, if she hadn't been, her plan to

become a tourist attraction probably would never work. Even so, he thought, it

probably would be best to keep her naked, just to keep the number of tourists

up. He'd have to have a talk with the leader of the clothing work party to make

sure that they would have some setbacks and ultimately fail in their task to

clothe the giantess.

It was also decided, until a more permanent residence could be erected,

that Samantha would continue to stay at the deserted Larson farm. There wasn't

any way to get her any sizable amount of food that evening, but the first work

detail would bring her breakfast bright and early in the morning. It had been a

long day for Samantha and sleepiness had overtaken her hunger; she decided it

was time to get some rest. She said her good-byes to her parents, the mayor,

and the rest of the townspeople, stood up, quickly stepped over the stadium

wall, and walked off towards the Larson farm. When she reached the barn she Historias de BPM

stretched down and easily pulled the doors open on both ends snapping the thick

beams, which had held the doors closed, like toothpicks. Once again she

marveled at her immense strength and felt the tingling begin. She knew she

would have to satisfy that urge fairly soon but right now she was just too

tired. She carefully slid her body in and lay down on the old dried hay which

still covered the barn floor. Completely at peace, knowing she could handle

anything or anyone that might come along during the night, the giantess

immediately drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 2

The loud blaring of a truck air horn jolted Samantha awake. During the night,

in order to stay a little warmer, she had slid her body back into the barn to

keep her head covered. Now as the blaring truck horn shocked her awake and she

banged her head against the ceiling of the barn, she wasn't so sure she

shouldn't have just stayed the way she was. Strangely enough, the barn seemed

bigger than it had the night before. She wasn't sure, but it seemed that she

might have shrunk a little during the night. Maybe she was heading back to her

original height! Another staccato burst of the truck horn reminded her that she

had visitors and she began to scoot herself out. There really wasn't any

delicate way to exit the barn, so she wiggled her way back out wondering all the

time what kind of a show she was putting on and how many people were watching.

The experience made her vow that she would find some better living quarters, and

soon! Standing up and stretching out the kinks and sore muscles she had

acquired after spending the night sleeping on the ground, she looked around and

saw a group of about twenty or so people standing in the field next to 4 large

flatbed trailer trucks parked in the driveway which led up to the deserted

farmhouse. As she waved a greeting, she had to suppress the urge to giggle.

The entire work party was composed of men and every one of them was naked. Some

of the men were pretty buff, for their size, and Samantha was taking her time

and admiring the view. Some of the men were embarrassed by her attention and

tried to nonchalantly cover their privates up. She could tell from their

erections that others in the group seemed to be reveling in the attention and

appeared to be enjoying the view they had as well. The early morning sun felt

so good on her body, she could feel that funny tingling wherever the rays struck

her, and instantly she felt warmth throughout her whole body. She felt

rejuvenated. While sneaking a peak back down at the men to see their reaction,

she gave one last stretch, as seductively as she knew how, and was thoroughly

satisfied to see that her body had the full attention of even the shyest of the

men. Such attention and obvious sexual desire for her, from men she was

unacquainted with, was a new experience for Samantha and one that she herself

found very exciting. She was totally in control, she could do what she wanted,

when she wanted, and there wasn't anyone who could stop her or force her to do

anything against her will. She could give them as much or as little a show as

she wanted and she was the one to say when enough was enough. Having never seen

so many dicks before in her life, she started getting horny and chided herself

for thinking nasty thoughts when she hadn't even had breakfast yet. She decided

to cool things off a little and concentrated on getting some food inside her.

"What's for breakfast, guys?

"Pancakes, orange juice, and milk. We were up all night cooking them!

Hope you like 'em!" replied Bill Armstrong, the leader of the breakfast work

party. The mayor had figured that her appetite would be so large and it would

require so much time to cook it, that there would be separate work parties for

breakfast lunch and dinner.

Three of the trucks were loaded to the hilt with enormous mounds of

pancakes. The other truck was loaded with 55 gallon drums, half appeared to be

filled with milk and the others with orange juice.

"Looks delicious! And I am really hungry. Mind if I dig in?

