Giantess Stories: The Giant Genie

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The Giant Genie


Inch High


You are Mark, it was around midnight, just earlier that night you and

your girlfriend Tia got into a fight but it didn't end up as a

break-up. But you knew that you and Tia would break up eventually it

was waiting to happen. You then hear a big crash outside. You run out

and notice that there was a lamp like in that 'Aladdin' story. It

must have fallen from the sky somehow. You picked it up, it was hot.

And you blew on your hand from the burning lamp. You think, hmmm, you

can get three wishes out of this thing, what would you want?? Well,

one thing was that Tia and you would stop fighting or something even

better and more prestigous.

You decide on rubbing the lamp. All of a sudden, the top of the lamp

opens and a tiny girl gets out. This must be the genie, you think.

And then she grows until she's your height. Magina said, 'You are the

one that freed me from the lamp, I'd like to thank you. But hmmmm,

first I'd like to grant my own wish. I promise, you can have the

other two but just for now, my wish comes first.' I said, 'Okay, what

is your wish??' Magina said, 'It's a surprise! You'll see.' Magina

snapped her fingers and disappeared. All of a sudden, you grew so

tired you fell asleep.

Later you wake up, it's daylight and you see giant stalks of grass

which are slightly taller than you. You don't understand what's going

on. Until you see a giant butterfly fly over your head, you notice

that you must have shrunk or everything must have grown. You then see

a giant bare foot, it's huge compared to your size. You awe at its

gigantic size and notice on how bright her red painted toenails were.

You look up and notice that's it's Magina. She said, 'My wish has

been granted, sleepy head. Now, hmmm, what to do with you?? Hmmm..' I

said, 'I can't believe you shrunk me.' Magina said, 'But I must look

gorgeous at this height to you. Now you can be my foot slave

forever.' Magina laughed and then put on her shoes and said to

herself, 'Hmm, now to go to one of those beauty salons. Maybe Mark

can make some new friends there.'

Magina put Mark in her hands as she was heading to the beauty salon.

Mark said nervously, 'What are you going to do with me??' Magina

said, 'Hmmm, well I saw that when I first appeared you were mostly

staring at my feet. So feet are what you belong with! But you won't

get to see mine for a little while. I'm just going to drop you off

here and hope you have a fun time. I have so many other people to

shrink. Ha Ha Ha!!' Mark said, 'What are you talking about, liking

feet, I think feet are disgusting.' Magina said, 'You know I can read

your mind! How about I shrink you even smaller.' Mark said, 'Why??'

Magina said, 'To make sure you are not noticed by other people. I'm

the only one that can know this.' Mark said, 'If other people notice

me, they would still think I was a bug.' Magina said, 'Just don't!!

Because no matter where you are even if you are gobbled up, you will

return here at midnight, just like Cinderella had to!!' Magina shrunk

Mark from two inches to 1/8 of an inch!


Magina went into the beauty salon. She had a conversation with one of

the manicurists. Then Magina put Mark into the nail polish. Magina

whispered, 'This shall be your fate, you will be unnoticed on a

stranger's toenail or fingernail. Good bye!' She then disappeared out

of nowhere.

Tia and her older sister Nicci who was 18 were heading for the beauty

salon that moment. Tia said, 'Nicci, do you think I should try to

call Mark again, I don't want things to end like this. He must be

really mad at me.' Nicci said, 'Good riddance, Mark is a moron, if he

was a bug, I would step on him with ease. You gotta meet someone with

more muscles, Tia, a lot more.'

Mark was humiliated by having to swim in nail polish. He wondered if

any minute, it was going to open and he would be stuck on some

woman's toenail. But Mark knew that it wasn't going to be for long,

he thought about Magina. She had pretty feet.

Tia and Nicci were both going to get pedicures. The pedicurist took

the bottle and she opened it. Mark saw that he was going to be with

Tia or Nicci.

He hoped it was Tia, Nicci hated his guts. He heard Nicci say, 'I'll

go first.' He didn't want to be spending the rest of the day on

Nicci's foot. He tried to get away from the giant brush. He even

dived deep down to the bottom, but he had to go up because he was

losing breath. And so enough, Mark was taken by the brush. He was

then painted on to Nicci's big toe.

Mark, even though he didn't enjoy it, he was a little aroused by his

surroundings. That her toe was as big as a ballroom to him. Then

after Nicci's pedicure, she wiggled her toes. It caused earthquakes

which must have been at least a 6 on the Richter Scale. Mark went to

check his watch and then realized that it must have fallen off in the

nail polish. Great, now someone was going to have a microscopic watch

on their toenail, he thought. Tia got her pedicure and then the two

left the salon.

Since Nicci wore sandals, he still had a good view of the outside

world. Mark saw that Tia was on her cell phone. He saw that she was

trying to call his house again. Tia looked upset when she got off the

phone. Mark knew though it would be impossible to get Tia to notice

him. Also Mark couldn't leave Nicci's toe, because the nail polish

nailed (get it) him right down. Nicci then said, 'Tia, I'll drop you

off home. I'm going to hang out with some of my other friends now.

Bye. They'll love my new nail polish!' Mark grew very tired, the

smell of the nail polish was intoxicating, he fell asleep as Nicci

drove to her friends' place.

Mark woke up, he was shocked to see he was on a glittery green rock.

But then remembered that he was shrunk and was on Nicci's big toe.

Mark realized something though, he could move now. The nail polish

wasn't as sticky as it once was. So he decided to walk on her toe.

Everything was so big and her toe wasn't too high up, he could jump

off it but just the fact that he can live on her toe was amazing to

him. Mark decided to take the safe way and stay on Nicci's toe. He

then saw Nicci's friend, Chrissy, she was kind of short and a little

overweight, but Mark always thought she had pretty feet and he got an

amazing view. Mark also saw that her soles were dirty, Chrissy liked

walking around barefoot all the time.

Nicci said, "So, what do you think of my nailpolish??"

Chrissy said, "It's nice, but blue is more of your color I

think." Nicci said, "You just don't want my nails to be

green too." Chrissy said, "Maybe." An hour had passed,

all they were talking about was girly stuff. He knew that any moment,

Magina would take him back with her. But Mark thought, why didn't she

not want anyone to notice him, she didn't have to worry about him

getting crushed because at midnight, he would just be alive again. Or

it could just be that Magina wants Mark all to herself.

Chrissy accidentally stepped on Nicci's foot. Nicci said,

"Ow, that hurt a lot. I wish I had someone willing to rub my

feet." Chrissy said, "Me too."

As of now, Mark is not on Nicci's toe. He is now under Chrissy's

foot. Chrissy's feet smelled and they sweated too. Mark got the worst

of it. But he was still hanging on.

More to come soon

Giantess Stories: The Giant Genie

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