Giantess Stories: The Foot

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The Foot


Tom could not believe all of the giantess and feet sites

that could be found on the internet. He found himself constantly spending time

looking for photo's, and stories regarding little men and giant women,

swallowing or crushing their male victims with their feet. One day while walking

the halls at work, he noticed the most beautiful woman sitting at her desk

dangling her shoe. She had the sexiest foot he had ever seen. He found himself

staring in a hypnotic trace, and suddenly she looked up at him. ' Hello ' she

said, ' Do you see something you like'. Tom quickly closed his mouth. Uh, Hi my

name is Tom Drew, I was just noticing your dress and it's very pretty. Well,

thank you Tom, my name is Andrea Eaton and you're blushing. I saw you staring at

my foot, and I like that. ' You do? replied Tom. 'Yes I do' , replied Andrea and

if you want to see my feet close-up, come with me to the copy room anytime and

I'll give you a personal look at them. Tom could not believe his ears, his mind

was racing so fast, his body was trembling with excitement. 'Andrea, he asked,

'could we go now'? 'Sure honey, give me a minute and I'll meet you there'.

Tom dashed to the copy room wondering if this woman was for

real. He had dreamed of a day when he would find a woman eager to share his

fetishes. As Tom approached the room he hoped that it was empty, and it was. He

stood for a second, then began pacing in anticipation. Suddenly he heard the

sound of high heels coming down the hall.

The sound began to increase as it got closer to the

doorway. Then the sound stopped right at the entrance. The door began to open

slowly and Tom began to look busy, as if he had copies to make. The door opened,

and it was Andrea, looking around and smiling as she noticed Tom; and also that

the room was empty. She closed the door and slowly began locking it. Tom began

to tremble a little, as she turned a said ' You now belong to me, and my foot'.

Tom noticed as Andrea leaned against the door that she slowly and oh so sexually

bent at the knees and let the heel of her right foot slip out. She was wearing

black 5' high-heeled shoes and she was relishing the fact that she was exposing

the sexiest and highest arch Tom had ever seen. Her toes remained inside her

shoe and Tom began smelling a peculiar odor emanating from it, and although it

smelled pleasant it made him feel strange. He became lightheaded and felt his

body become almost lithless. 'What's the matter Tom?' Asked Andrea, don't you

want to taste my juicy foot. Come here and put your nose right inside my shoe.

Tom began to move toward Andrea, but he felt as though he had no control over

himself. He tried to resist but notice his body kept going. He lowered himself

and came eye to eye with Andrea's foot and shoe. 'Open wide' Andrea said to her

shoe. Tom saw the gap between her foot and shoe expand as he noticed the writing

inside. 'Lick my insole ' she said, and Tom put his nose inside the gap and

licked. Andrea cooed and moaned and said, ' Tom It was so nice to have finally

meet you. I was wondering when you were going to come around to my cubicle. Now

that we've met it is time for you disappear'.

Tom became confused and asked, 'I thought you wanted me to

come here and do this, why should I leave now? Andrea laughed, 'Tom you're not

going back to work, you're going to disappear inside my foot'. What are you

talking about? Asked Tom.

Suddenly Tom's world became dizzy and Andrea's foot and

shoe began to increase in size. His clothes began falling off and Andrea's body

became as large as the room. Tom had been shrunk, and now he was covered by the

same clothes he was once wearing, just minutes ago. Andrea reached down and

began searching through his clothes. ' Ah, there you are. Come to Momma' she

said . Tom was now two feet tall and looking up at one of his greatest

fantasies, a giantess. But unfortunately he was scared shitless, which was

strange since he had dreamed and wished for something like this for many years.

Andrea picked him up and held his naked body close to her face. He could see her

ruby red lip's which were huge in size and her white teeth that looked like

fences on a plantation.

'Andrea, wha,wha, what has happened to me' asked Tom.

