Giantess Stories: The Giantess Story by Smartass McGee  There was once a guy

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The Giantess Story

by Smartass McGee

There was once a guy ("Bobman") who had a very attractive

wife. His wife has extremely large breasts, because for some reason,

women in porn always have disgustingly huge breasts unless they're

underage (and sometimes even then).

Bobman is either a womanizing dick or a woman-shy geek, depending. If

he is going to be killed, he is a dick, so readers won't sympathize

with him too much. If he finds happiness (or at least a lot of sex),

he's a guy who's always been shy around women, but somehow everyone

has always had a secret crush on him anyway. Regardless, Bobman is a

very shallow, two-dimensional character, surpassed in predictability

only by the shallowness of his sexually pent-up lover.

All at once, something absurd and very highly contrived happens to

Bobman. Brushing it off as nothing, Bobman soon realizes his mistake

when he finds himself reduced to four inches in height, but

fortunately (and inexplicably) still able to breathe, talk, see,

hear, and think clearly, with no adverse effects whatsoever. Oh, and

for some reason, his body doesn't squish on contact with light

pressure, despite the high frailty in the human design.

Bobman's wife inevitably comes home. Seeing what has happened to him,

she is worried for all of two seconds before she is suddenly fine

with the whole situation, and out of nowhere reveals that she has

long fantasized about this exact situation (what a coincidence!).

To kick off the extended sex-and-control session, Mrs. Bobman somehow

gets off from pleasuring her husband either orally or manually,

despite the fact that this has absolutely no physical way of

pleasuring her. Bobman makes a self-centered statement about a great

session, so his wife mashes him into her breasts, sucks on him and

comments on how good he tastes (SIDE NOTE: scientists theorize that,

based on our diet and makeup, humans taste vaguely like pork), and

eventually shoves him far up her nether regions, regardless of the

fact that nerves in the vulval/vaginal area are concentrated in the

clitoris (which is EXTERNAL, for the illiterates out there) and the

outer third of the vagina. At least one of the things she does to

Bobman for her pleasure is performed "unceremoniously," and

someone somewhere either mentions a "gargantuan pussy" or

says "come in me baby." She reaches multiple orgasm for the

first time in her life, bruises Bobman up pretty well, and goes to


The next day, Mrs. Bobman's ne'er-before-mentioned, even hotter

friend comes over, and they reveal that (surprise!) they want Bobman

to share in their newfound lesbian joy. Bobman is given to every hot

woman they meet to use as a vibrator, and enobody is worried about

hygeine or STDs anywhere along this process at all, much less freaked

out by a fully functional four-inch person being used as a public

dildo. Some of these extraneous, one-dimensional women may consist of

coworkers, students, models, celebrities, and your everyday

indescribably-hot Jill Everybody off the street.

Some of the women, especially Bobman's wife, enjoy domination. He is

now seen as an object despite his constantly acting really whiny (but

submitting very quickly) about his rights, and at some point he's put

in place by being dumped in a toilet and exposed to fresh urine and

fecal matter, which for some reason does not poison, drown, sicken,

or crush him.

Eventually, Bobman is either killed for pleasure or settles in as his

wife's personal playtoy, which she uses constantly despite constant

sex with her new lover.

The End.


I enjoy the fantasy, and appreciate your efforts to archive all this

literature. But at the same time, it often seems like people take

this damn thing too seriously. It's just a sexual kink, not a life

philosophy. Thus the lighthearted "story" rendition. Sorry

if I offend; it's all meant in good fun.


Giantess Stories: The Giantess Story by Smartass McGee  There was once a guy

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