Giantess Stories: The Gift  by Gwarrior07     Ed sat at the wedding counting the minutes till it was all over

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The Gift

by Gwarrior07

 Ed sat at the wedding counting the minutes till it

was all over. He was supposed to be happy, wasn't he??

 His Best friend, Chuck, was getting married. Why

won't he be happy? Probably because his friend was

marrying a total bitch, (Jessica) who hated him about

as much as he hated her.  Or could it be that his

ex-girlfriend, Heather, who he was totally in love

with and who happened to be the Maid of Honor, was now

not speaking to him because he talked to another girl

at the rehearsal dinner. It was most likely both, but

it didn't really matter now, cause he only had another

hour of this hell and then he could leave.

A week after the wedding Ed received an e-mail from

Heather asking him to meet her at their old spot by

the lake. Ed knew he would end up in a fight with her,

but he thought meeting her would FINALLY put an end to

the torment she was putting him through and allow him

to get on with his life. When Ed got to their old

spot, Heather was already there.  Heather was about

5'2" and maybe 110 lbs. She had red hair and a body to

die for. Heather was Jessica's best friend. Ed met her

through Chuck and Jess over a year ago. They dated for

a few months and broke up. But over the past nine

months since then, they've been talking off and on.

Now, Ed hoped, it would finally end.  

           Ed walked up to Heather and nodded. "Hey.

What do you want?"

           "I need you in order to give Jess her

gift." Heather said.

           "Me? What do you need me for?"

           "Well, I'm going to shrink you and give YOU

to Jess as a wedding gift."

Ed looked at her puzzled. 'Has she lost her mind' he

thought. Heather continued.

"Jess wants you to be about a foot tall so that you

can do house work and stuff. But I figured I'd 'mess

up' and make you about two inches tall. Then you'd be

totally useless and she'll just have to get rid of


         Ed started to laugh. "Why don't you 'get rid'

me yourself if you hate me so much?"

         "Because I promised Jess I'd give you to her.

And I keep my promises."

         Ed shook his head.  "Heather... Your [email protected]*#ing

wacky. I hope you have a good life inside your little


        Ed began to walk away shaking his head.

Heather simply smirked and began to recite some words

under her breath. Suddenly Ed's head began to spin.

He shut his eyes and began to rub his head trying to

clear his mind. Then, as quickly as it  started, it

stopped. When Ed opened his eyes he was staring

directly at Heather's shoes!! He looked up in horror

to see that Heather now towered over him!! She

appeared to be over 200 feet tall!! Heather began to

laugh, "Ready to go see Jessie?"

        Heather bent over and scooped Ed up. She

raised him up to her face. Her face was enormous!! "I

can't wait to see you Jessica kill you!!"

       Heather laughed again and dropped Ed in her

bag. Inside the bag, Ed was tossed about until he

finally was knocked unconscious.

 When Ed woke up, he found himself on a couch. 'Was

all that just a dream' he thought. Then he heard

Heather's voice. "He's waking up! I told you he wasn't

dead!" Ed realized that his nightmare had just begun!

   Jessica came walking into the room from the

kitchen with a big smile on her face. Jess was about

5'4" and 105lbs. She was very skinny but still a

pretty girl. However,  Jess was an even bigger bitch

then Heather. She was always the 'quiet' one. Never

said much, but always got her way.  Jess kneeled next

to Heather and stared at Ed, "He's so small."

               Heather quickly responded. "I know. I

messed up. Sorry. Guess we'll have to get rid of him."

              Jess leaned closer to Ed, almost staring

eye to eye with him.  "No. Not yet. I may still be

able to have some fun with him."

             Heather was shocked as Jess scooped Ed up

and headed to the bedroom. She placed Ed on her night


             "This will be your new home. You'll stay

in here (pointing to the table's draw) whenever I'm

out or Chuck's home. OK?" 

Ed nodded.

            "Now, if you do EVERYTHING I say and are a

good boy, I may have Heather return you to normal."

           Heather was again looked stunned as Jess

continued. "If you don't do everything I say, then...

well, you know. Understand?"

           Ed again quickly nodded.