She didn't wait for, nor expect, an answer to her question. She sat down

in front of one of the trucks, reached over, scooped about an eighth of the

pancakes off and eagerly popped them into her mouth. As she quickly chewed,

swallowed and washed them down with one of the 55 gallon drums, it was all that

the men could do but gape in wonder at the enormous appetite of their giantess.

Soon one of the flatbed trucks had been completely cleared and half of the drums

had been emptied.

Looking over at the cluster of men who had grouped together off towards

the edge of the field, Samantha realized that she had been somewhat remiss in

her manners. "Wouldn't you care to join me for breakfast? I hate eating alone."

"Uh, no thanks, we all feel a little bit safer over here. The way you've

been digging in, we got a little afraid that you might grab one of us by


"Oh, don't worry about that, I'm not that careless. Like I said last

night, don't be worried, after all, I'm not!"

"You don't have to be, you're the biggest woman in the world, what could

possibly scare you now?"

"Well I guess you're right about that, I hadn't thought of it like that.

Right now, though, the biggest woman in the world would be honored to share your

company for breakfast. How about it guys?"

Samantha had asked them so sweetly and she was so sexy, the men couldn't

refuse. They climbed up onto the empty flatbed truck and Samantha gave them

some pancakes from one of the other trucks. She wasn't all that sure how much

to give them but told them to ask her for more if they needed it. Since they

didn't have any cups, she placed one of the nearly full drums onto the truck as

well. "Sorry guys, guess you're going to have to scoop out your drinks with

your hands. Maybe tomorrow you can bring tables and silverware and have a real

breakfast with me."

As they ate on, Samantha and the men talked mostly about her and how she

had come to be so big. She wasn't used to being the center of attention but now

she supposed she didn't have any choice. Wherever she went, people were

definitely going to notice her, and not just because she was naked. The naked

thing really wasn't bothering her so much anymore and she was secretly thrilled

to have thought of that great idea to have the work parties and town go naked as

well. She had noticed last night, that there had not been a shortage of

volunteers but she hadn't realized until now that the majority of them had been

men. She figured that they enjoyed looking at her titanic body as much as she

was currently enjoying looking at their miniature perfect little bodies. Some

of the men had really cute asses and seeing their dicks in a constant state of

erection was exciting as well. As she finished her breakfast and conversation

subsided, she found herself looking more and more at their dicks and comparing

one man's to an other's. It definitely was not true that seeing one was like

seeing them all. Even from her vantage point, where their dicks were only about

two or three eighths of an inch long, she could see distinct differences.

Samantha was beginning to feel that tingling again and she knew she could order

these men to satisfy her if she wanted to, she would give them no say in the

matter. She began to wonder what it would be like to have an entire man, or

two, in her pussy, imprisoned until her lusty hunger had been fully satisfied.

Would two be enough? She imagined pushing man after man effortlessly into her

cunt until the whole throbbing mass made her come, over and over again. The

fantasy was making her pussy hot, and, as she shifted her weight, she could feel

it's wetness.

The men were becoming nervous as they noticed the giantess' increased

glassy-eyed stares in their direction. Some of the closer ones could smell the

musky aroma of her pussy and see the building wetness and they were more than a

bit concerned. With breakfast having been completely devoured, the men rapidly

got up and hurriedly got into the trucks. Their rapid departure caught Samantha

by surprise and she was afraid she might hurt them if she tried to stop them

now. Next time, though, would be a different story, she wouldn't let them get

away so easy then. If she had to, she'd lay the trucks on their sides, that

way, if they wanted to leave, they would have a very long walk! She would give

them no choice but to obey her.

The breakfast trucks had barely left when Samantha heard the deeper

rumblings of some other trucks approaching. As she watched, three fire trucks

turned into the farm. Riding on the truck she could see naked firemen and she

tried to remember which work detail this could be. She really didn't mind that

she couldn't remember, with the state of arousal she was in, some naked,

muscular firemen were just what the doctor, or, she thought more wickedly, the

pussy, ordered. She promised herself that these ones wouldn't get away as she

stood up to her full height and slinkily walked over to greet them. Planting

her legs widely apart and placing her hands on her hips, she bent over at the

waist, as low as she could go and, choosing her most sultry voice, breathlessly

whispered, "So boys, where's the fire?"

