Giantess Stories: The Fall of Tiny Town

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The Fall of Tiny Town

By:  KefkaRowantha

Thanks to:  Asukafan


“Your Victim plays with the bigness of his

littleness" E.E. Cummings



Andy Travis sat on the floor of his basement and gazed at

the piece he was just about to finish.  It has cost him seven hundred dollars

for this last piece, but the plaza was almost complete.  He had planned it out

for the past two years and was just three blocks away from finishing it…


“Andy, have you seen my red shoes?”  The voice was that of

his sister Wendy.  As she walked down the side stairs of the basement Andy paid

no heed to her and instead continued to concentrate on where he would place

these last few pieces.


Taking a few steps before reaching the massive miniature

city of Andy, his sister stopped and placed her hands on her hips and shrugged

her head to the right and then spoke in a slightly annoyed tone, “listen Andy,

this little city of yours isn't important!  You want to know something that is,

my date with Richard Tractenburg and to go on that date I need my shoes!”


Continuing to pay no heed to his sister, Andy placed

another piece oh the massive plaza into place.  As he slid it down into the side

of the large building he stood from his kneeling position and looked up at his

sister and gave a quick shrug, “sorry Wendy I don't know where your ugly shoes



With that Andy turned to gaze over his city.  It spanned

nearly three-square meters and went from one room of his basement into the main

hall.  It contained forty-two buildings that Andy had painstaking worked on over

the past two years.  The plaza he had just finished consisted of a massive spire

in the center and a fenced green ground.  The architecture of the city was

varied, with several gothic style stone buildings as well as modern day

buildings, the most impressive being the three-foot tall business complex that

was in the center of the second room.


Wendy took a step forward, placing the front of her black

sock covered foot onto the outskirts of the city and then she spoke again,

“Andy, I asked you to put them away for me when I got home yesterday, now where

did you put them?”


Moving his head to the side Andy looked past where he was

and into the next room, the room that held the majority of the city.  In the

second room Andy noticed something out of place, on the windowsill of the room

he saw two red shoes.


Walking carefully through his magnificent city Andy reached

the shoes, Wendy had wandered into another room in the basement to try and find

them herself.  As Andy reached for the shoes his hand retracted as he felt that

they were damp and wet.  Wondering how such a thing could happen Andy's eyes

wandered and he noticed that the window had been left open…


Putting two and two together Andy realized it must have

rained the other night, he looked casually down from the window and saw that the

section closest to the window was now drenched in water.  Going on one knee he

saw that two buildings were washed at the base with a pool of water.


Standing Andy groaned, “God damnit Wendy!  Did you open the

window last night?”  Stepping out of the room holding the soaked shoes Andy

stopped at the outskirts of his miniature city awaiting his sister.


With a smile on her face Wendy casually sauntered up to

Andy and spoke, “well I guess you should have listened to me.  I said that I

opened the window, I said you could use the fresh air.”


Keeping her smile up Wendy reached out for her shoes and as

she grabbed them from her brother she let out a yelp as her hands felt them and

realized they were soaked.  As she gave out her cry she dropped the shoes and

they quickly landed on the side of one of Andy's buildings.


As Andy watched the shoes fall he saw one come smashing

down onto the ground and then the other landing at an angle up against the side

of one of the buildings.  As soon as the shoes landed he screamed, “You dumb

bitch what was that for!?”


“Well they were wet!  I mean I told you to put them away

but you were too busy playing with your little city!  I asked only for you to do

one thing for me and you mess it up, my date is ruined!”


Raising his hands to his side and waving them Andy mocked,

“Oh no!  I don't have my ugly red shoes so I won't be able to sleep with Richard

on our first date!”


With that Wendy raised her right foot and smashed it into

the side of one of Andy's buildings.  Andy reacted immediately by pushing his

sister back sending her on her butt right in front of the stairs.


“You little brat!”  Wendy spat as she stood up and looked

at her brother, “you'll pay for that!  You can't protect your little city

forever, and then one day when Andy's back is turned in will come Wendy the



Giving that last comment Wendy turned and walked up the



Taking a few steps back Andy surveyed the damage caused by

his “titaness” of a sister and then preceded to let out a heavy sigh as he fell

once again to one knee and began to see what he could do about the damage.


Spending the next hour on his knees, Andy fixed the damage

caused by the wayward foot of Wendy.  Being sprawled over for so long Andy

finally felt the effects of sleep deprivation overcome him, and as he had done

on several other occasions he fell asleep in his massive project.


