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The Goddess

By Sydney

Prologue - West Side Story

Dr. Maria Santos began this morning like the last several hundred others of her

life, staring in the mirror at the bags under her eyes. Another late night spent

not in a nightclub or restaurant with an attractive companion, but rather

working in her office. It seemed like it has been this way for almost 4 years,

since the day she walked off the Stanford University campus and into the offices

of Bichem, a Bay Area high tech medical research company. They had promised her

the moon during her interview, high salary, loads of benefits, access to the

best equipment and support staff in private industry, and for the most part they

delivered. She drove a Beamer to work, was able to buy a nice house in the most

expensive market in the country, and was given the freedom to conduct her

research on her own, without tight supervision from managers and others who

wouldn't or couldn't understand what she was doing.

But she was alone and unhappy. Her work schedule allowed for little social time,

and she had lost contact with what few friends she had in college. She was

invited to all of the official company social gatherings but rarely

participated. When she did attend she would usually be found leaning up against

the back wall, sipping her drink while others danced and talked. She was always

among the first to leave. It wasn't as if she was unattractive. Her tanned skin

and jet black hair gave away her Filipino heritage, along with her bright smile

whenever she chose to show it. Even though she was only 5'-4" tall, she managed

to keep a slim figure even though she didn't exercise often.

Outside of her supervisors, however, most people at Bichem did not share

favorable opinions about Dr. Santos. Many interpreted her aloofness as

arrogance, while others were jealous of the free reign she was being given in

her research. Very rarely did Maria greet someone in the hallway, and it was

even rarer for someone to say hello to her. She had sat by herself in the

cafeteria at lunchtime until she stopped eating there.

Maria tried to use her work as a means of escape from her loneliness, and thus

didn't mind being the last person out the door each night. The janitor knew her

better than anyone else at Bichem. Her high intelligence combined with an almost

unbelievable work ethic led her to progress further in her research than all of

her colleagues, and thus allowed her supervisors to feel comfortable letting her

go on her own.

Perhaps what contributed the most to her unhappiness was the nagging feeling

that she was missing out on something. She always felt a sense of destiny, the

feeling that she was capable of much more than what she was doing. She thought

she could be doing something that would change the world, rather than plodding

along in some thankless job for an insignificant company.

That all changed the day she discovered a formula that would change her life,

and the lives of every other person on the planet.

Her research had been in the area of tissue growth. She was attempting to find a

chemical mixture that would stimulate the growth of cells in the body. Not just

skin cells, but cells of organs as well. If her research could find such a

formula, the body could literally heal itself. Spinal cord patients could walk

again, emphysema suffers could have new, clean lungs to breathe again, and

amputees would be able to walk on their own two feet again. After years of

research she had developed a formula which, theoretically she thought, could

stimulate cell growth, but needed to conduct tests to determine it's


First, she was able to locate a patch of skin taken from a cadaver donated by

the morgue. The idea of using a dead woman's skin was repulsive at first, but

she needed to test her formula on something. Mixing together a small batch of

her formula, she applied a few drops to the skin patch and stood in awe as the

patch began to grow. The test patch tripled in size before it stopped, expanding

far beyond the confines of the petrie dish.

Next, she managed to acquire the heart from a female monkey to test the effects

of the formula on organs. It was only a conscience that the organ came from a

female monkey. Again, she applied a few drops to the organ and it too grew like

the skin sample, eventually tripling in size. She tested the formula on other

organs from the same monkey and found the same result each time, extraordinary


The night after the organ tests, she sat in bed and began to dream. "Instead of

applying it to only individual organs," she thought, "what if it was applied

over the entire body? Would the entire body start to grow? Short people could

become tall, no longer having to be the butt of jokes and considered unhealthy.

What about me? I see how the guys at work admire and worship tall women; I could

be one now too. Even better, I could be as tall as I want, I could

giantess!" She began envisioning herself growing taller and taller. "Forget

about just being tall to get men to look at me, I could be so tall that I could

dominate anybody I want. I could be so tall that I could see over buildings, so

tall that I could crush people with my hands. I could crush entire armies with

my bare hands. I could be a goddess!"

She jumped out of bed, slapped on a few clothes to make herself presentable, and

raced over to the lab to begin preparing as much of her formula as she possibly


Chapter 1 - In the Beginning

After letting the potion settle overnight, it was now ready. "If this works I

will rule the world," she thought. But before committing herself to drinking

something which could possibly kill her, she decided to play it safe at first,

find out if the formula really works before downing the whole batch. She took an

eyedropper out of the drawer, and drew a small amount of liquid from the vat.

"Here goes nothing," she thought as she squeezed the soft end of the dropper,

letting the liquid drop onto her tongue.

Almost immediately after she swallowed, she began to feel a burning sensation,

starting in her stomach and slowly working its way around her body. She began to

sweat profusely and starting feeling lightheaded, as if she had a severe case of

the flu. Then the first sign that something big was happening, which snapped her

out of her trance. Her feet began to feel very sore, as if, YES, they were

pushing up against the sides of her shoes. "My feet, they're GROWING!" she

exclaimed. She also started to notice that her slacks began feeling tight around

her waist, her bra pushing up against her inflating breasts, and her blouse

sleeves creeping up her arms. "It's WORKING, it's WORKING! I can't believe it's

working!" Her heart rate began to accelerate, not only to compensate for her

increasing mass but also from the excitement her growth was creating inside her.

She could hear the leather in her pumps begin to stretch, crying for mercy from

the pressure her feet were now placing on them. She could also hear the sleeves

on her blouse start to tear.

She heard a snap from below; it was the top button on her blouse, pushed away by

her expanding breasts. She looked down for the missing button and found her

belly button was now exposed to the world. She also noticed that her once loose

fitting slacks now resembled Capri pants, tight to her legs and above her

ankles. She stretched out one of her legs and became impressed with the muscular

form it had now assumed. She guessed at that point that she had grown a full

foot taller than her original 5'-4" frame. There was another snap, another

button gone, and then a third. By this time a larger tear had appear on her

sleeves, extending all the way up to her shoulders. The top button on her slacks

had snapped free without a sound, and her slacks had begun tearing down the

front starting at her waist. Then came the loudest pop yet. It was from the

heels of her pumps, which had snapped off from the weight. No matter, she

thought, she didn't need them anymore anyway. In fact, she wasn't bothered in

the slightest by the damage to her clothing. If her potion really worked she

would never need clothes again.