           Jess then opened the draw.  "Good! Into

your house then." She said as she pushed Ed into the


           Several hours passed as Ed sat in the dark

draw. He figured that Jess was saying goodbye to

Heather before she left for Grad school. He was full

of such fear he couldn't even think straight. Suddenly

the draw opened and Jess picked Ed up. She carried him

into the living room and placed him on the coffee

table. Jess then sat across from him on the couch. Ed

looked around to see a piece of a broken nail file and

nail polish lying next to him. Jess leaned forward

toward Ed.

          "You see, I thought and I thought. What can

I use Ed for? He's too small for normal housework.

What CAN someone that small do? Then it hit me."

         Jess leaned back and placed her bare feet

onto the table next to Ed, crossing them at the

ankles. Ed stumbled back, staring at her huge feet. He

wasn't even half the size of them!!

        "He can take care take care of my FEET! What

else can a two inch tall man do?" Jess said laughing.

She slid her feet back until only her toes were

hanging onto the table.

        "You only have to file them today. Tomorrow

though, you'll have to file, trim the nails with your

teeth,  take care of any rough spots, and paint my

nails for a party I'm going to. So you may want to get

started on that too."

        Jess made herself comfortable and started to

read her magazine. Ed stood still for moment trying to

grasp what was happening to him. Was he to spend the

rest of his life taking care of Jess's feet!! He

didn't know if he could do it. 'No' he thought! 'I

must do it in order to get my life back. She said if I

was a good boy she'd have Heather make me normal

again!' Ed picked up the file and approached Jess's

foot. As he got closer, he noticed that her big toe

was nearly half his size!  Jess had very attractive

feet. Her soles were extremely soft and tender. But it

was late August, and naturally hot. Therefore her feet

were also sweaty and smelly. As Ed approached her

feet, he could smell the odor and knew that it would

be a long day.  Ed labored to simply file each toe.

The file, although only a piece, was still extremely

heavy. Every couple of minutes, Ed had to stop and

walk away to catch a breath of fresh air. It took Ed

over an hour to complete his task. When Jess got up

she looked at her feet and nodded. "Not bad, but you

still have a lot to do tomorrow."

Jess then went into the kitchen. A minute later she

came back with a bowl of water and a piece of bread.

           "Here. Eat fast. Chuck will be home soon."

           Ed quickly ate before Jess picked him up

and dropped him back into the draw. That night Ed got

little sleep. He spent most of the night crying,

wishing to awaken from this nightmare. Only the hope

of being returned to normal one day allowed him to


           The next day started early for Ed. As soon

as Chuck left for work, Jess took Ed out and got him

started on her feet. Ed first nibbled each toe down

with his teeth. Then he touched each one up with the

file.  It took him almost two hours to 'clip' and file

her toenails with his teeth and the file!  After a

short break for lunch of stale beard and water, Ed got

down to the serious work.  Jess placed Ed on the floor

and sat next to him.

          "OK. Now you have to take care of any rough

spots on my feet. I want you to file them down, clip

off all dead skin, and rub this lotion on my foot."

          Jess then extended her legs out and laid on

the floor and started to watch TV. Ed picked up his

file and headed toward her feet. He had to find all

the rough spots. So he first ran his hand along her

sole until he found a rough spot, then he'd file until

it was gone. Luckily for Ed, Jess had very soft soles

and therefore she had few rough spots, because it took

him an additional two hours to file away any rough

spots she did have!

Afterwards, Ed had to rub the foot lotion all over her

huge feet. Ed couldn't believe how big her feet were.

Once he finished with her soles, Jess made him paint

each of her toenails. What had started at 8:00am

didn't end until nearly 3:00pm. For almost seven

hours, Ed labored on Jess's feet.

         "Nice. Back into the draw with you." Jess

said after Ed had finished.

          Jess put Ed back into the draw and waited

for Chuck to get home so that they could go to the

party. That night Ed slept like a baby because of all

the work he did. Also because he knew he'd have more

work to do tomorrow!

         The next day, Jess didn't take Ed out until

almost noon. When she did take him out, she

immediately placed him on the floor by a pair of her


"You did such a great job on my feet yesterday, that I

didn't know what to have you do today! If your not

doing anything, then I'd have no use for you and would

have to simply get rid of you."

         Ed felt his body freeze with fear as Jess

continued. "But I did come up with something! You can

clean my shoes!!"

        Ed felt better. He knew he'd live another day.

Jess placed a bowl of soapy water next to Ed with a

tiny piece of cloth.

       "Here, get started on this pair."