As he drifted off into sleep a sentence repeated itself in

a mocking tone over and over in Andy's head, “and then one day when Andy's back

is turned in will come Wendy the titaness!”


Even though he didn't know it Andy slept until the wake of

the morning, 6am to be precise.  As he woke he squinted a traditional morning

squint as he rubbed his eyes to gain further vision.


Vision still hazed Andy stood being careful not to crush

any part of his city.  As he stood however he heard a distinct “crunching”

sound.  Quickly rubbing his eyes Andy looked down and saw that he was no longer

in his basement, the ground was a greenish turf color and he seemed to be



Quickly raising his head Andy was momentarily blinded by a

quick flash of light that filled his vision.  As a reaction Andy took his right

arm up to his eyes and turned around and then after the haze of the light came

down he lowered his arm.


Now some people don't believe in god.  Some people don't

have religion.  Some people don't even believe in fate or destiny.  Now for Andy

Travis something that was nothing less then planned had happened.  For Andy now

looked at the massive looming shoe of his sister, leaning up against the now

forty-foot tall building which Wendy had dropped it by.


Taking almost three full paces back Andy looked up at the

massive Reebok in shock.  With every step he took the green canvas gave a slight

crunch, a slight crunch that at any other time Andy would have quickly looked

down to make sure he had done no damage, but now that was the least of his



Finally Andy fell to the ground and continued to look up at

the massive shoe.  He even gave the tiny effort of pushing back with his rear

hands as though to distance himself from this nightmare.


Then insult truly came to injury as he could hear the most

fear inducing sound of his life, “THUD”, “THUD”, and “THUD”.  Every time he

heard those massive sounds and felt the shakes he heard something else in his

head, “and then one day when Andy's back is turned in will come Wendy the



It took him a while to stand but by the time he was on his

feet Andy saw her.  She towered like the largest skyscraper, to Andy she was

more then a skyscraper, she was more then his sister, she was a goddess, a

vengeful and angered goddess.


Wendy had obviously gotten up early; she was still dressed

in sleeping attire with only a two-piece attire of a baby blue bra and panties. 

With every step she took forward Andy took one back, and as her smile increased

with every step Andy's sense of terror augmented.


As he looked up at the towering titan Andy gave a futile

attempt to cry up, “Wendy!  Please it's me!  I'm down here in the city!  Please

see me Wendy, please don't crush the cit…”


Just as he was about to finish the final part of his

sentence Andy received his reply, Wendy raised her long legs and then brought it

down on the building closest to Andy.  The resulting shockwave on the ground

knocked Andy back down and then his vision was quickly engulfed in a combination

of dust and broken stone that the building had been made of.


Now scared and terror are just words until you reach a

situation like poor Andy had.  As he looked up through the settling dust he saw

a massive shadow loom over him and the massive frame of his sister now directly

above him.  He couldn't even see her face as her bra-covered breasts now covered



What else could the poor young boy do except for run, and

run he did.  Now Andy was never a star athlete, after all he just spent his time

in the basement working on his glorious city.  Had it been under other

circumstances Andy would have taken the time to marvel at his creation at his

current size, however now he was to busy running.


As he made his long dash Andy realized that the crushing

had stopped.  Taking the precious few second required to slow down Andy tripped

and fell down with a quick turn, landing with his back against the now towering

black spire that lay in the center of his now life sized plaza.


Heavy pants were released as Andy struggled to regain his

breath.  Using his two arms to push himself up he gained the courage to look up

once more and to his despair his enormous sister was still there.


A kind of happy note appeared in Andy's head, out of his

entire city his sister had only destroyed two buildings, in fact they were both

ones he really didn't care for as much as the others he had built.


Still panting heavily and attempting to regain some air in

his lungs Andy once again made some vain cries to attract the attention of

Wendy.  Sadly for the micro lad his sister was currently occupied with something

else.  Her eyes intent on one of Andy's favorite buildings, an archway made from

no less then three hundred separate pieces of bronze and stone inserts.


 Not wanting to see one of his most prized creations

destroyed Andy raced forward and began to shout at the top of his lungs, giving

yet another vain attempt to garner the attention of Wendy.


As the tiny boy raced forward he watched as his sister

raised her massive arms to her hips, and then with even more insult he watched

as they found their way towards her private area.


The look of disgust on poor Andy's face was quickly quelled

by the following action by his titan of a sister.  Once again the massive foot

of Wendy raised and this time it fell down with even more force then the last,

splitting Andy's prized creation of an archway into two distinct pieces.