She continued to steadily rise higher and higher, she was around 7 feet tall

when her shoes finally gave way, snapping apart to reveal her well manicured

toes. She noticed that her nail polish now only covered about half her toenails.

Her knees burst through her pants, which tore off what little remained of her

slacks below her knees. The tears began migrating up her thighs, quickly

changing her Capri pants into a hula skirt. By the time the growth stopped she

had lost both of her sleeves, along with all but two of her blouse buttons.

Strips of her shredded pants dangled down from her waist, stopping about

mid-thigh. They left little to the imagination since her thighs were now almost

a foot wide and all muscle. In fact, all of her muscles had greatly developed to

the point that even male bodybuilders would have been jealous. She was a

she-hulk, only without the green skin color.

"God, this stuff's powerful! How much did I grow?" she asked herself as she

searched for a tape measure. Not knowing her own strength, she reached to open a

cabinet door, only to pull it off it's hinges without any resistance. She held

the door in her hands, inspecting it like a lab specimen, and marveling at how

easily it came off the hinges. Immediately she forgot about measuring how tall

she was, turning her attention instead to how strong she had become. She

immediately began looking for what she thought was the heaviest thing in the

lab, which turned out to be the old oak lab table on the other side of the room.

She strolled up to it, measured it with her eyes like a weightlifter at the bar,

and squatted down to try and pick it up. As she squat, she could hear her

pantyhose tear itself to shreds around her knees and rear. "Oh, that sounded

good," she thought. She reached under the table and began to lift. She was

amazed at how light the table felt as she lifted it over her head with little

struggle. She even transferred the table over to one hand and continued to hold

it in the air.

She could also guess at that point about how tall she now was. Knowing that the

table was about 4 feet tall and the ceiling was about 12 feet above the floor,

she estimated her current height at 8 feet. Every team in the NBA would be dying

to sign her to a contract now, but she had bigger goals in mind.

She set the table back down and headed back over to the vat containing the rest

of the liquid. "Wow, if only a few drops caused this much growth, how much will

I grow if I drink the entire vat?" Her thoughts turned to those of world

conquest as she contemplated her next move. Millions would be literally at her

feet, begging for their lives to be sparred by their new queen and master. She

would have as many slaves as she wanted, willing to do anything for her in

exchange for their lives. Her every need, however big they may be, would be met.

Temples and monuments rivaling those in Egypt and the Yucatan would be built in

her honor. No army in the world could stop her; she figured could even stop

nuclear missiles with a flick of her wrist. And since no one else knew the

formula, no one would emerge to challenge her for supremacy. So what if she was

a freak of nature, she would be a freak who would rule the world.

Just then, someone inadvertently walked into the lab. It was one of her

colleagues, a male scientist who knew she was involved in some kind of

experiment involving tissue growth and had objected to her research.

"What are you My God, Maria, what happened to you?"

"You didn't think my experiments would amount to anything useful," she replied

loud enough for everybody in the building to hear, "but now witness firsthand

the full power of my research." With that bold statement she grabbed the entire

vat of liquid and drank it down.

The burning sensation returned, only this time it was stronger. It would have

caused her to keel over in pain had she not developed such a strong physique.

Instead it was only a mild sensation, but one she could feel pulsate about her

entire body. Again, she began to grow.

Her colleague could only stand by in amazement as this once shy, petite,

scientist began to test the limits of her remaining clothing. He had a secret

fetish towards giant women, but he never thought he'd see the day when one would

grow before his eyes. It hadn't occurred to him that those would be the last

thoughts he would have.

The remaining buttons had burst free right away, so that now most of her breasts

and stomach were exposed. The strain her growth had put on her bra was now also

visible. The cups had crept underneath her nipples as her breasts ballooned out

from their restraints. Finally the bra simply could not take anymore and snapped

off, falling to the pile of torn clothing beneath her feet. The back of her

blouse also began to tear, starting at her upper back and gradually moving down

her spine. Finally, the remnants of her blouse split in two and dangled from her

massive shoulders.

By the time her head reached the 12-foot high ceiling, her pants had finally

torn clean and floated to the ground. A broad smile stretched across her face

when she noticed all that was left of her clothing was her panties stretched to

the max and the rags draping from her arms which was once her blouse. Maria

began to push up against the ceiling, ripping off her blouse in the process as

she tried to get full extension.

The people in the offices above the lab began to feel a vibration. Thinking it

was mild earthquake, most didn't pay much attention to it, including Dr. Simon

Jones, whose office was directly above the lab. He only briefly lifted his head

from his paperwork until he began to notice a bulge in the floor in front of his

desk. It appeared to be getting larger as the sound of ripping wood could be

heard. "What the hell....," he thought as he left his desk to have a closer

look. Suddenly a giant hand burst through the floor, then another. He couldn't

believe what he was seeing, they couldn't be human hands, nobody has hands that

big. Nobody, that is, except for Maria, whose head burst through the floor with

so much momentum it threw Dr. Jones back almost 20 feet.

The sound of the ripping floor drowned out the tearing sound coming from Maria's

panties, but she could feel them falling away, finally freeing her from all of

her constricting clothes. She let out a hearty laugh that echoed around the

entire building. This woke Dr. Jones up enough from his stupor to realize he

better find an exit in a hurry. His colleague downstairs was not as fortunate.

The falling debris from the floor above had trapped him, preventing his escape.

A large chunk of wood and plaster fell on his head, knocking him unconscious and

imprisoning him forever inside his crumbling tomb.

