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By Roll_O

"You're hired," said my new boss as soon as he read that I had taken lifeguard

training in San Diego. My boss, Edgar Thompson, was a gruff old man with a

slight limp and shitloads of money, who had built a new themed water park up in

Ventura County, named Wavy Waters. It was nearing it's stages of completion

then, and the old bastard needed to trick lifeguards like me, Scott Aldridge,

into watching the little bratty kids swim in the Kidz Area. So he puts an ad in



Of course, the ad failed to mention that the only excitment going on where I was

working will be when Sara Thompson's top flies off in the Swirl-O-Rama.

And believe me, that's pretty exciting, considering Sara Thompson is the finest

girl I ever set eyes on. She came from the same lifeguard school as I did, and

her voluptuous body, dark brown hair and dark olive tan got me looking in her

direction every time she used to walk by. Her firm, supple breasts were

seemingly molded to the bright orange suit she usually wore, and her tanned,

muscular long legs could attract any guy's attention. She was never very good at

being a lifeguard, though, and the only reason Edgar hired her was because she's

his niece, and she needed a job.

Of course, I don't mind, since she wasn't going to work at the Kidz Area with

me. She'd work at the wave pool. And, fortunately enough for me, it was very

near by.

I was out surfing one day at Venice Beach. when it was nearing night time, and

the bright orange sunset reflected tiny red lines in the far distance, I spotted

a shiny object on the surface. I paddled over to get it, and saw that it was a

small bottle. Looks pretty fancy, I thought, but it was dirty. Don't get me

wrong, folks, I'm no neat freak, but this looked pretty expensive. So I headed

back to shore to clean it off. I took out a small rag and started to wipe off

the grime, when all of the sudden, the cork flew off the bottle, and a green

cloud of smoke flew from it, and somehow turned into a tall green man with

pointy ears and a curly moustache.

"For freeing me from the cold loneliness of that bottle," the fat genie said,

"It shall be my honor to grant you one wish of your choosing."

Of course, I was a little skeptical at first, I mean, come on, this guy looked

like a reject from the Emerald City. So at first I said, "How do I know you're

really powerful enough to grant me the kind of wish I want?"

"Listen, buddy, I know that I'm supposed to be kind to my master and all, but

think for a second. I just came from a twelve inch bottle. Who else do you know

that can do that?"

I was still skeptical, but the goofy looking man had a point.

So I thought for all of five minutes, looking at my surroundings for something I

wanted...then I looked at me. I was about 5'5", and although that's not

incredibly short, Sara was 6'2" tall. If I was going to have half a chance at

her, I would need to be able to kiss her without jumping.

"Okay, here's my wish. I wish that I had a...diamond...that could change my

size. There, I said it."

"Well, there...that's original..." The man closed his meaty fist tightly, and

when it reopened, there was a large diamond in his hand. It sparkled in the

twilight like a star in the sky. I held it, polishing it, though it already

shined brightly.

"Guess that's it for long..."

The genie was swallowed into the bottle again as the cork flew onto the lip.


As I stood up and walked to my car, I wondered what had just happened. And I

longed to try out my new wish.


That night, holding the stone in my hand, I closed my eyes, and imagined myself

being only 2" tall. When I opened them again, I found myself looking at a

humongous wooden pillar looming up...and up...and up...until it connected with a

flat surface many feet off the ground. It was pretty cool being this tall, and I

was thinking of exploring the house, but I don't think I'd like to stay that way

for long. Besides, I had a hard time getting Sara's attention being 5'5".

So I closed my eyes, held the stone in my hand again, which I guessed grew or

shrank with me, and imagined being 6'6". As I opened my eyes, the room seemed

slightly smaller than it had been. I was 13" taller than before, and noticed I

was taller than everything in my house. I decided not to change my height

again...for a while.

The next morning all I wore to work were bright orange swim trunks and some

lotion. At first, I noticed, the trunks didn't fit, but then I shrunk down to

5'5", put them on, and grew again. They grew to my new size, somehow, like the

diamond did. I also bleached my hair, to insure no one was suspicious.

That day was my first day on the job. I was glad that no one knew me, and that

the people who did didn't recognize me. But I punched in the time clock and

started my duty at the...ugh...Kidz Area.

I took this opportunity to be unknown in stride, and "met" people I already

knew. Like Sara.

"Hey, baby," I said cooly, "You taken?"

I knew Sara always liked men who were taller than her, and also that she had a

boyfriend. But I figured that I could be twice the man he was. "Yes...but I

think something could be arranged, you hunk."

"You don't look so bad yourself, babe."

Sara giggled. I figure she would have giggled no matter what I said. "What's

your name? Mine's Sara.

"Uh...Mike Feldman," I said, trying not to stare too long at her incredible

legs. I sighed. Now it seemed my life was set.

Of course, that's what I said before I "met" Sara's boyfriend, Travis.

The first time I saw Travis, I was instanly jealous. I was better looking than

him, but he was taller, and he could have easily beaten the living fuck out of

me. Behind his back, me and my friends used to call him Conan in the old

Lifeguard school days. But in front of his was unheard of. Unless you

wanted to be hanging from the diving board by your balls.