Just like the last time it had happened Andy was knocked

down by the sheer force of the impact.  He looked up at his sister with a new

sense of anger mixed with fear and then once again continued towards her and

started yelling.


Almost as insignificant as an ant to someone whose head is

in the clouds Andy continued shouting to no avail up at Wendy.  Suddenly the

giant moved once more and then turned her gaze over to another one of Andy's

amazing creations.


This building was another of Andy's favorites and one of

his more recent constructs.  It was a building made of several metal strips,

like a building under construction maintained by scaffolds it was almost a two

feet tall when Andy was large but now loomed at almost forty. It was made

entirely of thin long metal bars that covered the entire body of the frame.


The smile on Wendy's face widened as she took one step to

tower over the interesting building.  Giving a slight gaze to either side of her

Wendy's smiled lowered a slight bit and with another twirl of her head she



Andy watched in horror as the now immense rear of his

sister came upon the metal frame of the building.  With little hope of

withstanding the weight the metal sheets began to buckle and break floor by

floor.  Eyes filled with horror at what to him was such power Andy took almost a

half dozen steps backwards, his tiny form in perfect line with his sister who

now towered above him.  One could trace a line from Andy to his sisters front,

though Wendy's face was up and smiling in the air, satisfaction radiating from



Taking even more steps backwards and looking up with a

sense of despair and dread the range of Andy's neck only allowed him to see up

to his sister's blue panties which were now crushing one of his most precious



As the building finally gave way and completely fell down

into a pile of strewn rubble Andy watched as another one of his precious and

painstakingly built creations came tumbling down to the ground.  As it fell a

maniacal laugh filled the ears of poor Andy and as he took a few more steps

backwards he watched as the laughing face of his sister lowered.


For a split second the two faces met, the face of Wendy the

titan and Andy the small.  All this time Andy had been trying to get the

attention of his sister but he never really thought of the repercussions.  Now

the two were locked in a gaze for what seemed like hours.


Thousands of thoughts flew around in both their heads and

finally one of the two tipped their hand.  The mouth of Wendy's face moved and

her smile expanded even further and as it did so her right arms stretched out

towards her miniscule brother.


It happened like in the movies, you know the old B-Movies

with the massive hand coming in at what seems like an inch and hour.  Well it

might not have been that slow but for Andy the decision making process in his

head went quickly and within a second of Wendy's movement the tiny boy was in



Of course at this moment the entire theory of a B-Movie is

sent hurtling away because Wendy's hand comes crashing into the ground where

Andy had once been.  The once perfectly flocked green turf was now broken and Notas para flauta (ES): Sólo le pido a Dios (Mercedes Sosa), notas para flauta



Falling onto her stomach and crushing two more of Andy's

buildings in the process Wendy's face became like a beacon of light her eyes

swaying from side to side like a predator in the middle of a great hunt.


It took little time for her to zoom in on the only moving

target in the tiny city, with the exception of the rubble that still collapsed

from her most recent destructive ventures on Andy's “Tiny Town”.


“HEY ANDY… I SEE YOU,” The booming loud voice of Wendy

bounced off the walls of the buildings as her arm darted out once more towards

the tiny and equally unlucky brother of the giant woman.


As the long arm came within reach Wendy's tiny brother made

a sharp left turn and with his turn the arm of his sister followed, crashing

through another building.  This one was a more gothic style architecture with

several of what used to be for Andy small gargoyle statues.


While the side of the building began to fall apart Andy

maintained his brisk pace of running but was finally stopped by one of the

statues falling right in front of him.  Once again poor Andy tripped over and

fell sideways on his back able to see the reverse of what he was running from.


Watching as the extending hand followed after him Andy

breathed a sigh of relief as it came crashing to the turfed ground only a few

feet in front of him.  Without a thought more he regained he returned to

standing and continued to run.


Attempting to stretch her arm even further Wendy finally

just pulled it back, taking the rest of the building she had smashed with it. 

Wiggling her fingers a tiny bit Wendy did not take the precious time required to

wait for the new cloud of dust to settle.  Instead she stood up and gazed over

the entire outskirts of the city in search of her now diminutively sized



For tiny Andy all he could do was continue to run like a

madman across the now life-sized cityscape.  Thinking the only way to avoid the

wraith of Wendy was to hide from her, Andy ran between buildings using them as

cover from the gaze of the giant who now stood tall.


As he ran Andy really put no thought towards what direction

he was going.  He was scared; all he could do was run and run even faster.  By

the time the poor boy had run out of energy and needed to grab a breather he

realized the movement from his now immense sister had stopped.


