Giantess Stories: The Fairy Princess by Sapere Aude     Mary was known for her gardening skills

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The Fairy Princess

by Sapere Aude

Mary was known for her gardening skills. She kelp a very large one in the back

of her mansion. Little did Mary know that the fairies loved her for it. They

would often play in her garden when the humans weren't around. Cindy (the fairy

queen) was fascinated by humans. She really liked the female ones. She couldn't

get over how big they were in comparison to her. She had this thing for Mary.

She loved the way her dark hair hung down her back as she peeped in on her as

she took her daily shower. Cindy could always smell Mary's sent from across the

garden as she made her way down to water it. Her long soft legs seemed to reach

up forever before they made their way to her hips. Her large breast could give

little Cindy nourishment for days Cindy thought. If I only had a chance to

nibble on those pink nipples of hers I would be in Fairy heaven.

One day while Cindy was flying around the garden she ran smack dab into a tree

and landed right in front of Mary. Mary at first thought it was a tiny bird but

as she reached down to pick it up she realised it was a tiny nude female with

wings. Mary couldn't believe her eyes. She went running into her mansion in

hopes of nursing the tiny creature back to good health.

When Cindy awoke all she could see was Mary's smiling face looming over her.

They must have stared at each other for at least five minutes. They were each in

awe of their different sizes.

Mary was the first to speak: DON'T BE AFRAID LITTLE ONE. I ONLY WANT TO NURSE


Cindy looked into Mary's big brown eyes and said: Why would I ever want to leave

a big beautiful female like yourself.

Mary could look into Cindy's tiny little green eyes and tell she was attracted

to her. She reached over to Cindy and gave her the largest and wettest kiss of

her life. Cindy told Mary that she only had a slight headache from running into

the tree and that she needed something to keep her mind off her head.

Mary smiled and lifted Cindy's little body toward her mouth and began to lick

her like she was a popsicle stick. Mary ran her tung between her breast between

her legs and across her back. Cindy moaned in sheer ecstasy as Mary brought her

between her sugar walls and coved her body with her female juices. Mary then

brought her little lover toward her breast were little Cindy began sucking while

Cindy nursed her like a small child.

The two became both lovers and friends for many years to come. Their romance

became legendary through out the (fairy) kingdom. Now every little fairy in

Cindy's kingdom wished to have a Human lover of her own. They soon began to seek

them were ever they would be found.

Giantess Stories: The Fairy Princess by Sapere Aude     Mary was known for her gardening skills

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