'Well, If you must know' Tom, I'm an Alien Witch with unique powers, as you can Intelligence X, el buscador definitivo de OSINT

see from your current size. I came here from a planet many moons away, sent here

to research the life forms on earth. I also fed upon you humans, because I too

must have sustenance. I can read your thoughts and desires, which I use to catch

my prey. I can become whoever and whatever you dream up. I've been watching you

for weeks, and listening to your thoughts. Once I learned of your foot fetish

craze, I just waited for the right time to meet you. Now you are my next victim.

'What do you mean, victim? Asked Tom. 'You are going to become food for me, and

since I know how much you like feet, you are now going to become a part of

mine.' 'No, Please let me go and grow me back to normal. I'll do anything you

want Andrea, please', shouted Tom.

I'm sorry Tom, but I'm hungry and I need to get back to my

desk. Now, goodbye my slave, it was nice knowing you. Andrea lifted Tom by the

ankles and held him upside down. He was screaming and yelling madly, trying to

get away. This was the part she really liked. It seems the more the victim

yelled and screamed, the more she got turned on. She couldn't really understand

these feelings of ecstasy, being from another planet and occupying a human body,

but she knew it felt wonderful, especially went she exploded in juicy cum.

Tom saw the gap between Andrea's foot and shoe come closer

and closer and it looked as big as a car. When he reached the heel of her foot,

he pushed and grabbed with all his strength. He could smell the aroma seeping

from her shoe and he didn't want to end up inside of it. Andria began moaning

and taunting him by talking to her foot. 'Are you hungry, well here comes your

dinner, I hope he tastes good'. Tom was panicking because he just knew he would

be crushed under her foot. He began to weaken as she continued to lower him into

her shoe. Finally she stuffed him in and there he lay, exhausted and dizzy from

his struggles and the smell of her foot.

Andrea looked down and positioned her foot to the side so

she could better observe Tom lying on his back with his legs protruding from the

back of her shoe. She then began slowly closing the gap and Tom saw the insole

of her foot lower onto his face. Her high arch prevented him from being crushed.

But again it wasn't crushing that Andrea had on her mind. Tom raised his arms to

hold back the decent of Andrea's foot, when all a sudden a slit appeared in the

insole of her foot. It began spreading and forming into a hole leading inside

her foot. Tom could not believe his eyes; it was like a mouth on the bottom of

her foot, ready to consume him, alive.

Andrea could feel the mouth open and began to envelop Tom's

head. She heard his muffled screams and felt his frantic moves as her foot began

swallowing him into it. Tom noticed how wet and slimy it was inside her foot,

and found it impossible to get a grip on anything. He was being eaten, devoured

whole by the very thing he fantasized about for several years and it made him

cry and scream even more, but to no avail.

Andrea moaned as Tom's waist entered the mouth of her

insole. She looked down just in time to see his legs being sucked into her shoe.

Once Tom was completely enveloped, she lowered the rest of her heel into her

shoe and watched as her entire foot undulated and throbbed as Tom fought to get

out. Andrea could feel Tom struggling, but moaned sexually because she knew

escaping his domain was impossible.

Now that Tom had been completely swallowed inside her foot,

Andrea stood and relished in the feeling of fullness surrounding her foot from

its human meal. She began to cum heavily and reached down and rubbed her foot oh

so softly. She could almost swear she heard Tom's screams as her foot began to

digest him. Andrea decided to go back to her desk and finish digesting Tom while

getting the rest of her work done. She gathered up all of Tom's clothes,

unlocked the door and walked sexually back down the hall. Once she reached her

desk, she sat down and crossed her legs and let her right shoe dangle a little

from her foot. A flashback of her earlier meeting with Tom entered her mind, and

she looked down at the foot which dangled the shoe and asked, 'How was he?' a

sound emanated from her foot ' Buuurp'. 'Mmmmmmm, you're welcome,' said Andrea.





Giantess Stories: The Foot

that could be found on the internet. He found himself constantly spending time Tom could not believe all of the giantess and feet sites Tom could not believe



Giantess Stories: The Foot

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Giantess Stories: The Foot

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