Wendy stood tall, towering what seemed to be hundreds of

feet above even the highest building in Andy's little city.  All she could do

was marvel at the current situation, not only was she going to destroy her

brother's little city, but he would get to see it all first-hand.


Watching as her bug-like brother continued to run from her,

Wendy gave him a slight rest as all she could do was look down at him wondering

what she would do next.  Pondering for a few seconds she though of crushing him

but thought that it would be no fun to end this little game of hers now.


Andy continued to look up to his gigantic sister as she

just stood there looking down at him, without even a shred of pity in her face. 

As Andy prepared to plead with his colossal sister once more an almost

precognitive reply came as Wendy raised her left foot and smashed it into the

building between her and her now bug of a brother.



came down to her knees, to what Andy, seemed like ten feet from him his sisters

right arm darted out at him, “WELL YOU SHOULD BE!”


Another leap into action and Andy ran as fast as he could,

his tiny but quick little body avoiding the massive hand of his sister once

more, as it crashed into green turf and simulated concrete streets, causing the

ground to buckle and break under it.


Continuing to run from the hand of Wendy, Andy barely

noticed that he had entered the second room of his massive city project, the

main room that was completely filled with buildings and other large constructs.


By the time Andy was halfway through the first block of the

new room he once again listened as the thumping of his massive sisters movements

stopped.  As he paused and turned to see what was happening he saw his sister

standing tall once more.


Of course Wendy had never lost track of her brother and at

any point she could have easily scooped him up into her hand, but right now she

was having too much fun making her little brother think he could escaped her



She watched as Andy just stood there looking up at her,

Wendy of course had chosen what she would do with him and she just savored this

little moment as much as she could before she acted.


The ground shook as Wendy turned around, Andy only looked

up with a definite sense of dread in his head.  Taking another ground breaking

step Wendy exited the room then proceeded to turn her head around.




that Wendy turned and closed the carefully placed door on the other section of

Andy's city shut and with it any of Andy's hope for reconciliation with his





*                                                          *



For what seemed like hours Andy casually walked along his

city, trying to forget what would surely be his impending doom and tried to

marvel at the construction of his city and what it felt to truly appreciate it.


Sun set and Andy finally decided he would need to get some

sleep.  Entering one of the more modern buildings on the side of the room Andy

tried to sleep on the barren floor of the first level.


Sleep came quickly to the tired boy and as he slept he

thought of nothing, for no dreams or nightmares came to Andy this evening,

reality itself was doing enough for him.  It took less then two more hours for

Andy to be awoken and almost exactly at the hour of three in the morning Andy

was awoken.




The eyes of Andy came open immediately and his entire body

jumped up in time to hear the next sound that thundered throughout the entirety

of the city.




With that Andy immediately ran towards the exit of the tiny

little building, finding it quickly he looked out to see the entire city filled

with moonlight that crept through the now heavenly windowsill overlooking the

tiny city.




The attention of Andy turned towards what was undoubtedly

the source of the sound, Wendy the titaness.  Dressed once again in bra and

panties, Andy noticed that it was much tighter fitting attire then worn before

and that the color was now a bright yellow, though hard to notice as Wendy was

only lit in moonlight.  Strangely in her right hand Wendy held what looked like

a small toolkit.


Upping her pace Wendy carelessly walked up to the

windowsill, secretly she hoped she hadn't crushed her brother while she walked

towards it, as she wanted to see the look on his face at what happened next.


All Andy could do was look up and wait for the next move to

be played in this strange game of life.  The next move unfolded quickly as

Wendy, who had been cautious not to step on any buildings now planted her feet

even further into the streets she stood on, her feet crushing more and more of

the cement, sending tiny pieces flying all around.


After asserting herself in the ground in what in Wendy's

mind was another show of the immense power she had, she proceeded to slowly open

the toolbox on the side of the windowsill.  Moving her right hand above the box,

Wendy moved it from side to side as though making some sort of decision.


Keeping his eyes up and watching his moonlit sister Andy

gazed as her hand came into the toolbox and picked something out.  It took a few

seconds for Andy to decipher what it was due to the poor lighting conditions,

but when he saw it his fears were relieved, it was merely a coke bottle.


Almost wanting to sigh a sigh of relief Andy kept his gaze

upwards, still wondering what his sister had in store for him.  It didn't take

long for him to get a quick and sudden reply.  With minimal effort Wendy opened

the bottle and took a short sip from it before letting an evil smile cover her

face, and then staring around the city in vain hopes of finding her brother

Wendy turned the bottle upside down, releasing the contents on the city.