"There's n-n-no f-f-ire, ma'am, we're uh here to g-give you your uh m-

morning sh-sh-shower.", replied the captain completely overwhelmed by the

largest pair of tits he had ever seen.

"That would be wonderful", she purred. "You sure you boys can handle it?

"Oh, I think were up for it, uh, I mean to it, uh what I'm trying to say

is that we can handle it."

"Well let's see then, and, please, you boys be gentle, OK?", she laughed.

As she stood up straight again and performed her sexiest catlike stretch, she

could see that most of the men were indeed "up" for it or well on their way.

The firemen brought out three hoses from each truck and arranged

themselves around the giantess. There had been an enormous amount of haggling

and numerous deals cut over who would get to spray which parts of her. The

captain had used his executive prerogatives to have the honor of handling one of

the hoses which would hose down her front.

"Are you ready Ma'am?"

"Please, call me Samantha. I'm ready, fire at will, or anything else you

see that you like!"

The captain gave the order and the nine hoses began spraying the tall

giantess. The water was very cold and Samantha screamed when the cold water

struck her. "Hey what are you guys doing! Don't you have any warm water?"

Instantly, all of the hoses were shut off.

"I'm sorry, we don't have any way to heat the water in our fire trucks."

"Well maybe tomorrow you can fill them up with water that's already been

heated, I don't take very well to cold showers."

"Do you want us to continue or leave?"

"No, finish the job, I really could use a shower, I just didn't expect one

so cold."

The firemen turned the hoses back on and began spraying her again. The

first burst of cold water had cooled her off even more during the time she had

complained to the captain and now the new streams of water felt warmer. She

noticed that the firemen seemed to have favorite areas that they liked to spray,

several of them were concentrating solely on her tits and pussy. She noticed

that the guy who was spraying her pussy from behind was having a real good

time. As she looked around at the firemen, she could see that they were all

enjoying their jobs. Every one of them had a full blown erection. Up till now,

the cold water had taken away the desires she felt when the breakfast crew left

and the firemen had first arrived. Now those desires were coming back even

stronger than before. She began moving and swaying seductively under the

streams of water, alternatively squeezing and stroking her breasts. She sat on

the backs of her heels and spread her knees as far apart as she could,

presenting an unparalleled view of her gorgeous pussy to the captain.

"I think there's an area that needs some special attention, would you boys

mind helping me clean there?", she asked in her most innocent voice.

Several more of the firemen brought their hoses over and began spraying

her pussy. Samantha began stroking and rubbing it with her fingers. The

firemen yelled something to one another which she couldn't hear. Soon the water

spraying her pussy began pulsating as the firemen alternatively turned their

hoses quickly on and off. It began to feel just like the time she had

masturbated with the shower massager in her Aunt Shirley's bathroom. It struck

Samantha humorously that the way the firemen were holding the hoses and spraying

her down, it was like the hoses were extensions of their penises and they were

somehow peeing on her.

That thought and the sounds of all the water spraying on her suddenly made

her very aware that she had not been to the bathroom since the cheerleader try-

outs. Feeling an incredible pressure to go, right then and there, she held up

her hand signifying to stop the spraying and as the hoses fell silent, she

addressed the assembled men.

"Sorry to interrupt the shower but I haven't peed since yesterday

afternoon and I have to go real bad. You'll boys are going to have to excuse me

for a minute while I 'take care of business!'"

Samantha hurriedly walked over behind the barn to the edge of the farm

where a stand of trees began and where a little tool shack was standing. By

the time she reached the shack she was so ready to pee she couldn't have held it

back if she tried. For kicks, she decided to aim for the tool shack. At first

she let a little squirt out to check her aim then she began peeing in earnest

and a deluge began pouring down on the shack. It struck the shack and for a

brief instant the shack stood against the powerful inundation as spray

splattered back in all directions. The torrent was too much for the shack to

withstand, the near wall gave way and was driven into the far wall knocking it

out as well. The roof collapsed downward, got caught in the mighty stream and

slammed into the trees. Her stream then began striking the ground, churning up

great clods of earth into a muddy pool. Giddy with the power she had never even

imagined she had, Samantha began directing her stream against the base of the

trees and anything else she could see. Almost immediately, the roots of the

trees became exposed and, with nothing to hold them against the onslaught, the

trees began toppling. When she was finished, she looked around and saw that the

firemen had followed her and watched the whole show. The firemen merely stared

in awe at the destruction caused by so simple an act on the part of the


Finally, one of the firemen broke the silence, "Hey Cap, if we had a bad

brushfire, she would sure come in handy, but I don't think it would be such a

good idea to ask for her help with any structural fires!", one of the firemen


"Yeah, it wouldn't be very good to destroy the building in the process of

putting the fire out", added another.