Maria was now feeling the full effects of the formula. The large quantity she

ingested had accelerated her growth. Her torso covered all of Dr. Jones old

office when she burst through the roof of the three-story building. She could

see her co-workers fleeing from the building in a panic, and it pleased her


"You can run, my slaves, but you can't hide from me!" she bellowed. "You treated

me like dirt when I was one of you. But now I am a GODDESS, and I will make you


She had reached the 50-foot mark at this point, making it easy to climb out of

the wreckage and head for the rapidly clearing parking lot. She began to stomp

on anything she could find, people, cars, it didn't matter. She was going to

destroy as many of them as she could. She made her way to the exit from the

parking lot, continuing to grow as she moved. She sat her 100-foot tall frame

down on the pavement, crushing about 10 cars in the process and blocking the

exit from the rest. She began to sweep her legs out in front of her, gathering

cars and people along the way and crushing them between her thighs. More people

met their deaths as her legs continued to stretch out further and further. She

noticed that a few resourceful ones had given up escaping in their cars and

started running into the street beyond.

"Oh, think you can get away, huh. It's time for you to learn that resistance is


She got up and stood as tall as the nearest skyscraper. At least 200 feet and

still growing. She made her way to the other side of the parking lot in only

about two or three steps and quickly crushed the escapees with her massive feet,

making a 6 foot deep impression in the asphalt in the process. By now she had

drawn the attention of the passersby on the street, who either stop and stared

in awe at this towering goddess or turned around and fled in fear. "Like what

you see," she told them, "well guess what, you get to die happy!" She started

stomping on the onlookers, crushing them easily and causing an earthquake that

could be felt miles away.

She let out a devilish laugh as she stood there and watched herself grow

further. 300 feet...500 feet...1000 feet...finally slowing down at 2000 feet and

stopping at around 2500 feet. Her wildest fantasies had come true. She was now

the largest living being on the planet, and no one was going to stand in her


Chapter 2 - Film at Eleven

"We interrupt this program for a Special Report from the Eyewitness newsroom,"

the report screamed across thousands of TV sets.

"We've just received word of a major earthquake here in the Bay Area. We felt it

here in the studio, and we are receiving phone calls from viewers around the

Bay. We did not know at this time the magnitude...wait, here comes an

aftershock," the newsman stated as her warily looked up at the lights swinging

above his head.

"It still going, is this another earthquake? Okay everybody, stay calm now,

it'll stop shaking soon. I'm going to duck under this desk."

The newsman disappeared as the shaking continued. A couple lights came down in

front of the desk, prompting some short screams from behind the camera.

"Are we still on?" the newsman asked as viewers could only see the desk, "It's

still shaking here in the studio. I've lived here for over 40 years and I've

never felt the shaking for this long.... I'm now being told we have a picture

from our chopper cam, let's go to that now."

A collective gasp was heard throughout the Bay Area as the picture from the

chopper cam showed a giant woman walking across the Bay next to the San Mateo


Upon hearing the gasp in the studio, the news anchor got up from under the desk

to see the pictures on the monitor. "Oh my God," he exclaimed, "is that a


"Can you hear me, Ken?" asked the chopper pilot.

"Yes, go ahead," Ken the anchor replied.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing down there, Ken. It looks like a giant woman.

She's got to be several hundred feet tall, maybe into the thousands. She's huge!

And she's headed straight for Hayward."

"You think that's what is causing the earthquakes?" Ken asked. He already knew

the answer but was looking for confirmation that he wasn't crazy.

"I don't know about that Ken, but the San Mateo Bridge is in ruins right now.

Large sections of the bridge have fallen into the Bay. John if you can get a

picture of that. Off to the west we can see lots of fires, smoke, and dust in

the air. She must have come from there."


"What the f..." shouted the pilot as a sudden gust of turbulence tossed the

helicopter around. Suddenly the tossing stopped, along with the engines. The

pilot poked his head out the window to look back and find out what happened, and

only saw tanned flesh. The helicopter then violently swung around and the two

men in the cockpit were staring face to face with the giant woman, who was

pinching the back of the helicopter between two of her fingers.

"Is that thing on?" Maria asked when she saw one of the men inside the

helicopter holding a camera. Both men stared at each other for a second, then

turned to their captor and nodded their heads.

"Good, because I have something to say. I am The Giantess, and from this day

forward you will all worship me as your goddess. I was once like you, small and

feeble, but know I am huge and powerful and ready to assume my rightful place as

your absolute ruler. I do not wish to destroy all of you. Those who worship me

and do my bidding will be protected. But I am a vengeful goddess, and I will

destroy anybody who fights me. Now that I am in charge, there are going to be

some changes around here, but now is not the time and place to discuss such

things. Now is the time for me to go and insure the loyalty of those who you now

claim to be your leaders. A new era is dawning, the era of The Giantess!

With that, the picture from the helicopter went dead as she flung the helicopter

away with a snap of her wrists, sending the helicopter tossing and turning

across the Bay before finally crashing a hundred miles away.

Back in the newsroom there was silence, as the news anchor and the rest of the

people in the studio stood in silence, still not believing what they had just

seen. Then the earthquakes started up again. The Giantess was on the move.

Chapter 3 - Monica's Revenge

"Mr. President, Mr. President," the Chief of Staff shouted as he ran into the

Oval Office.

"Yes, George, what is it? What's the matter?"

"You have to see this," he shouted as he turned on the TV.

As usual, the TV was tuned to CNN. "...some extraordinary pictures from San

Francisco. We can't describe what you're about to see. Is it queued up? OK,

good, here it is then."

The pictures filmed by the now deceased helicopter cameraman were being shown,

complete with The Giantess' claim to absolute power.

"Is this some kind of joke?" asked the President as he hit the mute button on

the remote.

"No sir, it's not."

"Come on, George, come clean. Whose idea was this and how did you get CNN to

play along?"

"Honest, sir, this is for real. It's no joke."

"You sure this isn't some kind of amateur video from some right wing extremist

trying to make fun of me or something."

"No sir," replied the Chief of Staff, "some of our people in San Francisco

called us an hour ago, saying they saw this on TV out there. She's for real,

sir, and she's destroying California as we speak. Look."