        Jess pointed to the shoes next to Ed and

walked out of the room. Ed first cleaned the outsides

of both shoes till they shined. He thought to himself,

'Wow, this is easy.' A couple more pairs like this and

she'll let me go free'! Then Jess came back into the

room. She inspected Ed's work then kneeled down.

        "Look's like your all done! I hope you got the

inside too?"

         Ed looked confused.

        "Silly little man. You have to clean the

inside of my shoes too! That's the dirtiest spot!"

Jess said laughing.

        Ed nodded, wet his rag and climbed into the

shoe. The odor from the shoe instantly hit Ed. He

began to feel dizzy and sick to his stomach. Jess saw

his reaction to the smell and laughed.  "Be careful

dear, I never wear socks with those shoes. They may

smell a bit."

      Jess laughed again and left. Meanwhile, Ed

struggled against the overpowering smell of sweaty

feet as he scrubbed the inside of her shoes. After a

good half  hour of working in the smelly, damp shoes,

Ed was finished. Jess again returned.

           "All done? Good! You have time for my

sandals too!"

           Jess went to her closet and took out her

sandals. She placed them next to Ed and left. Ed was

thankful that they were open sandals, because they too

had a sweaty smell, but not as bad.

            When Ed was all done, Jess inspected both

pairs of shoes and approved of Ed's work. She then put

him back into his draw. Ed felt sick all night. His

head hurt and so did his stomach. The smell of her

shoes had made him so sick that he didn't know if he

could work tomorrow, and he knew what that would mean.

 The following morning, Jess got Ed started on her

shoes early.

            "I want you to get at least five done

today, so you better get started!"

             Jess left Ed in the middle of a pile of

shoes. Ed still felt like shit from the night before

and could hardly walk let alone scrub her giant shoes!

After an hour of futile work, Ed gave up. He figured

he'd tell Jess he was sick. She'd understand, won't

she? As Ed sat, lost in his thoughts about what to

tell Jess, Jess happened to walk in on him. Wearing

just socks on her feet, Ed didn't hear her come in.

Jess saw Ed on the floor and said. "Taking a break?!?"

            Ed turned around to see Jess standing only

a few feet away from him. He never realized how big

she was compared to him! He only came up to her ankles

at best!! Fear took over Ed's heart as Jess continued.

"I told you that if you worked you'd be OK, but if you

were lazy..."

           With that Jess began to lift her foot. Ed,

fear numbing his body, cowered in a ball while he

starred up at Jess. Jess slowly moved her huge foot

over Ed. All Ed could see was the dirty  imprint of

Jess's sole in her white sock as it slowly moved over

him. Jess held her foot motionless over Ed. Ed felt

tears run down his face as he knew the end was near.

Then, without a word, Jess placed her foot back on the

floor in front of Ed. With a smile on her face, Jess


           "I won't crush you on my new rug!! You'd

stain it! Just don't let me catch you not working


   Jess turned around and left the room. Ed sat

motionless for a few moments, then broke down in

tears! After he regained himself, he cleaned all five

of her shoes, ate his one meal of the day, and happily

returned to his drawer for much needed sleep.

           The next day brought a new task for Ed.

After shopping all day, Jess took Ed out and placed

him on the coffee table.

           "I have a new job for you! I need a shower

after a hard day of shopping, but first, your going to

clean my feet!!"

           Saying no more, Jess took of her pumps, and

slowly removed her stockings. Then she placed both

feet on the table. Ed could smell her feet right away.

          "Clean them good! Don't forget between the

toes either!! Oh, I don't think you'll need a rag to

clean them either! Just use your little tongue!!"

           Jess laughed as Ed approached her huge

feet. Ed knew he'd be sick again tonight. He slowly

approached her feet. The smell was unbearable! But he

had to clean them or else!  Ed licked every  inch of

Jess's tender soles. Between the toes was the worse

because he had to almost place his whole body between

her toes in order to get all the way in! Washing her

feet took Ed about two hours.  For the entire time,

Ed's mouth tasted of sweaty feet! He worked as fast

and as hard as he could so that he won't have to smell

her feet for too long!  After her shower, Ed had to

file and paint her nails again before returning to his


For the next three months, Ed filed, clipped, and

painted her toenails. He filed the rough spots,

cleaned her shoes, and washed her feet with his

tongue! Everyday was spent with either Jess's feet or

something related to her feet. Ed was totally

depressed. He thought the rest of his life would be

spent with Jess's feet. Then one day, he heard some

great news!                                          


While washing her feet, Jess spoke to Ed. "I have good

news for you! Heather is coming home from college for

the weekend! She'll be over tomorrow! Bet you can't

wait to see her!"

