Giantess Stories: The Friend

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The Friend




“Are you sure about this Meghan?”


“Positive, my dad said the machine is fool proof and it

will be fun. I will shrink you first then I will shrink myself using the delay



“Hey wait a minute. If there's a delay why can't we both go

at the same time?”


“Too make sure it works stupid. If something goes wrong and

we are both shrunk how do we get back?”


“Well that's a good reason.”


            I walked over to the platform lead by Meghan. I

towered over here. Meghan was a short girl being only 5'1” and I was 6'6” so you

can just about imagine how funny we looked when we were together. I stepped onto

the metal platform and looked around the room and then at her. The machine had a

freaky look to it. Meghan was over by the control panel working away. She looked

cute when she was at work She was a lot more like her dad then she would want to

admit. She was an Asian girl with long black hair, blue eyes, really skinny, a

little on the weak side. She was more of the fashion type then the sporty type.

I guess you could call her a fashion nerd.


“Here we go”


            The blue light engulfed me and the attic room

grew bigger and bigger the metal platform extended out as far as I could see.

That is when I heard the thump, thump, thump of a great weight. Dust flew up

into the air. I looked up from the metal platform in sheer terror who and what I

saw. It was little Meghan Rogers only she was no longer little.


“Don't stand so close your fucking big Megz”


            Meghan began to bend down and then out of the

corner of my eye I saw something glimmer then I a loud clunk. I looked around

only to see that I was surrounded by glass. I pounded against the glass but it

was futile as it was much too thick for me to budge. I looked at myself then

back at Meghan. I was just a few inches tall like she said. In comparison to her

I don't know I am 2 inches or 5 inches everything is just damn big.


            The metal floor was replaced by a thin piece of

cardboard then the jar tilted and I crashed into the glass floor. The thin

cardboard was replaced by the top of jar. I could only look dumbfounded back

at Meghan.


“What are you doing! I don't like this change me back”


“Why don't you make me Jared? Oh wait? You can't can you? Make

me Little Jared! MAKE ME!!”


“Why you!!!'


            She flashed me a look as I was carried out of

the attic and down into her room. I continued to scream and pound on the side of

the jar. I was not about to be treated like this. Not by Meghan  not by anyone.

As she laid down in her bed she continued to look at me in the jar.


“This is so cool! Now you're totally mine. Look at you in

there. Jared under glass how quaint”


            The lid was unscrewed and I tumbled into the

palm of Meghan's hand. She walked to the corner of her room and set me down in

front of a doll house that now looks like a normal sized house. She pulled the

house in half pushing me inside and then slamming it shut.


“Welcome home Jared. I have decided that you can live here

forever cause I am not going to change you back. I like you having to look up to

me and be so helpless in my hand. You were always a big shot and now your just a

little man in a big girls world.”




“Now for the rules okay. I will be a fair a goddess. You

will be treated well as long as you do what I say because your just to small and

tiny to know what is best for you. I mean this a big persons world and since I

am your care taker you just need to trust me like a little boy trusts him mom to

make the right choices. You are also not permitted to leave your house unless I

or a big person tells you too. Is that clear? I expect all responses in a Yes

Mistress Meghan or a No Mistress Meghan.”


“Yes Mistress Meghan”


            She just stood up and walked out of the room

closing the door behind her with a heavy slam almost to emphasize my new place

in life.


            I sat in my house for hours. With each minute

that passed I got angrier and angrier at Meghan. I was a man. I was a person. I

had rights. I was going to tell her how I feel about this. I heard her walk in

and I pushed the door open and stormed out onto the floor. As I walked out I

looked up and two long slender tan legs. Each leg was thick and toned. The

muscles of each leg stuck out of the well formed leg. I took a few steps back

struggling to see past these legs. The muscles in the leg began to flex and bend

as more and more of the body came into view. A low cut denim skirt comes into

view then red locks of hair fall down as I take more steps back towards the doll

house as I realize that this isn't Meghan.


“LIKE OH MY GOD what are you? You must be some kind of

doll? Does Meghan own you? She must or else why would you be here?”


“Just leave me alone! I thought you were Meghan! Just for

get you saw anything”


“Hmm, well what if I don't want too?”


“Look at you! You're just a kid. Just go away.”


“I am not a kid. I am a woman”


“oh please your 13.”


“I am 16 year old”


“Yeah right”


“Well I turn 16 in May”


“Well I am 22 years old. Now just do what I say little girl



            Her hand was around me squeezing me tightly as

she stood up. Her devious eyes stared back at me intently. The smile on her face

grew wider and wider. She looked around the room nervously then at the door then

at my dollhouse then at the door. She took off running. I saw Meghan talking to

her mom in the kitchen but before I could say anything I was tucked into this

girls breasts head first with only my legs above her breasts. The girl grabbed

her Jacket and left with screaming all the while.


            I felt myself being plucked from her breasts. I

thought we would be outside but I saw that we must have been in her room. A

Linkin Park and a Bon Jovi poster are on the wall with pink sheets on her bed

and white frilly curtains. It was a pretty girlie room.


“Well I'm Kim and it looks your going to be mine. You're

the coolest thing I have ever seen! I can't wait till tomorrow. You better get

your rest I have a feeling your going to have a busy day.”


            Kim Woke me up early the next day. She insisted

that I sleep with her. It wasn't exactly the worst way to spend a night but I

didn't enjoy being cuddled like a teddy bear for 8 hours consecutively either.


“Don't go anywhere! I am just going to get ready!”