The two men's attention turned back to the TV as it was showing pictures of the

giant woman crushing downtown Sacramento.

"What does she mean, talking about insuring the loyalty of our leaders?" asked

the aide.

"It means, George, that she's coming for us."

The President hurried to the office door and looked for his secretary. "Clare,

could you come in here for a second?"

"We have a national emergency on our hands, Clare. You would agree with that

assessment, George?"

"Yes, Mr. President."

"Good. So Clare, I need you to get in touch with the Joint Chiefs, the NSC, and

the Cabinet right away. I'm calling an emergency meeting and I need them all

here as soon as possible. George, we need to get in touch with Bob and call him

back from France now. Notify Air Force Two and tell them to be ready. No, take

that back. On second thought, set up a conference call with the veep. Since

Bob's already over there for the funeral maybe he can talk to some of our

friends there. We're going to need all the help we can get, and if she's serious

about world domination they're in as much trouble as we are."

"Sir," asked Clare, "what do I tell them when they ask what the emergency

meeting is for."

The President thought about that for a second. Obviously she hadn't heard the

news from California, and if he told her the subject of the meeting was a giant

woman she would think it was a joke, or worse, sexual harassment. He then

noticed that CNN was rerunning the footage of the woman walking across San

Francisco Bay.

"Clare," the President said, "take a look at the TV."

She turned around and almost immediately dropped her notepad in shock. She stood

there motionless, staring at The Giantess until the President tapped her on the


"Uh, Clare, you alright?"

"Yes Sir, I'll start making those calls."

"Good," the President replied, "now George. How do we stop a thousand foot tall


"I don't know, sir, I don't know."

Chapter 4 - The War Room

"Okay everyone," announced the President, "have a seat and let's get this thing


The murmur that filled the room when the President entered had diminished as the

advisors took their seats. Since there were more people in the Conference Room

than usual extra chairs were brought in from the surrounding offices. Even with

the extra seats a few of the lower level officials in the room were forced to

stand in the back.

The President sat at the center of the table and pressed the flashing red light

on the phone in front of him. "Are you there, Bob?"

"Yes, Mr. President, I can hear you loud and clear."

"See Bob, I knew there had to be a good reason to send you to all those state

funerals." The President's attempt at a joke was met with a few hushed snickers

from the table.

"Okay," The President began, "the reason I called you all in today is because we

are faced with a crisis of literally gigantic proportions. I'm sure some of you

have already heard the news on TV, but for those who haven't I've brought in a

videotape which will show you what we are up against here." The President

reached for the remote and activated the TV as all eyes focused on the screen.

The Chief of Staff had managed to acquire a copy of the news reports from the

San Francisco TV station while expressing the official condolences from the

White House towards the deceased helicopter pilot and cameraman. The CNN reports

of the damage she caused in Sacramento were also on the tape.

When the tape was over, the TV was turned off and replaced with absolute silence

in the room. No one talked, moved, or even rocked in their chair.

"Okay," said The President, "I know what some of you are thinking. This is not a

joke. She is real. Our people out west have contacted us and confirmed that

there is in fact a giant woman in California."

"What do we know about her?" asked the Secretary of Defense.

"Not much at this point," replied the Chief of Staff.

"Here's what we do know," added The President. "She was first sited in a San

Francisco suburb, at a building which was in ruins by the time the police

arrived. Witnesses placed her at the scene but no one could say if she caused

the damage. Most of the people who worked in the building are either dead,

missing, or are in intensive care at the hospital, unable to talk to anyone.

Since she was first sighted she has been heading east, creating a path of

destruction from San Francisco to Sacramento. Entire cities out there are in

ruins, thousands are reported dead, injured, or missing, and it does not appear

like she is done yet."

"Where did she come from? Is she human?"

"The FBI is working on that now. Based on what she said on the tape we suspect

that she is, or was, human. But where she came from and how she got this big we

don't know yet."

"Did she come from that building you were talking about?"

"It's possible," replied The President. "The building was home to a medical

research company. We don't know yet what type of research they were doing there,

and what relation, if any, this woman has with the company, but the FBI is

investigating the possibility."

"What did she mean by insuring the loyalty of your leaders?" asked the Chairman

of the Joint Chiefs.

"Well, General," replied The President, "that's the reason for the meeting here

today with all of you. We believe she is coming to Washington with the intent of

assuming control over the country. I see her, and I think you would all agree,

as a threat to national security, and I want options as to what to do to stop


"How are you going to do that?" asked the Secretary of State.

"I don't know yet, Bill, I was hoping someone here would have an idea."

"Where is she now?"

"Our recon planes currently have her located in the Sierra Nevada mountain

range, heading east towards Reno, Nevada."

"Mr. President," asked the Secretary of Defense, "I have an idea. We can

mobilize a massive military force and confront her once she gets outside Reno."

"What can you get there?"

"Tanks, fighters, missiles, anything you want, sir. We can put all of our

domestic forces on alert and start attacks on her from the air almost

immediately. Ground troops will take longer but we could have something in place

within 48 hours."

"Somehow I don't think ground troops will be very effective," the Chief of Staff


"Maybe not," answered the Secretary of Defense, " but fighters, bombers and

missiles should be able to take her down. As long as we can get her in a clear,

unpopulated area. We don't want her falling onto buildings or anything."

"Then what do we do with her?"

"Will just have to cross that bridge when we get to it," replied The President.

"Carl, do you really think you can take her down?"

"Mr. President," the Secretary of Defense answered, "I believe we can. You did

say she was human, right? If she's human, she can be hurt. She can be killed.

Her size will make it more difficult to do this, but I think it can be done."

"Okay, Carl, the ball is in your court."

Chapter 5 - Showdown at Mustang Ranch

Agent Steve Campbell was assigned the responsibility to head the FBI team which

was asked to investigate the origins of The Giantess. Their mission was to find

everything they could about this woman. Who she was, where she came from, what

her thoughts and motivations were, and most importantly, find out how she became

a giantess. Their first stop was the Stanford Medical Center, where the Notas para flauta (ES): Si vas para Chile, notas para flauta

survivors of her first attack were being treated.