It took a while but eventually Andy realized the point of

this little venture.  All to often did Andy forget during the construction of

his city that it was being built in a basement and with most basements his was

at a slope.  As the though came into his mind Andy heard the slight hissing and

crackling of the pop as it waved towards him.


Taking into a frantic sprint Andy quickly realized the

futility of his attempt and was able to turn around right in time to see a

massive wave of coke come towards him.  The brown liquid hit him with very

little force but it was enough to send him on his back.


As he floated in the thick rich substance all Andy could

hear was the massive crackling and fizzing of the substance he was now in, as it

began to die down from oxidation he began to hear the loud giggling of his

sister who stood tall above him, now looking directly at him.


The ground began to shake as Wendy began to step towards

his sister, by now the waves of coke had subsided but the sugary substance left

from the river of drink now weighed Andy down.


It took nearly all his remaining energy to get back up but

Andy did so and he ran as fast as he could away from the advancing evil. 

Running in the dark down the destroyed streets of his town Andy dared not look

back, the only reassurance of the presence of his sister was the loud thumping

of her feet coming down to the ground.


As he reached the break in a “T” intersection a

particularly loud smashing sound ringed throughout the city, finally Andy turned

around to see his sister now practically on top of him, her foot brought

straight into the ground the shockwave caused the building to the right side of

the intersection to collapse, it's rubble blocking Andy's escape.


Staring up Andy wondered what would happen next, would his

sister just crush him?  Maybe she would make him run around some more as she

destroyed his one real love in life.  Before any more ideas could flood his head

the hand of Wendy descended towards him, this time however poor Andy made no

attempts to avoid it.


The warm flesh of the hand engulfed Andy and for a second

he felt like he was in some sort of jello as the flesh came around him.  The

next sense Andy felt was an immediate vertigo as the hand flew up to the face of



Finally meeting eye to eye Andy's thoughts once again

turned to what would happen next then once again his sister answered his dark



The warm breath of his sister flooded over him and for a

couple of seconds Andy thought of what to do next, in an instant he nodded while

keeping his eyes glued to the massive billboard of his sisters face.





Andy was relieved beyond words; maybe his sister would

finally help him.  Maybe she wouldn't crush him like he thought.  As relief

flashed through him Andy opened his mouth to finally speak hoping his sister

would hear him.


Before a word came out Wendy spoke, “BUT I DO KNOW WHAT I'M



The mouth of Andy slammed shut and another sense of vertigo

came over him, this time he let loose and vomited, the vomit plummeted to the

now small city streets, Wendy didn't even see it.


As the eyes of Andy opened he felt the back of his body now

pressed against some sort of sort substance and the front being pushed in by

some tight cloth.  As vision returned he could see the entire city from wherever

he was.  Gazing out Andy felt a source of pride and happiness, then looking down

he saw where he was, trapped by Wendy's panties over her right thigh.





Andy struggled and struggled but the elastic top of his

prison was too tight.  For the next twenty minutes he watched as beautiful

pieces of art, which he had made, were brutally torn apart and crushed.


Near the end of the massacre Andy was able to free his

right arm, it was obvious that Wendy didn't notice, to her Andy was probably the

size of an ant, if not smaller.  As guessed Wendy had saved his first building

for last.


The building was a normal office building that in

comparison to the others he had made was quite shabby, but it had served its

purpose and had been his building block from where to start.


Wendy stopped right above it, her legs spread across it and

at that moment Andy made his last gambit.  Pushing with his right arm he pulled

himself free of the elastic and before he knew it he was falling.


Landing on the flat top of the building Andy was sure he

had broken every bone in his body.  The pain was unbearable but he kept

councious.  As Wendy lowered her butt down on top of his last building Andy felt

a sort of pride knowing that he would die with his city.


After the stupid little building was crushed Wendy stood

and smiled at her handiwork.  She gazed down at where she left Andy and then

realized he wasn't there anymore.  With a deep shrug Wendy pulled her panties

forward wondering if he'd fallen in.  After a close inspection she realized he

wasn't there so he had probably fallen to his death in the city.


Wendy's smile faded somewhat, she had hopped she could have

tortured that little shit some more.  As for an explanation she would plead

ignorance, maybe Andy had destroyed his city and then left in some sort of



Letting her smile return Wendy turned and walked out, today

had been a good day for her.

Giantess Stories: The Fall of Tiny Town

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