The demonstration of power had Samantha feeling very horny and she knew

that now was the time to satisfy her desire. "OK, you two jokers come with me!

What are your names?"

"I'm Mike and this is Tom. Where are we going?"

"Well, Mike and Tom, tell me, how would you like to be the first men to

feel my big titties?"

"We'd love too! I don't know about Mike but I wanted to feel them the

moment I saw them!"

Reaching down, she gently picked the two firemen up, one in each hand.

They were so light, she could hardly feel their weight. The two firemen

nervously looked back and forth between the rapidly receding ground and the

rapidly enlarging breasts. They had looked large from the ground, but up close,

they were enormous. Samantha held each of the firemen up to one of her nipples.

They were so large, the firemen didn't even know where to begin.

"So tell me boys, are they big enough for you?"

"Yes!" they replied in unison. "They're the most bodacious pair of tah-

tahs I've ever seen", added Mike.

The firemen were now kissing and stroking her nipples. Their touch was so

light and so sexy, it sent chills up Samantha's spine. Her nipples responded by

swelling and becoming erect They became so stiff and erect that Tom and Mike

were able to climb up on them and straddle them like riding a horse. Then they

began squeezing her nipples with their legs. The attention her nipples was

receiving was making Samantha ache with horniness. It was time to let her pussy

receive some of this attention.

As she plucked the two firemen off her nipples, Mike and Tom let out a

loud protest. "Don't worry", she said, "you can have more later if you're still

up to it!"

Laying down on her back, she spread her legs and placed the two firemen on

her pussy. Opening her pussy lips for them, she gently, yet firmly, pushed the

men towards her waiting clitoris. "OK boys, go for it and take no prisoners!"

Then she let her lips close around them. At first she could feel them squirming

and struggling but it seemed that no matter how hard they struggled they could

not escape. Soon the struggling was replaced by delicate well placed rhythmic

caressing of her clitoris. Samantha's body began to respond to their touch,

rising and falling with each stroke.

As Mike and Tom continued stroking and playing with her clitoris, she

reached over to the remaining seven firemen and placed her hand on the ground

for them to climb up on. Once again, it amazed her how strong she was. She was

now lifting seven naked men with one hand and they were so light she could

barely tell that she was holding anything. She held her hand up near her face

so she could get a better look at her naked firemen. One of the firemen was

covering himself up and she easily pushed his hands away with her index finger

to get a better look. She had seen his muscles bunching as he fought her finger

she had barely even noticed any resistance. Gently with her finger she began

lightly stroking his dick. He seemed to be enjoying it so she began stroking

the other firemen as well. Then holding them up next to her lips she stuck out

the tip of her tongue and began flicking it over their dicks. As they crowded

around the tip of her tongue so that she could lick more than one at a time,

Samantha was enjoying the fact that with her new size she could give so many men

so much obvious pleasure at the same time. One of the firemen, an especially

buff one, seemed to be enjoying it more than the others and, as she began to

concentrate on licking his dick a little more than the others, she noticed that

his body was beginning to convulse. Guessing what was going on, she began

flicking her tongue across his dick even more rapidly. Then, as she watched,

the fireman started coming on her tongue. His orgasm combined with the job

Mike and Tom were doing on her clit was getting to her, she had to come soon or

she felt like she was going to explode!

Moving her hand next to her left breast she ordered two of the firemen to

jump off. Moving over to her right breast, she ordered two more to jump off.

She took the remaining three and opening her pussy lips again, gently, yet

firmly, pushed them in with Mike and Tom. She then let go of her lips letting

them close over the five firemen. "You boys do a good job and I might let you

go, but be careful, if you do too good a job I might just want to keep you there

permanently!", she laughed.