It was there that they found Dr. Simon Jones. He had sustained a broken arm and

numerous bruises from falling debris, but was otherwise in stable condition.

"Dr. Simon Jones?" Agent Campbell announced as he entered the hospital room,

"Agent Campbell, FBI. I would like to ask you a few questions about the giant

woman you saw."

"Maria?" asked Dr. Jones, still in a bit of a haze from the medication.

"Is that her name, Dr. Jones? Maria?"

"Yes, Maria. Dr. Maria Santos."

"Did she work at Bichem, Dr. Jones."

"Yes. She was doing some research for us."

"What kind of research?"

"I'm not sure," replied Dr. Jones, "only a few people knew what she was doing. I

think it had something to do with regenerating tissue cells."

"Regenerating cells. Hum, could this have been something that could make her

grow into a giant?"

"I don't know. Like I said, I didn't know what she was working on."

"Did she talk to you at all about her research? Or anything which would suggest

why she would want to be a giant?"

"No, we hardly ever spoke at all. She didn't talk to hardly anybody."

The nurse stepped into the room just as Dr. Jones was finishing his reply to the

last question. "Okay, gentlemen," she said, "visiting hours are over. I need to

ask you to leave so he can rest."

"But we still have a lot of questions," protested Agent Campbell.

"You can come back tomorrow morning," the nurse replied, "he should be in better

shape then, and can answer all the questions you want."

The agents left the room as ordered. As they left, they could hear Dr. Jones

muttering "Maria" over and over.

Ever since she made her national television debut, The Giantess noticed there

were planes that seemed to follow her every move. They were too high in the sky

for even her to reach or easily identify, but she figured they couldn't be from

the news media. They always tried to get as close to her as possible. No, they

had to be military planes tracking her movements. She was a bit miffed by them

but figured there wasn't anywhere to hide from them. Besides, what could they do

to her? From her perspective they were no larger than Matchbox toys.

The further east she went, the more planes she began to see. Finally, just

outside Reno, Nevada, she decided she'd had enough of these little spies.

"Alright!" she shouted at them, "That's enough! What do you want?"

She began swatting at them, trying to bring the planes down. While some of the

planes began twisting around in the turbulence she was creating, they all

managed to stay airborne and out of reach.

"Go away! Just go away!"

Then suddenly, they did exactly as she commanded. All of the planes flew away

from her. She watched in a defiant stance, with her hands on her hips, satisfied

that finally her commands had been obeyed. Suddenly from the east she heard what

sounded like a jet engine getting louder and louder.

"What the..." she muttered as she spun around to see what was causing that

sound. It was a jet engine all right, actually about a dozen of them. F-16

Hornets to be exact, and they were flying straight for The Giantess.

"Fire at will" came the command on the radio once The Giantess was in range, and

each fighter responded by simultaneously fired his or her missiles at The

Giantess. She just stared at them as they zoomed in towards her. Finally she

raised her arm in a defensive gesture as the missiles reach their target and

exploded...and had no effect.

The Giantess waited for the sharp pain she was sure was coming, but quickly

realized the missiles barely made a scratch on her bronzed skin. She let out a

big smile, followed by a hearty laugh. "Fools!" she said, "you thought you could

stop me with your puny missiles? You're going to have to do better than that!"

"Can you repeat that, Captain?" asked the radioman back at the base.

"Missiles were on target but had no effect," replied the F-16 pilot.

"Should we send another wave, Mr. Secretary?" asked General Anderson.

The Secretary of Defense hesitated for a second before replying. "No, not yet.

Let's get our ground troops in there first so we can combine our forces. That

should bring her down."

The Giantess saw a large cloud of dust building off to the east. Her 20-foot

tall brown eyes allowed her to instantly recognize that the cloud was behind a

large group of tanks and personnel carriers. "So they want to fight me? I should

have known. Well, if it's a fight they want, then that's what they're going to


The Giantess began charging towards the approaching troops, causing widespread

panic amongst them. Her powerful muscles and giant legs propelled The Giantess

to speeds reaching 240 miles per hour. It didn't take long for her to reach

them. In fact, she was right on top of them before the tanks and the troops had

a chance to react. She quickly began stomping on anything camouflaged and

moving. Within 90 seconds the 5 infantry divisions sent to fight The Giantess

were either dead or in retreat.

A new formation of fighters began their approach. Since the destruction of the

ground troops had been so swift, neither they nor the command base had been

informed of the carnage. This time, The Giantess saw them coming. Remembering

back to when she saw the Superman movies, she began blowing air out in the

direction of the planes. The violent turbulence caused by this sent the planes

into a tailspin, crashing into the ground.

The Giantess stood amongst the wreckage and let out a wide smile. She had

destroyed the army sent to defeat her without even a scratch on her shapely


"What do we do now?" asked the General.

"Get me the President," the Secretary ordered, "we have no choice but to go


Chapter 6 - Horsewoman of the Apocalypse

The special nuclear squad sat in the desert, waiting for their quarry to arrive.

The Army had successfully steered The Giantess towards them, down wind and as

far away from population centers as was possible. Their calculated guess was

correct, she was more interested in following and attacking armed resistance

than in crushing cities and people. Thousands of men had died luring her to this

spot. Not only did the special squad want to make sure those men did not die in

vain, but also no one from the buck private to the Commander-In-Chief knew of

any other way to stop her. Conventional weapons were ineffective, even in mass

quantities as she proved outside Reno. A nuclear device was the only option


The President had notified and received support from other world leaders.

Detonation of a nuclear device is always a subject of concern for world leaders,

but in this case everyone seemed to understand the reasoning for this explosion.

Even leaders who considered the United States the enemy seemed to support the

President this time. Once rumor spread through the press that the President was

planning to use a nuclear device to stop The Giantess, every person interviewed

seemed to think this was a good idea. It was a good thing for the government

that The Giantess was too busy and too large to watch television.

"Oh my God, there she is!" shouted Lookout One, "she headed straight for the

detonation zone."