            The next hour and half were tedious and

unimportant. After Kim got out of the shower she sat at her vanity table for

along time then she walked in and out of her closet looking for the perfect

outfit I guess. I just sat on her pillow waiting for her. There wasn't much I

could do. Her door was closed and if I ran she would just catch me, find me, and

I would be worse off then I was.


“Let's go to school”


            Those were the words I was dreading most. Kim

just reached down and grabbed me. She didn't ask, didn't even consider asking

she just grabbed me like I had no choice in the matter. I felt so powerless in

the matter.


“Hey Girls!”


“Kim no get away from the car!! Don't go in there”


“Hush, my friend will love you”


“Don't let them see me.”


“Oh fine you big baby”


            I felt a little better as she slid into the

passenger side of the car.


“Hey girls check this out!”






“What is it?”


“It looks like a toy”


“It so tiny”


“Does it run batteries?”


“Is it a new Barbie doll?”


“The clothes it's wearing are kind of tacky”


“Well I didn't pick it out”


“I am a man not a doll thank you very much”


“Wow it speaks”


“Can I touch it?”


“no keep your hands away from me”


“Sure you can play with him girls”


“Send him back here since Tammy is driving”


“Not fair I can drive and play”


“You can barely drive and eat girl”


            In a swift motion I was snatched by the girl in

the backseat and dropped in her lap. Her smiling face beaming down on me

happily. I would run down the length of her lap but at the last moment she would

snatch me off her lap and bring me back close to her. This is how it went for a

good five minutes until she tired of it and lifted me up to her face. I felt

nervous dangling from her fingers like this.


“How'd you get so small”


“Well my friend Meghan ha--”


“So what should I do with you?”


            Alicia's head tilted back and her tongue

extended out of her mouth. The tongue stopped just as it touched my feet. I felt

her tongue lock onto my shoes and pluck them off one by one. My bare feet now

touched her tongue. The tongue quivered and salivated as my feet touched it. She

began to suck me into her mouth and I started running so she would draw her

tongue in then shoot it back out causing me to run on the tip of her tongue

quite off balance.


“HELP!! KIM!!”




“I wasn't going to really eat him. I was just trying to

scare him”


            As the girls stepped out of the car I saw there

high school looming in the distance. Each step they took I drew one step closer

to my doom, to my torture.


            Kim snatched me from her friends telling them

that she had a few things to do before class. As we walked into the school we

took some twists and turns and towards a group of cheerleaders.


“Hey Sam, Sarah”


“What do you want Kim Penning?”


“Can we talk”


“We don't talk with low class commoners like you.”


“What if I have this?”


            I am shot up into the air dangling from her

fingers. I quite audibly gulp as I see 4 perfect faces staring at me. There body

covered by white sweaters that say FHS across them. They are blue sweaters with a

yellow trim around the FHS and blue skirts with a yellow stripe going

horizontally around the bottom of skirt.


“You still play with dolls”


“I am not a damn doll. I have rights. Take me to your

principle this instant.”


“Well, well, well, why don't you sit with us during lunch

today Kim? Oh and bring your little man okay”


“Great! See you then”


            I was clutched tightly against Kim's chest as

she walked down the hall towards her class. As we walked in I was set down on

her desk as she went digging around in her backpack for something. 20 eyes

immediately averted over to me. I looked around nervously back at them.


“Look at that thing. It's a tiny doll on Kim's desk”


“It's a tiny man don't be so dumb bobby”


“Stop flirting Jen, you might scare him”


“Kim, your classmates are staring at me. Little help here”


“Well get use too it already. You're such a whiner. Kim

there staring at me, Kim she's trying to eat me, Kim put me down, Kim this, Kim



“Well she was trying to eat me, and they are staring at



“I don't see what the big deal is”


“I WAS ALMOST EATEN!!! What do you mean you don't see what

the big deal was?”


“Well you're too big to take down in one bite anyway.

Alicia would have choked on you.”


“That's not the, Hey put me down!! KIM!! This isn't right”


“Your right Danielle he is real!”


“Listen here young lady! I will not be treated like this”


“OOOOO really now”


            I began to kick at this Latina girls finger

which only made her laugh even harder along with the rest of the class




            As the teacher walked the entire classroom was

almost rolling on the floor laughing at my plight. The Latina girl dropped me on

Kim's desk and went to her seat. I looked up at Kim who had a superior smirk on

her face.


“Why don't you dance or something I'm bored”


“You could take notes”


“HAHA that's funny!”


“Is there a problem Kim?”


“Oh no Mrs. Johnson”


            That's how the rest of the morning went. Her

various classmates playing with me before class and me having to keep Kim

entertained during class. When lunch came I was ready to be left in her locker.

I had totally forgotten about the cheerleaders. So when Kim sat at there table

and placed me in the middle I saw all the eyes of the so called “popular” crowd

stare at me. It was a mixture of cheerleaders and athletes. To the looks of

things the entire high school female hierarchy is present. There eye lock onto

me like a cruise missile. Hands just dart out towards me. There are no words for

what I saw. It was a forest of fingers darting towards me. There no where to

run, no where to hide. In absolutely every direction there was just fingers

coming towards me.


“Hold It!”


“I should be the first one to touch him. Now how badly do

you want to be one of us Kim?”


“More than anything Kate”


“Would be willing to sacrifice?”


“Sacrifice, no prob”


“Then give your little man to me and you will be in.”


“Okay, he's all yours”


“You could have at least thought about it Kim?”




            I was snatched by the cheer brat who seemed to

be leader of the group and the rest is history more or less.


“Sorry Jared can't type anymore because I say so! It's



“What can I say? It's a living!”


The end















Giantess Stories: The Friend

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