Samantha closed her eyes and concentrated on the stimuli she was

receiving. She could feel the men squirming and struggling in her pussy, her

helpless prisoners sentenced to provide her with an endless supply of orgasms.

Her clit was being stroked masterfully by one of the firemen and her hips were

grinding with the stroking. As she looked at the men on her breasts, she could

see that they were rubbing their dicks against her nipples. The speed was

intensifying and soon she was rewarded with the sight of the men coming on her

nipples. She couldn't hold back any further. She imagined the men in her pussy

rubbing her clit with their dicks and coming on it and the first waves of orgasm

began washing over her. Rather than the slackening off which had happened to

her before in her rather limited number of times making love with inexperienced

teenagers, the feelings continued to intensify and the men stroking her began

quickening the pace. A second wave of orgasm, unlike any she had ever felt

before, crashed over her making the first seem like a mere ripple in a tidepool.

She was now moaning very loudly and her hips and entire body were bucking

uncontrollably. Looking down at her tits, she could see the firemen hanging on

to her nipples as they bounced as well. The firemen in her pussy were getting

off on how their little actions were causing such big results and began to

stroke her in earnest. Samantha was going insane with pleasure. She wanted to

reach down and stop them but she also didn't want it to stop. She could feel a

third orgasm coming on and she plucked the four firemen off her breast and

placed them on the ground safely away from her just in time. As the third

orgasm struck, she lost all control. It was so awesome, it felt like some kind

of out of body experience. It seemed to last ages and just when she thought it

might not ever end it finally began to wane. When it had passed over, she

reached down and reluctantly began pulling the firemen out. She had to, if she

had a fourth orgasm she thought she would pass out.

"Whew, that was awesome! I've never felt anything like that before in my

life! You guys had me coming so hard I thought your friends were going to go

flying off my tits! That last time was so hot I knew I was going to pass out if

you made me come again! How many of you came?"

She was pleased to see every one of the firemen raise their hand. They

looked as wiped out as she did. She also thought it was sexy that five of them

were coated with her pussy's love juices. It made her feel like they belonged

to her, they had been marked with her scent. Reaching down between her legs she

could feel that her pussy was entirely soaked. She dipped her fingers in the

juices and then reached over and finger painted her juices onto the four fireman

who had missed out on being in her pussy.

"Well, now it looks like you are the ones who need a shower!" The firemen

began nervously backing away and Samantha laughed, "No, I didn't mean that kind

of shower, you sillies!"

The beta endorphins were coursing happily through her body and Samantha

was relaxing and enjoying watching the firemen shower and clean up. As they

packed up their hoses and loaded up their trucks Samantha thought that she had

never been happier than she felt at that moment. As the men came over to her to

say good bye she felt an overwhelming urge to give them a hug. She told them

she wanted to give them a "proper giantess" good-bye and asked them to climb up

on her hand. She lifted them up between her huge breasts and then squeezed

them together giving them an enormous warm hug in her cleavage. She then held

them up to her lips and tenderly kissed each one. As she lowered them back to

the ground she whispered, "Bye-bye, you boys be sure to come again!"

The firemen drove off and for the first time since that morning, Samantha

was left by herself. Naturally, she began thinking about what had almost

happened during breakfast and what had happened following her shower. Had

becoming a giantess turned her into some kind of nymphomaniac, she wondered?

Certainly she had been horny before, but never like this. Before, it had always

seemed like the boys were in control. They were stronger and there was always

that underlying fear that they would lose their temper or control and use that

strength to make you do something you didn't want to do. That fear had never

gone away and always lurked in the shadows, seemingly waiting to pop out at some

unexpected moment. However, becoming a giantess had burned those shadows out

with a million candle power spotlight, driving away the fear and many of her

reservations regarding sex. She had had a reversal of fortune and now was in

the position that the boys had been in before. She was in control, she was

going to have fun doing what she wanted to, she wasn't going to worry about what

anyone else thought, and no one was going to tell her what to do. She was tired

of the farm and was beginning to feel like she had been exiled. Getting up, she

decided to head for town and see what kind of fun she could have there.

Chapter 3

As Samantha walked towards town, unbeknownst to her, an army of people

were mobilizing, making rapid preparations for her arrival. The story of a 120

foot tall giant woman had gone out over the AP and UPI press wires the night

before instantly triggering the convergence of reporters and television crews

from news agencies ranging from CNN to the National Inquirer upon Lincoln, Ohio.