"Roger, Lookout One," replied the command base, "seek shelter immediately.

Detonation is in two minutes."

"General Anderson," said the chief of operations, "order your fighters to break

off the attack at once. Repeat, break off the attack at once. Countdown to

detonation has started."

The fighters broke off the attack since they knew what was going to happen next.

They left The Giantess standing alone in the middle of the Utah desert, at least

that's what she thought.

"Good, those bastards have finally given up," said The Giantess. "Maybe they've

figured out that their feeble attacks aren't working and have decided to accept

me as their goddess. Once I get to Washington I'll...."

"Three, two, one." BOOOOOM!

Just as planned, the bomb went off directly in front of The Giantess.

"Lookout Two, report! Can you see anything?"

"No sir. The mushroom cloud has shrouded her. I can't see her."

"Lookout Three, can you see anything?"

"No sir!"

Suddenly the entire valley echoed with the most insidious laughter this side of


"So you thought a nuclear bomb would destroy me, huh? Guess again!"

Suddenly emerging from the mushroom cloud was The Giantess. But something had


"Command base, this is Lookout Two. Target is alive and moving sir. I repeat,

target is alive and moving and..."

"And what, Lookout Two?"

"And...she appears to be growing, sir. She's at least 3000 feet tall and rising"

Everyone at the command base looked at each other with frozen stares.

"Can you confirm Lookout Two's report, Lookout Three. Lookout Three? Come in,

Lookout Three."

"Lookout Three is dead, sir. The Giantess must have crushed him or something."

At that moment The Giantess was now within view of the command base. Indeed, she

did look much bigger than before and getting bigger.

"Oh, this feels so good!" exclaimed The Giantess. "I can feel the energy from

the bomb flowing through me! This is fantastic! I would have never guessed

radiation could amplify my growth!

She stopped to watch her rise up higher and higher above the desert floor. 3000

feet, 3500 feet, 4000 feet, 4500 feet, growing and expanding over 50 feet per

second. Apparently the radiation from the bomb was increasing her growth rate as

well. Not only that, the pain she felt when she first grew out of her clothes

was missing, replaced by pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Sex never felt this good.

Her body had apparently absorbed the energy from the bomb and was using this

energy to fuel her growth and stimulate every sense in her body. At a mile high

her growth spurt stopped. She stood still momentarily, admiring her goddess-

like body. She realized that while she was difficult to stop before, she was

invincible now. Conventional weapons were already useless. Now she knew that

nuclear weapons couldn't stop her, they would just make her even more powerful.

She was truly the goddess she had dreamt about becoming, and it was time for her

to show the world her awesome power.

She started moving again. This time she was headed straight for the command

base, which she could clearly see from her elevated vantage point.

The evacuation siren sounded once they realized she was coming for them.

However, it was already too late. Thanks to her thousand foot tall thigh muscles

she was able to cover the 50 miles from the detonation point to the base in a

matter of seconds. Without hesitation, she crushed the base with her right foot,

killing everyone inside. She lifted her foot only to find a 50-foot deep crater

where the base used to be. There was no way anyone inside the base could have

survived, even the rubble from the collapsed walls was pressed like a collapsed

pancake by her giant foot.

She noticed in the distance a couple puffs of dust, apparently there were a

couple soldiers on the outskirts of the complex who managed to find a vehicle

and attempt an escape. She considered going after them, but decided against it,

figuring it was good to have witnesses of her destructive powers and the futile

attempt by the Army to stop her.

"Now, off to Washington," she said.

Chapter 7 - Inauguration Day

The city had been evacuated for a couple days by the time The Giantess made it

to the Washington suburbs. In fact, since her destination was no secret, the

local authorities in every major city she passed through had made sure to clear

everybody out before she arrived. Not that she didn't cause any damage. The

Gateway Arch, for instance, may never be repaired, but human casualties had been

limited. The Giantess figured out pretty quickly that town after town was being

evacuated in honor of her arrival, preventing her from the carnal pleasure of

crushing thousands of people, but she didn't seem to care. After all, she proved

her point; nobody could stop her, not even the mightiest army in the world with

the mightiest weapons at their disposal. Why bother to murder thousands of

innocent people, when they can better serve her as slaves and worshipers.

"It's time to cross the Rubicon," she thought to herself as she stepped over the

Potomac and into Washington D.C.

She saw the White House in the distance and headed in that direction. She saw

that a large legion of troops had assembled in front of the main gate for what

amounted to the government's last stand. A few soldiers thought that Custer had

faced better odds at Little Big Horn. Stepping over Capitol Hill, where

fortunately Congress was not in session, she stood on Pennsylvania Avenue

glaring at the gauntlet assembled before her. Her stance was punctuated by the

collapse of the U.S. Treasury Building, caused by the earthquakes that

accompanied her every step.

"Okay, Miss, that's as far as you go!" announced the General into the

microphone. He was used to giving orders through a megaphone, but some in the

Army didn't think she would be able to hear it. They managed to convince The

Rolling Stones, who were in nearby Baltimore for a concert, to loan their

speakers to the Army just for this use. The Stones didn't have a problem leaving

their speakers with the Army since they were in as much of a hurry to leave town

as everybody else.

"Who are you to give me orders, General?" responded The Giantess, who didn't

need a sound system to be heard for miles around.

"We are the defenders of the United States, and our orders are to stop you at

any cost."

"Any cost? Have you asked your men if they're willing to die following your


"My men are the most loyal, patriotic, and toughest men you'll find in this

country, lady. Their loyalty is without question. Surrender now and nobody gets

hurt, or else I will order my men to open fire."

"You do what you have to do, General," replied The Giantess, "and I'll do what I

can do." The Giantess began moving forward.


With that command every missile, rocket launcher, tank, grenade, mortar shell,

tear gas canister, cannon ball, and bullet the Army had left was fired at The

Giantess. They appeared to be targeting her legs, trying to bring her down to

the ground so that the ground forces can launch their assault. Fighter planes

from out of nowhere appeared and also unloaded their missiles at The Giantess.