Now, however, I was slightly more in control of the situation. He tried to be

nice on the outside to me, but I could see the tension building every time I

kissed Sara. He shook every time.

One day, while I was fondling Sara in the meter room, one of Travis' friends

broke into my locker and hunted for something valuable. Travis was in with the

bad crowd, and had some sneaky friends. In seconds, he saw the huge diamond,

grabbed it, and ran.

His friend, Damion, ran up to Travis while he was watching the 360 Machine, a

water tunnel that spun you in all sorts of directions until you puked.

"Travis! Look what I found in pretty boy's locker!"

"Let me see that!" Travis said, snatching it out of his sneering friend's grasp.

"This looks like a fake to me," he lied. "Go away."

Damion slunk back into the shadows as Travis eyed the diamond. It just so

happened that at that moment, Travis was thinking, like usual, of something

happening to "Mike." This time, clutching the stone tightly, he thought of Mike

being the humiliating size of an ant. Yes, Sara would never like him, if she

could find him, and she would come back to me. I'm really the one she loves.

Meanwhile, it was about an hour since Sara and I were in the meter room, I was

back on my chair, and I called for Sara to come over, when my eyes closed

suddenly and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I noticed that I was on a huge, hard, smooth white surface that

stretched for yards in all directions. Far off in the distance, I could see Sara

calling my name as she looked for me. "I'm over here," I yelled as loudly as I

could, but she still called for me. She came closer. And closer. And still

closer. Soon she was taller than me, and still coming. Finally, when she

stopped, she was directly in front of the white thing I was on. She was huge! At

least 600 feet tall! It soon snapped into my mind that she wasn't huge, I was

just really small. And this thing I was on was my lifeguard chair. And she had

just given up her search and decided to sit down. Right on top of me!

I ran as fast as I could, which, suprisingly enough, was pretty fast. Just as I

reached safety at the end of the canvas her huge bottom slammed against the

chair and sent me sailing through the air. When I landed, painlessly, I was on

top of her huge tanned thigh.

This is when I got my first spectacular view of her whole body from my miniscule

size. She seemed to be taking over my job for me, but I couldn't see the

expression on her face because her mountainous breasts obscured the view. It was

during this moment that the fact that I was the size of a bug really set in. I

stared her massive body up and down, casually looking up at her pert, jutting

breasts, with her nipples pressed hard against the fabric. I also occasionally

looked down at her privates, admiring the way the hair pushed a pattern into the

fabric. I wondered what it would be like to be inside of her.

Those thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of Sara's watch as the timer went

off. I knew what that meant...quittin' time.

I figured Sara wouldn't mind me hitching a little ride, since I was her new

boyfriend now, so I grabbed at the elastic border of her swimsuit just as she

stood up from my chair. Then she began to walk. My position was a lot more

dangerous than I had originally anticipated when I grabbed on,however, since

each smoothly muscled thigh swished by me with amazing speed each time she took

a step. If I had grabbed a little to the left or right, I would be thigh pizza

right now.

Then in the distance I saw the women employee locker room come closer until we

were inside, and Sara began to change. This was interesting. But still, I knew I

didn't want to be discovered hanging so close to her genitalia, so I jumped onto

the bench, watching her undress herself until she was naked. Awesome. In that

suit, she was practically naked, but there was absolutely no comparison. This

wasn't the first time I had seen Sara naked, but it was a spectacular view that

I had, at crotch level. I could smell her warm and inviting scent wrap me in a

warm blanket of desire.

I was shaken out of that sexual thought by a loud thump that came from the left

of me. I looked over to see a bar of soap that was twice as tall as I was, and

about ten or twenty times as wide. Not instantly realizing it's purpose, I ran

over to it and ducked under it, since the whole bench was bare until then and I

had no cover. I clenched the bar tightly, and as soon as I realized what it was

to be used for I was twenty-five feet in the air.

I was grabbed by her huge hand as she turned on the water. It steamed up the

glass of the shower door as she began caressing herself with the bar, lathering

everywhere. I was lucky, being on the unused side of the bar. But when I noticed

huge droplets of water limiting my grip, I crawled to the other side just as she

was rubbing her womanhood. I heard her moan as she rubbed, and on every rub the

soap lathered her huge labia faster and faster. I didn't want to be smothered

anywhere, so I decided her pussy would be my temporary lifeboat for now.

I slid inside the damp shaft with ease, and noticed that the smell that had

wrapped me in a blanket of desire was now bathing me in it's radiance, calling

me to rub and caress. I wanted to, but now I had to get away from any possible

danger. So I crawled very deep in her tunnel, until I heard a deafening muffled

moan as huge floods of white fluid enveloped me in warmth.

"That must be her g-spot," I thought with a smile.

But my smile faded as I saw a huge finger penetrate the darkness...and head

straight for me...

Is this the end of Feldman? Stay tuned to #!!Giantess for



Giantess Stories: THE GIANTESS LIFEGUARD By Roll

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