The whole story would have been dismissed as a hoax had there not also been home

video footage, shot by a now wealthier citizen of Lincoln, of the giantess as

well. Every helicopter, van, and truck for miles had been rented and the news

people would have already been out to the Larson farm had not the mayor, wanting

to avoid a chaotic circus atmosphere and, more importantly, realizing the

immense PR opportunity present, stepped in and ordered the news crews to wait at

the town for their interviews. He decided that there would be a press

conference at 11:00 held at the football stadium followed by individual one on

one interviews with those agencies Samantha agreed to talk with. In order to

maintain fairness it was expressly forbidden for anyone to attempt to obtain an

interview on their own or attempt to use their helicopters to obtain any footage

prior to the press conference. Anyone violating the rules would be barred from

the press conference and any further interviews. The mayor then got into a

waiting police car and headed out towards the Larson farm to advise Samantha

about the reporters and prepare her for her interview. Halfway there, they came

across the naked giantess strolling casually along the highway. The policeman

halted the car about a quarter of a mile in front of her and the mayor got out

and began waving his arms to get her attention. For a second he thought he was

going to be squashed under one of her gigantic feet but Samantha came to a stop

with the tips of her toes only 10 feet away from him.

Samantha had recognized the mayor waving her down and had decided to play

a giantess trick on him. Acting as if she hadn't seen him, she made it look

like she might step on him but at the last moment stopped just short of him.

She had never really cared for the mayor that much, it had always seemed that

everything he did for the town usually had some type of direct benefit to him as

well. She enjoyed making him sweat a little bit. Knowing the effect it had had

upon the firemen, she squatted down while spreading her legs apart to talk with

the mayor. If he was anything like the firemen, he was going to have a hard

time concentrating.

"Was there something you wanted, Mayor Anderson?", she playfully asked.

"Uh, back in town, there's uh uh a group of reporters who would like to

talk with you."

Now this was something a little more serious. Closing her legs, she sat

down on the highway. "How many reporters are there?"

"Counting all of the cameramen and other roadies, there are about two to

three hundred of them."

"That many! What do they want?"

"They all want interviews with you!"

"What do you think they want to ask me?"

"They want to ask you how you grew so big, how you feel about being so

big, and probably what you plan to do now that you are so big. I've set up a

press conference in about half an hour at the football stadium. First you can

tell them what happened to you. Then you should tell them that you feel like

the good lord has blessed you with this gift and you plan to use this gift to

benefit mankind in any way that you can. Then tell them that you plan to remain

in Lincoln where the town will be building an entire visitor showcase around

you. Then you can open up the forum for a brief question and answer session

followed up by individual interviews."

"All right, I'll go along with that, but on one condition. I want the

interviewers to be naked. In fact, I don't want anyone in that stadium wearing

clothes. Anyone who won't agree is barred from the stadium and from any


"OK, I'll pass that on. They're so hungry for this story, they'll do

anything. Speaking of which, is there anything else?"

"Yes, how much are charging for these interviews and where's the money


"Oh yeah, I was going to tell you about that, I guess it slipped my mind.

The going rate is $10,000 for a one on one interview or $1,000,000 for a first

day exclusive. The money is going to a town account to be used for caring for

and feeding you."

"I want 25% off the top to go to my parents. No negotiation. Secondly,

my father will appoint an independent CPA to track and audit the funds. If I

hear of any financial funny business going on, well, let's put it this way,

you're not so small that I won't be able to find you and you won't like it when

I do." Putting on her most pleasant smile, "Do we have an agreement?"

The mayor dejectedly nodded. He had been planning to take 10% for his fee

for being her "agent", now he was going to have to be even more inventive.

Looking up, he shuddered as he considered what she might do to him if he was

caught doctoring the books. No, it wasn't worth the risk, he'd do things by the

letter on this one. "Yes, agreed. Now I better head for the stadium, it's

almost time for the press conference. Wait a little bit before heading over

there, I still have to tell them about your condition that they must do the

interviews naked."

Samantha sat down by the side of the highway to let some time pass.

Periodically cars would go by with the same predictable reactions. At first the

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