Even though she remained standing, the assault appeared to be having some

effect. Her forward progress had stopped while she swatted away at the fighters

and the missiles. A few of them actually managed to draw blood.

But the Army's success was short lived. With one swing of her arm she managed to

wipe out 75% of the fighters. The remaining fighters either quickly retreated or

were caught with her second pass. After disposal of the aerial assault she

concentrated on the ground forces. She began stomping her feet on the ground,

crushing hundreds of tanks, artillery, and soldiers with each step. The ground

began to shake violently, bringing down most of the buildings around her and

creating wide fissures in the ground, which swallowed more troops. Before the

General could order a retreat he was crushed by a 400-foot long little toe. Many

of his men, however, didn't wait for their orders, instead fleeing for their

lives into the surrounding streets, dodging the large chunks of debris falling

from the buildings.

When the shooting stopped The Giantess remained standing and surveyed the

damage. The battlefield was a wasteland of collapsed buildings, cracked streets,

and littered with hundreds of dead men and machinery. Miraculously the White

House was still standing, though several cracks had appeared on the walls and

one of the marble pillars had collapsed. Looking at her body, the few spots on

her arms and legs that had been penetrated by missiles had stopped bleeding, and

she was covered from head to toe in dust that blended in well with her tanned


"Okay, Mr. President, are you going to give up now or do I have to get rough?"

With that statement, she walked over the perimeter fence and stood on the South

Lawn of the White House. She bent over and grabbed a hold of the entire White

House building with one hand and lifted it up to her face. She couldn't see

anybody inside but could hear the screams from the people trapped in there. She

let out a brief smile, marveling at the power she now had in her hands. Finally

one brave soul emerged from the roof hatch. It was the President himself, but

The Giantess couldn't tell since he looked like nothing more than a tiny gnat to

her. He tried to yell something at her but it was too faint for her to hear. She

just continued to stare at him with giant brown eyes the size of some lakes. The

President shouted down into the hatch and soon pulled up a large piece of cloth

apparently borrowed from a sailboat. He went over to the flagpole, lowered the

Stars and Stripes, and raised the large white sheet he had been given. Finally

recognizing the signal that the White House had surrendered, The Giantess' face

lit up and she let out a hearty victory laugh.

"People of America!" she shouted, "People of the world! I now hold in my hand

the President of the United States, the leader of the free world. He has just

sworn his allegiance to me, and soon so will all of you. Now watch as I crush

your leader as a warning to all who dare attempt to disobey your new leader and


The Giantess closed her fist around the President and the White House, engulfing

everyone inside in a sea of flesh and marble before finally grinding them all

into dust.

Chapter 8 - The Giantess World Tour

International reaction to The Giantess' takeover of America was as swift as it

was futile. The United Nations issued a condemnation of her actions. Her

response was to go to New York and crush the UN Building with most of the

ambassadors inside. She then decided to make her first official state visit to

Mexico, where the Mexican army tried to stop her, only to meet the same fate as

the American army. The Mexican government quickly surrendered to her after that,

followed by all the other countries of Central America. They concluded that if

the American and Mexican armies couldn't stop her, what chance did they have?

Reaction in Brazil was mixed. There was the usual feeble resistance, of course,

but there were also many that hailed her arrival. Men who had worshipped

beautiful women in thong bikinis now had a giant nude woman to heap praise on,

and many of the women admired her for what she had done. Their most common

questions were "How did she get so big?" and "How can I get that big?"

She swam across the narrowest part of the Atlantic Ocean, making it from Brazil

to Liberia in just a couple of hours. By that time the Africans knew of her

existence and the trail of devastation she left behind, and either pledged their

allegiance to her upon arrival or fled into the jungle. Most of the civil wars

that terrorized many of the nations in Africa came to a swift end when The

Giantess arrived.

The wars in the Middle East also came to an end, as The Giantess was able to do

something that 50 years of wars and negotiations could not, bring Arabs and

Israelis together. Both groups recognized The Giantess as a common threat and

banded together to try and stop her. The Muslim fundamentalists in particular

could not accept a woman as their leader, especially an American woman who

appeared in public completely nude. The combined armies of the Arab world plus

Israel engaged The Giantess at the Sinai Peninsula. The Israeli Air Force

launched strike after strike at her, but met with no success. The Iraqis tried

something no one else had thought of, chemical weapons. What the Iraqis didn't

count on however, was that a woman who was a mile high could with just one

breath create a violent windstorm that not even Superman could match. Thus, The

Giantess was able to defeat the ground troops formed to resist her by using

their own weapons against them. Apparently they were unaware that they were

dealing with a woman with a Ph.D. who knew a thing or two about chemicals.

Her trip continued across Iran and into the Indian subcontinent, tracing the

steps of Alexander the Great's army of so many years ago. But unlike Alexander,

she did not stop at the Indus River. She carried on all the way to Southeast

Asia and Australia, gathering pledges of obedience from each country on the


Quite a different reception greeted her when she landed in The Philippines.

There she was greeted as the prodigal daughter returning home the conquering

hero. Thousands lined the streets of Manila and cheered when she was granted

control of the country by the Filipino president without a fight. Many wanted

her to stay and establish her seat of power there, and they offered to her the

old American army base as the site for new palace grounds. She politely refused,

saying she had to return to America because that was her home, but she promised

to return and do the best she could to help her people.

She had avoided going to Europe on her first trip because it was much too cold

for a 5000-foot tall naked woman. Then she received word that the American Vice

President was still in Europe and had declared an American government in exile.

He was asking for all government officials in America still loyal to the old

government to join him in London to organize resistance to The Giantess. Many of

the European governments quickly recognized this renegade government and pledged

their support. This enraged The Giantess. So instead of swimming across the

Pacific Ocean back to America, she decided instead to brave the elements and

head back west to take the Europeans on.