            Jess laughed, but actually, Ed couldn't

wait. He'd done everything Jess told him to do. Maybe

tomorrow she'd have Heather make him big again! Maybe

tomorrow would be the end of his  nightmare! Maybe

tomorrow he'd be a man again! Ed couldn't wait. All he

knew for sure was that tomorrow would be a day he'd

NEVER forget!

           The next day started bright and early for

Ed. Jess woke him up early and placed him under the

kitchen table. "Heather will be here early today for

lunch and then we're going out, so I want you to paint

my nails before she gets here."

  Ed painted Jess's nails under the table as she ate

breakfast. Ed worked with a passion he never knew he

had. He knew deep down that today he'd be returned to

normal. He couldn't wait for Heather to show up. He

didn't have to wait long.

          At about 11:00, the doorbell rang. Ed came

out from under the table as Jess went to the door. It

was Heather! She kissed Jess as she opened the door.

Heather was wearing a short black business suit with

black stockings and a pair of flats. Ed thought to

himself, 'she's beautiful', but he still hated her.

She was the one who took his life away from him three

months ago and he'd never forgive her for that. As

Jess and Heather headed to the kitchen, Heather saw Ed

on the floor. "You still have him?!?"

           Jess replied. "Yeah. He's been great."

          "Doing what?!?" Questioned Heather.

          "Taking care of my feet and shoes." Jess


          Heather said nothing at first, then she

broke out in laughter. "Really?!? That's so funny! He

was always meant to be a foot slave!!"

          Jess laughed too, then showed Heather her

feet and shoes. "He does great work...  for a little


         Heather looked at Jess's feet and shoes then

turned towards Ed. "Like cleaning shoes? Well, clean


         Heather took off her shoes and pushed them

towards Ed. Ed looked at them, then back at Heather.

No way was he going to clean her shoes!! He hated her!

He wasn't going to do ANYTHING for her!

        Heather said again. "Clean my shoes you little


        Ed just looked at her. Heather, angry in her

eyes, picked up her stocking foot and held it over Ed.

 "Should I crush you instead!?!" All Ed could see was

Heather's stocking foot over him!  He didn't think

she'd really crush him, but he didn't want to take a

chance! He quickly ran to her shoes and started to

clean them. Heather looked at Jess and shook her head.

Jess frowned and began to walk towards Ed. Ed was

scrubbing Heather's shoes as Jess approached him. He

stopped and turned around to see Jess's newly painted

toes behind him.

        "You're not doing your job again!"

         Ed looked up at Jess confused as his

confidence of being returned to normal vanished and a

fear for his life replaced it. Jess said no more to

him as she picked up her barefoot. Ed backed up as

Jess slowly moved her foot towards him. Heather

started to giggle as she watched Ed walk backwards

with his eyes fixed on Jess's foot. Ed stumbled over

his feet and sat on the floor. He had nowhere to run

and he knew it. He just watched as Jess brought her

foot over top of him. Jess slowly began to bring her

foot down towards Ed. Ed saw Jess's disappointed face

slowly vanish behind her toes until all he could see

was her bare sole. The last three months of his life

flashed before his eyes. 'For a three months I slaved

over these feet and now they're going to crush me!' Ed

thought as he watched Jess's foot come closer to him.

Every line, every detail of her perfect foot engulfed

Ed's world. He could hear Heather begin to laugh as he

felt Jess's warm sole touch his skin. The pressure

came quickly. He felt his bones crack and crunch,

then, he felt nothing. Jess left her foot flat on the

kitchen floor as blood flowed out from underneath it.

She turned to Heather and smiled.

"Ready for lunch?"

            Heather smiled back, "Sure. I know a great

LITTLE diner by my place."

            Jess put on her sandals, without wiping Ed

off her foot, and headed towards the door. She stopped

and looked at Heather. "You know, I'm going to need a

new little man now."

            Heather nodded. "OK. We'll shrink some guy

while we're out!"

            Jess smiled and left with Ed still under

her bare sole!!

   The End


Giantess Stories: The Gift  by Gwarrior07     Ed sat at the wedding counting the minutes till it was all over

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