Their battlefield was at Gallipoli. The Turks chose that location in order to

evoke memories of their great victory in World War I. The British, who were on

the losing end that day, quickly agreed. The other European countries also

agreed to engage her there, for while it meant that they would likely not have

the assistance of cold weather, it also meant that if they stopped her there she

would not trample across their countries. Learning their lessons from what

happened in Utah and in Egypt, they chose not to use nuclear or chemical weapons

on her. Instead they thought that if they included the collective powers of

their armies, navies, and air forces in the fight, something no one else was in

a position to try, that they had a chance to stop her. Indeed, with the Russians

involved the Europeans were able to gather the largest force ever to take on The

Giantess. They also thought Gallipoli created a natural battlefield which they

thought would increase their chances of winning, just as it had for armies going

all the way back to ancient times.

They thought wrong.

It took less than two hours for The Giantess to stomp the combined Russian and

NATO ground forces out of existence. The naval battleships could not get close

to her, as her movement across the Aegean Sea created large tsunamis that

capsized any ship that got close. The fighters and bombers were able to do some

damage to her, causing some of the old wounds from her fight in Washington to

reopen as well as create some new ones. The problem the air forces had, besides

lack of good coordination among planes from two dozen countries, was that they

could not send everybody in at once for fear they would shot each other down or

crash into each other. This made it much easier for The Giantess to swat her

arms like King Kong and knock down dozens of planes each time. The bombers, high

above The Giantess' wingspan, were also able to do some damage, but they too

were limited since they were just as likely to hit their own troops as they were

The Giantess.

The Battle of Gallipoli had lasted for almost 12 hours, far longer than any

other encounter between The Giantess and armed resistance. And to their credit,

The Giantess had to spend several days in Turkey resting and recovering from her

wounds. But the results were, unfortunately for the Europeans, the same as all

the others. The Giantess was able to successfully fight off everything the

Europeans could dare muster against her, and now no one was left to stop her

from taking over the continent.

The British Prime Minister tried to evoke Winston Churchill to inspire the

British people to continue their resistance, but it didn't do any good.

Especially after The Giantess pulled the PM out of 10 Downing Street and impaled

him on top of Big Ben. The American Vice President, who tried to escape out of

the city only to be crushed by The Giantess' right foot, soon joined him. The

pleasure of finishing off her only credible resistance more than offset the

discomfort she felt due to the cool London weather.

With her conquest of the world now complete, The Giantess hitched a ride on

board a British aircraft carrier which was happy to oblige her, and returned to

America to assume her title as ruler of the world. Her arrival was marked by all

the pomp and circumstance of a president returning from a state visit, hastily

arranged by the Speaker of the House, who also informed The Giantess that the

Congress had decided to pledge their loyalty to her. What the Speaker did not

mention was that the Congress was determined to fight her right up until she

destroyed the Europeans. Congress changed their minds the next day.

The Giantess again requested a television audience and delivered the following

address broadcast worldwide:

"People of the Earth. I told you several weeks ago that I would be your absolute

ruler, and that all resistance to my domination would be crushed. Now that I

have proven myself a woman of my word, I now ask, no, demand, that all of you

recognize me as your one and only leader, and worship me as your goddess."

"I also promised that there would be some changes once I took power, and today I

am now prepared to announce the first of these changes."

"One. All the nations of the world are to rewrite their constitutions

recognizing me as their supreme ruler. Any nation who resists this change will

be crushed. Two, all existing monarchies and dictatorships will be allowed to

remain in charge of their respective countries provided that they recognize me

as their true leader and they hand over 80% of their total personal wealth to me

as a sign of the loyalty. Three, all existing leaders of democratic countries

will also be allowed to remain as leaders provided they too recognize my

authority over them and hand over 25% of their countries accumulated wealth to

me. Four, every country will give to me each year a percentage of their gross

national product. This will be my fee I will charge to allow each country to

survive. The percentage will be determined based upon the total GNP of each

nation with the richest countries paying the most. Five, each country will no

longer be allowed to maintain a separate army. Instead, your armies will be

combined together to form one large army under my direct control. Their mission

will be to serve my interests and mine alone. Each country will also be required

to maintain the present levels of funding for their armed forces with

contributions that will be separate from my other fees. The first mission of my

new army will be to build me a castle to live in and to allow my worshipers to

pay respects to me."

"In the coming weeks I will announce other changes I will make, but there is one

final law I want to announce. From this day forward any and all scientific

research that involve tissue growth or cell reproduction will be banned. My army

will seek out and destroy anyone conducting these types of experiments, and

those who are caught will be immediately sentenced to death."

Chapter 9 - The Resistance Cell

Back in California, the FBI team investigating the background of The Giantess

sat in awe with the rest of the world, watching on TV as she crushed the White

House. Many of the agents felt that it was useless to continue their

investigation. After all, the man who ordered it was now dead, as well as most

everybody else they were to report their findings. Some came to the conclusion

that The Giantess was now their boss, and surely she would not want anybody

investigating her past. So while most of the agents flew back to Washington to

swear allegiance to their new master or flew to the farthest place away from The

Giantess that they could afford, a few agents stayed behind, determined to find

a way to defeat the woman who murdered their president and took over their


They found a few sympathizers within the scientific community, or so it seemed.

They too wanted to find a way to destroy The Giantess, and were prepared to use

their scientific knowledge as best as they could. A couple of them worked at the

Bichem facility where Maria Santos once drew a paycheck, before she turned

herself into a giantess.

Through word of mouth and secret messages, the agents and scientists gathered at

a hideaway deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains to discuss how to achieve their


"Okay, listen up everybody," started Agent Campbell, "let's all settle down


The gathering of about 15 people slowly stopped their private conversations and

took their seats, either on the sparse furniture of the mountain cabin or on the

hardwood floor.

"Alright," said Agent Campbell, "we all know why we are here. We have to find a

way to defeat The Giantess. We know weaponry won't work, the Army even tried

nuking here and it didn't work. We have to find another way. Now I was thinking,

is there any way we can shrink her?"

A few "hums" arouse from the group.

"After all, we know she was working on experiments on tissue growth which we

think led her to discovering something which made her grow. Can we use a similar

methodology to fi

Giantess Stories: The Goddess By Sydney      Prologue

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